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Over the last 6 years National Aero Stands has become the leader in providing on-demand rental of aircraft engine transportation stands to the global aviation community, including major leasing companies, airlines, and maintenance organizations. National Aero Stands is involved in all aspects of the engine stand marketplace, from purchasing, leasing, and sales to inventory management and refurbishment services. NAS supports clients worldwide with its growing inventory of 150+ engine transport stands, engine covers and bootstrap kits for most models. Count on NAS for the highest quality equipment delivered where and when you need it, supported by professionals committed to your satisfaction.



Boeing CFM56-3 Airbus CFM56-5 Boeing CFM56-7 Boeing RB211-535 Boeing CF6-80C2


CF6-80C2 RB211-535 V2500 Trent 800 PW4090-112 Additional models will be added


From the Editor Hey 145 Readers! For those of you reading a hard copy of the magazine, I hope you’re enjoying your time as an exhibitor or an attendee of the MRO Americas trade show in Orlando, Florida. I love attending the MRO in the US each year. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, customers and future clients. For those of you that aren’t at the show this year, you still can read our digital version of the magazine via Speaking of the magazine, we’ve got some great content again in this issue. You won’t want to miss the article about someone in our industry that has hiked to some crazy altitudes on six of the world’s seven continents. Find out who, in our “Sky High” article. You’ll also want to read about Heico and how they’ve been in business now for sixty years! And finally, there’s a great story about a guy in our industry that’s basically addicted to running – a lot! For those of you that have been wondering who won the 2017 Top Shop Awards, just keep reading and you’ll see which shops are the cream of the crop. Have a great April and May, and we’ll be seeing you again in our June issue.

Enjoy! Editor-in-Chief

Ashley Fox

145 Magazine


Working with the #1 provider of MRO component services in the Americas has its benefits. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our high quality and reliable repair capabilities for

hydraulics, pneumatics, avionics, as well as emergency equipment. Leverage over 60 years’ experience in aviation, world-class repair capabilities and access to the renown global repair network of the Lufthansa Technik Group and its 30,000 employees.

From single event business and flight hour based contracts to loan/exchange and

access to local material pools, our wide range of MRO services will save you time and money so you can focus on growing your business.

Learn more about our tailored solutions to keep you flying at or call +1 888 454 8676.

April Volume 4 Issue 1


Sky High


Tri, Tri, Again and Again and Again….


2017 Top Shop Awards


Humble Beginnings to a Technology Leader


One Click


Doing the Impossible


Operation Bongo II


World’s Most Remote Airport


Then and Now

High Altitude Climbing with TPS Aerospace’s Jim Wood

Erick Hatch of Seginus Inc. and his Healthy Addiction to Running

The Repair Industry’s Cream of the Crop

HEICO Turns 60 Years Young

A Revolutionary Online Inventory Tool that will change everything

How Sunvair got a Plating Shop Approved in California

Aviation Trivia

Name that Airport

It’s Amazing what can happen in just two short years

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Bet You Didn’t Know

Sky High High Altitude Climbing with TPS Aerospace’s Jim Wood


f you’re a customer of TPS Aerospace you’ve probably had the opportunity, at one time or another, to talk with Jim Wood, one of the company’s sales managers. Like most of us Jim has a professional life and social life, but where he differs is in his passion for high altitude climbing. I’ve been to Everest Base Camp myself, so naturally I was intrigued to learn that Jim has traveled to and attempted to climb the highest mountain on six of the world’s seven continents. The only one he hasn’t attempted to climb has been Mt. Everest, but not for a lack of desire to climb the mountain, more because of the financial barrier and time commitment. The climbing permit alone to climb Everest is $40,000, and on top of that you’ve got the cost of food, gear, guides, Sherpas, travel expenses, etc. When all is said and done you’ll fork out close to $60,000 just to attempt to climb the mountain. And remember, there’s no guarantee you’ll summit! We were so fascinated by Jim’s climbing adventures that we asked if he wouldn’t mind sharing his experiences with 145 Magazine’s readers. He was a reluctant participant at first, but after a little arm twisting and a lot of begging, he finally agreed. Here’s a look at Jim’s climbing career.

Glacier atop summit of Kilimanjaro at sunrise - Tanzania


145 Magazine

By: Justin Spaulding

Bungee jumping in Cairns, Australia

Jim’s feet after failed summit attempt on Denali

Jim and his wife Debbie on Kilimanjaro adventure

How’d you get started in climbing?

When I was a young man I read a book “The 50 Greatest Adventures”, and one of the stories in the book was about climbing Denali; for some reason it always stuck with me. I have always enjoyed travel, hiking, mountain biking, running (marathons in North America, Africa and Antarctica) and just challenging myself physically. Things just worked out in my life that allowed me the time to train and pursue climbing.

145 Magazine


Bet You Didn’t Know Did you receive any formal training? I took some indoor rock climbing courses and participated in a few moderate outdoor rock climbs. As for the formal training I took a trip to Alaska where I joined a group of other climbers to practice glacier travel techniques, fixed line assents, team rope management, how to self-arrest during a fall, what to do in an avalanche and crevasse rescue methods. For the physical preparation I usually spent six to nine months of training specifically for mountain climbing. Training would focus on core, leg strength and cardiovascular exercises. I would also spend extended periods of time wearing a very heavy pack climbing local hills or on a stair climber at the gym. For final preparations I would go to a ski resort and climb up the mountain and take the chair lift back down to the bottom and repeat.

another 50 lbs in a sled up to the next camp where you dig a hole in the snow and bury it. You then hike back down with about 20 lbs of survival gear to base camp and crash for the night. The next day you take your remaining gear up to where your buried gear is located and then build a new camp. The good news is the higher you go the loads get a little lighter, the bad news is the air gets thinner.

Have you ever been in any sketchy situations? I’ve never felt like my life was in imminent danger but there are times when you realize you’re not in total control. While climbing Denali we had a few of our team members punch through into some crevasses but fortunately none of them went further than waist deep. At high camp, 17,200 feet, we were hammered with 60 to 80 MPH winds and drifting snow for over 72 hours straight. Just staying upright while shoveling drifts of snow off our tent was difficult and in those conditions there was no chance we could move up or down the mountain. Summit ridge on Denali does get your full attention, one misstep to the left or right on the summit trail can potentially send you down 9000 feet on one side and 3000 feet on the other. Trail view - Aconcagua, Argentina

Summit attempt Mt. Vinson, Antarctica

What skill sets do you need to climb a mountain like Denali? Denali is not considered a highly technical climb, as there are only two sections which require Jumar accents on fixed lines. It is more a test of one’s physical and mental endurance. Denali is an unassisted climb which means you have to carry everything you need to get from base camp to summit and back. This means you are responsible for carrying your own personal gear of roughly 70 pounds and approximately 100-120 pounds of team gear of food, cookware, fuel and tents. The climbing process is often referred to as a slog and is far from glamorous. It requires you to take about 60 lbs in your backpack and

145 Magazine


Bet You Didn’t Know What’s been your favorite mountain to climb and why?

Do you have any aspirations to climb Everest?

Kilimanjaro has been my most enjoyable climb for sure. Probably because I did this one with my wife and the group we were with was a lot of fun. It’s a very unusual mountain because it has five separate climate zones ranging from desert to glaciers, so your environment is constantly changing. On the plus side it is an assisted climb so you’re only required to carry your daily food and personal weather gear to get from one camp to the next. It is still a high mountain and done in a short five to seven day climb so acclimatization is a little harder on you.

I’ve seriously considered climbing Everest but it is a money and time problem. I’ve never come close to being comfortable with spending $60K for a climb and to add to that I would most likely have to be unemployed since it takes about 6 to 8 weeks, just a bad combination. A close friend of mine Chuck has paid for two Everest expeditions and has never gotten higher than base camp. Once due to a Sherpa strike and then the second time due to a catastrophic avalanche.

What was the toughest mountain you’ve climbed? Denali was the hardest mountain I’ve climbed. Most Denali expeditions take 16 to 18 days, ours took 22 due to the severe weather. The excessive loads, harsh weather conditions along with the five nights we spent at 17,200 just wears you down both physically and mentally.

Buried in snow at 17,200 ft. – Denali, Alaska

Jim’s Climbing History

Summit Ridge – Denali, Alaska

Denali – North America – Summited Kilimanjaro - Africa – Summited Kosciusko – Australia - Summited Aconcaugua – South America - Summit attempt - made it above Independencia Hut (about 21,500 ft.) and had to turn back. Vinson – Antarctica – Summit attempt - I had a cerebral edema from altitude (bleeding in my sinuses) and I was sent down. Our climb was delayed 10+ days and when we finally got on the mountain it became a sprint to try and get up, down and home by Christmas. Made it to high camp above Mt. Shin and was done. Elbrus – Europe – Summit attempt - We had a three-day window to summit and never got far above high camp due to the weather *A lot of my trips didn’t work out but I made it home every time and really enjoyed the challenge and adventure.

145 Magazine


Bet You Didn’t Know

By: Zeke Christensen

Tri, Tri Again and Again and Again……


145 Magazine

Precise On-time Work Exceeding Requirements


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• Best Accessories Class I, II and III Repair • Best Avionics and Instruments Repair

Bet You Didn’t Know


or most people, the thought of running, biking, or swimming any great distance seems like more of a chore, or death wish, than an enjoyable way to spend the weekend. A few of us get the itch to complete in something like a half marathon or a marathon, just so we can say that we did it. But the ultimate in athletic endurance events is the triathlon. There are various distances for triathlons, with the most famous being the Ironman Triathlon, measuring 140.6 miles in length (2.4mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run). In the past year, Erik Hatch (who works at Seginus Inc. in Oswego, IL) has done six different triathlons. Erik’s love of doing triathlons didn’t necessarily begin with running, biking, or swimming. Erik noted, “I saw [a triathlon] on TV and said, ‘I can do that’. I needed something to do after riding Motocross.” So, Erik began training. He employed the assistance of Braveheart Racing Chicago (a company that provides assistance, motivation and training schedules for athletes) to help him train for multiple events. Their coaching techniques focus on science-based training techniques, drills, splits and progress assessments which helped Erik reach his potential to compete in multiple events throughout the year. He participates in regular triathlons, as well as off-road triathlons otherwise known as Xterras. Xterra events involve mountain biking and trail running courses along with open water swims. Triathlons are arguably one of the most exhausting sports on the planet, so what would possess someone to repeat the process multiple times throughout the year? Erik says he continues to compete because, “I get to travel to new places and meet new people, and as a result I have a nice group of friends. This year I will do an event outside the United States by participating in the Wasser World Triathlon in Hamburg, Germany in July.” Not all courses are made the same, says Erik: “My least favorite [course] is Ogden Utah’s, Xterra Pan American Championships, because I’m not used to the altitude [over 6,000 feet (1,828 m)],

but the scenery is beautiful. I like most of the other courses though.” When asked what his favorite part of a triathlon was, Erik says, “I like biking the most, although I’m not a bad swimmer. Running for me, however, is the worst. I really struggle with it.” Erik’s brother, Tom Wieser, who works as the Director of Operations and Quality at Seginus, Inc., said about Erik competing, “I think it’s great. Of course, I support him. He’s setting an example for wellness and encouraging fitness.” While competing in a triathlon isn’t for everybody, Erik Hatch has found a hobby that he enjoys and that keeps him healthy and strong. He has no plans on retiring any time soon.

145 Magazine

Holiday Man Triathlon in Somonauk, IL


motivated by passion. driven to achieve. Four companies. One aim — To go above and beyond for you. We are highly skilled and professional teams working to keep you flying. We are experts in component repair and overhaul, DER repair solutions and precision manufacturing of critical components. We are specialists committed to fast turn times, exceptional customer service and proven reliability. And with more than 100 years of providing superior aircraft parts and services, we are as passionate today about aviation as we were then.


Atlas Aerospace | ACP | EulessAero

Get to know us at MRO Americas Booth 4011 Get to know us at MRO Americas Booth 3007.

Top Shop Awards

2017’s Cream of the Crop 145 Magazine



Top Shop Awards has been hosting the Top Shop Awards for nine years now. Although we went through a name change back in 2016 from OneAero MRO to, the awards selection criteria and process has remained the same. Justin Spaulding, President and CEO of says: “I really look forward to the awards every year. Internally we have a blast tabulating and then calculating all the winning votes for each category. It’s kind of like watching an election as some races are really close, with multiple companies sometimes tied to win the same repair category. We had a few nail biters this year, like the race between Delta TechOps and Lufthansa Technik for the Best Total Solutions Provider category. Both companies were tied neck and neck until the very last vote when Delta TechOps took the lead to win the category. Another one was a landslide victory for HRD Aero Systems for the Safety Equipment Repair category. Every vote that came in was for HRD, so after a while we were rooting for HRD to win every vote, which they did.”

This year’s winners! Best Accessories Class I, II and III Repair Elite Aerospace Best Airframe and Aerostructures Repair Air Transport Components Best APU Repair Triumph Air Repair

Best Avionics and Instruments Repair Aero Instruments and Avionics Some have asked: What’s the purpose of the awards? The short answer is to select the best shop in each reBest Electro-Mechanical Repair pair category, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The PHS/MWA Aviation Services real purpose of the awards is to recognize repair centers that provide superior customer support, excellent Best Engine Accessories Repair turn-around- times, innovative repair processes, and Accel Aviation Accessories competitive repair pricing. 2009 was the first year the awards were introduced and we started with just sevenBest Engine Component Repair teen repair categories. Since then the number of catSummit Aerospace egories has grown to twenty-one with the addition of: Best Engine Overhaul MTU Maintenance • Best Electro-Mechanical Repair • Best Galley Component Repair Best Fuel Systems and Fuel Accessories Repair • Best Heat Transfer Repair Safe Fuel Systems • Best Interiors Repair • Best Lavatory / Sanitation Components Repair Best Galley Components Repair Sounndair All winners of the Top Shop Awards are nominated, and ultimately selected, by their peers in the aviation industry. tabulates all nominations to create a "short list" of finalists. The Finalists list is then distributed to a panel of 40 airlines and suppliers from around the world, that are ultimately responsible for selecting the winners. This year the awards were presented during the MRO Americas trade show in Orlando, Florida..


Best Gyros Repair A.I.R.S. Best Hydraulics Repair HEICO Component Repair Group – Accessories

145 Magazine

Top Shop Awards

Best Heat Transfer Repair American Cooler Service

Best Pnuematics Repair GA Telesis Component Repair

Best Interiors Repair 1st Choice Aerospace – Cincinnati

Best Safety Equipment Repair HRD Aero Systems

Best Landing Gear Repair Air Transport Components (ATC) Best Lavatory / Sanitation Components Repair Illiff Aircraft

Best Total Solutions Provider Delta TechOps Best Wheels and Brakes Repair Dallas Centerline

Best OEM Repair Rockwell Collins

Instead of scrapping faulty or damaged components…

d Approve ing d a by all le uthoaviation a rities

…repair them sustainably and reliably. Advantages for you

· Cost-savings of up to 90% compared to new components · Lufthansa Technik quality (Status: “Excellent Supplier”) · 30 years of experience

· Rapid processing times · Excellent surface qualities · Low coefficient of friction and low wear · Outstanding dry run characteristics and durable corrosion protection

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· Independence from spare parts suppliers and long delivery times · Protecting resources · Can be applied across a broad range of components




“Sixty years and over 60 million parts later, HEICO has risen beyond the limits of Earth, reaching Mars, Comet 67P, and Pluto with critical components operating on NASA’s Curiosity & New Horizons spacecraft and the ESA’s Rosetta program. HEICO is just getting started on their wonderful journey and has an incredible future ahead of them.”

HEICO opened its doors in 1957 as Heinicke Instruments, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of laboratory equipment. By 1960 the company had gone public and had reported $743,000 in annual sales, a significant financial milestone back in those days. The business continued to grow at a modest pace over the next several years, and in 1974 the company merged with Jet Avion. It wasn’t until 1990, when the Mendelson’s joined the company that things really started to take off.

People really know HEICO for some pretty incredible components parts that we make, but the reality is, we are a lot more than that, we are really a service organization. We are about solving our customer’s problems in high reliability, mission critical, and harsh environment situations and generally those are around spacecraft, they are on aircraft, both commercial and defense related, missiles, targeting systems, very unique applications that cannot fail. In short, we make things that make things work.

Victor H. Mendelson President, HEICO Electronic Technologies Group Co-President, HEICO Corporation

145 Magazine

Jet Avion was manufacturing combustion chambers, the only company at the time competing with the OEM, Pratt Whitney. Demand for Jet Avion’s combustion chambers surged following the FAA’s investigation into an air tragedy that occurred on a British Airtours – Boeing 737, which burst into flames on Runway 24 of Manchester International Airport. Following the investigation, the FAA concluded that the cause of the accident was a cracked OEM combustion chamber, which resulted in a requirement from the FAA for more frequent replacement of combustion chambers.


Today HEICO’s products are used by nearly every airline in the world, and by many of the aviation industry’s leading companies. The company operates in two primary groups: • Electronic Technologies Group • Flight Support Group The Electronic Technologies Group specializes in the design and manufacture of mission-critical, high reliability, niche components that are used by a wide range of industries in some of the most demanding applications imaginable. HEICO’s Flight Support Group is focused on the manufacture and supply of high-quality, cost-saving aftermarket parts, as well as state-of-the-art repair solutions. These solutions include new parts design and manufacturing, proprietary DER repairs & overhauls, distribution and specialty product manufacturing.

Today HEICO has well over a billion dollars in sales, and serves this unique opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for additional partners to bring in. Because of our history, I think HEICO has become the acquirer of choice, we understand what it is to be an entrepreneur, to operate a small business. We are not a private equity firm that's looking to sell the company, and we are not a large corporate acquirer that is going to eliminate the essential nature of what made the company successful in the first place. Eric A. Mendelson President, HEICO Flight Support Group Co-President, HEICO Corporation

The company engineers parts equal to, or better than, the OEMs, and at a significant savings to customers. That's the standard of innovation that HEICO's been known for, for over 60 years. HEICO is the world’s largest independent provider of commercial FAA-approved aircraft and engine replacement parts, holding over 10,000 FAA approvals on parts for nearly every aircraft and engine platform. Their cutting-edge equipment and proprietary R&D processes allow them to reengineer, design, manufacture and test all parts in house. Every year, HEICO invests over $40M in research and development for new parts, resulting in savings of over $25M annually for each of their partner airlines. The company’s commitment to unparalleled quality and performance has helped them maintain a record of outstanding quality. HEICO is one of the largest independent component maintenance and asset management providers in the world. The company boasts over 26,000 unique repair capabilities and services over 60,000

components annually. Their core component repair capabilities include: advanced avionics, electronics, electro-mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics, engine and power generation, fuel, electrical harnesses, motor rewinds, flight structures and wheels & brakes. HEICO also supports military customers through their subsidiary, Blue Aerospace, a Lockheed Martin approved distributor. Blue Aerospace services the defense aftermarket industry as well as domestic and international military end users. The company’s core products & services include distribution, system integration and long term support for F-16, P-3, C-130, CH-47 platforms and more. Finally, HEICO is a leading aftermarket supplier of high quality aircraft products. Through the Global Distribution Group, Seal Dynamics and recently acquired Airline Cost Control, HEICO serves the commercial and defense markets by providing OEM approved replacement parts from the most successful corporations in the industry. In addtion, Seal Dynamics provides full-spectrum engineering solutions.


I consider the people in the “HEICO Corporation workforce as the highest quality, most talented group of individuals in the entire aerospace industry. These people are responsible directly for the great success which HEICO has had over the past 60 years. Their quality, their talent, their dedication to work ethics, is the major element in the success of HEICO Corporation. Laurans A. Mendelson

Front Center: Laurans Mendelson Top Left: Eric Mendelson Top Right: Victor Mendelson

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, HEICO Corporation

HEICO RECOGNITIONS • Forbes Best Small Companies: Tenth year in the top 200, with five years of inclusion in the top 100 • Forbes World’s Most Innovative Growth Companies of 2014 & 2015 • Forbes Most Trustworthy Companies in America for 2016

THE HEICO Advantage

Big Enough to Provide What You Need .... Small Enough to Deliver it The Way You Want It


C o mp a c t P n e u ma c a n dL o w F l o wT e sn g P l ao r m

H o r i z o n t a l S t a b i l i z e r

6I n c hH i g hF l o w D i g i t a l T e sn gP l ao r m

T e sn gP l ao r m T H S A

1 1 9 9 0SW 1 2 8 T hST , Mi a mi , F L3 3 1 8 6 -( 3 0 5 ) 7 9 1 0 5 9 3 -s a l e s @s a l a e r o s p a c e . c o m - www. s a l a e r o s p a c e . c o m

Te c h n o l o g y


Changing the way you buy parts

nline inventory sourcing systems, like ILS, Aeroxchange, PartsBase, etc., have been around for years, and all of them (except for Aero-Buy) utilize the same template to search and find parts. Suppliers upload their list of part numbers they have for sale and buyers search by part number to see who can supply the parts they need to buy. Sounds simple enough, but the reality is there’s a lot more to buying parts than meets the eye. Here’s a look at the sourcing process buyers goes through when purchasing a part:

• Search one, or more, online service for parts • Locate suppliers • Call or send RFQs • Accumulate pricing from various companies • Sort through quotes • Select a supplier • Generate a purchase order • Contact the supplier to place the order “That’s an 8 Step process!”, says Justin Spaulding, President and CEO of Spaulding continues: “If


a buyer needs to go through eight steps to buy a part, and he or she needs to buy 50 parts today, what are the chances the buyer is going to get a quote from every company that shows availability? Better yet, what are the chances the buyer is even going to try to get a price from every company listed? The answer is: Slim and none!” In an effort to simplify the procurement process The 145 will be unveiling a new inventory system at this year’s MRO Americas that they say will automate, five of the eight steps mentioned above. Spaulding says: “Our system won’t be anything like today’s inventory systems. Supplier won’t have to upload and update inventory if they don’t want to, suppliers will receive real RFQs with real purchase requirements, buyers and sellers won’t have to do market research because they will see real-time market prices, buyers won’t have to chase suppliers to get quotes, buyers will be able to use our platform for free while sellers will pay a modest usage fee to submit quotes, etc.” Although The 145 has focused exclusively on the repair market for the past 16 years, the company’s management team feels the industry is ripe for a more robust inventory sourcing solution that provides a great deal of automation and improved ease of use.

145 Magazine

Te c h n o l o g y

One Click Purchasing As part of their roll-out, the The 145 has chosen a select number of airlines and suppliers as launch customers to test their new system. Spaulding says: “We want to make sure the new system is as close to perfect as possible, before we release it to everyone. Our beta testers are providing valuable feedback that’s helping us work out all the kinks in the system, as well as streamline the user interface so that the system is as user friendly as possible.” One of the key features of the new system will be giving the buyers the ability to do a “One Click Purchase”. Spaulding continues: “I love the way Amazon’s system works. A customer can search their website, find the product they want to buy and then with one click they can purchase the item. If you ask me, a one Continue on page 31 North America’s Premier Landing Gear Overhaul Company

29145 Avenue Stanford Valencia, CA 91354 661-294-3777

Te c h n o l o g y

click solution to purchase inventory is the Holy Grail. The challenge of course has been to find a way to do that. Our industry relies heavily on Purchase Orders, and that’s not somethings that’s going to go away anytime soon. But thanks to a suggestion by one of our customers we’ve come up with a solution that makes a one click purchase option possible.” When we probed for details about how The 145’s new system will automate five of the eight steps mentioned at the beginning of this article, Spaulding only offered: “I’d rather save those details for the MRO in Orlando.” Suffice it to say, if the new inventory solution does everything The 145 says it will do, it won’t be long before buyers and sellers around the world will be singing their praises.




EASA 145.4483





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145 Magazine

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It’s about you. Only one MRO has the expertise, experience and purchasing power that comes from keeping more than 800 planes up and flying for the world’s #1 airline. And, we can put that power to work for you, every single day.

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THE IMPOSSIBLE How Sunvair got a Plating Shop Approved in California


unvair is a landing gear overhaul and repair facility located in Valencia, California. Since being established in 1955, Sunvair has grown to be an industry expert in the overhaul and repair of complete landing gear systems for Airbus, Boeing, and Lockheed type aircraft. In the past few years, the company has seen tremendous growth, which has led to the expansion of both their repair facility and their repair capabilities. Recently, the company moved to a larger location, increasing its facility size from 28,000 square feet to more than 88,000 square feet in the new facility. One of the key components of the new shop, that prompted the move to the new location, was the development of a state-of-the-art nickel and chrome plating facility. “Having a new plating facility in-house is really exciting news for our company”, says Sunvair’s President Kerry Jarandson, “There’s a lot of demand for this kind of operation and there’s always been a need for good-quality plating facilities with quick turnaround-times.” What makes the addition of the plating shop especially unique is the fact that Sun-

Mike Dann, VP Sales and Business Dev.(left) and Kerry Jarandson, President

vair was able to get the plating facility approved in their home state of California. With all the environmental rules and regulations that exist in California today, getting a plating shop approved was no easy task. Mike Dann, Sunvair’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development said: “We hired a consultant to help us get the plating shop up-and-running, and one of the first thing the consultant said to us was: ‘If you want to get a plating shop approved, you’re going to need to move your facility to the other side of the freeway’.” The consultant went on to explain that by moving the shop

145 Magazine


Innovative Alternatives. On-Time Delivery.


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For more information please contact us at 678-490-0140 | across the street they would be outside of the city limits and instead located within the county’s jurisdiction. Getting the shop approved by the county would be a lot easier than trying to get it approved by Valencia City. Mike Dann goes onto explain how the plating facility helped benefit much of Sunvair’s customer base by being located on the west coast of the United States. He said, “Other than decorative chroming facilities, there’s


145 Magazine



PROFILE no aerospace chroming shop in this part of the country. Having a plating facility in-house, in California, gives us a competitive advantage when dealing with customers in the western part of the US and along the Pacific Rim.” Plating plays a crucial role in the maintenance of landing gear. Sunvair restores parts, such as pistons and axles, by building up a layer of chrome or nickel to replace the base metal. Dann commented, “Our plating repair process allows us to bring these parts back to their original design size. A lot of aircraft are flying in highly corrosive environments, which takes its toll on plated metals that are exposed to the elements.” The corroded metal is ground down by Sunvair’s machinists followed by nickel or chrome plating until the parts are brought back up to the original specifications. Dann noted, “It really allows us to restore a lot of these parts and extend the life of them.” The new plating facility allows for high volume plating for a number of components for end users around the world. Every eight to ten years landing gears need to be overhauled, depending on the manufacturer. The FAA requires landing gear to be overhauled after a certain number of cycles (ie: takeoffs and landings). Sunvair’s competitive advantage lies in their ability to accommodate a large number of landing gear during these scheduled overhauls. Sunvair is definitely experiencing a growth trend, and with the addition of a larger facility and plating shop, they are poised to increase their success as a landing gear repair specialist even more.

Sunvair’s new state-of-the-art plating facility

145 Magazine


Aviation Trivia

What was Operation Bongo II? A. The WWII Operation to covertly parachute a small military team into Nazi controlled Norway. B. An Australian operation to fly pig bristles needed to manufacture paint brushes out of China during China’s civil war. C. An operation to cut down a tree in the DMZ that was blocking the view of North Korea for the United Nations. D. A government experiment to test the effect of supersonic transport on large metropolitan areas. Answer: D


ebruary marks the 53rd anniversary of Operation Bongo II. In 1964 the Air Force and the FAA decided to test the effect of supersonic transport on large metropolitan areas. Unfortunately, like many tests done 50 years ago, these tests were performed with little public knowledge. Oklahoma City was selected as the metropolitan hub to perform these tests because they were perceived to be “more tolerant”, and many residents were employed in the aerospace industry. Eleven buildings were rented and fitted with sound testing equipment. Several Convair B-58’s were chosen as the airplane for the experiment. On February 3, 1964, the first sonic booms occurred. They started at a rate of 8 per day, but varied in frequency and magnitude over the course of the experiment, which ended on July 29th. All in all, 1,253 sonic boom experiments were conducted over those 177 days. The results were tabulated and the data was reported. There were mixed results to the study. In the first 14 weeks a total of 147 windows were broken in the two tallest buildings. Three fourths of the population said they could live with the noise for an indefinite period of time, however about 3 percent filed complaints or made legal claims. While 3% doesn’t seem like a lot, it represented over 15,000 people. In the end, the experiment was a disaster for the FAA. After the tests, President Lyndon Johnson's presidential advisory committee transferred matters of policy from the FAA to the National Academy of Science. Regardless of the way the experiment was handled, Operation Bongo II represented a milestone in the history of transcontinental travel.

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What airport: -Only receives flights from two outside locations? -Is the most remote airport in the world? -Has a runway that was designed to be an abort site for the U.S. Space Shuttle? -Doesn’t allow non-scheduled flights to arrive, or to divert, to the airport? Mataveri International Airport is located on the island of Rapa Nui, more commonly known as Easter Island. Located 2,336 nautical miles (3,759 km) from Santiago, Chile and 2,640 nautical miles (4,248 km) from Papeete, Tahiti, Mataveri International Airport is the most isolated airport in the world. Flights from Tahiti take 5 hours 30 minutes, while flights from Santiago, Chile take just under 5 hours, both of which are essentially over open water the entire time.


Mataveri’s runway measures 10,885 feet (3,318 m), which accommodates planes as large as a Boeing 787. The expansion of the runway was done to allow it to be used as an abort site for the U.S. Space Shuttle to use in an emergency landing. An increased push in tourism on Easter Island in recent years has increased the number of arriving flights to the island. The isolated nature of the airport creates some additional problems for arriving flights. The Chilean CAA has a policy that only one aircraft can be in the air between the ETP (Equal Time Point

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Answer: Mataveri International Airport

– or, the point of no return where you are past the halfway point) and Easter Island. What this means is that an aircraft cannot be released from Chile until the flight from Tahiti has landed. It makes sense, because if the runway gets damaged from a landing flight and another aircraft is past the point of no return, there would be nowhere to land. But, all of these possible issues don’t take away from the fact that Easter Island is a wonderful tourist location that is facilitated by the presence of Mataveri Airport.

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“For me personally, the best part of the journey is working with the people at 1st Choice.” Founder-Mario Catalano


t’s amazing how fast time flies and how much things can change in a couple years. Back in November of 2014, 145 Magazine was launching its first digital publication with one of 1st Choice Aerospace’s founders, Mario Catalano, as the feature article. At the time 1st Choice was just getting off the ground with a hand full of employees and a whole lot of empty space in their facility. We thought it would be fun to take a look back to see how fast their company has grown and how much things have changed.

“There was nothing but white walls and empty floor space covered with carpet and tile.” Today the company utilizes approximately 80% of their facility, with the majority of the building being used for technicians to support production of customer components.

Number of Employees: • December 2014 – 10 employees in the Miramar facility and 35 in the Cincinnati facility • April 2017 – 104 in Miramar and 47 in Cincinnati Room to Grow

The company’s Miramar facility started with 40k sq. ft. of working space, but only 20% of that space was being utilized. “When we first opened our doors, I remember thinking to myself: ‘How are we ever going to grow into the rest of this building’, says Mario,

Pictured Above: Pneumatic Flow Bench

Fully automated high-temp/high-flow pneumatic test stand featuring vacuum chamber, multiple integrated digital flow meters, that adapts automatically to the engineering units called for in CMM by OEM.

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First Pneumatics, then Fuel, then Electrical Components

The company started out by focusing on high flow, high temperature, pneumatic components repairs. Mario says: “To get our pneumatics repair business off the ground we setup three Kaesar pneumatic compressors, capable of sustaining 570 PPM’s, at temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. We couldn’t be happier with our pneumatics business, but as time went on we decided to diversify into fuel accessories and electrical components. Today we have a flow stand and boost pump test cell which allows us to test engine fuel pumps, fuel controls, boost pumps, actuators, sensors and switches. We have also expanded our electrical and electronic capabilities with our Avtron Automatic Test Equipment, so we can perform LRU and board level repairs for the full range of Boeing and Airbus GCU’s and BPCU components”.

Pictured Above: Compressors & Heaters Three 400HP Kaeser Compressors and two Sylvania heaters, each rated to 1200° Fahrenheit and capable of sustaining 500PPM & 120 PSI.

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Pictured Above: Left, Starter Test Cell and Right, Slug Fully automated starter test cell with complete digital test data feedback including vibration monitoring.


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One Stop Shop for Component Repair Solutions Limited Repair Ratings: Airframe, Accessories, Powerplant, Radio, Instrument, and Emergency Equipment Specialization in Repairs: Nacelles, Wire Harnesses, Galley Equipment, Windows, Engine Mounts, Lavatory, Flight Controls, and Radomes (including in-house Radome Test Facility) Service Guarantee: • 24/7 AOG support • Customized logistics programs, pricing & warranty solutions • Exchange/Loan/Lease programs • On-Wing Nacelle Inspection and Repair • Maintenance Repair Programs • Specialized Customer Care • Guaranteed turn-around-time (TAT) and preferential customer pricing • Repair of components on commercial, regional & non-commercial aircraft

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• Always give customers responsive, reliable service • Lead by example • Create a culture of real teamwork within your organization • Build partnerships and relationships where working and succeeding together is fun


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The best part of the journey

North America’s Mario says: “For me personalLanding Gear ly, the bestPremier part of the journey is working withOverhaul the peopleCompany at 1st Choice. From top to bottom we are a team, and we succeed as a team. Nobody in our organization is above any task to serve our customers. I believe our culture of service is the key ingredient that has enabled us to exceed our customer’s expectations and has helped forge strong and successful relationships with them.”

•Valencia, The 145CA Top Shop Award for 2016 & 2017 91354 •661-294-3777 Governor’s Business Ambassador Award for Job Creation in Florida


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145 Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 1, April Issue  

145 is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to people in the aviation industry.

145 Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 1, April Issue  

145 is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to people in the aviation industry.