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SULIUYI LI Architecture Portfolio


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Pratt Institute - Brooklyn New York School of Architecture Bachelor of architecture, 2012-2017 Photography minor, 2015-2017

Columbia University - Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Master of Science Degree in Advanced Architecture Design, 2017-2018


Jiakun Architects China, Sichuan Chengdu. 2016.6 - 2016.9 Site & culture research, Project participant

Guizhou Province Architecture Campany China,Guizhou Guiyang. 2013.6 - 2013.9 Physical model, Data collect.

Guizhou University Architecture Design Institute China,Guizhou Guiyang. 2014.6 - 2014.9 Project participant

Technical skill: 3D:

Physical Modeling Revit Rhinoceros Grasshopper T-Splines V-ray renderer Maxwell renderer

2D: AutoCAD Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Bridge Adobe Lightroom Hand Sketch


Chinese English


Modern Decoration Magazine 2013.8 Modern Decoration Magazine


Pratt Inprocess 20


Pratt Inprocess 21



CONTENT Acadamic Work:

io 01. Pratt Domitory (Extending streetlife)

02. Hot Pot Hub (Mixing program)

03. Music Visualization (new space inspired from music) 04. Future energy Platform (reuse of abandon oil rig)

05. Refugee Museum (Concave - Convex)

06. Columbia Boathouse (Flow & Continuous Circulation)

Pratical Work: West Village in Chengdu (Jiakun Architects)


Pratt Dormitory Dwelling is fundamental to the human condition, for this project we try to make a interesting dormitory by extending the street life to dormitory. The building is mix usage which combine living space and communication space. The large staircase cutting the building and enclose with triangle volume which is communication space, and also use as a temporary gallery when art school need extra gallery.









Concept Diagram + Massing Development The concept of the design is extending street life to dormitory, and create the contemporary gallery for pratt students to exhibit their art work. The continuous staircase wraps around the interior of the atrium and each floor has access to go into the gallary which is from second floor to eighth floor. Generally, to differentiate between the two systems working in the building--private rooms and communal gallery spaces--I used two different form strategies and enclosure strategies to show on the buidling's facade

Continuous Staircase Interior Wall


Triangular enclosure

Floor slab

Curtain Wall

Glass Tubes Facade


Axon Floor Plan with Different Room type


Room types naturally, pratt students are constantly moving from place to place; learning in brooklyn, new york,calls for a constantly mobile lifestyle and fast-paced environment. after analysing different ways students travel through our grand and myrtle site near the pratt campus, we designed a simple cell system for these constantly learning and moving artists to have


their own space within a larger collective of graduate artists. Each cell contains a single bed, a working table and closet, which meet the basic needs for student, 4-5 cells are sharing a lavatory. Beside cell system, the domitory also provide single rooms and loft apartments which give more personal space for student.

Axon Floor Plan with Continuous Staircase


The Atrium The triangular atrium in the center of the building is only a communal space for people gathering but also designed for students’ exhibition. The continuous staircase starting from street level and wraps around the interior of the atrium from second floor to eighth floor. Each floor has the access to go into the atrium.


The Glass Tubes Facade The outer skin of the facade is made by the glass tubes, which allowed the ventilation and natural light into the building, but also protect the privacy of each rooms from street. The glass tubes faç ade is only placed on the private room area, which shows the difference between private room and communal gallery area on the facade.




Hot pot Hub The project is based in Southwestern China, in the mountain city of Chongqing. The design will be based largely on the varying elevational topography of this city. The concept of the design is the focus on the relationship between the topography and architecture, and design a skyscraper with mixed programs which can occupy by all local people and visitors.


The Site The site is in Chongqing which is the mountain city in southwestern China, except the topography another feature of the city is the hot pot, which is the most famous food of Chongqing. There are a lot of different levels of roads in the city due to the topography, the type of transportation is various include air-tram, metro, boat and elevated railway.

The aim is to make the high-rise building cooperate with the different type of transportation and design a hub near to the center of Chongqing allowed people gathering. Besides the topography, developing the local life in a modern skyscraper to maintain the unique lifestyle of the city also is the main goal of this design.


Mixing Program & Moving Market The skyscraper always is treated as several isolated entities within the city, but the skyscraper should work as a component of the city network rather than the individual system. The traditional skyscraper has fixed organization of program base on the height and needed. In this design, the program is mixed, the residential is next to the office area, In order to provide people convenient life.


The public programs are also located in different spots. The moving market is the linkage between different programs. The long escalator, not only service as circulation, but also work as street market, which is very common in Chongqing.The life in Chongqing in connect with food closely. The market is multi-function market depends on the time of day. It can be grocery, food plaza, night market.






Music Visualization The relationship between music and architecture has been researched for a long time by different architects. Here we use the philosophy of re-transfer the language from music to architecture to achieve a new beauty of space quality. The sound visualization.











Future Energy Platform In 2017, April 28, president Trump reopen the offshore oil and gas drilling. Even this provide more work opportunities and energy, but the non-renewable energy is not permanent. The future energy platform, the renewable energy should replace the traditional oil and gas. The design aim to create multi-function platform which environment friendly.






Reuse of Abandon oil rig platform

Renewable energy calculate

April 28, 2017, President Trump executive order to jettison a permanent ban on new offshore oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans exceeded his constitutional and statutory authority and violated federal law. But oil is not renewable energy, after few years, this area of the oil is extracted, the rig will be abandon. Take down the abandon oil rig will cost a lot money and also have rist to cause the marine pollution. So we propose to reuse the abandon oil rig platform by use add the renewable energy facility, for example the wind farm, the wave energy converter, thermal energy plant and current turbine. Those facility not only will extent the use of the platform but also produce the renewable energy to replace oil energy.

Wind Turbine 13 122 kw x 10 = 131 220 kw Current Turbine 800 kw x 12 = 9 600 kw Wave converter 871 kw x 9 = 7 839 kw Thermal plant 10 000 kw x 8 =80 000 kw


Total: 228 659 kw perday


Fish Processing The fish processing factory on the rig can unload the fish from the boat directly which not only gaurantee the quality of the fish but also reduce the load of the boat after processing. the processing include weighting, heading, cleaning, sizing, spliting, packing, freezing. After the processing, some of the fish will reload on the boat to ship back to mainland.

Fish Market There is a fish market on the platform to provide the food for the people work here, also open to visitor. After the processing some of the fish will directly transmit to the market, which make sure the freshness of the fish.

Substation The substation on the platform is use for process the renewable energy and tansfer to tesla battery. The battery will delivery to mainland monthly. There is 142 pack of 6 000 Kw Tesla battery to collect energy.



Research Center The research center is open for scholar to do the marine life research. The location of the oil rig platfrom provide a good environmen for observation. The research center not only for marine life but also for renewable energy lecture and exhibition.

Substation & Battery The substation on the platform is use for process the renewable energy and tansfer to tesla battery. The battery will delivery to mainland monthly. There is 142 pack of 6 000 Kw Tesla battery to collect energy. The capacity of the total battery is 229 000 kw per day, which meet the needs.

Dwelling The dwelling on the platform is renovated from abandon container. The worker can make there own container on the main land and install on the platform. The fixed container is offered for who will only stay in platform for short time, like visitors, fishman and scholars.



Refugee Museum The disign is proposed for both muslim and germany to better understand each other. It has discussed how two culture and circulation could combine in one building . Walls are deigned in defferent materials and identities for the possiblilities of how these two culture could be seen in two different perspectives.


Volumatric Study

The Ruin


Yin & Yang

History Gallery

Culture Gallery

Escape Path


The Site The site is located in the middle of the Berlin wall . The history of Berlin still has its influence on us. No wall should be built to withstand the desire for freedom. However, the refugees would always be a mirror to our society. It reflects back to us in decent and ugly if we give up because of our fragile.


Islamic Exhibition Islamic exhibition is majorly showing the life changes of the war. The huge difference would help germany to understand the situation refugees are facing and have the willling to give them help.


Germany Exhibition Germany exhibition gives a brief introduction of its history, culture and arts. But mostly, it would teach the rules, laws and the difference in common sense . The exhibition is trying to teach them how to assimilate into the society.


Volumatric Study


Refugee Refugee imigration crisis has been discussed now more than ever in 2016. In the begining of this year, the events in Cologne have triggered a deep and sustained shock to all of us. Some who used to hold a positive attitude has turned to the otherside. More and more innocent refugees are facing a worse quality and less welcome situation.


The Ruin The ruins was transported from a real Syria site, The reason for doing such a expensive thing is to let germany or other vistors literally experience what happend in Syria.The was has caused million of people lost their home and family. The ground was filled with broken concrete blocks or clothes which used to belong to someone. A round path is designed for visitors to get into the center of the ruins. Two stairs would cross the ruins on their circulation Now even an eye contact could mean something to each other.


Sculpture Gallery The first floor exhibition is designed for muslim, majorly showing contemporary sculptures, The decoration of the room would be modern. The big stair visually connects the ground floor and the upper floor, which is an islamic cultural exhibition for germany.People could see each other obscure through the muslim pattern wall. Two culture are seperated from the floor but are connected by the ones who are experiencing it. Even though they could't talk yet, they still would have a feeling that the other side is trying to learn and has a positive attitude.


Columbia Boathouse The uninterrupted circulation from the main entrance to the waterfront dictates the building to be two separate parts while the bisecting circulation branches out to serve stripes of programs.Study of how to stripe folding creates different conditions vertical-

The uninterrupted circulation from the main entrance to the waterfront dictates the building to be two separate parts while the bisecting circulation branches out to serve stripes of programs.Study of how to stripe folding creates different conditions vertical


The Starting point of the design is the study of folding stripes and create different condition vertically and horizontally. The uninterrupted circulation from main entrance of the site to waterfront separate the building into two parts, but connect by the exterior circulation on the second floor. the long-span structure results in the thick profile of the soffit which allows stripes of skylights cut in at an angle. There trapezoid grooves not only diffuse daylight but also receive the artificial light along the skylights. Solar panels on top of the GFRC panels flow along the entire roofscape and turn into grasscrete, emphasizing the continuity.


Solar Panel

GFRC Panel

Soffit & Skylight






Solid & Void Space The boat storage is half open space in the design, not only for take the boat conveniently but also highlight the space is the main function of the design. In order to not interrupt the main circulation, there is a courtyard between university club and community club. In the second floor, the exterior circulation wrap around the entire building and connect two separate buildings




West Village As a multifunctional complex consists of various cultural activities and commercial industries, west village encircles an entire block to form a community of collective memories and reproduce conventional lifestyles. A walkway entwined the yard connects each floor of the building, from the underground to the roof; it is designed for pedestrians and cyclers for leisure and sports activities.



The project aims to integrate a variety of social resources combing sports and leisure activities, cultural and artistic events, and fashion and creative industries into a local collective-living space. The project expects to fulfil various practical needs and continuously vitalize urban communities. Following the architectural philosophy of “ contemporary approach with historical ethos” , the design refers to the space prototypes of collective-living compounds during the planned economic era (1950s-1980s); and it attempts to transfer such community space with a flavour of idealistic collectivism into the current architectural language. The project synthesises collective memory, vernacular characteristics and modern lifestyle in order to provide a contemporary arena for diversified lifestyles in modern cities. Using functionality, cost-efficiency, practicability and honesty of material as a starting point, the design intentionally reveals the underlying nature of the construction and produces a distinct morphological aesthetics– essential functions/ structures give the building forms.




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Suliuyi li portfolio  
Suliuyi li portfolio