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nd so it came to pass that the Lord Almighty brought all the beasts of the world to Adam’s feet. There, standing above them he named each one and separated them into the beast of the land, birds of the sKy, creatures of the sea, serpents of the dust, insects of the ground, and rocKs of the earth. Here are the creatures which Adam has named.

he Lion is the beast of all beasts. He resides throughout Africa and specifically the central region. He represents all the power and might as any beast while simultaneously portraying a royal and calm attitude. It is not until the lion feeds or is in a position to protect its young that it reveals its ferocity and devours anything in its path. The lion’s rival in the animal Kingdom is the serpent or dragon. This battle has gone on since the beginning of time as the serpent comes to eat the offspring of the lion. The lion, time after time, crushes the sKull of the serpent and eats it.

on’t blinK or you’ll miss this fascinating creature. The cheetah, the world’s fastest land mammal, has an acceleration that would leave most automobiles in the dust. This feature maKes pursuing prey a breeze, due to the cheetah’s ability to maKe quicK and sudden turns. Before unleashing their speed, cheetahs use exceptionally Keen eyesight to scan their grassland environment for signs of prey. These daylight hunters benefit from their swift movement and distinctive spotted coats, which allows them to blend easily into high, dry grasses. Cheetahs can survive while only drinKing once every three to four days. These wild beasts are found in eastern and southwestern Africa.

oyotes most closely resembles a wolf in appearance but is easily distinguished by his sharp features and clever countenance. Coyotes originate in the southwest quadrant of the North American continent. Coyotes carry several interesting physical characteristics as well as some useful behaviors. Though coyotes are born a crisp sKy blue, they roll vigorously in the dusty earth daily to serve as camouflage. This daily ritual is rarely witnessed as coyotes are loathe to be observed in their natural state and are quicK to clothe themselves in dust and dirt whenever approached. Coyotes are often called “God’s dog.” yenas are animals that feasts on the flesh of dead bodies and preys on the souls of the living. It is both male and female, therefore it is un-clean. Since its nature is of a rigid body with an inflexible spine, the hyena must turn its whole body if it would liKe to move. However, this seems to be no problem for the devilish crea-

ture since it is said that if the hyena maKes three circles around its prey, the victim cannot move. It is said that the hyena hounds the living by imitating voices. However, humans are not its only prey. It is said that, at times, it imitates the shepherd’s call to lure the sheep toward its open mouth.

agdalene is clothed in pure white fur. Its head is said to resemble that of a lion with a thicK mane. It is said that the beast walKs on wisps of fog and therefore is a friend to the early mornings. A creature that is Known to chase vermin this creature is good lucK to any farmer or gardener. It is said that the creature is shy but friendly, this timidity stems from humans hunting the creature for her valuable fur.

ong ago the Bear that now lurKs at Porterfield was Known to have dwelt in the land of Abingdon. The bear slept in the undergrounds of the Barter Theatre where he angered the owner Sir Robert Porterfield. The brave Sir Porterfield chased the bear all the way up into the mountains of Radford. It is now here that the Bear call home and here he will stay lurKing in the shadows of Radford until the end of days.

rown bears live across the forests of the North. These large beasts tend to stay alone, except for the mother and their small cubs. They feast on salmon that swim upstream. They are also able to heal their own wounds by applying the herb Flommus.

he thylacine is a marsupial that is shy and secretive. When it yawns it shows that he is threatened. It is capable of standing on its hind legs for brief periods of time. It is similar to the Kangaroo because it has a along tail, a pouch, and hops around. It can open its jaws wide. When it is agitated it lets off an odor. During the daylight, it hides in a cave due to its nocturnal behaviors.

he Chimera of Lycia in Asia Minor is a fearsome beast; a terrifying female demon with scorching flames for breath, with a gruesome three part body: the massive head and body of a lion, the scrawny, spindly head and necK of a goat rising, horrifyingly gracefully, from the lion’s bacK, and a tail made up of the thicK, scaly, head of a serpent. It is the terrible product of the monster Typhon and the Mother of all Monsters, Echidna. The beasts siblings are equally as horrid; monsters such as the Lernaean Hydra and Cerberus, guardian of the Underworld. nd lo, the Gryphon, with the bodily members of a lion and the wings of an eagle is heralded as King of both land and air. Its power is drawn from courage and majesty. It is the protector of the world and, if sensing danger with challenge any who ravage the land or its people. As one of the Lord’s most greatest creations we must only call on it in times of great need.

hinos are often very defensive when threatened; they protect themselves by showing their body strength and ramming their opponents with their horns. A male rhino has the standard body weight of about 1 ton, but this not only means they are strong, but also means that they can’t move very fast, so instead of running from their predators, they defend themselves. Rhinos also have very poor eyesight which maKes it easier for predators to sneaK up on them.

edgehog is minuscule, and vulnerable to attacKs without its bristles. When it senses danger, the hedgehog will roll into a ball, the pricKles protecting it from the world. It has no extravagance in pattern, and the only colors they carry are the fruits which they bear on their bacKs to bring to their young. The hedgehog seeKs the fruit, and can be found climbing grapevines in the garden. For their simplicity and care for the young, the hedgehog is seen as a symbol of both protection and modesty.

he Owl is a nocturnal, lone beast that lives in the darkness of caves and in the hollows of dead trees. It hunts in the twilight hours of dawn and dusk for small mammals and insects. An owl’s sharp beak and powerful talons allow it to kill it’s prey before swallowing it whole. It is believed that if one hears and owl’s hoot or sees it in broad daylight, one will have bad luck for the rest of his or her life.

hoenix is a rare bird found in Arabia. There is only one in existence. It can live between five hundred and one thousand years. When it is ready to die, the phoenix creates a funeral pyre out of aromatic branches, franKincense, and myrrh. It then turns to face the sun and flaps its wings as flames engulf it. On the ninth day, a new phoenix will rise from the ashes. The phoenix gets its name from its color of Phoenician purple. Its cry is a beautiful song. The majestic phoenix can live half of a millennium and is wiser than any other bird. In old age it engulfs itself in flames and burns into new life.

aladrius is an all-white bird that comes from Israel and lives in the King’s palace. It can tell if a sicK man is will die and is able to cure his disease. If the Caladrius looKs into the face of a sicK man, it means that he will live. However, if it looKs away the sicK man will die of his illness. If the man is worthy of being cured, the Caladrius will looK at him and draw the sicKness into itself. Then the bird will fly up towards the sun where the disease is burned up and destroyed. For this reason, the Caladrius is considered an unclean bird which must not be eaten. he New Jersey Devil is a legendary creature who is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. The creature is said to have a horseliKe face, hooves, a forKed tail, wings, and beady red eyes. As legend goes, this creature is said to avoid humans,

but has been seen because of its red eyes and “blood-curdling “scream. Most often, the sign of the Devil is the creatures’ unidentifiable tracKs outside the houses near Pine Barren. The New Jersey Devil is mostly seen in the darKest hour of the night, sweeping through the darK forests and swampy bogs. This beast is very unique and liKes to stay out of the way, but if ever encountered, it could be potentially very dangerous.

eacocKs are beautiful birds brightly colored with feathers that sparKle. Eyes cover the tail of the bird and give the peacocK great foresight. This bird is constantly praised for its beauty but when the bird becomes proud it raises its feathers exposing their feet. The peacocK cries out with fear that their viewer has seen their ugly feet and no longer concenrates the radiant colors of their feather. The eyes on the feathers foresee the bad to come which cause the bird to cry an awful cry.

hale remains floating at the surface for long periods, so its bacK becomes covered with sand. Approaching sailors, thinKing the whale to be an island, land there and build a fire to cooK their food. After a time the heat penetrates the whale’s thicK sKin, it dives to cool itself. The ship is dragged down with it and the sailors drown. Unless you build a fire on the whale, you will be fine for long... maybe. When the whale is hungry it opens its mouth and emits a sweet odor, which attracts small fish. The fish swim into the whale’s mouth, which closes on them.

ermaids have the body of a woman from head to waist, and a fish below. They are found in rivers, estuaries, coastal marine waters, swamps, and marine wetlands. They are conventionally depicted as beautiful women with long flowing hair. They are vain, and liKe to admire their own image. Some are benevolent, bestowing blessings or falling in love with humans, while others are perilous creatures linKed with floods, storms, shipwrecKs, and drowning..

ctopus is Known for its eight legs filled with suction cups and soft bodied appearance and can be considered a highly intelligent beast. This beast dwells primarily at the bottom of the ocean floor and mainly feeds on small crabs and some mollusKs such as clams. As defense from predators the octopus uses defense mechanisms such as its ability to swim swiftly through the water, its ability to hide using camouflage, and also dispensing a large amount of blacK “inK� to distract and confuse its attacKer. The octopus has Keen eyesight and an excellent sense of touch which maKes it easy for them to detect their attacKers as well. Some octopuses are Known to walK out of the water while hunting using their arms to walK on the ground.

reated in the depths of the sea only to be spat out on land to lurK in the darK, damp places. The SelKie is truly a creature of two worlds Its hide is both warm and soft but can turn cold and sleeK in the blinK of an eye During the day the SelKie stays on land where it merely sits in the sun and at night returns to the sea at night and sings a sweet song, this song sounds sweet from far away but as you get closer it turns into a horrendous screech. Young man, guard your heart so that you do not hear the song of this devilish creature.

asilisKs are predators that lurKs in the darK places of the world. It was born in the lands of Media, to the east, and has the power to turn a man to stone with its gaze alone. When it hisses, all the other serpents fly from it and it does not move its body, liKe the others, by a succession of folds, but moves along upright. All of nature wilts around the BasilisK due to its noxious musK and foul squawKing. To approach the BasilisK, first illicit the aid of a weasel, and even then always with your bacK turned use your ears to listen for its approach, but be cautious as BasilisKs are Known to lie. Mirrors are also very useful for the alchemist wishing to confront the basilisK, as it allows one to looK at the beast in the eye as well as one’s own self.� hameleons live among the highest of the trees, in the farthest depths of the jungle. Being one of the shyest of the animals, the chameleon is very hard to find, as their eyes can see far into the distance. But to whoever may find the rare chameleon, may witness a true display of beauty. This beast paints incredible pictures upon his body, lighting the forest with a rainbow of color. Once one catches a glimpse of this marvelous animal, one will

maintain good lucK for the rest of his days.

orms are creatures which generally springs from flesh, or wood, or some other earthly material. Occasionally hatched from eggs liKe the scorpion. Armed with a sting, aculeus. It sticKs its tail into its victim and spreads the poison through the bow-shaped wound. It is the characteristic of the scorpion that it will not sting the palm of the hand. Many of these creatures reside in room 217 of Porterfield Hall.

his Beast comes from the Scottish Highlands. It has been referred to by the nicKname Nessie since the 1950’s. The earliest evidence we can provide of the animal is with St. Columba by Adomnan written in the 7th century. It talKs of St. Columba sending his companion to swim across the river where the beast lay, the beast then encountered the man and St. Columba made the sign of the cross crushing it and sending it bacK to its deep underwater realm. Since then there has only been slight sightings of the beast, with the rare photograph and personal siting.

ragonflies (elemental) have more magic in their wings than other a standard dragonfly. There are six different types of elemental dragonflies. Elemental Dragonflies are based off the color of their gem colored eyes and wings. A Ruby Dragonfly is seen as a fire element, the Diamond Dragonfly is an air element, Sapphire Dragonfly is a water element and Emerald Dragonfly is an earth element. It is typically easy for humans to decipher which element a dragonfly posses from its eyes. If a human sees an Imperial Dragonfly or an Onyx Dragonfly these are extremely rare and posses more magic. These different dragonfly elements can help one to have power to endure elements when traveling or to help them with battles.

adybugs can be very destructive agricultural pests. Ladybugs have been Known to cause allergic reactions such as eye irritation and asthma. They are the prey of frogs, wasps, spiders, and dragonflies. The bright colors discourage some potential predators from eating them. In times of food depletion, ladybugs will eat their own eggs and larva to avoid starvation. The eggs are found in clutches that range from a few to several dozen and hatch between three or four days. The larvae stage lasts for ten to fourteen days after which pupation occurs. The total lifespan of the ladybug is one to two years, on average. Existence of the ladybug covers most of the major continents, most of them maKing their annual appearance during warmer months.

nails are creatures of utter despair. A snail is often seen carrying its shelter on its bacK, yet, remains homeless, drifting from here to there. Snails live lives of complete solitude, moving from point to point without speed or precedence. Crawling among the filth of the world, the snails embody the sin of sloth, moving aimlessly from location to location without purpose or direction.

rinKing a mixture of pearl and dew will cure any disease, but cannot reverse death. Pearls can be found in abundance near the island of Taprobane. The stone called oyster produces pearls. At dawn the oyster opens and taKes in the rays of the stars, the moon and the sun, and also swallows dew, and from these come the pearl. The pearl represents Mary, who received the words of God (the “heavenly dew�). the shell of the oyster, which opens and closes without a breaK, signifies Mary, who conceived and gave birth in liKe manner.

uartz is an abundant mineral found throughout the Known world. It is believed to be water permanently frozen after great lengths of time. Quartz is a clear crystal that ranges in color depending where it is found. It has the power to split light into a spectrum. Golden Quartz is Known for its healing properties. It allows the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the Crown ChaKra. The energy spreads throughout the body as it clears blocKages and imbalances. Its energy is powerful yet gentle and soothing.

here are fire-bearing stones on a certain mountain in the east that are called terrobolem in GreeK. They can be either male or female. When far from each other, the fire within does not ignite. When the female draws near the male, the fire is Kindled and the rocK destroy eachother. ays of sun and lightning striKe the earth to create the gemstone Known as sapphire. The flash of lightning signifies the hope that we will one day be transported to heaven. The gem is clear liKe the sKy. Sapphires are very sacred and are generally worn by Kings. Some are frightened by the power of this stone.

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