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"FRAGMENTS" ZHANGMIAO Student ID: 20109304 Apply for TMHARCSDES01 MArch Architectural Design Bartlett,UCL

It’s Barnum and Bailey world, Just as phony as it can be, But it wouldn’t be make-believe, If you believe in me. It’s Only a Paper Moon

E.Y. Harburg & Harold Arlen


01 Multifunctional Architecture Department Hall

02 The memorial

03 The Screen

04 Plug-in

05 Other work

01 MULTIFUNCTIONAL ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT HALL Academic work in 2017 rework in 6.2019 solo work instructor: feng qian site:xi'an, shanxi ,china Architecture is often one of the busiest majors in schools. The life of architecture students always is around with the architecture department hall, where they study, rest, or entertainment. Why can’t it be a colorful one? With this idea of putting various functional activities into the department of architecture, I started my fantasy.

Raumplan of architectural department hall

How to put all these funtions into a deapartment hall of architecture

There is no doubt that ever y architecture student has dreamed of his professional classroom. In addition to professional studies, they hope that they can spend a rich and colorful day in their architectural department hall. Places of communication, playing, and relaxing are needed. How to put these functional blocks into the building? My approach is as follows, firstly a mass is cut into four pieces, and at the same time, I classify these functional spaces from three aspects: functional feature, scale, and special needs. With the method of raumplan, I put these functional boxes into 4 blocks, integrating them reasonable.

site plan

Elevation generation

The entire campus plan reflects a very clear division of teaching and living. The south is the dormitory living area, the north is the teaching building and laboratory, and the site is located at the intersection of the two areas in the middle of the base. So I did some work on the building so that he can have a better interaction with the street, including cutting the shape, opening a lot of windows on the facade, and using transparent glass blocks on the ground floor.

In the face of frequent campus security cases, I hope that the entire architectural department hall can play the role of a street eye on campus. These fenestrations and the underlying glass can let out light at night. For those students who do experiments return at night, this is like a warm shelter

view from the street








Exploded Axonometric

view of Central staircase

From a formal point of view, the central stairs is a long and narrow block, which separates the left and right masses; as far as the internal flow line is concerned, the central step connects the left and right functions and connects the upper and lower layers.

The sunken space on the south side forms the sports field. In this large space, different levels of space are separated from each other, but they may have a connection and interaction with sight or sound.

View of sports field


The small box, as a specialized teaching studio, surrounds a large public platform in stacking or hanging manner. Relatively private discussions or activities occur in the small box, and more extensive space or interactive activities take place on the Public platform below.

View of studio plate

w of Ladder classroom

1.Galvanized steel plate 2.Stainless steel,12mm diameter 3.Bolt

4.Plywood,frosted inside,200mm 5.Tempered glass,15mm

The design of the movable wall allows the stepped classroom to have a variety of uses. Usually, as an open staircase space, students can use it freely. When there is an event, it can be enclosed into a large independent space by moving the wall, becoming lecture hall or cinema

Perspective Section On the right half of the building, the lower floor is an open space for various student activities and sports. The upper floor is a small-scale student's studio, the middle is a light atrium and central staircase, and the left is a larger Various special classrooms and event spaces

02 THE MEMORIAL studio alpha open project instructor alfred pun Team work in 6.2019 redesign individually in 10.2019 site:xiangshan, zhejiang ,china This is a memorial about living and death. The project was based on the death of 9-year-old girl Zhang Zixin in the summer of 2019. I used searching as a clue, created a series of containers about monumental spaces and emotions in continuous buildings

This is a guiding colonnade that opens to the natural landscape of rocky beaches and ocean on the right. Continuous square pillars are also rendering an anxious mood The end of the colonnade is a room about searching. The process of searching is full of misleading and confusing. In the room about searching, the columns are scattered, giving people a feeling of confusion

Entrance colonnade

Lost Forest

The building descends into the sea according to the mountain. The part along the mountain is three spaces of searching, connected by two transportation spaces, and the sea part is two memorial halls.

From the indoor space to the outdoor, facing a bifurcation road, the left is the target of the search, the road ends on the cliff, but the visitors can only be forced to go down the stairs on the right. Eventually came to the lowest space, searching was close to falling out. People could no longer feel the elements of the pillars. The thick stone walls left only a very narrow and low space.



The unfold section shows a continuous downward process, from the beginning of the search to the confusion of the search to the failure of the search, from hope to disappointment. Eventually, people reached the platform on the sea and their mood changed from despair to peace

unfold section

Departure hall

Coming to the platform on the sea, the towering towers have a tendency to soar upwards, and the slender pillars show a kind of vulnerability. This is a memorial platform for the fragility of life

The other shore

Go down the stairs, through a long under water platform, and finally come to the last space-the other shore. It surrounded by the walls on both sides, and the endless sea is ahead. This is a fantasy scene and is the expectation of life

03 THE SCREEN studio alpha open project instructor: Richard go Team work in 9.2019 redesign in 11.2019 Teammates: wang yixin,zhang bowen, shi dongwei responsibility:concept design, modeling,randeing drawing site:ningbo, zhejiang ,china This project explores the business model and form under the influence of AR technology. The development of AR technology directly leads to the virtualization of physical business and the virtual economy. we designed a huge screen in the city, will this be a form of business in the future?

E-commerce comes with the birth of the Internet, and at the same time it has brought unprecedented impact on physical commerce. A longer-term retail outlook, this one from investment firm UBS, said that an estimated 75,000 brick-andmortar stores are likely to shut down by 2026. Under this situation, what will the future business model look like?

Since the concept of AR was officially put for ward in 1990, after many innovations, AR technology has been perfected, from the laboratory to the public, and the equipment has become more portable.

The booming AR technology can be well integrated with business, and the attempt of a new business model combining online and offline formats is a brand new possibility.

Since the Tang Dynasty, Ningbo has been an important commercial port. Ningbo Sanjiangkou Interchange is adjacent to the city center. The business format is mature and relatively stable, but the shopping mode is single and lacks new commercial vitality. The huge river surface left a large void in the city without buildings. In combination with AR technology, this originally unusable space will become valuable.

Business sign

FLAT Billboard

FLAT website page


business activities

Virtual screen

According to the reduction of dimensions, whether it is a shop sign, billboard, or web page, we extract common elements from the real world respectively, and finally decide to use the form of the screen as the display mode of the ar business model combining physical business and e-commerce

The space realation of three different screen


brick and mortar shop

the screen

The generation of the screen After trying a variety of screen segmentation schemes, we finally chose this scheme that is related to human sight: the screen closer to the object will be subdivided multiple times, the area becomes smaller, the information is dense, and the screen farther away Less subdivision, a larger area

People can choose to wear AR glasses or borrow other media to visit or shop on the Binjiang Trail. When wearing AR glasses, the riverside will display a huge advertising screen. If you click the advertising screen lightly, there will be a corresponding Architectural space is created around people. When people enter a virtual building space, they can experience a shopping experience comparable to a physical space. The design hopes to use AR technology to integrate the convenience of Internet mobile shopping with the experience of physical business space shopping, to make up for the lack of strong online shopping experience and the low efficiency of physical business shopping. At the same time, this virtual spectacle not only comes from imagination but also from the abstraction of the real world. Whether it is New York Times Square, Hong Kong Mongkok, or Ginza, Japan, the complex information and business behaviors displayed by these landmark commercial centers are finally brought together into one single-dimensional screen with changing flow.


PLUG-IN Team work in 2018 Redesign in 8.2019 Teammates: wang yixin liu xudong responsibility:concept design,randeing drawing site:xi'an, shanxi ,china Xi'an has a large number of universities. Their campus planning is often independent of urban design, which has isolated the university campus from the city. At the same time, universities need to jump out of the fence and develop outward. This project takes the first step of opening a closed campus to the city by inserting such a series of plug-ins evolved from the original campus facilities into the city.

Background ①

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Xidian University

Xi'an Physical Education University

Xi'an Conservatory of Music

Xi'an Jiaotong University

Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications

Northwest university of political science and law

Xi 'an international studies university

Shaanxi Normal University

① ③

② ④

⑤ ⑥

⑧ ⑨

Universities are independent of urban planning Numerous universities and colleges isolate themselves from the city through walls, students have difficulty accessing society, cities cannot enjoy university resources and the benefits he brings, urban streets and campus classrooms seem to be opposite poles, and many universities in urban space Forming its independent block, while occupying the space without returning a positive role, it is imperative that the campus be opened to the city. Students need to contact the society, obtain internship opportunities, and give play to their professional expertise. Citizen are eager to enjoy the resources brought by the university, whether it is open classes, cram schools, etc.. But can breaking the physical fence alone solve the problem? On the one hand, each campus has formed an independent pattern different from urban planning. At the same time, there are hidden dangers in campus security issues. Is there any other way to break this gap?

Solution By evolving and redesigning the existing university facilities into a form suitable for urban streets, and then inserting them into the urban space around the city university in the form of plug-ins, these campus facilities in the urban space naturally connect the city Residents and students

Campus block Campu s planning is independent of the urban system

facility Various hardware facilities on campus are the backbone of campus

plug-in By extracting and retrofitting the facility, plug it into the city as a plug-in

City street These plug-ins will act as an intermediate to revitalize the street and take the first step towards opening the closed campus to the city

Units generate Classify and extract many resource facilities such as university libraries, classrooms, lecture halls, studios, etc., summarize the types of their spaces, and then study the architectural forms along the street, and finally get a series of plug-in types that live in different locations and different facilities


Spatial Relations


Street relationship

Lecture hall library

class room workshop

Shared office

studio Space density

Street Openness

By extracting the form of the building along the street, we finally get the form that is narrow in width and deep it can save the street space. Original form

Plug-in unit

Sphere of influence

Form space for plug-ins

insertion methodology UnitUnit insertion methodology

A-approachability-Determine the location In order to service most people and thus achieve the efficiency of the units, the units are supposed to adjust to the coherent site arround and thus be noticed by people surrounding. It is related to traffic directly as well as the kinds of people and how they are related to the units.

kinds of people: Students Rsidents Passerbys

jn degree of connection 1.0 0.6 0.5

V-Intervisibility-determine the kinds of plug-ins Units in different function will be embedded in already selected locations. In the initial placement, the industrial placement shall be performed according to the characteristics of the location and local needs.

C-Chioce-determin the orietation Which direction has the most people come up?Which street is busier?The orientation of the unit's main facade depends on the orientation of the visitor.We categorize the general gathering of people and determine the orientation of the unit based on their location. In the certain condition we are discussing: C-Chioce points: library 0.6 hospital 0.3 restaurant 0.2 0.5 mall covenience store 0.1 night market 0.1 subway station 0.9 park 0.5 S-Scale-determine the size of the units Considering the influence of the three aforementioned factors, S here is the weighting coefficient for each of them to show the final result, and thus determine the scale of the unit-including how many cells in and how many targeting customer is serving.

......................... The kinds of plug-ins are determined by the advancing professions and fields

Urban site plan

The coefficient of weight vary from different plug-ins.In the condition of this reaserch:

view from street

05 OTHER WORK Academic work in 2017 Instructor: zhi shanyao Team work in 2016 Teammates: liu xudong yang guang xu zhihan tu yanci zhao zitin Responsibility:concept design,construction. Site:xi'an, shanxi ,china

Balloon Device We try to compare a balloon to a molecule and use it to simulate a flowing state. We control the fixed way of the balloons and the way they are connected to each other to achieve the ideal floating form, and use the wind as a random variable to get a surprising flowing form

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