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March 2021 `

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Save the Date Coping in a Pandemic Monday, March 29th at 5:30pm IBA Senior Capstone Presentation Friday, April 23rd 1-3pm

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IBA/LSAMP Graduation Celebration Fri, May 7th 4:30-6:30pm

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March 2021

Current and Upcoming Events Coping in a Pandemic Devon Dawson, Chelsey Gates and Halin Chung We gathered to discuss the effectiveness of coping skills to manage Difficult emotions and decrease stress, such as those that have emerged in the context of the pandemic. Students and staff discussed coping strategies/techniques that have helped with navigating stressors over the past year. Devon also led us through a mindfulness and relaxation technique. If you’d like to try it out yourself – check out our Health and Wellness Page

The Unseen Impacts of the Pandemic: What Do I Do with All My Losses and Disappointments? with Linda Stewart Kroon, Director, Women's Resource and Action Center and Katryn Duarte, Assistant Director, Sexual Assault Services, Rape Victim Advocacy Program Thursday, April 1st 1:00 - 2:00 PM CST

Is Everything I Feel My Fault: Feeling Depressed and Anxious When it Actually May Be Sadness and Stress with Stacey McElroy-Heltzel, Assistant Professor, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations Thursday, April 8th 1:00 - 2:00 PM CST

Undergraduate Research Week April 19-23, 2021 eSURF (Spring Undergraduate Research Festival) Research Festival will be offered virtually this Spring due to the pandemic. Students interested in presenting their research see More details to come …

Capstone Research Presentations Join us to see research presentations from some of our current seniors. Presenters include Anthony Vitale, Joshua Petersen and Adelisa Dedic. Friday, April 23rd 1:00-3:00pm CST

IBA/LSAMP Graduation Celebration Friday, May 7th 4:30-6:30pm We will be celebrating the accomplishments of our 16 graduating seniors.

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March 2021

Student Opportunities Summer Opportunities IBA/LSAMP/Science Alliance Summer Program IBA, LSAMP and Science Alliance Interns are eligible to participate in our Summer program. Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey. Your responses are appreciated and will help us with future planning. The IBA Summer Program (8 weeks) starting June 7th • Laboratory research of 30-40 hours per week (40hr maximum) • Weekly IBA/LSAMP Student Development Seminar (1 hour – day/time TBD) • Social events throughout the summer • On-campus room and board in will be provided for those in need (Housing provided 6/6-7/31 Summer stipend for room/board will NOT be provided for students living off-campus)

ICRU Research Fellowships Summer Deadline: April 2nd, 2021 Academic Year Deadline: April 23rd,, 2021 ICRU's Research Fellows Program provides funding to promote undergraduate engagement in research and creative projects. The program allows current University of Iowa undergraduates in any discipline to work with UI faculty or P&S staff mentors on a specific project during the academic year and/or summer.

American Physician Scientists Association - Virtual Summer Research Program (VRSP) Students interested in pursuing a MD/PhD Eight week long summer program to support individuals underrepresented in science and medicine. Application Deadline: May 1st 2021 For more details please see web site /vsrp-2021

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March 2021

Student Opportunities IBA is Recruiting Rising Juniors and Seniors for Summer and Fall! Benefits for IBA Students

IBA is looking for undergraduate students interested pursuing a career in research to join our closeknit community of students, faculty, and staff!

Apply Now Who Can Apply? • • • •

Rising Junior or Senior in a qualified bioscience program Considering a career in research and pursuing a PhD 3.0GPA Must identify as one of the following (for complete list click here) o Underrepresented Minority o Disabled o Disadvantaged background (including 1st gen, rural, financial)

Scholarships and Awards for Biology and Biomedical Science Students University of Iowa Department of Biology has scholarships and awards available for returning students (some avail for grad seniors).

For more info, check out Deadlines: Summer 21 (April 2nd) Fall 21 (July 30th) If not currently in a research lab please apply ASAP for Fall 2021

Undergraduate Library Research Award Awarded to undergraduate students who have demonstrated iinnovative research skills in the use, selection, and integration of collections, materials, resources, and services from the UI Libraries in their research. Awards range from $500 to $100.

More information at

Application Deadlines: April 15th

Application Deadline: April 30th

Undergraduate Research Week April 19-23, 2021 eSURF - The Spring Undergraduate Research Festival will be virtual for Spring 2021. A great opportunity for undergraduate students to present their research! Students can submit 3-5 minute pre-recorded presentations that will be accessible during Undergraduate Research Week. Application Deadline for Presenters: Monday, April 12th 5:00pm

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March 2021

News and Events Congratulations to our Director - Lori Adams, for earning the Advancing Understanding in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award. Lori Adams, Ph.D., Director of the Iowa Biosciences Academy and Associate Professor of instruction in the CLAS Dept of Biology, was given the inaugural Advancing Understanding in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Award to recognize research, scholarship, or creative expression conducted within the past three-year period that advances our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. “Lori is eminently deserving of this award due to her scholarly work developing, testing, and implementing mentor training and undergraduate research programs focusing on underrepresented and underserved communities.” Assoc Professors Andrew Forbes and Tori Forbes 9:51 AM · Mar 25, 2021·Twitter Web App

Tips and Resources Spring 2021Supplemental Instruction (SI) - Course offerings All SI Sessions will take place via Zoom through Friday, May 7, 2021. Click Here for Zoom Links for Sessions Biology Diversity of Form & Function (BIOL:1412) Foundations of Biology (BIOL:1411) Human Biology (BIOL:1140)

Health & Human Physiology (cont) Human Anatomy (HHP:1100/1150) Nutrition & Health (HHP:2310) Physical Activity & Health (HHP:2200)

Chemistry General Chemistry I (CHEM:1070) General Chemistry II (CHEM:1080) Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM:1110) Principles of Chemistry II (CHEM:1120) Organic Chemistry I (CHEM:2210) Organic Chemistry II (CHEM:2220)

Math Calc for the Biological Sciences (MATH:1460) Engineer Math II: Multivariable Calc (MATH:1560)

Health & Human Physiology Fundamentals of Human Physiology (HHP:1300/1350)

Psychology Elementary Psychology (PSY:1001)

Physics Introductory Physics (PHYS;1611) College Physics II (PHYS:1512)

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March 2021

Tips and Resources Mental Health Resources Personal Weather Report: Mindfulness Activity Provided by Devon Dawson Instructions: Find a comfortable position in your seat and observe everything around you and inside you. It helps you find out what you're thinking, feeling, and doing. Notice your breathing as you breathe in and out. Feel your chest and belly rising. Be still, relaxed, and calm. Take your time to focus your attention. After a moment, start to notice small things (e.g., slight movements, the smallest sound you can hear, etc.). Now, think about your feelings at the moment like a weather report. Sunny, stormy, rainy, calm, tornado...? Just reflect on and observe your feelings. Like the weather, you can't change your feelings. But, you can adapt the way that you respond to it. You are not your feelings and emotions. Just like the weather, they come and go. As they happen, observe and accept them.

Mindfulness Apps you Can Try Counseling Psychology Graduate Team Reach out to our great team of Counseling Psychology Grad Students to discuss local campus resources! Devon Dawson – Halin Chung – Chelsey Gates –

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March 2021

Seminars and Conferences Student Travel Due to COVID-19 many regional and national conferences have moved to virtual formats. Students still have an opportunity to submit abstracts for poster or oral presentations and we would encourage you to explore options in your research fields. IBA, LSAMP and Science Alliance Interns Please contact for assistance with paying for abstract submissions, conference registrations or other expenses related to presenting your research. There is currently a ban on student travel that has been extended through the Spring 2021. Decisions have not been finalized for Fall 2021. For seminars specific to your areas of interests, please see: Anatomy and Cell Biology: Biochemistry: Biology: Biomedical Engineering: Carver College of Medicine: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering: Chemistry: Computer Science: Engineering: Genetics: Health and Human Physiology: Math: Microbiology: Neuroscience: Nursing: Physics: Psychology:

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March 2021

About Us What Does Undergraduate Research Look Like?


Michelle Krumm, IBA John Freeman Lab

Spring Birthdays _________April________ 4/10 Karina Deniz 4/20 Towanou Noukonme 4/28 Mayra Narvaez Cardenas ___________May_________ 5/07 Kevin Kato 5/18 Chelsey Gates

________June_________________ 6/4 Tori Forbes 6/8 Bryan Guevara 6/28 Maddie Anae

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March 2021

About Us (Cont) Office Hours for the Spring 2021 The IBA/LSAMP and SA team have virtual office hours Staff Virtual Office Hours. You are welcome to drop in during any of those scheduled hours, no appointment needed. You can also contact us via email to schedule a different time if necessary.

IBA/LSAMP/Science Alliance Staff Lori Adams Co-PI and Director, Iowa Biosciences Academy Associate Professor of Instruction, Dept of Biology

Tori Forbes Co-PI, Iowa Biosciences Academy Associate Professor, Depart of Chemistry

Vincent G.J. Rodgers Co-Investigator, Iowa Biosciences Academy Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Dept of Physics and Astronomy

Brinda Shetty Associate Director, Iowa Biosciences Academy

Chelsey Gates Graduate Research Assistant Laura Kowalski-Bliss Administrative Services Coordinator

Devon Dawson Graduate Research Assistant Halin Chung Graduate Research Assistant

Iowa Biosciences Academy 169 Biology Building Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1324 Phone: 319-467-1483

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IBA, LSAMP and Science Alliance March 2021 Newsletter  

IBA, LSAMP and Science Alliance March 2021 Newsletter  

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