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welcome to our new brand simplicity | visibility | control

why change A lot has changed for us over the past 10 years. Our product and service has evolved to fit the needs of our retail partners and we have been fortunate to see our business grow and the company evolve - including a move to new premises. One thing however has remained the same, our website.

Research methods In 2012 it was decided that this needed a complete overhaul, but before we did this we thought it would be a good opportunity to ask our retail partners what they thought of us. We conducted qualitative research to help us gain the understanding and insight necessary to develop and refine our brand. Our aim is to ensure our brand closely reflects the things which matter most to us, but more importantly that it resonates with YOU our partners.

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| our new brand

developing the brand our promise Simplicity, visibility and control — three simple words that describe why we exist. In a nutshell this is what we deliver each day for our retail partners.

To arrive at this was a long process of defining each and every attribute we have built, created or developed over the years. We used a means-end model to help us understand how our customers translate these product/service characteristics and consequences of use into personal values (dependent on where they operate within their business). A summary of this exercise is shown.

simplicity | visibility | control Values

Makes store process far simpler, saves time enabling better customer service, increases accuracy

Improves retailer and supplier compliance to process. Helps identify how best to deploy resources to drive improvements

Takes commercial responsibility for process of claiming and credit checking away from store colleagues


Easy to pick-up and use. No longer any manual, time-consuming, paper-based checking

Supports governance of category disciplines, contributing to an improved shopper experience

Reduces waste and shrink via increased credit flow. Range control contributing to improved sales

Robust and flexible management information via rascal insight

Automation of several commercially sensitive store processes

Attributes Intuitive handset based solutions

our new brand

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our essence

advanced mobile technology giving retailers the power to minimise stock losses and maximise category sales and profitability, delivering simplicity, visibility and control.


| our new brand

what drives us The things that matter to rascal and are central to it delivering on our promise:

Continuous development


Continuous development is essential. The landscape in which we operate is always evolving, what remains constant is the need to work with our retail partners to help them cut their costs. Continuous development of our technology and service allows us to achieve this - it allows us to see endless possibilities beyond limits and opportunities in our challenge. The best results come from collaborative partnerships and we achieve this by putting ourselves in other people‘s shoes and treating people how we would wish to be treated. We work in a collaborative and proactive way - because it‘s the only way.


Trust is hard earned and easily lost. Everyone at rascal is there to make a difference, offering our retail partners full dedication every time. We are committed to working truthfully and honestly, without excuse or exception. At rascal each of us is accountable, aware of our actions and the potential impact we can have on our retail partners’ businesses.


We always have a better outcome in our sights. Everything we do is a means to an end, and that end is delivering results for our retail partners. Results aren‘t optional - they‘re essential.

our new brand

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systems v solutions It was evident from the feedback that the name rascal was generally well liked across the external audience we canvassed. The name, it was noted, was different from anything else and the bright vivid colours used in the design created a position that stood out from the crowd. Some respondents did mention that the addition of IT or something similar in the name would be beneficial in the positioning of rascal as a company, to help customers grasp immediately what we offer. We feel that introducing the word systems alongside our name rascal offers a better balance and more closely reflects our brand personality. It describes the methodical and structured way in which we go about our business, and references the fact our service is built upon robust, systematic processes.


| our new brand




how we look The rascal identity is a powerful tool which helps give us the profile we deserve. It enables us to stand out from the crowd and enhance our core essence of being reliable, ambitious and above all, specialists in our field. As a strong and consistent platform for promotion, the brand assists in increasing pride and appreciation internally and enhancing perceptions and increasing awareness externally. Bold, confident and distinctive, the rascal brand is an identity which demands attention, heads-up and promotes the company:

simplicity | visibility | control

our new brand

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our new url For further information, please call: Jonty Edwards on

01908 283900

Welcome to the Rascal Brand Short Version  

Welcome to the Rascal Brand Short Version

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