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At the wry, wry lut minute, we dlscoVl!red th~t s.g~ ~re workllli 011 ~ _ Sollk I~me for thl! S~turll, elltitlN Sollk X-treme, whkh should ~ out III time for Christm~s_lih the forthcoming Mtg~drivt IJme of the ume lI~me, the title will utilise 30 with challlllnil perspectlws, Jnd will future~completelyllewgrJphlcsellglllealld

ItyltofpIJy. lllbct,ltwolI路t~lIkeallythillg you'VI!li!VI!rSftllbefore!Thetitlels~lng

dli!Vl!loped III Americ~ ~lthough it', lIot beell disclosed whelhtr Jlly of the orlglll~1 Sonic tum ~re working 011 the lI~me. Thert's lIot much more we un tell you about the title ~t the moment, simply bec~use s.gJ were hop'"g thai the 1Iew5 wouldll't leak oul ulltll ~fter the forthcomillg E3 showh~dflllishedl







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Take your pick from Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Baku Baku Animal, Alone in the Dark: Jack's Back, and erm, Revolution XI

96 98 ~ SEGA SATI.!I<N

ALIEN TRILOGY FINALLY ARRIVES! R~h:~:t:~~~::io~~~:~:~u;~,~;~ ~~~~';~~W~~~:e~;~:~:: :~~~:6,

....... "' ...

went to prest. At the moment, only two levels of the I~mt Itt complete, but the

results of Probe's extended Iilbout Is looking pretty Impressive i1lfUdy. As we stilted some months i1go, there will be iI t- chilnge, for the Situr" version. and thHt witllnclude extrillevels, Improyed I' .. phln lind different 1~llilYOuts. Thef"s stili no news of iI firm relnse dale yet, but the pro&l'ammers 1ft wortc lnl illi houn to let more work on the (o"\lenlon underway lind the milJority of 1M pro,rlmmlnl should be complete In around two ilnd I hilH months. Anyway, hefe 's the first htutn shots - ilt this stille the Slime Is only uound 30" complete, but It's alrtady looklng;ll good as the Piay1taUon venion - ilnd no, thilt Is n't Just somethl". we" t nrl"g for the nkt of It -It rully dOH look qultt stunnlnll


Hopefully, wt'li be ~blt to brlnl you it ,how<ut on tht l~mt'S dtvtlopmtnt ntxt month ~Ionl with itn Inttrvltw with tht prolr~mmtrs.

Nothing's ~tn conjlrmtd ytt, but thtrt~ vorlous rumoursfly/ng around thot Stgo~ lottst top t!tlt Nights will hallt joypod dtsigntd sptcifically for tht gamt. ~ga art kttplng lit/)' quit! about It at tht momtnt. but information was ltoktd in a rtctnt )opontst gam" mogollnt. Apportntly tht joypad could lit Similar to tht NU64}oypad whtrt taCh Sldt oftht jOypad movrs Indtptndtntly. making JDgamtplay much toS/tr. ItS d1ficult to soy w~n dttolls OT pkturt$ oftht pod will lit rtltosnJ. but stilt nlet to know thot ~a Oft addrtUing tht probltms ossoclottd with JD gam" now; fOfhtf than Ofttf tht gamtisftltostd,



FADE TO BLACK Fade to Black 15 alteildyfi ... ished on the Playstation and despite devel ope.sEltctronic

Arts hotly denying any existence ofa Saturn version, It seems as though th egamels alreadybelns developed for Saturn. Created by Delphine Software, the same people who were responsible for Another World and flashback, the game is already hotly tipped to dominatrthe Playstationch'lItswhl.'n it''I felea$ed next month . And although the game's theme remains similar to that of AW ilocI flashback (a man In

jail or on an alien planet who must escape) the actual gameplily has come on In lupsandbounds,bt:ingaoomplete3DadventureasopposedtoaplatfOfm game with cinematic clips from time to time. Plus, as there's nothing like this currently ilVililable for the Silturn, this should prove an incredibtypopul aradventure

-espedally as the prcsentation is so stunning. The pictures here arc takenfromthe Playstation vcrsion as there's no actual Satumdisc at the mOrllCnt, but assoo nas

Lalt mOrlth we brokt the rlewl1f01)' that Stgo will re/eau thrtt of their class/cs Orl to arle Satum disc. But we got it wrarlg a bit. It sums as though the thrtt gamtl wU/ be rtltastd scpo rattly over thrtt mOrlthl, tht first Orlt beirlg Afttrbumer,followtd by Spact Harrier tht rltxt mOrlth, thtrl Outrurl. All thrtt gomts will COlt approximattly half tht prict of rltW rtltaltS arid thtrt's 0 poJJlblllty that mort rttro tltlts will bt rt/taud ofttr that. Stili riO word 01 to whtthtr thty'll be rtltastd avtr htrt though. Wrltt Irl /fyou ful partlculorly strorlglyabolltthtml

FIGHTING FANTASY It.,..", ..., the Flptln,•• y MOri., of bookl f H"Y, III ...lthllf, Itut 'p,.,.ntly tlteM w.,.

,..,ty poplIl., In Ih•••rty ."ht",. 'n '.ct, th.y' .... ..old l' ",'Ilion coplft worldwld•. Anyw'y,

DonI,rtI h, .... dMIdH to co-nv.rt the Ildh book In tIM MOM' Into, "",., ,nd k '. Satllm ...... nd In N_",bIH. AI you'd 1"",ln' from t IM tltl" lt'I' JD dllnl""y IPG "",., which _I you, IlrlnJY w,mor, battl. " ,lmt.1I klndloftroll·typl c,.atur., In. bid for tot.1 dun,10ft IIIP"",.cy. 1.I.. Nd 0" PC belO,. .ny (OfIMI" the Uti, h .1,..dy Ulu.ln,.ttlr lilt'. Min, OVIIf'MIn by ori,'ft" Flptlft, F.ntlly .lIthof. I'n UvI"IPtoM. Mof' 0fI thl. on...."., to tIM ti"" of Itl ... 1.... , bllt IMr.'I' f.w •• rly KrMnlhoh .nyw.y.





LITTLE FISHY W~II,/lJhln9If urfo/nty Q bl,o",

,/loug" sport wlthotJt ,loY/!

corlJldt"rl9 what It would w/lb Qf If comput,f 90171'. but '''01 haJtI't Jtop~d lVCfrom conurti"9 1M un", sport 10 fh, SatllTlt. INtI/ring, wrll, loDds 0/ fishing, 1M Qim h to cole" /IS big D Jlsh QJ po"'b~ ,hroug" ckw, ul«tion of rods (md Q rigorous tmln/ng progrom. And IIflpltr what you may H thlnklnf, it's CKtlnllly ffltlKf good. although It's difficult to JD)' how ' hll! tIt/t 'l1li'11190 down OIIC' It's out Oil 1M shtlvfl. Anolh,r Ollt ,IIat" a/moJtf/nlsMd, tills should "JUt mQb Q Iott JUri, nl,aJ'.


I,me mikes Its WI'J into the news sedlon ,Imost fUry month, but thIs month It's for different reasons, Unfortunately the Slturn union of ActUI (jolf hi., been held up for.J f_ months II mOlt of the proI~m~n wtrt d~fted In to wottc on Eure '96 so that It would be out In time for the tourn,m,nt, .nd U I fC'Su/t ther,', been len people to work 0/1 the Actua con~F$lon. however, as of now the proll1lmmen .re workinl.t full spHd on the PIOJed but ntYl!rtheien, It's stili more .around two months before we'll be able to run a full preview on the title. It's also unfortunate that other Gremlin title s may slip back a couple of months due to to this, but with any luck,. couple of them will stili make It on on the shelves by summer.


Afterthe announcement last month that the Satum's prke would tem· por.1Irily be dropped to £l.49 for a period offour-u._'re now pm. t)'l'IiIppyto announce that the prke wiN rernain atthls low point for ~.You'1lnotkethatthePbymtlon'sprio:erernalnedhlgh

and will remaIn so for the torneeable fuhlre. Aaordins to seal, the prke sl;uh I'IiIs had punters breaklnl down shop doors to hold ofa Satum and the lap betwftn the numt!er of Playrtatlons and Saturns sold Is bec:omlnl_smal!er.


ApoIosMs to..,.,,-- .... h .. bit Irboll wfth tM ML ~ of X·Met!. DeIpIt.l*nlp'rantM4 bJ Aulal", tim t M ML""'" wouW'" full· N._ fIIll·spHCi , tM liMI rebll dWn 't IIq up tG lhat ,"""1M, AI 1M 11_ of wrftlnllt ... I"'polilble for u. to know lhat Ihls . .lloInl tG h."... .rwllhoni·


for._'CIIJutt llbtGu)'..",.. W.'roprettyfHup.boutlttoo.

MY GOD! THEY'RE WARPED! Warp. the (leator, of recent gloom·a·thon 0, have announced that t hey'll be developing exclusively for the Saturn In the future. The reasons why they've made this decision were not made clear, but it seems there's been some sort of major bust·up between Warp and Sony. Artyway, this Is good news for Saturn owners as it means they will be the only ones who Will be able to play their forthcoming titles, one of which, Enemy Zero, Is In development at the moment And here's a few pictures of what you can expect to be excluSively playing in the coming months



B~seb~1I h~s ~Iw~ys



bit of ~ str~nge gilme for the UK martet.ln

Amerl(il,there路sabsolutelyhundrtdsofthetitlesrele~sedf!Ve.ryyeilr,but h~rdly ~ny

of them milte it over to these shores simply bt'ciluse the sport Isn't very popular over hele_ In fact, so far only one baseball game h~s m~de It on to the Saturn, and It WilS a pretty dKent conversion which milnilged to win even non路basebilll players round. Acclilim ilre hoping to do the same w,th Big Hurt 8~seb~II, iln ~dilption of an ancient Megadrive game which did pretty well when it was released, Of course. this time ilround, the graphics ~re much more Im pressive and thefe's plenty of multi路angled action. snazzy cinematic bits and what's more, the gameplay's pretty good tool Expect to see thiS hit the shelves In early summer although ~ review should milke Its way to us next month

Irritated by the Incredi ble NU64 bl~s that most magnlnts Item to havt (even though the machlnesllU Isn't out)Sel~havelaun(hedaba(klnh

ad nmpalgn,Tht ad btlow ran In our sister malnlne NMS,.nd coin路 (ldedwlththe~plumberMthey

tmploytd to walk Iround the re(ent (uroptanCompuleIT'ldeShow.

If you would tike to _ your (hart featurft, send In yourtop ten to READER CHAm, SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE, PaIORY COURT, )0-)2 FARRINGDON lANE, LONDON EC1R )AU. Anyone who has thelt(h~rts printed will rectift a pIM fortMj,troublHl


I Ct.!"'" MY FA i.E Mffl u!/).",~r :......<!!!::L..!.O.!~~~ E.VER.r MII/(.I'IINc, 8e.tA vJe I poN'" w"."" 5f~$. ~F 1'1-11£. NtlltK MP ~/{£.p,St 1"tfAftA~JU fIiEM. ~p()~ 7 OxrclfTt~!

•••••• •••••••• •• •• •••••• •• •••• •••••••••• •• •• •••••• •• •••• •••••••• •• •••••• ••••••• •• •••• •• •••• •• •••••• •• •••• •• •••• •• •• ••••• •• •••••••••••••••• •••• •••••••••••• •• •••••• •• •••••

- -'-'

~ SEG.o. S.o.rur.N

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mtansthat all the versions should arrive at around the SlIme t lmehopefully in September If the gamt rtmalnson schedule. Crime Wave is iI chaotic racing game which sees you attempllngtocurbthehorrificwmestakingplaceonthe streets.Obviously,thismeansthatjumpingintoa






(~-'.. O



order of the day, and the action takes place over a variety of levels and different scenafios. Viewed from an overhead perspective, this isn't breaking down any technical innovalion barriers, in fact, it's reminis.cent

ofa few 16·bit racers, but there's still a long way to go before the 9ameis finished, and the the final product could end up looking very different.

rlginililydestined fortht3zX, SWilgmanhiUbeen

over a yur In the m;;aklng.And to be honest, there's still not very much to SHon the g;;ame. lIut then Core ire convertlnglttotheS;;aturnlnstud,sotheyprob;;ably declded to stirt the game again completely from $Cf;;atch. Little more than one level of the title is playable at the moment, but what"s already evident is that the Swagman of today is very different ffom the pictufes seen in magazines from this time last yt'ar. He's gone all small andtfoll like and he·sappearing in an isometric 3D adventure. Unfortunately, we don·t ~now much more about it than that be1::ause the only bits programmed into the game at the moment feature the main sprite wandering afoundtheenvironmentButitdoeslookverynice. Expect to see mOfeon this one when it"s closer lolhe releasedate-currentlysetfofearlyAulumn







• .'

p "

L:~!I~;;:::;1~~f!8:::~:ef!Zt:~:t~_~~!~~~(k_ fllo~dPCwtslonofQuakewlllbe(o"vertedtothf!

Saturn. Thl, month, _ 'w mIlUIS" to find a little more about the ~turn (o~rslon ilnd confirm that the finished product wUl.arrive two months 3ftfr the PC vtn ion Is f1n l,hed.





'. '"

A :~:~~h~h:!::~ba~:I;:::sS;::!:ef:e~r:' so fa, theSaturnhub«nrefrtshlnslybuke1blll.frH. There's bHntheobvlous NSAonslilught of course, but the promised Stg, bu·


ketball "me stili hun 't SHn the light of day. Ho_r, It wu only I mltteroft lme befofe more Nsketbatl tltiH appc!I~ , after illll. ltlsl

hUitly popular sport In the us. At the moment, BMG Irf

puttIng the fln lshlnl touches on their bukttball slm, and wh ile It's not exactly an orlslmll concept, It's certalnl), In Incredibly ptayable game. Ftaturlng,well,Justaboutanythlng;lndeverythlng you'd exptct to see In any credible basketball game, plus some snilllY32.blt style grilph ics. this Is set to dowell (illbelt lnfillrlysmilllclrcleslntheU K)ilndwlthiiny luck should be rudy for review In t ime for our next Issue.

ImpendlnS r!leue of brthwonn Jlm:l, plus 1 slgnlnSfDl'SkeletonWarrlol'$, they'f!onthelrwilytosalnlnSilworthy bunchofrelea~lnilddltloll,they're

illsoportlnsacrossilfewofthelrPC tltlft,theflrstOMbelnlMyth AdwnturH. This Is 1 light heilrted adventure Silme It't In Ancient GrHCe, Ind um, tMt'$ ilbout illI_ know.t the moment. Vlraln liso hiVl! ott- title! lined up for the nut ~ months, but ilft WI"'n, their il nnouncemenb for the forthcomlns E) show. We'll be reportins on them not month.


lIens.1Irt iibsolutely no end of trouble .


Only this week did two ofthern

appeilfil!wo,kandusethelr filY8uns

totrut loads of my work from the memory ofmycomputtf, and then Justdluppealed , Atyouunprobilbly

Imilglne this didn't make me the m(»t popular mem-

ber of the SSM tum, ;lind for


luson the

lest of the staff refused to belieyt my I!Xplan;llUon, dtlng Slmplel;ulneuasa possible fUson f Of rny eJrtraordinilriIy light workloild. Now it


se-tm I (iln get

awayfromtht greenbeilsties. bl!uu~hl!rl!lh~

are onCt ilgain, threatening the

se<uotyandexislence of the whole world Not In an official capacity. it has to besilid,but ilt least indirectly

You stt,as tvel)'One knows these days. the Ameflcans have an elCtensive collec-

tionofbltsoff1Y'"8siluceliind dead ahen and ray gun technologyetc hidden away in a secret base.n Anzon -I-ayorsomewhere Unt.lre-cently the safeguarding of th.spol.tKallyand m.htafllysen~.tlVe

scrap was the responsib.hty of one Commander K.loe( a name hke Ihathehiidtobeav.llaInJ_whohas nowabsconcled the lot HtSn.ftytdea is to use the scavenged wre-ckage tobu.ld hts own fI«"I of super-powered vehICles which would facilitate his plot to take over the whole world - OR DESTROY ITIII AHAHAHAHAAAIiI

andl!'Vt'ntuallyenslavingthepopulat>on of the globe and being nasty to them. No, you 're some schmuck pilot kid charged bringing Kane to jus, tice And before you ask,noyoucan't defect to the other side which has all the advantages. But .t's not all bad ntwS You are given a stale-of,the·art assault heilcopter, the Blackfireofthelltie, Wlth whICh to take h,monYoualsogel to see a fa,r brl of theworld, asKane's new lerromtoperatlonhasspreadits wings from Gre«e to Alaska ASyou could probably gauge from the way this is all gOing, Operation Blackfire Is oneofthO'le hehcopter combat games Viewed in the first-person you're given a brief briefing outlining your primary and secondary obJectives, anything from destrOYing things to prote<tlng things, and sent on your way laden down with machine guns, mrSSlles and bombs From here rt's a fa"ly strarghtforwardarcade-heavy blasting process Theconllols. whtlst comprehensive enough to makeyourcraftma~uvrable,

aren't so complex that Blackflle oeans.mulatrontellltcnyThe programmers have Ifled 10 keep things srmple for the sake of the quantity of death unleashed In the ether As should be when YOU-'e chaSing stolen alren le-chnologyacross the globe Whilst Blackflre IS looking qUite nice so far, With an Impressive game speed and 10lSoftexlure mapping, rt's not flnlshed enough for us to make any sohdJudgments about how good rt'li be HopefuUyweshou!dhavea fuUreYleww,thrnthe nedcoup!eofissues

MAPS O'DEATH Vou'li need to employ some profession~l-quality map-reading skills if you want to get any.vhere In Bladfire. Unlike rlOfmal games of this ilk. which provide a map marked up with all the relevant targcl detaits. this title gives you a t iny green screen monitor with no refi.o.rence points on the undulating terrain whatsoever. So pay attention in briefings to any natural unusualities.'lnd keep an eye on your headinglndicator,wh~hguidesyourangle{butnotdistance) toyoornexttarget

- , ,- II ..", ' : .'r.~,



~ :'

l '~


hOlt is it about humOin beings that 'n5plrts hatred ilmonl Ollr Oillen


nelghbollrsl0utlilstelnclothesl Unsightlyn.Uill h"lrl PJ and Duncan? Well, whateyer it is, some

newenemiesh .. yeJu st .. rrlved Inthe shapeoftheGhen. Ghen War has been a longtrme coming There were tlmes,m fact. when rtwasassumed It wouldn't ilctuallybe released Ul this country BlItVirgin. bless 'em, have donned Iheir Hypersurts and taken lothe ilhenlerrillnthalisGhenWar The

Ghen as It hilppcns used to be our buddlts.provldmguswlthdlsease

curesandOlher nl(tstuffm return for;JS;Jfepl;acetohangout But.


went to the dogs and we're now

cilughtmanapocalyp. tiC war with the lIngriltefulspaCttykes

yO\lr protective hypersull Thus begins a Ooom-esque shoot 'em up that sees you scouting Venus, Mars, Oelmos (1) and ~varletyofother rugged terrain, blowing up bases, mines and Ghen soldrers, making the most of your potent weaponryasyougo The action IS viewed from behind the visor of your Hypersult and the aliens ~ttack In numbers be they foot soldlersthat look a bit like fish with legs, roootic drones thilt aren't very hard but relay your poSition toother enemies. and even some nasty giant spilcespiders Ghen War fealures SIX different destinations including the fllst tfalnlng stage. and each destrnatlon will involve up to five missions, The action IS fast and there are explOSions ii-plenty and the dlfferent mission obJectives all look like being qUite iI chilUengePlentytodothen,althoughwewon't reveal how It all goes until the review next month



II ~

. '

~ --




"I I


r .

EYES ON THE VISOR ThCJctonmGhenWJf'SV't'WcdlromhthndttH


yoww']r"n ,,1,1,

f{Jturt~dl~pll,...thll,nlt'l(y()"hl(1 If',"~

('n. fRY ,md IJ\e' lJnnOrlS It llso (om" W tl, " (M t~"~rllrld


y<lUV, N'fnhtfoft


II,,, It








I Il



I 11



I w











1 ,j

\ 11,


" .<.,.. ,


HI P1 'I ",(

11'11,( y,ukr(w."












"" .. H_.....'"I\1 •

... .... _ ... ""OJ ", ... ~



... ,,,.nn , .. " .... ... ,n ..


nl.lIllltll!l,nlldboy.forun.ld. Todl.ctlnt. ItYDII'yt lot 10 find tbl IIOWlr IOUIU. 0.1y thIn un JOII mab)'llllf_11


..... ..... "",.......,., ... ,,

"'n" ......... """""'," ........ ... ......


, h p . . . . . . . , .. '~ ........... ,


~ ,. Ib, mo. t marurlon view. of Ih, 11 m 11IIdKIpe .hll, JOu .I~. lIId dint In till

IW-",II\JII\JI ....11 .... IIII\J ~ \.I"\II ..

.. " .. ".,,' .... ""."',, ... pn .... " n .... . ... .. . n ..... .. _ ""PO"" ...... " .. F ,,., .. . .... ,

~"'n ' n "~u


re"lwing "ISt'Ul'Jot. ,llt.fllltlftly you mlgllt like to b~ it up.

' .. , .. " .. ' ' ' ..... <1''


'n ... "



SOlt....'lyourV.nUIIIIIQlon. ll"llh.plul wIl .... you gG 10 p41ICtiCI you how .


_ canteli that the summer sea路


:;:;:;~;::=i~~:'E~g~~::~:sre puadinghighstreetsnationwide wearing little more than tight denim

shorts,apillrofmockhyBansanda body spe<kled with purple goosebumps. Whal's thai got do with you1 Well, as we sa id, it's summer. And in Bamespeak,thlsmeanssweatyjoypadsOllnddelugeof

new Tennis sims. First of the bunch is Virtual Open TenniS from'shardlywhal we'dcalianewgameseeinSiisit was released in Japan arourld

seven months ago,Why it's taken so long to be released over here is anyone's guess. bulit'ssurvivedtheconversionprettymuchintactfrom theoriginaiSame,althou8h

Ihere's no extra features or any路 thing like that_But then this is lennis-there's only so much you can "expand on the genre" and suchlike So,tenniS. Surely there can't be anyone out there who isn't familiar wilh the basic concept ofa tennis game, so I'm not going to another explaining the rules. If you don't know them by now it must mean you don't have a tel lywhich means you don't have a Saturn, which means you shouldn't be reading this magalinereal ly. But. if you are partial tothe odd set or two, you'll be glad to hear that Ihi5 is a two player game, and that Ihere's lilerally hundreds of options t o fiddle about wllh. There's three differ路


grass, clay and hard,andthreedlfferent modes of play - exhibltlon, champlonship and training, whICh kind of covers justa bout every possible tennis scenariO possible really. But.justtojallthings upa bil,lhere's achoiceofeightcameraviews,instanlreplayoptions, ten players with different abilities, stats on your playingabililies anderm, loads of reahstlc tennis sounds Well,you'datleastexpectthatwouldn'tyou This is the first tennis sim to appear on Ihe Saturn, although there's a couple more on the way thiS Summer, so the competition between them is going to be prettystiff,This offeflng, almost finished, looks and plays prettywell,althoughlt has to be said that on the graphics front. it's nothing reallyspecialsure,there's I your usual rendered players and all the nice bits at thebeginnmg and everything, but there's nothing so far that actually jumps out at you, slaps you around the face a bit and plants a bigjuicywet kiss on your cheek,But then this is a lennrs game And they've never been renowned for their graphical excel路 lence in the past. yeah what the hell,it'sthegameplay that darn well counts Which is good because this plays rather well indeed As we mentioned, this game is almost finished, and to be honest. there's not much more thai could e added at thiS point and beSides, this has already been released in Japan, Whatthe heck-a review nexlmonth


mi g I

~ t

'or • o'~ .~-.~} _


_F.:'~ ... ·z


i!l~trll!!j~~ 'l;J:l~7: UN"'IS

ORDER! Just like In rul life, there's more than one way to play tennis In thisgilme, Vouc~nchoosefromhard,grassorclilycourts,and


filce. Tennis domlniltlon will hilng In the billilnce unless you masterilllthr~,


hOROfyol.l out there who hilve mem-


orles enollgh to think back to 1991 could no doubt wn tyrlcalilbout

ilboutyouthvourltr s,mH of the

time. Among them might be the EA dank RCHlld I .uh, the lame where

you}olnlbiindofdysfunctionalbiktrsJndt,keto the open hlghwOilYS to beillt uch other up. Slnctthen

It'sbeenthrovghaacoupltofsequtlsonl htMtgl Orlve .. ndh;adilbrlrioutingontheMtgil-CD,the popularftyofthtgameremalnlnglargtlyconstant. For Ihose of you nOlfamiliarwith It. It Is at heart

a motorbike racer tha! seesthecompetltofs revvingaboutil~fletyof

urban,countryilr'ld desertliindscilpesUnhke

usuillmotolcycllsts though,they',enoldomg it only for the privilege of

t hat Icavcsmanya rldcr sliding alongthc tarmac suffcfing from cxtrcmc chaffing or, as thttltlt goes. road rash BtcauscracJngtaUs plilCton tht public high, wilythcrtilrtirrrtating things liktcilrs to ntgctl路 iltC, MiSJudgt things ilnd you'll find yoursclfgo!ng ~rthtbonntt,Ancthtr

cbstilcltllkttytcsknvyou downisththighwilY patrol with its EriC Estrildil typesdcnnlngm,rrortd glasscsand trying to siow you downtOOllghtc

bting the fastest on the circull.They'relnllfof

the money ilS well which means gentlemanly conduct goes right out oflhe window. In thc battlc for first plilcc thc ';InY mCilns ncccsury' motto is villidatcd bythCilmountofklch, punchcs,ilndC\lenthcuscofthcoddcluborchilln

IIO<1dllnhhnbecngcttlngmortgrungyilSit'5 progrtsstd,ilnd its arrlvill on thtSilturnsttstht Introductlcncfsomtgtnulntbandscfthtlndlt thruh and Amcriciln grungt vilrltly InthtJukebox you'll find Soundgilrdtn, Thcrilpy~, Swc~rivcrandilfcwcthtrstckccpyou

rockcd whllcyou go aboutciluslng all klndscfillttrnatlvc culturcmilyhem Shcutd have had that DilvidEsscxtrilckIn thcrcuwcll but ncvcrthCltsS, batty bangIngole'boyt


II iII:1 I'A' I'"A * 1

-" "



1.,1 $&"

i " I " • • U. 10 " I •• ' .. "


~~~."" .., ,>,


Depending on where you flnlsh In a race you'll be awarded


certain amount of

cash. Obviously firsl place will earn you Ihe biggeslcilsh rewilrdand it gradllill· Iy dimjnish~ until the Iilil-l"ndl!'rs come away with nothing. There's only one

thing you'll do with your money and that's spend it on a better bike. Players start out with what are known as 'R at Bikes', the cheapest end of the milr~et and basicoiIllydisp05i1ble <lfter a few Cfashes. The drawbacks areofcou rsetha! they don't handle particularly well. However, before very long you should be able to upgradl!' to one of the 'Sports bikes', far more powerful and a bit more durable 10 boot. But for the connOisseur with plenty ofcilsh to spend,t he 'Super Bikes' are the ideal pl,lrchase. These are the fa~test in the r~n8e bl,lt be warned;crashandYOl,lwon'thave~backsidetosltonl


couple ofyurs ago 01 gOime ulled


:::~u~:;n~~I,~; th~:~:~~. ~~ad

forthcomlngrelusefromEA, OIndperhaps we should be glOid for this, Not justbeuuseofltsmugre cyberpunk storyline, but beuuse of the license which spOlwned Its creOitlon. As the t itle suggest , this wu WeliOi Shoc:kwOlves, 01 populOi r fOinse of hair styllns products who obviously wish to (fute.l cyberpunk·y Imase for themselvn. Of.lll the thlnss In the world to Inspire a "idN Same, hair sel Is 01 bit of 01 surprise, I mun, tf you 01 pros~mmer, 11 would have to be neOir the bottom of your Thlnss To Wr ite My ~me: About Hst, somewhere Just.lbove urthworms .Ind hedgehogs. Fisht the e"il forces of wind sweepl Flaccid FoHkle Syndromel Or not! tuckilyEAarea bIt more plCkyOibout their sponsorship alignments, and untIl FIFAor the NHlPA release their own styling r;lnge (sure· Iy not too far away) we're ~ved from such embarrassment This Shock Waw:, of the Assault Vilflety,is re5olutelycOish-l n free and looks to benefit from this. It's a so-called Interactive science-fiction movIe But before you SUr! running for covtr scrumlng "Nol Not another interactive movie, I cOin't tOike It any morel" we'd best mention Shoc:k WOlve Is very OIrcade-centrk plus, and I quote from EA here, features "3D grOlphics beyondOinythingseenthusfarinhomeentertilin. ment software" YeOlh. r know we've 0111 heald that one before, but ta~e OIloo1c at the screenshots In thIS pre·


nllloobllOl..ftll~. t"III...It .. t"h.t.Starrn..SI" Wan. kt It lM'I.It'I'1'lIIII ~ •• II,..·~ttH citJ .. ,raMtElttll. Sa"JOIrllollttIW., lIllJlobl


"interactlvemovles"byconcentrating the gameplay on a fi rst-person 3D shoot 'e m Up, This is interspe rse<! with real·time FMV clips to keep you up t o speed onthe plot. which has a d,rect effect on thecoulse of the game This plot has been dreOimt up by anOiliegedlyOlward,wlflmng novellst/scriptwflter.t~identltyof

whom we're 01 little shOiky on 011 present. But EA reckon


come up wrth 01 hofrl-


(2019 to be eKOlct),when the EOIr!h is inv;lded by mOl~udlngaliensand t~rWOl rrobots.Soobvl­

ouslythe OIward'Wlnnlng wtiter responsible for ShockWiJve must be none ot her thOin t he mighty HG Wells, who'll have base<! it on hIs masterpiece Warofthe Worlds, ThOit's a bit of 01 coup for them-he's been deOldfoffortyyurs. Anyway. there Is 01 glimmer of hope for manklfld In the shapeofttle UNS OmahOl, an OIircrOift COIf/ier orbIting the planet in ~poa Obviously the OIhens neglected to ~ rO)' anything at all on Ihelr way down to the planet (communlaltlOf1S and mililary sOitelhtes. orbIting nucleOir weapons etc), so 01 huty coonter·attOICk Is launched from the baysoflhe Omaha And you. Johnny PantseOlts,OIre heOldlng up theoperOillOn

. .



. ,.


, . . -"

II~iJI'AII)" .1 ALIENS! FAAAHSANDS OF 'EM! The thing Wllh ~htn menaces is thOit once you've seen them off our extra·ter· restriOlI cousins Itarn their lesson and are loath to return. rTieilning an end to YOOf gaming But Ihts Isn't so With Shock Wave As~ult. on no no 00. Shock Wave ASs.lult comes ~cbged With the dilla disc Ope~tion Jumpgate, featurIng a further twenty I_Is of plilnet·ann~ing action. You see, this time the

;1Iliensaremasslngonthttdgeofablack·holeinducedteleportilliongOlitein sp;lce, and Ifs yourjob to sort them out once and for all-by leaping through the flft and taking on the whole f1~ single· handed. LUCky old you.

SHOT TO THE GROUND Shock W~Ass.lutt In ItSque5t lobea very nke lootJng golme In~. utilises iI

process thus tar seen only In flight simulators on the PC. In Ofder to iICh~ as reillisti(bilckgroondsasposslblethepfoducershilvedi8rti~ru{

ilerial photog~phs and tenure-mappt<! them onto t~ floor. Who ~nows. your own neighbourhood miiy ~ threatened by the allen menace If you lo0Io; hard enough. If you're from AmeriCa which Is probilbly where the photos were til~en


fJeffThingyfrom IheClothes Show h~d hlsw~'J.doubtlt$Sthere'd benD Bobblt games at OIII , given hlscuntnt


TVcnnade a.alnst NbobbllngNIn his

washln. powder ildverts. The hurtItuget. Afterall, bobblins lsapeaceable pastime practised by cute little dlnosiu.IrS,who blow bubbles Qut of the ir SO;lPY mouths. In bct, given

the frothy qualities of IhHt powders, you'd think whatever bfilnd he 's toutlns would make bob-

bllnl<bworse<P>. Mlndyou, he'dprobilblyilpproveofthebrlghtbleck COIoUfS which future huvily In uchof Bub and 8ob',(for hIs they, stars of the Bobble

genrt) outings. But this doesn't con-

cern us today. If. of course. he were to start some kind

~"''-:~1It:._ k~~~:t~l;t~:::I~;~n~ reactlons commenc6tt's one of those ullpredictable ..: ~ gamesplayedhead-tohead,where great success 011 the part of your oppo-

of fasClstkanti·Bobble movement,marching

against friendly dinosa urs ilndburningthelrefflgles, we'd hilve mort to sayon the

various other consoles. where It'S garnered applause and dedaratlons offOmanllc love from Ihe press of many countries Now Irs t,me for the Salurn to be blessed with a manif6tation. tt's a bit ofa departure for the Bobble lads, given that their (lfIglnal outings haVl"beenplatform.based But thesc fine efforts alen'l gOing to reach 32-BIT for a whileytt. so forget about that ThiS title isa splil-screen arcade puzzle title whkh pits the player against another human or a scrl6 of ultra-cute foes. most of whom ale taken from tl'le prevwus Bobbl6 These compoter opponents are Introduced Wlthashortandword·free bizarroanlmatlonbeforeeach round,whichareunchara,terist ically funny for this

..:~ J~'!J!o;;~"'f~ yo:~n:l~~~ !~~~~~~:7fO: vic-

subject In fact. I\'S highly likely we'd mount some kind of counter-pobIiCltyoffen.ive,prinhng posters for our readers to pot in Il'Ieir Windows Silying things I+):e "Free the Bobble Two" or "Justice For Bubble Dinosaurs· For now, Ihough,w hilst an atmosphere of placid oPPOsition

e~isl s,we'lIiust lellyouabout t henewBobbletitle,

called Puzzle Bobble Puzzle Bobble has been around for a while on

tOfY, as we mention elsewhere. III hlct, Pullie SObble has all the elementsofthepe.fectpozzlegamefor. mula It would appear the only slumbhng block standing In Its path to glOfY,tthe possibility of a poor programmlllS job on theconVl"rsion tiP Resta:;sured we'll puteilheryour minds or the games chances of 5.116 success at rest in our review next month. . .

MY BRAIN HURTS You might think there's alreadyellOUgh brainworkln l'I.Iule Bobble to justify the !'·word prefi)(' but that's where you'd be wrong. So c()l1cerned ale the producerswilh fulfilling their trade desc.rlption they'Vl" Included a second oneplayer mode. called Puzzle Game. You're presented with a prearranged gamut ofbubbles, andyour.lOO is to blast ttlescoffscreen as qukkly as po5slble before the ceiling starts to lower Itself The first few bubbles you're given are generally per£«t fordoing the job, but if you mess upyourlnitlal moves. progressive bubb~ Just serve to mess things up. One for the Intellectuals.



EEH, THEM WERE THE DAYS... A5Wf!'vcmentione<!repeatedlythfoughouttheteKt,thecharacters in Pu ZIle Bobble began their me.1grecomputer lives someyeals ago in a gamingclasic known as Bubble Bobble, which is very hard to talk about when you're drun k. Partially because of its titular tongue-twistingconnotations, and partially be<:OlIuse sad old gamers' adora-

tion forlhe product leads to teary-eyed and inebriated

reminisunce of days when games wert games. Soon sad younS gamerswill have the chance to Join In the festivities when Bubble Bobble arrives on Saturn,

Bub loot. maJltloully chMrful here, the sit.

YII., IIGt .... lIIppy .OW, yOil Iittl. green punk.


Poor IrW. lub, 100_1", ~PHI. T. llit 10 Ihi Mlrinll, bucko, It rlul you're wlnnln&-


or me the iIIttrillcUon Is In the curYfS


of the body, the elelillnt mystery of the frame , and the willy In wh ich, when(o,;lIf1!~dtopl!rform , themoye­

ment ls t enbl iveyet sed uct ivt, lnd how, .u th e t hrobSill nd shudders btslntoqulckt n . .. novt rwhelmlnssenseofhul and relu se m lngle In ill unlfylngconsummilltionl .• _ Yes I10vI! UfS me, es ptdillily the fully fast ilnd shlnY°J'lesthillthiIVtillrnilllingacctler.atlonsoyou unillct hiUd ilt trilfflc lights, And uflrucilrsllke thi s 10, The Need for Speed doesn 't dinppolnt. For tht iIIfflcloniido's the list Includes the Muda RX -1. Dodge

~tullJ. It'll appeal to,",,0!"1 ",II!'

If ,"'" Ud tN OCIportlalt,y to dm.. pop tar.

Viper RTllo , lillmbOfghlnl Olillblo VT,

Porsche911 (,rrtrillillndthtToyola Supr.. Tufbo.

The Need for Speed Isa racing 8~me set on the molorwilys of Jilpiln, and beciluse the compelltors are ilil

mavencktypes living on the wave of anadrenalin rush,they insist on racingwhileothermotorlstsgoabout their dally business, and when cops are scouting the lanes for speeding In that sense It'S a b!tl!keR:oild Rilsh in cars w,th plenty ofstunn!ng Cfashes ilnd the o<casionillarrest

l!kemostrilclnggames!tlndudesavilflety of rilce modes from the one-~n-one Time 1"illlo iI full tournament with iI Whole f!eld of compelltors But !t"sthe Head to Head opt!on thai sees you get tlngtangled up w!th the law!n some anarchic chases and bullyingcivihan drivers off the road The Need for Speed has already appeared on the 3DOand PlayStat!on where !t received a lukewarm reception We'll be tesl!ng !t for the Cflme of tepid noveltyvillue nex-t month

I DROVE ALL NIGHT One of the s!lghtly more bewildering opt ions In The Need for Speedlslhe opportunityto~lectatwhattlmeofdilyyou'dhke to race. There's a chokeoflhrec-Morning, MlddilYilnd E~nlnglf however you're tilking part In a three stage rue it will fTI<M!! from Ilght to dark anyway, e<lentually getting p!tch black makingdrivlngralherhalardoos

~ ~; "~·"'~·'24


- , ~-

.:- ~ ~



- -:,



loot - 11Ittt'1 ....ItJ-coIowtd tH-Mad" 6rqoII rI1I.. _1M road I. tIM dltluce. TIMy"111 U'ft pi tut lIIurn. .. CyblrSpttdway•

CUE CHRIS REA OneoflhemaJorallractlonslnTheNeedforSpeedlslhespectacularnalure of Ihe crashes. When you play Head 10 Head mode, there are plenty of civilian cars on Ihe road They might be on Ihelr way 10 work Of coming back from a shopping trip,who knows , The important thing Is that if you get yourself In a fasl COIf and dr(~ right at them you COIn COIuse some breathtaklngcolUSionsand maybe even get iJ bltofiJ pile up going. Just wiJtchoutforthosepeskytriJfficcops

-.'" I

. ~



1' / 7

:;;..-. -




-: "

lei...... :: . J,J~ .. /,'

... -:.






ouknow,lftheorl~nlsersofth e

Olympics hid any sense al III,they'd IlwlYS hold the Olympic Gimes on Febru~ry~51th, beuusethJtonty comHroundonceeveryfouryelrslS well . ... ,rilht,~itmllhtbeabltafa pain for III the Jthletes from hot countriH when they havetotr.JveltoPlrisorPr.Jlueor~m_hereand

11'1 tltt freezlnl cold In the depthsafwinter . ... nd, thlnkinllbout it, they'd haw to widen III the tr.Jcks ~nd run two or three rICes It the SImi! time In order to let the usuilly length)' lamH oyer In one diY, but it'd be 11* symbolic gesture. At lust thlt'd mun you 'dhave~methlnlelseonteliyfortherettofthe

wHk other th~n Ithletks. And


who tells you


Iylnl· Of course, we don't mean to demean the Olympild Loads of people like It, and those lucky dogs need no longerwlit four years tWixt tournilments for their dosilgeoftrilck'n' fleld frohcs. thank to us Gold Whill have the Cold donel Put up sufficient sponsorship 10 flnance iln ilnnual version of the gameslSetupa rival weeklyvtrSion in the car pilrk

nations. TheflnalprodllCt-stunmngln the Slmphc,ty of It Iitle. Olymp'c Cames -shilll emerge in July,perlect timing for the reill·life shind'g UkeprevlOus attempts totrilnslilte athle!lCsto computer gilme,OG (obv!ouslythe OlympICs are populilr With Compton giingstils)filYOUfSthe reilhstlcilly endufilnce,silpplngbunon·bashlng controlmethod,Plilytrsslapthebut· tons ofthe,rcontrol pad as fast as possible toupthe on·scrHn velocity or power ofthe,rd,gliised oounterpilrt Levelsofsklll ilnd timing aren't Ignored. you still nttd tooontrol the breathing of your swimmer, Ihe balance of your welghthf!er and soon. but for the most Pilrt competllors with fore· arms like Popeye are at a distinct advantage Sodon't

VIEW BY APPOINTMENT The camera angles In Olympk Games hilVe ~n designed With two alms In mind - 10 provide the most accessible angle to play from and mate the game look as e)((ltlng IS possIble The best example of this is in the 400m, where the ameli wh~ls around the c~ntre of the trICk to follow the progress oftne runners,just like non TV.


invite sevtn friends wit h of!·practiced clandestine nocturnill hobbies round to your house if you buy the finished prod·<:ausethey'liallbe-abletowhip YOUfarse simultane<ll.lsly, thankstothe plannedelght.playerllnk.up. Eacheveniisdispiayedln3 D polygon-()-viSlon. w,tn a VoIrietyof cameril vlf'WS,depending upon the evtnt in question, Supposedly thiS Will ensure not only super.reahstlC ammallon but illsoil greater degree of accurilcyintheoo~rSiOnlnd

apphutlOnofthesports Well we like sports as SSM. Watching them, ilfl'"s more fun to see someone else put in ilil the effort and check out their filces conlorted w,th pain when It'S all over (which we're sild will probably not be put in USC·sOG). So you can besule we'lI review this one soon and give you an objective opinion asto itsquilhty. Ukewe normally do. So there you go.


RUNAROUND ... NAAAAAA! Of course, ;JnY true athletics fans will be wanting to know which evtnts are huded for their Sat urns. What about hurdlesl Or parallel barsl HilS that funny one on the mat with the ball or the string made itlWell

sadly, none of these POPUI;H disciplines Is on offer. But there 's pi entyof running (100 and 400 m), jumping (long, high, triple alnd pole vault), throwing (jill/elin. discus, hammer) shooting (skeet shoot ing, pistol shooting ilnd archery), fighting (fencing) and looking hard (welghtlift. Ing). And 100m freestyle swimming as well. but thllll's for BiriS like thilt



Sharon Dailies.



... "

. ,





- =---==~



- -

J_ _ _ _ _



--- --),-'.f H:I"''''' _





~ lm l



lui.niI.1 ~ shad~alegenerilltybettl!'rlooklni

Gungrlffon IS 'ndeed jD Polygon Small people wouldn t ~ abletohfetheCoPlun.,.lwe.eheav,er,andthepoircewold arrest you for owning a ,eplKa If.t WE'll!' btuk Pop down to your local film p.ocenon and they II whack you. P"'S onto a (0 for a smill ff'e We get allth!.' ~ga sysll.'ms of nole "nd the Wondermeg.i was midi' by JV( It Isn t any more, ~causl' It s been s(fapped Thank s for you, fetter, bul pleaM' wrote to Q!cA with you, quesllons ned time, yil big 131100

Anyway they're tony inc! don't .. ff~ttheC,lmeatill.soshutupmOilln InB ~

Soth~.f' you go -the spull.')0" Saturn arl.'mOl1.' delalled ,a nd Ihe gameplay Is

Just as good,buttheskylsnt so deep

G,,,e ,t up for my man cutt'n up the style on the whet'h of steel, comln ' on In at gabbalorce - OJ Hardcorel Nuff respe<t, wreck dem mats get down on not In ~u(h.;o h.;old(ole styl~ II you Ie a fan of mod ern tl'<hnologocal muSiC, M, HaldCOfI' pIa)'\ Tl'Chnobt'at .lIthe Wilgon Hor~ ,n Dunstabl l' on Thursdays, ,;mdFloydsonSaturdays IhatkllhngflooretcelcM.lnyofourread erse(~DJssent,ments,~11hough


Wh,lst CDs are ha,del to copy Ihancarts Ihankstothl' l'~penSl ...emanufacturongprocessolthed,sks the rea l threat olS.;oturn proacy IS that pnate CD don I requ ',elhe expenSlvl'd,skdroÂĽt'oullilythatp"ate "cartsHd,dsol'Venthl' sl r.;o'ghtl"lOtolownel'S(ouldgetlempted Th elefoll'thl'll"l1be fewl'l p.ratl'S, but ponlbly mOIl' (udomers But you II' qUill' cOlfl'<llOrl'.leratlOllhebcllhatpo'ilcydOl"lO c"pplemarkeh - ilS hap~ned BIT computers lokI' Ihe Am .,.;o Whilt wl'mN/nttos.;oyw.;os " Hooray lor !'lfilCY f ll'l' Reildels and Other Upstanding C.I.lens -

.... So who would you Ilusl, SOniC thl'COmIC ,OI SOniC sown best pals - oul selves? Why we were only lound .. I SoniC'S bUflow lasl weekend and Talis d,dntsayanyth'nglousaboulbelOgwlong Ihghl to youl olhe, pomts-thele IJ be .. nother CD soon when we VI' got a good enough package together

Thiltdam es foIYOU,Ant-onem.nute.tsaliflowersilndlkeilthenextlts â&#x20AC;˘ bongo I.etshopeSonoc:sta)'\agentiemilnilndJusthasamOilnaboul.llo Knuckles.n the booler Anyway WI' reckon Son.c looked best m the first gilme whele he was all sleek and sh.ny .f you nollce he gets !,rogress.vely latiN and darkelblu l'astlmegoeson much hke Ken Clarke




'If you 've got a problem. If your game's got a ghch, then it's time to talk to Mark Maslowicz'. Yes indeed! It's with this merry rhyme that we welcome back the Mazza, Sega 's games guru, to the vast Q&A desk where he spends hours pondering your taxing questions and dOing hiS best to answer them In the name of truth. justice and the American rock way ! If you ' d like to test his seemingly unending knowledge of Saturn games then send your questions to HEY SMART GUY! Q & A. SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE. PRIORY COUIll'. 3032 FARRiNGDON LANE. LONDON. EC1R 3AU. WAkE UP SEGA!

.~ IThe,elli1Se'ilbilsklttbilll'lmepliinnedbut


~ notbuedonVlrtuilStriker. zNo.butyou'velot

Here's a few questions which require answering on

EU<o'g(;whlch l'lCe. )NoplilnS. 4 Julyponlbly, sh patient my child.

behatfoftheSatu[flcommumty. 1. Where is the teyboard. hard dnve, soft dflve and mou~ mentiOn~ In the Saturn Instruction ffianu.,l l 2 Will50meone at ~ga wake up and releil!.e the games ofyesteryeilf which kept so manyofus In fronl of the TV for hoUfS on end? l Will your magazine soon be doing an extenslYe write up on the Saturn's ptrlpherals (photo CO etcH 4 Will Core design be making a Firestorm game



fighter Dn the SNESwlth d,fttorent cooces of altcfafH S If the photo CD disc: allows)'Ou to remove iI diSC whlletheSaturnisswltch~on . wllitherebeilny mult,·dlSC:8i1mes,perhilps~nilddltionallevelsto

VirluaCopetc./ 6. Will the gods at AM be making iI replica of the RAe rallyoourseastheyhavewlthMan)tTTbecilusethis would make an e.cellent Sega Rally 21 7 Are AM planning Daytona 2 With a higher resolulIonandspeedlikeVF21 8 W~re are anything to do With Star Wars gam~ on the Silturnl We ilre beg,nnlng to suffer Wlthdrawl symptomsl Mr.D.C.X. Stilmford,lIncon'hlrlt.

., ~~~:::It~:;iI::U::;r:;::dil~:~~~~:e

on the Wily, 4 No MW1 on tllilt. 5 Alrudy ilre (0). (; Unlikely. } Not uilctly. 8 I'mlu,ethe,ewilt be_before Ionl.

when will they be outon the SatlJrnl 1 My mate saysthere's going to be a Saturn l Is thiS truel 4 Areyou bringing out any more demo discs with playablegam~likeWipEout andEuro'96? Well. thankyouforyourtlffieilnds~ceenmtbass

TYPiNG HERO Oita r Ses,Silt ll,n MJ SilZIM, Seelngaslhavtgonetoallt~toubleoftyplngup

wICkedy badboy Adilm Gilyc!en (Adlltfflsed brick Iilyoer), 8irminghilm.


forme I,Seelngas I now have the excellent Sega Rally I was wonderongwhether Sega are planning to release a steeflng wheel ilnd peddle umt slffi,lar to the arcade


.., ,edesign. 4 h p.tientmychlld,


milchln~, F;JCert.theA1cader;Jcerdoesn·tfeeliiny.

thing like the ilrcade m;JChine steermgwheel espe· cially as the wheel doesn't jump around when you h,ta car or awall hke In the arcades. Dlthls may costa falrb,t but I think that fOf the hardened dri· ving filnatlCs this would be;Jgood Invtstment 2. 1 have just reoid the issue4Q&AsecllOn of your mag and have a query;Jbout one of your answers You were asked If the Saturn was as powerful as t~ PlayStatlOfl at 3D graphICs to whICh you said "in its own spe(Jal yay. oh yes" What specIal way IS thIS then? 3- W,II Saturn M~g'c Carpet be as good as the PC versionlWili I need a mouse to play It properly? Where can I get ~ mouse from as I haven't seen It advertised anywherel 41amagreatfanofallthosepoint and click adventures on the PC. You

ODE TO THE DEMO DiSC OItilrSSM, Please.pleasecouldyouanswerlhesequestlons WiliSega make any basketball games simililr to VirluilStrilterl 2 IS It true thatVirtuil Strllter w,1I be out on the Silturnl 3A1eSegilgolngtomilkeilniidaptofSO)'OU Ciin plug In some speakers to the Saturn? 4 When IS WWFcomlng out on the Saturnl SWllitherebeilnotherdemodisc? Milrtlnlln,hstbourne, f.Sunu.


potentlillofthtSillu,n 11 ,ruter Ihiln the PS. ) ThltmouHwlllbeolit ~tetthl')'t.t. 4M)'1t

was point.IWI dk• . No doubt t1.ltrlt'JI be more. 5 Silturn I,.hud in Iilpiln, PS In EuropeilndAmerICiI. Wo. ldwidelt'lilbolitequll.

BiG SHOlfT GOING OlfT DtoilrS5M, I haW' got some questions which I would He to ask your wlCkedy bold boy magazme Here goes the starter for ten 1. Is Total NBAgOlngtobemnvertedtotheSaturn?lf so.whenl 2 How much will WipEout and Euro '96 cost and

averayeilr new Sonic gilme, "",. "'"''',,''''''. Ust Bron~ etc I flghterfOfmula) 3 Whenw,UyoupubhshtheFlfA cheatsl 4 I heard rumours that a football game sponsored by Addidas IS coming to the Saturn Is this truel Mit. Devlin. londonderry, ,


., munt thilt thr!re WilS a v"'ety of HqIleII bllt I thin. thefe"iI iot of v"iety Ollt therlt . )Thethelt, in que,· tlon_"pllblll hedlnliistmonth', luue(nllmbe·l). • AddldasPowe.So«erhllbeenreleuedonth" PI'yStatlon,ndth"th,ncelilrePIY8no,l,willconvertlt toSlturn.

» Do I do stunts with CiIrS you 5;Jy1 Vt~


sure, so long

as it's damn dangerous. More dilngerous the bet· Itt you know, draws you to the threshold man.

Ind tbtyaJl tiki to tilt clrcglt It till UIIII time. nit mlu. t~ln.. IN'ttty U'OWdH I till

Destruction Derby? Sounds like ice man. What do I

t.JIJOI!.an4It IIltlll"ll!J"'.... tllll ...·lplnly oI'PllIIII...lMlnOYInaIoiIlCH.

have to dol Playa computergamel1 Where'sthe danger In thaU No, forget It. An~ily, t htilt Mount

r · ~ .. i '

£tna's about rudy to blow. I'm off to surf some Iilva miln_ And here we leave Felix walking off Into


the sunset, the whooping cries of 'to the mnl' ilnd 'extreme buuardo


echoing as he goeSH.

But before turning the pages and perusing the screen shots, you might like to breathe ill huge sigh of relief at the fact that it'sfi nalty here. We expected to see it as far back as March but pro· grammlng being the highly complicated business it is, Destruction Derby has suffered from a whole host of delays. The arrival of WipEout was proof that Psygnosis could pull off a decent conversion of a PlayStation title, and it succeeded in whetting peoples appetites for their other big driv ing hit. Destruction Derby is being con· verted by a different team from the one that worked on WipEOut, but it Is shaping into an equally fine game. Unfortunately there's still some work to be done on it so you're not likely to see the game In the shops until July or August . But, being the benign figurH we are, we don't want to Set you suf· fering anymore so comfort yourself with our extensive coverage.

. ... -

---'- .,---

'. ....... ~



r, 'rn

~ ~








ABOWL OF FRUIT CAKES This Is whe re the fu n re ally starts. Should you choost 10 enlrr Thr Bowl your obJrctlves arr slmplr; firstly stram In and try 10 causr as much damagr as pos· slblrtothrothrrcars,andsecondly.trytoavoldaccum ulatingtoomuehdamagt yount If. You'lI urn points by causing cars 10 spin 18 0' . 3&0' and so on. Whrn a car has finally bHn wlittrn off it'lI sit spuming black smokr. ObYiouslyl~twhosurvlvelhtlongtstslandthtbtstchancrofgathtring

up points. Should you galhrl rnough points In a stason you'll grl plOmot~ 10 a hlghtl onr whrlr thr drivelS aIr morr psychotk and luthl6s. Thr Bowl can be playtd anot hrr way though. I!athrl than can playitas all-against·you.ln this modt t hrobjr<tivr Is simply to survivtfor as tong as posslblr. Suicidal II maysetm but this modt Is good for honing your skills.








-'- ~

TlIiI" 1M CitJ Ileal COlII'M nidi" 1M Ht,

tlU tal lata piau It . - l $til, 6oI't lit tut IIDI' JOI dml., Nu I ....,. JIlt ..... IIII'tJOliWIJOllrlJulllljMlH.


"""~" _. ..-




05 ' " t:~









_ _


17 . Tb ntll, MeoN ud tlllf4 pitcH Uti.,..

.1l1""'"dl••lo',....It. . ,II tul UlllMld .1111 ,,4 ..ok., IN tkJ IIIJHM.....IJOtIrllrltl••,... k 1O.y c'U4. nlC' IIUI 1M' 4,..••• c....



FIVE COURSE WHEELS If you we re goi ng 10 criticise ~ctlon In The Dome of ~nyth i ng , It would prob~ b ly be of t he tr~ d it ion~1 r~(ln g element u 5u ~lIy ~ssoci~t ed with motor sport, Well pu rists, h~~ no fe~ r beuuse there Is also Ihe opportunity to r~ce In Des truction Derby with ~ choice of five tr~cks, going from the incredibly sim ple 10 the f~r more ~ l~ck

dlngerouscrossover t rackswherethe relrewheel-spinnin g collislons~ plenty, h ch r~ce Involves len tircuits of the t rack Ind lhere ~re twenty r~cers In ~II, Here's ~ look at uch of them:

SPE£DWAY: This is t he first of the the most si mple with c~rs moving round ~n oyalin ~ n~ nt l -c1oc k ­ wise direction which mu ns t here's lots ofleft- h~ nd e rs over the ten I~ps, Th e t ~lent Is In pic king up enough p~ce

.. -""


Ir~cks ~nd


down t hestr~l ghts ~ ndth enllm lngthe t urnperfect:ly to ~void huvysc: rlplng I ntheb~rriers.

CROSSOVER: Sel out In ~ figure of eight, here's where the fun rulty begins, As Ihe fiel d begins to streich out Ihecrossroad becomes trucherous, A stroke of bad luck and you co uld fi nd race rs crashing into your side, Also, beware going down Ihe course Ihe



THE FANTASTIC FOUR VIEWS Different viewing ~ngles In r~ce g~mes ~re nothing p~rtkul~rly new these d~ys, but th~t doesn't stop them from looking dud sm~rt , In Destruction Derby)'Ou zoom In ~nd out for four different viewing ~ngle5, The first Is the Incn view ~nd it Is this one th~t tends to look the most exciting, The dr~wb~ck Is of course Ih ~ t it's ~Iso the most confusing, The second Ylew Is from just behind, ~ Imost u If)'Ou were sitting on the (ar boot, The third view dr~ws out further to gl~ you ~ better view of the r~d ~hud and the dri~rs ~bout )'Ou, and the fourth, most distant view ~lIows)'Ou to see wh~t's going on well ~hud of you so you un plan ~si~ m~noeuvres If there's ~ crash up ~hud ,


-=. 1

trees~nd sumptuous g reene ry, ()(un

Driye doesn't look like the kind of place 10 conduct m~ss alltomoli~ m~yhem. Slill, conduct il it does on ~ course th l t Is quite complluted wllh lot s of bends,

stra ighls~ndnumeroUSCrossovefS, Of ~ ll thecourses,th is is l heonewhe re

1? '



OCEAN DRIV£: Wrth its eleg~nt p~l m

sunset, C:lctusCreek gi~soffa me liow

_ ,,:" .. - -_- .....,


wron g w~ya fter a confu sln g spl n a l t he

CACTUS CREEX: With a fi ne dese rt





vlbe, Notsothecircuitwil h itslong




_ _• ___ -.. ..

)'Ou're liketyto get the most side-on cotilsions., Ind its number of bends m~ke II the most dema nding on your driylngskills,


. .--

-.- .... ..... OR ',",\. _ '


CITY HEAT: Th is r~(e takes pl~ce ~ I nlg hton ~square cl rc u ltwl lh lot s of

buildi ngs dotted its edges, Racers h~yell n ~ clockwise di rmion wh ich melnllhere ~re lots of sh~rp rig ht-h~nders to de~1 wit h, Ex pectsome grutplle,upswhen the tr~(k n~rrows down 10 the width of d~ rk ut ~ nlcloo k ln g









CALL PHIL MITCHELL A display in Iht bottom right of the Kleen shows where yoor at Is tilkins dllmage , Thert ,trtil totill often different damage points in all and as mo Ie of them go from 8reen to red the perforrnance of the Cilr begins to deteriola teo The damage points neilrthe wheels ;lre perhaps the most delicate, affect ingas they do your steering. Ifyou"f: unfortunate enough towle<k YOUf CiIrlhenthe race is over whether you've got any laps left to Iilce or not, If you W;lnt to ilvold dilrnilge then the best poUcy is, ralher obviously, to shy at the fro nt .

- -



n tfJOlwuttotetuoppeHilt to dtI 36G" tmIN UMlJGlrutfsoll1lpolnts,

_J~~ .. _~



tile b.. II lo ••1t IAUI IMy'tt.boIltltlnDlI

~-- ~~ .

..... I"IIIu..••t,.. 1'W'. a.I..,~' . .. 14II..


W;1, Ia.,w.,dtrishtI)'U

"' ...




, - 'tj --

~--:-' 0#= . . 'I'


I"tIll..btrit'IIIIInw-llpIImlllOtuwl"t,TheIJ1Ml6rtft Ilkltill wt.61

_ _' _8


~.Iy aalli.,,u..,.. Dtstnctlol 111"".1_11111 piau fott~1I kliN",tII'UIt Is at DoaM. HtI"lJO!l'.'ean IIow 111"I111y •• k, tM MIt "')'OII'.",..uIYt IfrttIlllilJtlllCtl ud ..... , bJ pIqI~ ill

,"".,.. to.

The copy of Destruction Derby that we had a chance to see is not finlshfll yet, There's still quite a lot of texture mapplns to be done on things like Ihe drl· vlns surface In The Oome and the sround surface around the tracks and sky, The way the game plays thouSh Is more or leu complete and It's looklns pret· ty damn good, Obviously there are a few discrepancies: the smoke effect Isn't aslmpresslveandsomeoftheglosslnessofthePlayStation~rsion hil$ been lost (WipEout was Just the ume). But Ihls Is excellent fun to play a nd,Judsed a5i1Silmelnltsownrlsht,Destructlon~rbylookslikeprovjdlnshoursof

smash 'em up fun!

TO THE PREMIERSHIP tfthe fun ofsmilShlng Into other cafS Isn't enough 10 keep you excltfll, there's always the ltilgue, This ilppl les to both The Dome and Wreckin' Racing. Plilyers Stilrt off In the 10wt'St division (there are four In all) ilnd there ilre five racers in each division. Afler iI stilson ilil the polnu ue tottfll up and if you come out on top you tilrn promotion, There's illso an option Ihilt enilbles you to check out the capilbilitiesofyour opponents uyou go wandering around the truck parkandlt also mtilns you get to see the kind of damilge their car hilS sl1ffered,

. -

_ "

1_- -..

, ~-

" • ••




. n'
























If you'd like to mix up elements from playing In The Dome and those on the

race track, why not try the 'wreckln' race' mode that enables you 10 collect points as well. This way, t'Ven If you're not winning, you can still Improve your sl tuiltlon by hauling the tall·enders you happen to be enmeshfll with, So me of the tracks ilre better than others for picking up points. TheSpeedwaytrilck isn't SO good beciluse It's difficult to get those you're racing alongside to flip round,Butthechiincefor360· 'svastlylncreueswhenyou'reoniitfackwlth lanes that (fOSS over, Hit the front Of tall end of a car coming aCfOSS your path and watch them go splnnlngl



Put quite simply, your dragon evolves according to the amount of points you've earned. Depending on how many clear, route and technical points you've plcited up, your dragon will move on to the nellt generation. Here's a list of five of the generations and the points needed to reach them:

1st , . n.ration 2nd , . n.ration 3rd j.n. ration 4th ,.n.ration 5t h j . n. rati on

(Hatchlin,) (GUd.linj) (Windrid.r) (Armonit.) (

0-lpts. 2-5 pts. 6-12 pta. 13- 17 pts.

18-22 pta.

It Is possible to get a dragon beyond 5th generation . If you choose all the hard routes through the game the awesome Sitydart makes itself 'available, although we've yet to discover any more dragons beyond this. Our instinch tetl usthouSh that there are three or four more drasons wa lt lns quite literally in the wings.

Jiip~n,wlththelrpointybon(es,whi(heven have~ ring running~roundthem (like the pl~net S~turn if you don't get the connection). The Nightm~reans are ~ motley bunch based on serpents, wolves and other common night. mare themes. More of both races are yet to find their way into the game.

Playlnl vIOeo lames has, as we all know, a bit of reputation for belnl a lonely pursuit. No matter how many tlmH you wanl on to ~ about link-ups, multi-tap' and tournament play there wll1 always be that element of society all too wil11nl to KOff In your face and make IIlhI of your social abilities. Wetl our boss says there's no SIKh thinl as problems, only opportunities. this act us thlnkln. -there must be IOITII way to make lames SHm cool i1nd SellY without s~ndlnl billions of pounds on marbtln â&#x20AC;˘ . Well, we're blown If we can think of wtm it Is. Whkh' ll be why we're not hllhly IÂťid Sela publklty ~rsonnel. But we 60 happen to know that there are ways and munl of turning your hobby to your advanuge Insofar iii your Image Is concerned. For starters, you'll look like you 're Ioildtd If you can afford a Saturn i1nyway. Try throwing it out of the window In front of your mates to demonstt1llte how little cash muns to you (but remember to attach it to a length ofbunlH rord flrst 10 It doesn't smash on the lround and you can reclaim it later),. Or you can rud on and dlKoyer how we, the Intrepid SSM tum, utilise our gilmn library to Impren our friends and Infuriate our enemies.


.fi> SEGA SAn.!RN


Guardl.1n Heroes IS knee-deep In plot. which is unusual for ~n ~ctlon g~me_ and also frustrating if theg~mekeepsstoppjngforaplotupdateina

language you can't read


Sega have seen fit


a more UK-fnendly Engllsh,meanlngwe can flnally understand what's SOlngon, Qr not, as the case maybe,l)ecausemysteryand Intngueabound Basically. the l!Vil wilard Kanon Is plottinstoset up anevilwllard-ruledstate,uslnsthecurlentloyal famityas a puppet government. thus allowing them access to the almles and booty of the monarchy The sham royals ale In completeaccoldancewllhthlsscheme,althoushnoneofthecltilens know this The first the Gualdlan Heroes get to hUlabout It IS when a defe<tlng RoyatGuard, Selena, gets Intoa spot of bother just after they'VI! found the Gleat Sword they wele lookmg for MOIl! Intncate details ale revealed along with co-consplratorsand rivaltvil power-hungry factions as the game progresses We-dtellyou more, butWf! don'\ want to spoil It for you



j\FOR\,,,TIO\ 1I\:£ ')\OEX



0&91·1UH02 . PlA\SlAlI0\ I DOOM lEVElS, IIElp, CHF.ATS 089\-115-403 . EAKTH\\OK'I JI\lII/CHEATS, HTlP ETC OII'I I·llli-404



SO'IC 116;' ""T<;, Til">. CHF.ATS

mJ·J IS-UlIJ 0-'1"1[.11&407 .

.GOT A \fOOI.\I'c\ll TillS \LMBER FOR 1_5 or (HEATS \[W RHEASr U\l, CHEATS,lIft" TIPS

O!;QI ·1 1S-i(ll, .. .'IEGADRIVE CHEt\TU\[ lLOADS or



:::;:~: . ~~~~ ~~~:~ ~~~:~~~~~'~~~;!~llLP HUE)



..... Pl"lSTATlO\'!! ItIOCHEAh" ~1·11s-4 12 1)),~1·]1 <;.4 1 1

ctl f.ATS FOR lIIF W\U\OO 110'32111 CO\SOlf

IlW\.lllWlr; I'WI·'1'>41~


\() \1l"'J(, \\Mfl[" IHI!. WA'i Tl'G,JUST C;TRAICHTTO 1m HEll"

rLh\SF IIAH "1·\ " rANR RI.AJJY lOR '\10 'OW ,,w,\IU\llIT ~j f

un AT5 BOOKS (£10.9CI FACII)

l ~f 0 \ un J\U"-\1 I ,\llIl l rJI \\\\¥..GAHC;, co,


11()\11 (,H ()I\, l' IH)llL'lTIOi\S LTD, 1'0 "OX 19.1, ilAns, MIIJDX.

Ta tarCjet the' real 5eCja enthusiast

call Chris Perera NOW an D171 972 B7DD

1~ I:Ji1A1'i"ll

. '/.~f5 "". 'w ""I ~w I


! ', /

.., <.




We've been covering it in depth for some months now, so it'spretty obvious we think Guardian Heroes is something special. But why, godammit, why should we think such athing? Read on and find out, gamesniks..



ing polygon handling. 30 games in

rtal-timea ndastoundlnSJrcadecon· ~fsion s. m anypeople sHm tohillYt

fOfgotten that the Sal urn Is cuntntly Iht most powerfu l mulline for han·

dllng 10gnlphks In u lstence. No other console or computef Ciln touch it, ilnd yrlth ls dist inctly

uploitableabilityb modly lgnoM. NOt. fortunately. by Treasure-the leam who made a hI8hly.res~ed nameforthemse~ by dolngthmgs on the Megadrive that Were Not

Possible. Li~e.ironl(ilily. 3D routines in their ostensibly two·dlmenslonal titles. This was iI time when scaling and rotation were the big programminB toys to conjurewlth,whentruethree-dimensionillilfcadegames such as VirtUiI fighter were unseen. Now, of course, the g~lposts have moved somewhat So h~ve

can SWitch bttwttnlantsmaktsitan importanttactl· calfeaturt.Escaplng8roupsoftntmltsgan8lngup on you, evading massive attacks by bossts,bouncln8 back and forth in timt to music for a kindofstrangt Guardian H~rotS danct routln~, all these things ar~



opmtnt. bringing two dimensions to thlrty·two BITs. or Is gr~phic~1 fl~tnessjust old h~t tash for your

Ofcoursethert'smorttotheHeroes'brllliance than f.ll'lcy new.~ngled special effects. Treasure havt obviously laboured long and hard OYer thtgamedesign Notmertlyensurmg there are lots of levels, but allowing players tochoost their own route throughthtgame-therebychanging the direction oflhe plol and the even· tualending ObvlouslythlslmprOYeS the repiay value noend,as even once you'vefinishecl the thing-no mean feat consldermg the tough diffICulty level-you slill woo't havt seen even half of the sUgts on offer. In fact. Guardian HerotS jusl lies there btggmg ·Complete me about fivt or Silt times, you rash fool" until you gtt through evef)'lhingllhaslooffer And offer II dots. Each level Is absolulely pac~ed withinteresllngwaystodleThereareabsolulely stach of enemy characlers, each With their own attackstyle,andsomeofthemeanestilndblggestest bcat 'em up bosses you'll ever see in the whole of you hfe, even if you're a bosses dtslgner for Team Strms

gr~nd~d/W~lIjudglng byGuardl~nHtrots.thtir

Inaugural outing for the Saturn. there are hidden depths to dual·dimtn· sionahty, both In playa· billtyand spatial terms For ~ klck·off,Just beuuseyour Spfltes are flat this doesn't mean yourplay~nvlronmtnt

has to bc. Guardian Htroes,asrtgularr~ad·

ers Will know by now, has thrtt la~rsof actlon,

which characters leap Into and out ofusln8 the Land R buttons Ostensibly, you may think that this makts


of Rage or somtthlng. The re's a giant zombie warrior herounderyourcommand(t hanh toahostofpreset orders).SpecialmO'l'l!!safldmagicaboufld, with each separate hero baastiflg their OWfl beautiful selecllon of ways to kill ,Orevefl heal. The backgrounds theme flofl'Vlolem hazardshkeburnlflgbuildmgsafld-horrorIotsofb<irrels,ilfld add toa d,st'flct game character. A5would appear customary fora Treasure title, GHelthibltsaflamazlflg degrttof persoflality,wllh pleflty of iflteractlofl between ~ characters afld even t helf fots, :.J which hook your Interesl In com· 'pletingtheblighterbysupplylnga genuine desire to see how the story turns out. And the graphics are bfllliant-eltplosiOns and fireb<ills everywhere, gorgeous anlmallon and and and_ rt'sjust ace Evtn the Silt· pla~r VS battle mode With all the characters from the game hidden Within. Evefl the bloomln' title screen If you ilsk me, because I 10Ye everyscent ecl pore of Guardian Heroes' peachy skin. Ifyou'vt an Interest In games, buy Guardian Herotsbecauselfscompletelycracklfl8

UNDEAD GOOD Near tM: start of your HeroeS- quest they come into (ontilct with an undud hero,He's a frlendtysort and soon pledges to lend his monstfOus bulk iln dtlny

brOlln tOYOU f cause. There's a selection of fairly un-complex orde rs for him, along the lines of Attack or Stilnd There-he's not quite brightenoughtohandie -Attack their cavalry units from the flank, and covet our offensive through

th.e bulk of the gfOUp, S<ilttering the enemy ilnd faclhtatingour escape"



. 1~liJi1Iii"ll




. .'


Yo dudes! MC Tsung in the house, and I'm a-cuttin' up them Kombatants in my Chambers of Doom! Come and read about my new game while my man G-Oro... er, looks for a new game to be in. Wreck thajoypad! i~,c~~torsofMortJIKom~t.



with Mort .. 1Kombill 3. And thl, they

ilchlew-dinstytebyensurlngthill Mortill 3contillned ilbsolutely no t!e· ments which might ~uJIIy be COII-

$t~;;IS_tothefomJubwhMsot'Ye,. What_ _~ txp«ting wu, _III don't know- a)O wrsion or somethlns. Wh~ we got WlIS MortallComb<lt with new

"'::!::!lI!" ,

c~ooers and a new (and Dr h.. rder) difficulty ~inll. Slm, we're not com· plillning, beuluse itwn.ce, But I bet

Streetfighler} will bepofygon-ba!led, th~'s all I'm Silylng_Anyway, iU you 'll no doubthaYegu~sedfromtheheadlinl!

and KrHnshots and so forth, Mortal Komb~ J h.15 ruthed ~tUIn. and It's pmtyfbmlngalrl(ht. Eurocorn.who~ndledthl!convef·

which made the com.op such a star ,n tl1earcades. So that me.lns all the Fata htleS. Anlmaht lleS and Fnendshlps. whichilre thept'ime ~a ponSinMortil rs

arsenal illmed atii nnoCing precious gamclime territory from its tqually cash·

rich neighbours,Of course, once players have been invaded and conquered by Mortal. their loyalty Is amlfed by the rul· Ing dread iron fist of enormous combo potential. rapid game speed and light. heartedness. Aconversion ladmg In these respects would find dissident play. ers nw:etingfurtively In theatre bone· mentsdrscussmg aposslb!eswrtch to an altogetherd!ffertnt typeofone-on· one beat ·em up. LuctilyEu rocom!.t't'm to have been wtarmg their extra· lucty laces whilst wflt ing the Saturn version. because every element of thecOtn-op has beenretamed It·syet another tesu.ment as to the power of the Saturn, especially In han·

dllng lO games. The game speed is almost SUlpfising given the level ofdetall and number of colours on the screen, andshouldn'tevenmlldlyd,sappomt arca-de fans. All the characters are in fu ll effect. and each ot them calfles theu full romplementofmovesa nd rombos to t he small screen with them. This I ncl ude'SJ~'smulti-d i rect:ionalproJec·

tile abihties. a concept whic h will hopefully be extended to other I(omboltants in further Mort4lI episodes. Best ofall, the new combo system has been fa ithfully replkated. Top marb for the all· new flymg punch rule wh ich allows jumping attacks to ta ke a place as the startofa combo.whk h opens up all sorts of new flghting possibihties. The pote nt ial num berot hits per combo has been upped too, which is good news for experts, but possibly bad ne'NSfor novices with expert mates. as they'll constant· Iy lose for years However, the computer opponents proVldes ufflclt'nt cha llengeto encou~geeven~s

towon: atthelf game. The only real problem with Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Is that Capcom have just unleashed three bona fide awtSOme 20 beat ·em ups onto l he Saturn. and the mar~t'tplace Is starting to look iI bit crowded. I (Ouldn'l honestly say that I rate MK] abcM! them. Alpha has more a more IntriCate com bo system, X·Men Is mort lrisually excitmg and Oarbtalkrs Is rtearlyas funny. But that would be missing the point. MK has a foIlowlng all of its own- and qU ite rightly because Ifs de~ good - and this conversion Is aimed at those pe0ple. Aoyooe who's ever played Mortal in the arude'S kr'lO'NS ~herOf not they'dwantto shelioutfora

decent cooverslon, andth ls Is mort than decent. It Is, In fact,s uperh It·s got all the playability, all the chafOlcters and all the seClet stuff -ln fact, txtraSat urn-only secrt't stuff. If you'rt a devoteeof tht slnisttrKl.lIt of Kombat this is for you If yoo'rt Justshopping around fofthe best beat ·em up maybe yotfd better try out a cou ple of others before making up )'OU r mind.

II:. I'AI I''A . I

wDriAicl. lollN'iet:t. TUn .Ipl HI nit h .. It.. b.... llortaIKoQit3. 8U..,..


. 1,


/.LI. , ~-\~


1~liJI'AII'''11 It might look abit like the old 16 bit revival Darius style, and it is, but In The Hunt still manages to provide some excellent shoot 'em up moments. So, if you're ready, periscope up!


argelth!! silver burded Sun Connery in The Hunt for Red October or the swutlng filCtS of the crew In OilS

Boat. Forthilt matter. for-



Ukewlsethere's wme slowdown when the screen sets too packed and thiS does actually ma~e things a bit frustrating at times The bos~ though are all excellent.OoneintheciasslCstyle,theydomi.


you'd probablyfindona PCand

nat;~:~:::~;a~r;~~~~I::~~;Siles themselves pretty damn hard to

which are about ilS much fun ilsduth by drowning. InThe

beat. The first stage sees you moving through t he icy waters of the South Pole

HuntblilbnUyside-steps Ihetechnkal aspeds of subrnarin e enduvours, choos· inginst eOid iI side-scrolling

shoot'emupexhavaga nn. Try to imagine something like DiHiu'l I!'J[cept rather than outer-space it '5 all done und erwater_ What­

aqua action in the shape of torpedoes, f1oatingmines,seamonsterS,andawhole host of sl.lbmerged wackiness, In fact, it's all donew,th a comic edge, for e)(ample, when you destroy a railway bridge you can watch gleefl.llly as the train plummets towa rds the water, Or how decimating skyscrapersand enjoying all the tiny people runnmg about m confl.lsionand panic. This might SOl.lnd like it's a bit sick but In The Hl.lnt is too fantastlcal for you to lake II ~eriously. Thereareslxlevclstolraverse in all and eachoflhem ends,asYOI.l'd expect, wit h a boss. Naturally Ihere are plenty ofpower-I.lps in t he shape of heat -seeking missiles and Sl.lperpowered torpedoes, and this is no dol.lOt all ~tarting 10 sound predictablein l heeKtreme.Andilis. allhoughit'sslilifunallthesame.Ok,so maybe it's the kind ofgamethat should have been left behmdwlth all the 16-bot stl.lffgathermgdl.lSt. and maybeit'saliabitofaretrO~ick,bl.ltthesheerllOlume

of the action, what with explosions and enemies swa rming everywhere, make il compelling to play Admittedly the graphics look a bit dated too, but there's always so much going on and so manyd'fferent and sma rt looking spntesthat it didn't bother me

stage three where a huge stone monster forces you to travel vertically in order to escape and inllOlves blastmgthrough lots ofanClent stone. Stage four is Sunken Townwhichfeatureshl.lgemissifes launched from the seabed and submerged skyscrapers that you have to blastthfOugh. Sea monsters return m stage five, Deep Dark Sea,mtheshapeofseaserpents and a silver dragon hldrng inthe depthsofa lava cave. And to finish it ali off you arrive in stage si)(at the Enemy Base whereyouhavetotakeonaml.l~l-sectioned

rocket boss that's incredibly tough! SQ after making the arduous Journey through all the stages, is In The Hunt something I'd recommendlWell,yesalrightlt'snotyourspectacular 3D'checkoutthenewtechnology'kmdofgamebutit's always refreshing to get back to someglXld ole' common shoot 'em up action and besides, it reminded me ofapsychedelicmarfiagebetweenCaptamNemoand the crew of the Yellow Submarine. Good clean fun


Gtt till lH'iekl to land o. the IlollelllOnster'l lMIadl



1~ I;Ji'Ali'iAI Ever been to a book shop?Maybe you've seen a huge range of colourful books on the shelves by a certain Terry Pratchett The popularity of his Discworld books led Psygnosis to take up the licence and bring out a game based on his quirky world. Now it's arrived on the Saturn, so let's have a browse. ouknowthtlheorythatarguesthat the unlvlme could be nothlngmott th an an Jltom In a Slrgantuanturnip and Ihat likewise the tlnltd piutldes ofahumanbelng,smalitrevrnthOin quarks, could be turnips themselvts withanotherunivenecontalned ln themofequ,l compluity, density and soon ad Infinlluml Well. Dlscworld Is iI bit like that. Kind of. bctpt Dlscworld Itself Is a land sealed Insldt a dome riding on the back ofa hugeturtlt sailing through space. 8iurre's Just fOl' startert.



slon. I had heard of nel· therTtrry Pratchett or hiS OiSCWOfld books until I

came to play thiS game Byilll ilccounts though

he,ctuallyhilsabitofa followmg, and seems to

have chiselled out iI mea· SUft of cult stiltus for himstlflfyou'resome-

one who hils read his books you're probably capable of making a good guess ilS to the type of g~me his Dlscworld ~dventureswouldmake

IitPGIWelidone,because Psygnosis agree with you, transform ing litlncewlnd's ildventures Into a sprawling game that ta~es in loads of puzzles and conundrums and hundredsofdlfferent charactersYOlced by the likes ofErk Idle, Tony litoblnson and Jon flertwee Promisingfoundatlonsyoomlghtthm~;Jndin

some respects they are fulfiled The game IS huge and verycomphcatedmeanlngyoo'rtgomgtoh;rveto

spend a hell ofa long time tryfng out different thmgs and you'll probably bean old wheezer by the time you finish It,At first, the comic turns of the characters seem quite amusing, bantering about With a kind of sixth·formers Wit, The Jokes begin to sour though when you find yourself sltlmg through them time and again and ifs an annoying fact of the gamethat even though you can skip past these conversations they go on for SO long that much of the time you'll bebangmg the button to plough thrOtJgh them, The fdeaof~l«tingaconverSiitlonal

technique is somethlngappeahng at first. but agam It all gets a brt tiresome when you h;rve to plough through Ihe friendly. the sarcastk. the jokey and the qUizzical dialogue pieces In order to find out what you want from one of the characters Although not neces· sarily as essential tothe IitPGgenre, the graphics in Discworldarereallyqulte poor and the animation is largely non·existent apart from the blocky movement of an arm here or a leg there, In its fayour there are loads of different placestotravelto,takmgln hundredsofdlf· ferent backdrops, all depicting quasl·Medlaeval ~enes

Ultimately, rt's the old cliche of'ooe for the ~ns' that seals judgment on Dlscworld, I'm not much of iI ~n of erther IitPG's or t~ Pratchett slant on comedy so the game's frustrations naturally became more appar-

Aboft - 1M OIIIlIOqtr pm RllClWlrwI • 111101 U IIKlrk lIIoct.hlIw-RIKlWllldl"tCelmlllltnH:tlortlfTOlllklr;'


cu.c.llorllltk.mtnitJ, n.,'"dwuQuMl/!

and hIS qUIrky world yoo might be more forgMng

II:Ji1A1I~' ~1


11111 ocullionl for fl'Qh



1~I;llfUI~11 They've been knocking about for some time now giving the kids sleepless nights. The arrival of suicidal rodent contingent to the Saturn achange of image. But with 3D Lemmings, are they about to kick the bucket for the last time?


~~~:f:~~ ::~::~:!:::::~;nd

(onsoles foryUfS now. But 3D Ll!mmingsisthefiritencounlefwith them on tht Saturn and the 3D elementisnaturallydesignedtoilppealtothemorl! sophistiuted 32 bit menhlity. (erhinly the look of thisgameisil long way from the old days when it was a very sim plistic zO layout leil Ying th e enlerta inmen! enUretyto the highly frustrating pUlzles. Now II's all polished backdrops,debiled polygon pial-

forms,rotatinllviews,differentcameraanglesand virtu al lemmings, and I can't help feeling It all gets In

thewaya bit. It's most Irritating at the start

beuuseyouhavetoget to grips with ilil these

utfillcontrolsbefortyou (an concentrate Dn ge!ting the waddling grel'n deprenives back 10 ufe· ty.On(eyou'~famil­

iifised yourself with the methodit's~lotlenh~s­

sle, but there ife still those moments when, with only a split sKond left,you find yourself thansinS~(,lmer~ ;tnsle to adually see what's soinsonr;ttherthan thoosinslemmlnSfoles ton~thtm.

platform envifOnments, but the virtual lemming Is actually a bilofa novelty. allhough there are times when ,t"s essentialyouuseit Its more incidental role is to show off the flashy 3Denvi ronments that taxeyou inside buildings liketyber space stations or castles. Againthough.lhishasahabltofmak. ingthlngsabitmoreawkwardtocon. trol and complicat es puzzles that are complicated enough on their own Beyond the 3D alterations Lemmings remains as challenging as ever. There are four difficulty levelsfun.trldy.taxingandmayhem-and even fun proves far from it at times with some dedicated lateral thinking essential even here. 6ut It"sworth it when you breathe that sigh of pflde andreliefwhenyou·vefinallysussed one of the ingenious puzzles you find yourself in. although I have to confess thai when faced with a particulariy nasty problem my instinct was to turn the game off rather than overcome It This could of course be fatigue from four years of nerve·worn lemmings ex~rienceanditposesthequest'onofhowmuch

longer Psygnosis Intend to keep introoucing newver· sionsofthegamebeforeflnallyletitplummetover the chff for good I should also mention that lemmings tends to induce an immediate host'llty in some people and3D lemmings will do just the same. so those of you With a poor imtantthreshold should avoid it if you want to save your Saturn from a lunatiC fit of destruction. For the more even tem~red among you w,th craniums thesizeofthesu~rdomethismightJustfitthebill


.~ ''.~' '<~~:,;, ~

....... .



solid as a rock 10 prevenl hiS furry chums from doing something5tupid like falling off achff.


the helpofa lovely golfing umbrella, lemmings assigned as floaters can actually fall off cliffs and land safe and sound


pair of very fine mallets, a basher does as he says and pummels through whatever happens to be in blocking the palh,


craftsman among lemmings, a builder takes his brids and mortar 10 build bridges and stairs to reach higher levels

TURNER:Abit like a blocker, a turner, will direct the lemmings in the appropriatedirectjonwhenth~reach

a crossroads of some kind,



.. :: ~:;:::. "."",W::l...:oco<EV"

'3 ......... t31Cl...:>O<拢V


.,,~~~ ~~J"': ~~ ;::~...._ .

n ..



----_ _-_._------

.. ~"~!!~.!!:-~~!~. !.~!/!!:!. .._ .. _ .... , . or u....... .. . _ ..... _ _ _ _ t .. ""


You may have gotyoll' copy of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 at last, but the hard part is stil to come. You've now got to learn every move for each of the 22 characters - and where better to start than .... Iist? Every move...,...,uy known to the Iunan race, as well as a massive list of Kombat Kodes to enhance yoII' fights are aI here. Go on, get Ieaming!

RANDOM SELECT While high lighting the start character, hold Up and press Start. The computer will pick your character for you.

MERCIES To give mercy. fight into a third rou nd ilnd win. When the "Finish Him/ Her!" m~路

sage appears, jump over half a screen away. hold Run, press 0, 0, D. then release Run.

FRIENDSHIPS AND BABALITIES These can only be performed if the Block button has not been used during t he las t round, They can be done from anywhere on the screen, unless we 've marked them

ANIMIALITIES These can only be performed ilftera Mercy has been performed on an opponent Beat your opponent again before doing the Animality.

PIT FATALITIES These are always performed from lillht next to an opponent. They only work on: TheSubwilY, Bell Tower, The Pit 3. and Scorpion'sl,m backgrounds.

FATALITIES These must be performed when you are In exactly the right position.andt hey are ma rked in brackets. If you have to hold an attack button to perform the Fata lity. hold it when you are out of range, then move into position. Here are desc ri ptionsof the exact places to stand: FuliScrHn AS far away as possible Jump One jump away from an opponent Swttp The fa r reach ofa sweep OntStt p One lap away from an opponenl Clost Touching the opponent


'\" ;

~/'<:' . , SEGA S ATURN



I~ I~ I~

L~ I~


0 ,0..


0,0." 0.0,. 0 ,0 ,_




~t!l:' ~ill':

(_ )0,0,0.0,. (1"_)0,0.0,11 U\~~"


0 ,0 ,0 ,("" , ~



) ~".

...... . "... 0 ,0.0, .


, •


. (! - I


, ' , I. - ' o

(ouUidtIWMP) R,lP,R,ll

0,0,0, . O.O,O,O,lJ.

. . . SEGA SAn..!RN

I~ ;"0,0••

;"0,0.0•• >.0,0,11

0 .0.0."



I~ I~



>.0.0.... '.0.0, '


...... ...

).0.0. 11<

11\ ....




lam!!:ii I~

Il'\!<""!!I I~ I ~



Sbln1l&nblb.ropponenl'llkIl,tbeIPuUlitrIPtdOWllll"OundthlirlnklniftoIltIOIA bloody wilton IIllftlllndln,wit_bltlol'n"lI drippIRgotL Btil1lant!





17.' ,1'




) ""'

. . ......




Street I;Ihtar ~ is aftady becomiIg,at anothor cIasoIc 2D beat '." up frGm tile comaisIars of class; Capcam. Ahost areade-perfoct

IrInIaUans and .... better tllantlle I'II\yStaIian .....PYes, of CGII'S8it Is, and tile first cIIaice far any lIghIi1g ..... fanatic In posI8SIion of a SalIm. W II1Is and x..... ,tllere'svery IItIe tInIe left to !1lIIY anytIIIng ..... WIIat SBIA SATlllllIAGAZIIE has managed In II1Is period is to f1InIUate a COilllli ehaolli .. -1st, !lid once agaInllAVIIItOOGSOII g.ides JIIU tIrGuIJ those charactars,

_ clad In a waaIIJnd karate iii with tIIe~of IiIIIrtnInII at lis disposal!

CHUN LI Bison's past and current;llctlvltles il re douded In mystery, but those vi _Ingthls luder of Shadowloo comment thillt his aVril sends out supreme f"lings of evil and drud,with alt his past opponenh being sentenced to an;llgonlslngd uthlna gout ofsupetrlilturill power at the hands of Bison's legendary PsychoCrushe r. Bison strongly fuls that evil shalltriumph,and has dediuted his life topufsulng tvillde;lls, using his reserYH of Psycho energy to perlectthe killing Psycho Crus her attllCk. He has currentl)'hillted this quest fOfWOrld domlnation,fH ling thillt no mortal (or immortal) man call stop him In this task. All sh;llll tremble!



re gomg to tight tl~ht tOI I'C,t!'

(hun U workJ undercover for j freedom org~nlutlon on a secret mi nio n In deepest Shadowloo. A!though stili very young, her upbringing In a remote rurjl region ~nd the vigorous trjining in the ~rt of fighting hu mjde her more thjn j m~tch for jny man. Now jccustomed to floorins those sentlemen of III repute tht tjke j shine to her, (hun LI h a both fured ~ nd respected member oftheundercoversqu~dthatshels ludlng.Nowhersquadlsholed up l nj

canyon complflljust north of Bison's headquarters, dete rmined tose lIe the mjdm~n and his enti re cartel of drugs ~ nd the usocl~te d hjrd men thjt form 8Ison'steamofbodyguards.Herreconn~lssanceteamhasjustreported back; 81son Is ~bout to mjke the delivery! Now (hun II must ~ct, challenslng 8ison in the combat aren~ whilst th e rest of the team halt the delivery of n~"otlcs. (hun U ~Iso hu ~n old score to settle with Biso n; she must nenge th e death of her father jnd Bison must payforthlsoutr~sel


~ ...,. .' 1l



~~ "OonV.ITl!An1II!- Sodoll.ttpsalldtOCl cloM








.:...r-"~.~ ~ . _ _8_2



lllly U', (ntom. bllll... aunt!

~. . .--,,~ .


SlIlIltaUlrill&frolltbllllllulln&,Sodoll WlIIdtrs iRlo I .0f'1III11 "niOR rtI

"is .tt"t..

A mysterious gyps)' girl fTom <lin unknown Tfllon of the world h<lls deKendtd <lind entertd the compttltlon, to the dlsm<lly of m<llny, but to the rnl shock ofBiso n, who knows this shadowy flillre from his dlsunt p.1Ist. Rose It dO<llktd with po_rfill m<llgk, being <liS she Is, flnel), tuned to the nrth's mystic<IIl power. Rose [OnIm<llnds grnt Teiptct "mongst those with In Interest In mlglc, Ind ker power h"s betn known to OYfrcome the might ofsomt of the world's strongH tfighten.Currentl)',Rose hn <IIb<llndonedherC<llT<llYlnenC<llmpment to trick down Bison and halt the IbUSf of his gifted poweT. Bison sh<llil nfYfr <IIchleyeworlddomln<lltlon;thesplrlts th<llt aid Rose wilt see tothatl

O<lln Is a newcomer to the fighting "ren<ll, h<llylng w<llt(htd with horror <li S Sagat purslled his bther Ind roundly beat him to dnth when Dan wn Yfry YOllnl. ThrOllghOllt the test of his childhood, he wn drlYfn by an IIncontroll<11ble filgttO f<II<e ~g~ I nd m<llkt him p.1Iy for his atroc:ity, <lind was also <IInge~ when he heard that another yoongfigtrter had man<lls" this feat <IIlre<lldy. After bouts of Impromptu tfillnIn" Din ~ reldy to f.ta <IIlkomtrs In his quest to kill Silgat. Din's hthtr m<ll)' h<llYf bllndtclSilgatlntherigtrteye,butDanwillbetheflgtrtertotrulyfinishhlmoffl


.,. , .~ -.~

S<IIg<llt writhed In <ligon)' <lifter the flnt tOllrn<llment n he wn beaten In a utad)'smk (onfronbtlon with Ryll th<llt reSlllted In the Mila, Thai Klckboller being Karredfromahllledancingupperc:loltlntl"leflnllsUgesottheflght.Afterthis outrale, the former ch<llmplon of the stretl h<llstr<llined In his se(ret hl~<IIw<ll)'onl)' to retllrn to red<llim his title from I)'u, whom he "lis a "llKky boy". Sagat Is not to be swa)'ed b)' anyone who halts his past, n III he Cln remember through his bllrnIng rage hi the p<llin of the snrlng wound caused b), the mighty Dralon Punch. This K<IIT glows with KI from time to time when Sagat 15 deep In thought aboll! Ihe forthcomlnlflltcullonofRyu.

-I' '

• 5"

"lkanlnlllldlulllqllllllJfort.h:n,IIIt," .~NtQt.,nI"'lNn_IM"'1IIJ

Wd1 Tab I Sk)'-SUklII St)'IIstIc Rtt, • IJPQ

.llHIwwI ~ ~00I!1~


liter II tIM I11III boll, Du trIn ualht 01 IIIsqeesl1oNbltb;tJa,IIIfIIctJIIHI1

,..1Ie11l u...- to RGII wM uothr tlllh: lI.,ub1tliIdIMIln; tilt SQ-CltuillllcL

1I 'I' ,

~\f . , SEG.'I SATURN


Sagat's o nce loyal bodygua rd was by his side throughout th e first tourn ament, actIng both as a warm up sparring partner a nd e ncour;llglng the Thaila nd gia nt to cha nnel a ii his rage Into an aweso me displ ay of fighting prowess. Alas, th is e ncourage me nt we nt unheeded , and Sagat was duly beaten by a young a nd mysterious fighter known as Ryu. Adon was aston is hed at this tum of e짜ents, a nd left thesldeofSaflattotr;lllnbyh lmself, return lnfltomockSagatandch alienfle hlm for the title. Adon 's former mast er will crumble when encountering Adon 's new a rray of kld:boxlnfl skills, and the n the younfl pretender can turn hlsa tte nt lonto a mysterlous ca pedfigure.



~~ -\r

;. i



=---', :-..--. '"





JEFRIY McWID Oesplte h~lrl8 one of the most... strange Kfnarios In the 1'1M (Ap~rently Jeffry's an AlHtralian fisherman who has m;llstered the andent Roman art ofhnc:l'lItlum), this real power-pLlIyen in the Virtua RIMer toum.llment. Although f.llr1y well kitted out In terms of mooootS, he is Ihy of ill hit few t«hnlques com~red to .orne of the other charKters. lndHd, when com~rinl Jeffry's"",,"" 1m to say, bge'l, (hil~er IJ one of the

it'sdifficulttopercelvet~helusJnychanu~JII. This i5duriynotthta5e,

beailM wtm he IKkt In qagntity, he more tun milkn up for In terms of mv power. PooHet·pIIy II the key to getting the most out of Jeffry McWiki. AI you an see from the techniques lilted below, he Is rebt~ gifted In terml of combi.mions (considering hllllze), but he SCOtti most points In iKtUill1y bIoc:klng and dodging;rtm:ks

and then respondins with deonsUtlng lhrows.. Jeffry'l throwJ ,life byfiJr the most powerful!n the game (Wolf has ~ powerforytMtllity) andlhe a__ lnsplring Spbsh Mounbin (down/fONBrd-downJ101'Wi1rd+P+«) Is luper-powerful. CroudI1nl, 8Ui1rdlnlopponentsarequlckly~~(hedwiththe I'owHBomb (downIbwIr6+G+P+K), whkh putl ~Id to deflMsMt~ and fon:es the ~ to come out figlrting. AI; rqubir MHtftCbn re~ will SM, thecombi.mions we'w listed below are quite si mlbr to Wolf's (as 5eflIin the lilt Inue). Jeffry IJ pmty Ilmil,r to WoIfln this r~~rd, . lthough _ recommend tumlningJeffry's KOOping punches in ordt-r to.~ ~OIlI:ofhim.

LAUCHAN As VF fins will know, when ~ or.anlled tM offid~1 Vlrtu~ A.hter 1 ~«~de tourn~ment In J~p~n, they _re surprised to lee th~t ~ Uu Chin pl~yer won the compe· tltlon. He did th is on the strength of Uu's romblnltlon prowess ~Ione - he is the undisputed m~der of the combination ~nd Is ~rmed with ~ \I~r~ of gu~rd­ bre~kJ ng techniques which ~re designed to break throu.h the opponent" defence, Ie~\ling them wide open to ~ PPPIC follow-up. This rem~lns the c.lI loe In Vh - but to ~n eYengrelter eKtent! For st~rters, Uu hn been granted ewn more technlqu" which he c~n Uloe to blast through an opponent's gu~rd. The most confusing of ~II h~s to be the up/for-


w~rdff:tirtwheelklck . ltlooksllthoughlthlts ontlM!hlghlevel,butKtually

strlk" nght In the gut,


surprisingly, It has. huge amount of combln~t!on


The ~,Ic flJle of thumb II th~t Uu is more effec:tiYe tM lighter the opponent. In fxt, true Vf m.JIders tin pull off a frankly unbeliellJble 13·hlt combination on Pill (who II the lightest (h~r.tder In the g~mel. Ch~r.tders like SoiRh ~nd Uon abo suffer badly In combination strlk". while Wolf and Jeffry lose out beuuse they ~re slow to reKt. TM)' might not float well in combos, but Uu IJ t.tster with his combos.. This me~ns th~t Liu 's gre~t"t enemJeoi ~re flghter'S like Jacky, Akira ind Kip. The lilt two ire partkul~rIy troubietOme In that tM)' haw reYerul ~ttacks which often defe~t the punch·led Liu. Despite this, he remains a fairly powerful charKtu ..

_.tH ...t"lIC~alltwslutCI_rCII'WIN naae for...

illllMlf, nidi Attl iii. iI


In addition to the massive list of moves elsewhere in the mag. here are all the Kom bat Kodes we know at the moment. They should all be entered on the battie screen-playerone controls the firsl Ihreefigures. and player \Wo control s Ihenelrtlhree.The numbersCOffespond lolhe number of times each button needs 10 be pressed for the correct symbol to come up

°33'°00 000'°33 707-000 000-707

HlItfEnergyforPllIyerl HlItfEnergyforPllIyerl QUllrterEnergyforPI",~rl

Qu;u1er Energy for PllIyerl Throw Encourllger ThrowingDlubled Blocking Diubled No MeIers Silent Komb",1 QulckUpptrcutRt<OYtI}' SlIns Power (Little energy In round 3) Dar\r:Komb"'t bndptt !Comb",t (bndom morphlng)

717-313 448-844

uR",incanbtfoundallhegr"'ver"'rd" Uoon't Jump ",I m e~

004-400 550-550 282-282 123-926 987-666

" WlItch"'gundol " UGo see Mothl Kombat the live tourl " UNo Fur" " Noknowledge thlltlsnotpower" n uHoldfllpptrsdurlngculnorun

USkunky! ~

Winner Fights: 969-141 769-342

033-564 205-205

Winner Fights Mohro Winner Fights Noob S",lbot Winner Fights Sh",o K",hn WlnnerFlghtsCiusic5mokt_


Psycho Kombllt (D",r\r:, f;J,ndptt, nomttets, no block,qukkUpptKut) • Unlimited Run

004-700 330-033 002-003 666'444 933-933 091-190 °n-022 666-133

K"'hn's K"' .... e

80o -no 600-040 °5°-°5° 820-028 34B43 113-901 079-035 880-088

SoulChllmbtr Subw",y



AS an added bonus (ifs great. really). you can killyoufself during theg ame by pressing l+R+A+B+C at the same time. Okay. so It sounds useless, but if you're aiming for the maximum 100% kill fatioand you miss an enemy, you can use t histo restart thelevel,rather l han waitingfor lhebaddiestokill you.

To find the hidden chaltenge at th e coliseum, play throu gh until you reachlevel s 3.40fS. Ktep running tothe right, only stopping to beat people upwh en t he screenstopsscfollin8.~l ntoth e d i stant planeilnd keeprunnin g until t he end of the stilge, You'll not ice a small wooden sign, and whtn you reach it. you'll skip to the coli seum, If you accept the challenge, you'll fight aga Inst gan gs of enemies until yo u wa nt to leave, ml-aningthal y<lu can build you r experience levels up early on in the samel



..... ",",-



.... ~A.........,.



• •U - -


... ,....".... ~,


• •


working on the ~mning follow up to P~nur 1 ~nd the finished goods ~re ~bsolutely stunning. Ketplngt~sarTlf'generallhemeaslheorlginal

~nW'. (well. gOing around ~lnglhings~ the storyline Is expanded byfollowing the dragon from its infant non-flying days to afully-grown airborne warrior WhICh naturally means tlYt in olddition 10 the flying sectiOns~nint~fjrstgame.there路sground-based

levels as well as other levels with a mixture oft~ two.

---"l"'''~ ~ -' ,,#,":"'- '~ SEGA SAT1JI<


A::~~~r~:/::~U~I~~I!O:e:~::~~:~::~:tr~:_:r~tAO:r:;:I~~~:;II~:~U~IIy it doesn't, bec~use someone's kldn~p~ them. Wh~t you h~ve to do Is p~cify all the howllnB rock chickette$ $0 they help you find the m In time to pl~y ~ concert. JU$t for you. Anyway, this vastly complicated plot all takes place within the confines of a variety of urban scenarios where you have to blast the living dayli ghtsout of all the nasty bad guys and free all the buxom babes over a plethora of levels. Ofcour 51', seelngasthisfeaturespopstarsandeverythingyoumaybefooledintothinking thattheaction isallrath ergood(afterall,su relypopstarswouldn't lend their name to something dire. Would Iheyl),butyou'd be wrong. Just like fellow rockers Motley (rue, Aerosmith's first foray inlo Ihe videogamingworldisabitofasoftrocktragedy.There'snolhing here that would appeal to either a lover of good games or a lover of Aerosmith. Graphically, it's a bit of a mess and the game itself is completelyunstructured-youjustblastatthingsuntilthelevelis finished,thenblastsomemorewhenthenextlevelstarts IfAerosmith had any sense at all, they would never have put their names to something as poor as this. It was bad enough when it appeared in th e arcades a couple of years back,and with the absence of the guns used in thecoin路op, it just becomes a cumbersome and uneventful game.



"p l





-I ,-' H;T



/-l _











, -;!~






his wu qultt popu~r when it w~s rO!ued on the PC some )'eJin JIG. lodl)' though, it's h;lfd to see why - SOl'"" h~ II'IOYed on ~ such OIn I~ible me that


Alone In the DJnt seems dated In comp,arison.

Admittedly,thert ilfe a few changes for the furopeiln SClturn versIOn. inc!udmga Virtual Ride Sequence. extra teKturt mapping on the Spflt~ ilnd the removal of it few bugs. but sadly,these are milinly cosmetic chanSH. Although there's not many oft~ adventure路style games 011 coosole ilt the fTlOfl'Ient. Saturn owners probably won't be thanklnglnfogrames for bringing this to thelr machine_While featuring ilil tht popular themes emplcrjed In iI wander-

aboutildventure(zombies,death,gore)it looks dilttd in comparison to whilt's on offer today (0 or Myst). Also. the controls art iI bit awkward and whtn you're domg

pmpomtiICCu~tohitlheUrget. StJlljfYOU~illotof~ienceilnd iI~ofthesekindsof8i1mesyoumil)'

gleiln some efltertilinment from this

Juk'. W1_t....., '-t.... part tit'"

,.. .... ustt ... ~ ..... ~路Il4I101路 frotIEut ....1ItI.



IthoughjU$t ilbout tveryone Is trying dHperlitely to rtlust Doom style 8~mtS on console, thert'l Y'tr)' few thill ilrt actu~11y ~ny good, And the ann thillt ~re usu~11y ~ppe~r on PC ~8ft btfott ~n)'Ol'lt grls ~fOUnd to convtI1ln, them to console, Otfcon 5 though, hu ~ppt~rtd on just ~bout ~ g~mt pI.1tform from PC to 300 which m~ lud)<lU in to belIeVing tholt this is ant of thost sm~sh-hit relt.1stS tholt evtfybody lewes. But don't be fooItd, Btaust ~lthough this is one oflhe only alternatives to playing Doom iilt the moment, it's nowhere neilr in the samt Itagut, It miily krl: really fancyonthesurfa,e,butthat's~boutasbrasanypositJVtpointsgo.

And thill'S not btaluse the gilmt is re~lly tragic or's just th~t nothlngtllerhilppens. 'ttMlresupposedtobtprottctJng)<lUrco!ony from illien If'lVilOOfI and tl'ltrt's never any aliens to shoot -In filet ITlOSt oftht time thefe's hardly ilnyevidtroct that thty~lst ill ~II. And despite tryingtoitddtothestandard shoot 'em up fare by Including strattgy elemtnts (which sttS)<lU isslgningdroids "surveilliinct-tisks, ttc) the game stili rtmillns really t he most yawnsome thing tiler to apptar on Saturn. 1f)<lU rullywintt 0 pI~ a great blislerama then wait a few short months for either Doom or Quake





VIRTUA FIGHTER KIDS Thought that Issue 6's VF Kids pictures loo~~ good? Prepare to be blown away as we take a look at the finished version of the game With lots of lovely screenshots to boot

SHORT REPLAY Within the game, there is a replay mode that comts into effect when a fighter performs a certain move. This is a very short replay and Is shown dunng the fight Itself. Infact.irsverysjmllartoalltho~shortreplaysfansofmartiollartsfilms wouldrtcOllni~.anditiiddstotheatmospherenoendl

FINISHING BLOWS Each characttf has specific: fnO\/eS that ~ u a finishing Blow. Sowhat makes this dlf路 ferent from the average: KO? Does it allow you to ptrlorm a htoillityl Or maybe an Ultra Combol Not quite. When uscdonthc~ tOWilrds the eod of the!, energy~r. theyWll1 go flymg off in a spectacular manner In a slmil.lrhshiOn to StrM Fighttf 2. Almost all the stages from IIF 2 have made it into it's junior version except {Of one stagt 路 Pal's. Pai now has a Yf!ry dlstinctlYf! bOickground which inllOlves little toys on the shelves and some blatant adYf!rtising of ~ well known Japanese drink c~lIed Enefgenhereandthere.


!ililEE Y/J)/J!JEiliJJJJ

NO, not tl1e thrtt in one Cilpcom puzzle game from yesteryear but thetri ooftop

notch Capcom ilction thai could be playing on a Saturn near you soon.

The neid three Saturn gilmes won't disappoint anybody who likes a decent game orinde~Capcom.

The first of the (apcom trio is the flamllo)Qnl MiiNeI Super HerOH. This Is the ~uel to the very popular X-Men: Children of Atom. and it drops some of the mOft r~undant characters .Jnd uses instud some oftl'le her~s from the InfinityWarsseriesbyMarvel,Butthafsnotall.Ontopoftheaddlllonillchar路 <leters of Spldermiln, (ilplain Amtriu, Iron Man, Hulk. Shumagora!h, and Black Heart. the bosses from the original X-Men have bfiome selmablel So Magneto and Juggernaut can be used to rip offyoor opponents' heads. 'But If thtse two

howe btcome ~I芦tilb~, who oiIre t~ bos~rr wt htar you cry. In case you donl know alrudy, Dr Doom and Thanos havt btoomt tht kings of t~ laltst Milrvtll (aprom gamt and if tht last X-Mtn Is anything to go by, thty could bt seltctablttool

don't want to miss out on the next issue of SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE. Be a top chappie and ......... me a copy _d you? Why, thankyou old bean.



VIINAl WIm~ SAMN & 5£GA OOY ......

VmuA&. Du.m SAT\ItN & VliTUA FIGHTU 2 ..

YlrrurA&.5ND 5A1\.IN& DAYTQN.t, ............ . VWNAL HlAVIN SAt\JRN & PANZER DRAGooN ................................... VII1\IAI. ksrAST SA1\.IN & SECA RAlly &,t.. fiGHTEI2 &VtRTUA Cop VImW.IOIIDOM SAT\.tN WITH NO~ .................................................£229.99




''''. [1999

'"'' t2799


[1999 t2d9

No8 Jun96  

OJ ,,~, VIRTUA 3 STREETFIGHTER ALPHA PLAYERS GUIDE PANZER DRAGOON 2 ItyltofpIJy.lllbct,ltwolI·t~lIkeallythillg future~completelyllewgrJphlcs...

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