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I sustainable development

New Seafront master plan on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast By: 10 DESIGN

The enchanting shores of the Mediterranean on the Egyptian North Coast will be home to the Jefaira development by master planner 10 DESIGN. The site of 550 hectares stretches 3 km along the seafront with natural beaches and cliffs forming unique topography.   The ultimate goal is to design a vibrant urban environment with a network of public areas, celebrating the Egyptian culture together with the Mediterranean context. Developers also want to create a world class residential and tourism community that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.    Gordon Affleck, Design Partner at 10 DESIGN said, “In order to create a truly sustainable development, a wide range of public amenity areas are provided with strong interconnections; these amenities are clearly defined and organized around outdoor spaces which are activated by programs and functions.”     Design Director at 10 DESIGN Paul Rodgers added, “The master plan is designed to locate highly active spaces where the community will benefit most, thereby creating energized spaces and destinations throughout Jefaira.”     The Master Plan contains 10,000 to 12,000 residential units, supported by a comprehensive and diverse range of community facilities including schools and colleges, a sports academy, swimming pools, and a health and wellness centre. Extensive tourism facilities are provided including marinas with promenade cafes, restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, and a convention centre.

I sustainable development

I sustainable development

The residential is also organized around and takes advantage of the natural topography; the waterfront residential is organized to take advantage of the sea views, apartments have panoramic views to the ocean, the parkland residential is located on the natural hillsides to take advantage of views and vistas out to and through the garden promenade.

KEY DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS BE SUSTAINABLE In order to create a truly sustainable development, a wide range of amenity spaces and uses are provided those are interconnected and synergetic; uses define and are organized around outdoor spaces which are activated by program and functions. The development is organized to focus key activity areas in locations the benefit the whole community and create energized places and destinations throughout. Key uses include a Marina with promenade cafes, restaurants, retail terraces, Hotel & convention centre, Colleges and schools, a Downtown high density residential, live/work area containing plaza cafes, restaurants, retail and nightlife all connected to the parkland, a Sports academy with playing fields/pools, residential Clubhouses and a Health and Wellness centre. PROVIDE EXCELLENT AMENITIES The development provides a vast network of public areas that are accessible to all residents and have distinct atmospheres and character. The three key interconnected character areas that are the main organizational elements for the development are as follows: a. The Garden promenade An exceptional central green parkland heart connects 5 different experience zones; the Leisure lake park, the recreational river parks, the education park and the sports park. It provides a network of pedestrian and cycle routes connecting and bringing together a broad range of mixed use programs, homes and neighbourhoods, creating a vibrant, sustainable and unique new coastal community.


be peRmeable and leGible The 3 key character areas of the development provide a multi layered user experience offering a wide variety of experiences. These experiences are located around the site but are connected through a series of landscaped pedestrian and vehicular connections which allow for excellent permeability through and across the various areas and neighbourhoods. However, the planning strategy means that there is an extremely legible distinction between the public and private realms. This has been achieved by clear master plan zoning and a circulation strategy that creates a hierarchy of roads routes parks and gardens for either public access or residents only. Control points are minimized as natural thresholds are defined by the routes and roads themselves.

b. The Waterfront promenade A group of 5 connected but distinct experiences located on the spectacular Mediterranean coast; The Panorama Park, the Beach Garden, the Terrace Park, the Marina and the Beach Garden. Each experience is a direct response to the existing topography and reinforces the sites natural beauty culminating in a bustling new public Marina and beachfront hub. This high-quality landscape forms an invaluable recreation and exercise space for all to enjoy, all year round. c. The community parklands A collection of vibrant amenity zones and neighbourhood hearts that contain leisure and recreation areas for the residents. There are spaces for playgrounds swimming pools BBQ areas out door fitness shade areas lawns gardens and relaxation zones. Theses spaces are located in every neighbourhood.

ABOUT 10 DESIGN 10 DESIGN is an award-winning practice of architects, based in Hong Kong, with offices in Shanghai, Edinburgh and Dubai. The firm works at a broad range of scales, from the design of individual buildings to cities across all sectors including corporate, retail, hospitality, residential, cultural and education. We aspire to create innovative design solutions for multicultural projects, with economic, environmental and social integrity.

BE NATURAL AND CONTEXTUAL The site of the development features outstanding natural beauty and a wide and varied topography including beaches, cliffs, flatlands, terraces and hills. This unique topography is a key driver for the organization of the whole master plan both in terms of the residential neighbourhoods and the non-residential amenity. The external amenity spaces are located to support and reinforce the variations in the site; the marina is located between the beaches; the clubhouses are located on the clifftops and the coves with panoramic vistas and the hotels overlook the beaches and downtown terraces towards the ocean.


THE DATA Name: Jefaira Seafront Masterplan Location: Egypt Client: INERTIA Properties Site Area: 5,500,000sqm GFA: 1,309,553sqm - Total: 1,025,303sqm - Residential 284,250sqm - Public and Tourism Facilities ResidentiaL: 10,000 to 12,000 units Services: Masterplan, Landscape, Sustainability, CGI 10 DESIGN | MASTERPLANNER Gordon Affleck: Design Partner Paul Rodgers: Design Director Design Team Valentin Hunzinger, Alex Cozma, Jon Derrin, Ewa Koter, Peter Alsterholm, Yasser Salomon, and Sergii Zvagolskyi Consultant Team Local Consultant: Concord Consulting Group, Cairo Landscape Designer: Can.X Design Visualiser: SAN

10DESIGN_Jefaira Seafront Masterplan_Landscape Middle East_March 2018 Issue  
10DESIGN_Jefaira Seafront Masterplan_Landscape Middle East_March 2018 Issue