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Short profile of the PVG Group


The PVG Group is an international trading com-

panies specialise in marketing, sales and distribu-

pany which consists of sales and production com-

tion. Several hundred products are included in

The Netherlands

panies. The main focus is the European consumer

the range, for instance, paraffin heaters, pellet

Belgium (2x)

market for products and services in the field of

heaters, mobile air conditioners and dehumidifi-


domestic heating, cooling, (de)humidifying and

ers. These products are sold to both retailers and


purifying. The second main focus is the European


Poland Slovenia


market for consumers who require consumer-



packaged fluids.



PVG applies the ‘think global, act local’ principle to its business. This is substantiated by a functional

Switzerland P V G P V G


organisation whereby the interaction between

The market is served by PVG sales companies in

PVG Holding, the various sales areas, retailers and

various European countries. Other sections of the

e-retailers is of particular importance.

market are covered by agents who are coordinated by our Head Office based in Oss, the Netherlands,



pvg offices



or one of the PVG sales companies. The sales coma short profile




The filling plant is located in Ghent’s harbour in

PVG Holding centrally coordinates various activi-

Belgium. It specialises in purchasing, filling, sell-

ties including a number of financial and legal ac-

ing and distribution. The range consists of sev-

tivities, ICT, HRM, product development, purchase

eral dozen products, for instance paraffin, screen

and marketing.

wash, bio ethanol and demineralised water. These

Company values The values of the PVG Group are the sustainable

products are sold directly or through sales compa-

The Board of Directors furthermore keeps tabs on

principles of our organisation within which we

nies to retailers and e-tailers.

the results and development of the entire PVG

have to be able to achieve our ambitions. These

Group. Joint purchasing combined with direct and

values are the codes of conduct that are central

The plant manufactures products under both

detailed margin management is utilised to add

to everything we do. They are driving forces and

PVG brands and private labels. Alongside sales

value to the entire chain. A reduction in opera-

guidelines for our behaviour, the way in which

and filling, the entire process from purchasing to

tional costs is achieved through continuous and

we make decisions and how we work together.

the storage of semi-manufactured products and

stringent cost control.

• Serve customers • Search opportunities • Stimulate colleagues • Share success

the design of labels in accordance with European legislation is performed in-house. 6

pvg group

a short profile


Serve customers

Search opportunities

PVG people are specialists and sell profitable total

PVG people offer solutions within the budgets of

concepts which include a full service approach in

consumers and with the right return for our or-

easily handling our concepts. The product information

ganisation. We continuously respond in an innovative

we have is reliable, available and clear. People can depend

manner to changes in the fields of markets, consumers,

on us. We deal with complaints correctly and approach all

products and services, employees, processes and proce-

stakeholders in a sympathetic and caring manner.

dures, strategic partnerships, suppliers and government, both locally and internationally.


pvg group

a short profile


Stimulate colleagues

Share success

PVG people share their opinions and ideas

PVG people believe in today, in tomorrow and

about their working environment and the way

the work we will do in the future that will lead

in which the business operates. We understand

to success. We make sure that PVG remains a deci-

each other and communicate fairly through short

sive player on markets at the right time. Targets set

communication lines. We take responsibility to de-

each year are achieved and result in a competitive

velop the company and contribute to the way in

edge, so that our uniqueness is maintained, both

which the organisation does business.

now and in the long term. PVG people remain proud and committed.


pvg group

a short profile


A little bit of history In Oss, the Netherlands, in 1980 founder

the professional retail channel. The retailers guar-

company started producing and distributing its own

Zibro. PVG’s concept ‘Zibro – home made climates’

Peter van Vugt started importing mo-

antee a personal approach to consumers and pro-

fuel under the name Zibro Plus. The introduction of

­offers consumers solutions and provides e-tailers

bile heaters and acquired exclusive sales

vide a clear explanation of the product. Various

dehumidifiers and air conditioners under the name

and retailers with the opportunity to create turn­

rights for the Netherlands. Initially, the

brands were sold with Zibro Kamin occupying

Zibro Clima was an important step towards the

over all year long. PVG has developed into a major

heaters were a sideline however the

centre stage.

development of a more extensive product range

player and has already sold more than 5 million

that influences air quality year round.

devices, bottled over 1 billion litres of paraffin and

product’s potential soon became apparent through direct sales at trade shows and at

In the years that followed, PVG acquired the sales

the sales location in Oss.

rights for all of Western Europe, Scandinavia and

In Europe in recent years, consumers have dis-

various Eastern European countries. The heaters

played ever increasing interest in air and water

A short time later, the sale of mobile heaters be-

underwent further development in cooperation

quality in domestic environments. This occasioned

came the main activity of a separate organisation

with Japanese supplier Toyotomi and the principal

combining various product groups within the

with distribution primarily taking place through

innovations were protected using patents. The

trading company to form a single, strong brand:


pvg group

products are sold through about 15,000 e-tailers and retailers across Europe.

a short profile


The Zibro brand

field of heating, cooling, (de)humidifying and

live in and the water you consume. Influencing

purifying; consumers find the right products.

these factors contributes to feeling good.

serves the market. Our main brand is, of course,

Brand with a vision

Zibro is convinced that these factors can only be-

Zibro. The ‘home-made climates’ concept was

Zibro is based on the basic principle that how you

come more important still in the future. People are

developed especially for the Zibro brand.

feel is – to a large extent – determined by cer-

becoming increasingly aware of the effect these

Zibro offers a total concept (advice, service, equip-

tain factors in your personal environment; in the

factors have on their health and mental wellbe-

ment) which has more to offer than merely selling

PVG uses the Zibro concept to offer solutions to

broadest sense of the word. All of your senses

ing. Zibro stimulates this awareness, by providing

a product.

e-tailers, retailers and consumers. Zibro can be

and your mood are influenced by temperature,

information and advice to e-tailers and retailers

utilised by e-tailers and retailers throughout the

humidity, purity, odour, sound, circulation, the

and consumers. Zibro demonstrates that you can

year, Zibro is always profiled as an expert in the

oxygen content and other factors of the air you

feel good by responding to these factors.

The PVG Group has various brands with which it


pvg group

a short profile


The other brands

the different buying chains throughout Europe.


In the fluid market, PVG has introduced several Besides the Zibro brand, the PVG Group also of-

brands to the market, such as LiquiCar and

By continuously searching for new opportunities,

fers other brands in the climate market. These

LiquiHome. All are used for a wide range of fluid

stimulating our colleagues and taking responsi足

brands are mainly created to realise up-selling and

products. Fluids are also produced under a private

bility, we are able to serve our customers properly

therefore support the Zibro brand.


and share the successes we achieve.

The most familiar bottom line brand in these

Offering a combination of A brands and bottom

In cooperation with our business partners, we

PVG markets is Tectro. This brand represents ex-

line brands gives e-tailers and retailers the oppor-

continue to develop concepts that meet consumer

tremely attractive pricing and a long service life.

tunity to serve a range of target groups through

needs. This enables the PVG Group to remain an

Diversification in bottom line brands is used to serve

one single partner.

authority in the markets we serve. We will always remember our past, develop the present and challenge the future!


pvg group

PVG Group

Company profile  

This is a short profile of PVG, a company with a clear vision.