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60 Years and Counting May 2015

Letter from the Editor May 2015

I don’t know about you, but April was a crazy month! My family decided to take a cruise of out Miami the week before the MRO but afterwards, we all agreed that next year we need to save the vacation for AFTER the MRO. My brain and feet could have used a little tropical break after a week of nonstop blowin’ and goin’. Aside from being exhausted, I loved being able to put names with faces and make new friends. It was a great show! We’ve got some special treats in this issue. As you may have noticed by the cover, this months issue is our Special 2015 Top Shop awards edition. So for all of you that have been waiting patiently to see who the Top Shop award winners were this year, take a peek inside to find out.

Also, this year marked the 2nd year for the OneAero MRO Annual Golf Invitational. The event was held at the Biltmore in Miami and was a great success due to the amazing weather and fun peeps that attended. P.S. Thanks again for putting up with the photographer, me, that day. :)

Ashley Fox Editor in chief

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May/June Volume 2 Issue 3



Airinmar and AAR


People in Aviation


Aviation Trivia

Exclusive Interview with Alfredo Dreyfus


2015 Top Shops


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Golf Highlights

2nd Annual OneAero MRO Golf Invitational

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Long Haul

We visited Airinmar at their Finchampstead, UK facility last month to learn a little more about what they do and how they do it. Let’s just say, if I were an airline or a customer that needs supply chain support, I’d sleep well at night knowing these guys were on the job.




hirty years ago just outside of London, Airinmar, a small start-up business, was established. The premise for the business was the recognition of a market need for component repair management support services. From its humble beginnings, managing the business with a small team using a manual repair card job index system, Airinmar has evolved to become a cutting edge business, built on a team of industry professionals and market leading in-house developed IT systems. Key to Airinmar’s success, particularly in the last 5 years, has been their investment in people, processes, infrastructure and IT, as well as the development of their services and the expansion into new markets. Airinmar uses a balance of tactical and strategic objectives to put in place its charter for success.

Charter for Success Like many organisations, innovation and continuous improvement is essential to drive growth in the business. Airinmar consistently looks for new ways to maintain their competitive edge as a “thought leader” in the aviation industry; with the aim not only to enhance their own business growth but also contribute to improvements in repair cycle management which ultimately benefits the aviation industry at large. Some of the main areas that Airinmar has placed focus on, in the past 5 years, are as follows: Strategic Sourcing Key to any Airline, MRO or OEM is achieving optimised placement of component repairs in order to achieve the best commercial terms and conditions, whilst maintaining quality and reliability. To meet these objectives Airinmar has tailored an industry leading sourcing tool to manage aviation components, which when combined with their team of sourcing experts, professional engineers and contract specialists, provides the best market solution to meet any customer’s needs.

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Long Haul Continuous Improvement Airinmar has put in place a Continuous Improvement (CI) team, made up of personal from all the operational functions within the business. The objective has been to develop and instil a culture of CI values throughout the organisation. The methodology applied is based on using Six Sigma’s DMAIC structure to manage the change, with a focus on eliminating waste within their processes and maximising efficiencies through targeted operational excellence. Over a 2 year period and on volume related tasks, the CI team has created efficiency gains equating to over 480 hours per week, resulting in reduced waste & increased productivity. Additionally this has enhanced Airinmar’s overall services and the efficiencies of their interactions with both their airline customers and their supply chain. Asset Tracking & Performance Metrics Essential to the effective management of component repairs and the drive for continuous improvement is the visibility of assets in the repair cycle, their status and expected availability, as well as access to comprehensive metrics to identify any performance shortfalls and put in place remedial actions. To meet these requirements Airinmar’s services provide for detailed online tracking of assets throughout the repair cycle with date stamps to record milestone events. This in-turn enables detailed assessment, of the performance of both open and closed repairs, with multiple levels of granularity. To enhance their service offerings to customers, Airinmar has been working with an industry leading Business Intelligence (BI) specialist to develop an enhanced online reporting system that offers customer’s data visualisation for easy interpretation, the ability to build their own report dashboards, social collaboration features to streamline internal communication, and one click insights to highlight key trends in the data.

Market Expansion With over 4,000 fixed wing aircraft under their support services, Airinmar has now expanded into the rotary wing market and provides support for over 200 rotary wing aircraft within industries such as search and rescue, offshore transportation and medical emergency. Helicopter types supported include Sikorsky, AugustaWestland and Eurocopter. Whilst this is a new business sector for Airinmar it has clearly demonstrated that their services are equally compatible to the helicopter sector and they can deliver significant value to their customers.

Not Standing Still Airinmar has grown to become one of the largest and most respected repair management experts within the industry. Now employing over 150 aviation professionals worldwide, Airinmar consistently strives to maintain its position within the industry as a market leader in repair management support services. The industry however is seeing significant changes and competitive challenges with the introduction of new aircraft types featuring advanced technologies, and the rapid growth of the Middle East and low cost carriers. Therefore with these evolving market dynamics, Airinmar is continually looking for ways to enhance its services and systems to provide the best possible support to meet the needs of their customers. Airinmar is ready for this challenge and they look forward to continuing to play a key role in the developing market.

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In it for the longhaul. 8

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Long Haul


How One Aftermarket Aviation Services Company Has Gone the Distance for 60 Years. For 60 years, AAR has charted a course through the sometimes turbulent aviation industry with an entrepreneurial culture that has allowed the aviation services company to continuously transform to meet the needs of the dynamic industry. In that time, commercial aviation went through a lot of changes but AAR remained stable at the top with just two chief executives – Ira A. Eichner, the founder, and David P. Storch, the current Chairman & CEO. Through good times and bad, these men adapted to industry changes to set the path for AAR’s global expansion through strategic acquisitions and a close-to-the-customer business philosophy that sets AAR apart from its competitors. The business started in 1955 when Eichner incorporated I.A. Allen Industrial Sales in Chicago to serve a niche market supplying radios and other equipment to the fledgling commercial aviation industry. As major airlines emerged and the aviation industry became more robust, so did opportunities for small suppliers to expand globally. In 1965, operating as AAR CORP., Eichner established a supply chain facility in Amsterdam to pro10

vide spare parts and services to the European aviation community. That same year, AAR stood up its first FAA-certified repair station specializing in avionics and instruments at its headquarters near O’Hare International Airport. And in 1971, it acquired its first aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City.

Eichner went on to acquire a business in New York to establish a presence for AAR in component repair in 1973. By the midto late-70s, U.S. commercial aviation entered a period of uncertainty due to rising fuel prices sparked by the Arab oil embargo and tensions in the Middle East. Eichner focused on expansion overseas, opening an office in Singapore to serve customers in Asia-Pacific region. He also turned an eye toward specialization, establishing an Aircraft Turbine Center and acquiring a landing gear overhaul and exchange business in Miami. As industry strife continued into the ’90s with the bankruptcy of major carriers and contentious collective bargaining, AAR di-

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Long Haul versified its portfolio to serve government and defense customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense and the Army. It opened AAR Mobility in Cadillac, Mich., to provide rapid deployment equipment for allied forces during Operation Desert Storm. Storch, who succeeded Eichner in 1996, later expanded this division to Goldsboro, N.C., where AAR produced mobility shelters and eventually cargo loading systems. Storch led AAR through the commercial industry’s darkest period following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Air travel was at an all-time low, and commercial carriers were looking to consolidate and off-load expensive maintenance, inventory and supply chain functions. In 2004, AAR acquired a lease for its second and largest MRO at facility near the Indianapolis International Airport, which had been abandoned by a major carrier after 9/11. Today, AAR operates a 1MRO network of six aircraft repair stations and has been ranked the No. 1 provider of airframe maintenance in the Americas and third largest in the world. In 2010, Storch pursued another opportunity to diversify AAR’s portfolio and established AAR’s Airlift Group, which would become the largest independent provider of expeditionary airlift services for U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan. Since the drawdown in Afghanistan, Airlift has started to apply its expertise moving people and cargo in austere environments to areas such as search and rescue services for the UK Ministry of Defense in the Falkland Islands and contracts with Transcomm at multiple locations in Africa.

Above: Ira at desk

While some of its defense-related businesses have slowed down due to drawdown sequestration, AAR has ramped up its supply chain business, adding a warehouse to its global network in Brussels serving customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and power-by-the-hour support for the world’s airlines. From part sales to distribution to inventory management, AAR can now manage every segment of a commercial or military fleets’ supply chain.

AAR’s nimbleness in the face of adversity has paid off. Sixty years after Eichner sold his first radio, the aerospace and defense company now has about 5000 employees in more than 20 countries serving customers in over 100 countries. By innovating and executing, AAR has taken flight and is poised to go the distance.

Lake Charles Hangar

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People in Aviation

People in Aviation Back in February, I had the chance to fly out and meet with Alfredo Dreyus, founder and CEO of Aero-Zone, in Phoenix, Arizona. What I thought was going to be a quick meet and greet, turned into an hour and a half discussion with one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. He made me feel like we’d been best friends forever. I asked Alfredo a lot of questions and he was kind enough to provide a lot of great responses. Enjoy! By: Ashley Fox


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People in Aviation

Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

Where were you born and raised?

I was the first generation to be born and raised in Southern California. My Father, a welder, was from El Salvador and my Mom, a flight attendant for Avianca Airlines, was from Columbia.

What was your life like growing up?

I grew up east of Los Angeles, where my parents worked very, very hard to make ends meet. The neighborhoods we lived in were rough to say the least, and not always fair. Although I grew up in very humble circumstances, I didn’t know any better. My Mom did her best to keep us kids away from the gangs and drugs, and at age 17, when I graduated from high school, I immediately enlisted in the military. In my mind, that was my way of getting out.

What were your summers like as a kid?

My summers were spent working alongside my Dad. He owned and operated a gas station in Baldwin Park, CA. I remember standing with a red rag hanging from my back pocket, waiting for the “Full Service” bell to ring. My job was to pump gas, clean windshields, check oil and check tire pressure. Working with my father definitely impacted my work ethic, as well as my sense of integrity.

My Dad was a huge influence in life. He was successful in business and taught me a lot of the values that we have incorporated into our culture at Aero-Zone today. He passed away in 2005. I’m very happy that so many of our team members have been with the company long enough that they had the opportunity to really get to know my Dad. Together, I’d like to think we keep his memory alive.

What was your favorite job?

Aside from working at Aero-Zone, I enjoyed working as a weatherman in the U.S. Air Force. I would monitor weather radar, give pilots weather briefings and report observations to the National Weather Service.

How did you get started in aviation?

Upon leaving the Air Force I applied for a weather job at the Chandler Airport in Arizona. While I was there I ran into a sergeant whom I had served with at Williams Air Force Base. He introduced me to a position working with some ex-military guys, selling aircraft parts, and that’s how I got started working in aviation.

How did you get Aero Zone started?

It took a big leap of faith to get Aero-Zone off the ground. In June of 1994 I had some money in the bank and a line of credit. I spent just about every penny in the first three days, just to get the business up and running. The first year we did $1.2 Million in sales. This last year was our best year yet, with over $37-million in revenue. The dollar

145 Magazine


People in Aviation

What struggles did you have establishing your business?

amounts have changed, but it’s the same integrity and our ability to continually innovate that have made us successful. We owe everything to the clients we’ve worked with over the years.

What were some major factors in helping your business take off?

That’s a great question. As our company has continued to grow, I’ve continually tried to surround myself with people smarter than me. This has helped us build a fabulous team, and not just within the walls of Aero-Zone, but also with our outside consultants. I can’t emphasize enough the contribution that our outside consultants have made to the company’s success. I also believe in what I call the “2-year Interview”. What I mean by that, is that before we allow someone to enter our family at Aero-Zone, I believe it takes two years to properly vet a candidate. Because of that, I’m always recruiting. So look out, Ashley! I might be asking you to come work for us in 2 years!


Anytime you start a business, the biggest challenge is pulling the trigger. I was 23 years old when I started Aero-Zone, so walking away from a paying job and using my life savings to start a business was a huge decision. Was I going to fail? Would people take me seriously? I remember a conversation I had with my Dad. He said “Son, in our eyes, you will never be a failure. If it doesn’t work-out we will always be here to nurse you back to health so you can try again. DO IT!” We lost my father ten years ago, but I will always remember his reassurance and the confidence he gave me to start Aero-Zone.

What’s your company like today?

We’ve grown exponentially over the last 21 years. We now have 45 employees and we’ve recently moved to a new headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. We have plans to expand this facility over several adjacent acres that we now own. We have an office in Missouri and just launched a European subsidiary in Shannon, Ireland. It’s really exciting because now we have a comprehensive inventory at each location. This helps us to serve our clients in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Aero-Zone isn’t just about buildings and revenue though. We have a family-like atmosphere in our company. Our staff is all on the same page when it comes to the way we conduct business. From our inventory specialists, to quality control, to the warehouse personnel, everyone works hard to give our clients the very best service possi-

145 Magazine

People in Aviation ble. We have the same work ethic that my Dad’s gas station had... if we treat our customers with respect and dignity, they will keep coming back.

You mentioned that Aero-zone is “Going Green”. What are some ways you are achieving this?

Aero-Zone launched its “Aero-Zone Goes Green” campaign about 10 year ago. We’ve installed solar panels on our rooftops that also serve as shade for our carports. In fact, on average, our solar panels offset about 15 tons of carbon each and every month; that’s the equivalent of about 500 trees! We’ve also gone completely paperless. We recycle all aircraft parts when they reach their end-of-life limits, and we recycle all of our cardboard in our warehouse as well. Additionally, we’ve installed low-energy lighting around our building which, by the way, was recognized for its energy efficient design by the Green Globes™ Design and rating system.

What passions do you have outside of work?

My beautiful wife and I have four awesome kids, ranging from ages 20 months to 21 years old, so that keeps us pretty busy at home. I met Jennifer over 11 years ago and we’ve been married for 8 ½ years. When the weather’s nice, we love taking the kids swimming as well as exploring beautiful Arizona. Every summer, we take a trip to our beach house in Southern California and while we’re there, our kids spend lots of time at the beach. We are also really big supporters of The Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley, both at home and at the office.

What motivates you to be successful?

I’ve always sprung out of bed with a zest for life, usually singing… which can really annoy my wife. I will say this, I have a beautiful 21-year old daughter, Vanessa, and from early on, I always wanted to make sure she had every opportunity available to her. I would definitely attribute her coming into my life as a motivating factor early in mine. I’m thankful that she now lives with us. Vanessa currently works for Aero-Zone full-time in sales, as she also attends school full-time.

Above: Alfredo’s daughter, Vanessa

Pictured Above: Alfredo with his wife and kids.

Above: Aero-Zone Employees

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People in Aviation

There, I serve as a Corporate Board member and we’ve been able to do some amazing things for the youth in our community. I’ve helped organize events that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for these kids and even the Aero-Zone staff has become involved, raising over a hundred thousand dollars over the last few years.

How did you get involved in the Boys and Girls Clubs?

Many years ago, Aero-Zone started supporting several charities that we thought were making a difference in our community. The Boys & Girls Clubs do amazing things for the youth in our community, so we made them Aero-Zone’s charity of choice. A few years later, I was asked to serve on their Corporate Board. It has changed the way I view life. I have been serving on the Board for the benefit of the 12 Clubs that are here in the East Valley for four years now and in July, I take over as Chairman.

Alfredo at Boys and Girls Club


What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?

I have a few classic cars. My favorite is an orange ’68 Bronco. I also collect aviation art. If you walk around our office, you’ll see a ton of art pieces and documentary photos from the “glory days” of aviation. One of my favorites is a limited Murakami piece in our entryway. You could call it a happy piece and I hope it puts a smile on all our guests’ faces when they come by for a visit.

A few of Alfredo’s classic cars

What advice would you give someone looking to get into the business of buying and selling parts?

It’s a different environment today than it was 20+ years ago when we started Aero-Zone. Aero-Zone is not in the business of aircraft parts as much as we are in the business of information. If you want to compete in today’s aviation market, you need to understand the underlying intricacies behind harnessing the power of information and in a way that it can be monetized. Finally, never underestimate how important it is to build a relationship with every client.

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Aviation Trivia


A. Record over 1,000,000 frequent flyer miles in a year B. Fly around the world in less than 12 hours C. Fly an airplane blind D. Visit all 7 continents in a day Answer: A

Tom Stuker set a record in 2012 when he logged over 1,050,000 Frequent Flyer miles, all with United Airlines. Over his lifetime he has flown more than 13,000,000 miles. Stuker is an automotive sales consultant who lives in both Chicago and New Jersey. He flies all over the world visiting dealerships, with a great deal of his travel being to Australia.

To put his record into perspective, 1,050,000 miles in one year works out to: • 2,877 miles a day (roughly the distance from LA to NY) • 87,500 miles a month • Almost 6 hours a day in the air for the whole year • Almost 44 times around the Earth • If this were a single non-stop flight at a cruising speed of 500 mph (804 kmh) it would take off and land 87.5 days later (leave January 1st and land on March 29th)


All of Stuker’s flights were done while in First Class. Because he flies so much he and United Airlines have a deal worked out that gives him special pricing. Stuker does try to schedule most of his flights during the night to allow him to multitask (fly and sleep), which makes this record a little bit more manageable. At “only” 59 years old, Stuker will continue to fly almost every day of his life, which means the sky’s the limit when it comes to his Frequent Flyer Miles records. 145 Magazine

2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

2015 Top Shop Award Winners


t’s hard to believe that this year marks the eighth year of the annual Top Shop Awards. “Things have definitely evolved since the first year we presented the awards back in 2008”, recalls Justin Spaulding, founder and President of OneAero MRO. “Our first year we sent out a mass email to all our customers, asking them to nominate repair centers they felt provided superior customer support, excellent turn-around-times and competitive repair pricing”, continued Spaulding. “We then took all the nominations and selected the top shops based on the most nominations per category. Let’s just say that wasn’t the best selection process.” Because some repair centers had solicited nominations from their customers, the winners in some categories were chosen simply because they had sent out more solicitations for nominations than their competitors. So the following year a three step selection process was implemented to level the playing field for all nominees. Today all the nominations are tabulated and filtered by repair category to create a “short list” of finalists. The short list is then distributed to a panel of 20 - 30 airlines and suppliers (which is different every year) who are then responsible for selecting the winners.


Only seventeen, out of over two-thousand repair centers around the globe, are selected each year to receive this prestigious award. Mr. Spaulding summed up the awards by saying: “Presenting the best repair centers in the industry with Top Shop Awards never gets old. It’s one of the events we all look forward each and every year. We’d again like to congratulate all the companies that were selected as winners of the 2015 Top Shop Awards. Congratulations on a job well done, and good luck in 2016!”

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2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

Best Wheel and Brakes Repair

Drawing from its broad portfolio of capabilities, AAR helps commercial, government/defense and OEM customers around the world do more with less. AAR is the largest MRO in the U.S. and the third largest in the world. AAR Wheel & Brake Services offers commercial, military and regional aviation customers a complete program of aircraft wheel and brake services, including overhaul, repair, and tire management for all major aircraft types. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality has been the source of our growth and longevity. Our work is certified by the FAA, EASA, and CAAC, and with two locations in Miami, Florida and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our customers can experience quick turn-times and personalized customer service regardless of where they’re located.

Best Interiors Repair

Soundair Aviation Services, a Repair Division of the Wencor Group, is a FAA 145 Repair Station with facilities located in Snohomish and Spokane, Washington. It is our people combined with a culture centered on teamwork that makes the difference. Our fundamental strategy is to provide customers with exactly what they expect; maintenance programs focused on increasing reliability through innovative engineering solutions at competitive prices. We specialize in galley inserts, lavatories components, hold open rods, flight deck transparencies, oxygen system components, power supplies, lights, circuit cards, and wide range of other electrical components and instruments.

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WE’RE BAE SYSTEMS – THE PEOPLE AND PRODUCTS THAT KEEP YOU FLYING. From smart engine controls to state-of-the-art flight controls and flight deck systems, to a leaner and more connected cabin system, you can count on our service and support to keep you flying. Learn more at:

2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

Best Gyro Repair

GYRO SPECIALIST, INC. is a repair facility specializing in the repair/overhaul of Gyros, Attitude Indicators, HSI's, Sensitive Pressure Indicators, Course Indicators, ELT's and Flight Directors. Our customers receive their evaluation within 24-48 hours, after approval their unit is returned within 5-7 days, many carrying extended warranties. We do not charge extra for AOG/Critical and we provide Not-To-Exceed pricing on repairs. We‘ll drop ship to outstations and all units are double-boxed for protection. We accomplish this great TAT/service by having highly trained technicians with 20+ years experience. Our customer base is domestic as well as international covering Commercial, Regional and Helicopter sectors. We would like to thank our loyal customers for again voting us for the One Aero Top Shop Award.

Best Hydraulics

Triumph Accessory Services-Grand Prairie is an industry leader in providing engine accessory services to aviation customers worldwide by repairing and overhauling engine LRU’s, including almost all engine pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, and fuel system components. We also provide complex machining and bearing/gear inspection services. Our competitive differences include: near complete coverage on GE’s CFM56, CF6, and CF34 engine families, the broadest IAE V2500 engine accessory capability in one location, industry best-in-class warranty claim rate, world class turn times, exchanges or BER replacements on most units, a rotable sales team to support production and customer needs and an unsurpassed customer service team. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us! Every single vote is truly appreciated!

145 Magazine


2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

Best OEM Repair

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative communication and aviation electronic solutions for both commercial and government applications. Our expertise in flight deck avionics, cabin electronics, mission communications, simulation and training, and information management is delivered by a global workforce. Our global network of reliable service and support facilities provides you with repair and overhaul of products that are in and out of warranty. Technical experts provide quick and efficient repair capabilities for more than 3,000 product types to meet your operational needs. Our tailored asset management programs address total life cycle support with guaranteed levels of availability and performance at a predictable cost. Rockwell Collins is deeply honored to be selected a Top Shop this year.

Best Total Solutions Provider


Delta TechOps is the Total Solutions Provider for engine, component, airframe and line maintenance, and also provides a broad range of additional support services. Worldwide over 150 operators leverage Delta TechOps’ industry-leading levels of knowledge, experience and performance, tapping into the same quality, service and operational expertise that enable Delta Air Lines’ fleet to enjoy some of the highest aircraft and engine reliability in the industry at operating costs that are among the lowest. Delta TechOps is a certified repair station in the United States (FAA), European Union (EASA), as well as in several countries in South America and Asia. To learn more log on to

145 Magazine

2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

Best Engine Accessories Repair

Aero Accessories provides advanced repair solutions for Next Generation Fuel, Hydraulic & Electro-Mechanical components. Our mission is to leverage our decades of experience in component maintenance and engineering to deliver innovative and proactive solutions that produce premier quality and service. We differentiate ourselves as a leader in component maintenance through our commitment to recruiting and retaining the most skilled professionals and our continuing investments in cutting-edge technologies. Through this intersection of expertise and technology we are able to offer an unparalleled value. Our team would like to thank our customers and peers for the honor and recognition that being a Top Shop brings. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Best Airframe / Aerostructures Repair and Best Landing Gear Repair


The employees of Air Transport Components would like to thank our industry customers who do business with us. Your continued support enables ATC to be at the forefront to accomplish the quality/safety goals we all strive to maintain. Since 2008, ATC has received 14 industry performance awards; 12 OneAero-MRO TopShop™ awards, and two “Exemplary Supplier Service Awards” from Boeing Aviall®. Roy Hyde, President/CEO states: “The things that make ATC different include: •Customer Service and Quality—always the top priorties; • A Highly Experienced Staff to support our customer’s needs/requests; • ATC’s 50,000+ Repair Capabilities which increase daily with customer requests; •ATC’s Internal Back-Shops which include: Flap Carriages/Flap Tracks/Transmissions/Gearboxes, Hydraulics, Landing Gear, NDT, Crew Seats, Painting, Machining, Structures, Composites, Electrical, & Passivation facilities.

145 Magazine

2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

Best Safety Equipment Repair

HRD Aero Systems is the worlds largest and most trusted independent repair facility for Safety and Survival Equipment with shops in Los Angeles, Houston, Rome and Kuala Lumpur. We support your Fire-Suppression, Oxygen Bottle/Masks/Shipping Containers, Life Raft/Vests, Escape Slides and ELT's needs by highly trained and well experienced staff. Our committed to the market is to be where the need is, work quickly and ethically for a fair price. Our dedication is to always remain in Constant Improvement Process, Easy to do Business with, Maintain high levels Liability Insurance and a company financial structure geared for the long term. Be right, do right...we thank those for the kind vote and appreciate your valued business.

Best Pneumatics Repair

Since 1986, Perform Air International’s focus has been to provide world class MRO services to air carriers with FAA, EASA, ANAC and CAAC certifications for Accessory repair and overhaul. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic, water and waste, and electromechanical components. Our stable and consistent management of a motivated team of employees and executives; working with a directed focus and vision to make our organization the best component MRO in the world by seamlessly integrating into each customer’s respective maintenance program. PAI has been repeatedly recognized with various industry awards for timely repair, competitive pricing and industry leading customer service. We would like to thank everybody who voted to make Perform Air International a 2015 Top Shop!

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Specialist EXPERIENCED IN ROTARY WING REPAIRS With 30 years’ experience in component repair management for fixed wing aircraft, Airinmar has now expanded into the rotary wing market to support industries, such as search & rescue, offshore transportation and medical emergency, with our value add services and online management systems. Currently Airinmar support repairs for more than 200 helicopters including Sikorsky, AgustaWestland and Eurocopter. To contact us or for more information please visit our website. Registered office: 1 Ivanhoe Road, Hogwood Industrial Estate Finchampstead, Berkshire RG40 4QQ. Registered in London No. 3125944. ISO 9002 Approved.

2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

Best Fuel Systems and Fuel Accessories Repair

Safe Fuel Systems is a FAA/EASA Approved Repair facility specializing in the repair of fuel , hydraulics, power generation and pneumatics for the commercial aviation industry. We are expanding our hydraulics department with the recent purchase of the new Avtron Aerospace Test System for next generation aircraft platforms coming in June 2015. Our mission is to be the solution to your aircraft repair needs through the dedication of our employees expertise and passion in what they do! The SFS team wants to thank all the customers who voted for us and making us your top choice for Fuel Systems and Accessory repair for 4 years in a row. Call 954-929-7233 (SAFE) for our updated list of capabilities.

Best Avionics and Instruments Repair

We’d like to thank One Aero and our loyal customers for making Cross-Check Aviation their “Top Shop” for Avionics and Instruments. This award coincides with achieving our AS9110/ISO 9001 certification, and we’d like to think it’s a reflection of all the hard work our dedicated team of employees put into making it happen. We take “Continuous Improvement” seriously and look forward to providing our customers with unparalleled service and value for another 16 years.

145 Magazine


2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

Best APU Overhaul and Repair

Triumph Air Repair is the largest independent Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and APU accessory and component repair and overhaul service provider in the world. Triumph Air Repair distinguishes itself in the APU overhaul market by its relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction through industry leading cost savings, turnaround time, and world class quality and reliability. This has made Triumph Air Repair the operator’s choice over OEM and smaller independents as it continues to deliver an incredible value in its products and services in its brand new state of the art facility for its customers.

Best Engine Components Repair

World-class engine component repair and overhaul is the driving force at StandardAero Component Services. By focusing on process excellence, outstanding quality, competitive pricing and superior value, StandardAero sets the industry standard as the preferred OEM-aligned engine component repair and overhaul supplier. StandardAero repairs leading engine platforms from CFMI, GE Aviation, GE– Land & Marine, Honeywell, IAE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce. With 95% on-time delivery, constant communication, rapid quoting and frequent progress reports, customers can expect a one-stop shop solution for all their component repair needs. In addition, StandardAero is committed to continuous quality improvements and capital investments that deliver new capabilities & repairs to the industry. Thank you to all who voted for StandardAero for this distinguished award.


145 Magazine

2015 Special Top Shop Award Edition

Best Accessories Class I, II and III Repair

XTRA Aerospace (A Wencor Group Company) is an FAA/EASA/ANAC certified repair station located in Miramar, Florida. XTRA specializes in the repair of instruments, radio & mechanical/electrical accessories and hydraulics. XTRA offers extensive capabilities servicing the A300, A320 family/A330/A340 and Boeing 737ng through 777. We are proud to serve the world’s top airlines and suppliers with one goal… complete customer satisfaction. Please visit our website at . XTRA Aerospace welcomes the U.S. Government. XTRA is DD2345 certified to obtain military critical technical data & we are also AS9110B / AS9120A / ISO:2008 certified. XTRA’s cage code is 5FWE2 and we look forward to helping you with all your sourcing and repair needs.

Best Engine Overhaul and Repair

MTU Maintenance, a business division of MTU Aero Engines, is one of the world's leading providers of commercial engine maintenance services.

MTU Maintenance offers the best of two worlds: Its high-tech repairs are globally unique and known under the trademark MTUPlus repairs. These have been developed in-house by MTU Maintenance and are certified by EASA and FAA agencies. At the same time, the company offers a compelling choice of individually tailored services that ensure cost-effective and efficient solutions for its customers, including integrat-ed engine leasing options, LRU management, on-site and on-wing support up to To-tal Engine Care (TEC®) packages. MTU Maintenance operates a global network of facilities and representatives offices across all continents.

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Pistol Pete Pride

Bet you didn’t know

We knew there was a possibility of a retired university mascot somewhere out there in the aviation industry, but what we didn’t know was that two people from our industry were once the “Pistol Pete” mascot for Oklahoma State University. To make matters even more coincidental, both of these guys (Scott Noble and Shane Laduke) work for aviation repair centers and are now close friends. Find out how they became mascots for Oklahoma State and what their experiences were as mascots.

How did you become the Mascot for Oklahoma State?

Laduke: “I was Pete for two years, 81-82 and

Noble: “I would love to say it was because of

my life-long support of Oklahoma State, (because I was a super fan, or it had always been a dream of mine) but the reality is I was dared by my roommate to try out, so I did. I will confirm that I have been a life-long supporter of the Cowboys before, during and after being Pistol Pete.”

Laduke: “I went to OSU to walk-on to play

football. I ended up separateing my shoulder and a good friend who was a cheerleader at the time talked me in to trying out for Pete.”

How long where you the Mascot? What years?

Noble: “I was Pistol Pete for the 1986-’87 school

year. This was the year the NFL Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas was still recovering from a knee injury and the team included some very

notable national talents, including current OSU coach Mike Gundy and Hart Lee Dykes.”


Are there tryouts to be Pistol Pete?

Yes. For anyone that has ever seen Pistol Pete, the most notable feature of the character is the very overly sized head that must be worn to portray the man, Frank Eaton a one-time U.S. Marshall. The head was made by the Walt Disney Company and weighed nearly 40 pounds so getting used to wearing and moving around in the head was a must. The week of tryouts included a few days where the candidates could put on the head and chaps to get a feel for how to maneuver and make the over emphasized mannerism’s required to properly portray the emotion of the mascot. You can’t speak, you’re carrying a 40 pound head on your shoulders, wearing chaps, a vest, six-shooter and boots so everything you do has to be big in order to be effective. Each year, 10 to 15 OSU students try out for Pistol Pete. A panel of former "Petes" judge the tryouts and select the two best candidates based on an interview, a mime, and posing

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Being on the field or court, right in the middle of all the action....Very Fun to lead fans in chants and cheers. Bet you didn’t know as mascot in different "game situations". The two who are selected split the approximately 500 appearances annually, including all athletic events, pep rallies, business openings, weddings, birthday parties, and public school events.

Did you have to keep it a secret while you were the mascot?

No, just the opposite. Pistol Pete is a widely celebrated representative of Oklahoma State and it is a huge honor to wear the moniker. While in character, of course, you can’t see the person’s face but when not in character you are encouraged to be a visible and widely recognized ambassador for OSU.

What’s your most memorable moment as a mascot? Noble: “There are countless incredible memories

but two moments stand out. First is the University of Oklahoma basketball mascot “Top Daug”, when he stole my pistol (a major no-no) during a game at OU and started “shooting” me on their court. The other was a time when I was standing in the University of Nebraska’s Memorial stadium for an ESPN game, surrounded by 80,000 Husker-clad fans, and shooting my pistol and waving my Oklahoma State towel and rooting for my team.

Laduke: “ I Got tumbled into one time at

a BB game by a Kansas cheerleader, which knocked me out for a minute. When I came to, I put the Pete head on, shook off the dust, and pulled my gun and shot at the cheerleader, ( blanks of course ). The crowd loved it. “

Scott Noble

How did you go from Pistol Pete to the aviation industry? Noble: “One thing I’ve learned in 26 years of

this industry is that quite a lot of the opportunities you find are from those who you know or meet. In my case, it was meeting my mentor, ex-business partner and friend, Ed Battaglia who offered me an entry level position at NORDAM. It’s been an incredible ride ever since.”

Laduke: “I jumped around from industry to industry for a while ( energy, communications ) until I found my home in aviation.”

What was your favorite thing about being Pistol Pete?

Noble: “Well, we were part of the Spirit Squad

which included the Pom Pom girls and cheerleaders so that wasn’t too bad! Seriously, it was the honor to represent my beloved university, being part of an exclusive club of select students to be given the opportunity to participate in a way only two students a year are offered. I will not only always be a Cowboy, I will forever have been THE COWBOY!”


“Being on the field or courtside, right in the middle of all the action. Very Fun to lead fans in chants and cheers. “

Shane Laduke 145 Magazine


BRING IT ON I enjoy firing up the crowd and making people smile.


esi Crane is the Manager of Customer Support at Accel Aviation. She started working in 2011 as an Administrative Assistance after being a Flight Attendant and took a real interest in the field immediately. Accel Aviation Accessories, LLC is a Fuel Component MRO that has been in business for over 18 years. She enjoys being a part of the team at Accel Aviation and working closely with customers. In her spare time, she enjoys being a Cheerleader for the Florida Everblades.

What’s your most memorable Cheerleading moment so far? The teddy bear toss. One game in December all fans are asked to bring a new Teddy Bear, then when the home team scores their first goal they are thrown on the ice. The bears are collected and delivered to local children’s hospitals by the Everblades and Everbabes.

For what schools/teams have you been a cheerleader ?

I cheered in middle school for Frank Ohl and was the Struthers High School Mascot, both in Ohio.

When did you start Cheerleading?

What do you like most about cheering for the ECHL Florida Everblades?

This is my first year cheering on the Everbabes team for the Florida Everblades.

I really enjoy the excitement of being at a live sports event cheering the team on with my friends. I also enjoy the many charity events that we participate in as Everbabes.

What’s your favorite thing about being a cheerleader?

I enjoy firing up the crowd and making people smile.


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What are the requirements to try out for the Everbabes? To try out for the Florida Everbabes you must attend auditions in August. The girls are taught a dance routine and judged on skill and personality during the performance. You must perform the dance that day in front of judges. At the end of the day they announce who moves on to round two which is held the next day. Round two consists of an interview with three judges where you are given questions that range from hockey related questions to questions regarding your character. You are notified two weeks later if you have made the team. Around 50-75 girls try out each year and the team is made up of around 25

Someday, when you aren’t cheerleading anymore, what are you going to miss the most?

I will mostly miss the locker room conversations with the girls and the FREE hockey tickets!

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2nd Annual Golf Tournament Highlights Perfection! That’s the first word that comes to mind when looking back at the 2nd Annual OneAero MRO Golf Invitational at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami. The weather couldn’t have been better. I wasn’t too hot, not too humid, and just enough wind to keep things cool without adversely affecting the game. Overnight the course received some rain, which greened-up the turf nicely, and softened the fairways and greens. A few white puffy clouds, blue sky, green grass and nearly 100 participants made for a spectacular day. After 18 holes of golf everyone met up in the Alhambra room to enjoy great food and the presentation of the 2015 Top Shop Awards luncheon. Thanks again to all those that attended and especially to the sponsors who helped make this year’s event possible!

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145 Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 3, May Issue  

145 is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to people in the aviation industry.

145 Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 3, May Issue  

145 is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to people in the aviation industry.