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zzest summer essentials?(And how on earth could you USE THEM?) And,


From ZZest Market and Cafe, located in Rochester, Minnesota‌ really‌.

[ issue 2]

You would expect to find this in a big city, but, it’s right in your back yard, Rochester! Enjoy it with ZZest, you’ll be blown away.

SHOP the Market: Heinz, Kraft, and Del Monte are just a few of the many brands we will never carry. There is a such a world of flavor out there way beyond anything the big names can produce, you just have to find them – and, we did that for you. Let us guide you through amazing flavors you can recreate at home with just a few ingredients.

Stop by for a DRINK: Adventurous wines and craft-brew beers complement your lunch or dinner. Waters and sodas like real ginger beer; fermented cola and lemonade; rhubarb, cucumber, and lavender sparkling waters; and locally roasted coffees served in a French press. Cocktails on the patio? Yes please!

EAT dinner here: Our Cafe is small, and, it is very, very casual (just like the rest of our store) -- the focus is on the food. Think of it like a 5 Star dinner in a 1 Star restaurant. We do take a few dinner reservations but we save most of the tables for walk in, just to keep it relaxed. So put on your favorite jeans and a comfortable sweatshirt and enjoy an elegant meal without having to count the silverware.

1190 16 St SW #600 • Rochester, MN 55902 Open Tuesday - Saturday • Market: 10am - 9pm • Lunch: 11am - 3pm Dinner: Tue, Wed & Thur 5pm - 9pm • Fri & Sat 5pm - 10pm • closed Sunday & Monday

507-424-0080 • WARNING: prolonged exposure to our market may cause an acute appreciation for fine food, a frequent need to cook with only our ingredients, an increased sensitivity to “grocery store” food, and, in extreme but rare cases, the complete inability to eat food purchased elsewhere.


Summer of

Last summer, one of my favorite families came to dinner on the patio, often. Sometimes it was the 3 of them, Mom, Dad and Finn, who at about age 4, always ate a cheese plate. Many times Grandma joined them and that made 4 happy campers, kicking back on the patio. By end of summer they had declared it to be the summer of ZZest! Here’s a toast to another summer and we hope it's full of ZZest. You’ll find we are all about an easy going, carefree, summer, kicking back and relaxing or casually entertaining. Start it out by pouring yourself a cold one and reading a paper. How about a Rhubarb Dry Soda and Empty the Jar Issue 2! Right now we have a crush on peaches, burgers and Johnny Depp. And, ZZest carries a dynamic duo you don’t want to miss, especially this summer. (Read about it inside.) Also in this issue, meet one of our customers who invited us over for a Peruvian classic meal, (complete with shots of Pisco), one rainy Thursday afternoon. You know at ZZest it always starts with cheese. And what an easy summer dinner a cheese board would make some sultry evening. A little Pinot Gris anyone? We picked three cheeses to highlight in this issue that go with our Empty the Jar ingredient, Gracious Gourmet's Peach Apricot Spread. Chef Hillary will empty that jar with recipes for the grill, a salad, a dessert Mary couldn’t get enough of (um… photo wise!) and a refreshing summer cocktail. We have a few more ingredients to add to your summer pantry that, if you hit your fabulous local Farmer's Market first, your kitchen will rival even the best restaurants like ZZest! But hey! If you’re tired of cooking, our patio is calling. Lunch is great, dinner, divine, or if you want something light, and the weather is fine… pizza is served! Weather permitting, each night we'll fire up our (bigger and brand new) wood burning pizza oven on the ZZest patio. I might warn you, the record for longest stay on the patio is 7 hours, lunch through dinner. Feel free to raise the bar. (We're working on that, right ladies? Yes, you know who you are. — Mary) Speaking of bar, we are building one out there… stay tuned! Finn and his family also set the bar last summer. But, Finn hasn’t ordered a pizza yet…. I’ll let you know, but I bet he declares 2012, the Summer of ZZest… part 2.

Food writing

and RECIPES by DESIGN, editing and

LeeAnn Zubay

food photography by Mary Da Ros

Our Summer Crush The ZZest gang weighs in on their


favorite burger

Most ingredients available at ZZest Market (of course).

Triple Crunch Mustard

/ Hot Tomato Jam /


Hooks 10 Year Cheddar — Chef


Skillet Bacon Jam


Cana de Cabra Goat Cheese

with Fennel

goat cheese



Italian Burrata / BASIL PESTO — Claire

/ Raclette Cheese /


SPICY DIJON — Healory (aka Lil Hill)

(most important)/

Gorgonzola Dolce

Jam Corners


Italian marinated mushrooms /

A rare burger / Falk garlic salt /



smoked salt/ CHILI POWDER — Chef

Tony Packo Pickles



Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

Santa Fe smoked olive oil

— Jerry

Sweet Onion

/ Tomatoes — Chef Stef

cheese / garlic olive oil /

DRESSED greens / red pepper ancho

jelly —

Bre Non burger option (But why? I know right?) Grilled Portobello/ BALSAMIC GLACE / pomodoraccio tomatoes/


@ .com

grilled artichokes

Bootleg BBQ Sauce & 4 Onion

Balsamic Spread



Hooks 10 Year Cheddar — Mary

Lettuce / Tomato / Onion — Casey

Dried Figs / Stickney Hill GOAT CHEESE / 25 year sherry vinegar — Chef Eric

Sauteed mushroom mix /



thomasville tomme


Horseradish Jelly and Mushrooms market on the burger shoot day.)


— Todd

Joel (Who we

cornered in the

Pumpkin Seed Salsa / Avocado / Arugula / Queso Fresco — Melanie

Habanero Pepper Jam / EMMENTALER

Red Bean and Rice Chips /

Serrano Smoked Salt — Buttercup

Skordalia Spread / Mama LIL'S Koeze Peanut Butter



(AKA Adam)


Prarie Breeze Cheddar — Kevin




Tomatoes/ Crispy

Balsamic Drizzle — Lizy

As much as we love a summertime cocktail, a refreshing sangria or an icy cold beer, not every minute of the summer can have alcohol in it! Here’s to something

other than diet coke.

DRY tart

SODAS are and


easy to dress up!

freezing some strawberry puree in cubes or even just Try

sprig of



is great with

rhubarb soda.

We love Dry's


fresh mint. And Juniper Berry IS


as it




their GREAT just


It's 5:00 DON DRAPER and




STERLING would toast to

Fever Tree Tonic.

These mixers are



without a GIN




lime. Although,

& TONIC in



my book.

Q Soda

just a just isn't summer

A Toast to Summer Spice OLD or

up summer sips with

FASHIONED flavors. Like real ginger ale

ginger beer,


and the



Curiosity Cola



loves lime, BUT

Orange Jiggers MAIN squeeze lemon. Give it a wedgie.






MARKET carries like San Pellegrino and Still or

with fresh berries.

bubbly, alone Pack them in

next picnic don’t forget the CHIPS! your

basket and

is a

Our Dynamic Duo we have the best ice cream

At ZZest Market and Café duo ever; Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and High Road Craft Ice Cream.

Jeni's’ Splendid Ice Creams from Columbus, OH, is we just

luscious, real, pure, and CAN’T GET ENOUGH of their…

Salty Caramel Bramble Berry Crisp

Riesling Poached Pear UGANDAN VANILLA BEAN

Dark Chocolate or


Buy Jeni’s by the pint. Order by the cup or check out the fab combos on our menu: Valrhona with

Chocolate Tart

Chili Powder Whipped Cream, with Ugandan Vanilla and red

apple vinegar drizzle. Congrats to Jeni for winning the James Beard Award this year!

The other half of our duo is from Atlanta, GA — High Road Craft Ice Cream. .


Smart energetic. The

SERIOUS fun, flavors that are rockin' right now are:

our world

Masala Chai

Aztec Chocolate Caramel Orange Blossom Almond



@ .com

Congratulations to High Road

winning a silver Sofi award for 2012!


While she was taking these photographs, Mary told me, “I used to order my ice cream scoops in a cup, so that I wouldn't get the calories of the cone (and yeah, I get the irony of that), but then it struck me, I was missing out on of eating an ice .”


the pure joy cone

On the café menu we feature a BRAU BROTHERS MOO JOOS DARK BEER AND

AZTEC CHOCOLATE CARAMEL ICE CREAM FLOAT! I wouldn't kid you. Pretty amazing.



(Peruvian classic)

Mary and I went to Claudia and Victor Tabini’s home on a rainy afternoon. We were hoping for a little sunny inspiration for this issue, but, well, when in Minnesota, you've got to take it as it comes. So we took our inspiration from Claudia, and the simple, wonderful Peruvian food.

Claudia is a classic beauty. Dressed in a simple dress with a colorful scarf tied at her waist she ushered us in. Claudia’s kitchen is inviting with a big center island and five bright red stools at the counter. The stools are perfect, as I could easily picture the Tabini’s three boys twirling and bouncing around waiting for a snack. Victor Jr. 12, Don Pablo 10 and Alonzo 7, ( I know can you stand it? Super cute!). Claudia and Victor are from Lima, Peru. Just so happens the foods of Peru have been making headlines and I've been ordering a few items since last year. We sent Claudia home with some of her favorites; Aji Amarillo Chili and Aji Panca Chili Pastes, and a fresh fish called Corvina, plus just for fun, our Empty the Jar ingredient, Peach Apricot Spread. Here’s what we got. LeeAnn: So, why do you think it seems like (obviously lovers of ZZest also fit this stereotype), Europeans and the like, are so much more relaxed about dining out? They eat later in the evening and really, love to eat and talk about good food… a lot? Claudia: Well I suppose, it may be because in Lima we make a big fuss about dinner especially Sunday’s, It is typical to have a big family dinner that lasts hours. Easy to picture. Passionate conversation, a colorful tablecloth on an expansive wooden table, outside. The food, fresh and lovingly prepared…. Claudia: Or maybe because it’s so much more fast paced here in the US. In Lima, we would never have the TV on during dinner. Fast food? We never ate it. LeeAnn: Oh! I had been waiting for this! Claudia! Have you ever eaten a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald's, I mean… you must have?

LeeAnn: There’s something sweet on the potatoes…. Claudia: Peach Apricot Spread! Clever girl. The courses start spilling out. But first came the shot of Pisco. Pisco is a liquor that comes from the grapes in the fertile Ica valley. It has a grappa like flavor. Next up. Cuchos — Grilled Skewers of Beef. Claudia had the gas Weber grill close to the patio door and sans bright orange rain jacket, grilled up delicious aji amarillo coated hunks of sirloin. Traditionally in Peru it would have been made with cows heart. Aji De Gallina is a common everyday dish. Claudia referred to it as the chicken thingy. She threw some rice in her rice cooker and stirred together a lovely sauce with the two different pepper pastes, walnuts and a mixture of toasted softened bread crumbs to bring it together. Shredded chicken was added at the last minute and spooned over the rice. Really quite tasty. I scarfed mine down and Mary took a few bites between photos.

Claudia: Never, in fact the boys have only eaten at McDonald's once.(And that was because she was on a trip to Spain, and was desperate for WIFI. McDonald's had it). LeeAnn: Sorry I forgot to order fresh fish for you. I'm glad John (our executive chef) came through at the last minute. So was corvina OK for your ceviche? Claudia: OK? That’s exactly what we would have in Peru! I am so excited, this fish is so fresh. It cooked so fast! We would use corvina or sea bass. We proceed to dig into Claudia’s lovely fresh ceviche! LeeAnn/Mary: eating and mumbling… mmmm…

Time for the last course, a simple slice of pound cake, our Empty the Jar ingredient and freshly whipped unsweetened cream. Perfect. LeeAnn: Do you think since you were in Lima it has picked up a lot of US influences? Claudia: Oh yes, it does seem more global. I remember from 1979 to about 1986 there were not any imports from the US. Now they do. My grandparents traveled a lot and would bring home things like rolling skates and Crest toothpaste. We were so excited! That made us laugh. It was still raining outside, but our day had certainly been brightened.

Claudia: The recipe is very simple, just key lime juice, red onion, salt, pepper and in Peru slices of fresh aji pepper would be added. Of course fresh peppers are not available, so the paste from ZZest works great. My favorite is Aji Amarillo, it's hot but not too, just full of flavor. With ceviche we always serve a side of sweet potatoes and cancha.

@ .com

Do you know: Whatever we are using in the kitchen for fresh fish, we can sell to you to Take home. Fresh mussels, prawns, and more. Special request? Like Claudia, give us a day or two. The ever-present Miffy, always (always!) at Claudia's feet.

Cancha is toasted corn. Claudia says you always see it in seafood restaurants on the tables. It’s great to snack on with beer. It is also great in the ceviche it takes some of the heat away and adds texture. (Recipe Adapted from Tony Custer's book, The Art of Peruvian Cuisine)


1 ¼ lb. corvina, or sea bass 1 red onion, cut julienne ½ red and ½ yellow aji pepper (Claudia used Aji Amarillo paste to taste starting with about 1 tablespoon.) Juice of 16 key limes Salt Wash and cut the fish into small bite size pieces. Squeeze about 5 key limes to make ¼ cup of juice. Add about ¼ of the onion to the lime juice. Combine the fish and onions in a bowl, rinse with cold water and drain thoroughly. Add the remaining lime juice, toss and let rest for 30 seconds. Stir in aji paste adjusting to your liking. Serve immediately with roasted sweet potatoes and cancha.

The liquid left at the end of the ceviche is called leche de tigre, milk of the tiger, and when mixed with picos is said to cure hangovers.

At ZZest, it


starts with


Cana de Cabra, a Goat Milk from Spain Cana de Cabra is from Murcia the mountainous region of southeastern Spain where they produce high-quality goats milk. Similar to a Bucheron with the same log shape. Cana de Cabra comes in a silly straw looking sleeve, but don’t let that deter you Cana de Cabra is serious good. Each slice is a perfect circle of white with a bloomy gorgeous rind. It’s a fabulous addition both visually and deliciously, to your cheese board. Cana de Cabra is creamy and mild but has a full and happy satisfying flavor. A little citrus like, lots of creamy and a hint of woodsy mushroom.

Asher Blue, a Cow Milk from Thomasville, Georgia Asher Blue comes from Sweet Grass Dairies in Thomasville GA. I love this cheese! I am not a big blue cheese eater. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just not the first cheese my knife heads for. I like blue cheeses with something. A drizzle of honey, a dab of fig preserves. I can do big blues in salads and a smoky blue on burgers. But Asher Blue is different. Johnny Depp would be Asher Blue if he were a cheese. There is a lot going on in one bite. How could this cheese go from the Mad Hatter to Jack Sparrow and then to Barnabus Collins? And this is ALL in just one bite. Asher Blue is a drier blue cheese with a creamy mouth feel. Its slightly sweet taste can turn to floral, then to just a tad earthy. Usually finishing off rather mild, so you are ready to dig in for more. Haven’t seen Dark Shadows yet, wonder how that will end? As with Asher Blue always wanting more? Must mean that the Lone Ranger is a must see. If you google "Sweet Grass" (and you should), you will be enamored with this family right from the start. Referring to themselves as part country and part rock and roll, their goal is to promote their cheeses and other small produced products. A perfect partner for ZZest! Right Kemosabe?

Valdosta GA is 43 miles away from Thomasville, GA. Thirty years ago this September,my new husband and I drove to Florida for our honeymoon. Our trip took us through GA. Visions of peaches and BBQ danced through our heads. Stopping at a gas station in one small town, and who knows, maybe it was Thomasville… we asked the attendant (yep, had those back then) where was a good place to eat. In a thick southern accent he hemmed and hawed. A kid in the station eagerly came up to us, seemed he had just the place to go. In another adorable southern drawl, he told us we only needed to go up the road. Up to Valdosta… they had everything!! They had McDonald's, Burger King, and why Valdosta even had a Hardee’s! We chuckled drove into Valdosta spotted a BBQ joint with a pig on the roof and pulled in. From that day forward whenever Jerry and I found something that was too good to believe, we quoted our friend in GA, it would be like Valdosta, "cuz they have everything!" Who knew that 30 years later, some of my very favorite cheeses would come from Valdosta!? Well duh! Valdosta has everything!

Mona, a Sheep Milk from Wisconsin Mona is a blend of sheep and cow milk from The Wisconsin Cheese Dairy Cooperative. WCDC is committed to natural and sustainable farms so their cheeses are of the highest quality cheeses available. Mona is a seasonally produced cheese, which you can taste in the milk that has the unique flavor of Wisconsin pastures. Careful aging for a minimum of 6 months Mona turns out to be lovely cheese. Sweet and grassy with tones of brown butter and the descriptor of nutty, which everyone loves! A perfect partner for our Empty the Jar ingredient, peach and apricot spread. Which brings us to the star of the paper….

Peach Apricot Spread by the Gracious Gourmet Based in Bridgewater, Connecticut, Nancy Wekselbaum founded The Gracious Gourmet in 2006 using her own recipes. I don’t remember how I connected with Nancy but I did probably in 2009 or so. The name Gracious in her business name is perfect. Nancy is gracious. I talked with her at length about my shop and the desire to carry products that were from small passionate businesses much like my own. Gracious Gourmet has the same business philosophy as ZZest Market. So it was natural for ZZest and Gracious Gourmet to become BFF’s. Every time I meet Nancy at a trade show she is warm and enthusiastic! She always introduces me as one of her favorite customers. I am sure she has many favorites, but I do feel like I could be a little more special in her eyes. Last January I sat down with Nancy and had a drink in San Francisco. We talked business, we talked social media, and we talked about my newest venture Empty the Jar with ZZest. It was really fun. I couldn't wait to add one of The Gracious Gourmet products to this issue! Each spread, chutney or the new tapenades are delicious, easy to pair with cheeses and really easy to incorporate into recipes. Peach Apricot is perfect for summer, perfect for our cover and perfect for two BFFs to share with a spoon.

@ .com

Your Summer 1


Flott Tuna in Olive Oil

Hand packed and imported from Sicily and probably the cutest

can in the whole place! Flott tuna is a beautiful solid white tuna packed in olive oil. It has a light taste and a good firm texture. I have not touched canned tuna fish in years and I can honestly say I can touch this tuna!


. A L'Olivier Mango Vinegar A L'Olivier specializes in oils, vinegars and condiments since its founding in Paris 1822.

Their innovative fruit vinegars are simply amazing. This

rich and


thick with Mango pulp.

We love all the vinegars from A L'Olivie but Mango screams summer.


. The Smoked Olive, Smoked Olive Oil From a small family company in Napa Valley,

this is one unique oil!

They use a cold-smoking process to smoke the oil and give it flavor without exposing it to light and heat. This gives the oil (depending on which one you choose) a mild to deep without adding bitterness. The oil itself is still buttery

smoky flavor and rich. It is perfect drizzled over anything grilled.



Affectionately known as, "more reasons to buy

great stuff for your pantry."



Terre Exotique Fleur de Sel with Grilled Spices

This little can is a mystery to me. I thought it was from France but the label reads Madagascar. 4 years ago when I first used it, it never had the herbs listed. I could taste cumin… now some are listed and cumin is one. What I do know is I love, love this salt.

I go through at least 3 cans a summer. It makes every grilled item (especially

veggies) amazing. Nuff said.




. Robert Lambert Salt Preserved Meyer Lemon From Robert Lambert himself, "These Meyer lemons are cured with bay leaves and

the faint perfume of citrus blossoms.

Use anywhere you'd add salt — in marinades, on vegetables, in dips, soups, salads, rice or grain dishes. Chop fine or use a garlic press to mash the fruit. It

adds a salty citrus punch to any dish." 6.


Caponi Tagliolini Two brothers, Andrea and Alessandro Tagliagambe, oversee the entire process of this delicately made fresh egg pasta, follows age old tradition. Using only , and fresh eggs delivered daily.

the best durum wheat semolina


Each egg is still split by hand, and each stage of the production process

is meticulously controlled by the individual worker. The drying time, is long 70 – 80 hours at room temperature. The result is an egg pasta with a rich color, a beautiful smooth and velvety texture and an exquisite,flavor.

It cooks in 5 minutes!


Dulcet Moroccan Cooking Spice and Rub Dulcet Cuisine is known for it’s clean beautiful food. The purity of ingredients and the ease of use. The Moroccan blend has mélange of spices with just a . You can use it as a rub for the grill all summer long. Or just a sprinkle in a recipe. It is a go to ingredient both for lunch and dinner in the ZZest kitchen. it's in the new chicken salad recipe served at lunch.

hint of saffron and a cinnamon finish Psst…

the following page


Check to find more uses for these essential ingredients!

essentials ... cont'd

Smoked Olive Oil on grilled peaches! Add some


gorgonzola or… Asher Blue, and just a

drizzle of Smoked Olive Oil. Use

Make your Caprese Salad, smoking. Just drizzle some on for finishing.

Smoked Olive Oil in a QUICK PASTA DISH:

Cook pasta in heavy salted water for just five minutes

SAVE ¼ - ½ CUP OF COOKING WATER. DRAIN PASTA Sauté 2 teaspoons or so of fresh minced garlic in regular olive oil.


pasta back, add water, fresh ground pepper and just a drizzle of Smoked Olive Oil.




It has fresh ground pepper, truffle salt and a drizzle of Smoked Olive Oil.

Or, Wisk a little Smoked Olive Oil in mayo, add chives and salt and pepper, spread on sandwiches, use for deviled eggs!

Splash Smoked Olive Oil on grilled steak, burgers, fish, or asparagus. (But first you could rub

Terre Exotique French Fleur de Sel with Grilled Spices is

great sprinkled on anything before or after grilling. It allows (somehow) that great grilled flavor to come through. My favorite grilled item, is:


. I cut them large, toss with a little OLIVE OIL, Grilled Spice Salt, chopped fresh herbs, and pepper.

Lay them right on the grill to get all that smoky goodness.


beans and cherry tomatoes, A GRILL BASKET. As well:


Sprinkle into soups, or salads.

Save the can, it could be a little vase for Lilies of the Valley or any summer spray of flowers.

your steak, burger or fish with Dulcet Moroccan Cooking Spice and Rub.) Loving that smoky goodness? Why not .


add some Smoked Olive Oil to your grilled

Want to sweeten the deal? Whisk 1 part A L’Olivier Mango Vinegar with 2 parts Smoked Drizzle vinaigrette over the grilled vegetables. Or

Olive Oil.

drizzle over arugula, avocado and fresh chevre salad.


Dulcet Moroccan Cooking Spice and Rub.

(From simply spicing up your popcorn, to a quick summer pasta, here and find some new and exciting uses for our favorite ingredients.)

Dig in

Try this GREAT NUT MIX: Preheat oven to 425°. Mix together 2 tablespoons melted butter

1 tablespoon of brown sugar 1 tablespoon Dulcet Moroccan

Caponi Tagliolini

2 teaspoons salt. Add about 1 cup of your (or combination). Bake about 10 minutes.

— use in all your favorite pasta dishes and salads all summer long. The

ULTIMATE summer pasta:

You could

Boil the pasta, reserve some cooking water. Toss with olive oil, add

Add coarsely chopped heirloom tomatoes, torn fresh basil, a healthy pinch of coarse finishing salt and fresh ground pepper. Toss slightly.

drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. And there you have it, instant summer!

A L’Olivier Mango Vinegar Do the summer salsa! 2 cups of fresh tomatoes


1 ½ cups fresh mango diced ½ CUP RED ONION DICED ½ cup chopped fresh cilantro 1 tablespoon Mango Vinegar


tablespoons fresh lime juice seeded Serrano chili chopped fine 1 teaspoon salt. Mix together and serve with chips or grilled chicken.


Also try these uses:

Add a drizzle to fresh fruit or vegetables. Or, how about a salad with fresh watermelon, cucumber, mint and FETA cheese? Add just a drizzle of Mango Vinegar and fresh ground pepper. Add it to our Empty the Jar ingredient Gracious Gourmet Peach Apricot Spread and serve over

ice cream.


favorite nut


Add Dulcet to mayo for a great chicken salad or sandwich spread.

a little water just to loosen.

Top with a couple balls of Italian burrata, an extra

Spice and Rub

Soften a stick of butter and add 1 tablespoon of seasoning, fresh mint and orange zest, GREAT OVER GRILLED FRESH FISH.

Sprinkle Dulcet into popcorn

and maybe

a drizzle of smoked olive oil!

Robert Lambert Preserved Lemon

add to anything that calls for a little salt or freshness.

Top grilled fish or chicken with Preserved Lemon, drizzle with oil and sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Mix it

into soften your

goat cheese

add A SPRINKLE OF HOT PEPPER FLAKES and season with salt and pepper. Serve that as spread, a potato topper or a chip dip.


great summer pasta:

Or try this


Drizzle with olive oil (you could go for the smoked olive oil).add fresh cherry tomatoes, chopped parsley, mint, golden raisins or dried apricots.

Caponi Tagliolini.

Why not splash it with the mango vinegar and sprinkle it with Dulcet Moroccan Cooking Spice and Rub?

Don’t stop there, Whew!

stir in the tuna.

(And if you've gotten this far, did you notice? That recipe just used all 7 of our essential ingredients!)

Empty the Jar with Chef Hillary Just a Bite Per 3 bites 1 slice of speck cut double thickness than usual 1 ounce of your favorite blue cheese (here I would love to try Moody Blues, a smoked blue) 1 tablespoon Gracious Gourmet Peach Apricot Spread Fresh herbs for garnish Pre heat oven to 350° Cut each piece of speck into 3. Place on a dry baking sheet. Bake 5-10 minutes until crisp. Cool slightly Top with cheese, a bit of jam and garnish with fresh herbs.

Take this little bite uptown …

… or downtown

@ .com

Peaches and Greens Salad Serves 6-8 3 cups fresh peas, blanched 6 peaches cut into wedges, tossed with olive oil, sprinkle with sugar and pepper. 3 cups arugula ½ cup of coarsely chopped combo of fresh parsley and mint 6 oz. feta cheese, crumbled Pre heat grill. Cook fresh peas, in boiling salted water to cover 1 to 3 minutes, drain. Plunge into ice-cold water to stop the cooking process; drain. Grill peaches about 2 minutes each side. Dressing ¼ cup Gracious Gourmet Peach Apricot Spread 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon sugar 1 bunch basil leaves chopped 1 cup good quality extra virgin olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste Toss together peas, peaches and arugula. Right before serving finish with chopped herbs, feta cheese and freshly ground pepper.

Quick tip from Chef Hillary: In a hurry? omit cooking peas and grilling peaches, just toss together and serve!

A Peach of a Cocktail Per drink 2 tablespoons Gracious Gourmet Peach Apricot Spread ½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste 2 oz. vodka 2 heaping teaspoons sugar Fresh mint and peach slices for garnish Prosecco to finish Shake everything but the Prosecco on ice Strain and pour over ice Top each glass with 1 oz. Prosecco Garish with peach slice and fresh mint (Quick and easy uses to empty your jar of Peach Apricot Spread: Spread it on toast Top your cheesecake Stir into yogurt Add to muffin batter Serve with grilled chicken Add to BBQ sauce Spread on your picnic ham sandwich On ice cream add caramel & nuts How about High Road Black Pepper Ice Cream? Fold into whipping cream and serve with pies or brownies Add to lemonade Add to a smoothie Stir into oatmeal Spread on a graham cracker before you make your next s’more)

empty the jar, cont'd …. Grilled Prawn and Peach Salad Serves 3-4 1 pint cherry tomatoes left whole on stem is great! 2 ripe peaches sliced into about 16 slices total 4 oz. good quality black olives (pitted) 6 anchovy, sliced in half 8 to 12 large prawns, peeled and de-veined, tails/head intact 2 tablespoons of Gracious Gourmet Peach Apricot Spread 4 tablespoons of *citrus or citrus champagne vinegar 3-4 tablespoons good quality extra virgin olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs, rosemary, thyme and chives are favorites. French bread slices Pre heat grill. Toss peaches, tomatoes and olives with 1 tablespoon Peach Apricot Spread, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 2 tablespoons citrus vinegar. In a separate dish toss cleaned prawns with 1 tablespoon Peach Apricot Spread, 1 tablespoon olive oil and about 2 tablespoons vinegar. Using a grill pan, add peaches, tomatoes and olives and grill about 3 minutes each side, stirring/turning often. Season prawns with salt and pepper. Place prawns directly on grill 1 ½ minutes per side about 3 minutes total. If desired brush the French bread slices with a bit of oil and grill. Toss prawns together with peaches, tomatoes and olives, mound on platter, arrange bread on the side and drizzle the whole works with extra virgin olive oil, chopped fresh herbs, a bit more sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Serve immediately.

Scalia Anchovies, are the best anchovies I have ever tasted. Well maybe the only ones I have ever tasted… I have used anchovy paste over the years, but the brand was only so-so. It left a heavier fishy after taste than I liked. But, with a light hand and a mix of other ingredients I could imagine anchovies had their place in the food world. The Scalia brand is from Sicily and rocked my world. I prefer the ones with a hint of red pepper. They are rich, slightly salty and I can eat one right out of the jar. Scalia also makes a great anchovy paste.

@ .com

Chef John hits the Farmers Market every Saturday. He brings back bags of fantastic local produce and meats for our menu all summer long. The market is open every Saturday Through October from 7:30 am - Noon located at 4th St SE & 4th Ave SE. After the market stop by ZZest Market where we all will be happy to help you find the perfect finish for your fresh market finds.

*In the ZZest kitchen we use Huilerie Beaujolais Citron Vinegar. It is reported as Chef Eric Ripert’s favorite vinegar. Who knew? And it’s on the shelves of ZZest Market! It is pricey at $38.95 a bottle, but should you choose to spring for it, the bottle is food service size at 16.9 ounces and a little goes a long way. Another option would be O Olive Oil’s Citrus Champagne vinegar, light, crisp and great for summer salads.

Get carried away with a summer crisp (we did!)

We love to serve out desserts at ZZest with a little something more. Chef Hillary’s favorite combo is a drizzle of light flavored honey, like orange blossom or tupelo, smoked sea salt, and High road Masala Chai ice cream.

Strawberry & Peach Crisp Buttered 8x8 inch baking dish Preheat oven to 350°

Have you noticed? We have a crush on summer peaches. — Editor

For fruit: 2 containers of fresh strawberries cleaned and cut into quarters 6 peaches cut into rustic chunks ½ cup Gracious Gourmet Peach Apricot Preserves 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons vanilla bean paste ¼ cup white sugar Mix together in large bowl Topping: 2 cups flour ½ cup sugar 1 stick unsalted butter 1 tablespoon cinnamon ½ tablespoon salt Mix together all ingredients except butter. Slowly add butter mixing until everything just comes together but looks like corn meal. Pour ½ the fruit into a buttered dish, sprinkle with ½ cup flour mixture. Pour the rest of the berries and finish topping with the rest of the flour mixture. Bake at 350° for 35-40 minutes

The first time I heard about these peaches was on the radio, and it happened to be on the day they were selling them. I drove straight over. That was two years ago and I am still thinking about those peaches. Amazing! Rochester Area Youth for Christ has been selling delicious Colorado peaches for 8 years. Last year they added Georgia peaches which will arrive around June 27th. For more info check out their website See you in line but, beware, I’m buying for the café too. I’ll try to save you some!


Our Executive Chef John Flicek is as far from a television celebrity chef as you can get. If you happen to get a seat at our chefs counter, where you can see him in action, there will be no Gordon Ramsey theatrics. John is quiet so don’t expect an Alton Brown play by play, either. But you will notice how perfectly at ease he is in the kitchen and it’s great fun to watch. I asked him, what his cooking style was. Rustic was his answer. I kept drilling him for more details, I got simple. I was still trying to put more words to it. So I asked Chef Hillary what she thought. She said every component on his plate is cooked… perfectly. That’s it! His plates start with amazing ingredients. Like yesterday, he picked up a whole hog from Pork and Plants a farm near Altura MN, where the specialize in heritage breed hogs like the Red Wattle. The meat is lean and juicy almost beef like. Knowing that, after he expertly butchers the hog, he will smoke it, grill it or put it on a braise. His side dishes sound almost boring, like wild rice and beans, but they are so darn good. Many times he will off set the richness of his dishes with a bitter green, I love that part. There’s always something from the shelves drizzled over his plates which makes perfection, that we now expect and love from John. At ZZest we love the idea John started out at 12 making pizzas in a bowling alley in Wabasha MN (super cute). After high school he went on to graduate with a science and culinary arts degree from Le Cordon Bleu. He interned and worked for several years at Nosh, had a stint at Sontes and luckily settled in as executive chef here with us at ZZest. We love this the most about him. John is married to Danielle Flicek who is a fabulous and talented artist and they have the most adorable baby boy, Marshall, who is 8 months old. Ten things John loves to do in his free time (I allowed him to use just one word):


eating snowboarding camping FISHING golfing

boating gardening

morel hunting drinking beer in the woods (I kind of dug the “in the woods,” made us laugh!— LeeAnn) Ten things we just need to know: Have you ever eaten a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald's? Well, eaten and loved it? Nope. Where was your first job? Paper boy, Wabasha, Minnesota. What is your favorite (right now) item from the ZZest Market shelves? Truffle Dijon Mustard. Quick, what would you do with our Empty the Jar ingredient, Peach Apricot Spread? Pork belly sandwich with harissa and Peach Apricot Spread. Have you made Marshall baby food yet? If so what? Not yet. This summer though, from the garden veggies. What is your favorite summer food to cook? Steaks, burgers, brats. Anything on the grill. What is your favorite summer food to eat? Brats with kraut, mustard and beans. What is your favorite burger topper? Mustard and onions. Favorite ice cream? Vanilla. Favorite adult beverage? Beer. John with his wife Danielle and their baby, Marshall.

One of Danielle's gorgeous paintings



life – P H –

5 0 7

3 5 8 0 6 2 4

m a r y d a r o s .C O


Oh… and just in case you still have some Peach Apricot Spread left in your jar….

Grilled Lamb Chops with Toasted Nut Salad & Grilled Asparagus Serves 6-8 1 package of New Zealand Lamb Chops cut into individual chops (approx. 16 chops) Marinade for lamb: Mix together: ½ cup Gracious Gourmet Peach Apricot Spread ¼ cup O extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup wine vinegar 2 Cinnamon sticks While grill is heating prepare couscous as follows: Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste 1 8 ounce package of Israeli Couscous Pour marinade over lamb chops in shallow pan. 2 small shallots finely chopped Cover and refrigerate for about 2 hours. 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 ¼ cups of chicken broth or water Preheat grill cup hazelnuts chopped 1/3 cup candied walnuts chopped 1-2 lbs asparagus spears cleaned and trimmed 1/3 pumpkin seeds 2 tablespoons good quality olive oil, more for finishing Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Heat olive oil in pan. Add shallots cook stirring Remove lamb from marinade pat dry slightly, season with for salt 3 minutes. Add couscous cook 2 minutes more. Add and pepper. Discard marinade. Grill approx. 5 minutes on broth or water, cover and cook for 8-10 minutes adding each side until medium rare. Toss asparagus with olive oil, more water if necessary. sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add asparagus to the grill In a separate sauté pan, heat the pan dry, add nuts the last five minutes, turning frequently. and toast, stirring frequently for about 3-4 minutes Fold into couscous. Adjust seasoning. Mound couscous on platter, arrange lamb chops and asparagus on platter. Drizzle with O extra virgin olive oil, season to taste.


Buratta Appetizer (From the menu at ZZest) This is just a matter of assembly. So simple but so spectacular. Per plate 1 4-ounce ball of Italian burrata 5-6 fresh asparagus stalks lightly grilled 6-7 slices of thin slices of salami (Chef John loves Creminelli finocchiona or calabrese) Shaved fennel about 3-4 slices O blood orange olive oil O fig balsamic vinegar Garlic Falk brand salt Arrange salami on plate. Top with asparagus and fennel. Cut buratta in half. Drizzle with O blood orange olive oil. Drizzle with O fig balsalmic vinegar. Sprinkle with finish salt.


GOURMET OILS AND VINEGARS It begins with the best grapes. Locally grown in Sonoma, California. Made in small batches. Aged slowly & deliciously. A favorite of ZZest Market & Café.

Wood–Fired Pizza

Nightly pizza on the ZZest patio! (weather permitting) One last summer essential:

cater PIZZA on your own patio! Or!

Hire us to

Call us for details about this!


on our nightly patio menu:


you might find (But feel free to use for homemade pizza inspiration!)

Grilled Asparagus Pizza: mushroom mix / gouda / TRUFFLE OIL / greens


(basic beauty).

Margarita Pizza: / basil / olive oil / garlic salt

House–made Pancetta Pizza: Dijon tarragon / pomegranate molasses

/ marieke’s

tomato / mozzarella

mascarpone / scallion /

Duck Confit Pizza: fingerling potatoes / pecorino / blood oil / FIG BALSAMIC / fresh rosemary / watercress Serrano Pizza: manchego /

quince paste

Goat Cheese Pizza: olive / arugula



olive oil / olives / / roasted red pepper/ chorizo salt

Prosciutto Pizza: robiola / truffle oil / Speck Pizza: gorgonzola dulce /



mushroom salt

Peach Apricot Spread


@ .com

Fine Contemporary Art 211 South Broadway

Rochester, MN 55904

(Next to the Hilton Garden Inn)


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