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Greetings sexy earthlings and a warm welcome to our very first issue of The Zine (pronounced as Zeen or z‘ain). We couldn’t be more excited to have made it to this point. There’s Rock, Metal, and everything in between like a large family unit, we all have different tastes in music. You can look at one category at a time, Just as with a paper magazine, you may want to sit and read the whole thing at once, or come back to this issue several times to digest the articles more slowly. When we set out to create an on-line magazine that would promote both awareness, lifestyle & music, one thing we agreed on right away was to steeraway from the glossy images of the too-perfect, product-driven magazines

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that we all sometimes read. We don’t always have hours to exercise every day. Our houses aren’t perfect. I sometimes hum to that darn One Direction’s tune... We are honored to share the work of so many committed and thoughtful people.

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We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you picked The Zine. With that... Fire away .. Or shall we say.. Pew pew pew !!!

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Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock & Roll Tour Fort Canning Park, Singapore August 6 2013, 8pm

“Put on your wait paint” with fervour. Stump’s voice was polished and resonant throughout the entire show, adding emotion and colour to each of the songs. Bassist Pete Wentz’s random insertion of death growls and rhythmic bassline were as essential as guitarist Joe Trohman’s rocking every inch of the stage with his punk rock melodies. And while drummer Andy Hurley got his shining moment when he did a drum solo in upbeat Young Volcanoes, he unmistakably impressed the crowd throughout the rest of the night as well.

Rock & Roll on the piano, which was accompanied by a slideshow to pay tribute to famous rock icons like Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, and many more. And of course, they ritualistically ended on a high with Saturday from their first record, Take This To Your Grave.

Another unforgettable moment came towards the end of the show. Wentz gave a fiery speech about how they noticed the current “heroes in music” sing about “poppin’ bottles in the club” and “making it rain”, and that it was a It was also great to see Stump central reason for Fall Out opening up and interacting Boy’s return to release Save more with the audience. Rock & Roll. Because, he Prior to the hiatus, fans who demanded, “Where are the attended their shows might anti-heroes? Where are the They kick-started their night find it odd that Wentz was bands that are going to with the Infinity On High the one who did all the stand up for the weirdoes?!” opener Thriller, falling right talking, as opposed to how One could definitely feel into a familiar confident, singers are traditionally the that swell of pride rippling energetic and passionate most talkative. But it seems throughout the entire performance that fans now that Stump has gained audience as they beamed would’ve recognised from more confidence, shared and applauded his words. their previous shows here little anecdotes, bantered in 2007 and 2009 – it was with Wentz, and even And in that moment you as though they had not announced, “Singapore know that, yes, Fall Out gone on that three-year is one of our favourite Boy’s definitely the Batman hiatus at all. places to date! And I mean of these troubled souls. it. I don’t say this in every The band kept the surprises country,” causing fans to coming, alternating between cheer even louder in their new hits and old classics. appreciation. Fans screamed every lyric perfectly when singer/guitarist On top of their long and Patrick Stump pointed the stellar setlist, the band came microphone at the audience back on stage for their encore during Grand Theft Autumn/ with four additional songs. Where Is Your Boy, as well as Stump poured his soul out Photos by Marcus Lin during The Phoenix, when Provided by Universal Music into their rock ballad Save they enthusiastically yelled, For many punk rock fans in Singapore, it was the night. Never mind that it was humid and barely days away from the end of Ramadan – the Islamic holy month – 4,000 fans from all walks of life gathered at Fort Canning Park for Fall Out Boy’s first concert back in Singapore since their reunion back in February this year.


I’ll be fair to Metallica the band indeed delivered. At 50 plus, playing intense, powerful music is something to be admired and respected. I’ll be fair also to some fans who came to watch who were entirely not metal, not rock and were just there because they could afford and wanted to be with the ‘in-thing of the weekend’, I always abhor that part, coz you just can’t dance to Master of Puppets. The term, “I’m just gonna head bang to Fade to Black, should I say, kinda improper. If you are headbanging towards the ending, then it makes sense. Well, att least those people could tolerate two hours of distortion guitar music unlike some weaklings in my ethnic group who fear the distortion like it is the sound of hell.

and moving. Many generations come together and become young again, ready to head bang. All but not me, for me, it’s like coming home or just reminisce the days of youth, you see, you can’t play Hit the lights back in 1989, Nope! Authorities were uptight back then. If you just mention Rock music, they will interpreted it as the Devil music. Heavy Metal was then a dirty word in the Media. Maybe time & space is what we need, given and Bam!! Metallica is now a household name.. just like Bon Jovi or Ribena.

letting us all know that the time has come (it has been their intro since 1981). And then it happened, James Hetfield’s iconic voiced took over our collective conscience. Hammett, with his long hair and fingers started to string magic. Ulrich’s drums was making our neck muscles strain. If that was not enough, Trujillo was pounding us to a pulp. HIT THE LIGHTS. the sky could have fallen. METALLICA, didn’t hold back either, they were belting out numbers which are rock anthems now; Ride The Lightning, Fade To Black, Welcome Home.. Ohhh It’s 1986 again. I saw a father egging on his son to sing along with him. I know that kid has a bright future, I just do. A scantily clad girl dancing to ‘Hit The Lights’. Can you? Seriously?

Zeroed-In 7-9pg

That’s a long segment for metal. Yeah initially i was apprehensive abt them giving their all, and i was terribly wrong. Due to that, despite post-Black album offerings, i kinda appreciate them even more. They honestly gave their all and more despite their age. (Unlike a band not so far from us) Changi Exhibition Centre is one of the better venues to hold a concert of this magnitude, or shall I say enormity. You see, whenever you head to a true blue (black) rock concert, you get a different vibe. It’s very powerful

During the press conference, they struck to me just like what my uncles would be doing on a Saturday afternoon. Their answers to the questions being presented at the Press Con? Yeah it’s so so. There was no ‘fs’ or other swear words. Metalimaturity. Another M word is in play. Opening band Anvil played and I saw Heftfield watch them, just to catch up with some old friends. Slated to kick off at 8.30 pm, the band didn’t make the 40,000-strong crowd wait for long. The Ecstasy Of Gold soon started to play,


and back in front of screaming fans for hours. Strangely METALLICA does it effortlessly; and why am I surprised?



The band signed off with Creeping Death, Battery and Seek & Destroy. We all stood numb; over-awed by it all. All those years of waiting, of idol worship and a singular dream to see them perform live. Setlist 1. Hit the Lights 2. Master of Puppets 3. The Shortest Straw 4. Ride the Lightning 5. Fade to Black 6. The Memory Remains

Not many bands, and here I mean bands which are good three decades old; can keep the same intensity. Age is surely not just a number when you have to take your skills to hell


7. Broken, Beat & Scarred 8. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 9. Sad but True 10. ...And Justice for All 11. One 12. For Whom the Bell Tolls 13. Blackened 14. Nothing Else Matters 15. Enter Sandman


Encore: 16. Creeping Death 17. Battery 18.Seek & Destroy Adam

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Apart from being one of the most influential guitarist in Thrash Metal kingdom, Alex Skolnick, guitarist of the premier band, Testament decides to write a book about.. well, let’s read the interview shall we? What inspired you to write your autobiography? Technically it’s not an autobiography – it’s a memoir focused on becoming a professional guitar player, kind of like Anthony Bourdaine’s “Kitchen Confidential” focuses on how he became a chef – although it is certainly autobiographical. I’ve dreamed of being a writer for years. I’m a voracious reader and every now and then I’ll come across books that inspire me to write. This would happen any time I’d read Philip Roth or Tom Wolfe for example – I always wanted to write in a similar literary, honest, observational manner. More recent writers

include David Foster Wallace, Dave Eggars, Chuck Klosterman and Bourdaine before he was so well known. I plan to do many books but I figured for my first, it made sense to do a memoir intended to read like a novel. How long did it take? I started it in 2009 and finished in early 2012, so about three years. Do you have time when you felt most inspired or productive to write? I know many of us have images of a harried writer pounding away on an old typewriter in a small apartment in the middle of the night surrounded by cigarette butts and empties, but what is the modern reality for a writer? I live in Brooklyn, NY and we don’t have large apartments, so that’s partially true. But I use a MacBook Pro instead of a typewriter and don’t smoke other than an occasional cigar. There were times that I’d fit that image writing late into the night, a bottle of fine wine by my side. Other times, I’d rise early in the morning pounding away at the

keyboard with strong coffee. Much was written in coffee houses in Brooklyn – I find it helpful to get out of the apartment and write elsewhere. You’ll see so many writers in these cafes – even well known ones like Jennifer Egan, Jonathan Safron Foer and others – so it’s motivating like working out in a gym as oppose to alone. Large chunks of the book were written in tourbus bunks, planes and cafes in various cities all over the world. At one point, I had a few days off in Paris and wrote in some of the hangouts of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and other Lost Generation artists.

point you have looked back and wished you had not published certain parts? I did enlist some help – my graphics team, Nomad9 Design was incredibly helpful with editing as well as design. And several friends, including some who worked in copyediting, read the book or parts and offered story feedback and/or grammatical commentary. Of course, having someone like a modern day Maxwell Perkins, who edited Fitzgerald, Wolfe and Hemmingway, sometimes chopping the books significantly, would be a dream. Maybe I’ll find a full time editor like that at some point for future works.

Did you approach, or were you approached by any publishing firms? While there was interest and occasional talk, I found it hard to get taken seriously as a real writer, especially with the stereotype of being a guy from a metal band. So I decided to self-publish and support independent bookstores such as Harvard and McNally Jackson. That’s been a great experience. People are loving the book, and it’s not hard to get at those stores or on Amazon. I’m not opposed to linking with a big publishing firm in the future as long as it’s on my terms and they see beyond the stereotype.

At times your comments were very forthright, even bordering on being negative about many people in your life, family and band-mates. Have you had any feedback from friends and family? I wish I only had positive things to say about others in my life, but sugarcoating it wouldn’t be true to the art of writing. Thomas Wolfe could barely set foot in his town after “Look Homeward Angel” and that was fiction! I tried to come at this in a way that was reflective, constructive and objective. The last thing I wanted was to come across as being “shit-talking” or anything like that. I’ve had talks with a few people and given warnings to some that certain parts may be uncomfortable. So far everyone’s been understanding, although it occasionally feels like a bit of an “elephant in the room.” My mother had some deep concerns with how my brother came across, yet seemed to barely notice the critiques of her. As far as the music scene, books like Sammy Hagar’s have raised the bar for forthrightness – mine is quite tame by comparison.

It seems odd to me that many modern Metal autobiographies are ghost written or at the very least co- authored. It defeats the point of the term ‘auto’. Why did you choose to be the sole voice? It seems odd to me as well, until you consider that most rock bios are written as one time promotional product by guys who are not big readers – most wouldn’t know Hemmingway from a hummingbird. Whatever their musical skills, which can be great, they are not aspiring writers and for the most part they have nothing to say beyond one bio, usually ghost or co-written. Not being the sole voice of my words would be unthinkable. I’d never bring in someone else to lay down my guitar parts in the studio, why would I get someone to write my words? Do you feel GEEK TO GUITAR HERO could have been improved with an outside editor? On a related point is there any 10

Why did you decide to leave out the last 20 years of your life? You summarized twodecades, 1992 to 2012, in just a few pages! Do you think it was because people are not interested or are you planning to do a second book? On a personal note I think you have a lot of good stories left you could tell. If I’d added twenty more years, this book would get into War & Peace territory (not comparing myself to Tolstoy). In other words, it’s big enough as is – nearly 400 pages, maybe too big. I’d rather tell some of my stories in full literary detail than try to cramp in every single one like

typical rock books. If this was an autobiography, and the only book I ever put out, maybe that would make sense, but as indicated, there is much more to be written in due time. Many Metal books focus on ‘the dirt’ but there was a refreshing and distinct lack of shock value or pandering to the ‘average’ Metal fan with titillating tales of the classic trifecta of sex, drugs and Rock and Roll. Was this this a deliberate attempt to reach a different audience? While there’s no shortage of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll out there – in books, TV shows, films and real life – there is a huge shortage of stories with introspection, honesty, vulnerability and other human qualities. My story just happens to be largely about learning guitar and joining a metal band. But it’s also about growing up with no self-worth , developing a skill that enables you to turn your life around, and the many challenges faced along the way. I’ll be happy if it reaches different audiences, sure, but that was never the intention – only to write a work that reflects my own standards.

This question is pretty predictable but was it cathartic to write your autobiography? You seem very hard on yourself at times! Writing anything personal – from a short essay to an autobiographical memoir such as this is – is excellent therapy, minus the shrinks, sofas and psychiatric theories (which aren’t always correct anyway). You reflect upon things, then work them out yourself. It’s incredible that the brain stores these long forgotten memories that return as soon as you start digging. Parts were very difficult to describe without sounding too victimlike (my challenges, hard as they’ve been, were still very “first world”), or placing blame elsewhere. Glad to hear it comes across that I’m hard on myself, not just others. I couldn’t believe the clarity of thoughts that had been lying deep down in the well of memory.

- JP


“In 1993 Stompin’ Ground’s e.p “We Set The Pace” sold more than 10,000 copies in Malaysia, more than any local underground or mainstream local acts have achieved under the Pony Canyon Singapore label.” The name of a group that has built itself a household name in our local underground hardcore scene for 23 years performed their swansong show last year. The band has over two decades, for reasons that need not detain us now, proven to be especially powerful, appealing and influential. The group that primarily consists of Suhaimi Subandie, Syed Mahdzar Al Shahab, Mohammed Falmi Esman better known amongst his peers as Ayong “Al Sayf”, Mohammad Hafidz and Imran Wahid started an unassuming rich musical legacy that strongly played a major part in adopting/exposing hardcore music in Singapore and South East Asia when they formed in 1988.

year), is h t 9 4 ( O e iv F he big t g in t it h m o r f y a Play . r fo t h g fi o t h t r “Im just a year aw o ays w lw a is t I . n io s s a p t r u u o o b y a p t u o n e r iv e g v t e o n n s a o d and w e r e c in s e b , s n o s a e r i. im music for the right a h u S . .. ” e n tu r fo the fame or

In an aesthetically or politically appealing historical moment, the release of the cassette demo version of GREY in 1990 ignited a whole new musical youth movement heroically named, Lion City Hardcore two years later in 1992. A style, depending on social background and geographical location boasts original and unique nuances. A defining birth of an idea through a subculture that grew out of teen gatherings at the Forum Galleria; one of many mall hangouts where hardcore kids/punks/skateboarders/ skinheads gather in cliques. Stompin’ Ground experienced a step-by- step development on the emergent of cultural forms from the very beginning.

introductory of the DIY ethics in the late 80’s and early 90’s, they pioneered a pre-internet generation that was connected to the larger peninsular market by performing for shows and gigs that connects Singapore to the Malaysian cities of Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. These tours maintained a bigger regional fandom. Of course with the ban on ‘slam dancing’ after the Henry Rollins gig at the Singapore Labour Foundation gig in 1992, the band’s performances after were detailed with fake band names and a statement to Singapore’s authority with a cause to be reckoned with. The mosh pits got a lot bigger. It marked a rebellion movement with a new identity for the face of local music scene. By 1995, they released their first full-length album on Pony Canyon Singapore, “Measured By The Richter Scale.” At its peak, made history when it was listed no 2 in the Australian Metal/Rock Billboard Charts just behind Sepultura’s “Roots”. But what deeper impact that the band had was the social catharsis between the youths during that time. An important influence that marked the birth to various street/music subcultures amongst wayward teenagers especially for the Malay community. These kids were rallied and guided into positive and creative lifestyles and now even after the band has disbanded, the community still regards them of much importance. Stompin’ Ground has now belonged to the people.

Thoroughly equipped with the rise of independent record labels along with the 12


Zine: The first question would have to be, where have you guys been for the past decades? Why did you know now was a right moment for a comeback? I came to know Syed migrated to Australia, while Ayong is helping other bands while Suhaimi is busy doing his toys collections (this sounds great man!). I don’t hear anything from Hafiz except Imran with his daily job. Suhaimi: We have always been around except that we were low profile and do have frequent practice sessions.In 2004. We released our last album ‘Vector Prime’ and after that took a break because Syed had to leave for Australia, but in 2006 we played a reunion show and from there we knew its time to show people that we’re still around. In 2007 we played side by side with Sick Of It All. Zine: Tell us something about the “We Set The Pace” ep. Are you pleased with the way it turned out? Since it was posted on bandcamp, what’s the general response been like to this release? Suhaimi: We are definitely pleased and humbled to know that there are people who still appreciate our music enough to rerelease it on vinyl and the overwhelming response from our fans. Zine: So I know that “Measured By A Richter Scale” had a full length out a couple of decades ago, and I think you guys went through some lineup changes, now you have an EP out. How has the band changed musically between albums and the newer releases? Suhaimi: Firstly, ‘We Set The Pace’ EP was released in 1993

times is necessary to fit with the melody.

and came before the 1995 album, the recent 2012 one is a re-release on vinyl. If you want to compare line-ups, it should be between those past 2 releases and the 2004 ‘Vector Prime’ album. That particular album was experimental. Our songs include variety of styles including metal, grind and doom. And Imran was versatile enough to be able to pull off brutal vocal styles.

Zine: There seems to be a lot of bands at the moment doing some pretty exciting things, how do you feel the Singapore scene is at the moment, and what bands are you listening to? Suhaimi: Yeah the scene is very vibrant now with a lot of talented young bands coming up. I try to listen to every release I guess its because we are spoilt for choice . Zine: Where did the name STOMPING GROUND come from? What is the significance behind the name? Suhaimi: Hafiz came up with the name and we immediately fell in love with it as its befitting for our style of music. Stompin Ground means where you come from, your hood, your home and the word ‘Stomp’ just had that awesome punch that made it easy to remember.

Zine: Wow that is cool Suhaimi. What’s the writing process like for you as a band, given that the songs on ‘Generator’ are quite complex and epic Suhaimi: All songs are written by everyone in the band. Its either Syed, Ayong or me who comes up with a riff and we improvise from there. As you know, we come from different backgrounds of musical genre so that definitely is a plus for us to merge our styles and come up with something original. Also, we listen to everything. We believe if you categorize music it isn’t music at all and there is so much to explore.

Zine: With STOMPIN GROUND played launch party last year and it was awesome to see you guys play live, you also played some dates after the cancellation of YOUTH OF TODAY, how was that experience for you guys? Suhaimi: The cancellation of YOUTH OF TODAY was our final show here in Singapore. We have not played any shows after that. Since its our final show, it was definitely memorable and emotional for us. For myself, honestly, I wish we wouldn’t have to retire but like always, all good things have to come to an end. I feel happy and blessed to be part of this. ​​​​​​​

Zine: Since you’ve been away, the landscape of the hardcore scene has changed. What do you think about the current state of it? Suhaimi: I’m going to be honest here. We started with a very small scene, regardless of genre and it was tight. Now, since the scene has gone too big, like everywhere else in the world, it has become segregated and the segregation even happens in the same particular genre. I always try my best to promote no prejudice in genre. That’s the only thing I could afford for now because I am only one person. I just hope kids will learn to have an open mind towards different kind of music. Zine: One of the main themes on the album is political and social issues which are happening right now. What is your opinion about the current turmoil in Singapore? How do you feel about how things are going right now with you and your government? Suhaimi: Its clear they are only doing it for the money and not for the people. Its getting worse especially now when most of us

Zine: I believe sure Max Cavalera is checking on your band since you hit number 2 haha..For all of its progressive and abstract songcraft it feels, lyrically, very personal, and seems to touch delicately on some dark themes. Would you say that’s correct? Or are you guys much into political socio? Suhaimi: Actually we are really into political socio because we are a hardcore band. We only try to put it in a way so it sounds dark. Its straight forward but at the same time has bits of metaphor which some14

have a family, its very hard to live day to day with the high cost of living. I have no hope for this country. I love the people but I despise the system. Zine: It’s been a while since we spoke. What’s been going on with STOMPIN GROUND? Suhaimi - Right now, we are preparing for our last Malaysian show. We will be playing side by side with legendary band DESTRUCTION along with our friends, the metal bands from Malaysia. Zine: Can Syed tell us more bout his reggae BUSHMEN band? Can you agree with me if I were to say that Syed ‘s is one of the bass player to come all the way from there? Suhaimi: Syed was in STOMPIN GROUND before BUSHMEN. After 1996 when Hafiz left, we decided to take a break and concentrate on our other projects. That is where Syed founded BUSHMEN, Ayong played with IMPIETY and I concentrated on my other band 4-Sides. In BUSHMEN, Syed is the front man playing guitar and singing. They are very successful here. Im happy for all my band members other achievements. As long as they keep on playing music, its all good. Zine: As u aware we don’t want the last of STOMPIN GROUND but we want the forever from you. Can we expect a newer release sooner or later from you guys ? Don’t ever tell me this is the end of it or I’m gonna caught myself hanging in my bedroom. Suhaimi: Hahaha well Bob sadly this is the end. But like I said, who knows? ;) Well Suhaimi your last commandments to the readers of The Zine? Your advice, your shouts need the readers attentions and it all yours.. Suhaimi: Im just a year away from hitting the big Five-O (49 this year), do not give up your passion. It is always worth to fight for. Play music for the right reasons, be sincere and never not about the fame or fortune. On behalf of Stompin Ground, we like to thank all our friends from Malaysia and all over the world for the never ending support. We wouldn’t be here surviving this 25 years without all of you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and god bless you.

Bob Evil Rotting.


Before You Exit? What is that? Or who are they? Ever heard of this trio po p rock band made up of brothers; Connor, Riley, and To by? Let me show you this ph oto.

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Alright, alright, Girls… Stop screaming please! Some guys might be feeling annoyed right now. Oops! All thanks to Sony Music Singapore for having the boys come all the way from Orlando, Florida, The Zine managed to catch up with them in W Hotel Sentosa Cove; it was a great experience chatting with them, together with other few local media. It was a packed scheduled day for Before You Exit, looks like they were still suffering from jet lag, spotted them yawning during intervals. However their caring Mommy, who was at the side accompanying them throughout, looked energetic and was chatting away while the boys were in interview session. We knew they’re exhausted, trying to make the session shorter so they could catch some winks before they head down to an All Access Party at Play House afterwards. Before we wanted to ask some other questions to satisfy our readers’ curiosity, of course we had to start the ball rolling with some decent questions related to their music. Rule of thumb, yeah. *wink* Q: What’s the inspiration behind “I Like That” EP? A: “Obviously we’re teenage guys, and we’re gonna write about teenage girls… (Giggling away)

We always have different song, different concept, a lot of times it will just be like something we wanna write about , sometimes we will write about what we go through, what our friends go through. What you heard is only that six songs, we had 20 to 30 songs to choose from; which ones are the best ones, this one has a deeper meaning, the process of deciding which to eliminate, like a dating show…” Just like normal teens, getting opinions from family and friends is part of their decision making process. Q: Who are your major influence(s)? A: “This question is such tricky one, we always answer the same people, but there’re so many good artists around. We always like the same music. It ranges from classic rock to hip hop, to pop, to rock, everything. “ Q: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, which side you’re on? A: I don’t wanna take a side. I’m on both side! Rolling Stones are more rock, Beatles are more classic. Q: What is the thing you like most and dislike

most about touring, being a touring band as teenagers? A: Most would be getting to see the world, going to different country and see that we’ve such a great fan base, meeting our fans who got to know us from YouTube, get to experience what a lot people don’t. Travelling around is not what you get in any other job. A: Definitely it gets stressful sometimes when things don’t get organized. We are lucky we get a lot of help from our management and staff, we also like to do things ourselves.

The Zine later caught up with Before You Exit again at their Color Run gig. Unfortunately the performance was scheduled too late after the marathon, many participants had cleared the venue. But we still have a good crowd of roaring fans waiting eagerly. 17

Arizona’s very own Eyes Set to Kill are getting ready to release their fifth studio album, Masks, on September 17 via Century Media Records... but today, the band is unveiling an exclusive stream of the album and their track-by-track commentary on PureVolume. This is what front woman/lead guitarist Alexia Rodriguez and rhythm guitarist/scream vocalist Cisko Miranda have to say about each song below.

2. Killing in Your Name Alexia: I never really wrote a song about overthrowing authority and this is the outcome of my first attempt. We get sick of people telling us what they expect of us. Sometimes it feels like we are expected to be perfect by the people who are in no way perfect at all. The intro riff to this song is my favorite riff on this album because it’s like nothing else I have written. This song is also the first song I tracked on because it’s my favorite on the album and I was too excited to save best for last.

1. Masks Alexia: I wanted and intro to capture the whole concept of the album through lyrics. The NOT ENOUGH SPACE! concept behind Masks covers the time in our lives when we felt we were pretending to be someone else and hiding who we really were just to please other people. We were told who to be and how to act and it was like we were wearing masks. But through the process of this record we felt like in a way we were unveiling ourselves by writing the music we want and being the people we want to be.

Green Monster by Aliah Ali The Singapore music scene is dominated with a diverse range of popular genres. It’s a rarity for a band to play a particular genre that’s almost unheard of. But Green Monster has stuck to their guns by becoming the flag bearer of a unique yet no holds barred genre of music known as desert rock. Desert rock came to prominence around the same time as grunge music during the 90s with prominent bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Masters of Reality. While grunge exploded into mainstream music, desert rock continued to flourish under the radar with dedicated and loyal followers as far flung as in sunny Singapore. Green Monster consist of Amin on vocals, Babu on guitars, Dan on bass and Mamat on drums. The band members are disciples of the almighty riff and all things groovy. Formed in 2009, the lineup remaining unchanged, Green Monster has seen their music travel all over



the most unlikeliest of places. Their 2011 self titled EP have been reviewed as far as Ireland and the US, who were pleasantly surprised that Green Monster were flying the desert rock flag in this tiny island. When asked why the band chose a genre so obscure when the rest of Singapore are either plying radio friendly tunes and trendy genres, Amin replied, “I don’t think the genre is that obscure. If you like your music heavy and really groovy then you’ll like the music. Plus I think that we would like to be slightly different than everyone else.” “I think and I mean this very humbly that we’re trying to redefine what is understood as heavy music. It’s not blasting your amps at full or how loud you scream. That’s being heavy aurally. For us, heavy is a state of mind.”

When you think about Singapore’s music scene and the music that Singapore is known for, most of us would have heard of the more popular and mainstream acts that currently headline most of our local music festivals. Good music, however, is not subservient to tags or stereotypes. Good music arises from the ability to communicate and connect with its audience through lyrical and musical means. Gems can be found within the confines of this island state and musicality that transcends geographical boundaries can be discovered in the midst of us. The Zine had the opportunity to interview a gem as such and would like to bring to your attention, if you’ve not already known of them, the members of I Hate This Place (IHTP). Consisting of mainly of Sean Nerney (Keyboards, Vocals), Gayle Nerva (Vocals) and Roman Tarrasov (Guitars). Though their names may not sound local, all of them have been residing in Singapore for at least ten years if not more. They are atypical of any local music band, having day jobs

members made them real easy to converse with. And as The Zine chatted with the members but pursing their passion for of IHTP, many anecdotes were making music and performing traded easily during the course when given the opportunity of the interview. This amicable to do so. Not so typical would personality IHTP displayed can be the number of albums that also be found in the music that this band have under their belt. they collaborated on as each Currently with their latest member brought his/her album, Closer, they have a creativity to the album. With total of 8 albums and all of creative riffs and catchy lyrics, them are currently available the latest album that IHTP on iTunes and Spotify. Another produced would be one that unique feature about this band brings comparisons to acts would be the music that they such as Lights, Owl City and produce. Their brand of electro- The Postal Service. However pop, synthesized melodies with with its own distinctive flavour dashes of electric guitar riffs and voice, IHTP brings to the and haunting vocals have won music scene in Singapore a them an international audience different but interesting texture and they have had a tour of that is far from mainstream. Japan under their belt. Upon checking out their latest album, tracks like Danger and With the achievements that Closer are some of The Zine’s this band have had chalked up, personal favourites. you would might have thought that they would be aloof and With plans to produce another unapproachable. On the album in 2014, keep your eyes contrary, the amiable and ears out for IHTP as they personalities of the band bring electro-synth music to the masses!


Excuse me? That’s the name of the band? Yup. You read it loud and clear. Los Angeles based experimentalheavy-rock band IWRESTLEDABEARONCE may be masters of musical unpredictability, but even that couldn’t necessarily prepare them for life’s capricious ways. In a way, the band reminded me of an ol’ school band, Mr Bungle. Becoming pregnant, founding vocalist Krysta Cameron amicably parted ways with the group while on Warped Tour 2012 because, well, mommy duties are no joke! There were no hard feelings, but the four other gents definitely weren’t ready for that. We’ll just be honest. So, the remaining members—Steven Bradley [Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, Samples], John Ganey [Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, Samples], Mike “Rickshaw” Martin [Bass], and Mikey Montgomery [Drums]—did the only sensible thing. They went online and improvised as quickly as humanly possible. Enter Canadian singer Courtney LaPlante. By far their boldest and most accessible release to date “Late For Nothing” rips and roars with blunt force intensity, incorporating their brain joggling breakdowns with a unique blend of electronics, jazzed-out time signatures and break neck riffage. “The entire album came together as a result of us wanting to do something different,” affirms Bradley. The new album is a more evolved version of the band. We explored new styles and genres as well-especially in terms of the more spacey, epic, and beautiful parts. It’s got the most melodic moments of our career as

well as the heaviest.” Featuring the forthcoming, schizophrenic first single “Thunder Chunky”, Late For Nothing scales the summit of heavy rock/metal with twelve teeth gnashing tracks that find a happy medium between crushing metal and beautifully orchestrated melody. The album’s opener, “Thunder Chunky,” sets the tone for the album as they slash their way through songs like “Letters To Stallone,” that showcases LaPlante’s incredible balance of full throttle screams and melodic choruses, and “Carnage Asada,” which features a guest solo from the legendary Steve Vai!!! That new “energy” courses through the band’s third full-length album for Century Media Records, Late For Nothing. The hallmarks of their whacked-out style remain present. Of course, there are moments of throat-cutting metal aplenty, but they’re juxtaposed with eerie electronics, jazzed-out time signatures, zany rhythms, and interludes of Carnivale-esque bliss. At the same time, the songwriting has been honed and heightened, making for some of the quintet’s most memorable anthems. Album opener “Thunder Chunky” stomps along like it’s exiting Jurassic Park before crashing into a hypnotic melody. Meanwhile, “Inside Job” creeps up to a careening chorus from a nearwhisper, while “Letters to Stallone” volleys from vicious to vibrant. They set out to make something different and better than anything we’ve ever released. It’s a more evolved version of the band. We explored new styles and genres as

well—especially in terms of the more spacey, epic, and beautiful parts. It’s got the most melodic moments of our career as well as the heaviest. You can actually hum along while you headbang. Also, this album has an awesome solo by Steve Vai on it, so it’s automatically our best one to date.” Vai’s not the only one who’s down with iwrestledabearonce though. Their sophomore set, 2011’s Ruining It For Everybody, debuted at #80 on the Billboard Top 200, immensely advancing past the #121 debut of their inaugural effort, It’s All Happening in 2009. In addition to The Vans Warped Tour, they’ve decimated venues alongside everybody from Dillinger Escape Plan and August Burns Red to All Shall Perish and Enter Shikari. Online, they’re something of a phenomenon with a staggering 429K Facebook “likes” and over 20 million cumulative YouTube views. Avant-garde metal band IWRESTLEDABEARONCE has released their long-awaited third full-length album “Late For Nothing” today via Century Media. The album is available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, and at local retailers.”Open-minded music fans who care about The Dillinger Escape Plan, Rolo Tomassi, The Mars Volta and Björk, should have fun with this album” UP Magazine NL (80/100) See more at: jy9OuO0W.dpuf


world to accomplish a lot as we usually had some of the best reviews in fanzines we were in.

Those who are into the Underground scene in the mid to late 80s (well before its mass-inception in the 90s) must definitely have heard of INSANITY, the legendary, yet elusive thrash metal band. In the days of snail mail, information about them is very hard to come by, apart from the occasional inclusion in tape traders’ list and fanzines playlists. They have no peers in playing some of the most furious and brutal stuff for that time. Their 1985 demo can be considered revolutionary, with its early rendition of what we now called the blast beat and its intense technical riffing. We’re proud to make acquaintance with the only original member left in the band (and a Masters graduate in the harsh School of Hard Knocks!), Dave Gorsuch, to talk about the band’s legacy and the upcoming stuff the band is brewing. Let the bloodletting begins! Zine - Firstly before we indulge further into the interview, let us hear your first words to all Zine readers out there. What is the latest news from INSANITY you might want to share with us? Metal greetings, thanks for reading. We’ve reformed and we’ve been writing a lot and will soon be recording new material. We’re also about to give the official website a long overdue redesign and will include some cool new

drummer since reforming in late 2008. This summer we started jamming with an old friend named Sean Riggen on bass that we’ve been sharing a studio with that also jammed with Bud in several projects as well On guitar and backing vocals is Mike Turner, who is also an old friend that was in a project with Bud as well as playing in INSANITY for a couple years in the late 90’s. I don’t really feel pressure to keep the band alive but I do feel a little responsibility towards the loyal fans we’ve had that want to hear new material or still haven’t had a chance to see us live. The way promoters sometimes put “legends” on show flyers or thinking about the reputation the band built makes me feel more pressure than anything but that’s a good thing because it provides even more motivation to write the best songs we can as well as deliver as raging of a live show as we can.

Zine - How does the loss of the original line-up members (Paul Zuniga , Bud Mills) features and freebies as affect the band? Paul, I well as make more new believe is one of the main merchandise available. songwriters in the band before his demise. What Zine - I understand it might will be the difference if the be tedious to speak about band had not suffered those the band biography; but setbacks? some of the readers I’m sure are not aware of the His name was Joe DeZuniga band. Can you give an actually. Yes, he and I wrote insight about INSANITY’s almost everything and he early years? How Insanity designed the logo that was was formed, your goals, one of the first “hard to etc? read” logos ever. He was also a good friend and it totally Well we were all 18 or 19 crushed us when Joe died at and Keith the bass player the age of 21. This was also 2 and I had a gig at our high months before Nuclear Blast school and we asked Joe records wanted to sign us in to play it with us because 1987, which I’m sure would we didn’t have a singer. have made a huge difference We decided to form a in the band’s exposure. I read band since it went well a review on metal-archives. and about 9 months later com that said his death is the Bud found us through an main reason that prevented ad at the record store. I Insanity from being known (to would say that SLAYER the masses) as THE pioneers was our main influence but of technical death metal. we liked the heaviness of Bud’s death just happened VENOM and the musical in 2007 and once again was ability of MERCIFUL FATE a crushing experience as along with the leads of we became better friends Randy Rhoads for me than ever before. We had personally. We just tried big plans to re-record the to make the best written, 2nd album “Visions of heaviest, most technically Apocalypse” (with the new intense music we could. arrangements we felt really At that time everyone else improved the songs) as well was still playing the thrash as touring more than ever beat and our drummer before. Bud started doing an early blast beat which seemed to set us apart from what Zine - INSANITY now has everyone else was doing returned with a new line-up. in late 1985. At our first First of all, can you introduce show with DEATH, we got the new members of the a raging pit within seconds band and their background of playing our first song before joining the band? (For and the reaction was so Dave Gorsuch) As the sole amazing it was almost remaining founder member, unbelievable. This along do you feel extra pressure with all the mail we started to keep the band’s legacy getting from around the alive, especially in regards to world after we did our live songwriting? demo, it seemed like we had all the potential in the Juan Casarez has been the

Zine - I read in your bio that Nuclear Blast offered to sign the band, yet it didn’t materialized. Can you give us an insight of what actually happened? Do you look back & think this as a missed opportunity? Yes it is a big regret that we didn’t make the effort to get back in touch with them as we just signed with the next label that wanted to sign us which was M.B.R. records. Although I remember when Matt Harvey was helping us release the From The Grave compilation and he mentioned how I shouldn’t beat myself up over it since there wasn’t that much difference between M.B.R. and Nuclear Blast back then. Zine - Do elaborate on your “Visions of apocalypse” album. I understand it is sort of a compilation of various recordings of the album with 24

Bud Mills. Do you consider it as a tribute to Bud Mills & the close of a chapter? It’s basically a collection of 3 of pre-production sessions we did with Bud in the studio over a period of a year or so (on 3 different drum sets) when we finished writing the last couple songs. When Bud came back into the band we set out to finish improving all the arrangements and record the album properly. Unfortunately Bud got sick before we were able to. After Bud’s death we decided to release what we had to honor his memory since it was the best recording we had of Bud and a lot of people were waiting to hear newer material for a while. I wouldn’t say it’s the close of a chapter because we still intend to record and release it the proper way since it doesn’t have the current arrangements of the songs which we think improved the album. Zine - Speaking about new song writing in near future maybe; does it still follow on the same path as on the previous material, by having lots of aggressive death/thrash elements in the vein of the 80’s or have you tried to somehow refresh the Insanity sound to match with today’s sound?

the lyrical topics still the same (as in the early days) or they have moved to other topics? Well the topics have been expanding over the years compared to writing about hell and evil a lot when we were 18 or 19. From there we wrote about of a variety of things including apocalyptic themes, psychotic states of mind and imagining the last few hours/days before one knows death is near. The last couple years I’ve been more interested in scientific theories about matter, the universe, consciousness, reality and how society is manipulated more than anything so that’s what a lot of the new material is about.

Zine - Well, we’ve come to the end of the interview. Are there any comments that you would like to add for your fans/ followers from this part of the world? Thanks for your support and taking the time to read about INSANITY. We hope we get a chance to come to your part of the world soon and play for you live. Soon there will be a new official INSANITY website at

I would say we have retained our sound very well but expanded our style a little. Occasionally we might use a more modern blast beat or incorporating more double kick here and there besides trying to keep evolving musically as far as song writing and leads. Zine - Lyrically, what topics do you write about? Are 25

by Celtic Bob Philip H. Anselmo Interview by Celtic Bob (Used with Kind permission of

pointed at you there Robert at all and see, at least you had the brains enough to read the dang lyrics, which have nothing to do with the media at all. So, once again, I just wanted to start the the absurd sense of humor interview by saying that the strikes but again. new LP is very intense and heavy. So with the title track for Thank you! WALK THROUGH EXITS ONLY, is that one more Yeah, I was expecting along the lines of like how something similar to like the the downloading is killing later era, Pantera stuff, like the industry? the VULGAR DISPLAY, FAR Once again, that is a title that BEYOND DRIVEN era. I wrote that could meant 100 Well you see that’s the whole different things to 100 differbeauty of music. It’s like any- ent people. But if that’s what one with expectations, and it means to you then I say what not, like that are in for Bravo my brother you have a definite bludgeoning type come up with a concept. I surprise and the reason for do maybe take slight jabs at that is, I’ve already done stuff the current state of things in like Pantera, because I was in music and how the business is Pantera, and this is a new day run and also how the business and this is new music so every has crumbled to a certain single thing I do has got to degree. I don’t like to spoon sound different. feed my listeners too terribly much, I like for them to take Perfect! So what prompted lyrics and song titles and you to do a solo disc after anything like that and make so many years? them their own. Take it and Free time, freedom of music digest it and make it mean and inspiration you know. whatever it means to you, When I feel inspired, like I did with a vengeance. before I wrote these songs for WALK THROUGH EXITS Yeah, cuz I was getting a bit ONLY and more. I got to act of a double meaning , like and these are the results of on the back cover of the LP my actions. you say like ”Illegal downloading is killing the music, So the song title of like so is Housecore”. So I’m “Music Media is My Whore”, like Housecore, now, is that is that like a little jab at the Housecore music or is that a press? Because the lyrics to bit of your label as well like me came off more along the crushing the mainstream? lines of being against the Well honestly, it is a mainstream music of today. double meaning, obviously, Good catch! Good, good, and maybe not so obviously. good on you for catching Ya know, once again, making that. Honestly dude, with this people think. Ya know, illegal record I was showing a bit of downloading is killing music my absurd tongue in cheek and that is the truth so is approach to things sometime, Housecore, that means that and I was taking a slight jab at here in the next year or so, certain music, media outlets, I’m really going to embark that are holier than thou and on signing certain bands untouchable and experts at that I think are really doing everything and I say that with something different to a great deal of sarcasm and traditional music’s, doing they know who they are. something different to break the mold of traditional music I think we all know who or music that is expected. I’m they are. looking for bands that are This one isn’t necessarily touching upon the 26

unexpected and are actually doing something innovative within music. I got my eyeball on about 4 or 5 bands like I say and we will be hearing some more about that in the upcoming year or so. Ah, excellent! So obviously there is still music out there that inspires you and that you enjoy. Yes. I think there is corner stone bands in every genre that are leaders of the pack, and I think they are innovators behind the corner stone band that are within the same genre or sub genre that are changing and helping mold a different form of an originating genre so to speak. And then after that it’s the imitators who really are influenced by one movement or 1 or 2 bands and basically emulate the entire thing without one trace of originality. So either way, that’s how I see it and that’s how it rolls here at the Anselmo Compound. I was gonna say, you seem to be taking a different approach with the Housecore label than the larger ones do; you don’t seem to like pressure the bands to just get the albums out quick as you can. It seems to make like, a superior product. I put no time limits on albums and I have very simple contracts to where as long as you deliver the record that you signed up for to me, I don’t care if you turn around the day after your record comes out and go record with another band or with the same band with a different label. I think that putting restrictions on creativity is bullshit and I’m not about to do that. I think musicians ought to be allowed to be free and have that freedom to create and that’s coming from a musician, so I’m all for it and that’s what Housecore is all about. 27

Xanadoo sets a rather serious tone, kicking off the split with Repression, and is quite a surprise to those who are accustomed to their tongue-in-cheek themes. But underlying the serious undertones the music is still the unadulterated, furious style of thrash metal that Xanadoo has crafted over the recent years. Alo boys! what is the latest progress from XANADOO for now? Mahesha: Hello homies! Thanks for the interview! We’re doing good… We’re living apart from each other now because we’re sick of each other after this past tour that we did. So Zach is in the US and me and Shiva are in Singapore. OK no but actually we’ve been this way for the past 2 years or so, so we typically don’t do very much for most of the year. And then we

no proper words to describe Fastkill because they’re always so amazing. And if you ever wondered how it’s actually possible to play their songs live at those speeds… you’ll realise on their live songs from the split that they actually play the songs even faster live..

Please introduce yourself to The Zine’s readers. Explain your roles in the band.

I love your two albums... ok, the ‘Fuck Tiger beer’. Why? Mahesha: Thanks Adam! To Congratulations for your be honest, if you’ve tasted awesome debut album & tiger beer, you’ll realise why. split with Fast kill . How is I guess it’s also not so much the response been so far? about the actual taste of Mahesha: It’s been really the beer, but how they’re good! Our album has been marketed as a premium out for about 2 years now and brand and all that when it’s there’s been massive support actually just soap. There’s for it, especially when we’ve a great Frank Zappa quote been on tour. The split has that says something like “ only been out for a couple you can’t be a real country if of months, but it’s something you don’t have a beer and an we’re proud of too. It sounds airline. It helps if you’ve got really good (thanks to Cliff some nuclear weapons and a from Rambo Studios), and I football team but at the very think the songs are a bit more least you’ll need a beer”…. I cheery than the ones on the guess Singapore’s not a real album. As for the Fastkill side country then! of the split… there are really

Tell us more about how you guys got together.

try and to a tour/write/record when we meet up sometime in the middle of the year or the end of the year. So we’re planning some shows in India next year and also hope to write and record something for some kind of a release next year. We’ve also got a really good recording of a show we did in Vigo, Spain on our past tour so we might try and release that in some form at some time.

Chris: Vocals, Back up Guitars Jon: Bass, Backup Vocals, Guitars Mac: Guitarist Yulin: Drummer / Percussionist

Chris: I wanted to form a band so I recruited Jon, Mac with 2 other band members in Polytechnic. The other 2 members left the band as they went overseas to pursue their studies. Jon searched online for a drummer and there came Yulin that join us in 2009. What’s the stor y or meaning behind The Last

Any merchandise & how to contact you: Send us a PM on Facebook if you’re cool: http://www. Or if not by email at

Chronicles? Chris: We had a couple of names before finally deciding on The Last Chronicles. It came about because I wanted our band experience to be something that will last till the last chronicle (chapter) of our lives, to remind us that life is beyond is more than what society deems fit (like getting a degree, a good job and earning lot of money?) rather it’s all voice down to being true to ourselves and our passion because at the last chapter of our lives, everything else wouldn’t matter. Also, the short form is TLC – which is commonly known as Tender Loving Care – which I would like to have a lot of within the band. What are the challenges faced in local indie scene? Chris: The lack of support for local musicians. I think in Singapore people don’t see the value in local talents unless they are already recognized overseas, which I feel very sad about. The market is generally too small for indie musicians to go full time. Jon: I think just the fact that

nobody really bothers about local musicians’ original music. Most people just want to hear the good old hits. Also, most of us are unable to dedicate ourselves 24/7 to doing music. We have jobs and obligations and daily responsibilities. It is not only hard to find time to make music, it is even harder for a group of musicians, like us, to come together and make music collectively. Yulin: to be heard, I guess. Mac: It’s hard to earn moolah (money). What’s your goal for 2014? Chris: Growth in all aspects of my life. Jon: I’d love for us to play 10 of our own songs in Royal Albert Hall. Mac: (sings) “I want to be a billionaire, so very bad. Buy all the things I never had. I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the queen” Yulin: spend more time with my drums and play more gigs.



in 2007. Supi then joined the band later on in 2010 to finalize the lineup

In the process of writing & recording songs for their debut album, these boys from Temasek gonna let it rip pretty soon. With Yasser aka ‘Punisher’-Vox,Growls n Spec Ops, Herman aka ‘The Bear’-Guitars, Armour n Assault, Rhaimy aka ‘The Kid’Guitars, Ballistics n Demolitions, Supi aka ‘El Loco’- Bass, Recon n Sniper and Izanee aka ‘Tom Thrasher’-Drums, Artillery n Battery, also known as OUT FOR BLOOD. Zine: Could you please describe to us what is Metallic Hardcore? Metallic hardcore is our approach to describe briefly of how our band sounds like due to the heavy influences from both hardcore and metal music. Zine: What do you think that the tough guy image in Hardcore music? We believe this term “tough guy” hardcore derived from the transition of hardcore music over the years since the 90s. This brought about a new sounding to hardcore as compared to hardcore music back then. And along with this heavy sounding hardcore came

Zine: Can you guys share with us about your album making? When it will be released..are there any album launches/gig? Currently we are recording our full length at Inversion studios. The guys over there are doing a great job in understanding and achieving about a new image. the sounds and directions Out For Blood does not that we wanted. It took us connect with this tough quite all while to put all the guy image for we believe. songs together and finalizing That the music and its every songs in this coming lyrical content come first album. We can say that rather than an image to the process is tough be it front and staged your in the practice sessions or presence with your heavy recordings. We can say that music the album has a metallic feel to it while still maintaining Zine: You guys signed the hardcore vibe. As far as under Reconstrux or the band is concerned we they take care of the live believe that we achieved events? what we are going for in this Yup, we were signed by Ayong of Stompin’ Ground. album. As for the events, usually Zine: Last but not least... any we get invitations by parting words to our readers. different local organizers. Well do watch for our upcoming album “Consume Zine: When did you guys Construct Destroy” which first meet up and formed probably will be out by the the band? end of this year. We really The band was initially appreciate the support that formed by Yasser and has been given to us by Rhaimy with different family and friends and last members. Previously Tom but not least… Talerk! was on the bass while Herman was on the drums when they joined the band


scenes do not use the now traditional way to scare you which is by increasing the volume whenever something happens suddenly which is like shock horror. What these guys did was the old school way of scaring the audience which is psychologically. It just lingers in your brain and you keep thinking about it. To me that’s what a good horror movie should be.

Like Reel

The Conjuring - 8/10 Directed by James Wan Written by Chad and Cary Hayes Cast - Vera Farmiga, Patrick WIlson, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingstone


Plot Summary Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. Review Definitely my favourite horror movie in recent years. And it was getting a lot of positive buzz so I had to watch it. My girlfriend whom I watch movies with all the time abhors horror movie so she told me to f*^# off even though I tried lying, telling her it was a family movie (which kinda is if you think about it). So there I was watching the Conjuring Saturday midnight all by my lonesome. Bought myself a packet of Twisties and M&Ms and I was ready to go. As the story unfolds,the scares do get more scarier and I have to admit. A grown man like me did get startled on some scenes. Now the good thing about The Conjuring is that all the scare


Casting for The Conjuring was very good. All five daughters were chosen well for their frightened looks and screams. Ron Livingstone was decent as the dad. I really liked Lili Taylor as the mother, her face nicely contorts to Bathesheba’s face. And her acting was really good. Bathesheba is acted by the composer of the movie Joseph Bisara. For a music composer, that dude looks evil and you can understand why James Wan asked him to act in this and in his previous movie Insidious as well. Direction for the movie was fantastic. You can clearly see the inspiration of 70s and 80s classic horror movies. From The Exorcist, to Amityville, to Salem’s Lot and many others were pretty obvious in the Conjuring. Sound and music were perfect. Creepy and yet not too loud and the three songs featured in the movie were good and a little frightening, nothing popular or poppish sounding. The last song was played by the band, Dead Man Bones which is fronted by Ryan Gosling.

was the camera works. I was awed and truly inspired. The use of steadicam was perfect. That awesome trackshot at the beginning while the Perron family were unpacking was beautiful. All the scary shots were either handheld or steadicam and the nervous movements of the camera fitted well with the tension building in the scene. Also noteworthy was the scene where the camera goes point of view (POV) and looks under the bed and to the door. There’s also the scene where two things were happening at the same time towards the climax. That was brilliant!

They Call Her... Cleopatra Wong “She purrs like a kitten, makes love like a siren. This side of the Pacific, she’s the meanest, deadliest, and sexiest secret agent” That’s the tagline for the movie, and it’s Singapore’s answer to the 70s female action powerhouses like Charlie’s Angels. Cleopatra Wong (Doris Young aka Marrie Lee) is an international Interpol agent whose mission in this film is to crack an illegal counterfeiting group whose sole objective is to destabilize the currencies of ASEAN countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philppines.

The Conjuring is worth every single cent of your ticket money. It is a helluva ride and I will definitely watch it again in the cinemas and buy the blu ray when it comes out. This, my friends... is a must watch.

Sounds diabolical, doesn’t it? And it’s a job only a cosmopolitan agent like Cleo Wong can handle, as she jet sets from Singapore to Hong Kong to the Philippines, hot on the trail of these crooks, manufacturing fake currencies in a convent. She even shows her leadership qualities in leading an all male group of agents on the attack of the crooks hideout against machine gun-totting fake nuns.

Best Quotes Ed Warren: We’ve been called ghost hunters. Paranormal researchers. Wackos. Lorraine Warren: But we prefer to be known simply as Ed and Lorraine Warren. Recommended movies done by the director Saw Insidious SUBASH RAMONE (Photos courtesy of New Line Cinema)

Shown as the “Female Big Boss”, the montage at the beginning shows the abilities of Cleo Wong as top fighter and archer, whom even Robin Hood is no match for with her simultaneous firing of 3 arrows, blowing up a helicopter in the process (yes, they did blow up a helicopter, back in the 70s for this show!) With older films, what catch the eye are usually the environment and the state of development of Singapore at that time. Here, we viewed the Paya Lebar International Airport, an old 70s Mercedes Benz, and the city skyline which has many buildings noticeably absent. We go from the mainland to Sentosa via cable car, following Cleo’s footsteps, and come across vastly different and sparse beaches that we’re unfamiliar with today. Local actor/DJ Brian Richmond also had a role in this film as Cleo’s Singapore boss. I overheard the people around me laugh and shake their heads on the impossibility of some scenes - like Cleo Wong single-handedly taking on 3 wrestlers (one of whom is local famous wrestler Mehar Singh), and leaping (yes, leaping without aid) over tall walls in escape. Or the scenes in which the raid on

the hideout using guns resulted in prolonged and painful (no pun intended) death scenes. I suppose one must take into context the sign of the times, where kung-fu action was punctuated with exaggerated sound effects, and where the slightest punch will effect in maximum flying damage. All in all, it’s a fun film which one shouldn’t miss. This was the film that was produced for international audience and one which resulted in catching the eye of Quentin Tarantino! Cleopatra Wong definitely lived up to her tagline. As a whole, CLEOPATRA RULES!!!! (though a bit longish & dragging… & those dubbed voices ala Doraemon really gets on your nerves after the first hour!)

But what really made me fall in love with the Conjuring 32


ABANG!!!!! SI BEH HO!!! Well imagine a world without movies. What would it be like? The world prior to movies was a world of moving pictures like in what used to be in penny arcades, and what were called Magic Lanterns. We’d call that still animation. There were other amusements to be had, like picnics, carousels, live theatre, vaudeville traveling acts, traveling music tours, magicians and circuses. One doesn’t have to imagine it because it already happened. HEY!! Forget about David Copperfield, Blaine & that weirdo looking dude with that jet black hair, here’s the real deal, It’s Abang!! Abang will blind you with his super humour and sexy body! Sulaiman Akhlaken is a the super awesome jack of all trades guy. Stuntman, Magician & Model, his talents are boundless. We at Bizkode & The Zine merely open up the door for the monster in him to be let out - Behold!!!! Whether vanishing himself in thin air, or walking on death defying platforms. He knows his magic, or should I say, extreme urban wackiness!! The Master of Illusion & all things that is Ridiculous TO THE MAX ! One Name, Abang!!! With the dearth of good stories & programmes on TV, all hail to YouTube and videos streaming on social media we can create our very own gem rather than subjecting ourselves to watching crappy stuff on some TV Channels. AKAN DATANG in all good Social media platforms, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE & Other stuffs. Talent, Concept manipulator : Sulaiman Akhlaken DOP: Ali Park Yew Meng Kohl Guy, AP, runner, assistant of the assistant : Adam Sachok Brought to you by the good people from BIZKODE & THE ‘ZINE.






As I laid there .. I was thinking.. it’s 6plus, it’s near to maghrib, the Muslim prayers that marked the setting of the sun. Then, it happened. I can’t move at all. I glanced at the Well, I did, quite a couple foot of the bed, my friend, of times. One of the most ZEE is not there anymore and unforgettable one was in there was no sound of him Jogjakarta. walking out from the room.. I forgot the name of the a loud thud from the door or motel.. yup! It’s a motel, a ‘ Bye dude’.. and suddenly coz the production crew the room is filled with the department is keeping its sweet fragrance of a flower tight budget on staff welfare. that can I know can be found Yeah! So it happens me & the in …graveyards. I was there.. artiste, Ok, we shall call him ‘ laughing to myself and think.. ZEE. I can’t really tell u can’t of all the places I’ve been I? I do wanna get myself in visited by a spirit is in a motel trouble. in Jogjakarta and I can’t even move.. Dang!! It was June 2007, we are supposed to film a travelogue Haunted houses around Asia show about an artist journey are normal feats; but haunted towards self realization. It hotels in Asia are quite an was a very hot day and I was intrigue. It would even make resting on the bed, inside one wonder, who would be the motel. It was at the willing enough to stay in a hours of 6.30 to 7pm where it lodging establishment with happened. Woke up by the supernatural beings? Well, sudden cool breeze, I saw Mr some may not consider; Zee at the foot of my bed, his but for those who are back at me, playing his guitar. adventurous enough for this I spoke to him, “Eh dude! experience, here is a list of the Sorry man.. I’m not well. How recommended destinations: was the shoot?” He kept #1. Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu, quiet and continued playing Indonesia his guitar. Well, I thought that he’s pissed, so I was like.. The extraordinary experience “C’mon man.. “ began with Room 308 of And then it sort of hit me. He this hotel. The room cannot was wearing a green t-shirt be occupied as it is for the . I thought he might have Goddess or Ratu (Queen) of changed, so I told him.. “ Ok the Southern Sea only. Those dude.. whatever. I’m gonna who wish to enjoy the beach are advised not to wear green. This is because if drowning occurs, the Queen will be held Have you ever experienced it? Being disturbed by that ‘things that go bump in the night’?

So Cooo! 34-35pg


#2 Asia Hotel Bangkok Another Bangkok hotel that is reported to accommodate spirits too is the Asia Hotel. It’s probably because of the dim light rooms and quite old environment that some guests reported to have seen spirits seating in the couches in their rooms, staring at them and then vanishing in an instant.

hotel and ask for another level. They gave us 4 rooms at 9th floor. This time, we felt different, we heard nothing weird sound. Room Tip: Don’t take room at 5th floor.

#3 First World Hotel One of the most haunted places in Malaysia is the First World Hotel in Genting Highlands. It is a famous resort hotel but it has been a venue for numerous paranormal activities. It is presumed that the spirits were actually souls of those who have committed suicide in the hotel after losing a lot in the casinos.

Things To do when Entering a new hotel room. (Some of my aunties & Uncles swore by this ) Knock the door before you enter the room. You can even ring the room bell if you want. This is said to “inform” the spirits that you are about to enter the room. It’s a polite gesture so the spirits might not feel offended if you just barge into their room. ( If you’re a Muslim, Christian or whatever faith you could even say a prayer accordingly that you’re just spending time here on a holiday..)

“Haunted room but friendly customer service” We booked the room through travel agency and after we checked in, we were given the room at the last three floors. First night we already heard noise from the bath tub and things get worse when we heard noise, footsteps and missing room card which was found at a place where we didn’t even touched and our friend felt something cold pass by so we aware the room was haunted at 528! Scary experience indeed.. But the bell boy was nice and friendly, helpful as well when we asked the location we wanted to go and introduced us cheap transportation.. or is he really the bellboy? - Andrew Tan

ii. Flush the toilet as soon as you enter the room This is say to flush away all bad things. iii. Cover the mirrors in the bedroom Remember to cover the mirrors when you are sleeping. This is to ensure that they are not staring back at you from the other end. iv. Make sure your shoes are both in opposite faces. Eg, one half of the shoe faces up, the other half faces down. This is to have the yin and yang effect. A natural balance in the room.

“Scary Hotel (5th Floor)” In our first stay, they gave us 4 rooms at 5th floor. All of us can’t sleep as the atmosphere is horrible scary. Some of us heard somebody slam the door over the night, and also heard somebody dragged the bed/ chair. Some of us felt itchy all over the body when lied on the beds. Then after stay for one night at Pattaya, we came back to this

This is to ensure you are not Check with management to see inviting any invisible vistors to if there are any known plumbing spend the night in your room. problems in your room or on your floor. vi. Leave the bathroom lights on at all times Footsteps Spirits like to hang around at Check the hallway to make sure damp and dark places and someone is not walking by or your bathroom would seem listen inviting if the rest of the room to ensure it is not coming from has lights on. the occupants in an adjoining By switching the lights on, room. spirits might probably find If you see no one, you should your room inhabitable. request for a change of room if you’re smart. vii. Always request for double bedroom This only applies to those Things Being Moved traveling alone. Many times when a spirit wants It’s said that by ordering attention it will take small items, another bed, you would not such as jewellery, keys or even face a situation cell phones and move them to where the spirit might just be another location. sleeping next to you as you Make note before leaving can’t even occupy the whole the room where you left these queen sized bed by yourself. items and ensure that it was not housekeeping moving things viii. Say “NO” to rooms near around to clean. exits They say that rooms that are Lights Turning On and Off next to exit (emergency) areas vvCheck with the front desk for usually attract more spirits any known electrical problems than other rooms. or area power surges before you Why? It’s because of the panic. lonely and deserted stairway that attracts these spirits. Doors Slamming Shut with No And because they travel One Around through walls easily, they tend Check for drafts and loose door to linger at the next room just hinges, which may cause the to disturb the unfortunate door to close on its own. inhabitant. Shadows Check to make sure that no one ix. Bibles in the room is walking around outside your The Bibles in the room are not room’s window or meant for reading. the exterior light is not casting If you find that the bible in shadows from passers-by or cars. your room is left opened in the Touched drawer, request for a change Make sure that it is not your of rooms. clothing, hair or something in the room that you may have How Do you know that your brushed up against. hotel room is haunted? If it’s not, scream and run out of your room. And don’t look back! There are often many “stunts” Haha. that ghosts like to do in horror movies. Roti John Dio. How to make sure that the room is haunted and it’s not just you being over-suspicious worrywart? Rapping on the Walls This can be caused by a ghost trying to get your attention or by loud plumbing in the walls.

v. Don’t leave the bed unattended (Double bed rooms) This only applies if you are not occupying the other bed. Make sure you put things on the bed. 36


Do Not Call Your Ex

Surviving The Break-Up Blues

Nail It

We all crash and burn. Yes Sir.. We do. You know, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Metalhead, Rocker, raver, Punk or hipster.


Maybe you just got saved from living for decades with the wrong person. At the very least, you can be thankful that you are not a celebrity, so your angst and embarrassment isn’t plastered all over every grocery checkout stand in the known universe. Small mercies Ok all you hardened heart Rock n rollers, If you’re lucky, you only go through a painful break-up once or twice a lifetime. Here are a few tried and true ways to weather the emotional storm:

Reconnect With Your Support System

Nothing beats a long talk with a good friend or close family member. They can be your sounding board, a supportive voice when self-doubt creeps up on you,or just a reassuring hand on your shoulder. It’s nice to have someone to lean on when you feel your life is falling down around you. Maybe put together that Saturday night movie club or a gourmet dinner club.


That’s right, vocalize your hurt. Give it a voice - a shrill voice with lots of rage and expletives. Then when you have no voice left, break something. Then stomp on it. Then cry. Repeat as necessary. imagine yourself to be those wild heavy metal singers.. just scream it out..

Make A List

Oh look! There’s your cell phone! Their number is on speed dial! You’re two thumb twitches away from (dumb de dumb dumb) telling them exactly how they ruined your life. STOPPP! Do not call your ex! Delete him or her from your contacts list on all your phones. Write off any belongings you still have at his/her pad. Cut the cord and buy a journal…or some shoes…or something. Just, whatever you do, don’t call. It’ll just slow down your recovery. Consider making this pact with yourself.


When it rains, it just pours. Perhaps you’re kicking yourself for not seeing the signs. Maybe you feel like you’ve been played for the fool. Perhaps you did the dumping and are having second thoughts. Before you go and drop out of society or start buying Mint Chip Ice Cream by the pallet, think about what just happened. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

What were the good parts of the relationship? The bad parts? Put them into columns and take a good hard look. Learn anything? Does it tell you anything about qualities to look for in a mate next time around? It should.

from problems that’s otherwise hard to get. A massage couldn’t hurt either.

Try Retail Therapy

If you’re a guy, perhaps a new video game or gadget will help you fill the void for a week or so. If you’re a woman, well, you know what to do.

Adopt a Pet

Hey, don’t laugh. Animals are excellent grief counselors. They don’t offer unhelpful advice designed to make themselves more important.

The “No Contact” Contract:

They don’t secretly roll their eyes at you when you tell them what went wrong for the billionth time (as far as we know). Plus, they tend to keep their eye on the big picture. You know, food, water, pooping. There’s a lesson there.

I hereby pledge that I will not prolong my anguish by attempting to contacting my ex or to orchestrate any elaborate “accidental” meeting with him or her. My healing has now begun and I will avoid re-opening those wounds like I would avoid a bear trap in the woods. I promise that, by “contacting my ex” I mean every single form of communication from IM, to chat boards, to friends passing messages, to sending smoke signals from yonder mountain. I will not call or write, I will not try to reach him/her through the spirit world, and I will not think about my ex. Okay, I probably will think about my ex… quite a bit in fact. But I promise that this phenomenon will diminish over time.

Work Out

Kickboxing anyone? Hgh-impact workouts are a great post-break-up release. Anything that allows you to use your anger in positive ways is good. Heck, tape a picture of your ex on a speed bag and go at it. Working out also helps you avoid other ruts like over-eating, drinking too much, or channel flipping until your thumb gets carpel tunnel. Or try Gabby Reese & Sheryl Crow’s sixweek plan to better health and strength.

Go Ahead and Read “Those Books”

Signed: (Your Name Here) Dated: (Today’s Date Here )

Skim your way to emotional well being. It’s okay, nobody will judge you.

Avoid The Rebound Trap

Especially if you keep strangely titled books like “Be The Powerful You,” or “Good Riddance, I Miss You” safely hidden in the wall safe behind the framed Monet poster.

What your wounds need is oxygen. Use the time to reflect on what was good and bad with the relationship and what you want out of the next relationship. Check out this practical advice or congratulate yourself for being rid of the guy/gal

There’s good advice in there.

Take some time to be alone and let your heart recover from the blow. Try to resist the urge to treat the wounds of old love with the anesthetic of new love.

Get Back In the Saddle

After some time has passed, take a break from self-pity and grab a cup-a-joe with a stranger. Start by definitely NOT trying to find “the one” again. Not ready? Maybe even you just browse the online dating sites… It couldn’t hurt.

Shake It Up

Try a new thing. Is there something you’ve always want to try but didn’t? Better yet, pick something your ex NEVER wanted to try (or never would try). It’ll take your mind off things, reintroduce fun into your life and help you break unproductive thought patters.

Def Leppard – Love Bites Extreme – More Than Words Saigon Kick – Love Is On The Way. Try listening to these instead.. for therapy and that soundtrack to ease the soul. Spin Doctor – Two Princes Warrant – Heaven Bon Jovi – You Give Love A Bad Name. Slaughter – Fly To The Angels Whitesnake – Here I go Again Trixter – I Surrender WASP – Wild Child I know, I know. What’s the point, right? I myself often wonder that same thing. I mean, what’s the use of going to the trouble of finding someone who’ll probably end up breaking my heart one way or another? Just why do we give everything to someone, when only pain comes in return? Why wait for something that might never come? The answer is “love”. Love truly does conquer all. Ehem.. that’s the title song from Deep Purple. Imagine this: Somewhere in the world there is this amazing person walking around who is completely unaware that you exist and that you both are destined to be together. That person is attractive, smart, fun loving, and has an exquisite sense of humanity. Once you meet that person, you will feel as if you’ve been waiting all your life to meet them.


Ok, here are some of the songs that you ought to stay away for a while…for reasons of turning emo 24/7 Skid Row – I Remember You Motley Crue – Without You Poison – I Won’t Forget You Bon Jovi – Never Say Goodbye Cinderella – Don’t Know What You got til it’s gone. Dokken – Alone Again

Run, Run, Run Away

We don’t mean permanently. Maybe just for a few days. Is there someplace you’ve been aching to explore? Sometimes travel helps you gain a distance and perspective 38



Rush ‘Starman’ Rock Iconz Statue -

NECA’s Iron Maiden’s Mascot Eddie HeroClix!-

The Rush ‘Starman’ Rock Iconz statue is a limited edition collectible, created by KnuckleBonz. The Starman figure stands approximately 9” tall and is painted in a higloss silver paint in front of the red/black star to deliver a 3D version of the iconic Rush logo. The statue comes with a certificate of authenticity. The figure is officially licensed through Rush and Anthem Entertainment.

At long last, Iron Maiden fans will be able to add Eddie to their tabletop adventures! Featuring nine different figures with ALL-NEW dial designs, the Iron Maiden HeroClix: 24 Ct. Gravity Feed is a fantastic addition to both Iron Maiden and HeroClix collections alike!


7”Pacific Rim Action Figures Series 1-

One of the year’s most anticipated films is Guillermo del Toro’s epic sci-fi action movie PACIFIC RIM, opening July 12.


When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace. Series 1 will have a full line of poseable action figures directly from the film. Characters include Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, and Knifehead. Figures stand roughly 6” – 8”tall and are created directly from the digital files used by ILM in the making of the movie.


“For all your Star Wars needs & other toys, go to Luke’s Tatooine Trading Post! LukesTatooineTradingPost

KnuckleBonz creates hi-end sculpture that features the most highly influential artist in rock music. The Rush ‘Starman’ figure is the first interpretation of album art in the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Limited Edition Sculpture series. This is a fully licensed, limited edition collectible. Only 3000 are created and sold worldwide.

This special HeroClix collection draws its inspiration from the incredible artwork featured on Iron Maiden albums; images such as “The Trooper”, “Powerslave”, “Somewhere in Time” and MORE are now immortalized as HeroClix! *What is HeroClix? HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that uses the Clix system that centers around the world of superhero/fantasy. Players construct teams of comic book heroes, villains, or characters from various video games series such as Street Fighter, Gears of War, and Halo and engage in a turn-by-turn battle on grid maps based on various storyline locations


“The Official Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition” On Blu-ray September 24th Warner Bros has confirmed that The Official Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will be available on September 24th. This incredible set includes six discs as well as loads of memorabilia.

New Special Features: · The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of The Dark Knight Trilogy – The inside perspective on the fascinating story behind the creation of one of the most celebrated franchises and how it changed the scope of movie making….forever.

Gulliver’s Travel(Pg1)

Exclusive New Memorabilia:


· Premium Mattel Hot Wheels Vehicles: Batmobile, Batpod and Tumbler. · Newly commissioned collectible art cards by Mondo featuring Scarecrow, Joker, Bane, Harvey Dent, and Ra’s al Ghul · 48-page hardcover book featuring production stills and behind the scenes images from all three movies *Disc 1 – Batman Begins Feature and Special Features *Disc 2 – The Dark Knight Feature

Full of never-before-seen footage, rare moments, and exclusive interviews with Guillermo Del Toro, Damon Lindelof, Michael Mann, Richard Roeper, Zack Snyder and others. · Christopher Nolan & Richard Donner: A Conversation – For the first time, Directors Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy) and Richard Donner (Superman) sit down to discuss the trials and triumphs involved in bringing the two most iconic superheroes of all time to the big screen, and how Superman influenced Nolan when developing Batman Begins.

*Disc 4 – The Dark Knight Rises Feature

· IMAX® Sequences: The Dark Knight; The Dark Knight Rises – See your favorite scenes as they were intended in the original IMAX© aspect ratio

*Disc 5 – The Dark Knight Rises Special Features

The set will be available for preorders beginning August 20th for $99.97.

*Disc 3 – The Dark Knight Special Features

*Disc 6 – Bonus Disc of New Special Features (details follow)


NEVER MIND LARA CROFT, HERE’S JANKA. She has been in the photography business for about a year and this sassy photographer can easily roll down with the punches with the big guys. When asked which one takes pirority, good knowledge or good equipment, “I think none of that matters, you can make a good picture with your phone.It’s about your vision and feeling. The heat of the moment.” She asserts. Ahh! One will not argue that with the heavily tattooted Slovakian who likes to help out in being a model and sold her first selfpotrait of her taken in a bathroom, a Metal band wanted it for their cover photo on their album. Z: Do you miss your hometown? Slovakia? Janka: yes dearly Z: How different it is from Singapore? Janka: Well, there is no sea, not enough seafood, nicer people, more nature, I mean the four seasons. Over here there’s only two seasons, Hot & Hotter. Z: Which photographer do you look up to and why? Janka: Justin Mott. He works in Vietnam and done documentary photography and also weddings. We met on a plane to Cambodia. I love his work and he might change my mind to try weddings. Z: What method of photography do you use not film/digital and why? Janka: I use both. digital for work and film in my free time or on holidays, where I can play and do my own mistakes and have fun with them.

Photos: Jail boy Paolo Ruder & Franco Mendez Sevielleja

Rebel Pixel Photography 2013

Z: Now everybody has a digital camera do you notice less work coming your way as people now think they can do it themselves? Janka: I dont really care... I’m happy people are interested in photography in global. If that means more competition why not. Z: If you could work along side any one photographer who would it be? Janka: Henri Cartier Bresson Z: What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know you have reached it? Janka: Be rich and happy from photography and have time for my family in the same time. Z: Modelling & photography, Which one do you prefer? Janka: I dont model at all... i just sometime trade for interesting offer or assistant help when i need one. im still just a girl and a big guy to help me is always handy. Z: What kind of music do you listen to? Janka: I listen to drumnbass, dubstep, breakcore and raggacore Z: If you’re not a photographer, what will you be? Janka: Illustrator or comic book artist.

Check out her works in for tats, She just shoot, Potraits are her forte and she can put out a book on potraits just for smokers.

MUA & Props: Pipin Emerald



SLOVAKIAN BEAUTY WITH A HEART OF GOLD. Discovered in the streets by a talent agency. She’s been a Model & travelling all over Asia ever since she’s 16 years old. She’s 1.71m, 172m – but considered short, she’s popular in Hong kong, Beijing, Taiwan, basically all of Asia . Fashion shows, events? Done that.. “I’m 31 now & I’m done modelling when I was 23 . That’s my last assignment.” Zine: 31? U looked like u’re 20! L: Awww c’mon Zine: heard that u’re now starting something to give back to society .. In what way? L: I was constantly doing something that has the contributing factor or aid to others. like saving the animals, raising funds for Slovakian kids, u see, I was never satisfied in what I’m doing, I believe we can achieve something more, so after studying psychology, I started my project. Doing my hula hoop, Zine: hula hoop? L: Yes, the hula hoop project, I called it the Hula Hoop Relief Project.where kids or other people can join in the fun. So the joy is spread out. It’s basically a combination of hula hooping & some stress management for the kids in Palestine. Zine: why over there? L: Because of the situation, many traumatic experiences occurred over there you know, so I thought I ‘ll bring them some joy. Hula hoop is an object where u can have many2 ways of playing or dancing, it’ll make the kids & people happy . It’s stress releasing, when people start to hula hoop, sometimes it’ll give them a meditative state of mind. I like modelling back then as it was an opportunity to travel & get to know other people cultures, coz I can’t do that back then, I have not enough funds, so modelling gives me that chance. I can’t picture myself back then, 17 yrs old & going to Taiwan and discover new things while my other classmates were sitting in their

classrooms . I’ m quite an adventurous person, that’s why I can go to Palestine, even if there’s a war & occupation going on. I love helping people to know their potential. Zine: is it a hassle going to Palestine? L: No,those countries under European Union, can go through easily. Even to the West Bank. I’ve been there already in 2012, November for two months. I felt in love with the place, people, everything, so I wanna go there again. I really dun see myself as a model, I’m just a girl who live by the moment and wants to do something meaningful.”

MakanLLica(Pg1) pg45

Concludes Luicia, who reminded me of a young Cameron Diaz, all smiling and aahhhhh those eyes.. Zine: What music do u listen to ? L: I like Punk, more of the Slovak kind . & Lowkey, hip hop from UK of Iraqi descent. Ezekiel-dub music, not the usual music yeah? Zine: if you were not be a model , what would u be? L: I would just be happy being normal ... I ‘m a student, learn new things from all parts of the world. Zine: Is it easy to speak Slovakian ? L: Err a bit difficult .. Lots of grammar Zine: How do you say ‘my name is Adam?’ L: Volam sa Adam. Adam, Ty Si Tak roztomily. Zine: Ok... What was that? L: Adam, you are so cute..



Teh from Rivendale!!! Somehow Ah Ah Bob have acquired this secret recipe of calmness.

I had one of the steak medium rare. The steak was thick even though it’s not that wide. It was juicy and grilled to perfection. It came with salad and the sauce used for the meat was amazing!

The drink that elves drink after their celebration warding off errant Orcs. It is only found at Sedap Corner. The taste has that thickness that reminds u of the day that u wanna look forward to. The aroma, simply breathtaking. It exudes out a simple yet predominant chocolaty flavour unknown to man. If bai sarabat at Arab street has retired, Chef Ah bob (The Uber Chef from the Restaurant) is the saviour of all tea mamak lovers.

Say hi to her at Facebook:

Purge into revelry.. Purge into Tea!!! Teh Tarik Gigantor of Rivendale !!!!


THE DESSERT: The Durian Kaya toast was uber yummy! Highly Recommended! Creamy lava of freshness, so delicate, so pure, so stick it in your mouth, for a moment there, I forgot my IC number.

Discover ambrosia at Sedap Corner Asian Fare & Grill. 282 Bedok Road, Singapore.


an active artist manager. On his current roster are a.o. Channel Zero, the biggest Benelux metal band and ¡Pendejo!, Dutch stonerrock band with a huge following in South-America.


Billy Torney has an active label history with V2 Records, Play It Again Sam and recently Roadrunner Records. He is currently consulting for several labels and bands in Europe. Right now, they’re cooking up something to give us hungry Metalheads here a sample of the buffet. ‘Hard As Steel’ compilation

They say, a good pair of heads made the Metal world goes round. Heftfield and Lars, Page and Plant, Tipton and Downing, Mustaine and Ellefson and Waghemans and Torney, they created a wave of events in the Europe side, providing a wide range of services for existing and new metal & rock bands throughout Europe. These services include management, consultancy on all music matters (marketing, legal, networking, etc), music promotion and introducing actively new upcoming artists in the metal & rock genre. Imagine if a platform was to be made and they

‘Hard As Steel’ is a brand new compilation concept that will launch in January 2014. Presented as a deluxe gatefold vinyl it will feature band photo’s as well as biographies it will be the trademark of what Belgium and Europe has to offer of new upcoming metal & rock bands. These are bands who are eager to conquer the Benelux, Europe and while they are at it, the entire world.

were to bring any Metal bands from that region. Yes sirree, it is a day to look forward to. Thus, 666DECIBELS was conjured, a joint venture of two Belgian music managers (Marlon Waghemans & Billy Torney) who have been active in the metal music business for years.

‘Hard As Steel’ will be a selection of all subgenres (from trash to sludge metal) and from all over the Benelux. But first more about the bands:

Marlon has a TV production history, but is also the driving force behind the biggest indoor festival Sinner’s Day. Sinner’s Day is bringing back all New Wave & Punk top artists in 1 venue. Marlon is also

1 Black Swarm – With their debut EP of 3 songs Black Swarm shows they are more subtle than a Killswitch Engage, 48

but they sound more exciting than These DIY guys are the real stuff. 88% of all current metal realeses. 8 Evil Shepherd – With ‘Evil Through Darkness And Darkness 2 Cheap Drugs – Only 1 year young this band already became Through Death’ Evil Shepherd delivered an album with the hippest shit in the Benelux international potential. A sublime hardcore punk scene. If they wouldn’t been a US band Anthony mix of trash and black metal rarely Kiedis would be wearing a Cheap heard. Drugs baseball hat. 9 VVOVNDS – Coming in the 3 Your Highness – Coming from slipstream of Amenra this band short circuits noise, hardcore the punk scene Your Highness and punk with a metallic touch. has now fully embraced the Claiming Das Oath as their stoner metal sound. With their debut EP ‘Blue Devils’ they were inspiration, yu also can hear some old skool band such a Void. highlighted by Metal Hammer UK as the band to watch in 2013. 10 Aguardente – Portugese for firewater this international mix 4 Toxic Shock – Vintage trash of a Belgian, Argentian, Serv and metal, that is what Toxic Shock is all about. Flying V’s, a Suicidal Portuguese bring a roaring mix of heavy cockrock, pomping Tendencies groove, the attitude metal, punk, aggressive hardcore of D.R.I. and the enthusiams of and loads of testoteron and humor. Municipal Waste. Mission statement of the band: “there are plenty of serious bands 5 Carrion – Carrion stands for modern and melodic death metal around. We’re all about the booze, beautiful women, our friends and (yeah, that is possible) but not rock and fuckin’ roll”. Amen to that. restrained by any conventional metal restrictions. Move over Lamb Of God, here comes Carrion! 6 Alkerdeel – Pounding sludge, squeezing drones, scary black metal, doom with a sick sense of humour. That is what Alkerdeel is all about. 7 Reproach – These hardcore trash punks are living legend in the worldwide underground scene. Tours with a.o. Municipal Waste en Victims, Us shows with ANS and even a tour in Japan.

For all your questions and inquires, please contact Marlon Waghemans ​E : ​​​​M : +32 495 206 500 Billy Torney ​​​E : ​​​​M : +32 477 701 994 49

(In A Rock n’ Roll Band)’ captures Roger’s reckless, exhilarating side while the smooth refrains of ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘Be With You‘ display Roger’s talent as a lyricist and heartfelt vocalist THROUGH VIRGIN / EMI ‘Say It’s Not True’ sees Taylor •Lead single from Fun On Earth team up with Jeff Beck for the contemporary Queen favourite. ‘Sunny Day’ ROGER TAYLOR’S NEW SOLO ALBUM ‘FUN ON EARTH’ AND COMPLETE BACK CATALOGUE ‘THE LOT’

Guitarist Daniel Dlimi has announced his departure from Swedish death metal overlords AEON.

DEICIDE released their groundbreaking self-titled debut in 1990. Recorded at Tampa’s Morrisound Studio (the legendary studio where the band would go on to record all its albums), the vicious debut would soon be hailed as one of the “Top 100 Metal Albums of the 90’s” by England’s metal authority, Terrorizer Magazine. This landmark extreme metal release secured their place at the forefront of the American death metal scene as they rapidly earned a reputation for controversy. DEICIDE’s appearance and live antics matched the extremity of their music and lyrics. With an inverted cross branded into his forehead, Benton cast himself as the incarnation of pure evil. At shows, he was known to pull such stunts as dousing the crowds with bags full of real animal organs. DEICIDE quickly found themselves banned from clubs, boycotted by magazines,and blacklisted by Christian groups and animal-rights activists. Antiestablishment to the core, DEICIDE embodied the worst fears of the conservative masses, and loved it. Rather than shy away from controversy, DEICIDE provoked it and willingly engaged in it. DEICIDE stormed ahead into the future, releasing numerous albums engulfed by waves of controversy, as their popularity continued to ferment within the scene. However, it was the 2006 release “The Stench of Redemption” that put the band back on the map as the leaders of the genre. So, beyond 2009, DEICIDE looks forward to taking things to the next level, promising to deliver the album of their already heralded career. Death Metal legends DEICIDE will release “In The Minds Of Evil” this fall via Century Media Records. The album is the eleventh studio recording of an illustrious career spanning more than 25 years, and is being produced by Jason Suecoff (ALL THAT REMAINS, TRIVIUM, DEATH ANGEL, BATTLECROSS).

albums and tour like hell… If you are lucky enough, one day you will be at a level where you actually get paid for you job, And like I said, I can’t afford doing He says in a statement: “It’s with a heavy all the tours required to maybe one day be a big enough name to do headline heart that I finally have decided to call tours and actually make money out of it. it quits. “Why?!? I simply can’t afford doing this Neither do I see an option to stay with no more. To tour with a band in our size, AEON and only record albums since the reward for me with doing an album is you actually lose money on each and to actually perform the songs on stage. every tour. For us, the expenses is always higher then the income, and if that And if I can’t do that, there is simply no wasn’t enough, I also need to take time point for me to go on. of from my daytime job which means “So with this being said, I am now absolutely no income at all during the period of a tour plus the extra expenses leaving the world as a ‘professional’ musician. Because you are considered I get from the tour that does not get to be a professional musician if you covered by the tour income. have released four albums worldwide “You see where this is going? and toured Europe, U.S., and Japan, “We have done four tours this year right?!? It’s ironic in many ways… It’s alone and each one of them has made pure charity. us lose money. I have actually NEVER done a single tour and made a single “A big thanks from me to all the fans dime in the end of the day. I am that has been supporting us through the actually paying money to do shows for years, Metal Blade Records for being a you guys. And the saddest thing about super professional label and not least, this is that the industry expects you to all the crazy and awesome guys in all do so. Something must be seriously the bands we have had the honor to fucked up when, for example, the toured with. Cheers!!!!” driver, the sound guy, the merch guy, AEON released its fourth studio ofthe tour manager etc makes more fering, “Aeons Black”, on November money on a tour compared to bands 20, 2012 via Metal Blade Records. The on the bill that is not headlining?!? mammoth 15-track effort was recorded “The one thing I love doing the most with my band is actually being on stage at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden, performing for you guys. But my passion engineered, mixed and mastered by for the music simply won’t pay my bills. Ronnie Björnström (Garageland StuAnd as we all know, the record industry dios) and featuring cover art by Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin (BATHORY, AT THE is suffering as hell and the record sales GATES, DISSECTION, EMPEROR). are lower then ever. So the only way to grow your band bigger is to do new

“This is one of the best Swedish albums I’ve heard in years...” - Kristian BågefeldtClose-Up (SWE), 9 out of 10 “The atmospheric textures, plus the band’s willingness and ability to avoid any particular pigeonhole, give The Poet And The Parrot a touch of depth and range” Metal Hammer (UK), 7 out of 10 “The Poet And The Parrot” is available now in the following format across Europe:- Limited Edition Digipak (incl. 2 Bonus Track)-Standard CD- Digital Download Version- 180gr. Gatefold Vinyl (unlimited black version, limited dark-green version) Check out the band at:

Roger Taylor, legendary rock icon and full-throttle drumming powerhouse has confirmed the release of his new studio album Fun On Earth through Virgin EMI on 11th November. The Lot - the complete collection of his rich back catalogue of work, spanning his solo career and material from The Cross is released on the same date in stunning limited collector’s editions and digital formats.


Pioneer Vedic Metal band, RUDRA, from Singapore will unleash their latest album, RTA, through SONIC BLAST MEDIA on 14 Oct 2013. A legend in the Asian Metal scene, Rudra evolved from a humble Death Metal band in 1992 to the ‘founders’ of a new metal genre called Vedic Metal. With a history of over 02 (two) decades and a catalogue of 06 (six) full-length albums of critical acclaim; the music of RUDRA can best be characterized as a bridge between the east and the west: incorporating Indian traditional music, Sanskrit chants and mantras into Death/Black Metal. This aspect has won them much attention from the rest of the world and also gave birth to a new metal genre: Vedic Metal. Rudra’s RTA, continues in the same theme to the successful Brahmavidya trilogy; as a concept album; set to the legendary Sanskrit epic, Ramayana, a 2,000 year old poem that has travelled far beyond the shores of its origin. ‘This album is the most unique of all RUDRA albums. The song writing process started out as a study of Valmiki’s Ramayana to intuitively feel the story’s emotions. We reflected on it before writing the songs. Every song is loaded with multiple emotions. Never have we ever written an album using this approach.’ adds bassist/ vocalist, Kathir. Fueled with a richer production as compared to the previous albums, RTA, aims to capture the emotive aspects of music as it retells stories of anguish, sorrow and courage through various musical elements and instruments from different cultures and countries which epitomizes the Sanskrit epic, Ramayana such as the metallic sounds of the Javanese Gamelan from Indonesia.

The Lot comprises of Roger’s solo albums Fun In Space (1981), Strange Frontier (1984), Happiness? (1994), Electric Fire (1998) and Fun On Earth, as well as the three albums by his band The Cross -Shove It (1988), Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know (1990) and Blue Rock (1991). Alongside these studio albums are four spectacular Single albums, they feature edits and versions that have never been released on any of the albums (excluding the Freddie vocal track of ‘Heaven For Everyone’), and never heard before, previously unreleased rarities. Although he was known for enjoying the rock’n’roll lifestyle, Fun On Earth and the breadth of The Lot perfectly showcases Taylor’s versatility and veracious appetite for hard work.

Radio 2‘s (UK) Chris Evans was so enamoured with gorgeous lead single ‘Sunny Day’ that he played it twice in a row when he premiered it on the station last week -Fun On Earth (11th November) is a tour de force of rock music from a master multi-instrumentalist and singer. With a juggernaut career spanning six decades, Taylor was the beating heart of Queen, penning massive hits ‘Radio Ga Ga’, ‘A Kind of Magic’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’ while enjoying success across the globe with accomplished solo material which reached the heights in the UK charts, performing with e veryone from The Foo Fighters to Elton John, Robert Plant to INXS, Jessie J to Roger Daltrey along the way. A true rock icon, Fun on Earth proves that Taylor is still performing at the top of his game and with a body of work behind him that speaks for itself, The Lot is a must-have collector’s item for any discerning music lover.

Taylor has also been working with The Queen Extravaganza, the official Queen tribute band, who are touring the UK currently after 3 sell out US and Canadian tours. Having auditioned members of the band via Fun on Earth is one of Taylor’s Youtube auditions, and already achieving resounding success in most exciting, eclectic and North America, the spectacular accomplished pieces of work touring concert has already had to date. Recorded at Priory to add more dates to its debut Studios, Surrey, the 13 track UK tour due to phenomenal dealbum is a triumphant dismand. The show is designed to play of superior musicianship take the glorious music and live showcasing Taylor at his vocal best. Opening track ‘One Night experience of Queen and bring it Stand‘ and ‘I Am The Drummer to a new generation of fans.

RTA will be released worldwide through SONIC BLAST MEDIA on 14 October 2013. The release will be followed by a series of tours in support of the album. 50




Leaving that band was the biggest mistake of your life. I should know; I have made many in my time, and am an expert at recognizing life-course fuck-ups fairly well now. But yes, Mike Portnoy — who left Dream Theater because he thought he was going to be Avenged Sevenfold’s next drummer, and has since been in a bunch of shit no one cares about — spoke to some radio station in Chile. He was there with his band The Winery Dogs. Exactly. Asked if he wants back in, Mike said, “Sure. I would do it in a heartbeat.” I know how he feels. I have left women over the years and done stupid shit to jeopardize jobs in the past, and man…sometimes I wish I hadn’t. Mike wishes he hadn’t left Dream Theater. This much is clear. I can spot regret from a mile away, man. Mike then goes on to say the band’s the “ones that have closed the door on it. I’ve only needed a break, and I’ve had that break. So I’m ready, willing and able. But I honestly don’t think they ever will; they’ve closed their door on it and I think they’re too headstrong in having to prove themselves without me. So I wouldn’t count on it. But my door is always open.

says: “The tour this year has been incredibly positive. From our own shows, and into the TEDESCHI The brother of the singer of a band called Last In Line claims an TRUCKS tour where we found our musical soulmates. Really image believed to be an great vibes all around. I’m looking apparition of Ronnie James forward to the fall for some great Dio made an appearance on shows.” the stage during Last In Line’s Drummer Steve Gorman said,: first-ever concert, which took “The tour this year has been place August 3 at Slidebar in a great run, and we’re looking Fullerton, California. Wow... could it be real? See the forward to the fall dates in a lot picture & be the judge yourself.. of our favorite towns. The turnout and response from the fans has been overwhelming. After 23 Well, some of you might said that “If I were Ronnie’s ghost, I’d years of doing all we could to kill this beast — and I mean we really haunt Kate Upton’s bathroom. threw everything we had at it but That’s where you’d find me.” just couldn’t get it to die — I think it’s obvious that the best course of it’s creepy but maybe it’s just action is to enjoy it as much as we some stage lighting.. or maybe, can.” Dio’s just bored & wanna see some local shows. THE BLACK CROWES’ “Lay Down With Number 13” tour — ending a two-year hiatus — kicked off March 24 with five sold-out U.K. THE BLACK CROWES have shows. They’ve been flying high revealed their final tour plans for since in the U.S. and in Europe, where they 2013. In addition to their conperformed June 18 to July 6, incerts running from September 5 cluding headlining shows, to December 13, the band have festivals and two stadium announced all-acoustic shows October 18, 19, 21 and 22 at the concerts with Bruce Springsteen. Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York and electric shows October 24, 26, 27 and 29 at New York City’s Terminal 5. The band have confirmed that after these concerts, THE BLACK CROWES have no future plans for touring, as band members will focus in 2014 on solo releases and projects. Lead singer/guitarist Chris Robinson says, “This year in THE BLACK CROWES has reaffirmed my belief in the power of music and the power of love. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. Long live rock and roll!” Guitarist/vocalist Rich Robinson

Pictured below from left to right: Steve Gorman, Rich Robinson, Chris Robinson, Jackie Greene, Sven Pipien, Adam MacDougall Photo credit: Ross Halfin



Citing a busy schedule with their other bands as the reason for the long layoff, CAGE is back and playing several live shows across the US. Peck says “But we now have found some time to finish up our 7th record.” CAGE is currently in the studio working on their next release which is a horror-concept cd set in London in 1869. Peck states, “It is very much influenced by HP Lovecraft and will ship with a 90 page mini novel telling the story in detail. It is really a massive challenge for us but so far we love it! During all this we also knew we had to get out and play some shows with the new guys. These dudes are a young and hungry bunch of thrashers!”


CAGE is returning to the stage from an 18 month hiatus with an all new line up. This long running heavy metal band of 21 years re-emerges with original members SEAN PECK and DAVE GARCIA and three new additions.

The US dates are as follows: SEPTEMBER 8th, Oceanside Ca.w/ HAVOK and DEAD VENGEANCE OCTOBER 19th, Houston TX w/ Cellador NOVEMBER 7th, Rock Harvest Fest White Marsh MD w/ White Wizzard and Circle 2 Circle

First is SEAN ELG, Drummer from So Cal thrasher NIHILIST. “ This guy doesn’t stop! He is a machine!” says Dave Garcia. “ He has played literally thousands of shows and just loves metal. We dig that about him.” Next up is DWIGHT MAGIC Bass player from the band DETONATED. “He plays a six string fretless bass and has committed his soul to that instrument and the art of metal itself I tell you! He is by far the most skilled guy we have ever had at the position and is a great writer too. “ says Peck. Last but not least is new guitarist CASEY “ THE SENTINEL” TRASK ex of the San Diego band MONUMENT. “At just 22 years old it is crazy that he has such an old school love for the kind of metal that makes CAGE go. The first jam we had I knew he was the guy. He has a great feel and just goes wild at practice. He pulls killer riffs out of thin air and is fun as shit to hang out with.” Says Dave. “We gave him the nickname THE SENTINEL, based on some comic nerd stuff that everyone who knows the X-Men will get, and it is also my favorite PRIEST song too.”



Yes Sirree , On October 15, Columbia Records will release Static, the highly anticipated follow-up to Cults’ critically adorned 2010 self-titled, debut release. Written and recorded over the course of 2012 in the band’s home base of New York City, Static is produced by Cults with support from Shane Stoneback (Sleigh Bells, Vampire Weekend) and Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Washed Out). Today the band shares a self-directed album teaser which features tracks “We’ve Got It” and “So Far” from Static: Just who or what is the Cults? Cults’ is the genesis of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, who mysteriously appeared in the spring of 2010 with their viral single “Go Outside.” Acclaimed for what the New York Times describes as an “entrancing and intuitive strain of indie rock indebted to clean-cut ‘50’s rock with flashes of ’60’s haze,” Cults were additionally praised by NPR, Pitchfork, Los Angeles Times, and Spin for their outstanding debut album that includes their other notable tracks “Abducted,” “You Know What I Mean,” and their Adult Swim single “Oh My God.” Earlier this year Cults opened for Passion Pit on a handful of east coast dates leading into their performance at Bonnaroo. Previously the band joined Foster The People for a massive 2011 North American tour. In the beginning 2012 Cults played an extensive headlining tour before they retreated to NYC to record Static.

Photos courtesy of Sony Records



IM3 Java Rockin’Land 2013 on last Saturday, June 22 was really reaching a huge success organized by Java Festival Production.

Carnaval Beach Ancol, Jakarta

Imagine a total of all seven stages were all set up with some different spots for every stage. There are Chevrolet Stage at Segarra, Camden Stage, Dome Stage (indoor), Tebs Stage, Propaganda Stage, Rockin’Land Stage and Indosat Main Stage in the middle of the field. Everything was all set up with big screen, giant sound, camera and wonderful lighting. On top of that, there were also food & beverage booths, Camden mini bar, magazine booths, and of course Indosat booth to support Indosat super wifi that is within the venue, so live tweeting is easy! We would never get bored there because there were various performances from different artists, continuously from 29 spots (22 slots Indonesian Artists and 7 slots International Artists). The first band started playing at 4.15pm. Exactly at 6 p.m, Simultaneously, Edane was performing on Indosat Main Stage and at 7-ish pm while SORE band was on the Dome Stage. The most anticipated bands for that night were of course Sixpence None The Richer, Suicidal Tendencies, and Collective Soul. Suicidal just barged through their set, coupled with some good ol’ stage banterings from Mike Muir and it seems like 1989 again. Sixpence None The Richer performed for the first time in Indonesia and it took them quite a bit of time to win over their Indonesian fans. They are popular with their hit songs, like ‘There She Go.” and the immortalized “Kiss Me”. We left that day on a positive note wishing it was a festival of Rock music all week..



Our defender of 1 Direction, Sahira really delves into movie, (thank God! It’s not us!) and tells us like it is.. One Direction – This Is Us Sony Pictures Rating: PG Running Time: 92 minutes Three years, two albums and world tours, and now, one movie. Too much, too fast? Apparently not for their fans. Even though Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik – collectively known as the pop boyband One Direction (as if you didn’t know that already) – seemed to have appeared out of nowhere (possibly through fairy godfather Simon Cowell’s magic), they immediately shot to stardom into every corner of the globe, selling out concert tickets within minutes. But never fear, Hollywood and the big screen are here. This Is Us is a breezy look into the boys’ shot to fame from their X Factor days to the insanity of their current popularity. Joining the recent trend of music documentaries (Katy Perry: Part Of Me, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, etc), concert performances are interspersed with backstage antics, talk, and a vouyeristic look into the group’s life – in a very controlled environment, of course. There was no mention of the boys’ frequent tabloid appearances or even any of their girlfriends, just the five having fun while being lucky enough to live the dream (as we are r eminded many times throughout the show). There is no way anyone can call One Direction talentless; their flawless harmonising on Little Things and hilarious backstage ad-lib of a reggae version of Last First Kiss proved how they won over the thousands of teenage fan girls with not only their voices and strong stage presence, but also their undeniable charm. Also, in a time where ‘bromance’ is highly desirable within fans, the 62

boys’ genuine friendship and hilarious banter of wits only add to their appeal. In one scene, the boys separate for a break and Malik and Payne share a hug before Malik runs for his flight. “Have fun!” Payne calls out, to which Malik yells back, “Maybe not, ‘cause I’ll miss you!” Cue “aww”s from the audience. The movie attempted to add an emotional depth by featuring the boys’ mothers, as well as following each of the boys back to their respective homes. While some conversations with their parents felt scripted and really awkward, I enjoyed watching the mothers interacting. Each shared heartfelt and honest stories of how they hadn’t seen their sons at home since they left for the X Factor audition. Payne’s mother in particular missed her son so much that she bought his standee and kept it in his room (much to Payne’s disconcertment when he was back home). It seemed like director Morgan Spurlock didn’t really try too hard with the film. While he tried to include everything the fans would love and lap up, there was barely any depth, and die-hard fans would probably have seen or known about everything This Is Us had to offer. Perhaps everything the band did had already been covered extensively by the paparazzi and media, so it is really hard to throw any surprises. For example: the scene where Malik gifts his mother her dream home – though sweet and touching – was on every tabloid paper earlier this year. ​ Overall, the movie is fun for the already converted, but those who are merely curious might just leave the theatre scratching their heads and wondering, “That was it?”

3/5 stars This Is Us was in cinemas 29 August 2013 exclusively at Cathay Cineplexes.


Resurrected cult classic progressive thrashers TOXIK

MACHINEHEAD SIGNS WITH NUCLEAR BLAST ENTERTAINMENT After over a year of dialogues with various record labels, Machine Head have decided on a new home with the newly launched arm of Nuclear Blast Records, Nuclear Blast Entertainment, headed by the band’s longtime friend and former Roadrunner A&R guru Monte Conner. Excitement runs high in both camps. Says Conner, “I feel incredibly fortunate to say I have signed MACHINE HEAD - for the third time! They wrote one of the greatest metal albums of all-time as their debut and then turned around and beat it 13 years later. MACHINE HEAD have produced some of the best material of their storied career over the course of their last three records, and like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with age. The songwriting in this band is beyond evolved compared to the majority of their peers, and as a lyricist, Robb Flynn is second to none. On the live front, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more commanding and dominating band.” Continues Conner, “Ever since the launch of Nuclear Blast Entertainment, one of my main goals has been to reunite with MACHINE HEAD. I am grateful to MACHINE HEAD for continuing to put their trust in me as well as my new partners at Nuclear Blast, who share my passion for and commitment to the band.” This pairing puts one of the top metal bands in the world with one of the top metal labels in the world and puts both on track for an epic, mutually beneficial and strong future together.

have recruited Ralph Santolla (ex-DEATH, OBITUARY, DEICIDE) as their new second guitarist. Josh Christian, TOXIK’s founding member and lead guitarist, comments on Ralph’s addition to the group: “Ralph was the first choice. I had talked to other friends about tour spots and playing as guests, but the new material is pretty deep arrangement wise and complicated in its layering. We need that second voice on the instrument. Ralph’s experience level is top-shelf, plus he has a very diverse musical approach. Sure, he’s played great heavy music with legendary bands and artists, but he also has an amazing ear for melody. The guy can really play! “Ralph Santolla and I go way back, I can remember Chuck Schulinder [DEATH] sitting in the lounge at Morrisound watching Ralph and I trading ideas and saying, ‘You guys should play together.’ So, with Chuck’s blessings, I think the next album just took a giant leap for mankind.” Santolla adds: “I’m really excited and humbled that Josh has asked me to be part of the reformed TOXIK. “Here’s how all of this started. “I basically grew up at Morrisound, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was their longest-running client. I’ve answered the phone there and taken the garbage out quite a few times. Jim [Morris] and Tom [Morris] have taught me a lot and I owe them quite a bit.

spirit that Markus Staiger, Gerardo Martinez and their respective teams created took me back to the spirit of the old Roadrunner Records days, back when bands like OBITUARY and SEPULTURA were changing the world with their music. Everyone believes, everyone wants it for the right reasons, it’s about creating and respecting a culture, about pioneering new ways for people to discover great music.” Nuclear Blast founder/owner and long time MACHINE HEAD supporter Markus Staiger states: “There’s no doubt that MACHINE HEAD is one of the most influential modern day bands. Just listen to their debut album which still sounds like it’s been recorded just a few months ago - sound wise as well as in terms of songwriting! Or check out their recent metal masterpiece The Blackening which shows the band is still peaking and is more vital than ever. I’ve been a huge MACHINE HEAD fan from day one and I’ve always followed them through all the different stages of their career. So it is a real honor for me to finally be working with them, having them join the Nuclear family and kicking some major ass worldwide for and with MACHINE HEAD! Let freedom ring with a Nuclear Blast!”

“Back when TOXIK was recording the first album, Tom called me and said there was a band down from New York, and the guitarist was amazing. He said he thought we should meet, so I came down to the studio. Josh and I hit it off immediately, and we’ve been great friends ever since. We have hours-long conversations about guitar, art, religion, music, politics, you name it. He’s an extremely deep, intelligent guy. So when he told me he was putting TOXIK back together, I was psyched for him. He started sending me music to check out, and I was blown away. I told him, ‘Dude, you only get to make one comeback record, give this everything you possibly can, hold nothing back,’ and he seems

MACHINE HEAD will enter the studio in late October to begin recording its eighth album for an early 2014 release, followed by a massive worldwide tour cycle.

MACHINE HEAD’s most recent studio release, 2011’s Unto The Locust, entered The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 22 - putting them in Guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn adds: “Monte Conner the Top 25 for the first time in the band’s history. The album was the follow-up to the 2007 Grammy has believed in MACHINE HEAD for 20 years, his nominated metal milestone The Blackening, belief has never wavered, and we are extremely widely hailed as one of the finest metal albums proud to work alongside him once again. When I of the last decade, which led the band to an visited the Nuclear Blast compounds in both extensive three-year tour, sharing the stage with Germany and Los Angeles last year, the vibe and such heavy hitters as SLIPKNOT and METALLICA. 64

to be doing that . Eventually, he asked me to play live, and that led to being in the band. TOXIK recently announced the addition of SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner to the group’s ranks. “It’s a big challenge; the stuff he’s writing is ultra-fast and technical. And for bonus points, Jason Bittner!!” TOXIK is now well into the recording sessions of its as-yet-untitled follow-up to 1989’s “Think This”, with a projected release date of late fall 2013. Further details regarding album release date, cover art, title and live actions will be revealed in the coming months. Hailing from New York’s Hudson Valley area, TOXIK released a pair of classic thinking-man’s thrash metal albums in the late ‘80s. An upstart record label named Roadrunner Records (later home to SLIPKNOT and NICKELBACK) released the band’s two astounding masterworks, 1988’s “World Circus” and 1989’s “Think This”. Both releases saw TOXIK take the aggression and brutality of speed metal and mix it with the technicality and proficiency of progressive hard rock. TOXIK left the Hudson Valley region and toured the United States and the world, playing shows with the likes of PANTERA, SEPULTURA, EXODUS, KING DIAMOND and others in their quest for metal ascendancy before their premature implosion in 1992. TOXIK released a DVD, “Think Again”, in August 2010. The set contained both vintage and brand new never-before-seen footage. The main feature was a 1989 headlining set from the Paramount Theater in TOXIK’s hometown of Peekskill, New York. This performance came shortly after the release of “World Circus” and the energy level of the band wa truly at its peak for TOXIK’s first headlining show. The DVD contains all the tracks from “World Circus” and an early version of “Spontaneous” that later appeared on “Think This”.


Chinese Pop Music Bono from the British band U2 once said, “Music can change the world because it can change people”. Western popular culture and music had the opportunity to flourish in the last century partly due to the successful global projection of western influence. That provided Western musicians and artistes the opportunity to change the world through their music. While some have accused western pop music of embodying n egative values such as sex, drugs and alcohol, one cannot deny that the West has also used pop music as a tool to advance admirable values such as world peace, love for the environment and poverty awareness. Think of songs such as Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” and Black Eyed Peas “Where is the Love?” For too long, much of what the world knew about Chinese culture centered on the rather onedimensional aspect of Chinese martial arts or kungfu. The obsession with Kungfu was epitomized by the popularity of on-screen martial artists such as Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan. It was only in recent years that Chinese popular music started to make inroads internationally, through the efforts of Hong Kong and Taiwan artistes such as Teresa Teng, Faye Wong, Coco Lee, Wang Lee Hom, Jay Chou and Christine Fan, just to name a few. In fact, China’s pop music era began with Teresa Teng, who was the first true international star in Chinese music history. Coco Lee remains to this day the first and only person of Chinese ethnicity to perform at the Oscars, while Wang Lee Hom successfully brought his Music Man 2 concerts to countries such as the USA, UK and Australia. Through their music, these artistes have sought to show the world how creative and fascinating Chinese pop can be. They have used Chinese pop as a medium to showcase the Chinese language, culture, traditions and values with the rest of the world. These values such as encouraging people to strive to achieve their dreams and the importance of friendship and kinship are not just values which define the Chinese people, but are values which resonate with people from all corners of the world.

Oftentimes, I hear my friends criticize Chinese pop as being uninteresting and some even accuse it of copying the style of Western music. I beg to disagree. If we made the effort to explore Chinese pop deeper, we would find a treasure chest full of history, culture and traditions behind our music.

“Music can change the world because it can change people”. The world’s attention is on Asia and we now have a chance to change the world through our music. Chinese artistes used their music not only to promote Chinese culture and musical traditions, but more importantly to share our aspirations and values with the rest of the world. How would you change the world through Chinese pop music? Over the next few editions, I will be going out to meet the artistes and musicians who are writing the next chapter of Chinese pop history. I hope that through these conversations with them, you can find out more about their musical styles and their latest album releases, and also get to understand them better at a personal level, for example how they feel towards Chinese pop and what drives them to do what they do. In sharing these stories with you, i hope that this column can revolutionize the way you think and feel about Chinese pop music and inspire you to embrace Chinese pop music and the values it stands for. Please stay tuned to the next edition! By: M.C




Gotta admit I was impressed when I first heard the advance tracks for the 2nd album from Cardiac Necropsy. I’ve never followed them prior to this (they play porngrind, which I’ve never been interested), so this is a complete surprise. And I’ve been looking forward to hear the whole album since, which doesn’t disappoint one bit!

Traditional doom fans will rejoice in hearing the 2nd album of this Aussie act. Comparable to perhaps MOURN, SOLITUDE AETURNUS and APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE, I like the sound of this album; & the guitars and bass are sounds great & the drums have a natural sound to them. Sabine vocals is a unique feature of the band, her vocals is enchanting & the only downside of this album is perhaps their lack of any highpoints. Everything is well-controlled and done well, yet it is perhaps a bit flat in its emotive delivery. “Horla”, “Al Wells Are Poisoned”, “On The Sixth Moon” are some of the better tracks on the album.

For a local band, I’d say they deserve plaudits for delivering real quality death metal. They doesn’t exactly break new ground; but for our scene with its 2 decades of forgettable releases & questionable sound production, this release is really something. The production are miles ahead of what you have come to expect from local releases.; and in fact it is not far from what you usually hear from American death metal releases. They really nailed the production for this album.

With this release, I’m sure Cardiac Necropsy has raised the bar for death metal in Singapore/Malaysia. And this release definitely will be the new benchmark on which future death metal releases will be judged in these parts.



Ereb Altor “Gastrike” It is a wonder that this band was quite obscure to anyone in the scene in these parts. All I get are blank stares when I mentioned this band. They’re formed primarily as a sort of BATHORY homage band; their 1st & 2nd albums focusing more on BATHORY’s Viking, epic doom metal aka “Hammerheart” album (which is also enjoyable.) However, for this album, they’ve now focused on BATHORY’s “Black Mark” and “Blood Fire Death” era. And it does kill!!

hide Tribute II

feel to them, with the sprinkling of Viking chants and clean vocals to the harsh vocals a lethal combination. I personally feel that their decision to focus the addition of distorted guitars and blast beats to their arsenal will make their music more ‘accessible’ to the general death/black metal crowd.

Today, after falling into endless sleep for 15 years, our beloved hide,guitarist of X Japan, is still a buzzing name in the music scene, both local and internationally.

I find myself growing to this album the more I listened to it. It had the charm and ‘epic’-ness of BATHORY’s early works, and I’m sure anyone into them will agree with me.

This year, An anniversary project titled “hide ROCKET DIVE 2013-2014 is launched.

7 tracks of grim black metal mixed with Viking/doom metal would be a fair description. Highlights would be “Dance of darkness”, “Dispellation”, “Seven”. However you can’t just dismiss this as just another BATHORY clone as they do infuse it with a few ideas of their own. The songs have an epic

The first album in the series would strongly represent the music culture of Japan, is none other than Visual Kei music.

Visual kei music, he is the single one of his kind. The type of music sound he created, is a major influence to many artists who are active in this genre. It is even not exaggerating to say that this is the future he created. Till now, hide and the legendary X Japan still remains as the most distinctive and unrivalled band in the Japanese rock scene.

hide is most recognized for his contribution in



Aerosmith This is Aerosmith’s first live video in nearly a decade. Filmed back in 2011 in Japan shortly after the country suffered an earthquake, tsunami and a meltdown of a nuclear plant. They were advised to not go to the Country but they insisted and put off some of what has been said were some of the finest shows of their career. ROCK FOR THE RISING SUN is an amazing glimpse of possibly the greatest Rock n’ Roll band in the world. The live concert intertwined with

Reinventing Metal:The True Story Of Pantera And The Tragically Short Life Of Dimebag Darrell – Neil Daniels October 2013 Released: 2013, Backbeat Boots Rating: 3.5/5 banana fritters Reviewer: JP REINVENTING METAL is a slightly oversized paperback published by Backbeat who are really making a good name for themselves in the rock book market.

footage of the band in and around Japan shows the band in a light that we rarely see. From Joe Perry shopping to Steven Tyler talking with fans on the street it shows that they are just regular people like the rest of us. The interview with a Japanese Superfan is very interesting as he explains why Aerosmith are such a great band and that he has seen over 150 shows.

a full, complete concert. All concert releases should feature the FULL, COMPLETE show uninterrupted. Having segments of them shopping and meeting fans mixed in should be left for the ‘Bonus Feature’ section.

The quality of this is top notch. Audio is well mixed with nothing buried and video is stunningly clear. From a quality aspect everything is near perfect. No issues or complaints about either. This Blu-Ray is highly recommended for all Aerosmith fans. The only complaint I have is that you cannot watch it as

The quality is good as the 245-page book includes a foreword by Jeff Waters (who toured with the band back in the 90’s) and an afterword by Brian Slagel of Metal Blade.

pioneering that melodic Metal style, because they were not as successful as the bands from that same era, the Dokken’s and Keel’s of the world.

Speaking of promo shots, the picture adorning the cover was a bit of a weak choice as the band is just standing there looking decidedly un-Metal.

I’m getting off my soapbox now. (I know – Ed)

For further evidence look who the band was tourThere are a couple doz- ing with in the 90’s, many en full colour photos bands of questionable printed on glossy plates metal pedigree, (Prong, in the middle and they Gruntruck, Downset, Type range from the earliest O Negative, Deftones, incarnation of the band Clutch, Neurosis, Static X, to more recent promo Skrape etc) not to mention shots. Ozzfest...

Pantera is often critiqued for their early ‘glam’ days when, in fact, they were very cutting edge starting in the very early 80’s and don’t get nearly enough recognition as 74









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