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Important Dates For Your Diary Thursday 22 May

Year 13 Celebration Evening Year 11 Study Leave begins after English Literature exam in the afternoon

Friday 23 May

Year 13 Leavers Day / Study Leave commences

Monday 26 – Friday 30 May


Monday 2 June – Friday 13 June

Year 10 Mock Exam fortnight

Saturday 7 June

Year 9 Trip to Ardeche – returning Sunday 15 June

Monday 9 June

Year 12 return from Study Leave

Tuesday 10 June

Year 12 Higher Education Evening for Parents/Carers Year 10 Work Experience Orientation Afternoon

Saturday 14 June

Year 8 Sail France trip – returning Saturday 21 June

Monday 16 June – Friday 27 June

Year 10 Work Experience fortnight

Monday 16 June

Parent/Carer Partnership Meeting—CANCELLED

Tuesday 17 June

Year 9 Celebration Evening

Thursday 19 June

Years 7, 8 & 9 Sports Day

Friday 20 June

Year 13 Prom Year 7 Charity Day – UNIFORM TO BE WORN

Tuesday 24 June

Year 8 Celebration Evening

Friday 27 June

Year 11 Breakfast/Final Assembly Year 11 Prom

Monday 30 June/Tuesday 1 July

Induction Days: Britannia, Clifford Road & Sidegate

Tuesday 1 July

Year 10 Celebration Evening

Wednesday 2 / Thursday 3 July

Induction Days: Broke Hall, Rose Hill, St John’s & Other Schools

Thursday 3 July

New Intake Parents’/Carers’ Evening (for Year 7 in September 2014)

Saturday 5 / Sunday 6 July

Duke of Edinburgh Thetford Expedition

Tuesday 8 July

Sixth Form Induction Day

Tuesday 8 July

Year 7 Celebration Evening – PLEASE NOTE NEW DATE

Tues 8 / Wed 9 / Thurs 10 July

Dance Show in the Jerwood Theatre, Dance East

Tuesday 15 July

Year 12 Celebration Evening

Wednesday 16 July

Sports Awards Evening – Years 7 – 13

Thursday 17 July

Student Leader Training Day

Monday 21 / Tuesday 22 July

Musical Soiree

Wednesday 23 July

Last Day of Term.

Copleston Chronicle Page 2

Welcome to the Copleston Chronicle I would like to take this final opportunity to wish luck to all students involved in major examinations in the coming weeks. We have been very impressed by the way students have approached their studies with many students attending the additional revision sessions provided by staff. The Easter programme was incredibly well attended with hundreds of students coming in during the Easter break. Our Year 13 students leave us this week to begin their study period. We would like to thank them all for their contribution to the school and wish them well in their future careers.

Principal Shaun Common Vice Principal Andy Green Vice Principal David East Assistant Principals Ian Page Carol Fowles Kathy Ramsden Esther Watkin Russell Hall

Many students have achieved great things on the sporting arena over the last few months. I must particularly congratulate Lauren Bacon for achieving a Gold Medal at the Amateur World Kickboxing Championships. I think that makes Lauren World Champion! Amazing! A number of students had a wonderful experience visiting Pembroke College in Cambridge. Violeta Novakovic has written a superb diary about her experience in this month’s Chronicle. We recently had our Celebration Evening for Year 11 which was very

well attended by students and their parents/carers. It was a totally inspirational evening with some fabulous student performances. I would encourage all parents/carers who receive invites, to attend the programme of celebration evenings over the next few months. It is always a great experience to share in the celebration of a whole range of student achievements. We are also looking forward to the Sports Awards evening, Dance Show and Summer Musical Soiree. We hope parents/carers can join us for some of these great events over the summer.

Contents Important Dates for your Diary………………………………………..………. 2 Welcome to the Copleston Chronicle…………………………….………… 3 Science Master Class at Pembroke College……………………….…….. 4 Greenest County Awards…………………………………………………….…… 6 Mathematic News……………………………………………………………….….. 7 Sixth Form News………………………………………………………………….…… 7 Year 11 News………………………………………………………………………….… 8 Year 10 News……………………………………………………………………………. 9

Heads of Year Lisa Godard Bethan Fletcher Craig Macartney Alex Curtis Janet Osborne Tracy Pilkington David Leach

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 & 13

Chronicle Editorial Team Tracey Steggall Keith Morton

Year 9 News……………………………………………………………………………… 10 Year 8 News……………………………………………………………………………….11 Year 7 News……………………………………………………………………………... 12 Battle of the Books…………………………………………………………………… 14 Copleston Ski Trip to Saalbach, Austria……………………………………… 16 Copleston Ski Team…………………………………………………………………… 18 Girls’ Rugby…………………………………………………………………………….. 19 Year 10 Football……………………………………………………………………….. 20 County Athletic Championships………………………………………………… 22 Copleston Chronicle Page 3

Pembroke College Science Master Class! Diary entry by Violeta Novakovic

Dear Diary… Yep that’s it; I’m using the same and wonderfully boring opening that everyone uses because the rest of this story is far from boring. I can still remember the gifted and talented manager of our school asking me “can I have a word please?”. That’s exactly something teachers usually say to the naughty kids who get in trouble. I was literally shaking like a leaf and I had no idea what she was going to talk to me about. She then went on to say that I have been selected

to go to Cambridge University in the Easter break, all of my other thoughts disintegrated; I actually thought I was hearing things due to the fact it’s not every day someone tells you that you have been invited to experience science at England’s top and most prestigious university. As I have always loved science, I was looking forward to experiencing science on a whole new level. I had always known Cambridge was the best place for science so I was immediately expecting great opportunities and exciting new Copleston Chronicle Page 4

topics and facts. When I arrived initially I had about a million questions that I won’t agonise you with, but I think everyone can guess most of them. However, I was incredibly surprised how quickly I got to know people. I had already made a new friend before I had even got to the new cellars. I think mainly it was because we all have a common interest and that’s obviously science but we all had similar personalities that were easy to relate to. I met some wonderful people that all wanted the same thing, to

study science at a spectacular university like Cambridge. We all found it easy to talk to each other and now we still talk to each other on the phone even though we live far away from one another. It felt like I knew them longer than just three days. I can honestly say Pembroke College exceeded my expectations. I knew that it would be out of the ordinary, however, I didn’t know it would be as extraordinary and fascinating as it was. The college itself is the third oldest college in Cambridge and, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful and perfect backdrops to study at and grow as a person and a student. The accommodation, I have to say, was not what I was expecting; I thought it would be a tiny room where I would struggle to move, let alone dance - yes I did that to test the space! It was enormous - I would say bigger than my room at home. The

food = 5 star!! I can assure you, nobody will be hungry at Cambridge. The most interesting thing I learned was about the admission process for Cambridge. I was never really told what it took for me to even attempt to apply for Cambridge and now I know, for example, I need to do a lot of volunteering. I’m now hot on my heels trying to find somewhere suitable. However, my favourite activity of the master class was the lecture on the chemistry of water. I found that the lecturer, Dr Ben S. Pilgrim, adored his subject so much, just by the way he was delivering it and the way he presented it to me and got me involved with his experiments. Just his attitude towards the subject made me more focused and inspired to learn. This was also a massive help to my GCSE course as we do have modules on isotopes, latent heat etc. and this helped me understand it at a

Copleston Chronicle Page 5

higher level which will come in handy in my exams in June. Now to wrap up this diary entry that is getting a bit long, I want to answer this question, “What do you think about going to university one day, now that you have been to the Easter master class?” I can tell you that it has made my dream a little bit more real. I have known since my first science class that this is what I love and this is what I want to do. This event has given me an opportunity to feel what it would be like to walk in the shoes of a Cambridge student, but it has also encouraged me to work even harder than I already do to make this happen because I’m so close and I don’t want to ever give up fighting, because one day I may actually be at Cambridge studying science, that’s my dream in a couple of hundred lines. It’s something that I was born for and this event has made me want it even more. So Cambridge I hope to see you soon…

Copleston High School Awarded Runners Up ‘The Greenest County Awards’ You may remember I mentioned in the April edition of the chronicle that we had been selected as finalists for Suffolk County Council’s ‘Creating the Greenest County Awards’. We were invited to attend an award ceremony at Snape Maltings to find out who had been chosen as overall winners. On arrival we were greeted and treated to a delicious 3 course lunch of all locally sourced produce. We had the

opportunity to chat to others whilst sharing ideas and thoughts around sustainability and environmental issues. After lunch the presentation was opened by an inspirational speech presented by Lord Deben (John Gummer MP), Chairman of the Climate Change Committee. He spoke very passionately about the threats to our natural environment and the responsibility each individual has in protecting it.

The schools’ category was first and the final selection put us as very credible runners up to Castle Academy from Haverhill, Suffolk. The students had a fantastic time listening and learning about all the great things businesses, organisations, charities and other schools are doing to combat climate change and encourage others to care for their planet.

Out in the allotment it has been frantic. With deliveries of topsoil compost and wood the Garden Clubs have been making raised beds whilst Year 10 Prince’s Trust students have started to put together an African Tip Tap providing fresh water for washing hands and potting plants and seedlings. You may also remember we reported on our ‘newest’ arrivals to the school (the frog spawn). Unfortunately, even though they were protected with netting, they didn’t survive the late frosts.

Copleston Chronicle Page 6

Over 90 students in Year 7 and 8 have recently competed in the UK Junior Maths Challenge and we are awaiting their results. Well done to everyone for taking part. Coming up in the remainder of this term we have a Year 8 Maths day when all of Year 8 will spend the day completing a maths task. Year 7 will be involved in a Finance Day with visitors from a national bank coming in to work with the

students. We also have Year 6 students working together on some challenging but fun tasks on our annual Fun Day. We wish all our students the best of luck in the forthcoming GCSE and A Level examinations. Well done to all those who have attended revision sessions so far this term. We are running a GCSE Maths revision during the May half term on Tuesday 27 May 2014. The final GCSE Maths

revision will be breakfast revision on Monday 9 June and Friday 13 June before the morning exam. A level revision sessions are available for most modules and details are available in the Sixth Form teaching room. We intend to run an A level revision day for our Year 13 students during the May half term on Thursday 29 May 2014. We wish all our students the best of luck for their forthcoming examinations.

Sixth Form News This year has gone very quickly and it is hard to believe that we are now at the start of another summer exam season! Years 12 and 13 have been busy preparing for their exams and we have been massively impressed by their commitment and hard work in the lead-up to this pressured time. We wish all students the best of luck in their exams. Year 12 will be on study leave until Monday 9 June, when they will return for the start of their A2 courses. Year 13 will leave us on Friday 23 May. There will be some staffing changes within the Sixth Form team after May half term. Ms Watkin will be moving down to be Head of Lower School, still as an Assistant Principal, while Mr Russell Hall will be joining the Senior Leadership Team as Specialist Director of Sixth Form. Mr Leach, who is currently Head of Year 13, will be Head of Sixth Form and will oversee both year groups pastorally. All three members of staff are excited about their new roles and the contribution that they will each make to the development of the school. Year 11 students who have applied to our Sixth Form in September will receive their detailed offer letters by May half term and we look forward to welcoming them on Induction Day on Tuesday 8 July. We wish all Year 11 students every success in their forthcoming exams. We would like to thank all students and their parents/carers for their continued support this year and look forward to what hopefully will be a happy and successful results day. Copleston Chronicle Page 7

Year 11 News Exam season is upon us and the Year 11 students have been preparing during the holidays and after school in revision classes. The Art exam took place last week and we were impressed by the standard of work that was produced after the 10 hours were up. We look forward to seeing the two years’ work on display at the end of June. The first of the written GCSEs are on the 12th May – we wish every student the very best of luck. We were delighted to invite nominated students and their parents/carers to our Celebration Evening on 1st May. We were dazzled by the talented members of the year group and would like to thank Year 11 Dance Club - Betty

Williams, Amaani Kader, Christian Radaza, Andreia Lima, Jordan Hay, Chantelle Kilpatrick, Annette Reid, Swikar Subba, Chloe Giles, Ellie Ketteringham, Nicole StaplesSmith, Holly Haynes and Jared Race. It was certainly an evening to remember with many photos from the last five years; how they have changed! Study Leave starts at the end of Thursday 22nd May – after that students will just come in for their exams. They must wear full school uniform. Some subjects may still hold lessons until their final exam but teachers will inform the students. Tickets will soon be on sale for the Prom – Friday 27th June, 6.30 - 11.30 p.m. at Wherstead

Park. Students will also come in that morning for breakfast and their final assembly. Year books will be available to order from the school (they are in the process of writing their comment via Frog) and Leavers’ Hoodies will be on sale from an online shop. All details of these things will be in a letter. Please get back in touch if you have any queries or the letter “gets lost”! Thank you all for your support over the last five years; it has been a privilege to work with your sons and daughters and we are very proud of the young people they have become. We look forward to seeing the results of their hard work on Thursday 21st August.

Wherstead Park. Year 11 Prom Venue Friday 27th June 2014 Copleston Chronicle Page 8

Year 10 News As we approach Half Term, revision for ICT and Religious Education exams is nearing its end and Work Experience preparations are being finalised. Good luck to all involved in ten forthcoming Science exams too. Anyone who missed the Meningitis C vaccinations in due course will have another opportunity to receive one, when the nurses return for a catch-up session. The U-15 Girls’ Rugby team, who went to Twickenham for the National finals, finished a creditable 7th and en route drew with the team, who eventually were 3rd. Year 10 students taking part were Jess Alexander, Holly Aston, Katrina Coleby, Lana Fulcher, Megan Groome and Cerys Gunn. With the Year 9 girls involved, they deserve huge praise! The Copleston Ski Team, in which the Year 10 students were Cameron, Ethan and Finlay Cassidy, entered the Eastern Region Schools Ski Competition and were 1st in the U-16 event. (Congratulations also to the

fourth member – Aaron Troung, who was fastest U-14 boy!) In the British Ski Academy Inter-Schools Challenge in Les Houches, France, Ethan, Cameron and Finlay competed for the first time on snow and came a respectable 20th, 23rd and 27th out of 40 boys. In the County Athletics Competition, three Year 10 girls performed well and may have the opportunity to compete for the County in the future: Holly Aston – 1500m, Issy Blowers – Javelin & 100m and Lana Fulcher - Shot, Hammer & Discus. Football – The Year 10 Team is to be congratulated on reaching the finals of both the County and South Suffolk Cups, where they were beaten by Kesgrave, respectively 3-1 and 3-2. Those involved were Alex Coldwell, Fungai Nyakabau, Charlie Howlett, Charlie Billett, Will Davies, Callum Baker, Tyreke Harris, Dan Dalton, Devon Willson, Jason Pratt, Kieran Rainey, Jack Burman, Isaac Cocker and Adam Darbous. A team of Reading Coaches is now reading daily from 8.10 – 8.30 a.m. with individual Year 7 students to boost their skills and the school is grateful to Katie Allen, Sarah Ashton, Sarah Copleston Chronicle Page 9

Beane, Anika Begum, Louise Brown, Arshiyah Jeelani, Alicia Norman, Bethany Nunn and Rachel Smith for their work in this respect. The PE Department has been grateful to Nick Page and Howard Crick, both competent climbers, who – with other students from other Years have been helping staff practise their climbing skills prior to assessment for qualifications. It was good to see in the local press a picture of Luke Adams, James Barker, Nicholas Page, Jonathan Rogers, Josh Youngs, Bradley Reeve and Alex Grace, who had designed gadgets for the police force as part of a competition. Dates for your Diary: Work Experience Orientation Afternoon – Tuesday 10th June Work Experience – Monday 16th ~ Friday 27th June Celebration Evening – Tuesday, 1st July As it is nearly time to welcome Mrs Osborne back from her leave of absence, Miss Howe would like to thank everyone (especially the Year 10 Tutors and Year Team), who has enabled her brief return to Copleston to run fairly smoothly and to express particular gratitude for the hard work and wise counsel of Miss Heffer. With best wishes for Half Term.

Year 9 News It has been a very busy and full term for Year 9 students

Regional Competition. impressive.

Under 15 Rugby at Twickenham

In the Year 9 event, Alice Read and Katie Sotiriou came 1st. Well done to the Spanish Department and Mrs Souto for all of their efforts.

Well done to Hattie Burgoyne, Millie Keinzley, Lucy Hardiman, Georgia Mitchell, Olivia Ross and Eldece Emery for coming fourth in the National Under 15 Rugby. A really impressive performance and experience to take forward for the second year in a row. Thank you to Mr Yorke. Year 9 Maths End of Year Tests (7 & 8 May) Well done to the whole Year group who took the Year 9 end of course assessments this year. It is always a valuable experience for Year 9 to take seriously their exam sequence and make good progress throughout the year.

The competition was

Blood Brothers On 24 April, Miss Wright took a large number of Year 9 students to The Regent to see the national production of ‘Blood Brothers’. It was good to see so many students getting involved. Regional Athletics

Easter Holiday’s Ski Trip

Well done to the Year 9 team who put in an impressive team and individual set of performances at Bury St Edmunds on 8th May. Well done to all involved as well as the Ipswich and South Suffolk Athletics event on 26 May.

Thank you to the PE Department for all their

Ardeche Trip Next half term, many Year 9 students will attend the Year 9 Ardeche trip which will involve kayaking, sailing, climbing and team building. Students will, I am sure, have a fantastic time. Thank you to Mrs Roberts for organising. Individual efforts Well done to Kyra Maka for getting into the Ipswich Basketball Academy. A bright future ahead for Kyra. Advance Warning

efforts with organising the Easter Ski Trip to Austria. Many Year 9 students felt it was a fantastic experience and are already planning ahead to next year’s trip.

Year 9 Celebration Evening – Tuesday 17 June 2014. Thank you for your continued support and we are very much looking forward to a positive second half of the summer term.

Languages ‘Have Your Say’ Competition This year over 400 students took part in the Copleston Chronicle Page 10

Year 8 News This year seems to be flying by! Year 8 have been getting up to some really interesting things in lessons and producing fabulous results, with many reaching their target grades early. We are really proud of them and it is a pleasure to visit their lessons; they are focused and working hard. This term, two firemen are working with our year group, acting as role models and mentors. The scheme will run initially for one year and has

This term we have seen the creation of a new form so I would like to welcome Mrs Crane to the team. produced excellent results in other schools. The students have been very keen and interested to start working with them. I would like to say a massive well done to Lauren Bacon for achieving a Gold medal in the Under 50kg Light continuous category at the ISKA Amateur World Kickboxing Championships which were held in Lloret de Mar, Spain. This is a fantastic result! Also, Aaron Troung has had a very successful season with a pro ski team, so very well done to him. We have seen lots more interesting activities with the literacy clubs with Year 8 students making lots of progress and receiving lots of rewards.

URGENT! If you would like to represent the school in any of our teams & fixtures, please make sure you get to training so we can ensure the best team is selected for every match. For more information on fixtures or just to follow the successes follow us at: Facebook – “Copelston PE Department” or Twitter – @CoplestonPE

Copleston Chronicle Page 11

Year 7 News It’s incredible to think that there is just over half a term left before the Year 7 students move into Year 8! There is such an amazing wealth of talent across the Year which makes them a pleasure to work alongside. All the students have grown and matured since joining Copleston back in September. This was so evident during our second Achievement Assembly at the end of last term when we celebrated all their successes. The atmosphere was electric and the support and encouragement the students gave each other was extremely humbling. We have one Achievement Assembly left in Year 7 on Monday 14th July and a Celebration Evening which is now on 8th July 2014. Please note the change of date for this event. The Celebration Evening is an invite only occasion that acknowledges successes from each individual subject area. Invites are posted home to families. I spoke about the Charity Disco in the Spring Term Chronicle which the Year 7 Council Reps organised. This was hugely successful and great fun. There was a cake stall, raffle, guess the sweets in a jar, guess the weight of the cake and a ‘dance off’ which was won by Billy Rowlinson whose dance moves won the crowd over in a memorable final against Courtney Turner! I’m proud to let you know that Year 7 students raised £211.20 which was donated to the Ipswich Soup Kitchen.

Billy after his ‘dance off’ victory!

I also mentioned the Area Book Mastermind previously in which Sophie Maul represented Copleston. Sophie came a very respectable 4th place in a very strong field of competitors. Congratulations Sophie. Sophie and her friends had a wonderful day - many thanks to Miss Balaam and Miss Roberts-Law for accompanying the girls. Congratulations also go to Katie

Copleston Chronicle Page 12

Landers, Luke Reilly and Libby Mulock who were excellent ambassadors for Copleston recently in The Battle of the Books Competition. The Year 7 Charity Day is on 20th June 2014 – the year reps have voted on a ‘sporting theme’ for this day. They are planning lots of exciting events to raise money. I will let you know more about this exciting event in the next Chronicle edition. Congratulations to Leena Islam and Farjana Nazmin who recently came first in the Spanish section of ‘Have Your Say’ Languages Competition. Schools from across Essex and Suffolk took part, approximately 400 students in total, making this a very tough competition and an excellent achievement by Leena and Farjana. Rachel Beddus, Trisha Day, Chloe Hart, Katy Mwayi, Poojan Patel, Jamie Griss, Mandeep Singh, Devon Spalding, Edelle Emery, Charlie Ross, Charlotte Mohan, Davina Farrow, Joseph Scott-Cole, Ben Calthorpe, Isobel Boot, Marouf Ali, Matthew Albon, Lucy Ford, Harry Marjoram, Lauren Adams, Amulya Patnam, Jake Murray, Danny Curtis, Natasha Wade, Oscar MuhsBuxton, Aliyah Kader, Zak Shepherd, William Carless, Vanns Tacey, Ewan Scopes, Brooke Beales, Jessica Vivas and Robyn Hall all represented Year 7 in the recent Junior Maths Challenge. There are lots of Year 7 students representing Copleston in Athletics at the moment. The following girls represented the School at the recent Trampolining County Finals; Caitlyn Stannard, Jessica Howland, Leigh Fellgett, Davina Farrow, Amy Fulcher, Edelle Emery, Stephanie Wright, Katy Mwayi and Sophie Garstang. The successful sporting theme of the year continues with Aliyah Kader, Rachel Beddus, Edelle Emery, Katy Mwayi, Devon Spalding, Sophie Garstang and Sophie Maul who all took park in a Climbing Assessment recently. Another sporting star from Year 7 is Rosanna Brown from 7RT. Rosanna recently competed in the Ipswich and District Indoor Bowling Club event and went on to win the tournament – Well done Rosanna. Lastly, can I thank you for your support so far this year and remind you once again about uniform.

Girls’ trousers should be straight legged and not skinny or tight fitting trousers. Skirts should be knee length and shoes should be worn by all, not trainers. We have had some issues this term around social media sites and comments posted on them. Can I clarify that young people should be 13 years old to have a Facebook account. If there are issues about comments on Facebook these can be reported using the ‘report’ button on the Facebook page. Facebook then investigates any misuse of their facility with the Police. Thank you once again for your support.

Primary School Joint Copleston-Northgate Sports Pyramid Programme We are currently hosting our second primary school competition of the school year. Due to the high number of entries for the Basketball competition, we decided to hold two separate events. The Copleston ‘family’ was won in convincing fashion by Broke Hall. The Northgate event will take place after the Chronicle goes to print but 6 schools (12 teams) are entered. Cristina Stanciuca, an Ipswich Basketball Academy Coach, and a number of the Academy players from the scheme, recently held a Basketball clinic which was designed to provide both coaching for the pupils from our local primaries and professional development for the teachers. This was attended by over 40 pupils and staff. Before the term is over we will also have held both Netball clinic and competitions.

Copleston Chronicle Page 13

On the 28th April six students from Copleston went to Northgate for battle of the books. We met Northgate, St Alban’s and Farlingaye for the morning to try to decide which book we thought was the best! There were 4 books altogether, one for each school and they were: 

Haven (this was our book) by Tom Easton

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud

5th Wave by Rick Yancey

At first one or two of us went up and said why our book was so good. Then we split up into mixed school groups and talked about which one we found the best and why, and if and why we disliked any. We did that for about 20 minutes and then (after having a yummy snack and drink) we all got round a big table and all said about each book. Finally we all voted and after a very long wait we found out which book won….. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven and 5th Wave came joint last and The Screaming Staircase came 2nd and by one point The Fault in our Stars won! YAY! Overall a great day!

Luke Reilly 7PC

Copleston Chronicle Page 14

Copleston Chronicle Page 15


SKI The annual Copleston Ski Trip departed on Friday 4th April. 61 students from Copleston and Felixstowe boarded an amazing double decker luxury coach for the 24 hour drive to Saalbach, Austria. We arrived Saturday lunchtime and unloaded at our hotel before heading off to ski fit. Once everyone was sorted we enjoyed a restful evening back at the hotel preparing for the next day’s antics on the slopes. Despite the lateness of Easter and what had been a poor season of snow, we still had enough to satisfy everyone, from the most advanced to the “car park” skiers!

Each day we had 4 hours of intense work on the piste, followed by evening entertainment such as Quiz nights, Bingo, Ice Hockey and a trip to the Amazing Kaprun Spa. The progress throughout the week was excellent with everybody able to ski from the top of the mountain and cope with the demands of some very difficult conditions.

Copleston Chronicle Page 16

The group were a joy to take and organisation for next year’s trip is well underway. Should your child wish to come next year, please collect a letter from the PE team room as soon as possible.

Copleston Chronicle Page 17


Ski Team

The Copleston Ski Team comprising Aaron Troung, Finlay Cassidy, Cameron Cassidy and Ethan Cassidy, were entered into the Eastern Region Schools Ski Competition on Sunday 27th April. They came 1st in the Under 16 Team event and Aaron Troung was the fastest boy in the Under 14 Team event. The team are doing brilliantly especially as they have only been together a year! Ethan, Cameron and Finlay also skied on behalf of the school in March at the British Ski Academy Inter Schools Challenge in Les Houches, France. This is the first time they have competed on snow and came a respectable 20th, 23rd and 27th out of a total of 40 boys. Thank you to Mrs Cassidy for keeping us updated on the team’s outstanding achievements.

Copleston Chronicle Page 18

Girls’ Rugby U15 Girls’ National Rugby finals at Richmond and Twickenham After a very tough final in the regional round of the Under 15 girls’ rugby, we knew that, despite making it to the National final, we were going to have to be on top of our game, and tactically superior, if we were going to have any chance of playing on the hallowed Twickenham turf once again. As the tournament at Richmond Rugby Club began at 8.30am, we felt it best to head up to London the night before. So Mrs Yorke, 14 Year 9 and 10 girls and I travelled up to a hotel near Heathrow on Friday evening in order that we would not have to leave at 5am on Saturday morning. We arrived at the ground to a fantastic

sunny day with teams of U15s and U13s having journeyed from all over the country. The top 4 teams for the morning’s matches would get to play the final and 3rd/4th play-off game before the Army v Navy game in the afternoon so we needed to win at least 3 out of our 5 matches to give us a chance. The opposition was far tougher than last year, partly due to the fact that most of our team are Year 9 and we were physically smaller than most of the other teams present. Despite an early loss, the girls were upbeat and in the second game we drew with a well drilled team from Gloucestershire. All our matches were close and we out rucked and pressured all the teams in our pool. This, however, was not enough as a break or two in each game cost

us dearly. We entered the afternoon playing for pride and determined to have a win. In our final match of the day we found our form and dominated a team similar to us in size and stature. We ended the day 7th and, although disappointed we couldn’t play in front of the Twickenham crowd, we were already making plans for next year. We enjoyed an afternoon of rugby watching the Forces’ annual game, visiting the Rugby museum and England store. I was incredibly proud of the girls throughout the day. They gave everything on the pitch and were a pleasure to spend the weekend with. In September we start training in earnest for next year’s competition. Well done to everyone who took part.

Participants were Hattie Burgoyne Mille Keinzley Lucy Hardiman Georgia Mitchell Olivia Ross Eldece Emery Katrina Coleby Cerys Gunn Holly Aston Jess Alexander Megan Groome Emily Berriman Lana Fulcher Nicole Aston Copleston Chronicle Page 19

Football The Year 10 football team have had another successful year, getting to the final of both cup competitions which they entered - the South Suffolk Cup and the County Cup. Copleston played Kesgrave High School in the final of the County Cup at Needham Market, aiming to win the competition for the fourth consecutive year. Will Davies put Copleston into the lead, before Kesgrave equalised late in the first half. As the game continued, Copleston struggled to play the free-flowing football that has so often characterised the team and were eventually ground down by Kesgrave’s long ball tactics. Kesgrave went 2-1 ahead with

a contentious goal that may not have crossed the line. However, the goal was given and Kesgrave then hit Copleston on the break to score a decisive third. Copleston’s reign as county champions had come to an end, but they had enjoyed a fine run and will be desperate to win again in their final year together next year. Copleston had a chance for revenge as they played Kesgrave again in the South Suffolk Cup, but unfortunately the outcome was the same. Kesgrave played well in the first half and restricted Copleston to few chances, going 2-0 up before Copleston reduced the deficit through a scrappy goal from Luke Fox.

Copleston Chronicle Page 20

However, Copleston produced an excellent performance in the second half and completely outplayed their opponents, equalising through a sensational strike from Will Davies. Copleston searched for a winner and came close several times, before Kesgrave completed the ultimate ‘smash and grab’ 3 minutes from time, hitting Copleston on the break and slotting past a helpless Alex Coldwell. Copleston have tasted defeat in cup finals for the first time this year, but the players’ attitudes have been largely excellent and a credit to the school. New players have showed great commitment and the team will be desperate to go out on a high in Year 11.

Wednesday Afternoon Enrichment

The summer term is now well underway and includes fresh activities in the form of Board Games, Aerobics and Pilates together with Basketball and Dodge ball. Generally, the weather has been very kind to us and we have suffered minimal disruption.

Some of the main activities we have to offer during WOW are: Gardening, Board Games, Aerobics, Pilates, Basketball, Dodge Ball, Skate park and much much more…. The programme continues to be aided by students who come forward offering to run activities with staff supervision. Any student who has a leisure/recreational hobby is more than welcome to approach me (Mr Garnham) with a view to being an activity leader.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION LOCKER KEY REFUNDS FOR YEAR 11 Locker key deposits will only be refunded from the School’s Finance Office during morning break. Please ensure your child has their locker key with them when requesting a locker deposit refund. If your child does not return his/her locker key, Copleston High School cannot refund your deposit. If your child is going into the Sixth Form they must still hand their locker key in. All ex Year 11 school lockers are re-assigned to new incoming year 7 students. If your child is starting in the Copleston Sixth Form and requires a locker, they can collect a locker request form from the Sixth Form office. Miss Savage – Facilities Manager Copleston Chronicle Page 21

County Athletics


It is Athletics season again and so inevitably it has begun to rain. Undeterred we took 39 students to the Suffolk County championships on Thursday 8th May. Top three in every event would be asked to compete for Suffolk in the upcoming Anglian competition as well as receiving medals for their efforts. We had some amazing performances. 3 Copleston

girls made it to the intermediate Girls 100m final, where Chantelle Kilpatrick came 2nd, Isabella Blowers came 3rd and Chloe Stopher was 4th. Similarly in the junior girls 200m final we dominated with 3 girls in the top 5. Mark Ferniz and Harrison Layton both had excellent results in their chosen

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activities as did Lana Fulcher who came first in no less than 3 events. I await the full set of results and will publish all the successes in the next edition. Congratulations to everyone that survived such a miserably wet day.

Under 16 Rounders The U16 Rounders Team played in the South Suffolk Tournament at Ipswich High School on Wednesday 30th April. This was their first time playing together as a team and, against some very tough opposition, the girls did very well. The Copleston Team came 4th. Team Managers: and Mrs Yorke

Mrs Winterburn

Strictly Copleston Yet again, another outstanding array of dance talent was on display at the annual Strictly Copleston competition. Three judges from the profession came for a night of dance performed by students ranging from Years 7 to 11. Many styles were on show, and the most amazing aspect of this night is that the students take full ownership of their performance from costume to choreography. Congratulations to the overall winners:

Chloe Giles Ellie Ketteringham Copleston Chronicle Page 23

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Copleston chronicle- May-June 2014