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Happy Holidays my 145 readers! January is here folks, and you know what that means... New Year's Resolutions. There's all kinds of resolutions, but we have an article for you on resolutions to help improve your working lifestyle. Check out the six we've focused on and maybe chose one for yourself this new year! What about a resolution to be in business for 100 year?! One hundred years, that’s a long time! Well, we’ve featured a company that has been in business for that long and you won’t want to miss what they have to say about it! I’ll let you get right too it, since I know you’re busy catching up on work to make up for the time off from the holidays!

Ashley Fox

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New Year's Resolutions for the Office Aviation Trivia New Year’s Resolutions for the office

12 An End for Enders 100 Years with W.S. Wilson Name that Aiport


Women In Aviation

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Women in Aviation





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New Year’s Resolutions for the Office

January is here and you know what that means? New Year’s Resolutions. There’s your physical resolutions, like, lose weight, exercise more, eat better, drink less alcohol, or quit smoking. Then there’s financial resolutions, get out of debt, save money, or maybe you want to start making small investments. Some of us make goals to improve our education, whether that’s getting better grades, getting a better education, reading books, or learning something new, like a different language. Then there’s the self-improving resolutions, like stress less, watch less Netflix, or be more organized. The point is, there’s a lot of different resolutions made for the new year but here are some ideas for a New Year’s resolution for the office.

Listen more, talk less. Most of us wish to be listened to and understood more, so when we focus more on listening and less on talking we are actually giving value to the person that’s speaking. Additionally, good listeners typically walk away with more knowledge and earn more prestige among peers than those that dominate conversations and listen very little.

Go above and beyond We all appreciate, and admire, people that do more than expected and do so with an attitude of generosity. Make it a point this year to be the employee or the employer that goes above and beyond what’s expected. Take the initiative to offer assistance without expecting anything in return. Do something nice to show appreciation to others in your workplace. Work a little harder, give a little more and do it with a good attitude.

New Year’s Resolutions- for the Office

Laugh more Stop taking yourself so seriously and be more jovial. It’s ok to laugh at the story your coworker tells you about their crazy weekend. Make sure you laugh every single day. It’s easy to get caught up in the work grind, but this year, make it a point to take the time to laugh.

Stop the Gossip Few things are as destructive as gossip in the workplace. Gossip erodes trust and morale, increases anxiety and fosters an environment of divisiveness among employees and management. Make it a point not to participate in gossip in 2018.

Take Breaks Despite 90% of employers encouraging breaks, it seems that only 45% of us are okay with taking Apparently the other 55% of us feel too guilty to leave our desks for a break. We’re afraid it will make us look less productive, or take time away from getting things done. However, it turns out that the opposite is true. In fact, the top 10% most productive employees take 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work

Expand your Network We can all benefit from expanding our network of friends and work associates in the office. Take time to really get to know the people you work with every day. Learn what makes them tick, their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, their aspirations, work experiences, etc. Knowing your co-workers better will open up opportunities for activities outside of work as well as improve your daily routine in the office.


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Aviation Trivia


Early aviation involved taking off and landing wherever the ground was flat, but at what location was the term “airport” first used?

A. B. C. D.

Bader Field College Park Airfield Berlin’s Templehof Croydon Airport

Answer: A

College Park Airport has the distinction of being the longest operating airport in existence, as it was founded by Wilbur Wright in 1909, but the word “Airport” was first used to describe Bader Field, which was the premier airfield for Atlantic City, NY. In a 1919 article by Robert Woodhouse, the author described Bader Field as an “air-port” highlighting its aviation capability (air) and nautical capability (port), because Bader Field housed a successful seaplane service to New York City. The term “airport” stuck, but “airfield” was used interchangeably. Bader Field was the site of the first attempted crossing of the Atlantic by Walter Wellman in a dirigible, which failed twice in its attempt. The site was the location for a number of airshows, a demonstration on the ability to drop bombs from planes (the pilot dropped oranges by a yacht), and the first dispersion of leaflets by airplane. It wasn’t until 1922 that the “airport” would be bought and named in honor of Edward Bader, the mayor of the area. The airport wasn’t capable of expanding much because of geographical constraints, and by 1990 its use as a commercial airport was discontinued. The airport is still available for use, but more often than not, the land is used to house large gatherings like concerts. However, the history behind Bader Field makes it a spot to visit for people interested in aviation history.

Aviation News

An End for

Enders T

om Enders, the CEO of Airbus, recently stated that “fresh minds” are needed at the helm to guide the company through the 2020s; confirming his plans to step down from his executive post in April 2019. Enders has been at the helm of Airbus for 14 years; facilitating the corporate transformation of the company EADS which evolved into the prominent Airbus brand. In his tenure, Enders has overseen the production and development of the flagship Airbus A380 as well as the successful A350.


Unfortunately, Enders has also had to steer the company though a heavy storm of corruption. Airbus has been the target of a continued barrage of fraud and bribery allegations, sparking investigations which have loomed over the company the past couple years.

Enders decision to step down is only one step in the restructuring of the Airbus senior Airbus management. Fabrice Brigier, commercial aircraft president, plans to resign from his post this February. John Leahy, another high-ranking Airbus figure, will retire from his post as COO for customers.

Enders says his time with Airbus has been a “privilege” but that it “comes with a responsibility to support a smooth succession when the time is ripe.” Enders continues to say, “It’s been a long and exciting journey but now is the time to initiate a leadership change… We need fresh minds for the 2020s.”

We’re still waiting to hear the names of a potential successor for Enders, but Brigier has made it clear he is not in consideration. After 25 years with company and holding a variety of leader-ship roles, he will step down to pursue other interests.

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Aviation News “I feel the time is right to pursue oth-er opportunities outside,” says Brigier. “I have been fully dedicated to Airbus and to its success during all these years, and up to my departure next year I will remain focused on meeting Air-bus’ commitments to all stakeholders and on ensuring a smooth handover to my successor.” Brigier’s successor has in fact, been named; Guillaume Faury, currently the head of Airbus Helicopters (a position once held by Brigier him-self when the company was formally known as Eurocopter). Faury has said he is “honored” for the opportunity to fill the shoes of Brigier and is ready to lead the “inspiring” commercial aircraft division. There is currently no successor named for Faury to take the reins of Airbus Helicopters.


Enders has said he wasn’t surprised by Bri-gier’s decision to retire instead of pursuing Enders’ soon to be empty post. “I would not have done differently,” Enders says, adding that Brigier has made an “outstanding contribution” to the “excellence and competiveness” of Airbus. Denis Ranque, Airbus chairman, commented on the upcoming changes of leadership by stating the board “fully supports” Enders in his current role to lead the company until the end his ten-ure in April 2019. Ranque also noted the board “understands” Brigier’s timing in his decision to retire instead of pursuing Enders’ soon to be empty post. “I would not have done differently,” Enders says, adding that Brigier has made an “outstanding contribution” to the “excellence and competiveness” of Airbus.

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Not everyone can say they’ve been in business for 100 years, but W.S. Wilson can! Celebrating 100 years in 2017, we contacted W.S. Wilson to get some details on what they do and how they do it. Read this Q and A to get the inside scoop on W.S. Wilson! When and how did W.S Wilson get started? W.S. Wilson Corporation Founded November 11, 1917 by Hugh Hirshon to supply industrial products such as hardware, bearings, valves, gauges, hoses and safety equipment in the New York area. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s WSW’s focus started to change with the emergence of the commercial jet market. At that point our main focus changed to aircraft bearings and bushings as it remains today. We used our distributorships to supply aircraft bearings and bushings used on the DC9 and 707. In those days we supplied all of the foreign air carriers operating at Idlewild Airport (JFK) in New York as well as Pan American. Even18

tually WSW expanded outside of its New York territory to sell to all the domestic air carriers as well which was unheard of at the time. Since that time we have expanded to supply aerospace products to OEM’s, Tier 1’s, sub-contractors, Airlines, MRO’s and the Military globally.

What does W.S Wilson do? W.S. Wilson is an Authorized Distributor of Bearings, Bushings, Rod Ends and associated hardware for Aerospace. We offer products, value added services and logistic to the aerospace market globally.

What are some of the struggles W.S Wilson has had to endure to get to where they are today? As a small privately owned company one of our biggest challenges we have faced is competing with large, publically owned multi-commodity distributors with more resources and reach. We constantly need to re-invent ourselves to make sure we are offering the products and services to compete globally in this ever changing arena.

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What Makes Aero Reliable?

Choose Aero as your Component Repair Partner Our customers know they can rely on our ability to provide quality reliable repairs in a responsive time frame. Most importantly, we understand your fleet needs to be fully operational to make a profit. Our team of talented professionals are dedicated to serving the avionics industry with the highest level of service and responsive support. Give us a try and we will give you 10% off a Repair Click Here for a printable Coupon.

10%OFF A REPAIR OFFER VALID: November 1 - December 31, 2017 To get this discount: print coupon and aach coupon to the top of your repair order paperwork. Offer is valid for 1 repair order placed during November 1-December 31, 2017 only.

Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc. 7290 Nash Road North Tonawanda, NY 14120 USA Phone: 716.694.7060 | Fax: 716.694.7594

FAA Approved Repair Station No. NC1R343K EASA Approved Certificate No. EASA.145.4037 Instrument Class 1–2–3–4 Radio Class 1–2–3 Accessory Class 2–3

What are some major factors in helping a business stay in business? Ownership’s commitment to growth and business development, as well as maintaining a strong experienced management team, has been critical to our success. Additional factors include Continuous improvements and staff training to stay on top of and ahead of industry best practices. A reputation of reliability is also a major key. We have a reputation of consistently getting our customers what they need, when they need it, at a competitive price.

What’s the key to 100 years of success? Our key to success is our people and established relationships with our business partners throughout the supply chain. We have strong relationships with the manufacturers we represent as well as the customers we serve. Maintaining and building those strong relationships and partnerships have helped us thrive in good time as well as tough times. While one of our challenges is competing with larger competitors, it also provides some advantages. We are flexible, responsive and adaptable allowing us to custom fit solutions to the needs of

People In Aviation

our customers of all sizes. We do not try and fit a square peg in a round hole. We are very responsive and our strong customer support is second to none.

What’s it like to work for W.S Wilson? While we have moved into the 21st century investing in a state of the art ERP system of a much larger organization, working at W.S. Wilson is still a family atmosphere. Many employees have worked here for many years and we have 2nd generation workers as well. Mixed in with newer experienced employees with knowledge and experience from other organizations, we have created a multi versed corporate culture that has helped us build upon our successes.

Does W.S Wilson have any fun company traditions? The founder of WSW Hugh Hirshon started a tradition many years ago to place a single red rose on every female employees desk on Valentine’s Day as a thank you for their service and to acknowledge their contributions. This tradition has continued over the years and now includes chocolate treats for the male employees. There is an annual BBQ in June and a Holiday Luncheon in December for all the employees, shareholders, and Board of Director members.

What’s the company like today? The company is currently run by the 3rd generation of its founder Hugh Hirshon. The past several years we have worked diligently to better manage our processes, update our warehousing, and implement a new ERP system. We are committed to quality and have stayed on top of ever changing regulatory and industry requirements. The investment in our infrastructure and our commitment to quality has set us up to compete competitively in today’s marketplace. 22

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One Stop Shop for Component Repair Solutions Limited Repair Ratings: Airframe, Accessories, Powerplant, Radio, Instrument, and Emergency Equipment Specialization in Repairs: Nacelles, Wire Harnesses, Galley Equipment, Windows, Engine Mounts, Lavatory, Flight Controls, and Radomes (including in-house Radome Test Facility) Service Guarantee: • 24/7 AOG support • Customized logistics programs, pricing & warranty solutions • Exchange/Loan/Lease programs • On-Wing Nacelle Inspection and Repair • Maintenance Repair Programs • Specialized Customer Care • Guaranteed turn-around-time (TAT) and preferential customer pricing • Repair of components on commercial, regional & non-commercial aircraft

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Name that Airport Which airport: • Was England’s primary airport up until 1959. • Was the first airport to use air traffic controllers. • Was closed to civil aviation during World War II. • Hosted such dignitaries as Charles Lindbergh, Amy Johnson, and Winston Churchill. Answer: Croydon Airport


ituated in South London, Corydon Airport began life as two aerodromes designed to protect London from zeppelin attacks. Following the conclusion of the First World War, the two aerodromes were combined into Croydon Aerodrome. The presence of Croydon allowed for an increase in civilian travel, along with mail deliveries between London and Paris. Between the First and Second World Wars, Croydon played an important role in travel between England and the rest of Europe. Numerous celebrities and dignitaries flew into Croydon Airport for goodwill and ambassadorial visits. Unfortunately, Croydon was attacked on August 15, 1940 as part of the first major air raid of London, but recovered and served as a RAF base during the war. After the war it became obvious that airliners and cargo aircraft would be larger and air traffic would increase. The urban spread of London had closed-in the airport, leaving it no room for expansion. On September 30, 1959, Croydon was closed for good, giving way to larger airports like Heathrow. A museum has since been built on the site to remind people of the golden days of yesteryear.


145 Magazine

Write for us! Did you know that most of our articles at 145 Magazine are written by readers like you? For two years now, 145 Magazine has been a lifestyle magazine ded-icated to the people in the aviation industry. We’ve featured some crazy experiences from summiting the world’s tallest mountains to moonlighting as a pro wrestling referee, all from people within our industry. Are you one of those people that has a lot of contacts in the industry? Maybe you know people in aviation that have unique hobbies, or have had life changing experiences. Maybe you’re aware of folks that have overcome incredible obstacles to success or have knowledge of things that can benefit others in our industry. Or maybe you have personal experiences you’d like to share. Either way, you don’t have to be a professional writer to contribute.

Here are a few examples of content we're interested in publishing: CEO Profiles: Highlight the CEO of your company and let others get to know them a little bit more! T hese are easy, we’ll send over a questionaire and your CEO can fill in his or her answers and send them back to us with a head shot of themselves so we can put a name with a face. Bet you didn’t know: These are articles where people can share experiences, or things that most people don’t know about them. We’ve had a mother share her experience raising ten kids, marathon runners, avid mountain bikers, dog show participants, and a talented painter, etc. Let others read about what you do outside of the workplace. Start up stories: All companies have one, and it’s rare to hear one that isn’t interesting! Whether they've been in business for 20+ years, or they just started a year ago, we love hearing how they got started, the struggles they went through to get to where they are today, and what they have planned for your company’s future. 145 Magazine

Interested parties should contact: Taylor Fox VP Sales and Marketing Tel: +1-888-820-8551 Ext. 709 Email:





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On December 16, 2017 Ethiopian Airlines made aviation history again by operating the first ever domestic flight with an all women flight crew. Two y ears e arlier t he a irline o perated an international flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Bangkok, Thailand with an all women flight c rew a nd g round c rew – i ncluding ramp agents and on-ground flight dispatchers. An Ethiopian Airlines spokesperson stated: “This is an ample opportunity to inspire young African female students to believe in their dreams and embark to fill the skill gap for aviation professionals. Women are the continent’s greatest untapped resources, and hereby fully dedicated to ensuring the increased number of women in decision-making positions on top of key operational areas by consistently grooming and mentoring successor female employees for top managerial, technical and operational positions.” About one-third of the employees at Ethiopian Airlines are women, but they tend to be found as gate agents or flight attendants. As is typical within the male-dominated aviation industry, mostly men fill the positions of pilots and technicians – a trend Ethiopian Airlines hopes to change. Flight 901 was the first domestic fl ight wi thin Africa to be operated entirely by women and marked the second event meant to inspire more African women into pursuing careers in aviation. A few other airlines have also sent a similar call to action with their own all-female crews. Recently, Southwest Airlines flew a Boeing 737 MAX 8 from Missouri to California, operated entirely by women as well as Malawi Air who flew its first ever all-women crew from Mawali to Tanzania back in March of last year. We hope to see this trend of “unmanned” flights continue on a more regular basis. Stay tuned for more news surrounding women in aviation.

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145 Vol. 5 Issue 1, January Issue  

145 is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to people in the aviation industry.

145 Vol. 5 Issue 1, January Issue  

145 is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to people in the aviation industry.