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welcome to hub Hub is a multi-disciplinary consultancy that breathes life into the built environment by delivering creative solutions that last. Our 360 degree strength enables clients to navigate the challenging economic and legislative landscape in a way that; systematically provides tangible value and benefit, delivers stakeholder and shareholder value, and secures sustainable competitive position.

breathing life into the built environment Our services span all property disciplines and are delivered in three areas; Consultancy, Environmental & Compliance and Property Development & Management, enabling us to focus fully on your needs. Communication, Commitment and Creativity are at the heart of our approach to deliver a legacy that all would be proud of.

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A true partnership comes from putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and treating people how we would wish to be treated.

Trust is hard earned and easily lost. So we make a commitment to work honestly and ethically, without excuse or exception.

Everything we do is a means to an end. That end is delivering results to our clients, our communities and our shared future.

We work in a collaborative and proactive way to truly multiply the results of our efforts.

At hub, it’s never about just turning up – it’s about stepping up. Each of us accountable. Each of us making a difference. Full dedication. Full stop.

Results aren’t optional, they’re essential. So we always have a better outcome in our sights.




This isn’t the time to be scared of new ideas. It’s the time to be scared of old ones.

Central to breathing life into built environments is ensuring that they are as equally equipped to embrace the challenges of the future, as they are the challenges of today.

Budgets are tight for all. We know more needs to come from less... At hub we look to deliver cost effectively without compromising quality.

Creativity is imperative; it allows us to cut costs without cutting corners. It allows us to see the possibility beyond the limits and the opportunities in the challenges.

True sustainability leaves a legacy that always balances profitability and responsibility. We make an ongoing commitment to both big picture issues and small picture insights so that we can be proud of the legacy we leave.

We are always looking to sharpen the saw and drive down needless cost to maximise the budget for the required work. We continuously strive to develop better ways of working to reduce time, which in turn maximises the customer‘s return.

our expertise Staff at hub have over 340 years combined experience in the Property and Construction industry. We cover all facets of Property Consultancy in the public and private sectors, working predominantly for central government and local authorities. Our expertise allows us to:

• Help you to understand the condition of your building by providing various types of condition survey reports • Provide Landlord Services, ensuring you maximize your income from your property portfolio • Provide Design & Cost Management Services to adapt and alter existing buildings and provide new buildings, any size and complexity

• Provide you with environmental advice and design

• Provide Employer’s Agent Services to guide you through the construction process from inception to completion

• Provide strategies and practical regimes to ensure you meet your legal property obligations

• Provide Cost Management Services to enable you to deliver your projects effectively

maximum efficiency our services Our services cover three areas of expertise; Consultancy, Environment & Compliance and Property Development & Management.

consultancy Property strategies • Estates • Procurement • Compliance • Flexible Working • Consultants & Contractors Framework Agreements • Space Planning

property development & management • Multi-disciplinary design to new and existing buildings • Cost management and value engineering • Rent reviews • Acquisitions & Disposals • Condition Surveys – all disciplines • Schedules of Dilapidations • Contractor Management • Employer’s Agent

environmental & compliance Surveys • Legionella • Drainage • Health & Safety • Fire Risk Assessments

Plans • Legionella • Health & Safety • Water Treatment • Fire Risk

Design • Drainage • Sprinkler Systems • Breeam & Dreeam • Building Regulations


clarity & vision Our consultancy arm takes an holistic approach to developing strategies that help manage or develop a property, building or estate. In addition we will work with our customers to integrate property solutions to realise other business strategies. Our skill mix allows us to call on a wide breadth of experience to develop property, procurement and business strategy. We can call on property, cost, design and construction specialists individually or collectively to produce the results required by our customers. Our consultancy arm understands that in this economic climate it is essential to produce strategies that are simple to implement and produce quick returns, ensuring customers can provide real value to their businesses.

property develo & management

tried & tested We have an array of specialists who deal with all aspects of development and management (of property) and can manage a building or estate and all its property functions; from management of contractors to providing design. Our Quantity Surveyors will ensure that only what is needed for the project is spent and money does not go to waste on poor design or contractor management. Our Designers are multi-disciplined and can carry out full architectural, mechanical and electrical design on a variety of types of building, either existing or new.


Our Estates Surveyors will ensure that rent is collected on time and that our customers get the best possible deal on new leases they require, or on existing leases that they have with tenants. In addition to this we will acquire or dispose of buildings or land. Our Building Surveyors are fully conversant in providing condition and dilapidation surveys that provide the right information to enable clients to make the right investment decision about their property portfolio.

property asset management We provide property strategies to meet your needs. Our specialists work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives and portfolios. Using this knowledge they then draw up strategies that ensure your assets work efficiently and cost effectively deliver your business needs.

development Property development brings both risks and opportunities. We provide you with safe and perceptive stewardship to help you secure additional value, whilst also minimising costs and liabilities. Our development practice surveyors will act as agents for you whether you are seeking to purchase, sell or lease. They can provide pro-active management, valuation and marketing services that help unlock the best returns from your strategies and existing portfolios.

experience counts

architectural & building design We offer an architecture and building design service that combines imaginative design values with hardheaded commercial realism. Involved from the moment a project is conceived right through to completion, our architects and designers use their know-how and creativity to design buildings that put your needs first. We ensure that our designs are delivered fault-free and exactly to the brief.

mechanical & electrical design We have a specialist design team experienced in ensuring the mechanical and electrical aspects of a project are delivered with the utmost professionalism and to stringent quality benchmarks. Working closely with architects and contractors, our designers are involved from the earliest stages of a project, assessing which surveys are required, preparing project briefs and evaluating and advising on environmental, legislative and regulatory issues. Their expertise ensures that each finished solution not only fulfils the client’s needs but also meets today’s requirements in the areas of sustainability and energy efficiency.

landlord & tennant Managing residential and commercial property estates presents challenges on many fronts. We have the skills to effectively manage and resolve the day-to-day and longer-term issues that arise from owning or running a property portfolio. Our general practice surveyors use their experience in all aspects of property management to provide everything from development, investment, rating and leasing consultation to planning and ongoing landlord and tenant services.

project management Successful project management demands shrewd planning, strong client partnering and unerring focus on final objectives. Our Project Managers have an unrivalled track record across a range of public and private building and estates management contracts, giving them the attributes needed to deliver tightly controlled and efficient solutions. Using best practice processes and working closely with the client to ensure they are informed at every stage. Their insight and ability to build effective working relationships ensures that every project is brought to completion according to the pre-defined requirements and objectives.

construction design management We provide construction design management services to ensure that building projects are designed, managed and executed with minimum Health and Safety risk to everyone involved. With health and safety uppermost in their minds, our specialists will review all the potential risks involved in a project before implementing rigorous codes of conduct that help ensure the wellbeing of all personnel from start to completion. As part of their service, they also look beyond the issue at hand - considering and advising on the health and safety requirements of those involved in the future maintenance and even eventual demolition of the facility in question.

better outcome building surveying Our surveying team is focused on providing professional, cost effective advice on all aspects of property and construction to our varied client base. Our team is concerned with all aspects of buildings from inception to the aftercare and performance of existing buildings. We provide the full range of professional surveying services which include advising on all aspects of buildings: • Feasibility • Design • Pre Acquisition Surveys • Maintenance • Repair • Condition Surveys • Dilapidations • Refurbishment • Restoration/ Conservation • Sustainability • Water Services • Legionella Precautions We provide expert advice from the refurbishment of large offices and commercial buildings, to more modest adaptations and repairs, which can include working with buildings of architectural and/or historic importance.

quantity surveying Our quantity surveying services are focused on providing cost and construction management to all types of building projects, ensuring tight financial control and excellent value for money. From Providing expert cost analysis and feasibility reports through to advising on building contractors’ contractual claims and closing final accounts. Our high-calibre teams will ensure your best financial and commercial interests are at the heart of every decision during every phase of construction.

lifecycle costing & benefits Our specialist teams are experienced in lifecycle cost modelling. Lifecycle costing is a technique used to establish the total cost over the life of assets / projects. Lifecycle costing models enable you to evaluate competing options, improve awareness of total cost, make more accurate forecasts, and produce more accurate cost profiles on assets / projects.

true partnerships

environment & compliance

perfectly balanced

We have a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who deal with Environment & Compliance across all facets of property and design. We have a ‘four point approach’ to providing a customer with the comfort of knowing they are not in breach of current legislation, or can improve their carbon credentials. Firstly we survey, secondly we develop plans and designs, thirdly we implement the plans and lastly we monitor the final output against the plan.

public health engineering Our engineers have a wealth of knowledge in Public Health. We are able to assess and design solutions that ensure the smooth running of your building or estate, including above and below drainage, sewage treatment works, sprinkler systems and sanitary pipework.

sustainability In addition to the general public health services, we also offer design services for rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic systems for electrical and hot water generation and heat pump systems. Ensuring that, not only do you benefit by reducing your energy bills, but also that you are safe in the knowledge that you are doing your part for the environment

compliance We have surveyors that can help you ensure you are compliant with the myriad of legislation that is in existence today. We can design regimes that will help you comply with legislation in fire, water and legionella.

our legacy energy management Our energy management team aim to deliver true carbon and financial savings for you. Solutions that encompass single service projects such as energy surveys and awareness training, through to an integrated solution delivered by our on

site energy advisors. Our end-to-end partnership model offers carbon reduction strategies, energy monitoring & targeting solutions and invoice validation which are applied across a client’s asset portfolio.

BREEAM assessments As part of our commitment to sustainability. We undertake licensed BREEAM assessments on construction projects and refurbishment to measure and mitigate their impact on the environment. Our specialists use the full suite of BREEAM methodologies to shape and assess the design sustainability, energy efficiency and energy management of buildings so as to minimise their environmental footprint and help protect our way of life for future generations. We are experienced in delivering best practice in sustainable development and attaining a high level of achievement through the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment (BREEAM) method. We appreciate that achieving the required level of compliance is critical to you.

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