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Hi 145 readers! It’s summer! Which means BBQ’s, swimming, sunshine and w-a-t-e-r-m-el-o-n! I’ve always loved summer, especially as a kid. Funny story, the other day I was at a friends house and her little boy comes walking into the kitchen saying “Mom, I’m SO bored.” He’s not in school everyday, so he has “nothing to do”. I just laughed and tried to think of the last time I said “I’m SO bored.” Man, the life of a 3rd grader is tough right?! Unfortunatley summer doesn’t mean hanging out with friends all day, everyday, anymore, but it does mean vacations, weekends spent camping and a lot more sunlight after work to swim in the pool, go on an afternoon hike, or eat dinner out on the porch and watch the sunset. It’s a happy time of year, and I’m glad it’s finally here! If you’re looking for a good summer read, look no further than this month’s issue of 145 Magazine. We’ve dedicated this issue to the 2016 Top Shop Award Winners, and let me tell you, if you want to win an award next year you’re going to have to be at least as good as these guys. Several of this year’s Top Shops shared some of the unique things they are doing to put them on top, so take note. We also have some “Bet you didn’t know” stories that will touch your heart and one that will make you want to race. So kick back and enjoy this months special edition. Editor-in-chief

Ashley Fox


June Volume 3 Issue 8


7 Aviation Trivia 9

Qantas vs Tesla

MRO Americas 13 OneAero moving to

14 Top Shop Winners 50 Dallas Dogs

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Bringing Value Back to Aviation.

We are an FAA/EASA Repair Station that specializes in Airframe and Accessory Components. Our capabilities span from commercial to military aircraft and include: Composites, Doors/Ramps/Stairs, Ducts, Fixed Wing Structures, Flight Controls, Leading Edges, Nacelle (Cowls), Panels/Tips/Wedges, Sheet Metal Components, Tail Pipes/Exhaust Nozzles, Thrust Reversers, as well as, Accumulators, Actuators, CDUs, Cylinders, HMUs, Pumps, ReseNoirs, SeNos, Valves, and much more! At Airway, we are not just eager to obtain your business, we are determined to keep it. Please visit us at our Booth during the upcoming 2016 ACPC !"­ Email: Website:


Aviation Trivia

A. B. C. D.

Lawrence Sperry came from a family of inventors, but is famous for what aviation innovation? Airplane Autopilot Enclosed Monoplane Cabin First Solar Powered Aircraft Helicopter Answer: A

Lawrence Sperry was born in Chicago in 1892, the son of Elmer Ambrose Sperry who co-invented the gyrocompass. Back in the early days of flight, the operation of an aircraft required continuous attention from the pilot in order to fly safely. As planes flew farther and farther, pilot fatigue became a real problem. The first autopilots created by the Sperry Corporation in 1912 consisted of a gyroscopic heading indicator and altitude indicator connected to hydraulically operated elevators and rudders. This allowed the plane to fly straight and level on a compass course without constant attention from the pilot. Lawrence Sperry demonstrated the autopilot on June 18, 1914 at an aviation safety contest in Paris, France. Sperry showed off the autopilot as he flew the aircraft with his hands away from the controls and visible to all the onlookers in attendance. He and his mechanic, Emil Cachin, delighted the crown on their last pass by exiting the vehicle and standing on opposite wings as the plane flew itself. Sperry, unfortunately, died in 1923 while flying over the English Channel, but his family continued to improve upon the autopilot design. By 1930, the autopilot could keep a pilot on a true heading and altitude for three hours. Modern autopilots are computer controlled and far more complex than the ones originally introduced by the Sperry Corporation over 100 years ago, but the same basic principles hold true even today. Men like Lawrence Sperry have helped make airplanes in the modern marvels they are today.

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Global Quality Component Repair Services We serve the aviation industry worldwide by supporting component repairs for commercial, regional, helicopter and military aircraft systems. Our repair services cover the following component systems: instrumentation, autopilot computers, air data computers, gyroscopic units, lighting, electrical actuators and power monitoring and control devices.

+1 707 863 4970 FAA No. UYVR051J Cage Code 1UXW1


Qantas and Tesla A Partnership of the Future


n one track you have a tried and true standard of engineering brilliance - a Boeing 737800, which can produce over 50,000 pounds of thrust and cruise at close to 530 MPH. On the other track, you have a newcomer to the field of automotive innovation – a Tesla Model S P90D electric car, which can go from 0-60 MPH in just over 3 seconds. Both vehicles are pitted in a head-to-head race to the death at Avalon Airport – southwest of Melbourne, Australia. The question is: Which marvel of innovation will come out on top?

The answer surprisingly is both. Qantas, out of Australia, and Tesla, out of California, are collaborating to help drive innovation in the transportation industry. During the next few months Qantas and Tesla will introduce the following services and benefits for customers: - Exclusive events for Qantas frequent flyers, enabling them to experience new Tesla vehicles and technology - Qantas Club membership for Tesla Model S owners - Tesla High Power Wall Connectors at Qantas Valet facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. This allows Tesla owners to charge their cars while they travel. - Additionally Qantas will become Tesla’s airline of choice in Australia and offset all the car maker’s domestic corporate travel emissions as part of Qantas’ Future Planet Program.

The sky is the limit for these two dynamos. The partnership combines Tesla’s drive for innovation and alternative energy sources with Qantas’s research into biofuels and other energy options. Additionally, Qantas recently has decided to try their hand at health insurance by rewarding good lifestyle choices with frequent flyer miles. Qantas health insurance has its own app that connects with wearable tech to use data such as steps taken during the day to allow customers to earn Qantas points. The innovation behind Qantas and Tesla’s partnership seems to be a blueprint for future business models, combining travel with healthy and environmentally friendly options and rewards. The sky really is the limit for these two dynamos.

145 Magazine


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www. s al aer os pac e. c om

( 305)7910593

s al es @s al aer os pac e. c om


OneAero MRO Americas moving to


ometime in June, all users that log into OneAero MRO and click on the Repair, Audit, Calibration or Top Shop tabs will be redirected to However, all users that need access to the Tracking, MyAeroNet, AeroMarket and Inventory tabs will continue to go through the OneAero MRO website.

You may be wondering: Why the change? We asked Justin Spaulding, President and CEO of OneAero MRO Americas, to explain what’s happening: “The answer is quite simple”, says Mr. Spaulding, “we have different opinions concerning the direction of the company, than our partners in Germany”. OneAero MRO Americas – is the owner of the Repair, Audit, Calibration and Top Shop products and while GmbH owns and operates the MRO-Tracker, PRO-Tracker and Inventory products. Mr. Spaulding continues: “For many years both companies were on the same page, we both wanted to be the best MRO focused database in the aviation industry. So we partnered with one another to form OneAero MRO. But as things evolved over time, our German partners felt the future of OneAero MRO was more in integrating ALL products under the ONE MRO-Network, where ALL products could be accessible. At the end of the day, we just didn’t share the same vision. So we’ve decided to leave OneAero MRO and move to The”

The new site will support the Repair, Audit, Calibration and Top Shop products that are currently hosted on OneAero MRO, as well as the 145 Magazine publication. The affected links from OneAero MRO to The website will remain active until a time the amount of traffic from OneAero MRO has dwindled to a trickle. Mr. Spaulding finishes by saying: “We’re actually really excited to make the change. It’s going to be a lot of work getting everything dialed-in, but in the end I’m confident we’ll emerge with a bigger and better system than we have today.”

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Top Shop

Award Winners


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motivated by passion. driven to achieve. Four companies. One aim — To go above and beyond for you. We are highly skilled and professional teams working to keep you flying. We are experts in component repair and overhaul, DER repair solutions and precision manufacturing of critical components. We are specialists committed to fast turn times, exceptional customer service and proven reliability. And with more than 100 years of providing superior aircraft parts and services, we are as passionate today about aviation as we were then.


Atlas Aerospace | ACP | EulessAero


veryday thousands of repair centers around the world are responsible for keeping the world’s fleet of aircraft off the ground and in the air. Maintenance mechanics and technicians are really the unsung heroes of the aviation industry. Without them, can you image how much airline tickets would cost? They’d be astronomical! Essentially every time a part would fail on the aircraft someone would have to swap it out with a factory new part. Good for the OEM, but not good for the consumer. In 2009 OneAero MRO was trying to think of a way to bring recognition to these unsung heroes. The people that work behind the scenes repairing aviation components every day so that we can all travel safely to our various destinations. After several brainstorming sessions, the idea for the Top Shop Awards was born. We wanted the awards to reflect companies that provided: · Superior Customer Support · Quick Turn-Around-Times · Competitive Pricing · Innovative Repair Solutions The first year we sent out a mass email to nearly 20,000 people, asking them to vote for their favorite repair centers, based on repair category. We then selected the winners by the number of votes tallied for each repair category. This seemed like a good idea, but we quickly found a flaw in this process because repair centers could easily tip the scales in their favor by asking as many contacts as possible to vote for them. So the following year we tabulated all the votes that came in from suppliers, airlines and repair centers in order to create a “short list” of finalists. Once the finalists were determined we sent out the “short list” to 20 airlines and suppliers who were ultimately responsible for selecting the winners. This system worked much better, and is the same system we use today to select Top Shop award winners. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about these great companies, and what they’re doing that sets them apart as a Top Shop.


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Lofty ambitions

Comprehensive service and support We provide customers with unparalleled service and support. Our global network of world-class service centers provide turnaround times that ensure their fleet operates at peak performance.

2016 Winners

Best Hydraulics Repair

An Ancient Solution to a Modern Day Problem Many experts agree that one of the critical issues facing the global MRO industry is a worldwide shortage of trained technicians. According to Boeings forecast, “Over 600,000 new aircraft technicians will have to be trained over the next 20 years to meet rising demands.� The bright side is that millennials entering the aviation industry can find lucrative professions in aerospace relatively quickly post-graduation

Bridging The Gap Between Classroom Knowledge and Practical, Hand-On Skills Silver Wings tackled the problem with a simple and ancient solution: Apprenticing. This practice, commonly known as mentoring, has had an unbelievable, transformative effect on our company. We paired experienced mechanics with students for 9-18 months of hands on training. The predictable results came with some very positive, unintended consequences. It’s no surprise when a detail oriented, eager student with a strong work ethic is mentored by a master mechanic; the result is a great technician at the end of the process. The pleasant surprise we found was the effect this practice had on the master mechanic. In the past, bench technicians who spent years doing repetitive work would experience some degree of burnout during their career. Today under our apprentice program, that same technician is now revitalized in his mentoring role and his entire demeanor has changed. It turns out, that the great majority of people love to teach, and in fact are natural teachers. A renewed enthusiasm for their craft springs forward and is contagious. The approach to problem solving becomes more creative because the teacher is challenging the student and vice versa.


Overall our workforce is happier, more passionate, demonstrates better communication skills and are more intensely engaged than before the mentoring program. We forecast by the end of 2017, 35% of our employees will have graduated from the program and our company will have made a significant contribution to solving a future crisis.

Grooming The Next Generation The great majority of our graduates stay and grow with the company, because there is continued opportunity for growth. In a highly competitive environment, the values of a company, the opportunities for advancement and the mutual earned respect between employee and employer can be the difference between having an exceptional mechanic on your team or not. Silver Wings supports and believes in our talented team. Silver Wings Aerospace is an FAA/ EASA certified Repair Station and Surplus Supplier located in Princeton FL. We have niche repair capabilities in Power Generation, Hydraulics and Accessories and carry a broad range of Airbus and Boeing inventory. We are a 2016 TOP SHOP and have recently expanded our facility to a five acre 40, 000 sq ft aviation campus.

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For more information about our company, please contact us at 305-258-5950 or visit our website at www.silverwingsaerospace.

2016 Winners

Best Galley Product Repair

The Resounding Difference How could a shop located in the historic town of Snohomish, Washington ever be considered an award winning MRO Top Shop? "We strive to do the best we can for our customers and employees and it shows,” says the previous owner of the original 145 repair station who still leads Soundair's quality department today. When you roam the halls of the 23,000 square foot facility, everyone is greeted by smiling faces that take pride in their work. Bi-annual fishing derby pictures and certificates of achievement hang from the Wall of Fame and the MRO shop area is located behind glass windows that sparkle. One is even likely to meet Soundair's first licensed A&P Mechanic, who is the current President of Soundair Aviation Services along with two other Wencor MRO facilities in Spokane, WA and Temecula, CA. So how does this translate into industry recognition as being a Top Shop? Soundair's secret sauce is reflected in its’ unique mix of extensive product and repair capabilities, close customer relationships and a company culture that remains consistent while still able to quickly adapt to change. Soundair Aviation Services was acquired by Wencor Group in 2012 and remains committed to maintaining an entrepreneurial environment dedicated to providing innovative repair solutions to the aerospace industry. Currently Soundair has access to more than 5,000 PMA parts and a large distribution network that reaches and helps more customers.

to customers. Whether it is adding a new capability or developing a new repair, creatively drafting a new contract or handling any other customer request, Soundair chooses to boldly explore new territory to meet the needs of their customers. “Our successful track record stems from having a team that has grit and a growth mindset. We hire the right people,” says Debra Collado, Controller of 25 years. In essence, the people make Soundair different and standout as an industry leader are people with the right attitude. Everyone is treated with respect, the focus is on doing what is right, encouraging creativity, demanding quality, expecting nothing less than excellence and on having a great deal of fun celebrating together. Culture is the unique ingredient of the secret sauce indescribable in a book or ten-step process. The company culture at Soundair was built with a vision, is embraced by every member of the team and lived every single moment of every day. The Wencor MRO Division is comprised of three segments: Interiors, Airframe & Engine, and Repair Technologies. Soundair is structured under the "Interiors" segment of Wencor's MRO business and will continue to evolve with the needs of the industry. The company is committed to adding relevant capabilities, developing innovative solutions, and remaining responsive to current and future customer needs. For more information, please visit

The FAA certified repair station has been extremely successful leveraging resources while collaborating with airline partners to develop and deliver increasingly more reliable, higher quality products while reducing turn-time. The team focus is on listening

145 Magazine


2016 Winners

Best Engine Accessories Repair

Cost Reduction Through Technical Innovation Harter Aerospace specializes in the repair and overhaul of commercial airline Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electro-Mechanical aircraft accessories. State of the art equipment, automated test facilities and dedicated processing areas has allowed Harter to generate over $28 Million in savings for their customers while building a strong reputation in innovative engineered repair development. For over two decades, Harter Aerospace has serviced thousands of components worldwide and has earned a reputation for exceptional Turn-around Time, Quality, Customer Support, and no-nonsense extended Warranties. As a result, Harter continues to be the supplier of choice for the industry’s most demanding operators. Harter drives new programs targeted at providing operators with the most attractive service solutions and continues to establish industry benchmarks for overall value and innovation.

Located in Tempe, Arizona, Harter Aerospace is located approximately 20 minutes southeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The focus is always on fulfilling customer requirements with exceptional component repair and overhaul services. The Engineering team’s strong technical core and commercial aviation lineage spans over 40 years. Harter’s expertise in offering innovative and highly effective technical solutions is vitally important in today’s cost conscious environment.


145 Magazine

Call 480-345-9595, visit or email for more information.

2016 Winners

Best Lavatory / Sanitation Components

ILIFF Commercial Aircraft Lavatory Waste Systems Repair ILIFF Aircraft Repair and Service, the leading authority on ATA chapter 38 repairs and overhauls for waste and water components.

ILIFF is committed to providing the best service at a competitive price with fast turnarounds. The aircraft waste and water components specialists are continually expanding their aviation check and repair capabilities and welcome any new areas to quote.

For over 50 years, the EASA (145.5656) certified and FAA 145 repair station (DE2R765K) have been providing aircraft waste and water maintenance solutions including the repair, replacement and assembly of onboard water and waste systems and equipment including vacuum flush toilets, chemical (Blue Water) re-circulation toilets, water/fill valves, faucets, all faucet subcomponents, potable water tanks, all potable water tank subcomponents, waste tanks, waste ball valves, waste dump valves, actuators, level sensors, timers, SELL galley tables, and systems, cocktail trays, in-seat folding trays, etc.

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2016 Winners

Best Pneumatics Repair

Our People/The Voice of GMA Having the opportunity to write an article about General MRO Aerospace for the top shop edition left us thinking do we write about ownership and our background? Do we give the individuals that truly have allowed GMA’s growth an opportunity to tell their stories, triumphs, and reasons they are a part of the GMA family? After much thought we decided to allow our people that have made us what we are today, who are the reason we have gained the top shop award, offer their perspective of the journey and share the reasons they are the most important entity of our organization. Here are some of the stories from inside the GMA family.

Ernesto B., Electrical Mechanical Technician/Team After 2 years of studies at the University of Havana, I wanted something more specialized so I moved to a college that specialized in mechanical engineering. Soon after my father gave me the opportunity to come to the USA something that I could not pass up. What I admire most about working at GMA is the amazing working environment. If you have a problem, you know that you have the help and support that you need as a valued employee. At GMA I always find myself challenged as the engineering team is very strong and demanding, we have introduced many new capabilities since I started my career here 4 years ago. Today I am very thankful and humbled for the opportunity, training, and valuable relationships with my team. I am fortunate to have been a part of a growing business and can say I have been part of building something special.

Aline B., Purchasing/Quoting Team I joined the GMA team at the beginning of 2016. 20 plus years in customer service and purchasing has taught me that finding out customer’s needs


and the solutions to those needs are paramount to a successful company. I feel right at home at GMA as their back bone is based on earning the customers’ trust through honesty, transparency and delivering on what they promise. I was intrigued by the family atmosphere and no one individual being bigger than the goal or vision of company growth and 1st class customer service. It is a joy for me to show up daily at GMA, they truly believe and stand by their team. The company brought me in as an employee and today I feel like I have an extended family. I am excited about what the future holds as I keep climbing to new heights and hope to be part of the GMA family for many years to come.

Leadership As for the leadership, we feel inclined to show why our success has come and its one simple word our fmaily. We have been inspired by our people and have also been encouraged with the responsibility to continue to build new customer relationships, capabilities, tooling, and test equipment as it allows our people to continue to be gainfully successful and have them in upward positions of growth. Our organization was started from a dream and a vision of a few and the success is truly humbling. GMA for the future will continue to have strong leadership but will have the people which are the true workforce as the voice of GMA. With this we as leadership feel the sky and the future is limitless for the General MRO Aerospace, Inc. Team.

145 Magazine


Specialist INTELLIGENT QUOTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS As a leading independent global provider of component repair management support services and systems, Airinmar is able to enhance and optimize the customer’s existing repair management operations through a range of flexible support services and tailor made online systems. Over 30 years, Airinmar have developed innovative systems that specialize in quotation & supplier turnaround time management, repair status visibility and performance metrics reporting. To contact us for more information please visit our website. Registered office: 1 Ivanhoe Road, Hogwood Industrial Estate Finchampstead, Berkshire RG40 4QQ. Registered in London No. 3125944. ISO 9002 Approved.

2016 Winners

Best Interiors Repair StandardAero’s Cincinnati facility has committed to multi-­million dollar investments in cold spray, robotic shot/ lance peening, a 120” VTL, and additional composites capabilities.

StandardAero Component Services Further Expands/Invests in Component Repair Capabilities at Facilities in U.S. and Canada. StandardAero Component Services is an OEM aligned component repair provider for aerospace and industrial gas turbine engine manufacturers, overhaul providers, and operators around the globe. The company repairs components from more than 35 different engine platforms, including all models of CFM56, V2500, CF6, GE90, CF34, M250, T56, 501D as well as aeroderivative engines such as 501K, LM1600, LM2500 and LM6000. StandardAero has completed a major wave of investment and expansion in its aerospace component repair capabilities at the company’s facilities located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Winnipeg, Canada. The company’s Winnipeg facility has opened a state-­ ‐of-­ ‐the-­ ‐art plating facility with chrome, nickel, cadmium, silver, tin and copper capabilities. This expands on other extensive component repair capabilities including platinum aluminide coatings, fluoride ion cleaning, cold metal transfer and laser welding, cladding and drilling. The facility is also actively industrializing time sensitive book repairs as well as co-­‐developing new OEM approved repairs to lower operators’ maintenance costs.

StandardAero Component Services plating facility has been upgraded in 2016 with the following in mind:

1) Increased tank capacities to accommodate bigger and/or more complex part geometries 2) A state-­of-­the-­art sensor suite and employee interface to upgrade performance and gives ‘at-­a-­glance’ read-­ outs on how each individual solution/component is per forming. This enables: i) Improved process flow, quality and TAT ii) Shorter downtimes iii) Reduced environmental impact iv) Compliance to both industry standard and OEM specif ic specifications 3) Improved ergonomics and employee comfort that result in higher quality repairs with lower rework & TAT delays 4) Highly trained and skilled technicians working collabo ratively with dedicated process and production engineer ing teams, as well as the available in-­house chemical and metallurgical lab

“We work hard every day, on every order, to earn our customers’ business. It was an honor to win the Top Shop award two years in a row, but it would not have been possible without our customers’ support. In addition, we are investing further to improve our turn time and lower our customers’ repair costs,” said Rick Stine, President of StandardAero Components, Helicopters & Accessories.

145 Magazine


2016 Winners

Best Accessories Class I, II and III

Elite Aerospace

Performance, Reliability, Safety. An aviation industry leader in the test, repair, and overhaul of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Heat Transfer (Engine & Environmental Control Systems), Electro-­‐Mechanical, and Avionics components and accessories. Elite Aerospace specializes in the repair and overhaul of aircraft components. The MRO solutions provider’s state of the art 35,000 square foot facility located in Miramar, FL possesses an Air Lab with an emphasis within DER R&D and new core repairs. Additional business offerings within operations include NDT, Cleaning Room, Paint Room, Welding Shop & Machine Shop. Incorporating United Technologies’ “ACE” (Achieving Competitive Excellence) Lean operating processes as well as our distinct and proprietary Lean tools; EFLO (Enhancing Flow & Lean Operations).


An efficient and streamlined approach to daily operations allows Elite Aerospace to compete and excel within a global market while solidifying relationships with the world’s largest airlines, engine centers, OEM’s and brokers.

Visit, call (954) 430-­3005 or email with any questions you may have.

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2016 Winners

Best Total Solutions Provider

Delta TechOps - Garners 100% of Votes Delta TechOps, the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) business of Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), for the consecutive year has won the Top Shop Award for Best Total Solutions Provider by OneAero MRO. Delta TechOps was a repeat winner in the “Best Total Solutions Provider” category, with 100% of all votes.” The award was announced at the MRO conference held in Dallas, Texas. The award honors Delta TechOps “for providing world-class service, customer support, expertise and competitive pricing”, says Justin Spaulding, president of OneAero MRO. Spaulding continues “TechOps is a leader in aircraft maintenance and in delivering ever greater efficiencies for its customers, so it’s an honor to recognize them for that achievement.” “Delta TechOps is proud to be recognized by airlines and our maintenance, repair, and overhaul peers for our commitment to what we do,” said Don Mitacek, Delta Air Line’s Senior Vice President of Technical Operations. “From safety to service, we work hard to deliver unparalleled value to our customers, and we’re thrilled to once again receive this award that exemplifies that commitment.” Delta TechOps is the largest airline maintenance, repair and overhaul provider in North America. Its customers laud its reputation for high-quality service and cost management. In addition to supplying maintenance and engineering support for Delta’s fleet of more than 800 aircraft, Delta TechOps serves more than 150 other aviation and airline customers around the world. The organization specializes in high-skill work such as engines, components, hangar and line maintenance. Delta TechOps employs more than 9,600 maintenance professionals and is one of the world’s most experienced providers with more than 70 years of aviation experience.


LEAN and Six Sigma processes are employed at aircraft line maintenance stations around the world for maximum efficiency and attention to detail. From engine overhaul to winglet mods and component exchanges, Delta TechOps has the industry-leading capabilities and experience to provide customized solutions that keep your fleet in the air.


• 650+ Aircraft Engine Overhaul Events per year (300+ MRO Customer Engines) • 12 Engine Types, 4 OEMs • 8,000+ different Aircraft Component and Engine Component Part Numbers served per year • 200,000+ Aircraft Component Repairs per year


• 51 aircraft maintenance stations -29 USA, all EASA Capable -22 International, 11 EASA Capable • Over 200,000+ Overnight Checks per year • 24/7/365 aintenance Control Center


• 200+ Major Visits (PSV) per Year • 260+ Hangar Overnight Visits & Letter Checks per year • 200+ Modification & Paint Visits per year

Related Aircraft and Airline Capabilities

In addition to the major Overhaul, Repair, Inspection and Test Capabilities, Delta TechOps offers various related aircraft and airline services on an individualized basis to best meet your specific needs: • Cleaning • Plasma Spra • FPI/MPI – State-of-the-Art • Plating/Machining • HVOF

• Immersion Ultra-Sonic NDT • Heat Treat • DanoBat Hi Speed Grinding • RF & Eddy Current NDT

More about Delta TechOps is available at

145 Magazine

2016 Winners

Best Avionics and Instruments Repair

The Road to Top Shop Coincidence?

Was it just coincidence that the first year CrossCheck won a Top Shop award was also our first year as an AS9110 certified repair station? Doubtful. Since adopting the new quality system, which includes tracking and setting goals for Quality, TAT, and Customer Satisfaction, we’ve witnessed steady improvement on all fronts. Warranties dropped from 1.20% of invoices to .48%, and negative customer feedback dropped substantially as well. These changes haven’t come easy. The time, cost, and commitment are substantial - and ongoing.

ways done business. Everyone’s familiar with the comparison of turning a super tanker around. Obtaining AS9110 certification is a long, slow process that takes a great deal of persistence. In the beginning, our small successes had to be presented and heralded as proof the system worked. However, as evidence mounted, the sell got easier. After two years and two Top Shop awards the system still isn’t self-sustaining. Despite the obvious rewards, great effort goes into keeping everyone actively involved.

The Cost

Besides keeping our current customers happy, we want to increase the acquisition of new contracts. Although we landed Lufthansa and UPS prior to certification, there are many major players such as Honeywell, GE, Rockwell Collins, and most major airlines that require AS certification to be considered as a supplier.

Going for AS9110 certification wasn’t an easy decision. Besides the considerable expense of engaging an AS9110 auditing firm it meant hiring a new employee dedicated to bringing the shop into compliance, it also took time. Detailed procedures had to be written showing how Cross-Check abides by AS9110 standards, software programs developed to measure and track progress, and employees were trained.


At the heart of AS9110 and consistent high-quality product and service, is ensuring that actual shop practice follows documented procedure. This is accomplished through employee participation and extensive ongoing process audits. Gone are the days of individuals or department heads simply changing procedures as they see fit. Employees must submit Nonconformance reports for quality issues, Request for Change reports for non-quality issues, and Unsafe Condition reports whenever a hazard is perceived. All changes must be approved and incorporated, and all affected personnel informed and trained.

What’s at Stake

The Payoff This article is somewhat premature for us to declare victory. We’ve been invited into Boeing’s procurement system and are awaiting an audit. We are also in talks with Thales to handle overflow work and Southwest Airlines requested a submission of capabilities. As anyone who has worked with a large corporation knows: patience, patience, patience.

“But We’ve Always Done It This Way” Most businesses can commiserate with the hurdles faced in trying to change the way it’s al-


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2016 Winners

Best APU Overhaul and Repair

APU - It’s what they do Triumph Group serves a broad, worldwide spectrum of the aviation industry, including commercial and regional airlines, air cargo carriers, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of commercial, regional, business, and military aircraft components. Headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, is a global leader in manufacturing and overhauling aerospace structures, systems and components.

As an Authorized Honeywell Service Center, Triumph Air Repair became the Exclusive Factory Service Center for the GTCP 660 product line in October of 2000 and the TSCP700 in October of 2001.

For additional information please visit

Operating in 70 locations worldwide, Triumph designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs and overhauls a broad portfolio of aero structures, aircraft components, accessories, subassemblies and systems.

Triumph Air Repair History Triumph Air Repair was originally founded in 1977 then known as Tiernay Manufacturing. Tiernay added repair and overhaul capabilities in 1978, which began the R&O service life of today’s organization. The first service work came from overhauling environmental control units for Cobra Helicopters for the US Army. The fi rst APU was a So lar Ti tian Model T62-T39. Subsequently, the GTCP85 model as added which propelled the Company’s growth in both the commercial and military market segments. With more than thirty-five (35) years in the aviation maintenance repair and overhaul business, Triumph Air Repair has serviced over 8,000 APU’s and 200,000 accessories. Triumph’s facility has production space in excess of 85,000 square feet and continues to add new APU product lines and services to support both its commercial and military customers.


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2016 Winners

Best OEM Repair

BAE Systems’ Aftermarket Services Move the World Because the maintenance of commercial aircraft is vital to air worthiness, the MRO market -- maintenance, repair, and overhaul -- is a huge part of the aviation industry. BAE Systems provides MRO solutions via a worldwide network of service centers. The company helps airlines improve operational safety and performance for their fleets with service and support that has been recognized by industry leaders like OneAero MRO for commercial, regional, and business aircraft. In fact, BAE Systems was the recipient of OneAero MRO’s Top Shop Award this year for Best OEM repair. “All of our services are aimed at providing improved operational safety and performance,” said Jeff Bartlett, director of airlines for BAE Systems’ Controls and Avionics Solutions. “Our ability to keep our customers’ fleets flying is the single most important goal of our business.” To do this, BAE Systems delivers on guaranteed turnaround times, positions products in regions to make them more readily available for customers, and provides benchmark technical support. The company’s service centers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore have all received Boeing Gold Performance Excellence Awards for their tremendous focus on customer service and continuous improvement processes. BAE Systems also performs comprehensive overhaul processes for Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADEC) to prolong the life of this vital engine component. FADEC overhauls reduce maintenance costs and minimize fleet disruptions by fitting into scheduled maintenance windows.

A redundant computer system that manages all aspect of engine performance, FADEC systems electronically monitor and adjust aircraft engine parameters to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Specifically, the FADEC controls fuel flow, variable engine geometries, and overspeed protection, and it interfaces with the engine thrust reverser. BAE Systems’ aftermarket services maximize commonality, availability, and affordability throughout the program life cycle. Commercial aircraft flying with BAE Systems aircraft electronics on board include Boeing and Airbus airliners, Bombardier and Embraer regional and business aircraft, and a variety of helicopters. The company is dedicated to in-service support of its more than 300 airline customers worldwide. BAE Systems provides spares and asset management as well as maintenance, repair, and overhaul for a wide variety of aircraft electronics, including engine controls, flight controls, electrical distribution systems, flight deck systems, airframe systems and controls and monitoring, cabin systems, detection and alerting systems, data distribution, and test equipment and technical service. The company is a leading provider of flight control, cabin and flight deck, and engine control systems worldwide. Finding new ways to extend the life of aircraft through MRO services and support, such as pooling agreements and exchange programs, is among the top priorities of BAE Systems as it continues to develop stateof-the-art solutions in the aftermarket segment.

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2016 Winners

Best Interiors Repair

1st Choice Aerospace is a FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Station. We are a minority owned small business specialized in pneumatics, crew seats, O2, fuel, cargo, and waste systems for commercial, cargo, & military aircraft. Our facilities feature state of the art technology capable of supporting both new generation & classic aircraft. In addition to traditional T&M MRO services, we offer many different levels of support with programs tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. We carry a large inventory of rotable components to support our repair operations as well as industry demand. Our team is dedicated to our mission, providing every customer “Responsive Reliable Service.” MIRAMAR, FL – FAA 145 9QAR940B – EASA.145.6610 PNEUMATICS

• •

High Temp & High Flow Valves & Starters

ACCESSORIES • Electronic • Electrical FUEL SYSTEMS • Pumps/Boost Pumps • Fuel Controls/Actuators • Transmitters/Switches For all Repair Inquiries & RFQs: For all Sales/Inventory Inquiries & RFQs:

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2016 Winners

Best Engine Component Repair

The Fan Blade Repair Specialists Although GKN Aerospace offers the largest fan blade repair facility in the world, processing 65,000 fan blades for 280 customers each year, it is only one facet of this growing aerospace business. In fact today, GKN Aerospace is the most comprehensive tier one supplier to the global aerospace industry operating in 62 locations around the world and with sales of £2.5bn, a major original equipment supplier to Airbus and Boeing - and to all the major the prime airframers and aero-engine manufacturers. The company’s fan blade operation draws on the geographical and manufacturing strength of this streamlined, technology-driven business as it extends and evolves the service it offers its customers. One technological example of this strategy can be found in the company’s exploration of additive manufacturing (AM). AM processes will undoubtedly revolutionise manufacturing across aerospace and GKN Aerospace is at the forefront of the drive to industrialise the range of processes encompassed by this term. As part of this initiative, the fan blade repair developmental team is working with the OEM to bring this process to fan blade repairs, offering a faster and less expensive alternate to traditional methods to bring repair techniques using additive processes such as blown powder & laser metal deposition to the market. The company expects these technologies to revolutionise the repair process.

repairs, for the life of the engines, for the entire suite of CF6 engines, which equip thirteen aircraft types including the DC10, the MD11, Boeing 747 and 767 and Airbus A300, A310 and A330 aircraft. Doug Ramey, Director of Sales and Marketing within GKN Aerospace’s engine fan blade repair operation comments: “We deliver a market-leading service with average turn-around times of just 22 days and with a yield rate of 98% using OEMs repairs - but we operate in a highly competitive market and there is no room for complacency. The expertise and experience of the global GKN Aerospace operation provides constant inspiration and direction to the fan blade team as we improve, refine and progress the service we offer.”

Geographically, the company expects more aircraft and engine maintenance activity to move to the Asia region and will be there to support and met the industry needs. One recent business expansion that has already taken place has seen the company establish a new centre of excellence for fan blade repairs for the GE CF6 high-bypass turbofan engine, which is a cornerstone of the wide-body engine aircraft business. The aftermarket and licensing agreements between GE Aviation and GKN Aerospace cover all fan blade


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The "I LOVE AIRPLANE LAVATORIES" Company!! Iliff Aircraft Repair is your single source for waste and water component repair. We have been in business since 1964, FAA/EASA. All we repair and overhaul is Vac toilets, Chem toilets, faucets, waste ball valves,potable water tanks, fill valves, etc.... If it has to do with an aircraft lavatory component, It is Iliff! 918-835-5554. Send us a component to overhaul and we will send you our famous t-shirts, and stress toilets! Check us out at The only company where a crappy attitude is encouraged!


Airplane Lavatories

2016 Winners

Best Gyro Repair

Innovation within a niche market, Drives Inertial Aerospace World class advanced avionics navigation system repair is at the heart of Inertial Aerospace Services offerings and expertise. However, this is not the only thing customers have come to expect from Inertial Aerospace. In addition to the legacy inertial system platform support and the most modern and sophisticated inertial navigation systems, Inertial Aerospace also provides leading edge solutions for complex problems in avionics systems found in today’s commercial and military aircraft fleets. Utilizing an in house engineering team and coupled with the backing of our parent company HEICO Aerospace resources, Inertial Aerospace has provided countless cost reducing repair solutions to the aerospace industry for years.

derstand our customer needs, cost expectations and turn time demands has helped Inertial Aerospace build a very loyal and highly valued customer base. “We are extremely proud of the Inertial team for their hard work, dedication, and attention to detail which undoubtedly resulted in receiving the OneAero-MRO award,” said Nicholas Wright, Inertial Aerospace Services’ VP & GM. “It is a great honor to be recognized by our peers and airlines in the aviation community and we would like to thank those that voted for Inertial.” Based in Highland Heights, Ohio, Inertial Aerospace Services is a world renowned MRO service provider for advanced avionics. Our service, quality and reliability are proven, and we validate our reputation for providing high quality services by offering the best warranty in the industry.

Being part of the HEICO Aerospace group of entrepreneurial small companies, Inertial Aerospace has the advantage of being driven by innovative and niche minded leadership found in many small and successful companies. This powerful combination of keen innovation and the immense resources of today’s leading edge corporations, gives our customers the support, service and satisfaction they consistently receive from Inertial Aerospace. Inertial Aerospace offers a platform of different options for customers to complement a focused offering of FAA approved repair capabilities. Inertial Aerospace also provides FAA approved PMA and DER options when required for expensive, hard to find or obsolete replacement parts or assemblies that are critical to maintaining fleet reliability. Providing these solutions helps Inertial Aerospace customers keep their components ready on-hand instead of at a repair facility waiting on a solution. The ability to un-

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We Did It Again!

Best Avionics and Instrument Repair Once again we’d like to thank OneAero MRO and our loyal customers for making us their Top Shop for the second year in row. We did nothing to solicit this award other than provide the best service possible. While continuing to enjoy our unparalleled service and value added features (see below), our customers can look forward to an even more rewarding experience in the years to come.

Value Added Features     

Free Evaluations No Charge for BER 7 Day Average TAT FAA/EASA Certified Personalized Service

   

AS9110/ISO 9001 6 Month Repair Warranty 12 Month OHC Warranty Airline Approved

2016 Winners


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2016 Winners

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Dallas Centerline Dogs

2016 Top Shop award winner for Best Wheel and Brake Repair!

A Light at the End of the Tunnel for Pit Bulls in Need What started as a home for a single pit bull exploded into a way station for over 100 death row dogs. Karla Kirby of Dallas Centerline opened her home to a single pit bull several years ago and ended up developing a love for what tends to be a misunderstood breed. Through the work of Karla and AWOL Rescue over 100 pit bulls, who were on death row, have found loving homes. In an effort to raise awareness of the rescue and protection of pit bulls we asked the aircraft wheel and brake specialists to share a few rescue stories that have touched her heart along the way. “As a child I would come home with random dogs. My father once asked me ‘What for?’ As sweetly as possible I said, ‘But Dad, he just followed me home!’ My dad sourly muttered under his breath, ‘Yeah, with a rope around his neck!’ Saving dogs has always been a passion of mine.” – AWOL President Karla Kirby The journey for Karla began at an early age, with a pit bull by the name of Ellie. Karla credits Ellie as the posterchild for her pit bull rescue efforts and the reason AWOL Rescue was founded. Another favorite rescue was a dog named Lady. Lady was on set to be euthanized and almost full term with her litter when she was saved by Karla. Karla says of the experience, “We took her in


about a week and a half before she delivered 13 puppies. Three puppies were born dead, but I was able to revive one, so we had a litter of a dozen puppies in the women's restroom. Lady couldn't keep up with feeding all of the puppies, so we supplemented bottles of goat’s milk through the day and Lady fed them at night. We posted for help on a local rescue paper and the goats milk was donated from someone locally to help the pups.” Dallas Centerline continues to be a successful aircraft wheel and brake repair shop and AWOL Rescue continues to find homes for neglected pit bulls. For Karla, this is the best of both worlds. Two entities operating together with people and dogs living side-by-side. AWOL Rescue is a non-profit organization located in the greater Dallas area. Please email for an adoption application or call (214) 755-1662 for more information.

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AAR’s global aviation facilities provide world-class repair and overhaul services for commercial and government customers. We are very proud of our highly trained, certified technicians and mechanics who work diligently on aircraft and components while reducing downtime and maintaining safety. � Our North American component repair shop has received the FAA Diamond Award of Excellence for 10 consecutive years. � 1 out of 3 of our highly skilled technicians hold a A&P license and more than 50% of technicians hold either A&P or a repairman certification. AAR has become the largest, independent provider of value-added aviation services to the commercial and government aftermarket by consistently delivering high-quality total support solutions to our customers.

Dedicated Service Since 1951

Aircraft Component Services

Boeing Performance Awards

747 Zeckendorf Boulevard, Garden City, NY 11530

For additional information contact:

Scott Ingold, Vice President & General Manager Phone: 516-247-4354 Fax: 516-357-2708 e-mail GAC-NY BD and Programs:

145 Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 8, June Issue  

145 is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to people in the aviation industry.

145 Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 8, June Issue  

145 is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to people in the aviation industry.