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Nau mai, haere mai, ki Te Whare Aroha o Rangi Ruru

Contents The People Caring for Your Daughter ����������� 5 Information for Parents and Caregivers ������������������������������������������ 6 Getting Involved ������������������������������������������������ 6 Parent Gatherings and Meetings ������������������� 6 Boarders House Council ���������������������������������� 6 Year 13 Boarders ����������������������������������������������� 6 Email ������������������������������������������������������������������� 6 ‘In House’ Newsletter ��������������������������������������� 7 Rangi.Life ������������������������������������������������������������ 7 Parent Meetings with House Staff ���������������� 7 Phoning In ���������������������������������������������������������� 7 Leaving Rangi Ruru Boarding ������������������������� 7 Settling In ������������������������������������������ 8 Home Visits �������������������������������������������������������� 8 New Entrant Dinner & Information Evening 8 The New Entrant Dinner for Boarders and their families is held at School during Term 4. �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 8 Boarding Orientation ���������������������������������������� 8 Room Allocation ����������������������������������������������� 8 House Life........... ������������������������������� 9 Meals ������������������������������������������������������������������� 9 Prep ��������������������������������������������������������������������10 Leave � �������������������������������������������������� 11 General Outings ����������������������������������������������� 11 Boarders’ Outings ��������������������������������������������12 Weekend Retreat � ���������������������������� 12 Weekend and Overnight Leave ���������������������13 Visiting Lists �����������������������������������������������������13 Responsibility for Boarders on Leave ���������13 Signing Out �������������������������������������������������������13 School Outings �������������������������������������������������14 End of Term ������������������������������������������������������14 Visitors to the House � ��������������������� 14 Community Expectations � �������������� 15 Discipline and Community Service ��������������15 Searching the Girls’ Rooms and Personal Property �������������������������������������������������������������16

Health, Safety and Wellbeing ������� 16 If Your Daughter is Unwell �����������������������������16 School Nurse and Doctor Visits �������������������18 Concerns about Girls’ Wellbeing ������������������18 Returning to The Boarding House after Physical or Mental Trauma ����������������������������18 Safety and Emergency Procedures ��������������19 Transport............. ����������������������������� 20 Buses �����������������������������������������������������������������20 Taxi and Shuttle ����������������������������������������������20 Bicycles �������������������������������������������������������������20 Private Car ��������������������������������������������������������20 Travelling in Cars ��������������������������������������������20 Hired Bus �����������������������������������������������������������21 Technology......... ������������������������������ 21 Computers and Connectivity ������������������������21 Phones ���������������������������������������������������������������21 Recreation........... ������������������������������ 21 School Facilities �����������������������������������������������21 Fitness Centre ��������������������������������������������������21 Swimming Pool ����������������������������������������������� 22 Craft Room ������������������������������������������������������� 22 Piano and Musical Instruments ������������������� 22 Social and Recreation ������������������������������������ 22 General Information ����������������������� 22 Personal Items and Clothing ������������������������ 22 Laundry ������������������������������������������������������������� 23 Cleaning ������������������������������������������������������������ 24 Pocket Money �������������������������������������������������� 24 Safeguarding Valuables and Money ������������ 24 School Attendance ����������������������������������������� 24 Lost Property ��������������������������������������������������� 24 School Consent Forms ���������������������������������� 24 Police Vetting ��������������������������������������������������� 25 Concerns and Complaints Process ������������ 25 Postal address: ���������������������������������������������� 26 Physical address: �������������������������������������������� 26 Phone Numbers ���������������������������������������������� 26 Guidance Network ������������������������������������������ 26 Parent representatives ���������������������������������� 26

Boarding at Rangi Ruru

Welcome to Te Whare Aroha o Rangi Ruru - the Rangi Ruru Boarding House which is ‘home’ to around 135 girls from Years 7 to 13. On behalf of all the Boarding House Staff I extend a warm welcome to Boarders who are new to the House. This handbook is a useful resource for boarding families and sets out our expectations in the Boarding House and those of our community. We recognise that Boarding School requires adjustment for everyone in the family. Boarding will be a challenging experience for your daughter as she leaves the familiarity of home and moves to a more communal style of living. It will not always be easy, but the gains to be made are enormous. The House provides your daughter with a safe, secure and caring

environment in which she can feel happy and supported in all that she does. This environment will help her focus on learning, discovering and exploring new opportunities and to have fun while doing it! Our Boarders come from many different areas of New Zealand and the world, yet they find a place of belonging in our Boarding House, forming a unique community. Our staff develop close relationships with the girls which are paramount in helping make boarding at Rangi Ruru a warm, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

and the environment. Positive praise encourages girls to make the right choices throughout their day. Some House expectations are required, especially around health and safety. We ask girls to please accept this. By becoming involved in the many activities available, camaraderie will come from shared experiences and your daughter will soon develop a strong sense of common identity and school spirit.

If you would like further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We We value that each girl is trust your partnership with unique and brings her own the Boarding House and the special character to our wider school community community. As a member of is a positive and rewarding our Boarding Community we experience. ask all girls to rise to our high standards of behaviour which reflect responsibility, Kyleigh Lyth and care for oneself, others Director of Boarding

The People Caring for Your Daughter The Boarding House has a leadership team that oversees the future direction of the House. This team consists of the Director of Boarding, Boarding Managers, Operations Manager and Catering Manager. They meet weekly to discuss and plan smooth operations and running of the House. Director of Boarding – Kyleigh Lyth (Mrs) Kyleigh has overall responsibility for the running of the Boarding House and welcomes parental and student contact. She works closely with the Principal and Boarding Managers on all student issues, including care of the girls, staff and the strategic planning for Boarding. While Managers are always the first point of contact, Kyleigh is always available for any ongoing or serious issues. Phone: 03 983 3708 Email:

Boarding Manager – Nicky Barnett (Ms) Nicky overseas the smooth running of the House during evening hours, overseeing pastoral care meetings, prep, bedtimes, processes leave requirements and liaises closely with parents and guardians. Nicky is your first point of contact regarding pastoral care or prep concerns for your daughter. She can be contacted from 3.30pm Sunday to Thursday. Phone: (03) 983 3732 Email:

Operations Manager - Anna Van Der Meer (Mrs) Anna works Monday to Friday between 9am - 4pm. She oversees all girls’ daily needs regarding appointments for doctors and specialists and liaise with parents. She also oversees all administrative tasks for the House. She supports the Nurse and tends to girls who are unwell during the day. She can be contacted between the hours of 8.30am – 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. Phone: (03) 983 3732 Email:

Catering Manager – Jason Burrows Jason manages the school’s catering facilities and the Boarding House dining room. The catering staff focus on providing a healthy balance of food for growing active girls and helps Boarders develop good eating habits. Jason will also assist with any special dietary requirements. Phone: (03) 983 3709 Email:


Information for Parents and Caregivers Getting Involved Annual Boarding House Events A number of Boarding House events take place throughout the year and dates will be advised through ‘In House’ and the Boarders’ Term Calendar: • Mid-Winter Dinner • Boarders Concert • Christmas Celebration Service and Dinner • Formal and themed Boarding House dinners • Birthday dinners are held every month with a formal meal • Gathering for all Boarders families at the House prior to Prize Giving in Term 4

Parent Gatherings and Meetings These meetings take place on the return dates for Terms 2, 3 and 4 and are held in the House Lounge at 4.00pm. They are a great way to connect with other Boarding families and to give parents the chance to discuss any concerns they may have. Information on additional events or date changes will be advised in the ‘In House’ newsletter.

Boarders House Council The Boarders House Council comprises of two student representatives from each year level. This group meets fortnightly to discuss ideas, issues and events in the House. The student appointed Head of Boarding meets with the Director of Boarding regularly to discuss any items or issues raised by the Council.

Year 13 Boarders Year 13 girls are given more freedom and responsibility in our Boarding Community. The girls are expected to support younger girls, set and maintain high standards in the House and supervise House activities. All Year 13 Boarders are House Seniors led by the Head of Boarding. The girls live in a semiflatting environment. Which offers them an opportunity for greater independence where they are responsible for preparing some meals, doing their own laundry and cleaning duties.

Communications Email The Boarding House and School will use email for communicating important information to parents/caregivers as well as to send invitations, updates and event reminders. Please ensure the school’s domain is not blocked to avoid it being rejected as spam. 6 | BOARDING HANDBOOK

‘In House’ Newsletter

Rangi.Life Rangi.Life is the School’s community website and provides up-to-date information and reference material about the School. The site includes parent and student calendars, daily news and notices, links to publications, handbooks and School policies. The Parent Portal provides access to secure, student-specific information, and can also be accessed by clicking on ‘Useful Links’ on Rangi.Life. You will be issued with login details for the Parent Portal. If you do not have a login or are having difficulties with access, contact the IT Helpdesk on 03 983 3753.

Parent Meetings with House Staff The Director of Boarding and Boarding Managers welcome feedback, concerns and ideas. Please feel free to contact them at any time. If you wish to meet formally with either of them do not hesitate to give them a call.

Phoning In We ask where possible, that parents not ring before 7.00am, during prep or at dinner time. Prep times: Years 7 to 10 6.30pm – 7.30pm Years 11 to 13 6.30pm – 8.30pm Dinner time: 5.45pm – 6.30pm Urgent messages may be left with House Staff at any time. During school hours (8.30am-3.30pm) emergency contact with your daughter can be made through the School Office on (03) 983 3700.

Leaving Rangi Ruru Boarding Our expectation is that your daughter will remain boarding from when she starts through to Year 13. If for any reason she leaves before this time, we require a full term’s notice in writing.



In addition to the School’s monthly newsletter InTouch, Boarding parents are kept informed through our Boarders newsletter ‘In House’. This is sent via email every Friday during term.

Settling In - Developing Relationships SETTLING IN

Orientation for all new Boarders begins during the year prior to starting at Rangi Ruru.

Home Visits Once students have enrolled, the Director of Boarding will co-ordinate a home visit where possible. The purpose of this visit is to meet students in an environment where they feel comfortable, gather any information to help with the transition and to invite them to a New Entrant Information Evening.

New Entrant Dinner & Information Evening The New Entrant Dinner for Boarders and their families is held at School during Term 4. This dinner allows you to meet other new Boarders families and for your daughter to meether ‘Mentor’ for the next year and get to know the other new Boarders. The dinner is followed by a New Entrant Information Evening which all new families to Rangi attend.

Boarding Orientation At the beginning of the New Year, all Year 7 to 9 Boarders come into the House early. This enables the girls to spend some time getting to know each other. The girls also get to know the Year 13 Boarders and House Staff. They become familiar with the House, grounds, School and important Christchurch sites. Here are some helpful suggestions of ways in which you can help your daughter settle into her new home: • Set up a cellphone for her • Make a regular time for her to phone home (when you know you’ll be home) or suggest she writes, emails or texts regularly (and you do the same) • Write a letter. Even with regular phone contact the girls love to receive real mail • Send her photos of what is happening at home • Encourage other family members and friends to write and send parcels • Visit her whenever you can • Tell her all your home news (even the sad news) • Let her know you want to hear about her achievements

Room Allocation Each term we mix the girls up so they get to experience rooming with different people. Consideration is given to friendships, compatible study habits, supportive students with less confident girls and sport training commitments, particularly early morning schedules.


House Life A School Day in the Life of a Boarder – Day and Night Routines

The House is closed during school hours to the girls. Girls are required to take all necessary school items, including sports gear with them at the beginning of the day. If girls feel it is necessary to return to the House for any reason, they must bring a note from a member of the School Staff.

Meals All girls are required to come to the dining room for all meals. We understand some girls will have school or sporting commitments, so these need to be communicated and approved through our leave system. Provision is made to allow for those with special dietary needs. Breakfast Weekday breakfast is available from 6.30am – 8.00am and girls are to be dressed in full school uniform. Weekend breakfast is from 8.00am – 10.00am and girls may dress casually. Lunch Girls make their own lunch at breakfast time and may return to the dining room at lunchtime for a hot lunch option. Weekend lunch is from 12noon – 1.00pm. Dinner Dinner is from 5.45 – 6.30pm. Weekend dinner is from 5.30 – 6.00pm. Afternoon Tea Afternoon tea is available in the dining room and supper is served in the House lounge.



7.30am ........................ Breakfast available until 8.00am ...................................... Collect morning tea and make packed lunch 8.45am ....................... Leave the Boarding House for School 8.50am ....................... School timetable begins 10.35am .................... Interval 1.05–1.40pm .............. Lunch 3.30pm ....................... School finishes (2.30pm Wednesday) ...................................... Afternoon tea in the dining room ...................................... Change out of school uniform 5.45-6.30pm ............. Dinner is served in the dining room 6.30–8.30pm ............. Prep (homework and study) ...................................... Leisure time 9.00pm ....................... Bedtime for Years 7 to 9 9.15pm ......................... Lights out for Years 7 to 9 ...................................... Bedtime for Year 10 9.30pm ....................... Lights out for Year 10 10.00pm ..................... Bedtime for Year 11 and 12 11.00pm ...................... Bedtime for Year 13


Saved Dinner Girls who will not be in the House for dinner (generally due to school or sporting commitments) may order a ‘saved’ dinner from the kitchen staff before 4.00pm. Formal Dinner Formal and themed dinners happen twice a term. This is an opportunity to celebrate with each other our different cultures, special achievements and to honour Boarders showing special character within the House. All staff and girls dress appropriate for the occasion, whether it be formal or themed. This is a fun time that we can get everyone in the House together and create a positive culture. We ask parents to please respect these dates as it is very challenging trying to bring everyone together. If for any reason a girl is unable to attend, ‘special leave’ must be applied for through the Boarding Managers or the Director of Boarding. Year 13 Facilities The Year 13 girls have cooking and dining facilities in their flats which they can use to make their own snacks in the weekends. They will still have their evening meal in the dining room with the rest of the House.

Prep Girls have supervised prep during the following times: Monday to Thursday Years 7 to 10 ..............compulsory 6.30 – 7.30pm in the dining room ......................................optional 7.30 – 8.30 in the dining room Years 11 to ..................13 6.30 – 8.30 in their dorm During Prep time, girls are required to work quietly and independently using their own material. No cellphones are allowed. Staff supervises the Years 7 to 9 students in the dining room and monitors the girls on their application, attitude and organisation skills. Senior students are allowed to study quietly in their rooms, or in a computer room with the permission of the Boarding Manager. Other School rooms are available to students at the discretion of School Staff. Senior girls are expected to be considerate of others, and if they are unable to work quietly in their rooms will be required to work under supervision in the dining room. This ensures that all girls are able to complete their prep in a quiet environment.


Leave As in most family environments, girls are given extra responsibilities and privileges as they get older (eg. as a senior Boarder, leave allowances are increased).

In all cases, leave must be approved by a Boarding Manager. The onus is on the girls to get the required approval. As girls would at home, this approval and communication of their plans is important in terms of both safety and showing courtesy to Boarding Staff. Girls are required to think and plan ahead. Where no planning is evident, leave may be declined. If possible, applications for Boarders’ Outings should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Girls should always leave the House dressed appropriately. School uniform is not required. Dorms are to be left tidy before going on leave.

General Outings For general outings (less than 2 ½ hours) such as shopping leave, girls need to: • Check verbally with a member of staff before signing out • Years 7 to 9 girls need to be in groups of two or more • Years 7 to 10 – Riccarton, Merivale, Northlands or town only • Years 11 to 13 – at staff discretion



These leaves and outings are a privilege and are at the discretion of the House Staff.


Boarders’ Outings For leave such as tea leave, sport/cultural events or movies leave girls need to: • Check verbally with a member of staff before signing out • When necessary, parental approval will be sought • Movie Leave Years 7 to 8 girls need to be accompanied by an older student Years 9 and 10 need to be in groups of two or more and organised by House Staff, 5.00pm session at the latest Years 11 to 13 are at staff discretion • Over three hours Years 7 to 10 need to be in the care of an approved adult (on Visiting List or approved by House Staff) Years 11 to 13 are at staff discretion • Girls must be back in the House by: Sunday to Thursday: Years 7 and 8 8.30pm Years 9 and 10 8.45pm Years 11 and 12 9.15pm Year 13 9.30pm Friday and Saturday: Years 7 to 10 9.30pm Year 11 10.30pm Year 12 11.00pm Year 13 11.30pm Any extensions need to be organised with the Boarding Managers.

Weekend Retreat All girls are required to remain in the House for our Retreat. This will be held two days prior to school commencing. This is a very important event for us as it helps the girls to form positive relationships with each other and the staff. It is also an opportunity for us to actively work to create a positive environment for the girls to live in. Each girl is encouraged to engage and contribute in the planned activities and be an active member in our positive community. Special exemption can be requested through the Director of Boarding.


Weekend and Overnight Leave

Parents should monitor their daughters leave requests and decide what is appropriate for her wellbeing. Boarding House Staff will raise any concerns they have in relation to leave with parents.

Visiting Lists Visiting List sheets are available to parents. These should state who your daughter may visit. Parents are requested to update the necessary form at the beginning of each year and are responsible for the suitability of any host/s on this list. Staff on duty will phone to check that an adult is home before permission for the visit is granted.

Responsibility for Boarders on Leave Boarders’ parents and host families have a legal obligation to provide responsible supervision. We urge parents to get to know the families their daughter will be visiting. In authorising persons as approved hosts, parents are transferring the responsibility for the supervision and care of their daughter (while away from the Boarding House) to the persons nominated. It is important for all hosts to be made aware of their responsibilities.

Signing Out Every girl needs to report ‘in’ and ‘out’ to the Boarding Manager on duty. Full details of destination, travel arrangements, and the time required back need to be given. If a girl is running late, she must call ahead and speak to the Boarding Manager on duty. If there is no communication from the girl, then she will meet with the Boarding Manager or the Director of Boarding and may have consequences. Girls travelling without an adult after dusk are only allowed to use a taxi or shuttle. It is very important that all girls understand the importance of signing in and out as it is their safety we are trying to guard and in case of an emergency we need to know their whereabouts.



Requests for leave need to be made by parents or guardians by phone to a Boarding Manager or in writing via email to • Parents are always required to give permission for their daughter to leave the Boarding House. This includes going to host houses • All weekend leave requests should be lodged for approval through onBoard, our online system by 6.30pm Wednesday evening and should be confirmed by parents by 8.00pm Thursday evening • On weekend and overnight leaves, the House is released of its responsibility for girls • We prefer that girls do not take overnight leaves from Monday to Thursday

School Outings


Boarders often have the opportunity to join school parties going to meetings, lectures, dances, theatre and various sporting and school outings. Permission to join these activities need be given by a Boarding Manager.

End of Term Girls stay in class until 3.20pm unless a special arrangement has been made with the Deputy Principal, Stephanie Barnett via email to and the Director of Boarding via email The Boarding House closes at 5.00pm on the last day of term. We appreciate having all girls out of the House by this time. The Boarding House is often hired for events during term breaks so girls need to take all their belongings with them at the end of each term. If there are particular items the girls need to store at the Boarding House during the holidays (over the school year), they will need to arrange this with the Boarding Manager. Unfortunately there is no access to stored property over term breaks.

Visitors to the House We value the ways in which Day girls and Boarders enrich one another’s lives. Parents, friends and Day girls are welcome to come for meals in the Boarding House. Boarders should notify House Staff a day prior. Boarders are encouraged to invite a friend to stay on Friday or Saturday night. These visits should be arranged with the Boarding Manager in advance. The visitors are asked to bring their own pillow and a sleeping bag. There is a limit to the number of visitors we can have at any time so these plans need to be made in advance. Visitors, including Day girls, are welcome at appropriate times after school and during the weekends. It is the responsibility of the Boarder to introduce their visitor to the Boarding Manager and have them sign the visitors’ book. Mothers and female relatives may go up to the bedrooms after checking with the Boarding Manager. Other visitors, friends and Day girls should be entertained in the visiting areas or year level sits. On the first and last day of term, male visitors are permitted in the bedrooms to assist with luggage. Exceptions may be made by a Boarding Manager in special circumstances. A Boarding Manager may ask visitors to leave at any time.


Community Expectations See the Family Handbook for ‘School Community Expectations’. In addition, the rules in the Student Handbook apply to Boarders at all times.

In the Boarding House we work to create an environment in which each girl develops self discipline and set high standards for themselves. The Boarding House functions on trust and we favour a positive approach. Our expectation is our Boarders maintain a high standard of behaviour. It is standard procedure to contact parents if any girl is involved in a major misdemeanor. The Principal reserves the right to ask a girl to leave the House without prior warning. This decision could be made when such behaviour is not in the best interest of the Boarding House Community or may adversely affect the reputation of the School. Girls will be disciplined for inappropriate behaviour such as, but not limited to: • Unauthorised absence from the House • Inconsiderate or inappropriate behaviour to other girls or staff • Damage to property • Interfering with or borrowing another girl’s possession including clothing without permission • Theft, dishonesty, or victimisation • The possession or use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, matches or a lighter • Returning to the House under the influence of alcohol or drugs Our Boarding House prefers to use a positive and constructive approach to girls who do not adhere to the expectations and rules. This can be done in several ways through restorative justice, community service or loss of privileges. For more serious incidents, girls may be issued with a ‘Contract’ or more seriously, stood down from the Boarding House. A ‘Contract’ is a written agreement between Boarding House Management or the Principal and the individual girl concerned. The contract specifies the agreed terms and conditions required by the House for the girl concerned to continue as a member of the Boarding House Community. In the case of extreme misbehaviour, the parents of the girl involved will be informed and the Principal will take such action as she considers appropriate. This action may include suspension or expulsion. This may be imposed without any minimum period of notice. In all cases of misbehaviour, the Principal will ensure that all appropriate information relating to the misbehaviour is disclosed to the girl involved and to her parents. Girls and parents are offered the opportunity to voice their concerns and make submissions as part of the discipline process. Breaching the Boarding House expectations often leaves mistrust between staff and girls and it is our intention for girls to not make the same mistake again, move forward and restore relationships. A Discipline Incidents Register is kept by staff at the Boarding House. BOARDING HANDBOOK | 15


Discipline and Community Service

Searching the Girls’ Rooms and Personal Property


Staff may search girls’ rooms if they have reason to believe there may be banned products (eg. alcohol, medicine or drugs), other potentially dangerous substances, or there is a health and safety risk to themselves or others. Staff acknowledge the right for girls to be present during this search of their rooms. Parents will be notified in regard to the discipline imposed as a result of banned items being found. Parents are welcome to request our Surrender and Retention procedure, by emailing the Director of Boarding.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Every effort is made to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of the girls in our care. We ask parents to empower the Principal, the Director of Boarding and the House Staff in providing the best care possible for all the girls. It is essential for the girls’ physical and mental wellbeing that parents inform House Staff of any medical issues their daughter may have. This includes any concerns about her physical or mental wellbeing. We should also be informed of medication she may require. No drugs or medicines are to be in the possession of the girl without the knowledge and agreement of the Director of Boarding. They need to be deposited with a Boarding Manager or Nurse and secured in the doctors’ room in the Boarding House. This includes painkillers such as Panadol, Asprin and Nurofen. The Nurse or House Staff will administer medicines and will always remind girls when these medicines are due to be taken. In the best interest of the girls, Boarding House Management will seek treatment in an emergency if parents or a nominated person is unable to be contacted. For further information refer to the Family Handbook. All medical expenses are the responsibility of the girl’s parents.

If Your Daughter is Unwell Most House Staff are trained in first aid. The School Nurse or manager on duty should be contacted if parents have any concerns. House Staff will notify parents when: • There is any serious illness or accident • There is any illness requiring more than two consecutive days absence from School


• Staff, and the unwell girl, feel she could be better cared for at home • There is reasonable concern for the safety and/or wellbeing (mental or physical) of the unwell girl

All illnesses, medicines administered and doctor visits are registered in the girl’s personal medical records. Your daughter’s medical records are available for you to look at any time. These records are given to your daughter when leaving the Boarding House permanently. A Boarding Manager checks each morning to ensure they and other staff are aware of any unwell Boarders. Unwell girls spend the day either in their own rooms or in the Health Centre at the Manager’s discretion. The Boarding Manager will arrange further medical attention if required. Girls who become sick during school activities need to go to the School Office and then report in person to the Boarding Manager. For further details see House Policy ‘The Health of Boarders’ which is available on request through the Director of Boarding.



Girls who are ill and need some quiet bed rest or have a minor contagious illness, may be moved into the Health Centre area. Boarding Managers will contact parents or guardians to collect their daughter if there are any cases of serious illness or contagion.

School Nurse, Doctor Visits, and Visits to Health Professionals


We have two School Nurses who works from the Boarding House five days per week and is the first point of contact for girls seeking medical treatment and advise. Doctors are available in the House two mornings a week. There is a cost of about $45 for the girls per visit. The doctor’s fee, along with any medication prescribed, will be charged to the girl’s Gold Sheet. Girls need to advise a Boarding Manager if they wish to see a doctor and parents are welcome to be involved in any discussion prior to the visit. Medical records are kept with regard to these visits. Girls who have a family doctor in Christchurch may be treated by him/her. This can be arranged with a Boarding Manager who will also arrange any physiotherapist, specialist or dentist appointments on request by either the girl or her parents. Where possible, these are made out of school hours and after consultation with parents. We ask that in all cases when girls are seeing doctors or medical professionals, that the Boarding House Staff are notified of any matters which may impact on the girl’s care, mental or physical wellbeing.

Concerns about Girls’ Wellbeing House Staff will intervene early in regards to contacting the girl’s parents or caregivers and/or school guidance personnel, as appropriate, when they have concerns about a girl’s mental or physical wellbeing.

Returning to The Boarding House after Physical or Mental Trauma Our first priority is to safeguard the mental and physical wellbeing of all the girls in our care. When girls wish to return to the Boarding House after being absent due to mental or physical illness, the House will require the following: • A written verification from an appropriate medical professional that she is fit to return to the Boarding House. This should include notification of any follow up treatment required and any additional needs the girl may have • A meeting between House Management, School Management (as appropriate) and parents prior to returning to the House. This is to ensure that the House can commit to providing the appropriate care and that staff are comfortable that the girl’s return is in her best interests and those of the whole Boarding Community. Any girl who may be exposed to a communicable disease (as determined by the Ministry of Health or an international health group) may be required to remain away from School and Boarding House for the period recommended by the Crown Public Health. The Principal reserves the right to delay or decline re-entry into the Boarding House if she believes in any way that it is not in the best interests of any or all of the parties involved. 18 | BOARDING HANDBOOK

Safety and Emergency Procedures The Boarding House is a modern facility, designed and constructed to provide a warm, safe environment and to meet present safety regulations and requirements.

Senior Boarders may be provided with swipe card should they need to access the House outside of normal staff hours. Fire Safety Sprinklers are fitted throughout the complex. The security system allows the external doors to be automatically locked. These doors are connected to the fire alarm system so that any activation of the alarm will automatically release door locks. Emergency Evacuation We have a comprehensive plan for an emergency evacuation. Notices informing girls of the nearest exits and emergency procedures, are posted in each dormitory. Emergency evacuation drills are carried out each term. Civil Defence Emergency In the case of a civil defence emergency, all girls will remain within the Boarding House until their parents can be contacted and can arrange to have them transported home safely. Contagious Diseases or Medical Emergencies In the case of medical emergency, the Boarding House will take advice from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. The Principal may determine whether to close either the entire School or the Boarding House if there is a danger to the physical wellbeing of the School Community.



Security The House has been designed to provide maximum safety. All windows on lower floors are safety locked and all external doors are secured with swipe card access. The House has a contract with a Security firm to provide nightly checks, and to respond immediately to any calls.


Buses Cando cards are organised for all Boarders. Wherever possible (time and weather permitting) we encourage girls to use public buses. We would appreciate parents encouraging this also.

Taxi and Shuttle Taxi and Shuttle Chits are available from the Duty Desk in the main foyer of the House and are charged to the girls’ Gold Sheets. If girls are out unsupervised after dusk, they are only allowed to use a taxi or shuttle. We recommend that parents discuss the use of taxis with their daughters and clearly stipulate guidelines for their use. Please advise the House Staff if you wish to restrict your daughter’s use of taxis. There is a regular bus service from near the Boarding House to the city and Merivale Mall.

Bicycles Bicycles may be kept at School in a locked bike cage with the permission of a parent. Helmets need to be worn when using a bicycle. Girls should lock their bikes at all times, even within the bike cage. Cycle safety instruction is compulsory for new Boarders early in Term 1. A metal tag with your daughter’s name and contact phone number is a good idea.

Private Car At the Director of Boarding’s discretion, Year 13 girls may be allowed to have a private car at the Boarding House. This restriction is for both the girls’ safety and due to resource consent CCC (Council Resource Consent allows for only minimal car parking), Rhodes Street is not allowed to be used by girls or staff for parking. Parents and girls need to apply to the Director of Boarding for private car approval. Car keys are left with, and collected from, House Staff. Car use is carefully monitored.

Travelling in Cars Driven by Other Teenagers Written parental permission is required for Boarders to travel in a car driven by other teenagers. However, we will only allow this if a full licence is presented by the driver. The Boarding House does not accept responsibility for the use or security of privately owned cars or bicycles. The School policy guidelines for the use of cars is available from the School Office, or the Director of Boarding. 20 | BOARDING HANDBOOK

Hired Bus The Boarding Manager may hire buses for House excursions and charge to the girls’ Gold Sheet.


Technology Computers and Connectivity The House has a mix of wired and wireless connections to the internet via the School network. There is wifi throughout the whole House 24/7.

Phones Girls need to show consideration when using the phone. Most girls have cellphones for personal use. These are not to be used during prep or meal times. Years 7 to 11 girls hand their technology (cellphones, laptops, iPads etc) in each night before bed and they are available again after breakfast the next morning. Girls and parents are required to sign and abide by the Technology Contract which is available from the Director of Boarding. See the Family Handbook for School cellphone guidelines.

Recreation Sport and recreation are important parts of the Rangi lifestyle and it is important that the girls find a balance between their School and sport commitments. House Staff work closely with the girls to help them find this balance. House Staff will contact parents if they believe that over commitment is having a detrimental effect on their daughter’s wellbeing. Parents should raise any concerns they have in this area with House Staff.

School Facilities School facilities are available to all Boarders. These include the tennis courts, swimming pool and sports field. We also provide a gym, fitness centre, art room, music practice rooms, library and computer rooms. These facilities are available by arrangement with House Staff.

Fitness Centre Years 7 to 9 Boarders wanting to use the Fitness Centre will be assessed and given a supervised fitness programme. Older Boarders may join the fitness programme and aerobics classes if they wish.


Swimming Pool


The swimming pool is available during the swimming season. Girls swimming need to be supervised by House Staff or qualified lifesaver. All girls are encouraged to obtain a lifesaving award during their first term at School. Girls need to use a swimming towel not a white house towel.

Craft Room The craft room provides a place for girls to be creative and work on personal or school based projects. They are welcome to use this anytime leaving it clean and tidy.

Piano and Musical Instruments Pianos are available for music practice throughout the House. The Boarding House has three pianos which are available for all girls to use.

Social and Recreation There are various wellbeing spaces throughout the House that are open to all year groups. Year 13 have their own flat lounges. TVs are available throughout the House. The Sky Lounge also has a TV and is an area where all year levels may relax. Small personal sound systems are allowed but are to be played at a volume that is respectful to others. Headphones are recommended.

General Information Personal Items and Clothing As space is limited in the House it is important that only clothing on the list is brought in each term, selected according to the season. To ensure rightful ownership of clothing and other personal items, it is very important that all items are clearly named. The following would be a reasonable list: • Shoes, sandals, jandals (two pair, one for the shower) • Slippers/scuffs • Dress/skirt - for formal occasions and weekly formal dinners • Jeans • Jerseys, cardigans and/or sweatshirts • Tops • Nightwear/Dressing gown • Underwear - suggest merino/thermal for the winter • Sports clothing and mouth guard as required • Handkerchiefs/tissues • Waterproof jacket or raincoat • Umbrella • Storage is available for skis and larger items of sports equipment 22 | BOARDING HANDBOOK

Recent experiences have shown that girls also require an Emergency Bag - a drawstring bag (about A3 size) containing a torch, warm jersey, track pants, old sports shoes, polar fleece blanket and a bottle of water. Sheets and towels are provided by the Boarding House. Each girl is provided with her own pillow when she starts in the Boarding House. However she many want to bring a second pillow. Large sound systems with external speakers are not appropriate in the boarding environment - iPods/mp3 players with headphones are. Please ensure these are clearly named. The Boarding House cannot accept responsibility for loss of such items. We recommend printed labels that can be sewn on (as we find iron-on labels and fabric marking pens are not durable). Printed labels are available at Elmwood Books and Fine Gifts (on Normans Road, phone 03 355 6681) or Spare labels should be brought to sew onto new purchases. The borrowing and lending of clothes is discouraged. Girls are encouraged to create their own special space in their dorms. It is a good idea to bring a favourite cushion, soft toys, posters and photos of family and friends. Out of respect for others, this must not include any material that may be found offensive. Girls are required to remove articles believed by Boarding Managers to be either offensive or inappropriate. Unfortunately we are unable to allow residential pets for girls.

Laundry A full laundry service is offered to all Years 7 to 10 girls. Years 11 and 12 girls have laundry facilities available in each tower block and Year 13 girls have laundry facilities available in their flats. Soap powder is provided. Drycleaning is available by arrangement with the Boarding Manager. The cost for this will be charged to the girls Gold Sheet. Please ensure all drycleaning is clearly named. Sheets must be changed every Tuesday and put into the laundry bag ready for the linen service collection. BOARDING HANDBOOK | 23


In addition each girl requires: • A water bottle • Toiletries – shampoo, soap, toothbrush, face cloth (small basket to store these items) • One hot water bottle (with cover) • Coat hangers – clearly named • Duvet cover and inner • One named coffee/drinking mug • One small padlock for her lockable drawer • Cap or sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses • Beach/swimming towel/swim wear • Clan coloured dress up clothing (optional) • Cycle helmets and hi-vis vests are compulsory for all girls riding bicycles • One net laundry bag (this will be supplied and charged to your account)


Cleaning Our housekeeping staff provide a daily cleaning service for the Boarding House. As part of Boarding House duties, girls are occasionally required to contribute to the cleanliness of the House. Girls take responsibility for making their beds and keeping rooms and shared living spaces tidy.

Pocket Money In addition to the Gold Sheet, which the girls can use for House and School expenses (such as taxis, doctors appointments), we suggest that Boarders have an EFTPOS card for personal use. Any amount deposited should be managed by parents and daughters. Parental permission will be obtained for special outings or purchases involving large amounts of money.

Safeguarding Valuables and Money Girls are advised to give any valuables to the Boarding Manager. These valuables will be locked in the House safe. This includes all large sums of money, passports, travellers cheques and jewellery. No responsibility can be taken for valuables left in dormitory/rooms. Every girl is allocated a lockable drawer for which girls must provide their own padlock. A spare key may be kept in your daughters file for safe keeping. School insurance policies do not cover girls belongings. We recommend parents discuss their cover needs with their insurance company.

School Attendance It is important that girls miss as little school as possible. Parents are asked to make every effort to schedule holiday flights, the sitting of driving tests, or any appointments, so that they do not coincide with school time.

Lost Property Our Lost Property cupboard is often very full. This is one of the first places where Boarders should look when something goes missing. The cupboard is emptied at the end of each term. At this time, girls are encouraged to check for any property belonging to them. Our aim is to encourage them to be responsible for their belongings. Left clothing is donated to the City Mission.


School Consent Forms

Police Vetting In accordance with government legislative requirements, all staff working in the Boarding House have completed a Police check.

Concerns and Complaints Process

Any concerns or complaints made regarding the care of your daughter in the Boarding House or the School should be sent to the Director of Boarding or the Principal. For further details refer to the Family Handbook.



From time to time House Staff are asked to sign consent forms as guardian of the girls for School events or activities. Occasionally this involves a cost that we are wary of adding to your daughter’s account. If the cost is greater than $30 we endeavour to seek parental consent. Should you prefer that the amount be higher, please send an email with the amount you are willing for us to incur on your behalf before seeking consent, to the Director of Boarding.

Key Contacts


Postal address:

Rangi Ruru Boarding House 59 Hewitts Road Merivale Christchurch 8014 Christchurch

Physical address: 50 Rhodes Street Merivale Christchurch


Phone Numbers Director of Boarding (03) 983 3708 Main Duty Desk (03) 983 3732 Boarding House Mobile 021 268 0742 Doctors/Nurse We use High Street Medi See page 18 for further details on doctors visits and visits to other health professionals. Dr Andrea Cardwell 03 355 9119 Dr Jacqui Laney 021 334 633 School Nurse

Guidance Network The Boarding House has a close relationship with the Guidance Network at the School. Refer to the Family Handbook for further information on Deans, the Guidance Counsellor, Chaplain and Careers Advisor.

Parent representatives We have parent representatives for each year level. Please contact the Director of Boarding for further details.



59 Hewitts Road, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand p: +64 3 983 3700 | e:

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