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Aerial Cableway

Cableway Seats, Springs, Trolleys

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Nets & Ropes

Replacement Nets and Ropes, T Clips, Connectors, Rope, Trapeze Handles, Ferrules, Chain Nets

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Equipment Spares

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Seesaw Spares

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Roundabout Spares

Bearings, Seats and Deck Boards, Pole Twister Brackets


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Playground Surfacing

Wetpour Repair Kits, Wetpour Resin & Glues, Wetpour Surface Sealer, EPDM Tiles, Safagrass Mats, GrassLoc, Loosefill, Surface Edgings

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Paint, Wood Stain, Graffiti Remover

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Swing - Seats Premier Cradle Seat – SW22 TUV Tested to EN1176 - Toddler cradle seat complete with integrated fixings suitable for 6mm & 8mm chain. Chains not included. (supplied flat packed for self assembly)

Replacement Cradle Ring – SW44 Replacement blue swing top to suit SW22 Premium Cradle Seat.

Replacement Crutch Strap – SW35 Replacement crutch strap complete with fixings to suit SW22 Premium Cradle Seat.

Replacement Corner Post & J Hook – SW36 Replacement corner post complete with J Hook and nyloc nut suitable for SW22 Premium Cradle Seat.


Swing - Seats Wicksteed Cradle Seat – SW23 Wicksteed Cradle Seat (5901-048) - supplied assembled without chains.

Sutcliffe Pod Seat – SW24 Sutcliffe Pod Seat suitable for 6mm & 8mm Chains - supplied assembled without chains. SW24 SW24-A

Pod Seat U Fixing Assembly

Sutcliffe Cradle Seat – SW45 Cradle Seat suitable for younger children – supplied assembled without chains. Cradle seats can be dog resistant, by the addition of citronella oil to the rubber compound during manufacture, this prevents the dogs from chewing the seat. SW45 SW45DG SW45-A SW45-B SW45-C SW45-D

Traditional Cradle Seat Dog Deterrent Cradle Seat Top Ring U Bolt Assembly (each) Pillar Assembly (each) Centre Crutch Support (each)

Please view our fixings section for corresponding nuts and washers. 05

Swing - Seats Swing Safety Bar – SW41 MANDATORY requirement as per EN1176 for contact swings/hexagonal swing arrangement. Our safety bar can control the jump off direction of a swing providing added safety. The bar is manufactured from stainless steel tube complete with fully enclosed chain housing and is suitable for 5mm and 6mm chains. It can even be used to upgrade your existing swing.

Birds Nest Seat – SW25 Group swing seat manufactured from a steel ring with cushioning membrane covered with 16mm steel core combination rope and TUV Tested to EN1176 - Red / Blue. SW25/2 SW25/4 SW25A

1m Diameter 2 Point Suspension 1.2m Diameter 4 Point Suspension Replacement Shackle & Bush

Spare ropes are available for the Birds Nest Seats Please call us with the length ropes you require and we will do the rest! - Sold per set.

Hammock Swing Seat – SW46 A group hammock swing manufactured from 16mm steel core rope. We recommend the hammock is attached using our SW42. When installed the centre part of hammock should be suspended a minimum of 400mm above ground level. Dimensions: 2.0m x 1.0m with mesh size 100 x 100mm.


Swing - Seats Premier Flat Seat – SW19 TUV Tested to EN1176 - Premium Large black flat swing seat with aluminium insert. Size: 430mm x 220mm x 40mm.

Basic Flat Seat – SW37 TUV tested basic economy rubber swing seat. Manufactured from EPDM rubber with an aluminium insert. Size: 448mm x 178mm x 26mm.

Small Swing Seat – SW20 TUV Tested to EN1176 - Small black swing seat with aluminium insert. Size: 440mm x 180mm x 40mm.

Sutcliffe Bumper Seat – SW47 A Single point suspension system means neither branch chains nor eye bolts are required, so reducing chain costs. This seat is only suitable for 6mm chains. Bumper seats can be dog resistant by the addition of citronella oil to the rubber compound during manufacture for a small additional cost per seat. Size: 465mm x 160mm x 40mm. SW47 SW47DG

Bumper Seat Dog Deterrent Seat 07

Swing - Seats Kompan Flat Seat – SW48 This seat of classic design is made of comfortable, non-slip synthetic material with insert of wood. Size: 500mm x 220mm x 50mm.

Belt Swing Seat – SW21 640mm x 150mm x wrap around seat consisting of 8mm thick rubber. Metal fixation plates are included.

Tyre Swing Seat – SW38 Stainless steel swing hangers mounted on a rubber tyre with galvanised support washers. Supplied complete with 6mm short link stainless steel chains.

Tyre Swing Hanger – SW39 Stainless steel suspension bracket suitable for tyre swing seats. Sold per hanger.

Tyre/Flat Seat Combination (Richter type) – SW49 Rubber tyre complete with integrated flat seat. Chains sold separately.


Swing - Chains Belt Swing Chains 8mm Sheradised traditional swing chains with 1 large connecting link.

Traditional Chains 8mm Sheradised traditional commercial swing chains with 3 large connecting links.

Adjustable Chains 8mm Sheradised keylink adjustable swing chains.

Anti Wrap Swing Chains Anti-wrap chains feature a solid steel bar midway of the suspension to prevent the chains being wrapped over the top swing bar.

Size 1.800m 2.100m 2.400m 2.700m 3.000m

SWC0-18 SWC0-21 SWC0-24 SWC0-27 SWC0-30

Size 1.800m 2.100m 2.400m 2.700m 3.000m

Cradle SWC2-18C SWC2-21C SWC2-24C SWC2-27C SWC2-30C

Flat SWC2-18F SWC2-21F SWC2-24F SWC2-27F SWC2-30F

Size 2.100m 2.400m 3.000m

Cradle SWC3-21C SWC3-24C SWC3-30C

Flat SWC3-21F SWC3-24F SWC3-30F

Size 1.800m 2.100m 2.400m 2.700m 3.000m

Cradle SWC1-18C SWC1-21C SWC1-24C SWC1-27C SWC1-30C

Flat SWC1-18F SWC1-21F SWC1-24F SWC1-27F SWC1-30F


Swing - Chains Straight Link Chains 8mm Sheradised straight link swing chains without large top links. Size 1.800m - 2.400m 2.400m – 3.000m

Cradle SWC4-2.4C SWC4-3.0C

Flat SWC4-2.4F SWC4-3.0F

Keylinks for Straight Link Chains – SW3A Keylinks are ideal for turning our Straight Link Chains into Adjustable chains.

SW15-12WIC – Wicksteed Keylink Shackle 12.65 x 50mm shackle used with straight link chains and keylink to fit to your existing suspension points.

Stainless Steel Chains Fully welded 6mm stainless steel (AISI 304) swing chains. All flat seat chains are supplied with eyebolts to attach to a standard flat seat.





1.800m - 2.400m 2.400m – 3.000m

SWC5-2.4C SWC5-3.0C

SWC5-2.4F SWC5-3.0F

Swing - Chains Swing Chain per metre 6mm short link stainless steel (AISI 304) and 8mm short link sheradised swing chain all compliant to EN1176. SWC6 SWC7

6mm Stainless Steel 8mm Mild Steel

Swing Seat Fork Ends Fork ends to suit both flat seats or cradle seats. All chains are made from 8mm sheradised chain – complies with EN1176. SWC8 SWC9

Cradle Seat Flat Seat with eyebolts

To measure swing chains simply take the dimension from the underneath of the swing frame to the ground. All sizes stated are frame heights. 11

Hangers / Shackles / Bushes M12 Cast Swing Fitting – SW29 Cast swing fitting complete with bearing and M12 x 200mm connecting bolt. Chains connect directly into this fitting and is suitable for either 6mm or 8mm chains. Swing hangers are sold individually - you will need 2 per set of chains. Suitable for straight chains. Swing Hanger for Timber Beam – SW4 M12 Swing hanger suitable for timber swings complete with shackle, bush and 140mm long attaching bolt. Swing hangers are sold individually - you will need 2 per set of chains. Suitable for traditional chains.

Universal M16 Cast Swing Fitting – SW42 Universal Swing Joint with 200mm long M16 fixing bolt. Designed for use with group swings and hammocks. Suitable for straight chains.

Bolt on Type Swing - SW5 A heavy duty cast stainless swing mount which is suitable for both timber and steel beams. The fitting is suitable for either 6mm or 8mm swing chains. Swing hangers are sold individually - you will need 2 per set of chains. Suitable for straight chains.


Swing Hangers / Bearings Group Swing Hanger Group swing bearing with safety chain, nipple for lubrication, ball and thrust bearings. Fixing holes are at 160mm and suitable for an M14 or M16 bolt, these can be found in our Fixing and Caps section. SW7 SW43

Horizontal Group Hanger Straight Group Hanger

Birds Nest Swing Joint – SW8 A stainless steel cast birds nest swing suspension and safety chain assembly complete with 140mm long M16 bolt. Connection bolts for safety chain are not supplied as these will vary depending on birds nest.

GL Jones Anti Wrap Swing Bearing – SW40 Our anti wrap swing bearing can be fitted without disassembling the cross bar. The bearing housing is suitable for all 50mm diameter cross bars. Replacement Bearing Shim – SW40A Supplied each.

Wicksteed Anti Wrap Swing Bearing Repair Kit Our kit includes bearing, seloc pin and spiral retention ring. Supplied each. SW51 SW52

Traditional Swing Arch Swing Frame 13

Swing Shackles Shackles - SW14 We supply a range of stainless steel flush fitting shackles. SW14-6 SW14-8 SW14-10 SW14-12

6 x 25mm 8 x 32mm 10 x 40mm 12 x 48mm

Shackles - SW15 We supply a range of shackles to suit Wicksteed, Record and SMP swings. SW15-12SMP SW15-12REC SW15-12WIC

12.65 x 50mm 12.00 x 50mm 12.65 x 50mm

Shackles – SW16 Heavy duty galvanised shackles complete with drilled bar to take two cotter pins. This type of shackle suits older Hunt, Hurst, Leavercrest and Wicksteed Swings. SW16-7




Split Link – SW13 Stainless steel “C” link or split link suitable for repairing or joining chains. All our components are suitable for use in playground equipment repairs. SW13-6





Shackles / Bushes / Bearings Quick Repair Links – SW12 Quick repair links to be used for repairs to swing chains. All repair links are supplied drilled to receive seloc / roll pins. SW12-6 SW12-8

6mm 8mm

SW12-7 SW12-12

7mm 12mm - non Seloc

7mm Component Connectors – SW53 This cast component connect is ideal for connecting chains.

Brass Bushes – SW11 Replacement brass bushes for use with swing swivels to Wicksteed, SMP, Playdale and Record swings. Type Wicksteed CT10 Record Playdale F400 SMP

ID 12.65 12 12 12.65

OD 19 18 22 25

Length 19 25 16 25

Many more sizes available online or call for technical advice on 01354 638193.

Hags Bush Set – SW54 Inclusive Hags bush set complete with bolt and washer. Supplied each.

Replacement Keylinks for adjustable swing chains - SW3A Replacement connecting links for Keylink / adjustable swing chains. This product is suitable for all 8mm swing chains. 15

Slides - Stainless Steel AVAILABLE FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY All our slides are manufactured from 2mm AISI304 stainless steel sheet with 38mm diameter safety bar and 25mm diameter top safety rail where required. Our slides are suitable for upgrading multiplay tower units or for incorporating within new build projects. . SL0 – Low Platform Slide Low Stainless steel slide without upper wings suitable for mounting on existing timber or steel platforms. The slide has a width of 500mm and suits platforms between 600mm to 700mm.

Code SL0-060

Height 600mm to 700mm

SL1 – Platform Slide Stainless steel slide suitable for mounting on existing timber or steel platforms. The slide has a width of 500mm and suits platforms between 900mm to 2.500m.

Code SL1-090 SL1-120 SL1-175 SL1-225


Height 900mm to 1m 1.25m to 1.5m 1.75m to 2.0m 2.25m to 2.5m

Slides / Sliding Poles SL3 – Double Width Platform Slide Double width stainless steel slide suitable for mounting on existing timber or steel platforms. The slide has a width of 1000mm and suits platforms between 900mm to 2.500m. Code SL3-090 SL3-120 SL3-175 SL3-225

Height 900mm to 1m 1.25m to 1.5m 1.75m to 2.0m 2.25m to 2.5m

Sliding Poles – SL6 Our sliding poles can be used as a single pole or as two mounted side by side. Each pole is manufactured from 38mm diameter x 2mm thick stainless steel complete with mounting plate. Suitable for deck heights upto 1.800m.

Sliding Spiral Tubes – SL7 The new, different and challenging Spiral Slide is ideal for mounting on platforms and equipped with a mounting bracket which can move in order to fit the platform. Suitable for decks upto 1.6m Manufactured from stainless steel. 17

Slides - Tube Slides / Fireman’s Pole HDPE Tube Slides – SL8 We offer a wide range of tube elements and colours to create multiple slide combinations. Choose between 32 , 38 and 45 bends and construct an exciting slide with as many bends and turns as you like – even if you have a limited space! Please contact us with your requirements for a price.

Fireman’s Pole – SL9 Our stainless steel Fireman’s Pole is a simple and easy product sold in a standard length of 3.5m which can be cut down to suit your platform height. Alternative fixing options are available from rag bolts to ground anchorage – the choice is yours! Contact us today for more information and a quote.


Aerial Cableway Cableway Seat complete with Hose – AC1 Rubber pendulum seat TUV tested, suitable for connecting from aerial cableway trolley complete with 8mm chain and 2m long temperature resistant hose.

Aerial Cableway Seat Only – AC9 Rubber pendulum seat only, TUV tested and suitable for connecting to existing aerial cableway chain.

Aerial Cableway Anti-wrap Seat – AC10 Rubber pendulum seat TUV tested, suitable for connecting from aerial cableway trolley complete with anti-wrap bar to prevent the cableway seat being tangled and vandalised.

Cableway Chain Protector – AC2 2.200m x 32mm ID Yellow reinforced chain protector complete with 6mm bolt, nut and washer. 19

Aerial Cableway Cableway Trolley – AC3 Aerial cableway trolley with braking system manufactured from 3mm stainless steel plate with nylon wheels and ball bearings. The breaking system is applied at all times to the cable and is only removed when the aerial cableway seat is in use.

Cableway End Connector – AC5 End connector for cableway manufactured from stainless steel. Our connectors are supplied without fixings, these can be selected from our fixings section.

Cableway Replacement Cable – AC7 TUV tested 10 mm Diameter galvanised wire replacement aerial cableway cable with thimble. AC7-21 AC7-31 AC7-41

21m 31m 41m

Cable Grip – AC8 Our U Bolts or wire rope cable grips are suitable for either 10mm or 12mm diameter cables.

AC8-10 AC8-12


10mm 12mm

Aerial Cableway Cableway Brake Spring – AC4 Aerial cableway brake spring with rubber buffer to suit either 9mm or 10mm diameter wire cables. TUV tested.

AC4 -15 AC4 -30

1.5m Spring 3.0m Spring

Cableway Tensioner – AC6 Aerial cableway cable tension adjuster with toothed wheel manufactured in stainless steel suitable for systems up to 80m and are suitable for either flat support timbers or round timbers up to a diameter of 160mm.


Cableway Tensioner to suit round timber Cableway Tensioner to suit square timber 21

Nets & Ropes Need a replacement climbing net or rope then look no further as onlineplaygrounds manufacture all our own nets and ropes with a wide choice of colours and fixings.

Ordering is simple > Call us today with your requirements including type of fixings required or email your details including a photograph if possible > We will provide a quotation and once accepted a production drawing will be provided so sizes and colours can be checked > Nets are dispatched and delivered within 72 hours from confirmation.


Climbing Nets

Burma Bridges

Swinging Steps

Access Nets

Suspension Bridge 23

Nets & Ropes Steel Core Combination Rope – R1 16mm steel core combination rope. Supplied with taped ends per metre. We are also able to supply specified lengths if required. Please call us for more information. Red R1-RE

Black R1-BK

Blue R1-BL

Green R1-GR

Yellow R1-YE

Beige R1-BE

Rope Repair Kit – R15 Our rope repair kits are a great way to repair damaged and fraying nets without having to replace the entire thing! Our kits come complete with 1m of rope and two End to End Connectors in the same colour. Simply cut the damaged section and replace using the new rope and connector provided in our kit. Red R15-RE

Black R15-BK

Blue R15-BL

Green R15-GR

Yellow R15-YE

Rope Repair Tape – R6 Our self amalgamating tape can be wrapped around damaged or worn combination rope to provide an onsite repair. Simply wrap the tape around the rope and watch the tape amalgamate into itself. Our tape is supplied per metre.

End to End Connector – R3 These connectors provide a simple way to connect or repair broken nets on site. Simply thread both ends of the rope into the connector and fix with supplied 25mm screws. Red R3-RE


Black R3-BK

Blue R3-BL

Green R3-GR

Yellow R3-YE

Nets & Ropes T Connector with screws – R4 Replacement T connector supplied with 25mm screw.

Red R4-RE

Black R4-BK

Blue R4-BL

Green R4-GR

Yellow R4-YE

Solid T Connector – R10 Our solid T connector connects two 16mm ropes to form a strong T cross. 3 self tapping screws are supplied as standard. Red R10-RE

Black R10-BK

Blue R10-BL

Green R10-GR

Yellow R10-YE

Flexible T-Connector – R19 The flexible T-connector provides a connection for 2 ropes within a flexible connector. 3 screws are provided with this fixing. Red R19-RE

Black R19-BK

Blue R19-BL

Green R19-GR

Yellow R19-YE

Basic Rope / Net Holder – R9 Our 16mm combination rope net holder can be used to assemble rope products onto wooden frames. Two self tapping screws are supplied to secure the rope in to the net holder. Post fixing screws are not supplied. Red R9-RE

Black R9-BK

Blue R9-BL

Green R9-GR

Yellow R9-YE 25

Nets & Ropes Egg Connector with Screw – R2 Replacement egg connector suitable for 16mm steel core combination rope complete with 40mm security screw. Red R2-RE

Black R2-BK

Blue R2-BL

Green R2-GR

Yellow R2-YE

Solid Egg Clip – R17 A solid egg connector for 16mm combination rope which allows two ropes to be connected in a cross. This item is complete with a security screw. Red R17-RE

Black R17-BK

Blue R17-BL

Green R17-GR

Yellow R17-YE

Cross Over Rope Connector – R16 Our 16mm combination rope cross over rope connector connects ropes crossing at 90 degrees. Red R16-RE

Black R16-BK

Blue R16-BL

Green R16-GR

Yellow R16-YE

½ Egg Clip – R4A A red 1/2 Egg Clip assembly suitable for connecting 16mm combination rope to timber. This item is supplied with a 40mm security screw. Red R4A-RE


Black R4A-BK

Blue R4A-BL

Green R4A-GR

Yellow R4A-YE

Nets & Ropes Aluminium Ferrule These aluminium ferrules are available in 2 sizes and are ideal to be used with our combination rope. Please note that the use of a press will be required to swage these fittings onto combination ropes. R14 R15

Short Ferrule Long Ferrule

Thimbles – R12 We offer a variety of thimbles designed for use with 16mm diameter rope. R12-OP R12-CL R12-MO

Open Thimble, used with eyebolts Closed Thimble, assemble nets to frames Moving Thimble, allows thimble to spin




Basic Plastic Ferrules – R18 Our basic plastic ferrule for 16mm combination rope is ideal for joining rope and threaded rod together on smaller nets. Complete with a security screws.

Climbing Knots – R21 Our climbing knots are ideal for creating a climbing rope within a unit and can be used with our combination rope. Complete with screw. Red R21-RE

Black R21-BK

Blue R21-BL

Green R21-GR

Yellow R21-YE 27

Nets & Ropes Ladder Rungs – R5 HDPE replacement ladder rung with 375mm rope centres.

Red R5-RE

Black R5 - BK

Blue R5 - BL

Green R5-GR

Yellow R5-YE

Trapeze Rings – R8 Replacement trapeze rings manufactured from steel core combination rope supplied with 3 types of end fittings. Eyebolt, Connect Block or D shackle. The handle and rope suspension is 400mm long. Code R8-1 R8-2 R8-3

Connector Type D Shackle 140mm Eyebolt 120mm Socket Bolt

Stainless Steel Trapeze Ring – R11 Stainless steel trapeze ring with red moulded rubber hand grip complete with 135mm M10 fixing bolt. The handle and chain suspension is 330mm long.


Chains & Chain Nets Swing Chain per metre 6mm short link stainless steel (AISI 304) and 8mm short link sheradised swing chain all compliant to EN1176. SWC6 SWC7

6mm Stainless Steel 8mm Mild Steel

Rope/Chain Connector – R20 This universal stainless steel connector is a unique component which offers a standardised type of connection for rope and chain nets eliminating the need of eyebolts or shackles. Installation is quick and simple, cost effective. M10 bolts need to be purchased seperately, please visit our fixing section. R20-A R20-B R20-C

5mm chains 6-10mm chain 13-18mm chain & rope

Split Link – SW13 Stainless steel “C” link or split link suitable for repairing or joining chains. All our components are suitable for use in playground equipment repairs. SW13-6




Quick Repair Links – SW12 Quick repair links to be used for repairs to swing chains. All repair links are supplied drilled to receive Seloc pins except the 12mm link. SW12-6 SW12-8

6mm 8mm

SW12-7 SW12-12

7mm 12mm 29

Basic Spring Rockers Our basic spring rocker range is ideal for anyone looking for a quality spring rocker. Manufactured from solid HDPE material (thickness 19 mm) our basic spring rockers are vandal resistant and are supplied with fortified plastic handgrips and foot supports as well as an anti-slip profile and hot dip galvanised steel anchor, to be placed in concrete. All are TUV tested and are complete with ground anchor.


MSPA15 Basic Spring Horse

MSPA16 Basic Spring Scooter

MSPA18 Basic Spring Whale

MSPA17 Basic Spring Car

Premium Spring Rockers Our premium spring rockers are ideal for anyone looking for a high quality spring rocker. Manufactured from solid HDPE material (thickness 19 mm) our premium spring rockers are vandal resistant and are supplied with fortified plastic handgrips and foot supports as well as an anti-slip profile and hot dip galvanised steel anchor, to be placed in concrete. Our premium spring rocker are TUV tested and manufactured from HDPE complete with ground anchor.

Only 9m2 of safety surfacing required, that’s just 6 SG1 Safagrass Mats per spring rocker! MSPA4 Spring Rabbit

MSPA12 Spring Elephant

MSPA1 Scooter

MSPA13 Spring Bird 31

Spring Seesaws MSPA6 Spring Octopus Seesaw Premium Spring Seesaw TUV tested and manufactured from HDPE complete with ground anchor.

MSPA8 Parrot Seesaw

Visit to see our complete range of spring rockers.

Ledon Spring Rockers Spares SR1 – Ledon D Handle Replacement spring rocker D handle complete with fixings to suit Ledon, FLP, Wicksteed Playmates, Playdale and Record spring rockers. SR1-RE




SR2 – Ledon Foot Rest Replacement spring rocker foot rest complete with fixings to suit Ledon, FLP, Wicksteed Playmates, Playdale and Record spring rockers.


Ledon Spring Rocker Spares SR3 – Replacement Spring Replacement 400.1 Ledon spring complete with fixings to suit Ledon, FLP, Wicksteed Playmates, Playdale and Record spring rockers.

SR15 – Spring Clamps Replacement spring rocker clamps supplied per pair (1 large and 1 small clamp) complete with bolts and shims to suit Ledon, FLP, Wicksteed Playmates, Playdale and Record spring rockers.

SR4 – Spring Covers Replacement spring rocker spring ground cover complete with fixings to suit Ledon, FLP, Wicksteed Playmates, Playdale and Record spring rockers.

SR20 – Ledon Handle Bars Replacement spring rocker handle bar complete with fixings to suit Ledon, FLP, Wicksteed Playmates, Playdale and Record spring rockers.


Eibach Spring Rocker Spares Eibach Springs – SR21 We offer a wide and full range of replacement components for both Wicksteed Spring Rockers and Spring Playtime rockers from Fahr Industries all of which use Eibach Springs.

Spring Installation Beam Spring Perch Ground Anchor Fixing Kit


170mm Diameter

200mm Diameter

SR21-170 SR21A-170 SR21B-170 SR21C-170 SR21D-170

SR21-200 SR21A-200 SR21B-200 SR21C-200 SR21D-200

Spring Rockers Spares D Handle - SR16 Replacement spring rocker D handle complete with fixings to suit Fahr Spring Rockers.

Foot Rest – SR17 Replacement spring rocker Foot Rest with fixings to suit Fahr Spring Rockers.

Globe Ends – SR17 Replacement spring rocker globe ends can be supplied separately and require glue to secure onto existing spring rocker footrests. Globe End Only Adhesive (Loctite 401)

SR17a SR17b

Playdale Globe Ends – SR22 Replacement Playdale spring rocker globe ends supplied complete with fixing bolt. 35

Repair Materials & Decks We offer a wide range of spares and repair materials for general play equipment and multiplay units ranging from pre cut floor and roof panels, to barriers, grab rails, rock holds and even replacement posts and horizontals.

Call us today with your requirements. Repair Sheets Onlineplaygrounds supply from stock a range of repair sheet materials supplied in full or half sheet sizes. Material

1/2 sheet

Full sheet

Hexadeck – 18mm phenolic coated non slip plywood



TreadSafe – 15mm Non Slip HDPE



HDPE – 12.5mm HDPE available in many different colours including- Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple.



(1.220 x 1.220m)

(2.440 x 1.220m)

Floor Decks, Steps & Roof Panels Pre cut CNC machined replacement floor & roof decks for all well known manufacturers such as Wicksteed, Hags, Proludic. CALL WITH YOUR REQUIREMENTS TODAY!

Edge Sealer Paint – P11 Specialist plywood edge sealing paint suitable for all plywoods and hexadeck. Supplied in 3L Tins.


Replacement Timber & Spares Radiata Pine Timbers Pressure treated machine turned timbers for general playground maintenance and equipment repairs. 100mm 125mm 150mm

1m RPT1100 RPT1125 RPT1150

2m RPT2100 RPT2125 RPT2150

3m RPT3100 RPT3125 RPT3150

4m RPT4125 RPT4150

Laminated Timbers Pressure treated laminated timbers for general playground maintenance and equipment repairs. 112mm 125mm

1m SAFA1112 SAFA1125

2m SAFA2112 SAFA1125

3m SAFA3112 SAFA1125

4m SAFA4112 SAFA4125

Decking Boards – Pressure Treated Available from stock are cut to length decking boards suitable for repairing floor decks in natural play areas. 35 x 120mm

DB001 .600

DB002 .900

DB003 1.200

DB004 1.500

We also manufacture replacement Wicksteed Logworld spare timbers. 37

Equipment Spares Barrier Panels Manufactured from HDPE we supply a range of play panels suitable for either barrier replacement or adding a new play feature to an existing unit. Visit our website or call our technical support for more options.

OXO Spinners – DOMI6 Set of 9 OXO spinners marked with OXO complete with galvanised assembly kit. (Timber not included).

Grab Rails Supplied in either powder coated steel or 18mm steelcore combination rope our grab rails are suitable for either timber or steel posts. Available in two lengths, 500mm and 1.100m. Steel - Green Rope - Red

GR01-500 GR02-500

GR01-1.100 GR02-1.100

Rock Holds – RH001 Our resin rock holds are supplied in a selection of random colours and shapes. The rockholds are suitable for both new installations and repairs. Fixing bolts and protection caps can be selected from the relevant catalogue section. Each Pack of 4

RH003 Wall Fixing Kit RH005 Wall Fixing Kit

RH004 Timber Fixing Kit RH006 Timber Fixing Kit

Stainless Steel Dowel - SSD01 33.7mm x 2.5mm wall stainless steel tube with a stain polish finish. Suitable for grab rails and climbing bars. Sold per m.


Seesaw Spares & Seats Onlineplaygrounds can supply at very competitive prices many common seesaw spares some of which are shown below. If your requirements are not featured below please call for technical help. Traditional Seesaw Seats – S6 Our traditional seesaw seats are suitable to fit either the Wicksteed Non-bump seesaw or The Jolly Gerald.

Rocking Horse Seats – S7 Our HDPE seat inserts fit the Wicksteed Rocking Horse and are supplied complete with a fixing kit.

Gullwing Seesaw Seats – S8 Our seats suitable for Record Gullwing Seesaws are supplied complete with a fixing kit. Some times depending on the age of the seesaw a small amount of adjustment is required with the hole positions on the seesaw.

Glow Worm & Side Winder Seats – S9 Our HDPE seat inserts fit Wicksteed Glow Worm and Side Winder Seesaws and are supplied complete with a fixing kit. 39

Seesaw Spares Seesaw Softener – S1 280mm seesaw dampener manufactured from granulated rubber complete with a 48mm diameter galvanised steel foundation tube.

Seesaw Hand Grip – S2 Stainless steel hand grips manufactured from 25mm diameter tube complete with a 4mm mounting plate suitable for flat timber or steel beams.

S2-R S2-F

Hand Grip for 140mm Round Beam Hand Grip for Flat Beam

Seesaw Bearing – S3 Stainless steel seesaw bearing assembly for mounting between 2 posts. Depending on your requirements two seesaw softeners may be required when using this assembly.

Seesaw Bearing Post – S4 Galvanised 120mm x 120mm x 1m long box section seesaw mounting post suitable for concreting in and complete with cast bearing block. Depending on your requirements two seesaw softeners may be required when using this assembly.


Roundabout Spares Online playgrounds offers many spares for roundabout products including bearings, replacement floor decks and seats. We can even provide pattern parts for discontinued items so you can keep the roundabouts running for years to come. Bearings We supply a wide range of replacement bearings for Wicksteed, Sutcliffe and Record roundabouts.

Please call our technical support with your requirements. Decks We manufacture a wide range of deck floor panels to suit many roundabouts from 18mm Hexadeck.

Please call our technical support with your requirements.

Seats We manufacture a wide range of seat panels to suit many roundabouts from 18mm Hexadeck or HDPE if required.

Please call our technical support with your requirements.

Pole Twister Brackets – F17 Manufactured from Stainless Steel our Pole Twister Brackets are supplied with a mounting plate and two ball bearings on each side. Ideal for creating a rolling log unit with these quick and easy fittings. Supplied per pair. 41

Fixings Coachbolt – F1 Bright Zinc Plated Finish. M8

50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm


50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm.


140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 300mm

Hexagon Bolt – BZP finish – F2 Bright Zinc Plated Finish.


70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm

Hexagon Head Coachscrew – F3 Bright Zinc Plated Finish. M6 M8 M10 M12

60mm 50mm, 75mm 75mm, 90mm, 100mm 120mm, 150mm, 180mm

Button Head Bolt – F4 Bright Zinc Plated Finish.



20mm, 30mm, 40mm 50mm

Fixings Counter sunk Recessed Bolt – F5 Bright Zinc Plated Finish.


20mm, 30mm, 40mm 50mm

Washers – F6 Bright Zinc Plated Finish. F6-6 F6-8 F6-10

M6 M8 M10

F6-12 F6-14 F6-16

M12 M14 M16

Square Washer – F6A M12 x 50mm x 50mm Square Washer.

Nuts We offer an extensive range of nyloc, sheer and binx nuts in sizes from M6, M8, M10, M12, M14.



M6 M8 M10 M12 M14

Nyloc Nut F7-6 F7-8 F7-10 F7-12 F7-14

Sheer Nut F8-6 F8-8 F8-10 F8-12 F8-14

Binx Nut F9-6 F9-8 F9-10 F9-12 F9-14

Sheer 43

Fixings Torx Timber Screws – F11 Stainless Steel Finish.

40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm

Washer Head Torx Timber Screws – F12 Bright Zinc Plated Finish.

80mm, 100mm

Eye Nut – F13 Zinc plated eye nuts suitable for either M10 or M12 threaded rod.





Threaded Rod – F19 Threaded Rod supplied in M6, M10 and M12. Sold per m. M6 F19-M6


M10 F19-M10

M12 F19-M12

Fixings - Caps Insert Caps Black protection caps suitable for various diameter holes. F13

12mm, 25mm, 30mm, 34mm, 38mm, 45mm.


50mm square box section. Suitable for all for Wicksteed Multiplay Units.

Do-Nut Protection Cap – F14 2 part do-nut caps suitable for both M10 and M12 fixings. Red F14-RE

Blue F14-BL

Yellow F14-YE

We offer a range of caps to suit all equipment, for more information contact our sales office. Nut Covers / Caps – F15 Nut Covers suitable for Hexagon fixing heads. 13mm to suit M8 Fixings 17mm to suit M10 Fixings 19mm to suit M12 Fixings

Nylon Washer – F20 Our colourful washer made from Nylon is ideal for use with play panels. Red F20-RE

Black F20-BK

Yellow F20-YE

Green F20-GR

Blue F20-BL 45

Playground Surfacing - Wetpour Repair Materials Wetpour Repair Kits – W1 Wetpour repair kits containing materials for a 40mm (20mm Base x 20mm Top Coat) deep patch x 1m2: 12Kg of Base Rubber • 12Kg of Top Coat. 5Kg of Binder • Mixing Tub • Gloves and Instructions. Black W1-BK

Red W1-RE

Yellow W1-YE

Green W1-GR

Blue W1-BL

Wetpour Granules c/w Binder – W2 Wetpour granules complete with binder. Our Kits contains materials for a 20mm deep patch x 2m2: 25Kg of Top Coat • 5Kg of Binder • Mixing Tub. Gloves and Instructions. Black W2-BK

Red W2-RE

Yellow W2-YE

Green W2-GR

Blue W2-BL

Wetpour Base Rubber – W5 4mm to 10mm granulated Wetpour base rubber supplied in 25Kg bags. Black W5-BK

Wetpour Top Coat – W6 1mm to 3.5mm granulated Wetpour wearing course or top coat rubber supplied in 25Kg bags. (Coverage 2m2 @ 20mm deep). Black W6-BK


Red W6-RE

Yellow W6-YE

Green W6-GR

Blue W6-BL

White W6-WH

Mulch Repair Materials & Tools Rubber Mulch – W15 Colour coated mulch produced from recycled tyre rubber can be used as a loose fill material or as a tested bonded system in many applications. Supplied in 10Kg bags. Use in conjunction with W4 binder resin (page 48). Brown W15-BRO

Red W15-RE

Green W15-GR

Wetpour Rollers – W16 All steel construction with a 1600mm long removable handle, all rollers are 114mm diameter 3 widths: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm. W16-4 W16-6 W16-8

400mm 600mm 800mm

Wetpour / Mulch Repair Tool Kit – W17 • Mixing Bucket • Cutting Knife to cut back the edge of existing surfacing • Laying Trowel • Rubber Gloves 47

Playground Surfacing - Adhesives & Glues Wetpour Edge Primer – W3 Wetpour primer supplied in 1 Litre bottles suitable for priming existing Wetpour edges. COSHH Data sheets available on request.

Wetpour Binder / Resin – W4 Wetpour binder is suitable for mixing with base and top rubber crumb. COSHH Data sheets available on request. 1 No 5Kg tub of binder provides enough resin to mix 25Kg of rubber top crumb or 50Kg of base rubber. 1Kg W4.1

5Kg W4.5

25Kg W4.25

Wetpour Clear Sealer – W11 The screed is a 2 part system which is used as a repair coat where the surface of a rubberised safety surface has ‘crumbled’ or, in order to repair a rubberised Wetpour or re-constituted rubber tile surface. The seal should offer an 18 month life expectancy before it will need recoating however this cannot be guaranteed. Supplied in 25Kg Kegs – average coverage 0.33Kg per m2.

Wetpour Binder Cleaner Gel – W12 A single part cleaning gel for cleaning off Wetpour binder and resin. Leave the gel to soak between 1 and 8 hours, or overnight, depending on the degree of contamination. To clean remove the resin by wiping off with cloth or tissue. Water may be used to rinse away residues. Supplied in 1Kg bottles.


Playground Surfacing – Wetpour Tiles EPDM Topped Rubber Tiles – W14 Rubber safety tiles according to EN1177 are suitable to use as an impact absorbing playground surface. Unlike standard Play tiles, the EPDM range does not wear blacker in time on heavily used areas as each tile is made from virgin through-coloured granules providing a more permanent colour. Supplied in 1m2 tiles. 1Kg 25mm 50mm

Black W14BK25 W14BK50

Red W14RE25 W14RE50

Blue W14BL25 W14BL50

Green W14GR25 W14GR50

Playground Tile Adhesive 1.1Kg – ST1 Rubber Playground Safety 1Kg 5Kg 25KgTile adhesive supplied in handy 1.1Kg bottles with dispensing tube. 1 bottle W4.1 W4.5 W4.25 will provide enough adhesive to fix 3 rubber play tiles.

– Edgings Rubber Edge Protector – E1 Ideal for edging cement and paving slabs, these rubber edge protectors are suitable on old concrete or even wooden edgings too. Supplied with or without angled edge. E1-a E1

1000 x 400 x 45mm, angle 160mm 1000 x 300 x 50mm

Rubber Kerb Surface Edging – E2 The rubber kerbs are flexible and also cut easily as well as providing a soft yet secure edge. Dimension: 1000mm x 250mm x 50mm. Red Green E2-RE E2-GR Supplied per m.


Playground Surfacing – Safagrass Safagrass Mats (1m x 1.5m) – SG1 Environmentally friendly, non-slip, impact absorbing safety and footway surfaces. Ideal for fitness / trim trails, cableways, multi-function play frames, springers, swings and pathways. Commercially tested to EN1177 our 1m x 1.5m x 23mm Thick c/w pegs and ties providing a CFH of 3.00m depending on soil conditions.

Cable Ties (pack of 100) – SG2 Cable ties to suit all types of safagrass, grass mats, and lawn mats matting products. All of our grass matting is supplied complete with 8 Cable ties per mat, however if you wish you can buy additional packs.

Safagrass Ground Pins (per 10) – SG3 Additional Plastic Pegs to suit all of the grass matting products. All of our grass matting is supplied complete with 3 Plastic pegs, however if you wish you can buy additional packs of 10. SG3 SG3-2

Standard, 130mm Extra Long, 190mm

Ground Protection Mesh – SG10 Safagrass ground protection mesh is designed to stabalise the grass whilst also enabling it to intertwine with the mesh filaments, creating a strong, stable, reinforced grassed surface. Supplied per roll - 30m x 2m wide.


Playground Surfacing – Grasslok Grasslok Mats – SG4 Our British manufactured environmentally friendly, non-slip, impact absorbing safety surface is ideal for fitness trails, cableways, multi-function play frames, springers, swings and pathways. The mats are delivered in tiles 1m x 1m x 16mm thick complete with clips and pegs. Grasslok is tested to EN1177 and is easy to lay and provides a critical fall height upto 2.1m. Black SG4

Green SG5

Grasslok Pins (per 10) Grasslok mats are supplied complete with 3 x 130mm long. nylon ground fixing pegs, however you can purchase additional packs of 10.

Black SG6

Green SG7 51

Playground Surfacing - Loosefill Play Grade Bark - PB Play Grade Bark is a quality, reddish brown, pine bark, which is ideal for use in children’s play areas when maintained at 300mm deep. Certified to EN1177 Supplied per 80L, for bulk order please contact us for prices.

Wood Chip - WC Wood chip made from British FSC certified hardwood complying with EN1177 when maintained at 300mm. The hardwood chips are graded from 5mm to 35mm and are light brown in colour. Supplied per 80L, for bulk order please contact us for prices.

We are also able to supply a sub-membrane for our loosefill products, please contact us for more information. Play Bark and Wood chip requires daily inspection for contamination, regular raking and periodic topping up to maintain a minimum depth of 300mm.


Playarea Paint Non Toxic Timber Wood Stain – P1 Our bright colour range paints are blended from high quality acrylic polymers which can be used for both interior and exterior applications. The pigments used are non-toxic, light, fast and produce a high opacity finish which make them excellent for staining timber playground equipment. Red P1-RE

Black P1 - BK

Blue P1 - BL

Green P1-GR

Yellow P1-YE

Green Timber Preserver – P2 Green wood preserver is a general purpose preserver for interior or exterior use. It gives deep penetrating protection to sound wood against wood decay and can be used on horticultural and structural timbers.

Anti Rust Paint – P3 Tough, durable and anti-corrosive. Suitable for both bare and rusty iron and steel. High performance anti-corrosive formulation. Provides a smooth protective base for over coating with minimal sanding. Quick drying.

Quick drying playground Steel gloss – P4 A Durable corrosion resistant decorative coating for ferrous & non-ferrous metals which produces a brilliant gloss finish which will retain its sheen for years. The paint can be applied directly onto rusty metal with no need for primer or undercoat. Red P4-RE

Black P4 - BK

Blue P4 - BL

Green P4-GR

Yellow P4-YE 53

Playarea Paint Thinners – 750ml – P5 As well as cleaning brushes and equipment it will remove dirt, grime, salt and loose rust from metal surfaces.

Paint Brushes – P10 Maintenance trade pack including: 2 x 1.5”, 2 x 2”, 1 x 3” brushes.

Graffiti Remover – P6 For use on horizontal and vertical surfaces for the removal of spray paint, crayons, lipstick, ball point pens, magic markers. Spray directly onto the surface, leave for a few minutes and wipe off with a clean cloth. Supplied in 400ml Spray Cans.

Anti Graffiti Paint – P8 A quick-drying, clear coating product which protects timber, steel or brickwork against Graffiti of all kinds and can be cleaned repeatedly without special chemicals. The product has excellent adhesion properties on both timber and steel. It is easily applied and comes in a single pack. Available in gloss or matt finish. Supplied in 5L Cans.


Steelway Gate & Spares Replacement Steelway Gate – GS013 1.2m wide x 1.2m high Bow top gate with 12mm infill bars. Comes with posts and self-closing mechanism, galvanized and is polyester powder coated black. Alternative heights and colours available upon request.

Steelway Gate Springs – GS001 280mm long x 25mm self closing gate spring suitable for metal gates.

Steelway Self-Closing Spring Kit– GS007 Replacement Spring Mechanism kit for Steelway Self Closing Gate complete with Spring, Central Rod, Split pin, Adjuster Mechanism, 2 Bolts and Spacer Washers.

Rubber Gate Buffers – GS005 A solid rubber 19mm thick buffer suitable for bolting to slam plate. Supplied with 2 No M6 bolts.

Gate Hinges – GS002 Replacement gate hinges suitable for metal bow topped fencing. GS002- TOP GS002 - BOTTOM

Top Hinge Bottom Hinge 55

Noreg / Easy-Gate Spares Noreg Gate Closers– GS010 Fully enclosed gate hinge with easily adjustable closing speed settings. Left handed and Right handed gates require corresponding closer below. GS010L




Noreg Springs – GS006 Replacement Noreg Gate Springs available in both Left and Right hand options. GS006L




Easy-gate The Pedestrian Easy-Gate complete rigid unit has a clear opening width of 1m and a total width of 1.3m over the posts x 1.2m high. EGPB1 – 1m High Bow Topped Pedestrian Gate. EGPB2 – 1.2m High Bow Topped Pedestrian Gate. Repair Kit – GS011 Easy-gate repair kit comes complete with all you will need to renovate your existing gate, all you need is your existing gate and the posts, everything else is supplied!!

Rubber Stops – GS012 Rubber buffer designed for use with Easy-Gate supplied in either 6mm of 12mm. 6mm 12mm


GS012.6 GS012.12

For more infromation on our gates and spares please call our technical support on 01354 638193.

Gate Spares Circular Gate Buffers – GS008 A solid circular rubber buffer suitable for bolting to slam plate. 36mm in diameter with a height of 25mm. Supplied with a fixing bolt and nyloc nut.

Self Closers for Gate – GS003 Our self closers are easy to fit and suit metal, timber or vinyl gates. Manufactured from stainless steel, these closers are designed for heavy duty commercial use and do not rust.

Heavy Duty T Hinges for Timber Gates – GS004 Tee Hinges with a zinc Plated finish for weather resistance. GS004-20 GS004-30 GS004-35

200mm (8”) 300mm (12”) 350mm (14”)

Gate Latch – GS009 102mm Gate latch made from corrosion resistant steel. 57

Timber Fencing & Bollards Fencing If you are looking to repair a timber fence look no further, please choose from some of the standard sizes below or contact us for more information on our timber fencing spares!. Nails and screws are available from our fixings section. Pails Rails Posts

22mm x 90mm x 1.200m 38mm x 89mm x 2.400m 90mm x 90mm x 1.800m

FEN001 FEN002 FEN003

Timber Bollards Our timber bollards are available in either laminated square Safalog or round timbers and are supplied with a groove as standard, and pressure treated. Square Profile Round Profile

1300mm BOL1300 RBOL1300

1500mm BOL1500 RBOL1500



Sand / Water Play Sand/Water Bucket – SA1 Our sand or water bucket has a diameter of 180mm and is manufactured from rubber complete with a steel insert. Rubber sand bucket complete with chain.

Sand/Water Wheel – SA2 Stainless steel sand / water wheel complete with straight mounting plate and ball bearings.

Swing Chain per metre 6mm short link stainless steel (AISI 304) all compliant to EN1176. SWC6

6mm Stainless Steel

Sand Crane Pulley System – SA3 Our sand crane pulley system can be mounted on any flat surface and comes complete with nylon chain guiding wheels and front access plate. The crane system is supplied with 4m of 6mm stainless steel chain. Play Sand – SA5 Clean, safe, non-staining and non-toxic play sand suitable for children 18months and over. Ideal for outdoor use in sand pits or tables. For safety information refer to label on bag. Supplied in 25kg bags. 59

Signage Introduction There is a legal requirement, under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957, 1984 to ensure that play areas have correct and adequate signage. Signage can play an important role in providing information to users for the purposes of reporting accidents and damage.

Signage Contents Play Area signage should include: > Name of operator of the site > Contact details to report damage or accidents. Where the authority has a permanent office this should include the telephone number. Where a clerk works from home the use of a telephone number may not be appropriate > Location of nearest public telephone for contacting emergency services (Not essential) > Pictogram “No Dog” signs are also strongly recommended > Where there are overhead electric cables nearby “No Kite Flying” signs are recommended > Where the play area is near a road the use of Road Signs to warn motorists of the presence of a playground should be considered (contact your local Highways Authority for provision of these) > Any notices regarding age of users should be carefully worded so that it does not imply that the area is safe for all users of that age. For instance a 12 year old may have the mental and physical capabilities of a 3 year old. Something that implies that the area is safe for all children over the age, say, of 7, would imply that it was also safe for this child and could result in litigation in the event of an accident. A bold statement such as “This area is to be used by children Under 8 only” is to be preferred.


Inspection Probes - 8 piece 3D playground inspection probes are used in the testing of indoor, outdoor and inflatable play areas. IP001 Probes A & B are no longer used, it is determined that all equipment is accessible to all age groups unless they are specifically excluded.

Toggle Test: The chain length has been shortened to 400mm from 600mm.

Test Template: This probe has been changed significantly to reflect the updated process for checking head & neck entrapment.

Probe E: A new probe for checking flexible bound openings in nets etc.

Ring Gauge: A new gauge to check the diameter of handgrips and footrests on Rocking Equipment. Also included in the set are 8mm, 12mm and 25mm finger probes, probe C (Torso probe) & probe D (Large head probe). 61

Street Furniture – Litter Bins Valley 100L Litter Bin – TI0064 Manufactured in 2mm prime mild steel and treated with a rust resistant primer the Valley 100 litre litter bin is fitted with a heavy duty slam lock, litter guides and drain holes. Our Valley 100 litter bin is supplied in a black gloss finish.

Valley 200L Litter Bin – TI0066 Manufactured in 2mm prime mild steel and treated with a rust resistant primer the Valley 200 litre litter bin is fitted with a heavy duty slam lock, litter guides and drain holes. Designed to be bolted to the ground through 4 reinforced fixing points the Valley 200 can also be fitted with ‘anti bird flaps’ over the apertures as a special build. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements. Knight 94L Litter Bin – TI083 The Knight Closed Top Free Standing litter bin features top opening, slam lock and galvanised liner. With a capacity of 94 litres the Knight is supplied in black finish and can be bolted down or concreted in for safety.

Westminster Litter Bin – RPF12 A traditional style timber bin with powder coated wire basket insert and lockable front.


Street Furniture - Litter Bins Jubilee Plastic Litter Bin - BIN01 Jubilee litter bin is manufactured from DURAPOL Material, and in black is made from 100% recycled post-industrial plastics.

Dog Bin - BIN02 The bin has a large 50 litre capacity and a large capacity chute for easier waste disposal. It features a stainless steel backbone, which remains attached to the wall or post for security. The bin body is removable for disinfecting and cleaning.

Grit Bin - BIN03 Stackable bin with 50kg capacity. Supplied with 2 x 25kg bags of salt. Made from Virgin HDPE and an ideal size for positioning outside. Dimensions: 0.49m long x 0.50m wide. 63

Street Furniture - Benches Park Bench – RPF7 Our best selling traditional park bench is manufactured from heavy duty pressure treated softwood and measures 1.800m long x 500mm wide. Great for parks and environmental areas.

1.800 Wishford Bench – PM10 Featuring a deeper seat base for added comfort and style the high quality and good looking Wishford Bench is a product that is virtually maintenance free, requiring no polishing or painting and will not rot, crack or splinter. The Wishford bench also features embossed wood grain pattern on the top surface of the seat planks for a more natural look. Dimensions: 1.800m long x 550mm wide.

1.800m Oxford – PM3 2.400m Oxford – PM4 The Oxford is the heaviest seat in our range. It has good solid proportions, will withstand the heaviest use and is ideal for use in municipal parks and other public amenity seating. All manufactured from FSC timber.

2.400m Oxford


Street Furniture - Benches & Replacement Slats Onlineplaygrounds can now supply replacement bench slats in either pressure treated softwood, oiled hardwood, or recycled plastic. All bench slats are supplied cut to length with a 12mm diameter radius on all edges. We also provide a wide range of fixings. 50 x 100 1.200 1.500 1.800 2.100 2.400

BS10012 BS10015 BS10018 BS10021 BS10024

50 x 150 1.200 1.500 1.800 2.100 2.400

BS15012 BS15015 BS15018 BS15021 BS15024

50 x 200 1.200 1.500 1.800 2.100 2.400

BS20012 BS20015 BS20018 BS20021 BS20024

Suffix’s Softwood






Queensgate Seat – RPF08 With the option of arm rests and the supporting back, what better place to sit on a sunny afternoon. Available either with ground or base fixings. Finished in either Red or Green polyester powder coating with a base zinc coat. Dimensions: 1.800m long x 550mm wide. 65

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