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19 January 2012


Started as a proprietary professional practice by Prof. Y. S. Sane in Pune and formerly known as Y. S. Sane Associates, J+W Consultants LLP (J+W) today is a well-known name for structural consultancy. The firm’s driving force is the rock-solid association between the two senior partners, who took on from the visionary Founder, Prof. Sane. Both have been passionate about structural engineering from the start. Seeing them interact, one can see a great vibe at a professional and a personal level. The best part is that their personalities, though different, are truly complementary and works favourably for their goals.

Mr. Joshi says, “We will always be grateful to all our clients whose recommendations got us newer assignments. We have never needed to advertise or have a marketing division.” Mr. Watve notes, “We would be greatly excited if the end users (meaning home-buyers) can appreciate the value of structural engineering.” to make construction faster. One such technology was used for Magarpatta Township, which would have normally taken15 years to develop!”

Once they started work, they were soon awarded projects by developers from Pune who were previously working with Mumbai-based consultants. Eventually, they entered the Mumbai market in 1986. Joshi shares an anecdote from that first experience, “We were working for Karia Builders in Pune already and they asked us to design for them in Mumbai. When asked for my license number, I misunderstood and STRUCTURAL SPECIALISTS UMESH JOSHI & ACHYUT WATVE OF J+W provided my driving license number!” Mumbai was the only city that needed a license for structural design practitioners at that time, which diversifying their services as a survival option. sustained support in-house, we were able to lead outsiders didn’t know. Joshi continues, “From our But we decided to remain steadfast to structural J+W to newer horizons,” they proudly divulge. humble beginnings, working in Mumbai immensely engineering. In my opinion, that was the best Realising the need for meticulous self-learning, benefited us in terms of exposure to the industry.” decision of our career.” they regularly attend seminars and interact with Thereafter, the Amal Group of Companies hired peers across the globe to keep abreast of the latest them for their first high-rise (a 34-storey building) Today J+W handles consulting assignments across in construction industry. As Watve says, “Knowledge in 1997. It was a game-changing milestone. India and is even working with reputed firms across is not available on a platter and you need to make the globe. The partners firmly believe that their efforts to keep yourself up to date”. Joshi recounts further, “We have been here for success is largely due to the support of their 35 years and have seen several ups and downs in this associates and clients. “People have been with us for Speaking of the future of their field Watve says, industry. Many people from our profession started 20-25 years; it’s like a family. And because of this “We have brought a number of technologies to India

The partners think it is unfortunate that there is not much recognition for the profession of structural engineering as it tends to be intangible. They believe that awareness is critical and people shouldn’t wait for a natural calamity to discover if their spaces are safe or not. A structure is for life, the aesthetics are upgradable, but the internal core that goes in once has to be put in with total integrity.



Dilip Thacker (SD Corp) got them their first 65-storey tower in 2000, which was the first-of-its-kind in India. Mr. Watve affirms, “At that time, designing for a 65-storey structure was not something anyone could readily imagine, but Mr. Thacker showed faith in us and gave us that project; the rest, as they say, is history!”


Imperial Heights, Mumbai


Kharadi - a relatively modest Pune neighbourhood is set to transform into an engaging lifestyle hub with the development of residential, office, retail, leisure, hospitality and other essential infrastructure. With Liviano, the emerging future city of Kharadi will witness the ushering in of lifestyle living. Everything about the Liviano has been conceived to make it a frontrunner in luxury living. Begin with 7 contemporarily styled buildings that will head into the skies unrivalled by anything in the vicinity. Consider a choice of 2,3 and 4 BHK format apartments that will dwarf everything in the neighborhood in terms of living space. Other highlights of the Liviano include a rich array of facilities like clubhouse, spa, swimming pool, water cascades, bridges, pathways and more. A sprawling podium landscape area spanning 100,000 sq.ft. and naturally lush surroundings stretching to 8 acres add to the grand sized lifestyle offered by the Liviano. Designed and developed by Darode Jog Properties, an organization that has to its credit over 90 projects including 1500 apartments in a successful track record spanning over 30 years.

Over a decade, Pune has changed a lot, thanks to the IT growth and the realty boom which happened and which is still on. But along came some landmarks, which actually took the city’s Real Estate, miles ahead when compared with their contemporaries. One such name is Magarpatta City; this new age city has set an example for all emerging living destinations for more than one reason. This 430 acre fully functional, privately managed integrated township, is a metaphor of futuristic living, and has taken Pune’s quality living to newer heights. Rightly termed as the Pride of Pune, Magarpatta City is an architectural marvel that brilliantly strikes a chord between urbane contemporary living and Nature. This award-winning model blends in residential neighbourhoods with commercial hubs and life infrastructure like schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, restaurants, recreation parks, playgrounds and parks, Magarpatta City serves as a forerunner among its peers and also the forthcoming ones. This city has came up with a groundbreaking living model of “walk to work, walk to school and walk to home”, with IT and non IT offices, education facilities from pre-primary to post graduate level (Quality Management Education) in the vicinity. It also offers a healthy lifestyle with world class medical facilities and fitness centers, and a lot of recreational opportunities to go around with. Where there is life as it should be, it’s the Magarpatta City way of life.

Cybercity Magarpatta, Pune

Liviano Kharadi, Pune

Darode Jog Properties

Darode-Jog House, 1212, Apte Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411 004. Maharashtra. India. P: +91-20-25532 725 / 25533 725. E: info@darodejog.com www.darodejog.com

Magarpatta Township Development & Construction Company Limited

Corporate Office: Megaspace, 13, Sholapur Bazar Road, Off East Street, Pune - 411001, India. Tel.: 020 - 26342797, 26341940 Fax: 020 - 26345541 URL: www.magarpattacity.com IT Parks, SEZ, Retail, Health Care, Hospitality, Education Campuses, Sports Complexes &

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A 1946 matriculate and amongst the first to receive a post-graduate degree in Engineering from Pune University, Y. S. Sane is a living legend. Curiosity led this enterprising individual to observe the primitive foundation-laying techniques in his native place in Karad as a youngster and eventually grab every opportunity to learn what came his way thereafter. After 21 years of being an academician, he took on a consultation job for SNDT in Pune. With the mantra of "keep growing", Y. S. Sane Associates came into being in 1975. He has always believed the following three key principles: • Never say no • Always innovate • Keep your promise, be it timelines or quality. These principles are what garnered him the tremendous respect he Mr. Y. S. Sane has in the industry even today.



Richard Soon Director, P&T Consultants Pte Ltd. Singapore

We started working with J+W in 2003 and our experience with the firm has been splendid. The partners head a very professional engineering firm and are very competent at what they specialise in, especially RCC. They try new technologies and consistently come up with innovative solutions. Having worked together in Pune and Mumbai, we have to say that the output has been of very high quality.

Kumar Gera Chairman, Gera Developments Pvt. Ltd.

A sapling planted and nurtured by my respected colleague, Prof. Y. S. Sane, has flourished into a mighty tree known as J+W. This has been possible due to hard work and dedication to structural engineering. It has been a pleasure to have been associated with the firm since inception.

D S Kulkarni Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, DSKDL

I would say that their structures are beyond just cement and steel; their buildings exhibit character and soul. Also they strive to make it cost–effective, keeping in mind the pockets of a person from the middle-class income group. For me they are more than just structural consultants, they are ‘family structural doctors’ who go out of the way to put in a lot of care and concern into their structures.

Avinash Bhosale Founder & Chairman, ABIL Group

Chatting with the next generation of the Senior Partners turned out to be an experience in itself. Nikhil Joshi and Rucha Watve are definitely carved from the same block as their respective fathers. However, they also bring with them a decisive buzz about their future plans and their hunger to take the company to its next level.

effectively to where they belonged. In spite of being professionally engaged with the firm for around 4-5 years now, both Nikhil and Rucha have clearly retained the fascination they have had for the profession.

We have been associated with J+W for quite some time, and I must say the firm is quite innovative in its design. While the structure is important, they ensure that there are no compromises on the aesthetics and architecture. They are prompt in incorporating changes that we need and never hesitate in reworking the design to provide an optimum cost-effective solution.

CARRYING FORTH THE BATON Nikhil Joshi & Rucha Watve

Nikhil takes the lead Rucha shares with pride, by saying, “We have “The tallest standing structure established ourselves as in Mumbai is a J+W project. a people-centric firm, and High-rises have always captured the next step would be to our imagination. What develop a more particularly interested me were process-led approach the large span post-tension around it. The idea is transfer girders supporting to not change things several storeys of construction, blindly, but adapt things thereby creating an that are relevant to the architectural space below Indian context. and above!” It was really nice to discover that the second generation at J+W had a short-term goal ahead of them when they Signing off on behalf of the two of them, Nikhil left for their respective post-graduation courses: It was summarises, “The end-user is always on our minds. It is to come back and contribute to the company they had for them that we strive to create safe and stable habitable practically grown up with. It only showcases the passion spaces where there is full support to the architectural and commitment around them that pulled them back so intent as well as economy for the builder.”

Having been associated with Mr. Joshi and Mr. Watve since 1979, I consider them as family. They have a personal touch with all their clients and associates. Their service is fantastic and working style is meticulous. They have designed many outstanding projects.

THE VITAL LINKS associates are an integral part of it. Some, having joined as freshers working on ground-plus-seven storeys, have come a long way and are working currently on structures around 80 storeys tall. For them, working internationally has only added to the excitement.

Quoted below (L to R)

Lalitkumar Jain Chairman and Managing Director, Kumar Urban Development Limited

It has been a very long association and we have worked closely on several projects. All the challenges we encountered were resolved efficiently. They are very competent, down-to-earth, and have a great understanding of technique and technology. They have provided extraordinary consultation on all our projects. I regard their firm as one of the leaders in this industry. Vipul Bansal CEO, Indiabulls Real Estate Limited

We work with a lot of international firms and J+W’s work is at par with international experts. The firm is process-oriented, very efficient and resourceful. Owing to their rich experience, the partners know how to support the right people and encourage talent. Working with them has been a pleasant experience.

Dharmesh Jain Chairman & Managing Director, Nirmal Lifestyle

It has been a pleasure working with J+W. The firm has always done a fantastic job with innovative design and economical solutions, keeping in mind the best interest of the projects. Our Discovery Towers project, comprising the tallest office towers, is a complex building that required innovation. The firm came up with an optimum solution in no time. Although J+W is based in Pune, we never felt a lapse in communication, which confirms the firm’s managerial ability. I’ve no hesitation in saying that J+W is one of India’s premier structural consultation firms.

Reza Kabul Architect


Aniruddha Deshpande Managing Director, City Corporation Limited (Amanora)

I have been associated with Mr. Joshi and Mr. Watve since 1990. They are more like friends and guides to my company. They are always open to experimenting with new ideas and are very innovative. We make a good team with their company. I wish both of them the best in all their endeavours.

In a working relationship, there are two important factors: willingness to work and efficiency. If these two qualities are present, the working relationship can continue harmoniously. I have been associated with Mr. Watve since the time he started handling work in Mumbai. He has always been helpful, willing and efficient; that, I think, sums up everything. We have been together for almost 25 years now and I will be very happy to continue with the firm for another 25 years.

Mayur Shah Managing Director, Marathon Group

A post-graduate from a US university, Rucha shares her story: “We grew up in this space. Through childhood, it was a familiar sight to have dad working at night with his design sheets and to find him still at it when we woke up in the morning. We naturally developed an interest in whatever we saw then. As kids, we learnt to look at the design sheets and started to distinguish elements like columns and beams. It was an early start and gave us a raw perspective on structural design, and till we earned our Masters, our academic interest kept growing.” Nikhil, who has a post-graduate degree from the UK, shares his learning curve: “Yes, the work of our dads caught our imagination really early. The structural part of the design, which is somewhat related to mechanics, immediately interested me, as I was fascinated with Physics. Luckily for me, my innate passion and my home-grown interest were related, so it fell in place for me rather neatly. I pursued civil engineering, specialising in structural design, and went on to become a part of this firm, which involves us professionally as well as from a business perspective.”

Hafeez Contractor Architect

Anjali Ghanekar, BE (Civil), Principal Associate (Pune) “The growth of this firm has been my personal mission ever since I joined as an employee.” Mohan Tulpule, MTech (IIT Mumbai), Principal Associate (Pune) “My vision and that of the company match almost completely.” Anant Reddy, BE(Civil), Principal Associate (Pune) “The office feels like home; our bosses are like senior family members and we are the link between the bosses and the juniors. That is the function we fulfil at J+W.” Shriram Gramopadhye, ME.(Str.), Principal Associate (Pune) “My aim is to see this firm become internationally renowned for flawless structural consulting.” Kaustubh Vinz, BE (Civil), Associate (Mumbai) “We have seen work grow from being a stream to being a river. Our responsibility towards the client goes beyond just the structural engineering.”

Having worked at J+W for over 15-20 years, all the internal associates fondly shared with us the reason behind such a long and rewarding stint. The binding force, they unanimously agree, is the love that their bosses and peers have extended to them. Their workplace feels just like home. The motivating force is the zeal, enthusiasm and passion of the seniors that rub off on everyone in the office. The associates are very passionate and there are many challenges that make them think hard and innovate. Hence, there is continuous growth. There is a vision at play and all the

Anjali shares her experience of the time when she started. With very few lady engineers in her profession, there was a general lack of faith in a lady’s professional ability. Yet when she joined J+W along with two more lady engineers, she received full support from the firm. This faith strengthened her feelings for the organisation. The associates are constantly striving for further international success by delivering flawless consultation and they hope to continue to strengthen the faith that people have so far invested in them.

In 1995, a client introduced me to J+W. The general trend was that people would come to Mumbai for consultations but I was taken aback as we were going in reverse, i.e., from Mumbai to Pune. As work progressed, I realised that J+W was not just another structural consulting firm. The people are amicable and have the best solutions to all structural problems, be it a high-rise tower, retail structure or hotel. To me RCC is the most flexible material and the firm proved it. Dilip Thacker Co-founder, SD Corp

Several years back, we were going to work on a high-rise project and there was a lot of discussion at Shapoorji Pallonji as to who would be the right candidate for RCC consultation. I chose J+W and I am glad to be proved right. The partners understand the client’s need, never compromise on the technical aspect and have always delivered on time. I am proud that today their firm is designing for the tallest buildings in India.

The heroes behind the scene: Team at J+W Amit Thacker Director, SD Corp

The whole experience of working with J+W has been fantastic. The partners have been extremely positive, dynamic and have always led from the front. J+W delivered to us Imperial Heights, one of the most challenging projects in terms of constructability. The project had gone through various upheavals and J+W helped us come across and deliver a fantastic product. Hence, I believe that in terms of people skills, personality and technical prowess, J+W stands out.

J+W have been the only choice as structural consultants since our inception in 1997. They have played a major role in the creation of all our landmark and award-winning projects. Their positive attitude, service, simplicity in design, clarity of drawings, timely delivery and high degree elevational treatments with cost effectiveness, have added value to the quality & safety of all our projects - residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality and further improved our construction practices.

Nitin Nyati Chairman & Managing Director

It’s a part of Mumbai that’s known to have the highest density of devotees as well as millionaires. With the over two century old Siddhivinayak temple and rows of posh residencies, there’s no mistaking the distinctly upscale appeal of Prabhadevi. Add to this the clean and wide streets, the upmarket retail presence and charming Arabian Sea views and it’s not hard to see why there could be no better location for Zenriba Terraces - a super plush residency offering 2 sprawling islands of luxury totaling 5000 sq.ft. per floor.

Nyati Windchimes, Nyati County, Pune

This elite neighbourhood brings you views of ultra-modernity along with sightings of absolute beauty and serenity. Terrace gardens, overlooking the orinthians Club, bring you perhaps one of the most splendid views of the Sahyadris that can ever be experienced from a home.

Keeping with the Nyati Group’s legacy of superior technical execution and exemplary design aesthetics, Nyati Windchimes further pushes the boundary of excellence with its international quality design and architecture, well-thought planning and plush living comforts and amenities. Life doesn’t get any more luxurious than this. Nyati Environ Vishrantwadi, Pune

Nyati Commerce House, Road No.6, Kalyaninagar, Pune 411 006. Maharashtra. Tel.: + 91 20 2665 6123 Fax: + 91 20 2665 6122 Toll Free Number: 1800 1 212121 Email : info@nyatigroup.com www.nyatigroup.com

With JW Consultants as our structural associates we have been able to transform our vision into reality across several projects in Mumbai, Pune & Nashik. California, our premium project at NIBM Road Pune, boasts of pioneering concepts like private plunge pools , Jacuzzi and private elevators with access control. We are proud of our decade long association with J+W and look forward to continuously evolving together.

The 200 meter high Zenriba Terraces has been designed to ensure, residents who’ve never quite faced a dearth of life’s pleasures get to enjoy an abundance of natural pleasures like sunlight, cool breeze and open views. Should the individual islands fall short of anyone’s luxury expectations, there’s always the option of blending two apartments, one above the other, to result in a lavish duplex abode. Zenriba Terraces is conceived by Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd., a firm with over 28 years of experience and more than 65 successful projects covering residential, commercial and townships across Mumbai, Pune, Nashik. Zenriba Terraces, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

Nyati Group

If your fundamentals are in place, success is inevitable - our association with J+W is based on this philosophy and all our projects give equal weightage to structure, stability and design. With J+W’s structural expertise supporting the core of our innovative designs, our home buyers are assured that their investments are safe, secure and long enduring.

Rajendra Pate Director


POSITIVELY THE RIGHT LIVING DESTINATION. Imagine a living environment that’s filled not just with the finest luxuries and amenities but with positive, life-changing energy. A life of success, good health and prosperity after all, is as important and rewarding as a life of luxury, comfort and modernity. An atmosphere designed on feng-shui and vastu principles and primed to enable you to live better and do better is what awaits you within the luxurious 3 and 4 BHK condominiums at Nyati Windchimes, a part of Nyati Countya futuristically designed and planned township planed across 200 acres.

Kishore Pate Chairman & M.D

There is no project that we have embarked on without involving the expertise of JW Consultants. Their unique quality lies in their dedication to not just make available the design but also the complete range of support needed to take a project from conceptualization to completion.

Pune: Amit House, 1902 Bajirao Road, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030, T: 020 24489494 Mumbai: 506 Ceejay House, Dr. Anne Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 018. T: +91 22 2499 0079 www.amitenterprises.com


Vivek Mohanani Executive Director

California is a premium lifestyle address inspired by the plush life of America. Set against lush landscapes and under the inviting shade of softly swaying palm trees, it is home to Santa Clara and Santa Monica which hosts 4-BHK apartments, while Fremont, Oakland and Palmdale are designed with 3-BHK apartments. The California address is an epitome of success, hence for this very reason the project is packed with luxury that’s second to none. For instance the private plunge pool, or the internationally designed kitchen, every feature reeks of exclusivity. It is a unique blend of style and soul, California is the ultimate in design, comfort and architecture.

Ishwar Parmar Chairman & Managing Director

J W Consultants is among the foremost RCC consultants and we have been associated with them since 1987 for every one of our projects. Their expertise has been invaluable in helping us develop technically superior industrial, commercial and residential projects of around 5 million sq.ft. The cantilever structures of larger dimensions for instance, enabled us to create larger expanses of usable space while improving visual aesthetics at projects like Parmar Paradise and Parmar Trade Centre.

Ashok Mohanani Chairman

California, NIBM, Pune

Site Office: California, NIBM Road, Kondhwa, Pune - 411 048 T: 91-20-2683 3535 F: +91-20-2683 7646 Corporate Office: EKTA World, 401, Hallmark Business Plaza, Off Western Express Highway, Near Bandra Kurla Complex, Kalanagar, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051 T: 022 6115 2424 F: 022 6115 2200 E: sales@ektaworld.com www.ektaworld.com SMS EKTA to 535365

The pride of Pune - Magarpatta City couldn’t have been possible without the critical planning and development support of JW Consultants. With their further association, we look forward to turning the city of Nanded into the new Maximum City. Satish Magar, Chairman & Managing Director

Our association with them has strengthened our brand image besides helping us win coveted awards like C M Shah Concrete Technology Award, Concrete Technology Award from Indian Concrete Institute as well as an award for quality and speed of construction from Builders Association of India (Pune). Our longstanding association continues to bear great results with upcoming projects like iParmar’s River Residency. iParmar Group

Parmar Trade Center 12 Cannaught Road, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Pune - 411 001. Tel: 2612 3222 / 2612 5433 www.iparmar.com

700 ACRES OF MAXIMUM LIFE AT MAXIMUM CITY. Following in the footsteps of Magarpatta City is another future destination with a maximal blend of urban development and rustic nature. In fact, with an even larger canvas of 700 acres, Nanded City will have a platter of natural attractions, experiences and delights on a scale never experienced until now. The scenic Sinhagad Road, the tranquil Mutha river and its lush green banks, the Khadakvasla backwaters, the Panshet, Mulshi, Bhatghar and Varasgaon dams are the treats that lay surround Nanded City. Complementing the abundant presence of nature is a well-planned, urbane infrastructure based on the model of sustainable development. So while on one hand life at Nanded City is all about views of rivers, dams, and never ending green stretches, on the other hand it’s views of state-of-the-art Nanded City, Pune IT parks, research, sports and

educational institutes, global corporate houses, hotels and restaurants, multiplexes, banks, retail outlets and more that will line up to greet you. Distanced from pollution and traffic but not from Pune city highlights like the airport, the expressway, Swargate and the Deccan, Nanded City is about maximum living with minimum stress and disturbance.

A project by

Nanded City Development & Construction Company Limited. Site address: Nanded City, Sinhagad Road, Pune. Tel.: 020 - 24391222/ 23/ 24/ 25/ 26 www.nandedcitypune.com An ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company.


Shashank Paranjape Managing Director

Shrikant Paranjape Chairman

J+W are beyond just structural engineers-their macro outlook arising out of their work and exposure enhances the vision we have for our projects. Their “nothing is impossible” attitude is infectious and helps elevate the architects’ design sense however challenging it seems. With them, we are always reassured that our innovative designs are supported by a solid structure.

Pune is set to play host to one of the most complete, well-planned and world-class living hubs ever witnessed Blue Ridge, Hinjewadi. Spread over 138 acres, Blue Ridge will hold within its embrace facilities for living life to the best!! Global standard IT/ITES/SEZ, world class school, luxury hotel , mall, multiplex to open the doors to a rich mix of amenities, leisure, entertainment and shopping treats. A boat club with kayaking, golf drives and squash courts are few of sporting facilities offered within the township to foster great health and fitness. For those seeking serenity, Blue Ridge will have in store a marina

for long walks, fruit orchard and butterfly garden. For animal lovers, there’s the delightful news of a pet zoo.

parks, commercial developments, malls, multiplexes and star hotels - Blue Ridge is testament to a truly world-class life experience.

With over 7 million sq.ft. of constructed space and 50 acres of green spaces and being developed by Paranjape Schemes (Construction) Limited - whose acclaimed experience includes over 130 projects covering Blue Ridge, Hinjewadi, Pune


Paranjape Schemes (Construction) Limited

Corporate Office: PSC House, Dr. Ketkar Road, Erandawane, Pune - 411004. Tel.:+91-20-3939 4949 / 3022 3344 / 2544 0986 / 2546 2128 www.pscl.in

The genuine support of JW Consultants


has been one of

Sudhir Darode Chairman

the key building

Such is our

blocks of our success;

association with

the force

JW Consultants, we get dedicated and exclusive attention from the key personnel.

behind our transition from small projects to the big league.

Their regular insights on structural design principles Westin, Pune

Beaumonde, Mumbai

Infosys, Mysore

help us incorporate the finest quality

J+W started with a modest repertoire, but over the years it has extended its expertise to several types of constructions. Apart from residential, industrial, institutional and commercial spaces, it has also worked on some awe-inspiring projects in the hospitality, retail and healthcare arena. The firm's philosophy to never say no to any project and to always extend the last-established limit has proved its strength with these landmark projects.

Our long association with JW Consultants LLP stems from our corporate philosophy of “Creation, not Construction”. Flexibility, great service and keeping pace with the changing industry has made them one of the best names in structural consultancy in India.

into our projects.

Anand Jog Managing Director

We at Devi have been associated with J + W for more than a decade now. We have seen them not only grow exponentially but also professionalize at the same pace. They are always open to new ideas and suggestions and go into details to find out the advantages or limitations of new designs or new materials. We are proud and privileged to be associated with them. Ravi Mahbubani Managing Director

Rajesh Patil Chairman & Managing Director


ICC - Devi Gaurav Technology Park, Pimpri, Pune

One half of the famed Pimpri - Chinchwad township - home to one of Asia’s biggest industrial zones, Pimpri now has another significant milestone, its first IT park. The ICC - DeviGaurav Technology Park. With an expansive area totaling 700,000 sq.ft, facilities designed around performance and convenience, location on the main Mumbai highway and access to life infrastructure such as schools, residential complexes, hospitals, colleges and malls, this is one IT hub that has everything going for it. It’s no surprise then, companies like TATA-BSS, Philips, Schindler and L&T have already logged on.

PERFECT BUSINESS SENSE. Allura Residences, NIBM Annex, Pune

WELCOME TO 24K LIVING. Pioneering new trends in the luxury real estate market Kolte-Patil Developers has introduced the 24K-Luxury Real Estate Brand which offers the finest and best in luxury living in Pune. The 24K Homes leave one inspired by the design and finesse that take into consideration discerning tastes and sheer love for luxurious living. 24K- by KPDL presents “Glitterati & Allura Residences” in Pune’s sought after location. These Residences offer varied choices, from superlative apartments, garden homes to luxury penthouses for the affluent few!!

The serene and picturesque environs of Wanowrie plays perfect backdrop to this swanky and spacious commercial center. Located within convenient reach of a prime residential area, Sacred World welcomes retail establishments and corporates into an atmosphere of elegance, efficiency and modernity. With 3 floors for a shopping mall and 6 floors for offices, Sacred World ushers in a new standard for retail and business. Sacred World, Wanowrie, Pune

DEVI CONSTRUCTION CO. PVT. LTD. Devi House, 6th Floor, 37, Shivajinagar, Pune - 411 005. Tel: 91 20 2553 5020 Fax: 91 20 2553 3231, Email: deviccpl@gmail.com Website: www.deviprojects.com / www.devigroup.com

Call: 90491 24000 / 91580 24000 info@24kliving.com www.24kliving.com AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY

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