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Lea Maalouf Grade 9

Art UnitTwo


ProjectWeek 2-3 Design Brief: Magazine Cover Project For weeks two to three of our graphic design projects, we needed to create a magazine cover. The magazine cover had to be for either Time, Newsweek, or The Economlst. The two topics we could choose from for the theme of our magazine cover were climate change, or the crash of the economy. We are to have two weeks to work on this project and need to use either Photoshop or lllustrator.

Lea Maalouf

Design Process: Magazine Cover Before I started making my magazine cover, I had to establish an idea. I chose to have a topic on climate change fmore specifically, global warming) because I did not have any creative ideas for the economic crash. I wanted to do something unusual that would make people think. I tried to have a creative idea that wasn't used before.

Brainstorming: -We are causing global warming -We are burning up our own world without realizing -The magazine cover should make viewers feel guilty and think twice Message: we need to take better care of the world we live in

1) Research


I searchedTime magazine covers to see what essence I needed my p3-g?1r 1gg"-".g:.1" have' " =;*#*#" l;-..r*,:.*;,.-.;:.L';i;-.:...-


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tried to find one about global warming so I would know how they portrayed global warming. I

Magazine cover idea: -Earth as a marshmallow burning over a fire. This shows that we are carelessly letting global warming take place [because people usually don't think twice before they roast a marshmallow). -Hand holding the stick to show thatwe are doing this to our world fhas a greater impact). -use Time magazine, because they usually have cartoon/creative/unusual magazine covers (The Economist or Newsweek would not be appropriate for this ideaJ

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-Time magazine red boarder and a cartoon-like picture (since a lot of Time magazine is animation)

Font/Text: Times New Roman -'TIME' should be in red because there is a black background (size 137 pt) -'special Report' will be at the top with either a red or black box around it (since the Time'special reports' usually look like that) -"Are we really burning our owrl WORLD?" Our own should be red to show emphasis that we our doing this to the precious world we live in. Also, 'world' should be in capital letters to show that it is happening to our whole world (capitals create emphasis). -'Global Warming: The REAL Issue' 'Real' should be in capitals because some people don't believe global warming exists, or is very harmful to our planet. The capitals will force the idea that it is a real problem occurring in the world.



tried to get a black and white boarder around my picture flike the Time magazine covers that I researched had). First, I tried using the grid, but that made the boarder too big. Instead, I zoomed into the picture until I could see individual pixels, and I used that as a guide (to make the black boxJ. I then repeated this to get a white box inside the black one. I repeated this once more and made the third box black. I

boarder is too thick


ET fl

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so I zoomed in


l- s-4 l\ g s 4 !E !ry q'i1 - F E- !!. k- r"


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Design and Pictures First, I decided to look for a roaring fire. Although it was a bit blurry, this was the best oicture I could find that was creative commons.

Along with the fire, I needed a starlit sky, but then I realized that with global warming and pollution, it is harder to see the stars. Instead, I opted

The next thing I decided to do was make the marshmallow with the world on it. I found a picture of the world and tried to draw the marshmallow behind it by using different colored brushes (since I couldn't find a good picture of a marshmallow that was creative commonsJ. This did not work out well. The marshmallow looked too fake, so instead I kept looking for pictures on the Internet and I eventually found one.

I flipped the marshmallow picture, horizontally because I thought it would look best if the marshmallow was coming in from the right side. I also rstated the marshmallow to straighten it. I used the 'magnetic lasso tool' to get the marshmallow by itself. I then put the marshmallow picture behind the picture of the world and the marshmallow that I drew. I erased some bits off of the marshmallow I drew before so that the real marshmallow, behind it, would show. I also used the 'clone stamp tool' to make it look natural, but that turned out even worse than the marshmallow I drew before.

I realized that it wasn't working, so I erased the marshmallow I drew. I used the real marshmallow picture in the background and changed the world picture to'linear burn' so that only the continents would show (not the white boarder of the pictureJ. This effect also turned the continents a.u*u.r jggm**.o,"'s"?:g!:T'.ls^""r:.*.k***_

I then searched for a rough and

pointy twig to puncture the Earth


I flipped the picture vertically because it seemed more realistic to have the twig pointing upward so that the marshmallow wouldn't fall. I used the 'magnetic lasso tool' to select the twig, and put it behind the marshmallow and erased the unnecessary parts. I also changed its opacity to 73o/o to make it dimmer to fit in with the dark background. The next step was to find a picture of a hand. This would be crucial for the magazine cover because it symbolizes that humans are slowly destroying the planet. Once I found the picture, I used the'quick selection tool'to select the hand. I rotated the picture and placed it over the stick on the


I changed the opacity of the hand to 7 40/o to make it appear darker to blend in with the black background. I also made it smaller so that it wouldn't distract attention from the burning Earth. Since the hand was slightly transparent, the stick behind it was showing, so I erased some parts of the stick. I added the text ('Time', 'Are we really burning our own world', and 'Global Warming: the Real Issue.'J The picture seemed plain, so I decided to add smoke coming out of the fire. I followed a tutorial, but my end result did not look very natural and didn't fit well with the fire fsince I tried to make a red colored smoke, it turned out to look like fire instead of smoke). I used the'burn tool' mentioned in the smoke tutorial to darken the hand. Since the original picture of the hand was taken during the day, I needed to make it darker in order to look natural with the rest of the magazine cover (which had a night theme).


Instead of smoke, I created sparks coming out of the fire (with the brush tool, then made it glowJ. This would make the fire look wilder and give the viewers an impression that global warming is a very big concern. I then realized that the sky was too plain, and I eventually decided to add the stars. stars. I followed a tutorial that taught me how to make q tbi]& d *


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I needed to indicate that this was a'special

report', so I researched how

Time magazine 'special reports' look like.

tried to mimic this, but the red box didn't fit well. I used a black box instead, because most of my picture was black. I also added stars to that black box to blend in with the night sky. I wasn't pleased with the sparks from the fire because they were too big, bright and unrealistic. I used the'wind' effect to make them smaller and dimmer. That was the last step, and I was finally satisfied with my magazine cover. I

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Magazine Cover  

This is my magazine cover for Time magazine. It is about global warming.

Magazine Cover  

This is my magazine cover for Time magazine. It is about global warming.