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Working mothers in the organization: how can we enhance the re-boarding phase?

April 2024 Vol 2
3 Letter from the Editor 4 Announcing the Grand Debut – My Chic New Studio in the Heart of Los Gatos 8 Diving Deep into the Artistic Soul – interview with Viktória Szunyoghy 12 Bridge Between Jewelry Artistry and Tech Innovation – interview with Ana Stojanovska 16 Women & Business Magazine with our inspiring readers 20 Book Review – The Entrepreneur's Bookshelf: 4 Must-Have Reads for Success 22 Empowering Redemption – Psychotherapy behind the bars 24 Working mothers in the organization – How can we enhance the re-boarding phase? 26 How can you multiply your content production and revenue? – AI Conference in Texas 28 The Power of Refresh – Why Regularly Updating Your Headshot Matter 30 reMarkable: Every Woman's Best Friend 34 PPC for Building a Personal Brand – Smart Strategies to Stand Out with Minimal Social Media Posts 36 "No, you don't need social media. Spend that time on self-improvement or your business." 38 No more bad rewievs – interview with Márta Duchai
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Hello Dear Reader,

It's been just three months since Women & Business Magazine launched, and we've witnessed so much unfold during this time.

First, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your remarkable support. It's been a joy to see how warmly you've embraced our magazine. While we hoped it would resonate with you, the certainty eluded us, and your feedback has been invaluable to us!

We've been embraced by thousands of readers from over 45 countries, received countless positive feedback, and been honored with not one, but two Marketing Diamond Awards. These awards recognize our efforts in building an international community for women and fostering social engagement.

We are beyond grateful and immensely proud of our extraordinary community filled with inspiring female leaders. In this latest issue, we continue to delve into the challenges women face in the workforce, showcase effective tools and solutions for personal and brand promotion, and share genuinely inspiring stories from our clients.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Please, don't hesitate to tell us which article captivated you the most!

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It is with great excitement that I share the news of the launch of my new studio nestled in the heart of Los Gatos, California. As a seasoned artist and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience, I understand the importance of reinvention and investing in oneself and one's business.

Beingtheco-founderandheadphotographer of Women and Business Magazine, it fills me

with immense joy to invite you all to join us in celebrating this milestone. Our journey at Women and Business Magazine has been a testament to the power of women's voices and stories. Through my lens, I've captured the essence of female entrepreneurship, leadership, and empowerment. Now, with the inauguration of my studio, I aim to take this mission to new heights.


The new studio, located in the vibrant Eureka Building on High Street, is dedicated to helping professional women elevate their brands and careers through stunning headshots, self-branding videos, and video resumes. With the addition of stylish outdoor headshot sessions, we aim to provide a comprehensive experience that captures the essence of your unique brand and personality.

As business owners, it is essential to recognize the value of investing in ourselves and our ventures. Whether it's through refreshing our professional image, exploring new avenues of expression, or simply reinventing our workspace, these investments are crucial in keeping us inspired and inspiring to others.

Every milestone achieved is a testament to our dedication, resilience, and commitment to growth. Let us take this opportunity to celebrate not only the launch of my new studio but also the journey of self-discovery and transformation that lies ahead.

Join us as we embark on this exciting chapter, where every click of the camera and frame of the video serves as a testament to the power of investing in oneself and one's business. Together, let us elevate our brands, careers, and lives to new heights of success and fulfillment.

I look forward to welcoming you to my new studio in Los Gatos and creating amazing photos with you.

Best wishes,

Photo: Anna Kirschner Model: Eszti Dress: Zeona Make up: Livia Varga
& fashion
Photo: Anna Kirschner Model: Viola, Fruzsi Make up: Nesbu

For years, I've marveled at the artistic spirit, its wings spreading wide like a free bird. But does this same spirit hold sway in the artist's everyday reality? Join me in a revealing conversation with Viktória Szunyoghy, a contemporary painter and cinematic lead scenic artist, as we unveil the fascinating tales concealed behind the canvas of a modern artist's life.

Since earning her degree in 2008 from the University of Fine Arts, Viktória's paintings have graced interiors, exhibitions, galleries, and art auctions worldwide. With over 16 years of professional experience, her works have found homes in art collections and adorned the walls of residences, blending seamlessly with modern or classic interiors. Viktória takes pride in the acknowledgment received through features in interior design, art, and design magazines.

Viktória Szunyoghy

How do you balance the creative expression in your personal art projects with the “commercial”? Demands of working on films?

Balancing the demands of the film industry and my art projects may seem like a journey filled with hard work and sacrifices, but let me tell you, it's absolutely doable. These two realms call for distinct work styles and perspectives.

Picture this – one is a vibrant social affair, a bustling collaboration where I'm part of a dynamic team surrounded by many faces, and then there's the flip side. The other is a sanctuary for my soul, a space where I find solace, alone with my thoughts and tuned into my inner voice.

I genuinely adore both worlds. One lets me dive deep into my own painting projects, granting me the luxury of time, while the other, the world of film, demands quick thinking and immediate solutions. The beauty of it all lies in my fantastic working relationship with the gallery in the art scene. They're the wizards behind the scenes, organizing my exhibitions and expertly handling the sale of my artwork, lifting a significant weight off my shoulders. It's a harmonious dance between the two, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

How do you balance the creative expression in your personal art projects with the “commercial”? Demands of working on films?

It's not something I typically highlight, but you know, the ultimate validation of my work in the art world is when my very own paintings become integral elements of movie sets – used not just once, but multiple times.

As a female artist in a male-dominated industry, what challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them?

I don't sense a gender dominance in the worlds of art or film. What truly defines the challenges we face is the relentless pace and demanding workload, irrespective of whether one is a man or a woman. Those immersed in filmmaking generally navigate these pressures with resilience, facing extreme conditions, long hours, stress, and high expectations with grace.

How do you approach collaboration with other creatives in the film industry to ensure your artistic voice is heard and respected?

In the world of film, you witness the beautiful fusion of diverse artistic disciplines. Each individual possesses their unique role and expertise. My colleagues, seasoned professionals with years of experience in the film industry, are the true gems I love working with. Many of them have been my companions for years, and our connections extend beyond the workplace into genuine friendships, making the journey even more delightful.

What advice would you give to aspiring female painters looking to make their mark in both the art world and the commercial?

In reality, achieving one's dreams requires a tremendous amount of strength and resilience. The key lies in approaching work with humility and maintaining a commitment to continuous learning, irrespective of gender – it's all about that unwavering dedication.


The film industry is often known for its fast-paced environment. How do you manage your time and energy to juggle various art projects and film commitments successfully?

Ensuring there's a pause, a bit of rest, or even travel between film projects is vital to prevent complete burnout from the relentless pace of work. Unfortunately, the industry's demands often mean that as one project wraps up, the next one swiftly begins – such is the nature of studio scheduling. That's why I make a conscious effort to weave moments of rejuvenation into my daily routine, a commitment to preserving both physical and mental equilibrium. For me, embracing an active lifestyle and prioritizing health is key. When I can't make it to my personal trainer, you'll find me on my own treadmill, squeezing in a workout before dawn or after a day of work. It's a game-changer, leaving me recharged and full of vitality.


Ana Stojanovska is a visionary entrepreneur who effortlessly straddles two worlds: as the founder of BAU, celebrated for its luxurious jewelry creations, and as a creative director at Kyros.ai, a leading EdTech firm in Silicon Valley. Join us as we uncover the story behind Ana's remarkable ability to navigate and thrive in these distinct yet interconnected domains.

What inspired you to pursue a career in visual design and creative direction, and how does your background influence your approach to jewelry design?

My journey into visual design and creative direction was inspired by a lifelong passion for art and design, coupled with a deep appreciation for contemporary minimal aesthetics. I was inspired by how images, colors, and layouts could convey messages, evoke emotions, and drive actions.


This fascination led me to pursue a career in visual design, where I could explore the intersection of creativity and communication in a tangible way.

Over the past decade, working as a visual graphic designer/art director in the advertising industry has offered me a frontrow seat to the evolving landscape of visual communication. It has taught me the importance of understanding the consumer psyche, and the power of visual simplicity. The work as a visual designer has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the concept of "visual storytelling." Each piece of jewelry I design is more than just an accessory; it's a narrative, a form of expression, a way to communicate identity and emotions without words.

Also my educational background, with a bachelor’s degree in art and design and a master’s degree in marketing, has equipped me with a unique skill set that seamlessly integrates artistic creativity with strategic thinking. This multidisciplinary approach informs every aspect of my work, from concept development to execution, resulting in jewelry that is both aesthetically captivating and intellectually engaging.


As a multifaceted entrepreneur in both the creative and business worlds, how do you balance the demands of running your own jewelry business while also excelling in your role as a visual designer and creative director?

Balancing the demands of running my jewelry business BAU (bau. byann), alongside my role as a creative director in Kyros.ai, an EdTech company in Silicon Valley, is indeed a multifaceted challenge that requires a keen sense of priority, time management, and a deep passion for both creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Firstly, passion is the driving force behind everything I do. My love for design, whether it be in the form of sophisticated, minimalist jewelry or compelling visual narratives for brands, is what ties my seemingly disparate roles together. This intrinsic motivation helps me overcome the challenges that come with juggling these responsibilities. Alongside myself and my sister Kristina, a sales manager, we are creating the brand idea. Continuous learning and adaptability are vital. The landscapes of design and business are ever-evolving, and staying informed about industry trends, consumer behaviors, and technological advancements allows me to make informed decisions.

Can you share some insights into your creative process, particularly how you integrate elements of Bauhaus design into your handmade jewelry pieces?

I'm delighted to share insights into my creative process. The Bauhaus movement, with its emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and harmonious design, deeply influences my approach to jewelry design. By incorporating clean lines, geometric shapes, and a minimalist sensibility into my designs, I strive to evoke a sense of timelessness and elegance while ensuring each piece serves its intended purpose with utmost efficiency.

The process begins with the conceptualization phase, drafting the shapes, where the foundational Bauhaus principle of form guides my design ethos. I strive for simplicity, focusing on geometric shapes, and clean lines... This is evident in the minimalist aesthetic of the necklaces, where every element contributes to both the visual appeal and the wearability of the piece. Material selection is another critical aspect of the process, we chose nice materials, mainly silk for its lustrous quality, and the elegant way it drapes. The materials that we are using with their natural sheen and texture, are adding a layer of sophistication and tactile beauty to each piece, embodying the brand ideal of uniting art and craftsmanship. The process of sewing the materials is where the essence of our craftsmanship comes to life. This hands-on approach allows us to manipulate the fabric, creating unique designs and shaping each piece as an artwork.

Color plays a significant role in the design process as well. I carefully select a palette to evoke emotions and convey the piece's essence. The main inspiration is combining monochromatic schemes with the tactfulness of colors. Each handmade necklace is not just a piece of jewelry but a wearable piece of art that reflects the enduring legacy of Bauhaus design.

In what ways do you leverage your expertise in visual design to enhance the branding and marketing strategies for your jewelry business?


As a creative director with a passion for artistic vision and photography, my approach to leveraging visual design in enhancing the branding and marketing strategies of my jewelry business is deeply rooted in the art of visual storytelling.

My love for artistic photography isn't just a personal interest; it's a powerful tool that I harness to communicate the essence, quality, and uniqueness of our jewelry, creating an emotional connection with our audience that goes beyond the mere aesthetic appeal.

One of the primary ways I leverage my expertise is through the creation of a visually cohesive and compelling brand identity. The goal is to ensure that each piece reflects our brand's ethos and aesthetic values, creating a strong, recognizable brand image.

Understanding the principles of design enables me to craft a cohesive and compelling visual language for the brand. I apply this knowledge in creating marketing materials that are not only visually striking but also strategically designed to attract and engage our ideal customers. It's about to build a brand that is not only seen but felt, remembered, and cherished.

As a female entrepreneur in design and jewelry making, what challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them to achieve success?

Navigating the path as a female entrepreneur in the design and jewelry-making industry is both a challenging and enriching journey. One of the challenges was establishing a distinctive brand identity in a market flooded with talent and creativity. I immersed myself in understanding the preferences of my target audience and tailored my collections to not only meet but exceed their expectations, ensuring each piece carried a unique story and aesthetic appeal. As a newcomer, creating a space for my contemporary necklace brand required a strategic approach to branding, design innovation, and marketing. I focused on carving out a unique niche by emphasizing the distinctiveness of our designs, the quality of craftsmanship, and the story behind the brand.

A significant challenge was mastering the balance between creativity and the commercial aspects of running a business. As someone deeply passionate about design, I had to learn the ropes of financial management, operations, and customer service. It is a steep learning curve, but by embracing a mindset of continuous learning and being open to seeking advice from mentors and industry peers. Another challenge is accessing funding and resources. To navigate this, I became resourceful, starting small and reinvesting profits back into the business. Additionally, balancing the creative aspects of jewelry design with the demands of running a business is a significant challenge. The journey of entrepreneurship is one of constant evolution. Each challenge presents an opportunity for growth, and there's no substitute for the lessons learned through firsthand experience. Be open to experimentation, be willing to adapt, and always seek feedback to refine your approach.


WOMEN & BUSINESS MAGAZINE inspiring readers with our

Photo: Anna Kirschner Model: Eszti Make up: Eva Andrea Szekely
Photo: Anna Kirschner Model: Vivi Make up: Eva Andrea Szekely

Book Review by Mónika Fischer

We are passionate about business books because we can learn much from them. This time, we've got a book recommendation from one of our favorite experts, Mónika Fischer, a career and business coach. If you have a favorite that you would recommend to Women & Business Magazine readers, send it to us. www.linkedin.com/in/monikafischercoach/

Rachel Rodgers: We Should All Be Millionaires

Rachel Rodgers and her team are working on normalising seven-figure businesses for women, minorities and the LBTQ+ community. She urges founders and CEOs to shift their perspective from becoming rich to building wealth. In her view, wealth is accumulated through a sustainable financial system based on million dollar decisions, million dollar boundaries and a million dollar team.

If you learn how to put yourself and your vision first, you will be able to create and keep your boundaries more easily, as well as make decisions based on whether an action serves you and your vision or not. Last but not least, delegating things to your spouse and team and freelancers allows you to create a million dollar team supporting you on your mission.

Tori Dunlap: Financial Feminist

A financial feminist is a person who helps women make informed financial decisions which lead them toward achieving financial independence. This work includes promoting financial literacy, advocating for workplace equality, and addressing systemic issues that affect women's financial wellbeing.

Tori Dunlap’s book is an inventory of solutions, information and explanations. Women do not receive a financial education that would empower them to make investments and think about saving from a non-patriarchal position. This book bridges this gap and discusses the possible options in a realistic and actionable manner. All the tips can be implemented at once will therefore allow for the compound effect on your financial situation.


Dan Sullivan, Benjamin Hardy: 10x Is Easier Than 2x

This book starts out with the premise which has since been reiterated by many other entrepreneurs. There are 4 types of freedom worth pursuing: time, money, relationship and purpose. All these are actually down to our ability and freedom to choose how and with whom we spend our time.

All of these are intertwined, as a higher income leads to open doors to societies where there are more opportunities and more advanced people. Once our relationships and income allow for more quality and quantity time we are able to fulfil our purpose in ways we are not able to when we are stuck at the 2x level.

As all books of this type, they are only a framework - the actual steps have to be created and taken by the reader.

Morgan Housel: The Psychology of Money

Nothing can promote this book better than these three quotes from the book: “Warren Buffett has managed to achieve an average annual return of 22% throughout his career. More than 97% of Warren Buffett's wealth has been accumulated after the age of 65.”

“There are a million ways to get wealthy, and plenty of books on how to do so. But there’s only one way to stay wealthy: some combination of frugality and paranoia.”

“People from different generations, raised by different parents who earned different incomes and held different values, in different parts of the world, born into different economies, experiencing different job markets with different incentives and different degrees of luck, learn very different lessons.”



In this exclusive interview, we delve into the world of psychotherapy with the remarkable Kimberly, whose passion and dedication shine as she brings hope and healing to a unique population: inmates. Through her work, Kimberly not only transforms lives but also challenges societal perceptions of rehabilitation and mental health within the prison system. Captured through the lens of our talented photographer Anna Kirschner and wearing the beautiful make up by Michelle Montes. Join us as we uncover Kimberly's journey, her insights, and the profound impact she's making in the field of psychotherapy.




How did the decision come about to work in a non-traditional environment for women?

Back in 2016, I was looking for a new job and I applied to Santa Clara county thinking I would end up working in the community, however there was an option for locked facilities. I toured a prison facility in the past during graduate school and that experience was not bad. I also had previous experience in working with clients on probation with dual diagnoses, so I checked the option for locked facilities and lo and behold I began receiving calls for interviews; as you can imagine, not many people are applying to work in the jail/ prison system. I have now been serving this population for the past 7 years. While at times it can be frustrating because of the environment, you are subject to being cursed at, receiving ‘cat calls’ or inmates exposing themselves but grow to ignore the negative and focus on those in need of your assistance as a mental health professional.

What motivates you in your professional journey?

I have always wanted to help others. In grade school and elementary I was a peer counselor and I was ‘that friend’ my friends would tell their problems to. I enjoy seeing people happy, living the life that they desire to have. My way of assisting others to achieve this is through mental health.

How do you manage to leave work behind when you go home?

In this profession we are trained to leave work at work, because it can become toxic, unhealthy, especially with some of the content you come across. Leaving work behind is not always an easy thing to do, so you must be intentional about it.

I internally tell myself “I’m at home/ off the clock and nothing else matters right now but my family, work can wait”.

Share some examples of valuable lessons learned as a psychotherapist in prison that can be applied in the business world in your opinion.

Working in the jail/ prison system can be very humbling. One of the biggest lessons I learned after serving clients in a locked facility is that it only takes one bad/ wrong decision and anyone can end up here. With that said, being mindful and present is important, check in with your emotions, pay attention to your surroundings because a quick outburst of anger or hitting someone because you ran a stop sign could lead to life changing consequences. I believe staying humble is important in business; as no person is better than the next. A few poor decisions can impact your business, you may end up needing assistance from someone whom you looked down upon while your business was thriving. On a lighter note, the jail/prison definitely runs on a schedule and one can learn how to prioritize things that are most important when having to work in an environment that is impacted by various systems.

What sources of inspiration and rejuvenation do you draw from?

I would have to say my source of inspiration comes from my faith, as Christian I am able to draw from my spiritual connection with Christ which inspires me to continue to be forgiving and kind towards others. My children absolutely rejuvenate me, having to keep up with a 2 year old and a 5 month old is no easy task but to hear their laughter and see them smile is all worth it.


Working mothers in the organization: how can we enhance the re-boarding phase?

Linda Szijjártó

The difficulties and obstacles mothers face when returning to work after maternity leave are not just subjective experiences. According to Indeed's (2023) survey, 93% of mothers have experienced or expect challenges when returning to the workforce. In addition to the difficulties associated with the new life situation, 53% of mothers fear that the years spent raising children will not be considered valuable work experience by potential employers, more than half of the them expect that their abilities will be underestimated due to the time spent at home as a parent and 57 % of them think that employers see the years spent at home with children as a gap, like a hole in their CV. According to a survey conducted by Censuswide for LinkedIn in 2020, among the biggest fears of returning mothers are that their skills will no longer be up to date and that they will be seen as less suitable in the workplace.

Unfortunately, these concerns are not unfounded, as 61% of the mothers who were already working stated that the experience of returning was really difficult for them. Not only because complex changes affecting both the individual and the family system during this period, but also because there is a phenomenon, the so called “maternity wall bias”, which makes pregnant women and mothers seen as less committed to their work and less competent by their colleagues, and according to Williams

and Cuddy (2012) this can affect their career progression. This is well demonstrated by the psychological research of Weisshaar, who sent 3,374 fictitious resumes to real job advertisements in 50 cities in the United States. The results of the research are shocking: 15.3% of employed mothers, 9.7% of unemployed mothers and 4.9% of stay-at-home mothers received a call back. The second part of the research gave an answer to the underlying reasons, in which, based on fictitious resumes, independent judges considered parents who stay at home with their children to be less reliable and less committed.

These data show that not only mothers are worried about their own return to the labor market, but in many cases employers have a negative attitude towards women returning from maternity leave, which stems from misjudgments based on concerns and distorting effects.

In order to be able to judge working mothers based on their real competences, it is worth examining this situation from another perspective. The experiences of mothers during maternity leave enable them to develop important skills. The survey by Bright Horizons (2018) includes skills such as stability in difficult situations, cooperation in a team, multitasking, time management, diplomatic communication, empathic listening, while according to the research by Indeed, event organization can

also be classified here. These skills can be used particularly well in the role of an employee and a manager, not only from the point of view of your own productivity and efficiency, but also of the team. However, in order to be able to really apply these skills during everyday work, it is essential for managers and HR professionals to be aware of the real challenges of returning mothers in the particular organization and the distorting effects that often appear unconsciously, and employers need an empathic and supportive attitude towards mothers in the re-boarding phase.

The period of returning to the labor market is a kind of transition in the career of working mothers, where they have to deal with the concerns of their own suitability at work in addition to several difficulties arising of this life situation. A supportive and empowering organizational culture helps mothers to be more aware of their own skills and provides the support for smooth return period and professional growth. This attitude also promotes the organizational growth, since with the support of working mothers, the organization can consciously build on untapped potential.



Basically, AI marketing solutions can help us in 3 main areas:

- Saving time - increase revenue - increase the quality of our service.

And while only ca. 8-10% of companies use these AI-based solutions regularly today, this will jump to approximately 95% in 2-3 years. The most important advice on how to avoid wasting too much time, money, and energy testing the right AI programs is to always have a strategy for exactly what you need and which tools might be best suited for this. After all, the more businesses and objectives you have, the more software you can use.

Take notes, don't jump between programs, and avoid the so-called "shiny object effect." If you need strategic support for more efficient and effective content production, please contact us!


I explored this in March when I attended the Content Hacker's live event in Austin, Texas.

The event lasted two days, and the speakers and audience included enthusiasts in AI marketing and content production. It was fantastic to hear, through case studies, whose lives have been changed by the arrival of AI and how marketing agencies and professionals can build 7-8-figure businesses with its help. We talked about the key programs like Chatgpt, Dall-E, Claude3, Midjourney, Content at Scale, Canva, etc., that can save us up to 20 hours of content production time per week.

Photo: Anna Kirschner Model: Kitti Dress: Zeona Make up: Kitti Fülöp



As female entrepreneurs and professionals, we understand the value of making a powerful first impression. Our headshot is often the first glimpse others have into our personal brand and professional identity. It communicates confidence, credibility, and approachability – all crucial elements in the world of business.

However, as we evolve and grow in our careers, so should our headshots. Here at Women & Business Magazine, we believe in the transformative power of regularly updating your headshot. That's why I, as the co-founder and head photographer of our esteemed publication, have taken on the challenge of creating a new headshot every month in 2024.

Allow me to share with you the journey of this endeavor and the insights gained along the way:

January: Embracing Confidence

The first headshot of the year set the tone for what was to come. With a confident smile and a professional demeanor, I conveyed the readiness to tackle new challenges and opportunities. This headshot symbolized the foundation upon which the rest of the year would be built.

February: Embracing Authenticity

In February, I decided to embrace authenticity by capturing a candid moment during a fashion session with Mary. This headshot communicated approachability and genuine engagement – an invitation for collaboration and connection.

March: Embracing Creativity

As spring blossomed, so did creativity. The March headshot showcased a playful side, incorporating vibrant colors and fun angles. It served as a reminder to embrace innovation and think outside the box.

The journey of creating a new headshot every month is both challenging and rewarding. It has taught me the importance of embracing change, staying true to oneself, and constantly evolving as individuals and professionals. I encourage each of you to take the leap and embark on your own headshot journey. Whether it's once a year or once a month, the act of updating your headshot is not just about capturing your imageit's about capturing your essence, your story, and your journey.

Here's to embracing the power of refresh and the endless possibilities it brings.


reMarkable: Every Woman's Best Friend ( Diamonds Included! )

As a passionate advocate for handwritten notes, I've accumulated more than three shelves of notebooks over the past seven years of entrepreneurship. My love for jotting down thoughts and ideas is matched only by the challenges it presents. Managing multiple projects and frequent travels, I found myself juggling 2-3 notebooks for meetings, workshops, and conferences. Not only was it unprofessional to sift through them to find the right one during meetings, but my handwriting was so poor that I was the only one who could decipher it. This made sharing notes with my assistant or coworkers, even with the aid of photos, practically impossible.

That all changed when I discovered the reMarkable tablet. It was love at first write! The reMarkable isn't just an e-notebook; it's a revolution in how I manage my notes and ideas. The variety of pen options, templates, and writing styles has transformed my

note-taking experience. But the feature that truly won me over is its ability to convert my (English) handwriting into capital letters, making it legible to everyone at last. Plus, the seamless integration with my computer, phone, and tablet through its cloud-based platform allows for effortless transfer of PDFs, presentations, and notes.

I cannot overstate how much I adore the reMarkable. It's more than just a gadget; it's a game-changer for busy leaders who cherish the act of taking notes. If you're someone who values the tactile feel of writing but needs the convenience of digital technology, the reMarkable is an essential tool. It simplifies life, enhances professionalism, and ensures that your ideas are always just a tap away. I highly recommend this incredible device to anyone looking to elevate their note-taking strategy.

Photo: Anna Kirschner

Model: Mary Kuznetsova

Make up: Amanda Leigh


We are trailblazers. We are trendsetters. We are new-wave marketers. We don't fear new technologies. We know them. We learn them. We use them. Join us and be a Content Trailblazer too! contenttrailblazers.com The AI-marketing Summit
Photo: Anna Kirschner Model: Flora, Dori Make up: Eva Andrea Szekely



In the bustling digital landscape of 2024, establishing a robust personal brand is more crucial than ever for professional networking and online presence. The common advice? Dive into social media and start posting. However, for many professionals, especially those with expertise in managing, decision-making, or budgeting, creating consistent social media content can be a challenge. If you resonate with this dilemma, PPC (Pay-per-Click) Advertising offers a compelling solution.


As a PPC specialist, I've aided diverse professionals, like a digital nomad business mentor, an expat coach, a luxury hairstylist, a plastic surgeon and many more, in harnessing the power of PPC. Their common thread? Limited time or inclination for daily social media posts. Let's explore how PPC can be your ace in achieving your branding goals with minimal social media efforts.


Strategy 1: Leveraging Evergreen Social Content

• Create one significant post monthly, adapting it into different formats (video, text, graphics).

• Use PPC campaigns on Meta and LinkedIn to strategically share these posts, targeting ideal followers.

Strategy 2: Cultivating an Email List

• Build an email list not for frequent newsletters, but as a touchpoint with clients and partners.

• Use PPC to attract subscribers with exclusive content or workshop invites.

Strategy 3: Crafting Impactful Blog Posts

• Identify low-competition, high-volume keywords using the Google Ads Keyword Planner and create a few must-read blog posts.

• Drive traffic through Google Ads, guiding readers to stay connected via email or social media.

Strategy 4: Hosting Regular Events

• Establish authority through regular events, from social media lives to local mastermind sessions.

• Promote these events through ongoing PPC campaigns to build a professional network..


The essence of these strategies lies in creating quality content, fostering lasting connections, and consistently nurturing your professional network. Remember, effective PPC is a marathon, not a sprint. Invest steadily over time rather than seeking quick fixes.


Follow us or contact our professional marketing team at hello@zsolya.com.




You rarely hear this phrase from my mouth, as I consider social media one of the most fantastic digital marketing tools. Still, as a business and online communications consultant, it's especially important to be honest about it.

It is my responsibility.

Over the past two weeks, I've been talking a lot about business development and scaling up our companies with my investor friend. She lives in America and is seizing the opportunities there; I'm trying to make it in Europe within the confines of home.

There is a huge difference in many things, but we are at maximum synergy in efficiency, openness, and conscious planning. Since we both put our knowledge and time into the business, we mustn't burn time and energy because, at that moment, we lose money. And that is something we cannot do as investors or business owners.

I mentor many businesses annually, and for most of them, social media can be incredibly helpful. However, there are times when the processes are set up differently, and it is unnecessary. And in this case, I will not suggest that they force their face out there to post.

There are two ways to go with social media content: either you do it, and then you do it consciously, diversely, and effectively. Or you can leave it alone. Blurring it won't get you any results.

So, if your business is self-running without social media, then let it go, focus your energy elsewhere. But if your online presence matters, then give it your all!


Why is it important for companies to engage with reviews? Is it really that important for companies or consumers?

In today's digital landscape, the significance of online reviews for businesses cannot be overstated. Online reviews are pivotal for businesses, with 76% of consumers relying on them to choose local businesses, as highlighted by BrightLocal's Local Consumer

Review 2023 survey. Effective management of these reviews is crucial; positive feedback enhances trust, while negative reviews can significantly impact revenue. For instance, one negative review out of twenty can deter 22% of potential customers, as per Moz.com's research. Hence, engaging with reviews is not just beneficial – it's essential for maintaining a strong business reputation and ensuring customer trust.

Photo: PGO Premium

You say there is no such thing as a bad review, and negative feedback is useful. How do you mean it?

While receiving negative feedback can initially be disheartening for business owners, it presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to demonstrate responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction. By addressing concerns and engaging constructively with customers, companies can showcase their dedication to improving service and valuing customer input. This engagement not only clarifies business practices and reaffirms the company's values but also enhances transparency and trust. Significantly, research indicates that consumers are 41% more likely to patronize businesses that actively respond to all their reviews, underscoring the positive impact of engaging with feedback. Thus, negative reviews are not just challenges but opportunities to strengthen a business's relationship with its customers and reinforce its commitment to excellence.

From a business perspective, how much can a company add to its operations by consciously collecting positive reviews?

Collecting positive reviews is a strategic asset for businesses, playing a pivotal role in establishing trust in an information-saturated market. Consistent, positive feedback about a company not only captures consumer interest but also cements trust. Research indicates that 69% of consumers are inclined to trust a business showcasing positive experiences through reviews. Moreover, a significant 59% of consumers expect a business to have 20 to 99 reviews. Beyond trust, positive reviews can enhance a company's online visibility, improve its search engine ranking, and influence purchasing decisions. They serve as a form of social proof, reassuring potential customers of the quality and reliability of the business's offerings, thereby driving growth and fostering customer loyalty.

As a Tripadvisor expert, you also support your customers. Who benefits most from this?

As a globally known travel platform, Tripadvisor connects travelers and travelrelated businesses worldwide. My experience since 2018, working with diverse clients from restaurants to tour guides, from hotels to vacation rentals across continents, reveals a common oversight: many business owners initially set up their Tripadvisor pages but neglect regular updates. This lapse can hinder a business's visibility and competitiveness. The dynamic nature of Tripadvisor means that staying current is crucial. In this ecosystem, both travelers and businesses benefit— travelers receive up-to-date information and businesses maintain a competitive edge, ensuring they remain relevant and appealing to a global audience.

As a consultant, you also support your clients on an international level. Who are your services primarily useful to?

In the focus of my business philosophy, the key is not just to promote products or services but to craft and maintain offerings that are deeply customized and resonate with a specific audience. Understanding your customers— often better than they understand themselves— is crucial for delivering unparalleled customer experiences. This approach is instrumental in building a loyal community, reducing advertising costs, and fostering a base of returning customers who become advocates for your brand. Our focus is on identifying and enhancing the unique aspects of businesses worldwide, guiding them in showcasing their excellence. Ultimately, it's about empowering business owners to offer exceptional service and create memorable experiences, ensuring their offerings stand out in a crowded and competitive landscape.



Africa in my heart

At Africa Born in My Heart Association we all work to reach the same goal: to help people having not only a longer and better-quality life but also a life of dignity. We believe that everyone is equal and should have equal opportunities. We work for the eradication of poverty, social justice and gender equality, and for every child and woman to have the opportunity to create the future they aspire for. We believe that through our work, we can contribute to a just and sustainable world in which all people enjoy the right to live in dignity, free from deprivation and oppression. We believe that successful support cannot happen without acquaintance, so we establish all our programmes based on professional experience gained in the field.


In our programmes the main focus is to support women and to help them to live in better conditions. The situation of women is problematic all around the world but it’s especially hard for them in Africa. African women have huge burdens on their shoulders. Although they don’t have many opportunities, they have a huge potential within themselves. We believe that women play a key role in every community, thus improving their situation will change the situation of the whole community for the better. This program deals with subjects such as period poverty, period shaming, domestic sexual abuse, child marriages, early motherhood, education of girls among others.

Zsófia Szilágyi - Könczöl, founder Photo: Dorina László, DorinkaStudio Photo: Dorina László, DorinkaStudio

The main focus of our women's project is to help women and to better their circumstances. We believe, that we have to do everything to lower the gender gap and to even make this gap completely disappear. In Manafwa for example the majority of the women have either never went to school or had to drop out at a very young age. Our women's project has theoretical and a practical elements as well like hygiene education, family planning, natural birth control methods, basic economic knowledge learn new skills, that will help their everyday house chores, as well as provide them some income too.

Our other goal with the programme is to set a role model to the children, so they can see that education is indeed valuable, for the parent too, they complete their homework, learn and practice at home too. The respect for women will increase within the community and the women's self esteem and self belief will grow too.

Of course, during our work we often get the question why we don't help with local problems, when there are also people in need and problems in our own country? However, we believe that nowadays, when we enjoy the many advantages of globalization every day, we cannot le tus to don’t be aware of the difficulties and people in need outside the country's borders. We believe in global responsibility and that what happens to a community in a seemingly distant part of the world has a great impact on our lives as well.

We can finance our activities through donations and grants, for which communication is essential. However, it is often difficult to find what and how to communicate that is ethical but still demonstrates the need and the impact of the help. Previously, we viewed communication tasks as a necessary evil, but thanks to the Zsolya Communication team and Orsi's personal help, we no longer only have tools in our hands, but a completely new mindset in our heads. By making communication easier, we can reach many more people and thus increase our support base.

Photo: Dorina László, DorinkaStudio Zsófia Szilágyi - Könczöl, founder Photo: Dorina László, DorinkaStudio

I am ever so proud of my team, of those participating and working with me toward this goal, on this journey. There are many of us and all different, but we are united in believing Africa to be the “continent of possibilities”, and Uganda to be – as they say – “the pearl of Africa”. A beautiful country, full of beautiful people, and it is a true honour and pure joy to work with and for them. For us, people are the greatest value. The people we work for and the people we work with. Today, without our active volunteer base of more than 30 people, it would be unthinkable for us to be where we are. They are the ones who give the most valuable thing, their time. They have the opportunity to do something to make it a little better place, both in tasks at home and in the African missions.

I am the dreamer and founder of “Africa Born in my Heart”. When I was 14 years old, I decided to have a career revolving around Africa, then, following a 10-year long wait and preparation, I traveled to the continent in 2017. My first trip there took me to Eastern Uganda, specifically to a village called Manafwa, which has since become my “second home”. I have travelled there to help, to give, and I did not expect for a second for these trips and these people to change my whole life in return as well.

With each and every trip to Africa, I am always learning new things about life and about myself. I have learned to dare to

dream big, and that every person has a place somewhere in the world there they are truly needed. I have learned that “Africa” does not need for us to just go there and “repair” things, “save” people without consciousness toward its people, but to be humble, to get to know them, to understand and to love. Because this is the only real way to help. I have learned I can not save the whole world, but I can take part in helping in seemingly far-away communities and their people to have a better, more human way to live.

Photo: Dorina László, DorinkaStudio Photo: Dorina László, DorinkaStudio

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