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Italy’s Magical South

Epirus & Lesbos


Holidays Between Mountains and the Sea Greek Holiday Dreams

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On Saturday every 20 minutes between 8:09 am and 7:09 pm.

Before and after every 30 minutes.

On Sundays and holidays every 30 minutes.

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Thessaloniki/ Chalkidiki





Kalamata Kefalonia


Interview with Marco Pernetta, general manager at Innsbruck Airport p. 12

Corsica Split p. 24


Lesbos Rhodes

Crete Karpathos

Dear Readers, Summer is fast approaching, and it is only a matter of time before we begin to yearn to travel. In this issue of destINNation, we will once again present you with several lovely travel destinations that are easy to reach from Innsbruck. We wish you a wonderful summer holiday, happy travels and a good time perusing these pages. Imprint — Media owner, issuer and publisher: Tiroler Flughafenbetriebsgesellschaft m.b.H., Fürstenweg 180, 6020


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Epirus & Lesbos p. 28


The fastest way through airport security p. 38


Things to bring for a good time on board p. 40 BACK THEN
Inghams: 90 Years of Tyrol Expertise p. 8
Karpathos & Calabria Corsica: A Paradise of Beaches and Mountains SPRING/SUMMER 2024
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Depending on the weather, the Dutch tulip fields will bloom again this spring between late March and mid-May. This vibrant landmark is already impressive in pictures, but the best way to really experience and enjoy the colourful sea of flowers with all your senses is on a walk or bike ride through the tulip fields.

2x per week

from Innsbruck to Amsterdam (Summer 2024, Wednesdays & Sundays)

Rediscover the British Isles

Great Britain has long since been a fixture on Innsbruck Airport’s flight schedule. Birmingham, London, Edinburgh and Manchester are all cities that are well worth a second visit, with hidden gems that you won’t find in the guidebooks waiting to be discovered.

Put the kettle on!

Not just a stereotype: Britons consume over 160 million cups of tea per day.

Artistic natural spectacle

From June 1 to September 14, there is one weekly flight to the Scottish capital. Jupiter Artland sculpture park in Edinburgh has already won several awards. Visitors can expect a quirky and creative garden landscape that will be eye-catching in any photo collection. The Jupiter Artland Foundation is a registered charity that supports itself through classes, workshops, events in the park and donations.

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Old buildings, new style

Brindleyplace in Birmingham has developed into a true cultural mecca. Once home to old factories and canal systems, it is now a hip district with a variety of shops, bars and restaurants whose industrial character has really come into its own. Flights from Innsbruck to the city in the heart of England run from May 25 to September 21

Italian flair in the north

Summer flights from Innsbruck to London run from April 2 through October 26. For those who just can’t decide between a holiday in Italy or England, a trip to Little Venice (West London) may be just the ticket. On foot or by waterbus, the canals and waterways of this district are well worth a visit.

Thrills and chills


In the south-west of Manchester, visitors can marvel at one of England’s best football teams at the venerable Old Trafford football stadium. While the ‘Red Devils’ are hardly a best-kept secret, many people don’t immediately associate a city trip with their favourite sport. If you can’t score tickets to a match, it’s still worth booking the guided stadium tour. Flights from Innsbruck run from May 25 to September 21.


Weathering the Turbulence

On April 1, it was officially confirmed that Marco Pernetta will stay on as the managing director of Innsbruck Airport for another five years. In this interview, he discusses what challenges the job brings with it and what passengers can look forward to.

Mr Pernetta, what goals have you set yourself for your tenure as managing director?

Marco Pernetta: Since we here at the airport are very much driven by the dayto-day running of things, I haven’t actually set any specific large goals, but I certainly want to continue improving all areas of the airport. There may always be developments that no one could have foreseen – such as the current drastic cuts to our connections to Frankfurt and Vienna.

Is there a solution to this current situation?

Despite the circumstances, we continue to have a good relationship with Lufthansa and are still in talks on whether and how operations can resume – maybe even through the use of a partner airline. But these things take time and long-term

planning, so there is no quick solution on the horizon. The Lufthansa express bus to Munich airport is intended as a supplementary measure, but it cannot really replace the flight connection to Frankfurt.

How do you prepare for this kind of exceptional situation?

It’s very difficult to prepare for things that happen spontaneously. In my experience, the most important thing in this type of situation is to react quickly and make clear decisions.

What lies ahead for you?

In the medium term, we will return to the topic of building a new terminal, which we had to shelve for a while because of the pandemic. In the recent past, there have been new ideas for possible uses of the airport, which is why we want to resume

“Despite adverse weather conditions in December, the winter season got off to a very good start.”
Marco Pernetta, Managing Director, Innsbruck Airport
8 dest INN ation © Axel Springer

the project in a revised form. Trying to implement all of this while day-to-day operations continue will definitely be a major challenge.

Looking back: What have been your greatest challenges?

The Covid pandemic, no doubt about it. I could never have imagined that I would one day be the managing director who closed the airport. Before Covid, even the idea of closing an airport would have been unthinkable. But it was more than just the pandemic itself. Suddenly, we also had to deal with all the issues resulting from it: economic losses, social restrictions, legal requirements or limitations in customer service, to name just a few. These were all major challenges for the entire workforce at the airport, myself included.

906,655 passengers per year

+25.7% compared to the previous year

70.3% average load factor

+7.6% compared to the previous year

– Top countries –

England & the Netherlands



Tyrolians leave for their summer holiday on a flight from Innsbruck

“In my experience, the most important thing in exceptional circumstances is to react quickly and make clear decisions.”
Marco Pernetta, Managing Director, Innsbruck Airport

Returning to the here and now: Can you give us an overview of the current business situation?

In terms of air traffic, 2023 was a very good year. We saw some growth, and by the end of the year we had moved nearly 900,000 passengers. That’s still short of our record year of 2019, but we’re on the right track, and we are also back in the black, financially speaking.

Can you make any predictions as to how the current winter season will turn out?

Despite adverse weather conditions in December, the winter season got off to a very good start. The passenger load factor (how much of the available seating is occupied) is very good. Our new routes to Iceland and Athens are also very popular. You need to understand that we here in Innsbruck are subject to extreme seasonality – meaning that we generate some 50% of our total annual revenue within the first three months of the year. So the

first quarter is incredibly important for the business year as a whole. Passenger numbers for January and February were 8% higher than the previous year, so I am confident that we will finish off the first quarter with a decent plus overall.

What can passengers look forward to this year?

Our summer flight schedule is focused on the Mediterranean, including many popular destinations in Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. It also features some new destinations, such as the Greek islands of Lesbos and Karpathos.

Finally: Is there a place you have always dreamed of travelling yourself?

Well, South America has always been a dream destination of mine. And countries like Japan or Taiwan are also very appealing. But at my house, I don’t make these decisions alone (laughs)

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© Peter Fahrngruber, Axel Springer


Architektonisch einzigartig, historisch eindrucksvoll und umgeben von hochalpinen Gipfeln eröffnet Congress Messe Innsbruck neue Spielräume für nachhaltig erfolgreiche Veranstaltungen. Profitieren Sie vom international erprobten Know-How eines hochprofessionellen Teams und drei inspirierenden Standorten in Innsbruck.


Foto(s): Die Fotografen

Hidden Holiday Paradises

Epirus and Lesbos are two perfect holiday spots, no matter whether you are longing for rest and relaxation or looking for an adventure. Both are multifaceted destinations where you will find authentic Greek hospitality. And both are easy to reach on a direct flight from Innsbruck.

The romantic and wild Epirus region is quite different from the images most people have of Greece – which is one of the things that makes this destination so appealing. The region is characterised by beautiful scenic landscapes, a strong cultural identity, lush green vegetation and limestone mountains with deep gorges – all combined with Greek hospitality. Doesn’t that sound promising?

Wild, romantic, and rich in history

One side of the region is characterised by impressive flora and fauna as well as gorgeous landscapes; the other is made up of sun, sand and sea. Both nature lovers and those who revel in the sweet idleness of beach life will find what they are looking for in this glorious country.

Epirus is one of the most historic regions in Greece, and the majority of Greek mythology has its origins here. Among many other traces of days long past, you will find the River Acheron, which features in mythology as the gateway to the underworld along with the River Styx. The region is also home to the expansive archaeological ruins of the city of Nicopolis or the Nekromanteion, the ancient oracle of the dead.

High mountains and rushing rivers provide pure adrenaline for active, adventurous vacationers. Revel in the beauty of the River Aoos from a kayak, or try one of the many rafting spots the region offers. Hikers will delight in the paths along the River Acheron or in Vilkos Gorge. This destination truly offers something for everyone.

© 12 dest INN ation
Epirus GREECE Breathtaking view of the sunset from Valtos Beach near Parga
The monasteries of Meteora are a UNESCO World Heritage site and were the filming location of several movies.

Lesbos – beauty in the east

In the eastern Aegean, the enchanting isle of Lesbos awaits: With its rich history, breathtaking landscapes and warm-hearted inhabitants, it is a true treasure and a paradise for nature enthusiasts. From scenic beaches with crystal-clear waters to lush forests and impressive volcanic landscapes, the island offers a multitude of natural beauties. Petrified Forest, a part of Lesbos’ National Park (Geopark) and one of the largest such forests in the world, is home to a wealth of flora and fauna, and is definitely worth visiting.

Open arms

The inhabitants of Lesbos are known for their hospitality, and you will be hard-pressed to find a place to better experience the warm affection and traditional culture of the Greeks for yourself.

The delicious local cuisine features fresh seafood, olive oil and regional products. Visiting one of the island’s lively markets is an absolute must. Enjoy a stroll along the stalls and revel in the many sights, scents, sounds and tastes.

Get active

Active travellers will also love Lesbos. The island’s coast offers numerous opportunities for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing or kitesurfing. Divers will find an impressive underwater world just waiting to be discovered. The island’s interior is criss-crossed by an extensive network of walking and hiking trails where you can experience nature up close. Those looking for even more peace and tranquillity can find it on a birdwatching expedition or on a yoga retreat. If you want to get a taste of authentic island life, you should pay a

visit to one of the charming villages and watch the local potters and weavers at their craft.

Something for everyone

All these things make Lesbos an island whose beauty, culture and hospitality are truly inspiring. No matter whether you just want to relax, experience culture or go on active adventures, Lesbos has something to suit every taste, and is reachable by direct flights from Innsbruck starting in May 2024.

14 dest INN ation
The monasteries of Meteora are a UNESCO World Heritage site and were the filming location of several movies.

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NEU! LESBOS jeden FR ab 17.05.

KEFALONIA jeden SA & DI ab 18.05.

LEFKAS jeden SA & DI ab 18.05.

EPIROS jeden SA & DI ab 18.05.

KALAMATA jeden SO & MI ab 19.05.


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Discover Authentic Destinations in the Mediterranean

© Tui TUI Blue Tropea ITALY Calabria promises relaxation and sunny seaside fun.

The Mediterranean flair of Greece and Italy have long attracted holidaymakers, and destinations have much to offer active travellers as well as those looking to kick back and relax. This summer, travel enthusiasts should look no further than Karpathos or Calabria – both easily reachable on direct flights from Innsbruck.

GorgeousApella:beach in Karpathos

What do the Greek island of Karpathos and the Calabria region in south-western Italy have in common? Both are absolute dream destinations for a seaside holiday that unites deep relaxation and adventure far away from mass tourism. Karpathos and Calabria are known for their authentic atmosphere, and both feature gorgeous beaches as well as impressive mountains that often extend right down to the coast. This summer, Karpathos is easy to reach from Innsbruck on the new two-hour direct flight by TUI every Tuesday. TUI also offers a weekly direct flight from Innsbruck to Calabria starting May 12.

Soak in the Greek ambiance

In the south-western corner of the Aegean Sea, between Crete and Rhodes, lies Karpathos. This authentic island is lined with a variety of beaches and dotted with small towns and villages. It is characterised by untouched nature and the Greek way of life, and is known, moreover, for its many

rustic mountain villages and traditional tavernas. Visitors can experience this exceptional island and its many highlights up close on a boat tour of the east coast, followed by a visit to Olympos village. Starting May 21, the new direct flight from Innsbruck will whisk travellers away to this Greek dream island in just two and a half hours to find rest and relaxation or activity and adventure.

The best beaches in Karpathos

This island attracts water sports enthusiasts and hikers as well as beach fans and families with children. Karpathos has an impressive selection of beaches and places to swim. The scenic Kyra Panagia cove with its surrounding forests and high bluffs is probably one of most beautiful

Calabria’s coves and sandy beaches will enchant families, couples and single travellers alike.


Short flights: approx. 2 hours to Calabria, 2.5 hours to Karpathos

Ideal for families, couples and single travellers

Caribbean flair with turquoise waters and powdery sand beaches

True relaxation far away from mass tourism

beaches on the island. Amoopi has several beaches and coves that are especially suited to families, and Amoopi beach is also a popular snorkelling hotspot. Apella and Achata coves are especially lovely in the shoulder season. The pebble and sand beaches along the eastern coast of Achata are perfect for nature lovers and those looking for some peace and quiet.

Caribbean feeling in the south of Italy

Many places in Calabria, the southernmost region of mainland Italy, look and feel like they could be in the Caribbean. The fine sandy beaches and secluded coves enchant families, couples and single travellers alike. The fishing village of Scilla is on a beach covered in fine pebbles and sand and offers a unique view of Castello Ruffo fortress. In San Nicola Arcella, make sure to visit Arcomagno beach – a small

cove accessible only on foot and surrounded by impressive rock formations. The town of Tropea is often referred to as the Pearl of Calabria. Its historical old town is enthroned on the top of steep cliffs, and the local beach, Mare di Tropea, is located just below. The natural beach Spiaggia Michelino is a popular photo op: Its fine white sands and turquoise waters are reminiscent of the Caribbean. No matter whether the untouched landscapes of Karpathos or the dramatic and rugged coastline of Calabria are more to your liking, both destinations offer a unique combination of breathtaking natural beauty and authentic culture that will make for an unforgettable holiday.

© Tui

The fine sandy beaches and secluded coves of Calabria attract families, couples and single travellers alike. BEACH AT TUI SUNEO LA CONCHIGLIA TUI MAGIC LIFE CALABRIA

Genau hier bleiben wir. Ab Innsbruck die schönsten Sonnenziele entdecken.

1x wöchentlich Karpathos

1x wöchentlich Kos

2x wöchentlich Kreta

2x wöchentlich Mallorca

1x wöchentlich Rhodos

1x wöchentlich Kalabrien

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Corsica: A Paradise of Beaches and Mountains in the Mediterranean

Relaxation in the sun, a refreshing dip in the ocean or active adventures in the mountains – Corsica offers all this and more. This summer, there will once again be a weekly flight from Innsbruck.

Hikers and mountaineers have long considered Corsica – with its 2000+ metre peaks – a hidden gem.

Just a 100-minute flight from Innsbruck, a true holiday paradise is waiting to be discovered by those craving relaxation and those looking for adventure alike. Corsica has much more than ‘just’ high mountains and turquoise coves – it offers original and authentic experiences like no other destination. This island in the Tyrrhenian Sea – the part of the Mediterranean between Italy and France – seems to have been curiously passed over by big tourism. And that’s a good thing! It means that Corsica has remained what it has always been: an enchanting place full of pleasant surprises shaped by the rhythms and ways of its amiable inhabitants.

Beach and adventure

Swimmers, bather and beach enthusiasts will find everything their heart desires in Corsica. The waters are crystal clear; the beaches are simple, natural and romantic. Finding accommodations near the beach – at any level of comfort and luxury – is a breeze. But what you should really do in Corsica is go exploring. The landscape and vegetation are unique, characterised by mountains, the ‘macchia’ shrubland biome, picturesque coves, breathtaking views from on high and quaint villages. And, in the latter, you will always find a restaurant or tavern serving the delectable dishes of the FrenchCorsican cuisine. Hikers and mountaineers have long considered Corsica – with its 2000+ metre peaks – a hidden gem.

Mediterranean meets Alpine

It is this combination of salt-of-the-earth authenticity, of the contrast between the high mountains and the sea, of Mediterranean cuisine and of the range of small but wonderful hotels to luxury accommodation that make Corsica such a magical destination.

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1 Woche ab € 849,-

Volle Flexibilität:

Kostenfrei umbuchen oder stornieren* bis 30 Tage vor Reiseantritt mit Geld-zurück-Garantie.

*Gültig für ausgewählte Pauschalreisen.

Bei Stornierung fallen € 89,Bearbeitungsgebühren an.

Lufthansa Express Bus

Starting on March 31, the German airline Lufthansa will be offering four daily non-stop bus connections between Innsbruck and Munich airports, providing easy access to its vast network of flights from Munich.


The trip between Innsbruck and Munich on the express bus takes about 2.5 hours.

In Innsbruck, passengers can board and disembark right in front of the terminal building.

Their boarding pass doubles as a bus ticket and includes a seat reservation.

ollowing the temporary suspension of flights between Innsbruck and Frankfurt, Tyrol will now be connected to Lufthansa’s global flight network from Munich by bus starting this Easter. The express bus between Innsbruck and Munich airports features 44 seats, runs four times per day, and can be booked free of charge when purchasing a Lufthansa flight. Tickets can be booked directly with the airline or via conventional reservation systems.

An alternative, but not a solution

Even though travellers who book the bus are not technically passengers of Innsbruck Airport, the airport still welcomes the connection to Munich Airport and the access to Lufthansa’s flight network that it provides. “Especially now that we are lacking feeder flights to Frankfurt, at least for the coming months, this option gives Lufthansa customers with an alternative,” says Marco Pernetta, Managing Director of Innsbruck Airport. “Even so, in the background we are of course continuing to work on reestablishing flights between Innsbruck and Frankfurt.”



06:45 Innsbruck » 09:15 Munich, Terminal 2

10:30 Innsbruck » 13:00 Munich, Terminal 2

14:15 Innsbruck » 16:45 Munich, Terminal 2

18:15 Innsbruck » 20:45 Munich, Terminal 2


10:25 Munich Terminal 2 » 12:55 Innsbruck

15:00 Munich Terminal 2 » 17:30 Innsbruck

17:30 Munich Terminal 2 » 20:00 Innsbruck

21:30 Munich Terminal 2 » 23:55 Innsbruck

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TIROL SHOP Maria-Theresien-Straße 55 & Outlet am Burggraben 3, Innsbruck

90 Years of Tyrol Expertise

Tour operator Inghams has been bringing British guests to Tyrol for 90 years. The trips on offer may have changed over time, but the reasons why the Alps continue to be a popular destination have mostly remained the same.

For an impressive 90 years, Inghams has been the go-to tour operator for British travellers who want to spend their holiday on the European mainland. Tyrol has been featured in the company’s portfolio since its foundation in 1934, and it continues to hold a prominent place to this day.

“Originally, it was the emerging ski tourism that made the Alps a very special place for British guests,” explains Harvey Gähl, Head of Purchasing at Inghams. Back then, however, travel from the United Kingdom to the continent was far more arduous: “Travellers had to first cross the Channel by ferry and then continue on to Tyrol

by train. And some places like Hochgurgl could only be reached by horse-drawn carriage or sleigh during the winter.” In total, the journey could take several days. “Today, it’s much easier,” Gähl laughs. “Now it’s just a two-hour flight from our island to the heart of the Alps.”

Year-round destination

In the 1950s, Inghams began to expand its Tyrolean portfolio as summering in the mountains also began to pique travellers’ interest. Soon, the first British summer holidaymakers were coming to the Alps for walking, hiking, mountaineering and relaxation. “Back then it was primarily the hospitality, nature, sporting opportunities and good food that we appreciated here,” Gähl says. “And that really hasn’t changed much since the 1930s.” The region’s qualities are complemented by the top-quality services the tour operator provides: Inghams offers guests

©, Inghams, Tirol Werbung / Frank Bauer
24 dest INN ation
Harvey Gähl is Head of Purchasing for Austrian.

Scotland and back

This summer, Inghams will not only be bringing British guests to Tyrol. The BA Cityflyer, which operates every Saturday from June to September between Innsbruck and Edinburgh, will also provide Tyrolean travellers with a convenient connection to the United Kingdom.

all-inclusive packages and cooperates with a multitude of businesses in Tyrol. “In some cases, these co-operations go back three generations,” says Gähl. “We have a number of hotels on offer where we worked closely with the grandfather – and now we partner with the grandchildren.”

Regional focus

From the 1970s onwards, Tyrol truly established itself as the ideal destination for British guests in both summer and winter due to the ever-expanding and more affordable flight connections. These days, Inghams brings around 20,000 guests to Tyrol each year, despite new challenges such as the UK leaving the EU. Inghams decided to seize Brexit, among other things, as an opportunity to revamp its summer portfolio in Tyrol and to put more emphasis on regionality. “We now work with many local guides,” Gähl explains. On

an “Inghams Walking”-brand trip, guests have since been able to explore the Tyrolean mountains every summer on walks of various difficulty levels – guided and supported by local experts who introduce visitors to “their Tyrol.” With these types of holidays, Inghams aims to appeal not only to their regular clients, who already appreciate the summer in the Alps. “We also see this as a great opportunity to bring new vacationers to Tyrol,” says Gähl, “and to introduce them to all the things – the hospitality, the coziness – that so many of our guests have valued for years or even decades in summer and winter alike.”
The Tyrolean mountains, as seen here near Sölden, attract British visitors both in the winter and summer months.

On the Safe Side

With over 25 years of experience, Securitas is among the world’s leading companies in airport security. Several hundred employees ensure your safety and security at Austria’s regional airports.

Securitas is not a classic security service, but a provider of comprehensive solutions for both business and private clients.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, long queues and delays at the airport do more than just grate on travellers’ nerves - they also present a real challenge to airport operators. Quick, efficient but nonetheless thorough processing of passengers, baggage and security checks is a basic prerequisite for air travel to function at all.

Longstanding partnership

Many airports, including Innsbruck Airport, rely on the tried and tested cooperation with Securitas rather than trying to shoulder this burden alone. With over 350,000 employees, Securitas is truly a world leader. The company not only builds on extensive experience to provide customised security solutions, but also has highly qualified employees who are

specially trained for their respective tasks and responsibilities. This allows airport operators to focus fully on handling air traffic, and passengers can reach their destinations quickly and safely.

Making the world a safer place

The safety and security services provided to airports are only a small part of Securitas’ multifaceted activities. In keeping with their “everything from a single source” motto, Securitas focuses on six key areas: security and service, mobile and patrol services, monitoring/security centres, security technology, fire and safety services, and security consulting. This means that Securitas is not a classic security service, but a provider of comprehensive solutions for both business and private clients. Securitas is proud of its contribution to making the world just that much safer.

© Axel Springer
26 dest INN ation

See a different world

Steigen Sie ein, bei einem der führenden internationalen Sicherheitsdienstleister und profitieren Sie von den Vorteilen eines krisensicheren Arbeitgebers.

Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Alle Jobs in Tirol finden Sie unter

Securitas Österreich

Be Prepared…

Security is paramount at the airport. To keep fuss and bother to a minimum when going through security, make sure you are familiar with the basic rules.


While you wait, loosen your laces … high shoes or boots may need to be removed and X-rayed.

Liquids made easy

If you’ve ever flown anywhere, you already know that there are restrictions on liquids, gels, creams and aerosols in carry-on luggage. Here are the most important rules:

• No containers larger than 100 ml / 3.4 ounces.

• All the containers must be placed in a transparent, resealable bag or pouch no larger than 1 litre / 1 quart.

• Only one such bag per passenger.

• These rules apply to various cosmetics and foods, including sunscreen, gel, toothpaste, hairspray, honey, jam, jelly, cheese spread, etc.

• Certain medications, dietary foods and baby food / formula are exempt.

Less is more

In life as in luggage. Carry-on bags must not exceed 50 x 40 x 25 centimetres in size and 10 kg in weight (approx. 20 x 15 x 10 inches, 22 lb). After all, they need to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead lockers. To be on the safe side, check your airline’s exact size limits before packing.

28 dest INN ation SECURITY CHECK

No go’s

Certain items are simply not allowed in carry-on luggage. These include weapons, firearms and ammunition of all kinds. Most tools, too, are prohibited. Check the airport’s website to be sure.

Keep the receipt

Goods purchased at airport stores may be taken on board, but they may be inspected during onward travel. Have the shop staff seal these items in a tamper-proof bag and enclose the original receipt.

Don’t despair

Items that are not allowed in hand luggage and are rejected do not necessarily have to be discarded or destroyed. Especially if they have an emotional value, you may be able to deposit them at the airport and pick them up again on your return.

The early bird…

Getting to the airport on time is paramount, and leaving a bit of a buffer can help you avoid stressful situations, especially in the winter high season. Figure at least 20 minutes to get through security on a normal day, and more on busy travel days. Don’t forget that you will have to queue, check in and deposit your checked luggage before that.

Hats off

Jackets, scarves and headgear – with the exception of those worn for religious reasons –must go through X-ray screening along with watches, belts, jewellery and other metal objects. The same applies to smartphones, laptops, tablets and cameras. Don’t forget to empty out your pockets.

Who am I?

No one can travel without proper identification, so always make sure to keep your passport or ID card as well as your boarding pass – in physical or digital form – handy. You will need to show both at security. Passengers with medical implants such as pacemakers or neurostimulators must inform security staff of this fact.


From Innsbruck to Vienna and Out Into the World

Vienna is Austria’s hub for flights to all the important destinations worldwide. Starting with a direct connection from Innsbruck to Vienna, travellers can reach even the most remote corners of the earth. The best part: When you depart from Innsbruck, you can enjoy check-in, security and your wait time in the relaxed atmosphere of Innsbruck Airport, even if your final destination is international.

© Monika Cichoń 30 dest INN ation

Barcelona …

… is a Spanish metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea that is known worldwide for its impressive architecture. Sites of particular renown include the works of the visionary architect Antoni Gaudí, such as the church of the Sagrada Família or the Park Güell.

The city is also a rich treasure trove of diverse culture, from the Gothic Quarter to the vibrant street markets to a thriving art scene. Gourmets and foodies will also love Barcelona: In eateries ranging from tapas bars to Michelinstarred restaurants, the Catalonian capital celebrates the multifaceted cuisine of that region.


On Saturdays and Sundays, there are inbound and outbound flights without long waiting times.

Berlin …

... is famous for its vibrant culture, history and diversity. Germany’s capital is home to sights like the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall – both reminders of its turbulent past. Berlin also offers a thriving art scene, trendy neighbourhoods and a vibrant clubbing culture that attracts visitors from across the globe.


Several daily inbound and outbound flights.

Hamburg …

… has a special maritime charm. The historic warehouse districts (Speicherstadt, Kontorhausviertel) and the modern port district (e.g. HafenCity) form a fascinating contrast and are best discovered on long, leisurely walks. The vibrant and multifaceted cultural scene, the rich diversity of culinary delights and the picturesque Alster river make Hamburg an unforgettable destination that truly offers something to suit every taste.


Daily evening inbound and outbound flights without long wait times.

Ibiza …

… is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain. It is best known for its vibrant club culture and white sandy beaches. In addition to its legendary party scene, Ibiza also has a more relaxed side: charming villages, beautiful walking and hiking trails, and secluded coves. For those interested in culture, the island has old fortresses and archaeological sites as well as modern art galleries and exhibits – all of which reflect the island's rich and multifaceted character.


There are inbound and outbound flights from mid-June to late October.

Keflavík & Reykjavík …

… form a dynamic duo welcoming travellers to Iceland, featuring both vibrant culture and breathtaking nature.

While the town of Keflavík is known as the gateway to the island, the city of Reykjavík is the quirky capital that visitors flock to for its lively art scene, cozy cafés and hot springs. Together, the two offer an experience like no other that perfectly embodies the unique beauty and inimitable charm of Iceland.


Inbound and outbound flights several days a week in the evening and at night.


32 dest INN ation

A ClimateNeutral Journey to the Airport



since 2014

fleet: approx. 450 bikes 4 cargo bikes over 48 stations

© IVB/Berger

34 dest INN ation

Since 2014, Stadtrad Innsbruck (Innsbruck’s bike sharing network) has been providing a climate-friendly way to explore and experience the town. Starting in autumn, the rental bike system will add a new station: Innsbruck Airport.

Cyclists and travellers have a reason to rejoice: The new cooperation agreement between the Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe (IVB; Innsbruck public transport company) and Innsbruck Airport will take effect starting September 1. A centrally located rental bike station will provide both travellers and the airport workforce with a new way to get to and from Innsbruck Airport.

Proven partnership

The IVB entered into their first corporate partnership involving Stadtrad Innsbruck in 2017. To date, over 20 partners have joined the city bikes initiative; they include large employers like the hospitals of Tirol Kliniken, the University of Innsbruck or Land Tirol (provincial government), all of whom can now offer their workforce the low-cost use of rental bikes. “We are delighted to have gained another such prominent cooperation partner for Stadtrad Innsbruck, and we wish everyone there happy cycling,” says Thomas Hillebrand, project manager at IVB.

Sign up, get on, take off

Public bike rental services are becoming increasingly popular. People in Tyrol’s capital are cycling enthusiasts, especially on their way to and from work – as their

“Employees at Innsbruck Airport will soon be able to use Stadtrad bikes at our special rate.”
Thomas Hillebrand, project manager at IVB

personal contribution to protecting the climate, as a workout or as a counterbalance to work. “One very important factor in the success of such schemes is having rental bike stations available right where people work or study and making sure the system is well advertised within the company or university,” explains Hillebrand. The new rental bike station will be located – and very clearly visible –on the walkway between the arrivals hall and the airport parking garage. It will work the same as all the other stations: Register on the nextbike app or on, scan the bike’s QR code and then just ride off. Once you are finished with the bike,

simply park it at a station and close the bike lock.

Sustainable added value

Airport employees in particular will benefit from this cooperation. When the new station goes into operation, they will have low-cost access to Stadtrad bikes; vouchers will be programmed for them in advance.

“Employees at Innsbruck Airport will soon be able to use Stadtrad bikes at our special rate without paying the annual fee of 39 Euros,” says Hillebrand. The newly built bike station at the airport is also interesting for passengers who are travelling with little to no luggage. Good to know: If you sign up for the special rate (Vorteilstarif), the first 30 minutes of any ride are free – even if you take out a bike several times in one day.

Care and maintenance

Verein WAMS is a social-economic organisation that provides unemployed or handicapped people with stepping stones (back) into the labour market. Part of this network, WAMS Conrad bike workshop, is responsible for maintaining, servicing and repairing both the Stadtrad bikes and rental stations. They are also in charge of moving bikes between overcrowded and empty stations. 35

Can you colour in the


Curiosities in aviation

Who cooks the food on the plane?

Planes don’t have real kitchens on board. Instead, the food we eat is prepared beforehand in a large kitchen at the airport. Meals are then cooled down and kept fresh in special big refrigerators until it is time to go. Then, meal trays are slotted into carts or trolleys and brought on board together with all the other luggage. These carts are stored in the galley area — that’s a type of on-board mini kitchen. When it’s time to eat, the cabin crew heats the food in special steam or convection ovens and then serves the meals to passengers.

36 dest INN ation
ALPENZOO INNSBRUCK-TIROL 2 000 Alpentiere von 150 Arten Kombiticket: vergünstigtes Parken + Hungerburgbahn + Eintritt Alpenzoo Weiherburggasse 37 / A-6020 Innsbruck Tel: +43/512-29 23 23 / täglich ab 9 Uhr
© F. Schmidt © F. Schmidt

Quiet, Please!

If you’ve ever flown, you’ve probably encountered at least one of these: A baby wailing like a banshee in the seat beside you. Some young bloke behind you pressing his feet into your seatback and jolting you in synch with his jams, which you can hear blaring from his giant earphones. Or a noxious cloud of perfume or aftershave wafting through the cabin. You may not be able to avoid them all, but you can certainly come prepared!

BOOK – If sleep just isn’t happening, a good book a be a great way to pass the time on board.

NECK PILLOW – Maximise your incabin comfort with a travel pillow –no matter whether you want to nap or just relax.


Good headphones can be a godsend when it comes to blocking out annoying noise around you. Plus, listening to your favourite tunes or podcast will make any flight much more relaxing.

SLEEP MASK – This eye cover is the perfect way to shield your eyes from unwanted light for a quick nap.

38 dest INN ation
© Monika Cichoń


The air in planes is notoriously dry, so having your own (refillable) water bottle can be a lifesaver. Simply take it through security empty and refill it before take-off.


Use these skin soothers to prevent parched lips or dry skin. Just be careful not to bring any containers over 100 ml (3.4 ounces) in your carry-on luggage.


Above all, your outfit should be comfortable! A cuddly shawl or scarf can double as a pillow or blanket in a pinch, so these are also a good idea.


Especially on long flights, sitting for extended periods can cause muscle tension. Use a massage ball in different places to ease cramps and loosen you up.

The Alpine Route

Munich-InnsbruckBolzano-Trento-Milan (1930–1933)

From its opening day on June 1, 1925, Innsbruck Airport – which back then was located in the east end of the city (Reichenau) – already had an important flight route within the burgeoning European aviation network: the connection MunichInnsbruck-Munich. From the outset, the airport operator (Tiroler Flugverkehrsgesellschaft) sought to establish Innsbruck as an important nexus on both the eastwest and north-south routes. While this goal was achieved on the east-west axis within the inaugural year, it took several more years to achieve it on the north-

south route. On May 1, 1930, the German Luft Hansa AG (correct spelling at the time) extended its Munich-Innsbruck route (which it flew on weekdays) to include Bolzano-Trento-Milan (Italy) on three days. In those days, (civil) aviation was still in its infancy, and flight aids that are standard today did not yet exist, so pilots always had to orient themselves using prominent points and features in the landscape. In good weather, the Munich-Innsbruck flight could be routed in a fairly straight line via Bad Tölz, located south of Munich in the Alpine foothills of Bavaria. From there, there were two options for crossing the mountainous terrain and advancing down into the Inn Valley: One was via Lake Walchensee and Scharnitz, the other via Lake Achensee and Jenbach. In bad weather, the only option was to first fly south-east toward the Bavarian town of Rosenheim and then turn south and west along the Inn Valley, using the Inn River and the towns of Kufstein and Wörgl for orientation. Three times a week, after a short stop at Innsbruck Airport, the new Alpine extension continued south along Wipp Valley towards Brenner Pass (elevation

40 dest INN ation
IMG. 1 German carrier Luft Hansa (sic) using the single-engine Fokker F III (5 passenger seats) on the Munich-Innsbruck route. TANJA CHRAUST © Privatarchiv: T. Chraust, Innsbruck

IMG. 2

1,370 m / 4,495 ft) and along Eisack Valley towards Bolzano/Bozen. After another stop, the flight path followed the Adige/ Etsch River to the next layover in Trento/ Trient. From there, the plane would continue its southward journey across Lake Garda to then turn west, fly over Bergamo and finally land at its final destination Milan – after a total flight time of 4 hours and 35 minutes. This north-south Alpine route via Innsbruck remained in operation for several years, though from 1931 onwards it was operated in partnership between the ÖLAG (Österreichische Luftverkehrs A.G. or Austrian Aviation Company), the German Deutsche Luft Hansa A.G. and Avio Linee Italiane S.A.). Ticket prices for 1931 in Austrian Schillings (and their approximate present-day Euro equivalents*) were as follows: Munich Innsbruck S 42 (€ 187), Innsbruck-Bolzano S 25 (€ 111), Innsbruck-Trento S 42 (€ 187) and Innsbruck-Milan S 85 (€ 379).

Flight season was limited to spring through autumn, as Innsbruck Airport was not equipped to handle night-time or winter operations. In 1932, the Munich-Innsbruck flight route, which

IMG. 3

On May 1, 1930, the MunichInnsbruck route (run by Deutsche Luft Hansa) was extended to include Bolzano-TrentoMilan three days a week.

had been running since June 1, 1925, fell prey to the worldwide Great Depression, which had begun in 1929, leaving only the thrice-weekly Alpine route MunichInnsbruck-Bolzano-Trento-Milan. Just one year later, financial problems forced ÖLAG to withdraw from this cooperation. By 1934, the entire route had disappeared from the flight schedule – a harsh blow for Innsbruck Airport, which had already seen its east-west route (Vienna-SalzburgInnsbruck-Zurich, ÖLAG) disappear in 1931, and was now left with only one ÖLAG flight route between Salzburg and Innsbruck. ©

* buying-power-parity for 2023 41
IMG. 4 Starting in 1931, Avio Linee Italiane use threeengine Fokker F-VIIb/3m shoulder-wing aircraft (810 passenger seats) on the north-south Alpine route. Innsbruck’s first airport with two hangars, a memorial for the fallen pilots of WWI, and a one-storey terminal.
Stadtarchiv/Stadtmuseum Innsbruck, Sign.:
© Stadtarchiv/Stadtmuseum Innsbruck, Sign.:
Stadtarchiv/Stadtmuseum Innsbruck –Foto-Sammlung „Kreutz“, Sign.: KR/NE-3744

Fasten Your Seatbelts!

Flying is always an adventure, but there are a few airports whose quirks add a particular thrill to take-offs and landings.

Right of way

At Gibraltar airport, pilots share the runways not only with other planes, but also with cars. Winston Churchill Avenue, one of the British overseas territory’s main thoroughfares, crosses the runway right in the middle. Traffic must come to a halt during every take-off and landing.

Trains and planes

In Gisborne (New Zealand) it is trains, not cars, that pilots need to watch out for. The tracks of the Palmerston North-Gisborne Line cross the airport’s only runway.

A sight to sea

Lack of space is a long-standing problem in Japan, which is why the two runways at Kansai Airport in Osaka were built on an artificial island measuring 4 by 2.6 km (approx. 2.5 by 1.5 miles).

Time and tide…

If you want to land on Barra (Outer Hebrides), you had best keep an eye on the tides. The three runways of this Scottish island’s airport are located on a tidal beach that disappears at high tide.

Supporting role

The runway at Cristiano Ronaldo Airport on the island of Madeira (Portugal) extends far out into the ocean on a platform supported by 180 concrete columns, each 70 m (230 ft) tall.

Winter flights only

Flights to and from Phoenix (Antarctica) are highly dependent on the seasons. This airstrip, which serves McMurdo research station, is rebuilt every year out of compacted snow and ice. No air traffic is possible during the summer months.

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Whether you are an enthusiastic participant, the biggest fan or an excited spectator and listener - together we will celebrate a summer full of cultural highlights and sporting successes! The Innsbruck Promenade Concerts, Festival Weeks of Early Music and the Telfs Volksschauspiele promise top-class music and theater enjoyment. Fun and games await visitors at the Krapoldi in the Park festival. And there‘s plenty of action at the Red Bull 400 ski jump run, the via ferrata festival on the Nordkette and at Gravel Innsbruck.

2.–4.5.2024 – adidas TERREX Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival, Innsbruck

3.–5.5.2024 – Journalism Festival, Innsbruck

12.–16.6.2024 – Crankworx Innsbruck, Mutters

24.–30.6.2024 – IFSC Climbing World Cup, Innsbruck

6.7.–17.8.2024 – Tyrolean folk theater, Telfs

20.–22.9.2024 – Innsbruck BeachEvent, Innsbruck

28.11.–3.12.2024 – European Women‘s Handball Championship

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