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inspired Taylor Maxwell is an independent faรงade solutions provider. Through consultancy of the highest integrity and products of the highest quality, we enable the construction industry to realise projects in the most visionary, economical and sustainable way. Our products are handpicked on the basis of their proven ability to deliver. At TM we put quality at the heart of our business so that, in working with us, clients are putting quality at the heart of theirs.

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crocodile works / birmingham


brick Brick has been used for thousands of years and still provides an extremely versatile building material, providing endless design opportunities - both contemporary and by more traditional methods. More recently, architectural requirements have created a need for more innovation with regard to brick sizes, textures and a wide range of glazed finishes.

/facing brick /special shaped bricks /pre-cast units /prefabrication /clay large format


iipsi building / university of warwick / coventry



“When designing the brickwork tower at IIPSI Warwick University, we wanted to reflect the nature of the digital work carried out within. A unique curved elevation with a ‘pixelated’ effect was achieved with the use of a smooth blue facing brick. Associated Architects


chemistry & physics building / university of warwick / coventry


crayford town hall / crayford


coombe lane / london

“Close attention was paid to the effects of blending facing bricks from two manufacturers together. Taylor Maxwell were able to give assurances that the bricks would blend together seamlessly without issue”. Higgins Construction

/facing brick As the UK’s largest distributor, we can offer an unrivalled range of facing bricks selected from leading manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe. One of the key factors in the appearance of the building will be defined by the choice of bricks; the correct colour or texture can greatly enhance the aesthetic quality of your building. Our range satisfies our stringent quality criteria, and is produced by established manufacturers who have demonstrated their reliability and service over many years.


An unrivalled range of facing bricks selected from leading manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe. /special shaped bricks Special shaped bricks can be the missing piece in the jigsaw to knit brickwork together. These unique design elements provide the freedom to create distinctive buildings and provide an array of design solutions in clay masonry. The majority of facing bricks are available with a full range of British Standard and purpose made special shapes.

/pre-cast units TM has an unmatched reputation as a key supplier of high quality components and facades in reinforced concrete. This provides an alternative method of prefabrication using a mechanical key as opposed to epoxy bonding. Our precise understanding of the properties of facing materials means that we can integrate them into most precast elements. Typical materials include ceramics, bricks, terracotta and stone, both natural and reconstituted.


Arches: Prefabricated arches enable the creation of precise and attractive detailing. Manufactured in any brick type and in both lightweight and structural solutions.

Panels: GRP panels with brick facings replace brickwork, often used on stepped


gables in housing developments. They can be quickly and easily installed in any weather conditions, providing a solution to areas that would often be problematic to achieve in more conventional construction methods.

/prefabrication chimneys

Prefabrication offers unique options for brick and masonry, allowing a shorter construction time as well as being cost effective. Pre-fabricated units can provide flexibility & control and can improve the faรงade aesthetics without losing its structural capabilities.

dickens heath / solihull

Chimneys: The development of lightweight brick chimneys over the past 10 years has


led to several different ways of achieving a traditional street scene without the need for traditionally constructing chimneys. Cut & Bond: We can provide a range of British Standard and non-standard specials, as both cut & bonded and refaced bricks. These can be manufactured quickly and efficiently using the very latest techniques, often eliminating the extended delivery periods associated with manufactured specials.

taviton street / london

cut & bond


/clay large format Large format clay blocks come in a variety of colours, textures and sizes. It is a popular utilization of clay and is ideal for use with many of the other products within Taylor Maxwell’s portfolio. Sizes can range from 140 to 215mm in height and 215mm to 490mm in length, with an extensive colour range, plus glazed finishes. Manufactured in the UK, the product offers many unique benefits including distinctive aesthetics, cost savings and can be provided with a full range of fittings adding design potential. Recent architectural requirements have brought a call for more innovative uses, with varying size and texture options including semi glazed finishes.

lytham primary care centre / lytham st annes


gorbals parish church / glasgow

merton abbey mills / london


“The block slips were more lightweight, quicker to install and, crucially, are not affected by the weather as much as traditional masonry”. DLA Architecture

clapham one / london


masonry Masonry covers architectural masonry, reconstituted, cast and natural stone. Throughout the UK our choice of products take into consideration the planning and aesthetic requirements, whilst looking at issues of sustainability. A national network of manufacturing plants are utilised with consideration given to the interface of masonry products with other materials that feature within TM’s portfolio of products. Lightweight manufacturing processes are also feasible; addressing certain health and safety needs and are only sourced from reliable and technically compliant plants. Ranging from the character and heritage of natural stone to the exciting material available in reconstituted masonry, there are options to suit all aesthetic and commercial needs.

/architectural masonry /natural stone /cast stone /reconstituted walling


clapham one / london

st bartholomew’s / newbury


warwickshire shopping centre / coventry

bromsgrove school / bromsgrove

/architectural masonry Manufactured from a mix of top quality limestone aggregates and cements, architectural masonry is a modern, price-effective building material that has the benefit of being hard wearing. This material is available in a wide variety of colours and textures. Architectural masonry provides a decorative concrete facing block with aesthetic quality and dimensional accuracy. It is a structural material which can be used as part of the internal or external leaf providing clean maintenance free solutions. An extensive range of colours are available with various textures, including polished, glazed, fairfaced split and textured finish, which can be used on commercial and residential developments.


/natural stone A range of natural stone products can be sourced in various sizes, shapes and colours, from quarries across the UK. Smooth, Tooled, Split Face, Pitched Face, Rumbled, Picked, Broached and many more are available, ensuring the closet match to a particular product can be found. Consistency of stone supply is also offered for large schemes or multi phased developments. Individual requirements for projects such as stone paving, stone fireplaces or natural stone flooring, are sourced via a national network of offices which consider local products plus aesthetic and performance requirements.

bowood park / cornwall


/cast stone Cast stone is available in both semi dry and wet cast products from all of the major producers of cast stone in the UK. Wet cast reconstructed stone units are manufactured using high grade aggregates and cement to achieve a minimum technical requirement with a high early strength. The semi dry cast stone production process is one method of manufacturing bespoke cast stone masonry elements. Using timber, steel or fibreglass moulds, the semi dry material is subjected to high compaction, resulting in a dense, durable, monolithic product once cured. This enables us to provide a service to accommodate both your aesthetic and economic needs. All units are designed to maximise their performance in relation to weathering, structural integrity and site handling, without compromising on its detailing or the stone’s aesthetic requirements.

witney town centre / oxfordshire

marine drive / brighton

/reconstituted walling Reconstituted stone walling provides an attractive, cost effective alternative to natural stone. All of the products are through coloured, with the option to manufacture non-standard colours to meet specific needs, considering local requirements. A range of different finishes and sizes are available which can be complemented by the use of specials and capping products.




/framing systems /brick /terracotta /metal /stone /decorative



framing systems Framing systems are an integral part of TM’s cladding portfolio. There are a variety of systems, each one offering different benefits. There are basic systems, where full technical support can be provided to calculate the safest and most economical bracket spacings to support a façade. They are compatible with most common façade finishes, including stone, metal, decorative boarding, high pressured laminates, cement based sheets, aluminium composite panels, render systems and timber. These adjustable universal brackets are made from 5251 structural grade aluminium, which come complete with an isolation clip which is suitable for most building substrates. On-site pull out tests by trained technicians are available from the relevant manufacturer. In some situations a more complex framing system is required to meet a design challenge. In this instance an alternative system can be provided to overcome the most complex of rainscreen designs. Above all it must take into account the project environment’s specific static requirements and comply with the relevant local construction regulations and standards. TM also provide a comprehensive accessory range that suits most major 6,8 & 10mm cladding panels. Accessories include colour matched trims in PVC or aluminium, EPDM gaskets, shadow line strips, colour matched stainless screws and rivets, custom trims and flashing facilities.


“The end result speaks for itself - subtly curving brick facades, with variegated finishes that change with the light contributing to a successful build, and a delighted client.� Sheppard Robson

st ambrose college / greater manchester


brick cladding The use of brick cladding is increasing for many reasons. It offers a facing brick finish for walls where a cladding system is required rather than traditional masonry. It can be used as a lightweight solution where traditional brickwork is not viable and is perfect for re-cladding existing buildings. TM can provide systems which are light weight and can offer cost savings over traditional construction methods. Building with brick cladding can be up to three times faster than with traditional brickwork. Brick cladding can be flexible, functional, imaginative and is available in an extensive colour and texture range.


• unique, innovative system • real brick aesthetics • saves time & money • flexible, functional & imaginative • extensive colour & texture range

birmingham city university / birmingham



blink point / london


“This project very much depended on the flexibility, installation sequence and robustness of the cladding material. I look forward to using it again.” Scott Wilson Architects

performing arts centre / sutton


royal devon & exeter hospital / exeter



after Some systems are ideal for the refurbishment of existing buildings with insulation forming an integral part of the brick cladding system. This assists in increasing the U value of the wall build up, bringing the new external building skin in line with current legislation.


goldsmith college / london


terracotta rainscreen Terracotta rainscreen cladding combines the proven durability and natural beauty of clay with a simple support structure. This enables the designer freedom of expression and the builder a simple and quick installation process. The tiles are extruded to produce plain or grooved twin-skin tiles and baguettes in a range of thirteen natural finishes, which can also be glazed. The natural beauty and symmetry of the faรงade is created by contrasting the smooth faced tile with the precise joint. Whether as the main theme cladding or as a feature, the clean lines and aesthetic qualities can be effectively designed in conjunction with the cladding components of glazing, curtain walling.

providing freedom of expression


“The versatility of the terracotta tiles allowed us to accommodate the varying conditions of a hotel and residential uses behind, in particular when we needed to incorporate a natural ventilation system it was integrated into the cladding using slotted terracotta tiles which sympathetically match the rest of the design.� HTA Architects



olympic way / wembley


park road / london

combines the proven durability and natural beauty of clay with a simple support structure to enable the designer freedom of expression and the builder a simple and quick installation process. BREEAM certified. northampton college / northampton


byron house / nottingham


metal cladding Aluminium composite cladding systems are perfectly adapted to internal as well as external applications. They can be delivered in five standard widths with an extensive selection of colours and gloss levels with non standard colours and surfaces encouraged. It can be used in a variety of ways and is easy to install due to its lightweight properties. The product is lightweight with little expansion, highly resistant to weathering, can be used in a variety of ways.


park central / birmingham


This range of aluminium systems can be supplied in an extensive range of NCS, RAL and anodised finishes.


office refurbishment / birmingham


office refurbishment / birmingham 41

st davids apartments / islington

bloemfontain road / white city

�We are very impressed with the materials used on the upper elevations. They complement the brickwork below superbly and really stands out as a great place to live.“ Capital Architecture

prendergast vale school / lewisham



stafford county council offices / stafford


stone cladding Stone cladding systems come in a range of finishes, each of which have unique properties. Individual panels made of natural stone including quartzite, gneiss, limestone, sandstone or slate joined to a cement base that is reinforced with a light metal or fibre glass mesh at the base. Each piece is Z-shaped in order to hide the joints from view. It is very simple to install and doesn’t need specialised labour. Ventilated stone rainscreen façade solutions offer a cost effective range of both natural stone and reconstituted façade panels with varied stone types.

st georges park fa academy / burton-upon-trent


“We liked the look of the product due to the ease at which it is installed and it’s aesthetic qualities.” Seddon Construction

snow hill / birmingham


biddulph care centre / biddulph




bonnyrig / midlothian


biddulph care centre / biddulph




horizon community college / barnsley


decorative boarding Affordable and sustainable exterior cladding systems, offering a wide range of alternatives to suit a your vision. With these board materials you can deliver cutting edge modern architectural approaches, such as layering and organic shapes, whilst always remaining focused on cost issues and installation times. 53

salvation army centre / chelmsford

peachy house / ilford


recycling centre / bangor

horizon community college / barnsley


tipton leisure centre / birmingham


As well as colourful and versatile, weatherboard offers the texture and natural beauty of timber while delivering the maintenance-free durability of fibre cement. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, providing full freedom and flexibility to create any design, and making it particularly ideal for multi-dwelling developments or regionally clad traditional styles.




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