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Japan Editor ....... MuMoI



Last month 'tYI! desaibed this as "the 83me that everyone's

Conttlbut.... O"U.a..rick" ... G..... ,.


COVER STORY MANX TT SUPERBIKE been wa1tin8 for, but no'one's seen". And at that tune it was true. Only now someone has seen it. And he's the editor of SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE. Check out his report this issue and prepare to be pleasantlysurpriself.


AM2's latest arcade pme is the mud! vaunted Scud Race, previously known as Super Car. Check out our excellent covera8e of this awesome game. Marvel at the 8J'3.Phics and swoon at the rendered art.



Advofll>lnIlM.n.~f u..Kaw"'" Oo:P<'tyAdM.n.~f CluU


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EIectrcIi::.ArtsfrlalyrevealtheCQ'lllletedSe8,a SatlIllrerdtJooofthei'eagettyawaltedtitle. &Met Strb.AOO guessv.f1at? Not r:rt'j is it 'AlI"Y 8QOd, it's actuaIy bener lhanthe PlayStatioo

(d.IOtIal(.onu« Prioooyc...t,

...... I'uria&4- ~ ........ KlI)MI. _ I ..TI'f70~(JtOTlPlCAllt)


orltinaI. A fact we often ike to tel people about.


When it's true. Stl. for a U n.fl-down on ttis poIentiatjav.resomegame,readthiS!

O1st,ib"Uon .k.....w..


Prlnllng C_ _

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Okay, so Doom was shit. There's no other way to desaibe it. well, GT have 8000 some way to redeemin8themselveswithHexen·it'Svirtually !dentical to the PC original and it's actually pret· ty fast for a chan8el Coo stuff and more is revealed in this showcase.



howew'iMYlewse'p'KIM In thlfm'I!",lne .,eflOlM<HU f llythoHoflhtpublisM"",

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UIf'JKticIno_bt .... lnk>lowlntio>l.lft.

Thts side·SO'OIi'\8fi8htin8 game is another nearfaultlessAM1 arcade-to-Satl.l'll translation and ri8ht here is where you're 800g to rll'ld a c0mprehensive ITIOIIes~st and irKiepth look at ttis most entertaiWlg 83me ...

c.pptpt_1MAI _,..n.p. ~.ptOductiofllllwhole ... ~rtwithoutprior

writt ... conwntf...... lhepubllohon ...tflclly prohitrltftl.

s..pSot.. r... Mq;HrMt. ~ .... GeI'. MHt., Sy\t.mJIXlncl~'(Dlrel'-""tlt>of



WeI the actual ELrOPI!an release ofttis game is stil what is krtt::MTt as "up in the air" but SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE continues the covera8l! regardless. WIrJ? Because it's only one of the best Satum 8<\mes in existence. Shame it doesn't exist in ttle UK ye t, thOugh...


EM.*ItmlV'"O'IdSea"·u.ff.ndtMlff.mIIln ''''Pfohlblle<lftom.n''''n"nJ~''

Salurnm·Bulne<ompetlh"". Th •• dltO/'. dKI.ionl.fln~l~ndno(o,~.pornItnctwl"



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T:::~~ns~~~~:~ ~o~~dP~~::~::~nn'~~~~:~ :::e~~:;~e!~t~~t ~a (which has ilctl,lillly turned out really w ell) and contents-wise, the

mag is packed to bursting wilh great games and th e best tips. We' re particularly proud of the Exhumed MasttofS' Guide {just


walchitgetrippedoffbyourpatheticcompetition). Soanother issue, ilrlothe rjournal ist ic triumph ehl On a sad not e, this month sees th e publication of the last issue OfOUf sistermagaline, Mea n Machines Sega. It's a bit tragic los ee il go, especially as I helped launch it all those years ago, ilrld il was also myfird editorship. Butonlheplussjd e. theirpass i ngshOl.lldmeilnmor ell~adersand

more power for SSM I Also, the MMS team will be merging with us to make this mag even more suprem e, which can't be bad. And remember: NO 5SM, NO MERCYI

.lch •• dL..dIMlH.r, Edlto ••


LOBOTOMY TO PRODUCE DUKE NUKEM 3D! ltlloftfl.lIIOIt ....rty.W.ItHSet:.Saturntlt..,oft... ,.•• mult ... t ...


UIfIftfdon of JD ••• IIt1IIU,...-lmp .. lIl .... flnt ,.non penpedl .... ID

1I1.,t••, Duh Nuhm JD. Now t ....nlt_M ..achft f...... pitch ., It 1I

.nnoun," t"-t LoIIotOtllJ Softw...... produdn, t ... Saturn .... nkml If you don't know who Lobotomy are, shame on you! They are the immensely talented bunch of guys behind the greatest Saturn first person 3D blast er around. h h umed. Graphically, these guys can dothlrlgs With the Saturn that'1I make your head spinl We'retalking super-smooth frame rates.light-sourci ng... the whole nine yards, In fact. for a taste ofthelr genius. check out the incredibleh humedMasters' Guide found on page 86. Just before t he mag went to press GT InteractiW! told us the news and SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE has unearthed some more details Firstly,full·onlink-upmodesarebeingpromised. That means NetUnk action for sure. and qUite possibly link-up cable stuff too. This is excellent news DukeMatchonPCisoneofthebestmultiplayer exper iences you can get Butatthemoment.workisat~eryearly

stages over at Lobotomy. The guys are dissecting the PC W!rsion to see what makes it tick. and they're also in the stages of upgrading the already awe· some Exhumed engine. From the look of hhumed. it looks like Lobotomy already have the technology


to make a truly memorabl econW!rsion of Duke Nukem 30. and in a recent interview With SEGA SAT· URN MAGAZINE. Lobot omy's Ezra Dreisbach said ,he main problem with porting these games [Duke Nukem and Quake] is that cUffentlythey work on engines that are not ideal for the Saturn. The temptation when doing the port isto t ry to make the existlrlg engin e run on the Sat urn. The result will probably not run asfastasis possible." Well,withlobotomyonthecaseal readywithaSaturn-specificengineinthe game we should be looking forward to a conversion of on ly the very highest quality.And if you think that Exhumed pushed the Saturn to Its limits. think again. Ezra Dreisbach also said. "The engine could probably be made about 20%faster just with general tightening and more assembly. Also. one of my co-workers ca me up with a way to do more realistic dynamic lighting: SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE couldn't have rewmmended the Duke conversion jobto anyothercompany· lobotomy w ill ensure that th is game is Inc rediblell1est assured. we will be following up this story just as soon as we can

THE MOST REALISTIC SATURN GAME VETP It....,. 1ooIl" "- tMM _ ....., GT "'the most IntrIpMc w.n. of

howp not _ ..... " ... to .... _






It's called Abe'sOddyset! (SK) and has been developed by

Oddworld Inhabitants. a learn of programmers set up in 1994 by two

veterans of the computer special effects Industry. SheHY McKenna and Lorne I..Jnning. Abe's Oddysee looks similar to such 16-blt d~ssics as Flashback "od Anothef WOrld, but Oddworld afC promiSing iI much greal~ dtpth of 8ame~ In the game. eJ(·sliM! Abt has to complete a tQP-~ quest which will establish his right to the leitdershlpofhls people Once he's done that hehilS 10 srng!e-handedly t.lke on iI sinister COfporatlOO which is th~illenlng togflnd his people into h.lrnburgers. All this Is plilyed out inwhilt GTaredescnbingil S "01 un ique <ombin<l\lon of gaming ilnd storytelling: that ustS "the world's most

advanced 3D production techniques", Apparently. Abe's Oddysee isn't somuchilgamcils"ilstorydwelhnge.perience". This "Story Dwellins" bit is actually a 'IOrt of same deSisn philosophythatOddworldhaveconcocttd, andit affects several aSpec!softhesame. One part of the Story CMtellinS code ob5erves the player's fl'IOl\/e . ments and actIOns and somehow uses them to determine his Of her sUte of mind. It then chanSe5 the mood of Abt to reflm that state of mmd. mak· insh ifheise.hausttd, frustrated,scartd. pleasedOfwhatever, lnitsturn,Abt's ........ , ._ stateofmmd has an effect on

to make you feel more like actually in Abt'sshoes, thanS lmplycontrollinsthe , puppet, Story CMtellins also involves teachinsthe player the lan· " " . " 'IIH · suaseofthealienworldhe's runninsarOtJnd in. This manifests itselfina p!'ocess ofJearnlns control combinations which _ . - ., ... ... elicitverbalresponsesfromthecharacters, The

I:II. S!!P stlal:;::se;:i:~c:;:~ah:::~a;t~ea;:;e. completely non·linear with numerOtJs solutions to probIems,thuscaterinsfOflateralthin~ers, Thereareevenseveralp.1ths

to the same's conctuslon, some of which hmse on major eth ical deci· slonS embtddtd in the action, All this sounds very prom;sins. but is thissolng tobt one of those games


~reall t hehlgh .falutin'ideasgetinthe

wayoftheentertammenllGThavevery hiShhopesthatwhenAbe'sOddyseels released In the autumn it will eslablish itself as a sroundbreaklnggame, We look forward to seemg fTlOfe on thiS game in the very near future, and when ~seeit.SOWlllyou,



-~ ~ S EGA S ..o.ruR N


fte, th,ln, thiln Imprenh,. s..tum _tin, th.t hrth_rm 11m l,Shln), Int.rblnm.nt h• .,. ....... 11tt.. quiet to Nlyt" I• H_",r, th' lood n.on I. that Oil.... P'"J" C.llfomill-b.M4 a.v.I· opm,,,t t •• m "-vI be,n busy cookln,lIp.n mil"n" of ,oocIlel due t.1NI unv,lled In '91. On the PC ,Id, th.r,', th.',,"o,,.)O .d....nt.. re, MOl( (which may on Siltum) but It', the IlIky Imooth"." of th,lr forth· «HIIln,tftl,WIIdNlnllthathillu,droolh'lwlthantlclpatlon.





TheyeariS2012andtheWorldA~t1: ~/meAr(ianc~1q/:! Earth in conquering all flIne pj,lnels-h,-rt,(known solar system, WASA's c}et exploratory astronaut. Major'John Major, ~n choseitlo take1!islamily, 1 composedofhiswlfeJaneandtherrteena esonwe.,ona2syearfact- i


Shiny have gone bac~ to their roots With this colourful platform fompas It features the same standard of animation andtongue-in-cheek humour that made the EWJgames such 16 bit hits, The leap to SatlJrn ha s obviously enabled the Wild Nines development team to tinker With some nifty ned generation hardware, the results of which were mitlally u nveiled

to SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE at last year's ECTS. The wacky world of Wild Nines features polygon characters, based on detailed hand drawn skelches,which are lhen placed inloa variely of convincing 3D worlds, Playersanem pt 10 run, blast and dodge Iheir way through each stagebeforetaklngona numbero f tricky bosses. While this style of gameplay may be nothing new, Shiny's are confident that their space·based platformer will be something rath er speciaL


. .. \;:'·v- ~


\ /

We x

~:~i~~;;:r~ :1~e;.~:::~~i~~~i::~;I~~i;~~:~;~~;e RI u:ter,

StrapPing. thedeviceonen.ableswe)(.totaPi~t.Oilseeminglyun~i_ited power source capable of producing devastating energy blastS.~~ If thiS wasn't Impressive enough our unHely hero IS sh edtodisc rthat there'sasmallcreaturehvingintheweapon,abiz rebat.dogl, feform called B'Angus (that's a silent 'B' by the way). Wex soon team up:'wit~further eightorphan~teenagersandth~ba~dtogethertotakeon t esourcf'!falltheir troubles, the ,nvlnClble Karnand his evil organisation, I)Qminat .Kaf~can be best described as an enormous 316 year old face (measuring the e ~two footballfieldsl mounted on the ceiling of his palace headquarters, on t q\.oterperimeteroftheCluster.CyberkineticallyconnectedtoKarnisamonstrousiun~nownas the Zero Cannon, which is shootmg everything within a soo·mileradlus of the palace.

SHINY HAPPY PSIPt.E If this all sounds slightly weird then you'd be right After all, any vIdeo ~me corn路 pany that manages to m(l ke cows and sheep stem cool (EWJ 1& l) has to have a few screws loose. Shiny are promiSln1! Saturn owntrs a t ruly uniqU(' titi1! wtt h Wild

Nines scheduled fora September 9th release . Currently the game boa,st 524 detaIled characters, at least 10 levels of mayhem and certainly ene of ttie more

'inte resting' video game storylines of the ~ar. However. the game'! most .!'Itriguingfeatun.路 has to be the debut of 'The Ri,!, Shiny describe the devi ceas "a Matter

to Energy to Matter Emulator" that takes the characteristics of an object ilnd then uses an energy beam to force those same characteristics onto Its ta 'l! et Dave Perry elaborates "If a bowling ball is fed in to the RIG. the energy beam then fired would cause t he target (enemy soldierl t o swe ll int o a sphericalshaPE; an d becorne rigld,a giant bowling ball. Itcan then bepushed,rollingoverotherervmle soreven through brick walls. The effect of the beam ~ ronlyl ~sts 10 seCDQds.~ If Wild Nines actually lives up to its own hype then S~tUfll owners'ln desperate need of an original 3D platfQ,ming fix shou ld have something to lifnileabout come September

4i' S~GA S.~TURN

STREET FIGHTER 11 HISTORY IN THE MAKING following on from our fantastic X-Men vs Street Fighter revelation of ilcoupleof

issues back. we've got another amazing piece of news for SFII fans. After many iI month of rumour and speculation, Cilpcom SOurces have finally cOrlfirmed that there WILL be a Street Fighter 11 compilat,on disc for S<lturn ,lnd it should beappe arlng on the shelves this summer! Of the five Street fighter 11 games-that's Street fighter II,SFII(hamplonshl p


Edition,SFIITurbo Edlllon, Super St reet Fighlerll.:lr'ld Super Street Figh telllX-only

three Will appeill on the dlS<. and as yet (aprom haven't confirmed which they will be So now there is yet more rumool and speculatfofi sUfloundlnB the game It has been mooted that Capcom will release two diSCS. The fif'it would feature the three most recent Street Fighter titles. Turbo, Super and SuperSfllX The second would bea 'streetFighterClassics'disc,containingtheoriginalsFIIan dsFIIChamplonship Edition, and perhaps a conversion ofthe original slreet Fighte,ga me for the sakes of completeness and his to,ical whimsy. Another strategy could be to pul the fi rst three games on one disc. then have the two 'Super' Instalments In the serl es appearingontheserood.Couk!eitherofthesescenariosbetrueI0nIyCapcomthem sefves know. and they"renotS<l)'lnganythingju5lyet.whateverthecontentsofthedisc{sj. one thingwecanbef.llflysureofisthattheoorwe~ionswillbeflawies'i,wJthallthe

characters.l!ackgrOUI'\d'i,!TIOJeSandanimationsoftheoriglnalarcadegames w.ot"e news soon. closer tothe disc's summer release

SEGA MERGE WITH BANDAI SHOCKER! On Janu;uy 23, it was announced that games giant sega Enterprises ltd. and Japan'snumberonetoymanufacturerBandaIColtd.wlllceasetoe~ist.But before we get thousands of Saturn ownerSolnd Power Rolngerfol ns ollike holSS ling us on the phone, they're not diSolppeolrlng Into oblivion, but olre mergl ngtogetherto form 01 mulll路mediol entertolinment conglomerate of massive proportions. Bandai will be the dissolving compiny merging inlo ~gol olnd bringing with them thei r Volst knowledge on cha,older mercholndising, visu al olnd musk tuhnologies. As of October 11997, the newly formed company will be named Sega 8andal ltd. olnd will strive to strengthen their position In th e globoll entertollnment market by combining the two companies muketlng resources. In theory nch compa ny should benefit from the other's slrong points. ForeXilmpleSega's moli ncustomers olrelnaboutthelolteteens路earlyloscoltegory,whereu 8andai'sol remuch younger. The merger of the two will give each access tOol largergrOllp ofcustomers with each benefiting from the others marketing st'oltegles, meaning more Solturns to more people. The new compolny will be divided into three dls tinel olreas; game molchlnes, multimedi a networking and toys with annllal sales of the newly formed (ompolny e~peded to uceed 600 Billion Yen , which Irolnslolles to olboutJ Bllllon(ls h) PoundsSlerlins. How will this affect yOIl the Saturn owner thollgh? Well, 10 be honest il won't In the short term. Until now Bol ndoli holVe enjoyed 01 close olliiinc ewilh Nintendo but for obvlolls reasons this Is now set tocholnge. Whitthi smeansis uclusive Sollurn路only Bandil titles. Aside from th is olnd some man age menl ,estrud llrins little hu chansed to affut the Saturn owner despite Isn orantrolntlnss to the controlry In fener publications. To be honesl u Ions u Sesa holV ethe world's best prosrolmmers In the AM departments, who gives a ton what they call themselves, as Ions as il's not Sesa Oolfo,Ban Segol.



'101 also get a pmI for)'OUl" 1roubIt! How lovely! Send 'em tG REAOEIICIIUT!, SEGASATURM IilAGAZlME, PIllORY COORt,3&-32UIIRI'ftiDON Wf,LONDON,EC1R3AII. RidIanI L,I'QIII from Sowthamptol.•• Acopy flCIIristmu NiGlITS 11 hudqyow wa)'i

RESIDENT EVIL CONRRMm! YOU HAVE BEEN JUDGED! After months of specula tion Capcom of Japan have finally confirmed that last years PlaySlalionsmash ·hlt Resident Evil is in development for the Sat urn,Notcontenl with jusl convertlnB their lD arcade bea t·em·ups. Resident Evil as it will be known over here is scheduled for release sometime in the summer, No other Informallon orscreenshots have been released at this time but speculation is rifeas towhat form the Salurn version will take ItislikelythattheSaturnversion will follow much the same plot asthe oriBinal PS Resident Evil but with the bUBsandirritationslakenout,includ inB some of the more awkward camera angles. As far as we know there are no newcharaclersplannedbutlhecos· tumechangesystemmaybed,fferent InthePSversionyoucouldchanBethe coslumeoflhecharactersoncomple· tion oflhe Bame It is rumouredlhat in theSalurnversionthe.ewillbeawider ranBeofcostumeswhichareselectable from the beBinninB. This is <I Bood possi· , bihtyas there's htlle pOint for Capcom to include secrets from the PlaySlat,onver· ...~ ,J . _~_ " •• sion that everyone knows about, No new monsters are planned either but they will be redes'Bned to brinBthe polygoncountdowntoaman. <lBeablelevel Those people who haven't seen Resident Evil will nodoubl bewonderinBwhat all the fuss is about, Well It caused a hUBe stir last year when it was released on the PS and was a masSive commerCial success. ObvlouslyCapcom wi ll be hopinB for Similar success wl lh the newversion,Thegamehasbeendescrlbedasasurvivalhorror and it's not hard losee why, It follows the explo its of the Iwo main characters. !ill Valentine and Chfls Redfield who are both members of the STARS (Special TactICs And Rescue Service) Alph a team, They have been called to investiBate a series of Brisly mUldersat a place known as Raccoon Cl ly, The Bameplay is similar In essence to Alone InThe Dark bUI fal better requ,rinB a Breat dea l of exploration and puzzlesolvinB But the gOle factor was clearly the most populalaspect of Resldenl Ev il Slill. the Saturn vefSlon is due inSpllng in Japan soweshould have some properSalurn shots next issue






Riding high on Ihe amuing su((ess of Tomb Raider, Cote's new project Is I 3D scrolling beat 'em up going by the provisionll title of Judgment Forte. It's being developed by the people.esponsible for Thunderhawk 1 Ind belrsobvio ussimi· II.ities to the cllsslc Megl Drive Streets of R~ge. In fact we believe the game was actullly intended 10 be I SOR lime, however when Core showed an interest in mlking this I multl·fo.mlt lIme the idu was dropped. However the Slturn ve r· sion Is quite I wlyahud of the PS version Ind should be out in Septembe r. The game itself is not dissimil,u to Sega's own Die Hlrd Al(lde but even It thisurlystlgeshowsslgnsofsurplsslngltwittl lmuchgruterfreedomof movement. The pllyer is free to roam Iround the 30 levels (of WtliCtllS Ire pllnned) uch wittl multiple routes butingupthe hordes of Reservol r Dogs style glngsters. Currently only one level i!l plaYlble but alreldy It pretty looks Incredl· ble. There Ire four chlfltters to choose from each with their own fighting style Ind Iround 40 to So moves. Only one of these charlcters won pllYlble intheurly version we pllyed, Hlwk, but hId ~ good vlriety of moves including I hud butt Ind I roundhouse kick which has I cool light trlil following the foot. Wupons Cln Ilsobe used Ind I re lit· teredlbout thelround to retrieve. There i!l 11!l0 I flir bit of blood· shed when beating up the glngslers which looks ucellent unless you live in Germany whereof coune it will be green. Core a re Ilso planning to have a lot of interaction with the environment in much thesamewayoninVC2. Alrudyyouclnsmuh peoplethroughgllss elevltors like in Ruel's sllge of Fighting Vipers I ndinth efinis hedver· .~ .~/ sion you'll be I ble to do I lot more damlge too. ..< "We'repredicting thlt this 81me is goinl to be big this summe., so youclngulranteelhlt we'Ubefollowingitvery Die 1111"\1 Areade with mof'l chlMlcl.rtllld mOf'lff'lHIIfn? Tup! cio!lely until then ...


_ ,._

- ~\!~It~' ·

l .... . .


t .·






Regular readers of SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE might remember this game as we previewed it monlhs ago, It used to called simply "Tank", Now it has the considerably more macho title of Mass Destruction, Let Ihe carnage begin anew!







As you can ,ee. Man Destruction Is . game principally about tanks. Three of Ihtm art on offer.t the beginning of the same. EUli'ntlally, their ha ndling and weaponry i. pretty much the same. The differences occur when It comes 10 the speed and armo ur levels of UtI! Ihree

vehides. Badcally. the more armour your tlnk Is carrying, lhe slower ills. AI thb stage In dtytlopmentthue dOt!'sn't appt.u 10 be so much differtnc!! between the tan1u really, JO It', pe rhaps Mst to go the best armour.

throllghtodrivinlbstcluOItludiuous sp«ds, just about eV1!rything hu been cOYered. Often the most ntisfying games ,ut! onu where you'll! in (ommand of some huge mobile fortlen and you basiullyblow the (r;apout of everythIng with no regard for human life. Such is the case with Man Destruction, which hu been urefulty honed to be (ilt l4i!ut potentially) one of the satllfylng bluters of recent timn. AnyanewhahaspliiyedFlrePoweror ihsequel , Return Fire, should be Instantly at home w ith the kind of no-bra iner activ,!,n depicted in Mass ~truction. You ta ke control of one of three tanks. each with the ir own strengths and weaknnses, ilnd your job is to take on various mist lons proffe.ed to you. which gen. e'illlyinvolveblowingthlngsupandcoll«tingthings. And then blowing mare th ings up.

The game is depicted insuper·smooth polygo· nised 3D (with iI screen upda te of 60 frames per sec· ond) ilndyou. tilnk is armed wit h iI variety of weapons, which results in some of the mostsiltlsfy· Ingpy.olechnlcs. Thelilndscilpeismildeupof a huge .ilnge of buildings. and all of them are complelely dntruct ible. Sp,ite·based explosions ilbound, ilnd the effects generilted depend on the size of the building iinnih llilledillongwiththeweilponused. Of cour!i-e, your rimpanl sortie through the enemyteflilin isn't withaut incident . You're very li kely to meet iI whole host of enemy tanks ilnd foot saldie rs Inte nt on bl i stingyou Into oblivion. You 're illsogolng tahilvetodealwilhsame nillurill hilz ilrds · yourtiln k Cin survive under wat er fo r iI s ho rt

Atank game based around total, rampant destruction . , Mass Destruction looks like being amost amusing game Indeed



IhliJ'!JII~il ~1

WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION! When It comet to wupons, your tanks illt pretty well dKked out. PressinB the A button cycles through the various artillery you've got packed into your tank, with the C button lettingloose a found. In temu of actual weilponry_ wen, you name it, it's there. Mines are pretty cool, but of fu more use azl! the various fomu of missile you've got in your arsenal (the best beinS the homing missile). ThHe product some prdty spectacu1u explosions. Should you run out of ammo, you can always trust yow cannon to do the Job.

time, so traversing rivtrs and slJchlike can get preUy dangerOIJS.


Originally a PC title, Mass Dest ruction has converted extremely well on tothe Saturn. As you can see from the screenshots. the same has a very simple look

hut like a real tank, the tunet of your trusty ve hicle can be spun around independently of th e bottom section. This Is achieved by using the sholllder buttonl on the Joypad, Using this, It's possible to fire in one direction whllst travelling in another, On the two-level demo we've played, this isn't that useful, although we daresay that on the final game where there's going to be a whole lot more going on It collld well be the difference between life and death.

toil,butyet(andatthesamctlme),whcnyouSl:'t Mass Destruction in action you can't help but be impressedatthefluidityofthegamea!ongwiththe impressive conflagrations when a meanie or bui!ding buys the farm. The.e are a!so some nice specia! effects asweU, most notab!ya reflective river with a bridge spann!ngit.Nice At this stage In development, Mass Destruction looks very promising. SeGA SATU ~ N MAGAZINE has onlyhadasmaUplay-testsesslononatwo¡leveldemo ve. sion of the game which was pretty limited. With loads more levels added and p.ogressivety mo.e interesting chailenges and missions, Mass Dest.uction cou!d weli turn out to be one ofthose -sleepe. hits" wekeephearingabout.Atthistime, justaboutaUof the ha rd wo.k in getting the game engine auoss is complete-It'sjustacaseofaddinginthoseeJct.amissions. We should have a more complete version of the game In the SeGA SATURN MAGAZINE offkes neJct month,sostaytuned,asthesayinggoes




IBLACK DAWN Blood! Sweat! Shrapnel! Flying body parts! Just another day inDave Kelsall's toilet. Meanwhile, in another of the world's war lones, a lone chopper pilot is treating some drug de lers to an invigorating dose of napalm ...







'''AR CH




(oll,.psl!' of Communism In the former SovletUnlonmlght havt seemed like a good ldu at

new helicopter combat simulation, Black Dawn, The sequel to the PlayStation hit, Agile Warrior, this game sends you on 28massed-megalomaniac-mashing missions in eight of the world's trouble spots. Your simple Saturn controller gives you the power to pilot the AH-6g Avenger, a chubbylittleattatkhelitopter that bristles with tannons, high-powered missiles and tactital nudearweapons. Chubby and liUle it may be,but when th e time comes for attacking, destroy路 ing, escorting, rescuing and defending.there'snobetterdanger路craft. For your first mission, you're sent to New York's fashionable Central Park which has been cap-

Ihe time, it hu proved a major inconVi!niencefor ClutOIS of action movies and video games. With no dirtyCommies left to

shoot, and all Ihon He ltfi rl!

missiles going spau~, a new t'H. get was reql.llred. Fortlln;lltely,


In tnle 3D simulation style, Blael< Dawn is replete with diHerent camera angles that gin you diffe rent penpectlves on the action. They all look pretty cool, but you'll probably find that so me are mOfe useful thiUl others .

. , S EG.l.\ SAT1J R N

M iddle Eolsterntelloristorgani路 sationswtrt ludytosamely springintothebruch,andthusthe entire shoot 'em I,Iplndustrywas uved for us all. Cheers ladsl US developers, Black Ops also owe these 'social misfits' a debt of gratitude beuuse without

Although Agile Warrior never mad~ it to the Saturn, Virgin have seen fit to release ItS sequel. Black Dawn to the Sega machine!

THE HELICOPTER PAO If you've ever tried it you'll know that flying


real helicopter is tricky work -you could say it's almost like drivins two call at onCl!, one of whidl iJ a flying carl To gilU!' Black Dawn an extra eleme nt of realism Blatk Op!l have made th e controls as comprehensive as possible, but cramming them.ill onto the tight buttons and O-pad of a Saturn controller has mildl! for s.ome complicated key combinatioll$ that may prove somewhat befuddling for new players_ Fortunately Blad; Opt have also included two alternative control variations, one of which is biased towards rnaJdng the control of the chopper usirr, whil e the other is attuned to giving b4!tteJ access to your weapons. Our brief preview playt" t seemed to reveal that ill tiuH were iU complicated as each other, but a bit mort practice and we'll probably have worked them out. Don't you wony.

IIlnllllWl1!YOtI 're doomldnow, mlst. r! tl.lred byHel Bollah terrorists armed with sto!en

artillery. Vour firsl priority is to reS{ue eighl ofthete rrorists' hostages w ho have slipped their bonds and are running to the edge of the park with a battalion of hijacked tan ks ha rd on thei r heels. With Ihe hostages de livered safely 10 the loca! kidnap crisis centre, you have to give those terrorists a good seeing·to by fi rst demolishing their mobile early·warning radar vehides, then knocking out the howitzers that they're using to bomba rd the island of Manhaltan, home to nume rous celebrit ies who have a lot of connections uptown Stealth is as much a part of this game as mindless carnage, and rath er than storming straight intoa warzoneit'sbest tousethelong·rangesensingpowe rsofyour rad a r to spot IiIrgets well before they spot you a ndthenproceedslowly.ta~ing them on a couple at a time. Steerclur of unnecessary t argets toodest roying them will only waste ammunition. fuel and time and in some missions you·re wor king against time and an ever.dlmi nishingfuel supply. Luc kily.

Tl kl Ollttlllt tlrget!

smashed foes releaseerlra ammo, fu el and armour wh ich you can collect and lIse lnthe name of truth and righteousness The Black Dawn preview disc on ly arrived in the SEGA SATURN MAGAZI NE office a few days before we wt'nl 10 press so we 've only had a br it' fopportunity 10 play it, but we're quite impressed by what we·ve seen of it so far. Th e 30 graph ics are looking great. with minimal pop·up thanks to the lIse of that handy 30 gam e programme r's 1001, the mist effect . Also impressive is Ihe waylhata realistic he licopter simu· lationyfeel has been incorporated intothe hardco,e arcadt' blastingmayhem. Th e questionthat'sdoubt less on your drool -coated lips, though. is, "Can this be any beUerthan Core's Thunde,hawk 11· fi,esto,m/ ". Weli.forthal informal ionyou·re going to have to wait liII next month, wht' n we' ll be giving 81ac k Dawn Iht' fllli SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE ' t'vi ew




Fresh from the success of the mighty Tomb Raider, Core Design are BACK. This time they've gone back to their roots, producing their first 20 game for many ayear.







Playing two poncey kids 15 how Swagman starts out, but Zack and Hannah are not really up to the rigours of the Te nortrles, Swagman's fantasy la nds hiding his nightmare legions. Whe n acceu to these is obtained, the kids use theu dre amdew to turn into Oreamheasts, transforming them into monstrous fue-breathinll mutations of themselves. The Tenortries are des igned to tax the better gamesplayer, who flits betw~n them a nd the sub-levels of the kids' house. A$ the ga me goes on, the Te rrortries bf!gin to dominate , making the game more Intense.



hem ~ n)"developments ofCo'e


~re f~miliar


URN MAGAZINE, but it's only

since the success of Tomb

Riliderthilt th e Oerby developer (part of

th e Eidos groupJ has sbrte d to attract the cOffrage it dese rves. Swa gm an Is in line withCo.e·s ne.... lyfounddivtrsityln idu s, bel"!! the camp .. n)"'s fint 10 g.. me since Chuck Rock lI, thr eeyn .s bilCk. Swagman has also had one of the longest gestation periods of any Saturn

game; three years the team have st.uggled to bring all theirgameplay ideas and graphics idusto life. The initially devised the plot-twochlldren,Zack and Hannah,a.e plagued by nightmares, really the work of the

Swallman, an evil dream creature. To protect them, there has always been thedreamflillht,aswarmof mallital flies that use dreamdew to counter Swallman·sevil magic. ButSwagmanhassystematicallytrappedthe Orumffillht. to luve no antidote to his nightmares andarouteintothewakinllworldpossible.Thechil·

sprawlingarcade·adventu rema p. The plot seems uncomforta bly reson ant ofSella·s NiG HTS. but Swallman's team are quick to deny any charlle of pl a lli ar is m, indeed they had theidu first . Act ually, they don't care much for NIGHTS, d ismissinll it as a 'great demo'. They see Swallman as being more productive in terms of lIamepl ay. Hmmm, the views e xpressed in SEGA SATU RN MAG AZI NE are not always those of the publisher... The lIames that do inspi re Swallman are Zelda and Zombies, t wo hits of the 16·bit e ra Swagman matches Nintendo's Zelda in terms of size. with complex multi·level scroUing ma ps. a nd the challenge of the game is to fi nd and use obJect s thal will open up new arus of these levels. However. the player ma kes his ways Ih rough levels prOllressively. not back and forth. unli ke Zelda a nd more in line with Konaml·s Zombies, a great planview shoot 'em up. Core would be ha ppy if Swallman could calchthe inlensityas much as Ihe style a nd atmosphere of Zombies. Let·s hope they succeed. ~







.t . ,- ,



NIGHT ON THE TILES Making a lD game may teem pas~, but fot Swagman'li lum It has been a headache, predsely becaU5e the 3~·bit machlne1l an so welllupported a5 10 machines. It's also bftn a mammoth task to dnigngraphia le'tl for all tht difftrtnt sorts of environmenb they wanted to include. Instead of creating repeated polyaon·texhued environments, SWilgman usn an intricate lD tilt map tditor to alter the gtaphla on a Ktten by screen WU, but the designe" think It gIws Swagman. constantly (hanging. refrnhln8 appeal

HE MAKES THE SONGS Currently scoring the Jut four tracks for Swagman is Hathan McCttt, ont of Cort's two musicians and the acclaimed composer of Tomb Raider soundtrack. Sw;asrnan propoli tl to have

mort of thest atmospheric, symp honic sound· leapes in the b ackground, and fit In with the Ins pirations behind the Swagman mythos . the dark, weird works of film director Tlm Burton (BeetltJulce, Batman, Nightmare before Christmas). So In theory we should be txptctlnl Irealthlnlseh1

All,,"'" 20, 5""",111 iHflnlttlJ ~1I1 nl')' IRtmstillJ ,",phlUl flJlf , 11 tu be _ il " .... Kl"lllIIlIolI. TlIe SlIMMI'f 20 powtn Irt •• rIn"H, Mt." "011111 itoiI nl')' cool.

VIVA DOMESTOS BUI' play I stnleglc part in the lilmeplily, addlnl to your problems beyond locating the Drtamfllght. Apparently, Zack has I coUmlon of Ins.tctl Ildlled in all ItindJ ofacrobatia, Including bridging. ThHe sldllJ need to be employed. at vuious points throulhout the lame, and a requbite number of bUls found on that level are needed, turning Swagman into a BUIHunt.

Plenty mwt S"alman plCl fOf'You to drool IIYlr... A'YOllClnMt, CortOnl",hwlurtalnly put a lot oflffort Into.I,lnltb.pmll 6,flnlt•• tyltof itlo"R. r.l, p llllhllbltn IftdmllopllllnlllneatIll32X"lIanftO~IICH


l"I'riewIRIHHlI1UIIIRfSEIlAUTURMIIAIl lllME. ifdplto pi • ••

What's this? An FMV adventure full of magic and mystery that tells the story of a lost man who seeks his lost past in aworld where the wind only blows every four years? Why, yes it is. How clever of you. Now hereare the rest of the details.



_ k~9.99 _


1 ". ,

In the past 'FMV RPG' have been six letters that spelled 'iffy game' to many Saturn owners. Has this genre finally m atured Into something worthwhile? Will Torlco be an Imp rovem ent over its predecessors? Which, In case you were wonderlng,were ...

attoos are ' lwaYi bad news aren't they? You have '. LUV MUM' indelibly inscribed on your forearm , the n you re member that you are actually a new ipecies of genetluUy-englneeredhuma nthatwas grownin a gl a ntt esttube andthe refore hayeno mothe r in th e tradit ion· alsense. Howembarrassingl Wh at aregolngtouy ifapol lce man eYf!'r asks you abollt it, eh? How wlllyolltY"ermarry lntodecent iocietywith iuch a curse? As it happens, Fred, the hero of Torico,has just as much troublf' witllhistattoo. It wouldn't lIaye bef'nsuchabigdellliflle'dlladll glant,full'colourChinese dragon drawn from bultocks 10 shoulde r blades. At least lie could haYf'COYf'rf'd itwitha shirt. But no.lnstf'ad 1If' finds himSf'lf witll an ornate crescent design slap bang inthemiddlf'ofllisforellead.And,as is usual


withthf' sethings,hellasnosubstantialmemoryof how it got there Unfortunately, Fred's tattoo attracts tile unwf'l· comf'lIttentionsofsomedecidedlysiniste.indiyid· ualswhen he wakes uponf' morning inthf' MistyTownjail. Fortunatf'ly,lIiSCf'IImllte seems morf' eccentric than per· vf'rtf'd,andrathf'rthanattacking him In tllat way In which noman shouldbeattacked,hf'giYf'shim tllf' key to thf'Cf'1I door. Bystf'ppingoutside.howf'Yf'r,Fredisstf'ppingintothedogmf'Ss of fate. As hf' tries to escllpe thf' town's twist y st.f'f'ts hf' meets a manwllofirst knuckles lIiminthekid nf'ys.thf'n drags his unconscious form before tile local headman, Lord Gordon. Gordonquizzf'sFrf'donthf'nalurf'ofhistattoo, which apparently marks him as a onf'-timf' visitor to the Clty of tile Moons. ApparentlY,onf'triptothf' City

Who'd have thought that could lead aperson into an adventurefull of magic,


. '. I !lit ;Y" MEMORY SELECT

Mansion of Hlddf'n Souls _ Explore a spooky house Infe-sted by butterflies which contain the souls of the dead. Duff graphics, duff story, duff atmosphue. Duff.

fm find. 0111 of t.OH Scoob)' Doo bookcaH•. AquIck sIIoye and, hlY, thete'. a ncret compartment conttJnln, I klY.

'~I: ~ ;\J,. '



UH the Memol"]' facility to Harch pn t conYI .... tlon. fot clun.

D', Diner - Much gory murder and psychic Intrigue In this thriller from Acclaim. A step on from Mansion, this one looked a nd played bet· ter, though the yolce acting was ropey.

Enemy Ze ro - A sd -tl quest that mixf's rf'nd ned movie action with real-time Doom-style blasting. Sega hann't relnsed this on f' isn't out yf't, but from what we' ye see n It should be cool.



~ ...",~<

Gordo" '. pal l cl. Oult. "al"]'• • ~d¥el"]'$pamlyflltnl$hed .

. , S EG .o, SATIJRN

You'll meet a host of peoplf' in Torlco, some of the m nice, some ofthf'm nasty, some of them a bit mad, all of them with the lovely smooth complmons of pre-rendered chancter._ These people also exhibit the.peech patterns of someone whose brain works in Japanese, but whose mouth translates every wo rd into a strangely stllted dialect of English as It's spoken.

Askhimifheremembel'$ who won the World Cup four yean ago and he'll be completely stum~,


. ~~ I I~'




LOJU) GORDON - He's been nuty and miserable ever slnce the love· ly Louis.J. gave him the elbow four yean ago,


JADE - Gordon'. hench· man. Pops up occasion· ally to give you noncryptic clues and punch Fredlnthf'gut.



THE WOMAN - Gordon'. henchwoman (we didn't catch her name). Not the sort of girl you'd take home to the folks.


~, .~PlI.ddlrlnlb.wllMlmlll.





Hmm. Anln!lrtIUngwindmlll-contnlllinslnef.

The streets of Misty Town are pretty quiet, but there's someone who has QftheMoons isaUyou need to b!o set up with eternal

life, so Gordon, twisted megalomaniac tha t he is, is quite kef'n on discovering its location. If Fred can'l tell him, his own eterrlallifecapabililieswill bet!:'stedto deslruction althe hands of Gordon's violenl buddies. And with Frf'd's memory being what it is ... well, it's not looking good for our boy. Ail this sets the stage for a full·motion video adventure In which the hapless Fred walks the prC'·rendered streets of Misty Town in surch of some due as to how he lost his memory and someOrlt who can give him directions to the City of t he Moons, At first, all doorsaff'closf'dtothf'mystf'fiousstfangf'r, but hf' soon makf'S frif'nds with somf'ofthf'localsanddiscovf'fsthatthf'ff'issomf'thingstrangf'IYCOincldf' ntal about the pt'fiod oftimf'fouryears ago, At thf'samf' timf' Frf'd was losing his mf'mory, Loulsa, thf' town bf'auty,spurnf'd thf'lovf'ofLofd Gordon and mystf'rl ously'disappt'aff'd', Andstrangf' IYf'nough,thatwas around aboul thf' timf' whf'n thf' wind stoppt'd blow -


HmI!!. Th'l'tIfItl adderappemtoblcl'1p.

to say,

ing In Misty Town , Hmmm .., Intriguing, This bf'ing an adventurf'gamf',ofcoursf',allsuchcoincidf'ncf'saff' significant, Thisbf'inganadventuff'gameyou'lIbf'wanting somf' puzzlf's, an' all, most likf'ly, From what Wf"Vf' Sf'f'n ofthf' first part ofthf' gamf',thf'sf' tak e thf' form offindinganobjectthf'nfindlngthepf'rsonwho wants it in thf' hopt' that thf'y'lI givf' you anothf'r objf'ctthat someonf' f'lsf' wants, Wf"rf' assurf'd, though,thatbythf'timf'you'vf'progrf'ssf'dtothf' Torko'ssf'conddisC(Yf'pit'sadoublf'-CDgamf'J this simplf' bart er fun is f'xchangf'd for morf' in·df'pth problf'm-solving. So will Torieo bf' Ihf' first classic FMV RI'(; on thf' Saturn/Or will its Japanf'sf' origins makf' it souninlelligiblf' to thf' Wf'stf'rn brain that it would bf'bf'ttf'r namf'd,asourspf'IHng-chf'cksoftware kf'f'ps Insisting, 'Turkf'y'. find out thf' ful l adventurous truth in nf'xt month'srl'Vif'wl

LOUISA . Lovely(but deadJex-SWf'f'theartof Lord Go rdon. Appean to Fred in a glittering ghostly form. LOUlSA'S DAD - Devoted father,whostillhun't got over her daughter'. death, judging by the way he rambles on.

ANTHom - Bald man withmystlwpDWf'l'$. Collect. butterflies Mcause they contain the souls of the dead. OR MORSE· Gordon's personal physldan. Has a poor bedside manner (~Get out of my surgery~ swns It up). ROSE AND MAL - The mothf'r-and-son who run the flower lihop.

Pleasant, but the kid's a pain In the ane. MAC - A clockmaker who, apparently, has no respect for a man who ha. no respect for time. Another

madman ",:,~th:.n::..-=:"~~~~ . . SEGA 5 ..o,TURN

1~ I:II:Ji1Iil"ll

ILOST VIKINGS 2: NORSE BV Rape? Pillage? No thanks. mate! All these dishevelled Scandinavians need is aplatform'puzzle scenario and they'II be happy for hours. Clearly those cheap history bookslied.




1£44 . 99





.., .

~~... :r~;;. 1 n.~ Cil


...~"""",, '"



f' --~""-""~

ARECIPE FOR DISASTER The witch's teieportation spell requires precisely the correct ingredients and llIly minor discrepancy can mis·teleport one of the Vikings to the wrong place. When this happens the lemming Norsemen have to manage on their own until they find someone else to help out. A new member in the gang brings a new range of abilities. Fang the Werewolf, for example, can leap and cling to wall$, allowing him to cUmb sheer rode facts with tue, and his sharp claws let him shred any foes who cross his path. Scorch the Dragon, meanwhile is a great ont for flying around and breathing balls of fire that reduce his enemies to ashes. Thrlllingl

~~~~=J<~~~;~~t 11 .. ~~£ .

~ ~




.,,-. ~-....


owhe reinthe Gru tGrlmoireofGamts Desig n does it say, ~ tfthou wishestthy platfotm·punle game to enjoy g,ut <rit· iul acclaim, thou should~t use Vikings as the main (h ara ctets.~ at at lust it doesn 't say th at in our copy, Interplay must have a latet edition, though bfiauselhisi~txactlyt h eplantheyfoll owed wh en

thtybroughtoutLodVikingsonthe SNESand Megadrive, and evtryone loved the pants off it, Having found th e magic formula, Interplay a rt giving it another go on the 31-bit formah, with Bum Softwa.e doingthe progra mm ing and installing a host of new futures while they're on, The sequel surts as our three he.oic No.semen a.e sailing ba(k home after escaping the dread clutch· es of the sinister alien known as Tomater, How upset they must feel whe n, within sighl of land,lhty feel thilt familiar tingle of the teleporte. bfoam and they disappear Into thin ai., Olaf. Erikand Baleog.emale.i· alise In Tomate.'s spaceCfaft and after listening 10 his

megalomaniac banter for a while they maflage to escape. But btfore they can retuffl to Iheir longship, oafish Olaf,the really stupid,fat, food·cra zed one who can't.ead mis takenly presses a buttofl that transports all three of them to a distaflt point in the space·lime continuum. The boys are distracted from their immediate urge to bfoat Olaf to Scandinavian pulp by the more pressing concern of once again having to find their way back home. They find themselves in ancient Transylvania, and a nearby witch informs them Iha t she hils a short·.ange teleportation spell tha t will lake them partoftheway bad to Tomale r's space· craft,butshe needs three magic ingredients to make the spell So,theVikings have to spend each levelhunling around levels full of platforms, locked gates and rilv· enous monsters looking for these Ulf« ingredients Ihen they have 10 getting them bil ck to the witch's cauldron. Adually fonding the ingredients isn'\ so dif·

After their first 16·bit adventure the Lost Vikings are back! Their zany antics are conceptually similar to their activities in the first game

... ..


.,..~ ~ ~


.... '



.. .. ""'

, ....


" . ~

THOSE VIKINGS IN FULL M In the orlginalgante, each of the Viking. has his own . ptdal abilities and tools. Some of lhe.1dlli: are the Rme as In the fint game, • few .pare pub blaSSed horn TomlleT' . hip at the.tart of the adventuR pw the boy • • omt . auey new powel1ll

fkult-it'sthe getting to them thilt's the p,oblem. The Vikings ilU hilw their own speclill ilbilities, but none of them can manilge the task on their own. It's only by

poolinglheirtalentsOlndworklngtogelherthatthey Cill'I triumph. There's a lenon f Of us all there-tfonly we'rl! smilrt enough to l f f It. Needless to uy, jf one of thet riosuccumbstothepefilsofSil~gesupe.niltufal cfeatur~Ofpitsofflamedu'inllalevel.the,e·sno

chance of campl"i"g it. fortuniltety, Freyi!. Goddns of fridil),isilfound for emergency relrn:llniltlons, so you

cilnillwilY'hilve;tnothe'gG. Oncethelngredlentshavebel!nfound~ndml.ed

into the spell, the Vikings

~re tr~nsported

tothe next

oftheg~me's31Ievels. Thelevels~resprudoverfive

different worlds ~nd from Tr~nsylvanla our boys travel to ~ I~nd populated by belligerent pirates, and after that t hey find themselves In trucherousJungle terrain , Weactu~lIyrecelvedourfl n lsh edcopyoflost

Vi kings 1 loo la te for review In this Issue of SSM, but from what we've seen of It sofar,lhls has every cha nce of repealing the success of Its fore ·runner. Improved graphics (all Ihecharaclers and s<enery are ray-t raced models this time) and a host of braln·muhIng pUlllM make this a game to watch Ol.It fori Review next month. Viking_lovers!

Baleos Is Mr WUPOIU, using a Jtolen energy .abre for .hort-range defence, and a bionic urn for more distant tugds, The bionic urn b also useful for pbbing wueadlable items, and JWingingacroll chums ala Bionic Co~do.


letter~ Greetings, pretty ones! The hour is once again upon us when we place a virgin mail sack on the skull-studded SSM alta r, slice open its soft, polythene hide and remove the still-beating envelopes as a s8cdfice to our ancient and lenible gods! But the appetites of the gods can never be sated and forever are we damned to seek new letters with which to placate them! Pretty ones, you are OUI only hope! Send your letters 10 us before the decline of the next lunar cycle or this world will be levelled by a mighty thunderboltl Already the storm clouds gather over yonder mountainsl Write, pretty onesl Write with all your bira.strength, to THE MAILBAG OF PAGAN DANCING,SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE, PRIORY COURT, )0-3:1 FARRINGDON LANE, LONDON, EC1R 3AU.

SATURN BACKLASH ... BACKLASHIDII hfore Chrbt_5, SSM WIJ .111," with hlHen from s.tllm ownen cOIKemea tUt tlte Pla,st.Uo" w........'n. tltelr machine. behind. Shoukl tltey HII lip .nd .wltch 5k1ell"Nol" h tlte NPIy from OWr N • •n", Du,.SSM, I had 10 wrilelhis letter in response 10 Ihe letters of MikeyT and Chr is Nighlingal e. I have many friends who goon abouI this J)laySlillion vs Saturn thing and the N64 that Is supposedly going 10 mash up my Saturn. Sut when they come around and play on my·Slack Seauty'they never want to leavel Andth at"swhenl remind them about the J)layStations and N64S they're supposed to begettin gl And I also take this opportunity to remind them What's still to come to Saturn They never have any comment, just that now customary nod of respect. Many a j)erson has been converted afte r playing the Saturn al my place. You(and anyone else who thinks so negalively) would be mugs to sell up. Ride Corb;n, PlumdNd

was taken in by the hype,bul I really feel that graphically the PlaySta tionhas peaked while the Saturn gets stronger aft er every game. Let me finish by saying to all Ih edejected Saturn owners. you canl playt heSega arcade conversions on th e PlayStation. And believe me, most PlayStation owners envyyouforthilt Keep the faith. Paul BurrowJ, Dagenhom. fnu


:~~;:!:t;'::~!:::;l:~~:I:: ;on:.::;~~~;:;t:~::

owntrs c1on't, 10 Itt'. all be happy with what we've lOt. This tonelpondenee II now dOled - 50 NO MORE PLAYSTATION LETTERS, OK l

CHRISTMAS NIGHTS 0' ANGUISH Du,.SSM, I feel I must put pen to paper abaut

DUR SSM, I am concerned about these letters from Saturn owners who are disgruntled with Sega. Why? Why? Why? With the exception of WipEout ~097 how many games are there on the Sonythat are actually worth forking out f400r fsofo r?lownsix Saturn·exclusive games (as well as games available for both machines) and SFAl and Darkstalkers are far superior on the Saturn. Pd~r CoombtoJ, Broc/Chom, Surrey DURSSM, A year ago I wanted to buy a new console. For me there was only one choice - the J)layStationwasobviouslythe better machine. Everyone WilS talk ing about it and thequalityofthe initial software was much better than the Saturn's. ThengamM like Tekken l and WipEout l097 came out and only seemed to prove the J)layStiltion was better-o, so I thought. Two months ago I sold my i>layStalion and bought a Saturn. Oh, I took some stick from friends but once I had played on my nephew's Saturn I realised th at although graphically the J)layStation sometimes has the edge, theSatu rnhasthe bestgameplay. Sega Rally isthe best racing game on any milchine. rveowned Ridge Racer and Formulalandtheydon'tl!"vencomeclosetothegameplayofSegaRally. Also VFl is the best fighting game. I owned Tekken l and for me the Sega game Is better. Don't get me wrong. I'm not here to slag off the PlayStation. Ifs a great machine, but so is the Saturn. I bought a PlayStation beuuse everyone els ewas.1

Christmas NiGHTS I have had a Segaconsole in my house for the last five years and lastyearl spent over f300 on games for the Saturn. Sefore Christmas I gol VirtuaCop land FightingVipen and when I bought the games I asked for my copy of Christmas NiGHTS and the shop assistantlold me they didn't have it. I have since found out that if I had gone a further two miles Into Leeds city centre and boughl my games there I would have got it. Th isisstupld I phoned Sega in London to find out how to get a copy of Chrislmas NiGHTS and was practically told , "Tough, it's not our problem". Well,l've got newsforyouSega,itisyourproblemifpeoplecan'tgetit.lcanhardlyta ~emy

gamesbackforarefundsothatlcanbuythemaga inlnsomeothershopthat uses a different wholesaler. I feel Sella have let me down over this . I have NiGHTS a nd was looking forward to Christmas NiGHTS, but it now looks li~e we will never get to see it Mr Steph t n Crump, Tlns hUJ, Lttds Du,.SSM, About Christmas NiGHTS. I heard about it in October and Immediately started drooling. However, no maller how hard I tried I Just couldn·t get my hands on itl Icouldn'l find anyshopsthat·didtheoffer'. The shops whe re I bought Daylona CCE and Virtua Cop l in December wouldn't give me it, and it looked like my last hope of gettln!! it was via your subscriptions offer. However my Mum wouldn't give me the money to order your maga Zine, leavin!! me without Christmas NiGHTS. Is there anyway I could get iH Please,I'm willingto pay money for itl Andre w O'Flohuty, Moghull, MerseYJide

., ::::~~:~:;::;ol::': :~~a::;~:!,:S::~~~;'t:;~O~~


theif beJt by .hippinS out the co. to the letailen and horn what we can Ite there has been a combination of there limply not belnl enoulh to So

around alon(WUh what can only H deKrlbed as peed b), .ome .hops. We would have liked to have covermoW\ted It, but U Jult couldn't be done.

compared to the original Saturn. He's absolutely mad about computers ~nd has 01 N ES, a SUpe'r N ES. a Jaguar, a Saturn OInd 01 M egad rive 2 an d he t hinks he knows II aU. Cou ld I hilveyourcomment l Kurt MQrtln, 8irmlnghllm

VlRTUA nDIUM DUI SSM , Ar~ w~ the only ones out there who ~re getting rully fed up with ~II the crOlp 3D beOlt '~m ups IhOlI ar~ being slung 011 us left, righl ;lOd centre? VFl - plOl~ through Ihis rushed IfOlsh OInd binned il ~fter ~ d~y. I Ihl nk il WOlS Ih~ fOlsl action OInd brilliant moves thOlt kept us glued to the saeen_ NOn Vi rtuOl Fighter Remill - Sil me ted ious gameplay, new graphics_. BORING1VIrtua f ighter J - two new chOlrOlcters, Silme old CRAPII Fighting Vipe'rs - d~jOl vul VF Kids, VF3, ust BrGnll_. the list lloes on OInd on and on. WCfW, whOlt 01 trut Flllht~rs M~gaMlx will be, cOIn't wait for th is one. Ifs su re to be OIS riveting OIS t h~ oth~rs . ls this 0111 SegOl thin k we want from our neKt genera t ion consolesl Don't get us wrong, w e t hink SegOl 's the best. But th~re's still 01 lot of good gOlmes being produced out there that are not OIS over· hyped OIS t he VF genre bu I are bett~r gOlm~s, ~g. X-M~n COlA, UMK} and CiuardiOln Heroes. Not only do these games look better, they OIlso plOlY much better w ith fillst iIIction and SUpe'rb spe'ciilll fTIO\/eS. WeCilln'lbelieveX-M~ndidn'tg~ttheratingitdeserved-OIllyouCOlred

OIbout WilS the

poxy borders. Last time we checked, the slle of the borders didn't

OIffect lhe gilmep/ay (I bttyou~ chcmgt your mind /fyou sow flit lap vtrsion - Rich). Were you on something w htn you decided 10 give Vh 97"1 Having previ. ouslyCfWned the game we found it c~rt~inly didn't IIYe upto 0111 the hype it was given. We were very diSilppolnted with the game and tlte most it deserves is 60%, wh~rus

~ ClearlythU frlendofyounilaleaclin, uponent of low-pde Jive~,_The HCond-ed.Ition Satunur have all the J>OW*r of the orlJinal machin.., but in a more compact dnllft. Abo, the newer Satunur come packaltd with the JapanHt con!tolleu which ue much more r"poru:iY. than the old joypad.l that you mate ', .W! cudin, hiI.lmian,.ws uound. Anyway, how de-ve.r can he H if he boulM a Jalllarl

JOJrlJrIY COLlINS Ou•• SSM, My nOlme is Jonny Colllns OInd 100m roclt solid t o say the leOlst . Thel efor elbellevelt Is In Sega 'sinttrests t o model one oflhelrneKtVirtua FighterchOlractersonmeu

t ilm rock hillrd. Forget Pet~r Andru OInd his mysteriOUSgirl -I'm t he ultlmillte mOlle w ilhtlleultimOltesix·pOlck. Belleveme, thechar~cterwou ldberoc.solid.

And remember BRUSSELS EQUALS MUSSELS. PleOlst think about it Of I'll throttle)'il .

Jonlly CoIlinJ, (ondon, Es. ~

Oh, JOlLfty Collinl- you' re a daft UN! And you bow what you can do ~ withyouz'lx.pack.

a gam~ lik~ X-M~n, with l OO times bett~r playability should get at lust 96%. We 're not saying 011130 games OIre rubbish - we really rate At hlet e Kings, Virtual On, Tomb RiIIlder iIInd the Oie Hard arCillde gOlme - but w~ f~~1 that most th~s~ 3D


games are too slow ilnd hilve very short lifespans. Is there a nyon~ out there w ho i11l1ree1 w ith us? Out yourselves NOWII

OI .u SSM , It's occurred to me, with all

Alt It Chclrlt' " lIdOGvldMtdcl ff, Llltoll, 8t ds.

rf; -::;.:;:~;~~~ ~:'~~':~~~-':~:':e~::!t;~~::~rdevelopment intll thHt lam" which ue acclaimed the world. over and )'ou clhmls. them as " BORlNGI". Begone or I , hall cnuh you like a bug for thU oultagNU inJOlencel Oh, hold on... what', thl.,

AM-POOl DUI SSM , Th lslsn-ota sIOlg ·downl~er, buttheAM

DepOlrtmcnts iII,,:n't as llood u you mOlk~ them out to be. I mun th~lr conversions iIIr~ ellcell~nt , they rully try their best, but sometimes they convert gilmes thillt iIIre almost IdentlCilll tothe la st one they converted. For Instanct, Virtuill On Is no different 10 t he VirtUOl Fighter series rul ·


of arude compOln les such as Namco, Irem,

Segil, TOI lto, Will iillms ilnd whOtver else releasing ret ro compilOltion s of the ir old clusks, why don't COIpcom do the umel They cou ld release 0111 their old gOlmes Commando. Ghosts N' Ciobllns OInd Street Fighter up until f inOlI f ight and SFII (tlteoriginOlI}.l foronewouldlovetop/iIIyarCilldeconversionsofStriderOlndil three·plilyer MercsthOlt milkes use of l he sl • •plillyer OIdOlptor. It's ill pr ettyexclt lng thoullht . Maybe a lot of other people OIre Interested OInd fm sure there are a lot of COIpcom fans out there. CQrl MII'JolI, OGncaJttr ~ There ue JOme cUllentin, yole.. in the gam .. bill who think that thit ~ whole rtlto thing" a poinUell wast. of time, but bein,Ylteran l am.n who ' ... bHn playinllinca the year clot, we mlUlaclmJt to "inl quite into the IdeL Sela Aln brou,ht back many a happy memory, and we a,ne that a Capcom MueUID compilation would be jWlt as goo4l'inal 'Ipt and. Strid •• would 10 down well with Muler .!chard., but _'d rather He Ghouls N' GhOltl than GhOltl N' Goblins_How about It, Capcoml Do you h.u the cri.. ofyouz pubUd

Iy, iIInd the new D~yton~' lIranled It looks 1l00d but they'vechOlngedthellameenlli n~whichlthln. l sablll


Gllrt thMor90 1l , Hol,tt lld, Eutlt.

THI HAlKIDIS lONGSHOT Du.I SSM, Thls ls~lonllshot, butlthinkSegOl shouldtOl keWorldwldeSoccerandchanllelt

from n~t lonal sides to club sides. It should Include ill Division On~ I~ague and a

I'!r.. The AM department. effectively invented. the JD Hat 'em up when ~ th.y cam. up with the orl&inal Virtua 'l,hlu coin-op, and. the reason they .lr.eep prod.udn, follow·upl it: that ,amen world.wide ue conrtanU, claJfto1lrlnr for more of the _ e. Having Nld that, the AM teams haye pro. duced plenty of world-beatin, arcade lam.. which AnN'T Hptin'lam.. how about the Virtua CllpI 1.1, Virtua .acin" Oaytona USA, Sqa hlIy, OuUlun, Afte rburner D, Spa~. Harrier - all of thel8 du. lc se,a tiU" which Ht new ftanclallb in their da,l By the way, if you think On b no clifferent tll Vlrtua fi,Mer you're probably not playing it rl,ht. Mind you, you're probably rl,ht about Daytona CCI. But that cUdn't b.u. forth from any AM departm'nt, in.tead Hinl hand.led by one of sera of Japan'. CS team •.

Cl.ASH O' THI SATUJUlS D.... I SSM, 100mfeelingOlbitdepressedbecOluseevel)'Onel.nowhuOl5egOlSaturn, butlhOlYe ill SegOl SOItUln J OInd on~ of my f,iends uys It's made of chupe" chips iIInd is CrOlp

Premlenhlp Lugue. The top three in Div ision One go up at the end of 01 st~son and the bottom three in the Prem iersh ip 110 down. Also to mOlke l he lame play even bet:ter. The top three teams In the Premiersh ip, should enter a Europea n Ch~mpionsh i p

iIIt the end of a season. And Instud of Just plOl)'ing lugue or cup, a season option should be included, w ith cup flKtures Included inthe edule. I Just feel this would be t he best foot le gillme ever. Thin . ~bout it.

Mlitt Ho/leldes, Wllferiool'lI/t

~ :-~t;.~ ~~t ~~:~:~~~::;~~::~~: ~~!a'';:I:I~~;.~:w

a :e would our 'rench pen-pah fetllf th.y had to pia,. AI West Ham United In.lead of 'arl, Salnt-Germaln. or Manellles Wanderenl And how well would luch a ,ame 10 down with our brethren north of the border If It didn ' t Include any Scotti.h team.l lt lookl to you want to turn World-wide So<;cU into In,land-wlde Soccu - a plan that , In the m ind of any rational human , would blind you a. an eoril me,alomanl ,d Tod-a, Worldwide Soccer, tomorrow, the worldl Say It &In't JO, Mikel Say It aln't JOII

Here we are again. More questions. More answers. And more insane ranting for our resident super'villain editor, Rich Leadbetter, aided and abetted by Sega Europe overfiend Mark Maslowicz. Test their combined inventive genius to the very limits of human enduranceand send them your questions to ... O+A, SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE, Priory Court, 30-31 Farringdon Lane, London ECIR 3AU Please be interesting. IIWIIMPllIIIIII1IS ToSSM, I'm w riting thIs letter to you


~nd pr~ying

that you will

pnnt It, Thanks fo. your t'me 1. Is the Arcade Racer worth buying be<:au~ r~ got a few racing games and I'm planmng to get Minx rH 2 rile heard a bll abouI Myslar,a I1 being on the way It this Irueand when will it bc rcleasedl 3,1 own all of your demod,scs and the latest is the best I'm obsessed wrth Oiytona ((E, When will anothcr disc 4 Is Dark SaviOl hke t..andStal ker and when will th,s be

released' James 8l1cUey, EckinBt0n.

::l~ ~OCI·:: e~:::::n:lr~~~::;~~~.«r'

logue pad, which also wOlks on a.ll new driving games. 2. Hopefully around Apri1JMay · it still needs transialinginloEngUsh. ).Hopefullylnthenextcou· pie of months you should witneu another one. And ~" It will bf' au. 4. It b kind of like LJ,ndStalh r, Y". It should be out as you read thil.

PlllTTOOlOllIMEllCIlSllCUS$,PlWI DeuSSM. Pleaseeanyou pr.nt my letter. I haW' eight questIons for you as I'm a BIG fan of your mag 1. Can you pleilse glW'us readers more demos wIth your milgillinel 2 There isagungamein the arcade called Gunblaster made by AMl. Is it coming to the Saturn and whenl 3. Can you please haW' more than one tips page rnyour magI 4 Can you please find tips for NiGHTS and Virtua Cop

Please answer mtqlJeStions because I am troubled by them 1. When WIll Marvel Super Heroes bI' out rn th!'shopsl 1.Willlherebl'anyw"elessjoystICks in the UKI 3- WhIch is the best, Marvel Super Heroes Of x·Men versus Street Fighterl 4 IS il true that Nameo's System H hardwa.e (which IS being use<! rn TeHen 3) makes thei. games look and run better than anythrngfrom Segal 5 Whya.esales for Saturn so lowl 6. When's the NetLrnk comIng out and how much money will it cosH OrllndoGoocbll,Oevon

., ~:n~::":~ :;~::~;::!~:g~:;:::1I

the summer, Sigh. z, UnlUI il third party company produce-. Ihem, no, In the put they have ~~n notori· owly crlp any way,). Penonillly, we prefer MSH, but XMVSF Is still a dunn good game, 4- NO. Tekken lis runninl on whallooks suspiciously like an enhanced nrsion of their PI~ySt~lion S~tem 11 board (which some have dubbed System n j. Its perionnUlce is nowhere near the same league as Model ~ - Iel alone Model)ls· Allmentionedlastissue,rarnpant stupld· ity is rUe the wo rld over, 8elldu th~y're not low, they're jUlt not as mUlY u that other m~chin~. 6. No fixed date, but 10m~t1rne In '97 at around hoo.

Can youglW'usatlpsvideowlthyourmagl 6 WhiCh system is mo.e powerfuL Saturn o. PlayStation 7 Is there going to bI' a Virtua Cop 3/ 8.CanyoupleaseaskallofAMlforthelfautographs bl'c ause I'm a BIG fan? Kl'ep upthe good wo.k,your mag is excellent S;mon Snow, Som~wh~'~svill~, A,ilon~ ,

No there iln't. You're prob~bly refenl nl to GUnBlade by AMl, which 1I ,cheduled for Saturn, probably at the ~nd of the year. J. The 161astl$lue Ihould han l orted you out. 4. ISlu~ 111"11 had a huge NIGHTS luld~. As for Virtua Cop 2,Iook no furth~r than thi l maluln~1 S. No. It would be too expensive. CD. only fo r SSM. 6. Sahlfn malch~. PlayStalion on enrything bar 10m~ tranl parency and Ulhtlnl effect l. Saturnhumorepro<:eSlingpow~randfar

luperio r 2D capabllilin, 7, There hu been no an nouncem~nl,bullt'sapoSllbUlty.I. No.


IIICloo TO "lIlT 1II~ ImlI ~ ..



print this letter for you to answer some questIons and settleadlsputewhichhasbetncausingmeloh a~

sleepless nights. 1 I re<:ently purchased a Salurn and some games. I'm astound~ WIth the mac hint but my fflends SiY it was a mIstake and I should have bought a PlayStation. I also went to Curry's to look at some games where I overheard a shop assIstant practically slagging offtheSalurn to potentIal buye.s, saying the PlayStatlon was bette r. Well, SSM,whichisthebetlermachrneandwhyl l.Oneoftnegames I bought WilS VF1. Is it worth exchangingthisfor Fighters MegaMlx wtlkh isoutsoon.orwait fOf VF3andstkkwlthVFl j. Will the.e be a sequel to NrGHTSI tfs.o.wtlat is its Jl'leas-e datellsitworthWilitrngfororshouldljustgelNiGHTSI 4 Are there any more racing games planned fo. Saturn of5ega Rally pedigreel Wil l Wipfoull097 eome oull Willi!bI'asgoodas t hePlayStationvefsionl SDoyouthinktha t BugTooisSaturn'sanswertOC.ash Bandicoot on PlayStatlon. Is it worth a 1001:1 Please, please answer these questions or I will send you a use<! loo brush ffom the toilets of iI vind al oot akeaway.


PlETlTurruOUlSTlOII$ quantlty. ~.

upgrade cart at all. 4. DeHnit~ly prefer old Daytona handling. Kind of like the new handling, but Il's nowhere near as enjoyable. S' Certainly not, The orig· inal car Is like a .u~r car, with maximum top .~ed,



4i' ~~:~~;~I:::::a~~t~ !:~:lu~la:;::!d;owe're

~a::::~~~ =:~;~~'~:;:a~;:~;ohuet:: :~r


will work with other gamn too. That's If there Is an

.. ut games ever for 11. We're all getting a bit annoyfll oftheu sG-called expert Ihop anlstantl. All I laidlnt IlIue, send namn and branch Io<:ationl of thne Ihops and we .hall endeavour to ellminate all those whose commentl are an afiro nttoSc!gal.u 1 said ear· Uer, Saturn hu some ditflculty with someoflhe


PlayStatlon'llIghtinlandtran.parency~tfertl, butlt


hu more CPU pro<:~ulng powu and far superio r zD capabillUu. 2. Slick with VF1, but get MegaMix u wetl.Onlyconsldergettingridofoneofthell<!when VF) a p~arl. J. Whatenr game comn next from the Sonic TUrn will be awnome, but you are a fool for not having NIGHTS at thil momentl8uy II -It's one of the ~It gamn nerl4. No news on WipEout 1097 (aithough it I1 likely to ap~ar laler in the ~arj, but in Ih~ meantime I'm l ure Maru: TT Su~r81ke and

answerthes-e pretty little questlonsl Ta I.W l llth~tlovelySnatcherevercomeoutontheSa t urnl

2. Is it p.ettydamn likely tha t 5ega wIll use an upg.ade cart fo r VFll j.lftheydo,willitbeaVFlonlythrngorwillitbl'an actual Sa t urn upg.adel 4 00 you prder, or even likt. !ht newhandhngon DaytonaCCEI sDoestheorigrnalca r,whenyouget it,handlellkethe oldgamel Ben Edgell, HllIshlm

Sc!1~TourlngCarChamplonlhipwilllortyououl· S·

Bug Too'l pretty good, but you want NiGHTS, young man. NiGHTS, you hear me? N-I·G·H·T-S.

MISSION STATEMENT To give you a good


Soviet Strike, here ~ a

m '~Slon


by miSSion breakdown of the first level and so

not to spo,l ,t fo. you a bnef overv.ewof the othe. levels It IS also.mportant to note that various sub mlHlons will pop up from t,me to tim e In a rand om man ner whrch divert you from the tilsk at hand for a wh,le





NOTIS: When it comes to sheer athleticism and ~r, you can't reil1ly get better than Baratus the Fighter. In tenns of strength and ~rof attacks. this guy is in a dass of his own. He's also ~usduI路 in that he can run faster and jump highel than the other two classes. When it comes to Ust of mana, Baratus is also impressive. despite his aappy magical p~s. TIuee of his four weapons can be used without mam and the axe and hammer only use minlscule amounts of the mystical magical enemy. A ~rful char.lcter indttd.

WEAPON #3, HAMMER OF RETRIBUTION The most powerful base weapon, the fighter Is able to dish out three punches In quick succession btfore a pause, making him able to dish out more damage than other characters using this level of weapon. The fighter has an easier time to btglnwlth, obvlously.

As a close range weapon, It's not that much more ~rfulthan the axe, so it's btst to use it as a long range weapon in conjunction with green mana, In its long range form. a green fireball is dbhed out which can take

WEAPON #3: FIRESTORM This is quite similar to the Spiked Gauntlets employed by the Fighter. Unfortunately, although the mace has a longer range. it isn't quite as powerfuL On the plus side, you don't have the embauassing pause after Ihe Ihird consÂŤutive hit.

A powerful weapon that inflicts plenty of damage, the Firestorm sends a streak offire hurtling along the floor. One problem is that it hugs thefloor,soyoucan'tfireitacross gaps at your enemies. You get fairly good value out of the four green mana used to fire up thls baby.

WEAPON #4: WRAITHVERGE As mentioned above, this is the most powerful homing weapon in the game and abo the costliest In terms of man a (18 of each co!our}. Ghosts shoot out that seek out and extermi-

NOTES: Pretty weak In combat, Oaedo]on specialises In long range fighting. keeping his opponents away from his fraU body, Although his attacks use up more mana than his comrades', Daedolon is correspondingly more powerful and he also has the advantage of having a fairly decent ranged weapon that uses no mana whatsoever, There's certainly something of an art to using Daedolon and taking him to his limits, and certainly he's the character which requires more than the skills you would have honed In Doom



The weakness of this weapon is kind of made up for thanks to its long range powe", allowing you 10 take out foes from a distance. It's also notable In that the boils pass through foes, so if there are a bunch oftheminarow,they'lIallbeequa!. Iy dama.ged.lntrtgulng_

Bolts of electricity alC out from the ground and the ceiling ina most Impressive manner. Once it has alar· gel,ltlocksonandelectrocutesthe hapless meanie 10'" l,w,,~,"d'. IFo, this fine monster-destroying service, you're charged a fairly de<ent five


.. ~



WEAPON '*2: FROZEN SHARDS Visually, this Is a most Impressive weapon. Each bolt takes up three of your hard-urned blue mana, but for that outlay you get a total Of17 bolts firingotfatyouropponenlslAtc1ose range. no boils are fired,but you get almost double the damage.




::..<.; ' ;/ ' ,

~~~~'i /

-" -

The fiut person perspective game happens to be one of the most popu· lat, judging by the amount of mail received by SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE. Since so many of you have asked, here we rank the available uamples of the gcnre,

4. DOOM The best 30 engine with the most stunning lighting effects and super· smooth 3D update, As a one· player quest it starts off a bit duU, but later on its brilliance beromesself.evident. Tons oflastabllity too as the Tips Guide in this Issue reveals RATtlfG:94"

It might come after Alien Trilogy on our list, but there's rcally nocompetLtion. Doom is dreadful.lerky 10 update completely ruins the playability and graphicaUy speaking, it's only sllghtly better than the 31X vcr· sion, A classic has been ruined. RATtlfG1S'"

S. ROBOTICA GT's s«ond stab at an id software conversion is pretty damn cool actu· ally, As this showcase reveals, it's an almost fiawless translation of the original manedonlybya slightly jerky 3D update (compared to Exhumed), Still pretty cool though. RATING:""

3. ALIEN TRilOGY In Exhumed's realm of smoothness, Alien Trilogy is pretty damn cool actual\y, A very nice (albeit shortsighted) 30 engine and plenty to do. Ifs just a shame that the aliens themsetves are a bit ofa let-down. Still pretty enjoyable though. RATING:


The very first Doom style game for the Satum, and although it b pretty smooth and quite enjoyable to begin with, the game is crushingly boring with very Utile 10 diffcrent!ate between one level and the rest_

~sPECiA': PlayStGtlon "IIG' ~I Ftnwula I (OffldaD, T....en lw,.l«er, a-y Card and btra JoJpoIiI a.all .... with 0\ FINAJKl CPhene Ulles en om. 600201 f. "alII! ........ _




"0 IOX 147. H.... LOW. ESSEX. CM21 9PH


Glm'!~I"'~1 SATURN .IW IiAMES . . . . . . . . . . I"tMaa

rr-aa.•• t.II44.•• USUI UMfS rr- ca.... .......

n • .DD ,.. u. ...,


- . t . - . ........

DCIUUIIHS wtDI t r * ........... .... . -• ..".., .... IIIH ....... IItI"'iCn._ •• ~....utIll_.DIII-.t.

fDR A fREE CDMPLETE PRICE USTIN& TEL/fAII D17D7 2&8285 Mo. - Sat 10ant - .,Int Sun211. - · pm


GAMES J)Et IVE RY \\' IT III N "Sti RS CM.L J)AVE ON: TEl.: 0121 2430910",,09766971 16

Wllh.1 h'ghly,muยง.ng tdefy,nyonenotto~tte;lstsn.ggersltghtlyatlhebroken ,nd ,(Comp,nyrng on su~n ,d.on Ih;rl ouurs when you. opponenh get struck squ,re.n the lest.cles It S, cI'SSIC v.deog,mes moment 01 the b.t where you untush the power of,n ,nl. t,nk r.fle.n the sm,1I confrnes of, men~ latrrne The simple f,ct.s th~t Irke the best acllon films Ore Hard Altilde fe,tures m;rny entert'llnrng ~t PIKes guar,ntRd to ,muse Like b,t1errng the end g,me boss Into pulp h,s own 100f dubslln f,ct,;l1I th,t s mISSIng IS the trademark ScwartentgJer one-hners. But t m sure you c,n make up your own If you re clever

... -...-... "" --,. " _u_ ----- ....




-_ -- ....... ....





0 ...




00 01

,-._,,,'-,,, 0 ."

' 0" '0 0" '

-....----"'-...... --- ................ ...... --



'" 0' o. ,,.,.,." " 1111.





...... 11. '"


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Since the days of Virtua Fighter J, A.Ml have liven u§ a hidd~n options Krun to find . So It Is with fighters Mq:~MI ... We ~I'fll't really r~~l i ng too much to show wh~t options areaVilII~bleonthiSKrlUn.

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Rdion1ossallactivityonthe game(althoushyoun«dth" ar(ad~ own~r's key to acc~n It) ~nd h~v~ Ie<~ntly add~d this to you pick up som~ pl~tty amning shts. Which ~Iso unlO(It som~


th~ir hom~ conv~lslons. Hel~ c~n

oth~r s~crets.



fte_popalu-XOcUacten... 1IlttbIt .... _ ... _ . . . . . . . , o f c a , . . fiPIIaI .... adteaatITwooftlae_eapdJ . . . . . _ofW.,... ... aa4 X-' " tab ...... attlae ..... _wIoIdatlae _ _ ..eto 4uplkato aa4 cMck oat tIae ozlPu oftIaeM -u..t douacton.


side from htman and Superman, wtloare OWTIK by DC, the world's most re«>rlsable super hero com k creations all come from Marwl Comics. Althoush comk sale5 are continulna to decline, comics dlara(len themse~ SO from strensth to strensth, makIns the leap from printed INae to KreetI In the form of vic!eoaames a nd of course, movies (expect Farrtutlc four and X-Me-n motion pictures this ,.ear in Oiddition to the much vaurrttd 8almOin a nd Robin OindOil"ll!wSupermOinfllck). MarvelSOilT!es licenses abound: we Oilready hOivt X-Men: Children of the Atom Oind MOirvel Super Heroes Oind X·Men Venus Stred on the


When you think about It, comics charactffs are perfectfotolltMS -thetrstreftJthslSperson.Ut6es hIVe been built up Oftr deucIn, ewtyOM knows who they Ire and wt.M they an do and tMlr Vlri· ous wpet-powers IQU for brlll~rrt ~Imft. The only thin. that doH upset me 01 bH Is tNt the characteR Ire forced into pme pnm IS opposed to hm". the pme built lround the character. A1thoup ch"KterlMtlon Is Bood In the Cilpcom flghtlnlllmes. there', only 01 faint resemblance 'n thetr Ktlvltlft comPlred to what they pt up to in the comics, Stili, If the lalM', relllly aood (IIncllll Capcom's Marvel._mes haft been). you an'lcomplain.

MARVEL SUPER HEROES Capeam', foDow-up to the unforgettable X· Men: Children of the Atom is 01 ~am come true falmost Marvel fans. What if Capeam dikhed the lesser known characters from their last Marvel game and Introduced some of the huvy hitters from the rest of the Marvel


That's exactly what they've done with MSH which fe;J.huft Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain Amerlea and lfon MaJ'\ In addition to X-Men Wolverine and PsyIocke. Supervillain prtfel\Ce comes In the fonnof Juggernaut, Magneto phu obKwe dwacters Shwna GoJath and Blackheart. You get some awesome bosses In the fonn of Doctor Doom and


VerJ looWy based on the Infinity Gauntlet series of comics, Marvel Supe[ Hnoes alsofeahues pown-up lnfinityGems which boost their rtSptCttw powers. This 15 classic Cap«lm rtuH, with the X-Men engine being boosttd 10 Its ht!&hts with some txetlltnt chamctel'S and a better version of the Crtatt-AComboS)"tem ustd in ChI1drenofthe Atom. The Saturn vtnlon should be available in Japan ~n Mazcli and May and SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE rusptcts that _11 get a UX

Th~ acdalm~d run of comics by Stan L~~ and St~v~ DUko _th~ guys who creal~d 01' Spid~y. A r~v~laUon In comics as bookish P~I~r Parker g~ls bltl~n by a radioactlv~ spid~ r. Th~ pow~r go~, 10 his head, leading 10 th~ of his IU~ . l~ttlng a burglar g~t away. a burglar who later kills his b~loved Uncl~ B~n . Stricken with r~mo rs~, Parker ~nten the fi~ld of crlm~- flghting, learning that with great power Iher~ must .ho come gleat responsibility. Then urly Issuts are awesome路 brilliantly original bad guys, plus genuine human Interest as Peter Parker tacklts adolescent problems just as taxing as dangerous super villains I Obviously the price of these Issuts makes collecting the originals a fanlasy, bul the best reprina are the hardcover Marvel Masterworb (very hard to find) or the recently released Essential Spider路Man (chup, but black and white and only prinl$ Issues fU to IUO). bigg~sl mistak~

Street F'ghters, meolning tholt the two rosters of fighters teolm up for one mighty rumblel AJI of the X路Men heroes from Children of the Atom return (tlar Colossus. Psylocke and Iceman),their ranks supple路 mented by the iocluslon of Rogue olndGamblt.Solbretoothollsoturns up to help out thevillolins, Street Fighters Ryu, Ken, M Bison,Chun li, Cilmmy, Dhalsim, Charlle, Akuma olnd Zanglefare Cilpcom's chosen SF chilmplons.ThebiggestinnOVoltion ilboutthis gilme is the fact thiltyou ciln choosc ilny two chilracters and sWitch between them at wllII Team Supers bring both charKters on路 screen, pulhng off therr super moves together in an awesome display of po~rTherearealsoTeam

Counters. where one fighter guards andtheotherjumpsontoatta(~

This team stuff means that Capcom

ESSENTIAL MARVEL MOMENTS #2 , JOHlf IIYJIJfII'S 'Ali'TASTlC 'OUII RUM Stan ~~ and Jack Klrby Inv~ntt'd the characters, but the FF wen never greater than in John Byme's run (Iuue, .zog to #293 bh). Despite being over .. decade old, Issues shouldn't cost more than a quid or 50 each. Also look out for The Trial of Galactus book. wh.Jdl features the FF ilt their best along with the most brilliant members of their supporting cast· Silver Surier. Doctor Doom and devourer of pl;rnets, Galarlus! Quite frankly, Byme was the master story trUff and he did both the story and art fOf The Fantastic Four during his run on the book. Fantastic Fow #257 (Included in the afore-mentioned GaladuI book) was probably the most genius issue of all and didn't even have the fF in it, con· centrating instead on Docto r Doom's latest scheme for world domination, his rule of Ms country Latverll_ and of coune, his plan fOf the utter destruction of the FF.

ESSENTIAL MARVEL MOMENTS #3' MIlLIR'S DARlIDlVIt rhl!' man who did The Dark Knight Returns for DC also produced equally stunning work for Marve l at much the

same lime. Frank MllIe r', Daredevil (11'158' .161 and .168 to .190) was as much a mllestone as Dark Knight with stunning artwork and consistently brilliant story· also had probably the best fight scenes in comics at the time with MllIer actually choreographing his characters' actions. PlUS, whenevu the Punisher turned up you know there'd be some serious shlt lolng down as opposed to his latter day puny actlvitles. Batlt bsues are very expensive, but softcove r paperback reprints are common. My stories featuring the Punlshu or villain Bullse~ are highly rec· ommended., but In actuality every islue Is a classic, As well as the Issues above , chedt out the MllIer·.cripted Man Without Fear mlnlserles which only came out a few ~an ago, but shows that MllIer', powers are just as great.

I~ u'nllul X-MEN: CHILDREN 01' THE ATOM This game has been out officialiy since Summer las t year and is a Capcom fighting

game in a class of its own. In Jap;m, It actually

predated Street Fighter Alpha, and to behon· est. a lot of t he problems Capcom solved in later games are evident here, Most noticl'ilbly. the loading t ime and t he omission of some animat ion is also eviden t Despite this, X·Men is still a brillian t coinopconversion, featuring all of the charactl'rs.

Ie<hniquesandgameplayof themass,velypop

ular arcade game. It seems that the Saturn's 20 power is without limit s jl.ldgmg bylhe sheer amountgomgoninthisgame-tryouta Juggernaut v.s Sentinel ba tt le and you just

won't behevethat It's the humble Saturn pfO· ducingsuchincrediblevlsuals unfortunately,Capcom have really let thesidedownwlththequalityofthePAl conversion. The borders aremas~ive,but worsestill,thegamelsalot,lotslowerthan the Japanese and American versions. In St reet Fighter Alpha there was always the option of increasing Ihe Turbo setting to compensat e, bul you can't do it here. In anothertwo -fingered salute to the European games player, Capcom also removed the secret cheat to play as the Juggernaut-definitely the best hidden aspect of the Japanese version. stlll,ifyou have a sw,tch added to your Sa turn to SWitch the machine intoNTsC mode,youins t antlygetovertheworstofX· Men's shortcomings. In fact, for hardcore gamers, getting an NTsC SWitch added to your Sa turn is a very good idea generally, X· Men or no X-Men

ESSENTIAL MARVEL MOMENTS # 4' THE GAl.ACTUS TJtnOGY hsuel -48 to .50 of the F.J.ntastic Four WUI' ntu-apocalyptic for the Marvel UnlverM' as GalactuJ and the Silver Surfer turn up to haVf!' Earth for dlnner. Probably the first plausIble MEnd of the World- story. even the Fantastic Four's powers art as nalllinSln the f.~ of a truly god路Uke creature. The grutest part of Jaclr. Kitby IUld Slln Lu's FF partnenl\ip, thh story began a true age of excellence for Marvel's premier supe r-turn wh.lch lasted a further 50 lu ues before Illiby quit the company. Until John Byme tumed up, Galactus went from supre me being in the universe to petty villain, but here In IheR stories he', rully s.omtthing special. a character beyond mtTI! good or evil. The Silver Surfer became l special, untouc.hable part of Marvel and 51an LH wouldn't Il!t any ont else write this character for many years, maintaining his unique appeal.



How many consoles can claim to have TWO Die Hard games in their software catalogue? None but our very own Sega Saturn! Hah! And to think you nearly bought aPlayStation.



_ 1 £44.99 _ l fIGHTING _ ' FEBRUARY

Th.Hme30en&!lItilusedforlhecul-lIClnIblls. And no, the mllRbl3IUYIln'ttry1nl to tlllk Into I ,idlo taUlItI. lI 's I radio.


ThlsbonuS g1n\I,lrtCrtltlonoflnanclenISegauln-opc.all.d OIlP Sun, is sel.ctlbll from th. IlIII K...... Deptb-chl'1ins Ihe sublurns ~ uln. credits In thl main pm •.

OleHardArude,It'l lboutng/lllnglhIR.

f there's one thing w~ won 't put up with

h~r~ at S~ga Saturn MiIIgilltine It's crime. Bank roblH! ri~s,cattl~-rustling,murder­ ingthe sheriff-II's atl abhorent stuff to your right-thinking SSM bllddl~s. Unfortunat~ly, w~'r~ such a bunch of feebl~, Iny, s~lf·s~rvlng, low·life cow· ards we just cilln't see m to motivate ourselves to get involved in the never·endlng battl~ against day·to·dilly evil thillt bligh!s every stfeet cornerandcommonpillsSiIIgewilly. Naturally it's a problem that causes usa lot of guilt. but, like the rest of Western civilisation, we find we can salve our whining consciences by taking part in imaginary crime·fighting. Die Hard Arcade was the AMI team's contribution to our peace of mind-a coin-op in which you anda chum played at lH!ing memlH!rsofa SWAT team, on a mission to rid a tall building of sinister teHorists and at the same time save the US President's daughter, Though DHAfeatured lashings of enlertainingarmed and unarmed combat the game wasn't a massive hit inthe arcades, but the fact that it ran on Sega's very Saturn-like Titan hardware has made it a cinch to port it over to our favourite home system. (fyou haven'l played the arcade game, these

screenshotsfullofthree·dimensional,polygon-pow. eredfight scenes might mislead you into thinking that Die Hard Arcade Is yet anotherVirtua Fighter·style lH!at-'em-up. Not so. Die Hard Arcade is a fighting game, but the action is more reminiscent of older games 1+ke Final Fight or the Megadrive Slreets of Rage series than more re<entone-on-onebeal.'em· ups. Entera scene andyou're SUlfounded by a crowd of bad guys who attack with fish and feet as well as knives, bottles, brushes and rocket launchers. You havetodefendyourselfinsimilar fashion, using those hand·to-hand combat skills they taught you in Police Academy (not t he movie) as well as whatever dropped weapons come to hand. Even furniture turns oul to be quite useful-there's not much to beat the thrill of smacking a terrorist right In his low brow with an antique grandfather clock. AS in morecompleM fighting games, you can inflict heavy damage evell when you're not armed by using combinations of sequential button presses alld joypad conlrols. Fireballs are off the menu. but it only lakes a bil of practice before you can pull off cool wrestling moves such as throws, backdrops,supleMes and piledrivers. You can even incapacilalea foe with a

What we have here is asuper-slick arcade perfect conversion severely let down by amarked lack of lastability

NOW I HAVE THE GUN/AXE/BROOM! Whill! other fighting games force you to make do with mer. hands and feet , Die Hard Aread", also lets you smack your f08 around with just about anything that comes to hand. Because Ihe building 15 full of terrorists there ue firUJI'l\$ everywhere - some of them mightily heavy-duty - but you ca n cause damag1! just:u usily with mOle Innocuous Items. Witness:


Golftlu". JUltth. t~ln.

Wllydon'lyoul.k•• H.t Yr

wheft)'IHI'l'If•• lll11t.edDIf. fOI'l!Smack!


Grandf.ther clock.llwal'l, Iwll-iklel'l-It"'lJback Tlme! ' ong!

Tb"l'OOmof Ooom. Wlplthl noor with thll crlmlnaJ 111menl!

IliJ"AI""A ~1

One kllel




Act and thlt'. that.

aom Pow! AII"H! Heet.n.

swift kick below the belt, which reduces them 10 hoppit'lgarout'ld clutchit'lg at their crotchl Most satisfyit'lgl As th e heroes rush from floor to floor the fightingactiot'l is broket'l up by reaction-testing challenges. Suddenly the action cub away from t he team to show something happening ahead of them, a bunch ofter· rorists emerging from a room perhaps. An in struction appears telling you to'PRESSKICK" and if you comply in time your characte, chargcsattheenemiesanddrop·kicks them 10 the floor. Fail and you have tostopandfightthemhand·tohand as usual. Other challenges see you dodging a speeding fire truck, evadingrockctsandjumping aroundelevator5travellingupthe side of the building. Though it doesn't have the deplh of game play of otherS at urn fighting games, Die Hard Arcade still stumps up its fair share of entertainment. The action is fast and frantic and Ihere's plenly of variet y from sccneto scene, in the enemies, the weapons illd thc moves. The actioll is easy tocolltrol alld the various 5pecials are simple to learn and inS!alltly gratifyillg, making this a game that's well·sulted to playcrs who find the Virtua Fighlers of this wofld too much to handlc. 8eingipixel-perfectlecreationofthecoin-op

l.0III11111111 milt am.l!

does have its downside in Ihecase of Die Hard Arcade, though. Arly moderately-skilled playef can finish the arcade game in a few credits or less and once defeated it's not a gameyou .....ould readily come back to ; the

game is no different th e second time througtl and

becausrthert"snoscoreyoudon'lreallyhaveanyth ingtobeal. If you're paying a coupleofquidfor Ihe expcrience you're not goin8 to be disappointed. but to shell out f4S for Ihe luxury of playins Die Hard Atcade in your own home ... Well I'm not



would be such a sreat idea. TheSalurnversiondoesn'\

even have ar1yskill setting options.

so there's no chance of incruslng the challenge. In fact the only option you have i5 of making the game EASI· ERby playing the Deep Scan bonu5game that earns you extra creditsl I don't really li ke criticising Die Hard Arcade because it makes an entertaining change from the usual Saturn fighting games and Ididet'ljoyplayingit,

BIrl.If lOll rill to let I~ 111111 JOu IlrtlM'mll,Bummll'!


to duke It out wit. them

it'lboththesit'lgle at'ldtwo-p la~rmodes. Havit'lgfit'l­

ished it ot'lce I probably would play through it once or twice more to make sure I hadt'l't missed at'lyofthe moves, but after that ...? Hmmm. PAUL


Die Hard Arcade offers tons of fun and the sheer enjoyment will bring you back - it's just too short from

start to finish




When this shoot"em'up adventure was released on the PC last year it garnered much praisefrom critics and players alike, but how does it measure up on the Saturn? Why are we asking you?



riendro, is we ilpprOilth th t nut millennl·


1£44.99 ISH OQT



um our civilisation shlnds ill iI uoss,oil ds, andwemustchoosebetweentwopossi. blefulLlres. In on e direclion lies the pluunt'St;l.T.ek'scenario,inwhichlhestreebare clun, no-one's short ofil fiverilnd we'tt illt best milteswithlumpy-hudedaliens.l nlh e othe r lies the 'depressing science fiction series's cenilrlo, whereinbigbusin ess ,UldCOHuptpoliticiansowntheentire world,enslilvlngthepopulace with secrel narcotic additives in thewilter il nd crushing ilny relK>lIion with Ihe

ilidoftheirindedrudibleShildow Guuds. Unfortl.lnilltely, the latttri<e·

nuioiswhe re alitheaction willbe,soit's notsurprisingth~tthat'smoreorlenwhere

Crusader: No lI:emor se is set, The plot is an cunning one, Vou playa Silencer, a cyborg heary in the pay of the oppressive World Economic Consortium. During office hours you and yourbuddiesstomparoundinred~rmourshooting

holes in members of th e anli-WEC resistance until one fateful daywhenyoursq uad is al tacked and alm05t wiped out bya WEC assassin robot, In yourcyber-grief you decide to defect to the resistance, but instead of welcoming you with open arms, the rebe ls I\Irn out to be rather wary of an ex·Silencer trying to be their pal. However, they are prepared 10 let you prove your good int ent ions by sending you on ten tricky missions intoWEC t erritory, lnfittration isthe name of the game, Break into WEC instai!ations and explore males of cOff idors, store rooms,controlcentres andlaborato' ries, sea rching for the lifts thal take you from floor to floor. Vour eventual goal isto locate a nerve centre which invari ab ly conta inssomevitalpiece ofmachinerythatwantsblowingup, Alongthewayyougetto'popacap'inallwho cr05syour path,betheylowlytechniciansor heavily· armed battle roboh,then you can root through th ei r pockets for keycards, weapo ns, ammunition and cash

The isometric viewpoint Crusader uses isn't well'suited to the kind of intense shoot 'em up action that the game is aiming to provide.

~~ ....



-- '




Specill GuutSlar: ED-2G9


II:J'11'~I .1

~ $ '" -~V- --.:,~ .,.. -:. 1 ' .


... _


Bang! 50pl rlsII all who mill wilh thl SlIllH;er!

In between missions you're transported back to the rebel base to be briefed on yoU! next mission . While you 're here, though, you can also catch up on yoU! e mail - always good for a bit of plot exposition, especially the stuff that isn't adchnsed to you but somehow e nds up in yoU! mailbox - a nd trade in those stolen credits a nd yoU! unwanted weapons for some upgraded armamen ts In the gun shop. The briefings are given in FMV windo~, but don't expect anything remotely fancy because all you get is a n actor in a unUorrn looking worried. Don't expect Saturn-standard fullSCleen action e ither-these are the sort of

I> '<'lo o

'-~~."颅 ~- "



Justtumthlhand!l tolurnotrtilenamtl.

Thfll. eablll\lb l"1lplenbh~ulthandlhlllds.

The graphics may look fine here,.but when you see. them moving it's hard t~ believe aSaturn is responsible for such Juddery scrolling and wobbly sprites Uke most orgilrlisalions preoc:cupied with plans ofworlddomination,theseWECSUYSilreterribly se<urity路conscious. Everywhere there are intruder

det!:'ctors that set off alarms ilnd defense systems Ihal t'lt'ctrocute. Force fields and locked doors are moreofa problem, though and I'd say aoout 60% of thegameisspentfindingthekeycardorthe

swilCh or the computer console Iha t unlocks the


door. It's not usually

thatbigadeal,beCiluSttheswitchis almost always in the same room as the door, or, ilt worst, the room next door. Work ing Dui how to open doors is aoollttheonlypieceofbrainworkyou nt'ed to do throughout this game, so if thesueenshots led you to expect some kind of t ilxing puzzle element, forge t It.

(ruSilde,issupposedtobeilnout-and-out blast-but it isn't. Hostile forces are generaliy thin on the ground. the pace of the action is slow and th ere's rare!yasenseofdangerorurgencyabolltthepro路 ceedings.Atmosttheremightbetwoorthreeguysin a room and killing them without taking damage YOllr路 se!fisseldom chalienging. They move slowly and predictablywhich makes them easy targets, espedally as your weapons target semi-automatically.

The weapons are plentiful and grow more exotic as you progress.Vou start off with a machine gun but on later levels you can buyorpickuprocket launchers, laser rifles and guns that reduce your foes to piles of ash. You a!so gel special weapons, slIch as robot spider bombs which you can set to wander into rooms and explode.You'dexpecttheseloliven up the proceedings. but the general effect unspectacularmainlybecausetheglaphicslisedto illustrate the anticipated carnage aren't that spectacular. Also. many of the weapons,especia!lythe specials, are rarely more IIseful than the basic machine gun. It's quicker and more effective to fi re a few rounds at a robot. ra t her than dropping a land mineand hoping it eventually blunders over it. If the adventure element in this game was st ronger. with proper puules that worked along with the plot. I could probabtyforgive it its shortcomings. Ififstryingtobeamindlessshoot.'em.up. though.Crusader:No~emorseisinneedofafewkey

ingredien ts. like decenl visuals. some vatiation Inthe gameplay, and a dash of excitement. P AUL



IHEXEN After the hideous debacle that was Doom, GT Interactive are back with the Saturn translation of pseudo'sequel Hexen. And guess what? It's actually really good.




1£44 .99



CHARACTER ACTOR Three different (hande" are available to choon at the beginning of the Hexen advenlure: Fight!!r, Magt an d Cleric. The game itself doesn't ch ange too much in terms of ltvtl layout and suclillke, but each clan hu ih own [;ing!! of w eaponry to colled. tluou gh the game. M you'd expect, the Mage Is best suited to magical attacks (and his base Itvel weapon h as a l imged attack to it, which is very helpful for beginnl!nJ. whilst the fighlu is more powerful and more inclined to bludgeoning his foes to death. As for the Cleric, well, he', some-

IJ •

egular readen of SEGA SATURN MACA·

ZINE will know thal I personally have been utolling the virtues of Lobotomy SOftwOIi rt'sExhumed - agOlmewhlchfea -

tu res Ihe definitive first persol'l perspectivt)D e ngine

fortheSl!'gaSaturn . Th atgaml!'rl!'mainsonl!'ofthl!' gru tswit houtashadowofadoubt, and In fact it Is on l!' ofth l!' grutl!'stonl!" pl ayeradventurl!'gaml!S money un buy. Agaml!'lhallhavl!'l!'njo)'l!'dimml!'nselyinlhe pas l is Raven Softwarl!"s collaboration wit h id soft· ware,Hl!'xen . idcontribull!'dthl!'iraward·winning Doom enSine (and provided soml!' I!'xcl!'lIl!'nl I!'nhancl!'ments.suchasbl!'insabletoflyandlookupand down) whilst Raven haVl!'handl!'d in thei r customary adVl!'nturesaml!' e)(cellence. On PC. thl!' saml!'wasa majo •. major hit. And dl!'servl!'dly so. What Doom lacked WilS deplh (but madl!' upfor it with thl!' multiplaYl!'rell!'ment ).Hexen is undoubtedly supe rior in a

conceptual way. combinins I hl!' action of Doom wit h a larSe(indeed,vast)adVl!'nture. ThebiSsestl!'nh ance. ment, thouSh,is what has bl!'l!'n called the "hub" sys· t em.8asically,instl!'ad of tacklinSl!'ac h Il!'Vel i n linur fashion (in thl!' stylI!' of Doom and Quake), a variety of levels arl!' connected toonl!' main staSe (the so-called hub) and rl!'Visitiltionstol!'ach Il!'Velarl!'requlrl!'din order to make you. way th.ough. It adds S.eatlyto what is aiready an imp'l!'ssiVl!' Same The biS question thouSh concems t hl!' quality of Ihe3D.WI!'II,thesood ne ws Is that Hexen isa hugl!' improvement on Doom. Whl!'reas t hat gaml!' w as t ota l· Iyhumiliated bya crap update and lack of dl!'tail (the PC original remains the bl!'st Vl!'rsion byfar).Sa t um Hexen succl!'l!'ds quite admirably in Il!'plicatins t he originalgaml!'. The visuals arejust abouI identical t o Ihe PC Same, with only tiny visual aspects of the origi. nallacking. Thisisaprettysubstant ial achll!'Vemen t · alloflhemistins andlavaeffectsareinthegame and

No doubt about it, Doom was a horrible travesty but GT Interactive have redeemed themselves with this great PC conversion!



~~\ ,


. ;:} Thl fig/lllr'l Hammll I1 I IOOd elo.. range weapon. and ehargldwfthll1ua It hUllulllntl1Hl8nngepowlrloo.

.:fiP S EG ..o.. SATURN

HUlft IClio.n II Its bul - Ihll pml naJly I1 pl'IIllJ cool.

In Ihl lWamps JtII can Ixpeet dltgllltillj JOIII GUIIl-llllul enaIUI'III likl this 10 pop up. Kill Ihlm all!

IliJi'Ali'iA ~1

, ' .:

"f" -



~ . ~ffI''f;



CONTROL FREAK Hexen 's controls are in actua l fact a lot mOfe complicated than Doom's ... and ye t this n ew game h a lot more controllable. Yes, despite the fact that Huen has more objects to use and more m a gical bits and piKes you n eed to manipulate (pl\ls the abUity to look up and down), the game does a pretty wonderful job of giving you controL Typically, holding down a certain button In conjunction with either left or right chooses a n item. Or a wupon. Yes, unlike Doom, Htxen a ctually allows you to

gamesismoslimportant and in this regard Hexen Isutisfac路

tory.l'mnotgoing tosaythatifsanywhe,elnthe same league ofsmoolhness and fluidity as Exhumed, because it isn't.8ut at lust this time the game is aduilllymovingfai,lyquicklyandit'sactually'sjusl ashamf'thatotherde~elopers ha~en'trir;entothech3I1enge t h3tlobotomyhave issuedwithlhe5uperlati~enatureof t heExhumed

engine. Still, at lear;t we ha~e Duke Nukem 3D {again from GT} 10 look forward to. which r;hould revolu' tionise the first person perspecti~e genre on the Saturn. Inthemeantimethough,purchasingHexen looks like being a very promising proposition indeed DevelopersProbehavemanaSedtoca pturejust aboute~erythinsthatmade t heorlslnalsameso

soodandthatbeinglhecase,HexeniS3samt:'that's wt:'1I worth checking out. R.ICH



IDlE HARD TRILOGY Fans of the Die Hard movies must surely be on the brink of somekind of bio'electrical head'detonation incident this month as TWO new Saturn Die Hard games appear on the shelves. But is EA's Die Hard Trilogy any match for Sega's Die Hard Arcade? .- •


• Co-

~ " .I~ -'~ II' .r~ ~



GAME ONE: DIE HARD John MeCJane is visiting his wife', office block in LA when It's over·run by tenDristsl Packing o nly his gm m Beretta pistol, McClan!! heads fOI the base ment COIl park ;lnd sels to the task

of wiping out the int ruders. The map ilt th e bottom -left of the screen indicates the location of the t!!no rists and civilian hostages who h ave to be rescued for extra points. Once all the te rrorists u e dead, a lift a rrives wilh iI bomb aboard and yo u get 30 s«onds t o find that 11ft an d deactivate th e bomb. That done you take the lift up to the next floor for more execution actio n. This section Is as much about stealthy exploration as it is abou t shooting bad guys. takes damage u.si1y and you han 10 work out which rooms ilnd cubby holes contain the extra w ea pons and armour,


th'" I, COlllmon f. ctor in their - h . p, of dn trucUol t Eve~ the dril'in&&am., wh lch l, devoidofgun"I' lII ck. dwithexploIIOlll udfllayhem! he re's no denying th ~ t Die H~rd is one of the best action movi es of aU tim e, With ih one'm~n -~g~in st- an-~rmy plot, it practically WAS ~ video g~me in celluloid form (only with more swea rlng), Yet, inthe nine yea rs sinte th e release of the first mov ie in the series, nooneh as~ ctu a Uybeenable toproducea buUeh-and ,

' blood vi deo gam e worthy oflhe Die Ha rd name,

Frust r~ting,

Suddenly,thollgh, Saturn ·own ingfansofthe films have a choice of two first-rate Die Hard games, Sega'sbeat 'emup, ba~on itsownarcade same, and

this title from fox Interactive via £Iectron ic Arts, which atte mpts to capture the thrills and spills of all THREE of the DieHard movies So many thrills l So manyspills l How could vet er· an developers Probe Software pad them all in?What they've don e is take sequences from each film and turn the m intoatrioofseparately·played,lDsub·games. Representing Die Hard (the first moYie) we haye an arcade adventure in wh ich he rolohn McClane hunts for terrorists in the corridors of the Nakatomi Tower. In

GAME TWO: DIE HARDER McClane is meelins his wife', plane at Washington, but the airport is over·run by ter· roristsl Whipping out his pistol. McClane once again dispe nses lead·flavouredjustlce in a Virtua Cop-Clique sce nario. The scre!!n , hows McClan!!', point of view as he stalks the depar· ture lounges see nns bad guys to blow away, hostages to save an d weapons to blag. Though this part of th!! gam!! doe'n't have the smooth flow and crisp graphics of Virtua Cop, It 's det ailed and thoroughly action-pachd. Gun control is via the joypad (tricky) or if you have a Vlrt ua Gun or compatible you ca n use tha t. Cool!

~ SEG ..I.\ S.a..nJRN

Die Hard 11 was set. Thirdly, there's a full·on car chase through the streets of New York city, which is, in some small way, reminiscent of a few tense sce nes from Die Hard With A Vengeance I referred to these as 'sub-games',but really that's doing them a disservice. 'Sub-game' isa term that usually describes some entertaining piece of whimsy that's meant to be a five minute diversion from some larger gamingtilsk. Ttlethree seclions in Die Hard Trilogy are so substantial that they could cut It as standalone titles ·and p.etty good ones too The first game is cleverly constructed sothal YOIi need 10 learn the laYOlitofthe building and plan your route from power-up to power-up and from hostage to hostilge -trying to charge straight th.ough a Cfowd of

GAME THREE: DIE HARDEST Of the Oute Bamn,l found this ont was the most impressive. Heu! we find McC1Ull! in New Yo rk, playins a lame of Simon Says with .. deranged bomber, the brothtJ of the crinU· na! m astermind he ddutfli in the fin1 movie. MCCla ne commandei!!n a tilld with hil new pal, Zt l.ll (played. by Samuel L Jacltson in the movie), &nd he has to drive It through the city'. grid of meets seeking hJdden bombJ. A

direction finder atop the scnen . hOW1 where the nut bomb is and oncl! he's found it , McCIlUll! has to ram It with his taxi to destroy

It . To make thlngl l!vrn hlldel, some bombs I tl! . ttached to moving cars, and McClane has to engal!! in CIlI Wit excitement and . mas h It off the road] Remember, too, that thele', . timer on each bomb and H McClane faU. to destroy It in time a nuclear weapon 1I04!1 oH a nd New York iI obliteratedl

Once all of the bombs ue deuH from th e

Die Hard Trilogy really is three disti.nctly di~erent. high-quality aclion games in one. terrorists with only a gmm handgun 10 protKt you just dOl!1n't work. If tM floor layouts were all tM samethiswouldbeatedioustask,butthey'reallru· sonably large and authentic-looking, and Just about all of the scenery Is satisfyingly destructible. This part of the lIame also ellhlblts;1n Impressive pie<e ofllame desllln, whereby walls becometranslu· cent as you approach them, IIlvlnll an Idu of who Is lurking behind Ihem. A neal trlck,thls, which lIives you a heillhtened awareness of your surroundlnlls. Thetarllet·shootlnllllamelsmorevlsually Impresslve,thoullh,withltsconstantly·movlnll scenery,panidirlll clvlllansdashlnll across your line of fire and the rapid camera zoom -Ins as you spot tarlIetsandtakealm,1 particularly liked the addition of the 'Mercy Shot': innotenl folk caught In a blast run aroundenllulfedIn names, and you can scoree.tra

The third game, the driving ertravallanu, was myfavourite,lnoullh, At the whttl of your taxi you have licence to drive as madly as you want, totallinll everythinllelse on the road and messily wlplnll out pe<jestrians.The 3D environment here Is as convlnclnll as in any of the other lIames, but becauseyou'remov· Inll so much faster it all feels much moree.citinll. Die Hard Trilogy really is three distinctly different, high.quillityactiongamesinone, Oftenwhenyousu compilations like Ihls there's usually one section Ihll standsoutaslheonethattheprOllrammersthought offlrstand lavished t he mos t attention on,bul all three sections of Die Hard TrllOIlY have their fair share of thrills, great visuals and clever Ideas. The result Isan excellent packalle, which offers an unfusibleamount of 'bang' for your 'buck'.



1~ liJ"U'i"ll

IGRID RUN All right. smart guy, so it's not avery imaginative title. But if you were programming agame inwhich the players had torun around grids, what would you call it?

2 .....-


104 . 99 I RUNNI NG A B OU T


FLAG DUELLING H Gdd Run '1 1S computer opponents get too predictable fo r you, you can always try facing off against .. hunu.n opponent. The . creen it

split horizontally to show the flag-grabbing doings of the two protagonUU during zB twoplayer round!. The gUl'lepJay Is pretty much the . ame •• It Is in single player mode, except that thiJ time you leem to gri mon spiltey protecto-ball•. lnfact, playing aSainl t another person doesn't feel much different to playing against one of the CPU dluacte rs, which is probably t estament to the quality of Grid Run'. artificial intelligence routine •.


hat8 a ml!'Sd ldYOUbUYYOU' Silltu rn to

playl Cool Sega . rtilde conveulons?

NiGHTS? We ll . w hat ever it was we bet yo u didn't buyaSaturn to play 11 5paCI!' age vtnlon of Tag. and t hat 's pletty m uch whOltYO U'11! get1:i ng In Grid Run. Coul d Vi rgin be taking tht 'Old

Camt s Art Tht Bt st' tllCk ht rt~ Or Is this ont of thos t gamt s th at revlewtrs used to call ' Brilliantly Sim plt a nd Simply Brillia nt ', as If thty'd Just thou ght of that th t mstlvts? The Introductory fMVwould havtyou belitvt that you're iIspacetxplorerwhohilsbetncapturtdby a sinister alitn lady while exploring an abandoned spacecraft.Apparently,youronlyho~ofsurvivalisto bkep~rt


agl a diatorialconteslof'Captur~Theflag'

a gainstallsortsofoddballaliens~cits.

ofyoubagstherequirednumberof~nna nts,andthe

other Is ground Inlo the dust of defeat li ke a steen·

Tht conttsts take place on pathways and islands a rra ngedingridswhicharesus~ndedovervarious

unhealthy subshnces such as boiling lava. Dotted around the grids are flags, a nd to survive each level you have todaim a quota of flags by touching them. If YOl,lroppontnt reaches hlsql,lota beforeyol,l reach

There's no

YOl,lrs,yol,l lose and ifs Into the alien oven YOI,I go. Sl,Icceed and YOI,I're inlo the next rOl,l nd. tfyol,l survive three rounds you're whisked away to a bonus round, thenceonwardlo a notherpla netand threemourelevels. A match is pla~ thus. Tht com~titors start near to each other on the grid a nd as soon as you're both rele ased you have to rush 10 claim a flag before your opponent. If he gets to a flag before you do, you're declared 'IT'and a cross appea rs a bove your head. As 'IT' you can't ca ptu re any more fl ags. so you have to chase ilfter the other guy and t ag him. Then he becomes 'IT' and you get the chance 10 reclaim all the flags hejustcl aimed,Thus It continues untllone


But Ihere's more to it than t hat . As well as the usual genetic sampling and rectill probing, the alien abduction process seems to have included tmpowermentwithmagicalabilitles.There a resl x s~cia ltricks

you can use to aid your progress, but each ofl hem

escaping the fact that, what you're

playing here is Tag

with afew extra bits.


c I







draws on your magi< supply whenever you use them. Your magic recharges slowly but you can boost it by pickingupthl:'ballsthatartobouncingonlhepath.

w." There are other hl:'lpful items on Ihepathways,

tcleporte,s for instance. that you can useto zip from placetoplaCfwhentheotherguyisbearinsdownon you . There are also spinning shields that oblilerate

obstacles as you run into them. The hourglasses you pick up during each tournament areturnedintosecondsshouldYOUfe;lchthe

bonusstage.fveryhourglassgivesyoufivemo.eseconds,duringwhichyouhavetograbasmanyballsas possible. At the end of the bonus gamc the balls are

added up and tach differently·coloured ball addsto

your abilities inthe nf'xt lournament. Red balls give you more masic, blue balls provide more speed and sreensi~ssreaterasility.

All these frlpperies,



~s ~ two- pl~yer


a nd~rysoodsraphicsandsoundprovideadequate

Jaulns'up services 10 an otherwise simplistic game. Now, of itself, simplicity is no crime: Tetris was incredi. bly simple and everybody liked that. But Grid Run isn't quiteintheTetrisAddicli~nessLeasue.Asa'party

same' Grid Run has been comparedtoanothersimple game, Bomber Man (soon to appear on Saturn, inci· dentally),butwhiletheaclionisprobablymorefrantic than that of the Hudsonsofi classic, it's not quite as entertaining mainly because there's no escaping the fact that what you're playing here IsTagwithafew eKlrabits.WithBomberMantherewasabitofstrate· gytothegameplay;thestrategicelementsinGridRun don't seem to gel somehow. And it was much more satisfyingtoblastyouropponenttosmithereensthan itistosimplyk~poutofhiswayandcolleclflags

Oh,this isn't a badgame.lhough. Ifs kind offun andit'sdonewithaflourish. 8utwouldlbuyillnpref· erence to a cool Sega arcade conversion or NiGHTS? Nah. Don'tthi!1k so. P AUL




1~ I:JI"II~i'l

IANDRETTI RACING Already released on the PlayStation to alukewarm response, Andretli Racing now makes its Saturn appearance just in time for the start of the motor racing season, though I doubt it was planned to coincide that way.


C .-







Wellnotreally, the h.eadltnebthere melelyto p b your attention. In general the dippinl is unnoticeable due to the tipl and twitty nabue of the dmrlb. Howewr raciftJ at the ovals is quite different with the eUppma: beinl veryobviow: and not to the ltandardl set by DaytonaCCl.


,ml,lstbcsOIidthit,amahU8efilnof motor racing and !ikewise of Ihe driving 8amegenre.forme~gaRallyistheulti.

mate home console driving game unri· valle'd,atleastforth!:'limebcingonanyothercon·

sole. Even now more than a yearorl from its UK

reluse lt Isstillpossiblythegamel play the mod. Thefactlhat it hasn't been bettered inthe last year is in no delriment 10 other gaml'S but testament to how awesoml:' Rally is. To bc honest until we see some sort of 30 accelerator card for the Satum t really can't see It being beaten. It's that good. As ~uch it is the land· mark title wh ich. rightly or wrongly all other driving games are judged by. That brings us back nicely to the matter in hand,EA·sAndretti Radng. Onpaperthisloohlikeatopgame,sodespite thesnlggersaroundtheofficelwasactuallyqulte loo king forward to it. The game itselfukes ih name from the former Indy Car and Formula One world champion Mafio Andretti, whom through his overac· tiveloinshasspawnedanentirefamilyofracingcar drivers. And that just about reaches the limits of my knowledge on the subject . Ffom first glance it would appear that Andretti Radng has all the ingredients needed to give Rally a good fun for its money with its weatthofoptions anddiffefent game variations.


What makes Andreiti stand out from otherdriving ga mes is that it featufes feal racing car drivers racing on real trach. There are 16 diffe rent ones too, meaninglhattotalmast eryofeachofthemwill t ake a very longtime indeed. There are two diffe rent vehides to choose from, a nlndy Car and a stock car which each have their Individual handling characteristics, top speed and gear variations. These can also be cus· tomised to your personal taste, allowing you totamper with the transmission, tyres, aerodynamics and gear ratio. Two gameplayvariations have found their way into the game, the exhibilion race which isa one

11 jJ "'1


VIRTUA VIEWS Ther!! are three diffeumt views to chOON hom in Anlirettla.dnl' There'. the in car penpK' tive which re-ducH your f1eld of view con.lderably makin,lt d1ffkult to RI! comel1i aheld. The popular chNe p"rspectift b in thefe with the camen Just behind the tU and the ,llahUy further back than chase pt'npectift which allowt:)'OlI to Me much further down the road

than the pnviotUl two.

What makes Andretti Raci~g stand out from ~ther drivi~g games is that It features real racing car drivers racing on real tracks. offpractlctraceandthecarl"elopt ionwhichukes you through all 16 tracks amasslns points In iI cham. pionship like way. Also ilvailableto giveYOll a helping hand isthe racing school option which,as itsu8gests

isa school of r;icing whe'e you ale !,Hlght various rilclngt~hnlqul!sbynonl!othl!rthanlhl!

Andrettlfamilylhemselvesthrougha series ofFMII snippets. Oncl! you',eracingyou'lIfindthat ~ thll!l!viewshavebeenindud· rd,the in car view, the chase perspective and a slightty further back view, though only the latter two are real· lyplayable. This all sounds pretty impressive but Is this the game to toppie the mighty hlly? In a word ~no·. Andretti racinglsabltofaletdowl'I.The Io.Jdil'lgtlmesa.efraoklyatrocious takiogwhat seems like ao eternity to load from ol'le optlol'ls screeo 10 the OeKt before fioally getting down to iil'ly racing action . ThoughtherelsahugeamountoftracksavaUable they are all a bltofacontretefest. Each of the 16 traclcs aod the track side scenery are In avarylnll shadeofgreymaklnlleachofthemappeardullalld ooe another. The frame rate is respectable but the lIame fails to the adrene· linepumplllllfeellnllofspeedwhichisamustfordri·

vins games. The dippiogls geoerally of iI good stan· dard with the 1l0tableeKception of the oval racetrack which reminds us somewhat of the origioal Saturn Oaytonaaod some slitchlnSOCCUfS when racillg throush the tunnel sectlolls. Thetrashesarenot -.erySpec!ilculilr.withthefende.bendins dilmilgeyoururtilkesmysteriously morphiogbilck to its originill shape.


Thoeursthem.seivesilrelilckil'lg indelililandbearaounanoy resemblallCe to those seen in nme Warner's VirtUil lI:ilCil'lg addiossomewhilttothe ~~lItattyappearilllCe.A

speclill mention must also go tothe PAlconvt'rsion,or lilckofit. ThegamehnolM· ousblilckbordenwhich

HowNer Andrettlll:ilcing does remilio vt'ry plilYilble with the va.lous options ilnd huge amountoftrildsprovidi nSil-.erylengthychilllense but it seems to be a victory forquilotity over qUillity. My advice if you ilre after a top'ilclollsameis buy lI:illly now or wili! ilod see how the awesome lookinll ManMTTturnsout.

boIIe '"1IdtI'11II1~ 01 colllllOl" 1I11111•• t _~Ifth.


I 1'., I~"I

I~ if



Hitler only had one, but this new three-dimensional pinball game lets you play with fiVE! We wondered, could Virgin'sTilt! be a pinball wizard? Or a "mere bagatelle"? Read on, and these words will reveal the answer.









r=l •

nee we wtre happy to shoot


pl'ylngSpacel nvildtrs . Theu da)'S,lt seems, a yldeo game Isn't a video gaml/ un len It owes w me part of its

u eat ion to Silicon G,aphlu Inc. Rendered i ntrlH, render~(harilct tn. rtnderedyou·nilmt-it ·



Amu.e roundf wtth repeated ramp . hot.the Hot Dog Loop and the Right H.nd Loop an: the profit.ble onu -then hit the ' · U·N droptugtt. toopenthegatetothtf.1r.tthe centre of the table. Th e ball lock tht form of I Ferri. Wheel- tut the c. nl. gn a nd prepare for madcap multl·ball.ction.

Collect enough body puts to I tt the zombie

monster oH hil sl.b at the top-right of the

tablet Hit the mummy tltset., raid U\e (OHm. and slap down the gravestones to rack up the points, There'. even a)O sub' game that plays on the video at the top of the table-steer yow m a , past 20 lpoolu for a massive bonUll!

and-they'II'render-it , B)'WI)'ofeumple,here'sTiltl,aplnballsamewhlch hlsa 30SiliconGraphlcs-rend ered pintable, lnfact there'snotjustone there are sb of 'emJ Now there's not much to uy abou t pinball that you probabl)' don't know already. liIunch the ball,keep It In play with the flippers that guard the exit hole, and s<ore points by hitting the targets on the table and firing the ball through ramps in the required order. Unlike some pinball games whkh afe somewhat lactlng in vafiety, Tiltl has been modelled on more fe<ent,themed,feature·p ackedpins,soyougetcopiouscomblna tlon shots to master, with all sorts of big. point rewards a nd hidden bonuses to uncover. The tables also have a simulated lED video display iltthe top, whlch, aswellasshowingyourscore,alsodis. plays messages and graphics telling you which shot you have to go for next, or which shot you've just pulled off. On some tOlbles, combinations actiVOlte a mini game that you have to play on the video s<reen usIng your flipper buttons to controt the action. Qther tabl~haveasurface-mountedballshooterlnthe

shape ofa fevolvef Of a dfagon's head which you can (ontrol at certain points in the game. A,lIsoundsprettyauthentic,huh?Well,ltls,and NMS Software have tried to make Tilt! even more like the real thing b)'lettingyou view the action In 3D,as If you were standi ng in front of the table. This allows you to see the networks of ramps and underpasses as they would appear In rul life, and It does make some shots easier. For the most part, though, it doesn't worlr.that well beuuse some features bloc:k your view of the ball. In real life you can move around to change your view of the table, butTittl keeps your head Ioc:ked In one position. The scrolling lO mode is more than adequate, though, and fortunately It moves fast enough to keep up with the ball· le. very fast indeed. The speed and feel of the game are beyond reproach. Just ibout everything you'd upe<t from a de<ent plntable is in here, and It plays about as well as you could ellpect a computer pinball game to play. The sill tables afe all cleverlydeslgned,and all six proved rullyaddictive. You won't just be Jumplng f,om table to table, either, I spent whole ~ssions on one table, finding the combinations and honing my slr.ills before moving on to the next. The only thing I rull)' missed InTilt1 was the noise, Every pinball table I've ever played has been a riot of overpowering sounds and comy sampled volees,butTilt!'siferel at ivelyreserved.Someta bl~don 't

give you much more than the "chlngl" of the bumpers. What I want Is voices shouting, "RI·I·dethe Fellls Whee·ee-eelll" and other such stuff. So, more noises in Tiltl l,pluse, but until that turnsup,I'IIJustbeinthegamesroom ... PAUL

~ SEG ..o. S ATURN




A road trip acron the USA - in pinball forml Drive horn San FrandKo to New York, revving up yow enllnt by hitting bumpers at the top of the lable. A ramp .hot at the foot oftht tablt puts SmolliH on your taU, and once you'w collected as mil1lY ilJ possible, 10 for the ramp next-door to

A relaUvely hlgh路scorlng table, thil one-on my first go I hit 394.SI8,6Io points. That's not swprhln8 though, because yO\l get .t Inst a million points just for

lead them on a mu-points police pu rsuit. Drop the ball in Al',

,hooting the ball- the b.unch runp takes it.tfalght into a bonllJ 'wlock', The big points, and the tur nmp shots make thi. table Ideal for l!eginners.

GANGSTER A kn1llhts/armour scenario In which (ombos se nd you on quest. for Ireuure,wHedr.lBon. and bring on hord" of Orcs - once an Ore attack hu started you have to Ilay them with repeated ramp shotsl Another combo sends tht ball lnto tht mgon's mouth and YOll havt to aim its htad fO that It SpeWl tht ball at a tricky targtt. Tht castlt Is a good cholet; drop tht targtts that spell SIEGE and every bumper YOll hit taml

Une up the ball fOl one of the dOlen.s of skW shots on thil table: knock down G, U and N to lnttiate .. bank raid and lend the ball lip the brl of the bible to tht moon路 shine JtiIl that doubles u .. ball lock. There'. even .. gun on the blblt that acts as a bonus ball launcher_ for spKial. occukmJ.

搂> SEGA S .o,ruRN

1~ 1:lif'li~i'l

ISOVIET STRIKE Il's been along time coming but it looks as if the wait has been worth it as EA bring home the premiere 3Z·bit outing of the fine Strike series, already abig hit on the PlayStation. But how does the Saturn version compare?

POWER·UPS A.ln the previous truH StrikH. your Apache htllcopler b not invindble. So it becomes

enentlal to collect the various power ups to alibi you In yow quest for world peace. There

are thrH different types of power·ups t o coilect. Armour lfpair to ["tort you back 10 full health , extra ammo for w hen YOUlllt Nnnlng low and fuel to kee p your bud In the ab. Some of thne can be I«n on the map. others alt hldden in buildings. The only way to get them blodm roythll!bui1dingsandretrl~the



h~tundoubt tdIYmildettleStfiktSefitJ

s,ut were the (001 graph in, simple mission structure , the depth of the gameplayandih sheerluhlbility. To(ft· ate a worthy SU((tlSorto th is tx(tptional series on the Jl·bit consoles mutt haw been a Ink and a half for EA. But they ilppearlo haw pulled itoff,ueiting i gime that will ippeiJ to fin s of the prequeJs and novices alike. And with this being a 3J-blt game, EA are able to utilise the power of the Saturn to Incorporatenewelements into the gameplayand make it visually more appealing. SOviet Strike Is set In the forJO

Shadowman is attempting to return the nfOwly dfOmocratic Russlil 10 Its former communist stiltuS. It is your task to overthrow this ps)'(hopilthicmad miln, thus averting WorJd Wilr Thrf'tand restoring peace and harmonylotheland. To aid you In this mammoth lask you arfOfully

The graphics have been brought


I'IlJ$t.uOl"rsIoI. UIII.ultlqICOllplllf)Wl'lIWI)'eq.IP41'4 sIHwIrMIt... Ut I dnutlti., '"K' bit It ItoU prtl!J COlI, .. ttlltt.. dtltSUMIIli&J!t.

tf,# S EG.~ S.4T\JR'\I

destructlon,sidfO-windfOrs. T~candeslroy

just about anything the enfOmyCiln throw iltyoU bUI alilsyou only have eighl of thfOmsotheyoughtnottobewast. fOd.YouwillillsoflndyourSfOlfilbly assisted by your fellow members oftheStrlketeamwhocon~ey

information 10 you viii the Strike nfOl,anonbQilrdcomputfOrinlfOr· filCfOwhichprovidesyouwithmissionbriwngsandupdalfOSYOu with sub-missions. These often come intheformofsomee~cellenl

Command and Conquer style FMV which spkeupthe procfOedings a fair bit ilnd the act · ing Isn't too bad either. The gril phics have been brought upto date ilnd future somesupe.b 30photo-rulisl lc landscapes,

up to date and feature some superb 30 photo'realistic landscapes.


n ... 111011 ,,")'011 101111 lciea lA IIow Ipect'CIJar 1.1 upIoliortI.rttndIJ.. hwclIlHUlqlnlt.t"......

equlppe'dwith a state of the art Apache helicopter armed tothe teeth with iln ilrrilyofwupons. These wuponswillilppearfamiliartoveteransofthepre· quels as they are I,UgfOly unchanged. But In addition to the machine gun, missiles and rockets EA have thought 10 include a wupon capable of even more

ANALOGUE COMPATIBLE The analogue pad that was made widely .vail-

.bleat the.ametilne .. NIGHTS it finally being put to u.e by thud party developert as can be Hen here in SovtetStrlke. It

Ittl cb, Al11ft. dq'. wOl'tfottl.IM8UY',

detailed enemy dron~ and some nice explosions too. The standard overheild view featured In the three prequels makes iI welcome return .Iong with an all new

second viewpoint which rotates the scrttn around the helicopter, This has the effect of allowing you to target hidden enemi6 far easier than with the norma' view. Theframer.. teho~risn'tthiltgftiltwiththe8i1me bein8sI18htlyonthejerkyside,ilCfitldsml~elledat

the PSX version too. Also noteworthy Is the fact that no longer do you bump intobulldlngsdamilgingyour

hulth as you simply fly over them. ThegameplayislargelYl.lnchilngedfromthepre. quelswlththenmesearch, destrOYilndrescuetypeof obJmlvesspreadacrossthefivedifferentlevels. The mIss ions ilre well structured with sub路mlssions popping up illl over the plilce In il much more 'ilndom Wily towhattheyhilddonepreviously.Theilrtificiillintelligenceoftheenemleshasbeenenhilncedmaking themil much more intelligent artd tricky opponent to but. As If this wasn't ertough to contend with you illso need to find fuel. ilmmoilnd ilrmour repilir if you ilrelosundilnychanceoffinlshlnglhegilme. Milny oftheseilrehlddenundernulhbulldingsilndCilnonly be retrieved by blasling them until they il,e reduced 10 rubble. But the question you illl want ilnswered is how doesltmiltchuptoth ePlaySUtlonve rslon? Wellthe Silturn version Is ilctually quite il bit bettelils ithilS more futures ilnd ilction as well ilS Imploved Speciill effects. Thele ilre In foict ilt lust 16 new Sillurn feillures which Improve upon the shortcomings of the PSXverslon. (Seethismonlh'smasslveSovietStrike Showcne for more detillls). However I do hive some reservilllonsilStolhelilstibllltyofSovietStrikeas thereireonlyfivelevels.Thlsmunsthiltdespitethe toughgilmeplilyitonlyprovldesil rel il tlvelyshort chilllengelncompirisontothelengthychilllenge offered by Ifs prede<essors. Butoverilll Soviet Strike comesil<rossaSilveryplilYilbleilndenjOYilblegilme ilnd il worthy ilddition tothe Strike series. L EE



.~ SEGA SATUI<Nâ&#x201E;˘ tips Once again SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE returns to the fray with ahuge amount of tips, cheats and all manner of loveliness. Mostly for NBA Jam Extreme we're afraid. Still, at least you can get to play as Janet and Smarty in Virtua Cop 2, which is alovely little cheat if ever there was one. If you can match these, send in your letters to: TIPS, SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE, Priory Court, 30-32 Farringdon Lane, London EelR 3AU. It all changes next month though when we move to London Oocklands .... Hmmm.

BUST-A-MOVE 2 It's a

bit late now, we admit. but If you plilythe

game duri ng Oe<:embtr, the Introsequencl!' has dlffl!'rent musk and is all Chrlstmas-Jike. tfyou want to~backlntothefestivtspirlt,justchangetht

date In your machilll!' to Dl!'cember and startthl!' game up.



Ra8eallthetime l none.p1i1yer~.

there'siI cheat to let you choose yourcharilctef.Onthestage~lect

To get a Sl!'(rt1 Cornering option whkh lets you Incrtaseyour grip, hold the A+C buttons and go


the pad while picking your level.



Into Iheoptlons ml!'nu. It should be sitting there, waiting for you to fiddle with

~ ~~=;:J~~::~~~:~:: ~:;::

and Zcl'\oosesJanet "HubcolpS" Marsh;J1I

To turn it the game into an even more accurate arcade conversion, press and hold A+C+Start on controller2whenthe~alogoappeafsatthe

start of the game. Now you can prt1end to inStfl coins by press the 1 button on controller 11 cleared in order louse the options-the best of which is BigHead model To turn thisoptionon)'OOn~tohilveplayed

~~IiIi"_1I :~~:;at~o:~:sO~~!!:c~'t:~u~~~e gilme on Hard setting. with O~ life and no continues Just start the gilme and you should bt killtd by the first enemy,tt!en choos.e not toconllnue, Start the goilme again. and repeat until the option appears.

DOOM While the game mily be one of the worst on the Saturn, there are bound to be a few of you who were foolish enough to buy the game after looking

8 Phobos Anomaly 9 Dtlmos Anomaly 10. Containment Area 11. Refinery


Il Dtlmos tab 07QPDWl6WY '3, Command Centle CnVMWFTHK 14 Halls of the Damned 08RNFV1SVX 15 Spawning Vats H88SYBJNBO 16. Hell Gate fGlYSMMYMP 17 Hell ~p HXX07TMHTA 18. Pandemonium oYFGR93Z97 19 House of Pain HYVZ8SlGSQ lO. Unholy Cathedral oVB)(S86281 2lMt Elebus HW29RP)(RT 2lllmbo oWOT7S179 2}. Tower of Babe! HWW,IQNJQS 24 Hell Beneath olJCl68W64 2s.~rftctHatred YBB)(S88KB I

haven't yet taken It back tothe sl\(lp. For those of you, here are passwords for all of the levels, Including ttle Sl!'(ret ones. As an added bonus, you'll start almost every levei With lOO" health,lOO'1li armour, and all of the weaponsl 2. Nuclear Plant CRI3WDD1DB lTo)(lnRefinery H6670JBQJG 4 Command Control 03lTJOVl02 5 Phobosub HnhHFTH)( 6. Ctntral Processing o4MSKZX9Z1 H4492GOSGJ 7 Computer Station


26 Sevl!'rtheWicked 27 Unruly Evil l8.UntotheCruel 19 TWilight Dtscends 30. Thres hold of Pain 31 Entry Wily 32 Underhalls 3J. The Gantlet 34 The Focus 35 The Waste Tunnels 36. The Crusher

37 DtadSlmple 38 Tflcks and Traps 39 TtlePlt 40. Rtfuehng Base 41.00fDes\luc!lon 42. The factory 43 The Inmost Dtns


44 Suburbs oQ76XCt(PCF 45. Tenements YSS8Zt(t(8t(H 46. The Courtyard 011:8SYBJNBD 47. The Citadel HRRNFV15VX 48. Nirvana OOX07TMHTR 49 The Catacombs HDDHQI4018 oFYZ8StGSQ 50. 8affelsofFun 51 Bloodfalls HFFGR93Z91 52. Abandoned Mines oBV2911:PKRT S3-MonsterCondo HBBKS8628 54. Redemption Dtnled oCW11QNJQS

SfCREllEVELS 55. The Mihtary Base S6. FortressofM)'Sttry S7 The Marshes 58 The Mansion 59 Club Doom



NBA JAM EXTREME It&etsb!llIer~rytJmeIThellstof

sec:rl't char3cters inu(h MW NBAJ;am 8;a~

hn srown 'SOIIln to over 1001 Seelns"" It's out now, and thHe hlddenpl')"fBlndcMabmaketMgOllme more filJoyable, here', .. complete list. Sm.. n PI~n with BI8 tte .. ds: On 81g Heoid SeIKt, pr~s Up. Down, Left, Right, Down, Up. then sel«t Y6. Big Fftt Mode Hold Left or Right when leaving Big Head Select.

Head-er-olds Bonus G.. ~

Hold Up+Elctreme on 1114 ~s when leavingTeamSeI«t M.lnhmallowtruts HoIdUp<lteodoftltlesequence, befofe

screen dims RandomTum5elect On Team Seltct. press Up+ Turoo RilndomPlilyerSelecl After Random Team. press Up+Turbo

again. Show hlte code mes~8t Hold Start button on Power-up. Thest codes must be entered by pressing all thc buttons while on the Team Select scrttfl, hoIdingthem right through to the Yenus screen, then Pfesslng the directions listed.



MU J.",. nl. tl ..., It'. I. 301

screen Infinite Turbo Hold Turbo, then press Up. Down, Up.

Oown, andreleaseTurbo. NoTurbaMetel'll HoIdTurbo+Extrt~, thenpressUp.

Down, Up. Down, ~nd rele~se buttons. RemoYflCrowd Hold Extrerne ... ~ss+Up. ~nd release on Vs screen. These codes must be entered during the tip-off sequence. wh,le the referee is walking out to throw the ball up. ComputerAulstanceOff Extreme, Turbo, Pilss, Pilss Beach 8111 Mode PilSS)(l, Turbo, Extreme, Turbo, P.isS)(l SoccerbllMode Pilss Xl, Turbo)(l, Ertreme x). Quid! Hands Mode PilSS)(}. Turbo~}.Extreme~3, P.iss~). Ma~)PtMode

Passd,Elrtrtmt. f>asSIf1. legalc:;oaltendlng htremexB. Pass, Extremex9. Oead-eyeOkk Turboxs.Pass,Extreme, Turbo~6.

SuperRalnbowShot Turbox~Pilss,P~ss, Turbox6. Power Push

TurboX2. Pilss X2. Turbo Xl. P.iss Xl.

ROOt(IE LawrenceMoten CheroteeP.irn


Thtstcodes must be tnttred on the JCeep Record screen when entering your name Asyou'lI see, the codes are too long 10 fit In ..s us u.. 1, so you h.. veto tnttrtheflrst2~trs,thenbackspilce

twice. then put In the nelrt 2 letters, then backsp..ce"galn. Repeat this until the codtlStnttredandyouheManoiStto ttllyou it's worked. thtn put in whattvtr n.. me)'OUw~nttoplil)'with PlAVOFFS St.. rt .. tPlil)'Offs St.. rtnAn .. ls ANALS St.. rt WIth l PliI)'Off g.. mes won CH EE $V St.. rt WIth 3 PliI)'Off games won NO VI CE 4SsecondShootout SHOOTOUT SOund Test KAZOO To use the secret. character codes. select to enter your n.. me, then put in the Ini· tials .. nd d..tes below. Some characters don't h.. ve .. code. mun ing th .. t they .. re oniy .. v.. il .. bleonceyou·ve selected someone else from the" te .. m. Each tum h..s .. spet:~IIy-des'gnedk.Jt .. ndcourt-tvtn the m.. d. secret. te.. ms l SCUlPTURED PASSWORD (Powered.up playel'll)

o..v..lnSk,nner OaveRoss JrifPeters OarenSmlth MiktC.. llahan TheTInM.. n



ft>b21 JuneB May '7 April '0 May' Jan 24

SCUlPTURED (Powered-up pia)"!") Mark Canus MMC Sept ,6 RoyWilklns RNW 5ept'S RobOautel RAC> March '9 lames Hebdon JPH Apfll26 ~.. n Morrell OSM MiI)' 9 MlkePeery MlP MiI)'26 SQUID TEAM MthssaPard'ke Br.. dley Jon.. th .. nO .. nsie let'Phung J.. sonCreenberg ChrlsH.. wkes J~f"It


Marchl6 Mayl3






April ,8 ft>b2'


J.. n'7


Jot Smith KurtThomas EdO'Bannon L"d.. ",..t.fOl"t~"DI""'JlI1II.

Turbo Xl, Pass Xl, Turbo ~l. MaxSpeed

stwt"'Olsplay HoldEJrtfeme+Shoot.andreleaseon~

Sh.. wnRespert

-' ~Ji~' :-:-.

Weasel MaglC H.. ir


Sequioor AlrNd Pistol







ACCLAIM M"rk "Ch..os· Sharer XTl

Bob 'Stfl~r"' Davidson



AprIl I} Janll

Fumongous Geoff""Ciouse.. uo Higgrns

A),Dog Ice Pf,ncess CEI1BRITYTEAM luniofSeau .iohnElwil)' Fr.. nkToom .. s M.. rvAlbert NtwtCiingri(h



Juntl Sept}O


"'" """

Augl2 Juf"lt6

SPECIAL SPORTS TEAM Cheryl Swoopes SWO Rebecc.1L.obo L06 CilroI "Blazeo Blazejowsk,

Bll Bob Lan ler


Stinger MSS Shamrock JHG O, DJP CllfIs "H..cke'r" Slate JCS Todd -Cowboy"" Mowatt Ne Rlch .. rd "Richlto· Szelo


ROOt(IE J<1sonCaffey sa R.. ndolphCh,ldress KevinC .. nett AtanHenderson Antonic McOyess

All.-STAlEAST Vln Ba~er TerrellBr.. ndon PatrkkEwing Penny Hard .. way Cr"ntHill Juwan Howard

J.. n, July 4 March, Sept'o M<1y18 April 17


Aug16 Juf"ltl9






A!onzoMourning 5cottlePippen ClenRice JUWilnl-toward PatrickEwing ALl-STAlWEST CtydeOrexler Se.. nElhot Sh.. wnKemp J.. sonKidd IOrlMaIone .IohnStockton ALl-STAlWEST DikembeMutombo H.. keem Ol..juwon C.. ryPayton M'tchRkhmond O.. vidRobinson JohnStockton

PifilttBiII Mr. H.. ppy DufustheClown Three Fttt Under Mr.Unhappy







ALl·STAlEAST ~ieMiller



Air Nick CieorgeGervrn


"'0 GUN

JerryStackhouse CaryTrent CorlissWilliamson O.. mon Stoudamire ItiIsheedWallace Antonic McOyess

July 11


April l'




Marchu June '9 April 17




J.. n26



Brained Monkey Boy Howie J,mJung



~ SEGA S ..o..TURl'-:.

Jan1 J.. n7 N~'





IliII',\1.$ltJIIIIJ' ~1

lowtryour~lfdowntheholekillln8the ratarnlpush­

Ing the bloc:k through to the nelrt room en,bllngyou lo.ctmle the I~r. Kill tht rats, collect the m~l~ck ~hind the door .md drop down to the bridge. Jump to IMpl.tformontherlghtancltdgtalorlglhecrack collecting Ihe shotgun ammo alongtht WlY until you ca n pull younl!'lf up to the next pt,tform. Run to the end and flnd the flfst rusty key.

Goback.longthe pl.tforrn to the uve beiICon andjumptothe balcony on the right, Fend off some un_korne ildv,nCI!S from Pierre iU you follow the steps and n~triew the ammo and mtdipacH from the platforms. Drop through the hole In the f100r.nd swim through to the ~xt room ;Jnd dimb out. Follow the steps rou nd tothe neKt rusty key. Kill the rilts In

the next roo m OInd slide down the slope to the main room ,nd use the save bucon. Climb up to the pl,tform facing the two doors on the ust will (use the comp.1lSS)iI~openthelefthilndorlewiththerusty

key. Climb onto the ledge behind the door, su re off Pierre Ind kill the IpH. Jump from one pliltform to thenutuntilyouruchthee~whereifyou 'refftl·

Ing dilrlng you u n jump down to the twle In the Will! indcollecttheMilgnums.Thoseof uswhodonotfi nCYilnke·crum trut"njumpove,totheuevke iI~edgeillongtotheroomonthe rlght,killlngtheillllgilto"iI~


the Silve beilCon. There ISilmedl pilckilroundthe COfner but It Is gUirded byiln aUigatorand a lilt. Quite why the illigiltordoes·

n't ut the rit Is beyond me. Using the ledges iI~ the crevice on tM ~I! rlegotiilte your wily to the door ilt the top Ind enter It being Cilreful of the spl kes. Drop down Into the pit iI~ follow the tunnel to the nut room where you Ciln ilcll viltethe lever lit the top which you Ciln ruch by going from ledge to ledge, This opens the doo,ilt the bottom where you'll flnd the sllve, key. Ret urn tOtM main room via the pool In the middle. Proceed to the bilcony room wMre you first becilme ilcquillnted with Pierre iI~ pull tM!eYe, flooding the main room. And tM north fadn. tunnel In the ma in room and swimthrou.h tothe next room ilnd activate the previously IniKcessible lever rw.r the surfice. Climb out and collect the ammo 1ftd!Md1 pild: before dlvlnS down to the newlJ ....... late ilnd collecting the s«o~ silver u"M . . . key ilndilnolher.iteopenswhktl tallll,... . . tDthe milinroom. Swim to the riSht hilnddoor . . . . . . . . ..Id open usln. the SftOnd NSty totoJ. lectilmedlpiKk a~theJOlcl..,. . . . . . totMmain room indcll mb up to the baIciDftJ_thenorth t.dna will uslnS the sliver key to ICIDIII the door. UN the ledges to leiKh the platfotrn lbow the door Iftd dIs· perM' with the lIpe then use the sold .,. to acteU the door. Stily on the platforms to kill the liombefate soln l throush the door beln. Cilreful ofthl dirtier tiln, some of which CDIIapse. ~tht block lithe end of the room next to the ~, and ttwow yourself down the pit .



...,......... ..... ....., .......... ..... _,. .......... ......


. .--_--"

I ~~~= ....

-1# 5EGA SAl'l.JR:N

Swim down the tunnel PilSt t he r<XInd tile corner to the lever. Onee .e.ted iwlm ; Hek to the room where )'Ou un now cll6 0ut Md : ktlmtilnotherlevertoopenildoor.ICII.....

1110. ilne! use the pliltforms to reKht"' .... .t the top whkh floods the room. Collect the Med/¡



pack It the bottom ilnddimbontottw . . . . . block and make your exit. Swim down toMInhtht grate and pull the lever rewrs/ng the curtent. Follow the tllnnel to the next room, kill the rat and IlsetheledSHtofuchthesilvebeilconbeforeUk . . Ing the door on the left being u reful of the â&#x20AC;˘ .., whk h you hilve tr iggered. follow the tunnel ilnd gra b on to the ledge ilnd edse ilCfon unUl)'01I Ciln pull )'OlIrself lip il nd Ktivilte the lever. Go bilek to the axt room and bke the other door, sure off Pie r.. a ndproc~thfoushthemetilISilteilnd swim to the next room. Kill iI fill then swim to the next room ilnd kill the lion. Climb onto the block,kill tht

SECRETS 1. (;0 down lite ,I.,., pnl lite ,wlnllnl'.' , ncI Intotltel'OOm" I' pon,ltth'M tll" tOlln",lt. a. 'fOfIItltethlrd ..... NacOflJ"mpOfltotM rlJh! " " of lite Uope , ncI hoW the jllmp Mrtton to pltotM hlddeft _ avoIdln. lite colllopsIItI floors. Go to tlte HI' so that la .., rlpt.We h facln.lhe_

SECRETS "At tlM boYWe,

,,,m "cM .nd SO I__ rill , ....

dark hole alWl cllmlt lhoe


to find .. hlUen

1. Attho,'Hnled.onea,the,ph'n.l, h,mrl,ht .ndPfOCHdllptheslo,.totlMhl,lMltledpto fllMI ...cretaru. 1. ...., the fourth NI" point "-In to the mllU" of thlHWp keep'n. lotheleftalNfperfonnarun, ..' n. Jllm' . .m.k.... l.. t ... c_.

Proceeddowntheh~ tlwayandactlvatethe

lever ;lOd return 10 the mummy room. Drop down and run pall the dalrslo the ledge and clim b up until I.J,ra Is stood on the green platfo rm. Cross the br'dge~ndtaketheS<arllbt henjump tothe adja¡

cent bridge to discover the Annulws 5-eal. Get into the w~te'lntoth-enewfyopened t unnel

the ammo and medlpack. Jum pto the stair(ase and drop through the door to leturn tot he Sphinâ&#x20AC;˘ . Then use the four items to make youruit th rough ground and pull the lever. Wa lk to the left ledge, drop down and pick up the magnum clips and medlpllck. Go bo!ck to the top of the slaircasethrough the hole

then intou.-llcove. KiHthe panther. acti'llltethe switch and go through the door collecting more am mo. Go to the main room and upthe steps.jumplo the ledge on the left and collKl more ammo bri"ore continuing up to the save point. JumptothefenctdltdgeandcollKlt~eAnkhat

theendofthep~lh . Goblcktolheltd8e, cotlectthe

mtdipack and activate the left,. Go back out and through the door, up the deps and edge along the crevice on the right and drop down to the rldge , .llk round and drop down. Go back up the steps and shoot the mummy and . divlte the switch 10 lower the bridge. ColI Kl the mtdlpack and go round the corner and pu lt Ihe level. Procetd down the stai rs pnt th-e piltarSilndJumpdown 10 the gong. Jump tothe Itd ge on the righland enler the doorway nelrt to Ihegree n

SECRETS I. FInd the me41.-:II.M .'"_ In It.,....... room '" IUnnin.lo the aM of It. ......nd Jumpln._lolt. MC'" tt_. I. Aft.r It. 1hN4 MWp hat Men w.11I p... It.. pili.,. for It.. whlt, ...... _ thellftdoftheled.,. Perfonn.lUnn'n.Jumpto the MCr,t ._,.nd find. med .nd.mmo. J. From the top of the plll.r .bo.... Ih, whit, 10n., Jump to th"on,.nd 1o th, led"below. Go throulh the doo,..,.t th' I,..n rid." dlmbth, ..,,..nd,d.,.lonllolt..nlhtof the Ied.,.nd pull)'01olfMif up to tt.. led" ."""". Jump to th,ledp with . column . nd


11:t11.n1·.... tJIIIIJI ~1

entertheh~lIw~ytotheleft . ~bove .

Dro p b~ck ·

w''''~ '.'''''o,'totheedge, th endro pt othe

~er~;b~~::;:~:~;;~!~:~!Ot ~:ee~~:~Y

:::::. Drop down ove rth e s lope~nd gr~bon to the end,nowyou ca n fallon th e ground toufety. Run between t heS phlnx'sa rms~ndgr~bthe ~mmo. go ~rt.und t he Sphinx ~nd climb on to t he sloptdblocktothe rightthen Jump~crosstothe

opposite block. Jump up ~nd pull you~elf up to t~ ledge. Run forw~rd ~nd jump onto the pill~ r, turn left ~nd Ie~p ~cross to the higher pillu. Clim b up to the I~ge ~nd use the uve be~con. Run p.ut the slker ~nd Jl1Ib the medi~ck. continue ~Iong the p~thandJump Krosslothe'iwitch.Killthethe fly .

Go Ovtf to the slope, turn ~round ~nd hop b<lck. w.rds to slide down, gl1lbthe IedJe at the end of the slope~nd~geleft. Dropontotheledge~ndcollect

the ~mmo. F~ce the w~1I ~nd climb up the ledges to the top. slide down ~nd drop Into Ihe w.ter. Swim 10 the bottom ~nd collect the gold key. swim low~rd'i the st ~lr s In the corner ~nd climb up out. Turn left ~nd retur pofthestaln.slldedownth eslope fac· In. orwa rtk and jump when ura luches the end. Gl1Ib the bridge and pull yourself up. lurn right and use the gold key to open the door. Kill thecentaul.nd grab the medip"k ~t the fint Ankh on the .h.r ~nd use the uwbeacon. Jump offthtb1'idgeintothtwatel.gobacktot~ st~l~ and climb all the way down. Lup Into the water and climb up t he stain in the comel, follow the h.lI·

InJ mon'iter. then return tothe pillu below th e

w~y b<lckoutsldea ndreturntothe sm~lIledgenextto

curvedpl~tform~ndclimbonlopofit.Turn'iO th"

Ihe brtght plllar. Turn left. climb the pillar and jump b<ldo:wardl. to land on the highest column. Jump up to the thin , walk forward and collect the magnum clips bel ap~rdand contlnuealon8the undyled '3n.w~II 'sruChedturnalittletot he Itftandlup to the ledgt. Go to the end of the ridge,ju"",up the ledge alMMl. turn left climb up and j ump acfO$S to the rocky ledle. Follow the path

Lar~ 's

f"lng Ihe corner of the room and jump OYer


10 the Sphinx. Run ~lon8the left side of t he Sphinx ~nd enter the p~u~8e. collect more ~mmo ~nd

~ nd cli mllallthew.yuptoflndthesawbeacon.

Run Into the hallway. tu.n right and push the block forward. then runaround tothe ot htr side. cll mb Jptheblocktotheledgeabove. killthecen.

and find the ammo that appears to float In mid· air, Ju mp over to It onto an Invisible platform. tot~edge~nd lupacrontothecliffledge.tllrn

around and shoot the two flying demons. then drop to the I round. Enter the door be!ween Ihe Sphinx .rms ~ nd Ju mp into the water . Gr~b the ammo under the waler. then swim down the rIght foot of the st.tue. Enler the tunnel and pllll Ihe switch. th en surl"e and dimb out. Climb onto the lower pllla r. Jllmp acron to the second colllmn. tllrnr lght~ndJllm ptoth eloweststep.Rlln u pthe

stalrcueand slide down into a cave and uveYOllr position. Ffom the fifth beacon shoot the flylnJ monster then face the stone hudon theleft.nd dropdowntotheledJe. Turnaround,le.pacross

:~~:~;:~I~~~df:;::~ :;;~II~~~:=;oto the bottom, turn and diw into the w.ter. Climb andpullthelev~r.Divelntothewater

and m Into the t unnel between the shlues fu Cli mb out of the witer it Ihe end. run lip t he 10n" urvlngpllhandtaketheammo. Contlnue Jrab the Searab. walk into t he entranee room and shoot the two mumm ies and the een· hllf. Use the Scarab on the lock in the corner to open the g.te. Tike the med ipack Indimmo,rlln down the ramp and climb up through the hole to enter the Selon room and kill that pesky Larson.

ta u r, tliencollectthemedipack~ndasecond Ankh .

Run back olltside, tllrn right and slide down the slo pe. Tll rn left and jump on theSphlnx's back. shoot th e mum my then climb up to the top of the hud. Use the first of your Ankhs then climb down to the front and IIse the second Ankh. now uve your position. from the fourth save btacon. climb back to the

I. Climb blck to tlM top Ankh symbol from tlM fOtlrths.VtlMMootlMntllmtoth ...... f _ •• IIIM ....StJ••• IIII.oftlMlM.... Jump_to tlM"r .mmo whlfl you' ll flrMI." 1""ldltll plltf_ .n.bflnr you to retn.v. tlte Uti.



3. E1RlDRIESBICH In the obelisk courtyard jump horn the waterpool area (at tht top) onto the arched entrance away to Ihe alta (there an a couple of pols then). This opens a neTt! door to open just

Blow open a hall! in the pilar you must Jump on to get the kl!y. The hole Is on the southern facl!, about half way down.

around the corner. Levitate In and get the doll.


4. MIRICOlTES Ttuow a bomb at the roddat!! ABOVE the

waterfall near the exit to Al'nun Mines to open

Near the start of the level thele is a small brown ledge high on a cliff face. Stand on this ledge and point north. Levitate over to the wall you Ut facing and blow open a secret chamber near the top of the wall. Ifthal sounds a bit tough to follow, Just look at the picture sequences below and you should tOl$ilY8l!tthepldwe.

KILMAAT BOSS STAGE ThUt is an Invisible walkway directly beneath the ~ylu.dinl to Kin, RamSfS body in the the mumy intubation chamber. Drop down onto the walkway (tricky), (ollect the Brian doll then hnd toward. the rinS'. Use yaw map to see wh ere the invisible walkway end. and Jump onto the lowest rinS. Now bomb boMt up two ring levels and Jump onlo the mummy. Tuesp ractlnlll

AM2's latest driving game is soon to hit British arcades, having been a major hit at the recent trade-only ATEI coin-op exhibition in london. SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE checked out this awesome-looking game . ..pi"~o~,~d ,pKUl.tio" about the power of rival compani es' arcade technoiogy, it appears obvious that Sega • rem ain in a lea gue of their own with their latest coin-op board· Model}. NameD and Konaml have threatened to steal Scga's thunde r with their own tKhnology and yet nothing has appeared (NameD in pa rticular disappointing with Tekllen 3 - nowheu! in the same league as Model). despite the rumours). AM2 continue to set the pace with Scud Race the se«lnd of their Model 3 arcade games after the board's stunning debut in the unforgettable Virtua Fighter }.lfthe name is unfamiliar, you should be aware that the game's project title was Supt:'rCar - a game we revealed in the lntroducing_ section of SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE a couple of issues ago. Well, the name may have changed, but the rest of the facts Il:'rruUn solid Scud Race is the semi-offidal sequel to the epoch·ma}tingOaytona USA. only it's bigge r and

n ell"lphlCollerrectlofthl MDdl 13 IINnI allow flH" "ml of till mOlt '''"tlcular bacql'Ollftd Klntry IWlf Hln I. a ,ldlG gamlmr.AlWlthlrtIIClfI,lIktthtDodgeYlptr,lrtacltOO!

betterinjustabouteveryconceivableway The question has to be: what next hom AMI using this spectacular technology? Well,the smart money would have to be on Virtua Cop 3- Just imagine what AM2 could achieve with this technology with the shooting game genre! [n COin-Operated, we usually reserve space for games that are bound to appear on the Sega Saturn at some point in the future. Obviously with a game as advanced as Scud Race, we can'l be sure seeing as the Model 3 hardware is so monumentally more powerful than the trusty old Saturn. However,

Alloft.ltartlooklamulftl,wlth ltunnlnlrtnecti'lllllltalwork. AnllWlfUI hOllu tly: don thl Mclattn fl look that IIIUC. bltllrlnrtal tifl? WIII?

since Virtua Fighter 3 Is seemingly bound to appear on the Saturn using a 3D accelerator of some description, the smart money would be on a Scud Race conversion appearing mid-way in 1998. Still. this is just conjecture from over-exciled members of the SSM team! We·ve still got Sega Touring Car Championship to look forward toon the Saturn before we hear any talk of Scud Race appearing for the home machine. Still ... everyone should have a dream eh readersl

FOUR COURSES Oaytona USA only had three different oourses ... well that number has been upped in Scud Race wilh four different tracks nowon offer. [nDaytona thosetrackswereeasilyrememberedasbeingofeasy,mediumor hard difficulty. Things are a bit more complicated in Scud Race ... but not that much. Instead of having just the one easy course,inslead there are two shorter courses to choose from. Dolphin Tunnel is the name of the first beginner course and this is set in daylight. The second track, Twilight Airport, is also set atan easy difficully level. but is sel at night to make thingsjusI atad more difficult (a nd show off more of the Model]"sawesomegra phicalcapabilities). From there we move onto the familiar realms of the medium and tough difficulty levels. The intermediate difficulty track is known as Mystery Ruins (no prizes for guessing what you'll find in some of the backg round scenery here) and the expert track isthe bizarrely monickered Classic Castle. Again. in keeping with what has been established in Oaytona USA. the more difficult the track, the longer It is. and conversely. the amount of laps you needtooompleteislower

Take a look at the screenshots to witness the sheer detail on these tracks. If you thou!lht Daytona had a lot to apprectate, you'll really get a kick out of what Model 3 has enabledAM2 loachieve.Theeffectsare frankly rtunning. Look out for the little bits of detail that really give each course character. On one of the tracks. there is even an enormous fish tank, with small individual fish mavmg around insldel With the rendering power of Model 3 at AMl's disposal. even the cars themselves look stunning. Zoom in dose to the texture·mapping and you get no pilceli· sation whatsoever_ and just look at how the lights reflect off the bodywork of each ofthe SuperCars. Not only that, but you can seethe fully detailed drivers inside each of the cars. oomplete with some dea!nt a ni· mation depending on what happening to the car. Ifs a revelation, mate!

REALISM 15 THE KEY Once a!lain, AM2 have triumphed in merging reality with excellent gameplay. SCud Race features a oontrol mode which is excellent fun to use and features awe· same feedback effects in the chair and the steering whe.!l. However. since the AM2 guys have ooncentrat· edon real cars. they have made sure that a great amount of realism is inherent in the game. Ouring the test phase. key membersofthetearn raced the four

AMl racers such as Virtua Racing and DaytonaUSA. Put simply,thegraphical excesses that Model 3 provides, combined with the attenlion to detail that AM2 are famous for has created what must be one of the most exciting. playable racing games everl Truly this !lame does play as well as it looks. Which is no mean feat.

Scud Race has already hada lirnited release in lapan and is currently on test in one location in th e US, where it became the fastest-grossing arcade machine of all·time. After the preview at the ATEI Show, we can expect a similar test to occur in the UK before the full·on release (which will probably be around March time). Lookoutfor ScudRa cetoappearfirstlnthe major London arcades such a s SegaWo rld and the Trocadero. It will be interest ing to see how much the arcades will charge fo r such a monumenta lly impressive game ...

VRVIEWS All of AMl's driving games since Virtua Racing have featured the ability to choose your viewpoinl. Scud Race continues this fine tradition and this facility works in pretty much the same way as Daytona USA. The first two perspectives are inside-car views.llke Daytona, they consist of either a bumpers eye view (so to speakj or an intemal dashboardl steering wheel view. What is pretty cool about the latter is that you can choose a centred up perspectM like Daytona, or instead shift to the left behind the wheel which is how the view would be in reallifel In addition to this in-<ar action. you also get to choose nom two oul-of·vehicie perspectives. like Daytona this centres around a close·in view of your car or instead a swept·back chase helicopter style view situated behind and above your motor.

powuofthluIWllllm...I,hinll. AI lOll WlIuld uptCtfrom INlldra"rfNlmthllablofthemastlll,$CMdRacl lIoel nlltdiu ppolnl.,.,2hI Wlhlrnlludthepowl rllrthllrnlw board and cornblned It with m'lthln8itamldfNHn dlnlop1_lcluslcl llk, Oaytona USA •



f.)ctwl\lch is bound to put the same peopleoffthlsgame~sltdldfofthe

After belOgfllst revealed at the E3 con· vention last year in Los Angeles, the avefOlge Saturn gamer on the streets finallysetstOS.lmplethelatestim.tall. mentlnBugle~citementffomthe

(irstBugl Saturn platformers ilrc pretty few and f,tr between, but the genre hils come on leaps and bounds (e~cvse the pun) and we should have c:.:pec t ed a b,t mOfe from Bug Tool

much fanCiedSega Away Team Anyone e~pectjnganygrutdeparturefromthe


flrst Bugl IS in for a disappointment as the sequel follows much the same

BYG1 £4ol.9956%

route Ifs just got a whole lot bigger


andmorcenjoyable Thelackofvilrl' etylevelled ilt the flfSI game hils been


sorted out "nd the rangeoftOisks for BuglOindhlspOilstowadethrooghlS

most revIled m the scant weeks that It hOls been on sOIle. Id 5Qftw~re revolu· tlonlsed gammg wIth theIr OImOllmg

After the demise of Sonic X·tteme , Sesa desperately needed a Sonic same for the Satum, Enter SOnic 3D Blast, a same which Is basically an enhancu vertlon of the excellent Mesadrlve title SOnic 3D: Fllclry'. Island. In a break from SOnic tradition, S3DB if set In an isometric sameplay arena, sonic'. ta.k I. to collect the u.ual rlnS' alons with Fllck.ies (little bud.) which he lea d. to safety, HIShllght of the game Is the MI3D Spedal St age - an enhanced ve,s lon of SOnic 1', brilliant .ub·same. It'. no .urprlse that this I. the best b it a. It Is the on1y aspect of the title coded by SeSi. of Japan'. SOnic t eam, And maybe that '. the prob lem. S3DB was brilliant on the Mesadrlve, but when It comes to Sesa Saturn you can't h elp b ut wan t a game th at . tret che. the machine to the limits of its capabilities· Just as th e orlsln a l Sonic lames did fo r the 16·blt Sega sys tem, You just can't set away from the fact that although very playable, you . hould be Settinl a whole lot mOle from a Sonic Utle. The bottom line 11 that Sonic 3D Blast Is an enjoyable enoush lame, but "enJoyable enoush M isn't quite the same as "epol:h.maklns" - a phrase synonymous with true Sonic team produce.

pl~yablhty whIch h~vt been shot completely out of the WIndow WIth the mOSlJerky 3D dIsplay ever seen in


prettyimpreSSlvt However, the first game really suffered because it became vtry frus· tr~tingtoplOly Enemies would leap on-screen at phenomenal vtloClties, making the game more 01 test of memorythOln of skIlL And th~t'sthe main problem wIth the sequel too, 01

corrIdor blaSl 'em upandJust about ew!fyconverslon (ew!n the 31X one) hOls manOlged to retilm the brllliilnt game· play of the PC original Unfortunately, UK coders Rage SoftwOIrearebehindthiseffronlery Doom relies on a smooth 3D update to mOlintam its game balance and



From Olll research (and Indeed the sheer num· ber of phone ealI. we Sri here at SSM CentnJJ, It'. obvious that a sreat many satwn GWntrs Sri a lot of enjoyment out of 10Ie·play1ns sames. ClimaJO Duk Savior IJ p robably the best adventure pmt' avaIla.ble on any p . bit system and it'. out now, MJKt the . pedal Game of the Month rtahu fOI this excellent title. lmagine LandStalker on the Mesadrlve. Give this same a tl\ie 3D engine with sce nery displayed uslnS texture-napped polygons and)'O\l have tome idea of the basic ~em Duk $.avior empioyl. Md in a brilliant combat systemcom· blned with an amUllnj: and detaUed plot line and you ha~ an essential adven· ture pme, Dark Savior Nt'Ceecb on a multitude oflevels. The adwnture it:self1J deep and compellins and the Ultr interface b easy to undemand and set the mostout of · the",'seftnusefu.icom· patlbWty w:Ith the NiGHTS pad. Also of n ote IJthe Pualleis system. DependtnS on how you handle the first scenario of the same you're tele· ported. to one of five d.iffetent quests, and these in themselves chanse a«o rdlnS to YOIll performance, mak· InS fOI a VU! amount of lastabWty In

iiiilllli;';';;~j :-n~~~~':.~o~::~1

E~cuses h~e "the Slturn isn't up to It' ~re cle~rly rubbiSh after Alien Trrlogy, Oind especially Exhumed, which IS 30,," smoother than PI~yStatlon Doom with far superior Irghtrngeffects. What is cleaf is that RageandGThaveletSatufOgamers downbadlywlthlhorrrble,incompe· tent rendItion of a gamIng classic which should be avoided 11 all costs



looms in on the pla~rs Which Is quite a tot ThevisuOilscould be forgiven If the glme was good,lnd Oil t hough it's not an affront, it's hardly the instinctuale~erchethatM~dden'sis

In fact, an enormous grea t chart Is provided to tell you what buttons do wha t act ion in what circums tances, Hm mmm. Not good. Thiscountlj'isn'te~ctlydec~edout

wJthAmer;can Football fanatks and unhke Molddtfl,thisisunli~elytoconvertyoo




Acclllmha¥eupc!ltedtherrAmerrciln Football SImulatIon game just rn tIme fOIChrlstmas whlchunfortunOitelyls eKactlytheumetlmetl'latElectronrc Arts hi.vechosen for the Si.turn rendi· tlon of John Mi.dden Footbi.1I ThIS new Club Isn-t Ifs Just thi.tIn every aspect (bi.r the recreations of famous games),Ws toti.llyout· quaffed by the EA effort Ctub'sgliiphlcs In particular stand out as being poor, with ajerkydlspl ay, horrible PAL borders and some hugely

Acclaim are no doubt encouraging you to ·SIOIm in the Jam" WIth thiS new 3D editIon of the much vaunted NSA J~m series· hardly 1 recommended i.ctivlty trthls"btreme"¥elslonlsthebest Acclaim Ci.n do. Intermsofwha t thlsofferSOYeI the previousvelsions. the answer hu to be simply "more". In additiontothe common·or·garden Turbo bullon, there's also an "EKtreme" button which helps open up OYer 30 new techniques added into thIS version of the game Making the whole shebOing look a bit

more nlnelles IS Ihe 3D vlewpoinl whiCh allows for some nice camera angle Irickery which obviously be tters the simple left·nght scrolling of the lasl verSion However. this new 3D business comes at a pnce. Whereas the old game was very smooth Indeed. Extreme Isn't It'squlte,elkyln fact, and this does detr~ somewhat from the playablhty II also looks a bit rough,to be honest the sp!'lte·basedplayersiooklngabjtropey overialdl)Vtrlowresolutiootexture maps.NBAJamEMtremeishkelytofind favour with Jam devatees, Simply because the hidden bits (the best aspect of previous Jams) has been added on extensively,lJ.ut In terms of raw playabih· tythlS is pretty far off "htreme"



Oneofthegreatmysterresoftheworld has to be the popularrtyofthe Toshindensefles. Like most of hfe'sdls, asters, this can be placed squarely on the shoulders of PlayS ta t Ion owners who were obviously taken in by the flashy visuals of the orrglnal The thing IS, when It comes to gameplay.Toshlnden-lnanyofltsguls· esbothooP1ayStatlonandSatum·juSI doesn"tcutthemustard This new Satum verslCn looks like the best edition yet. making generous use of the

Saturn'shlsh.rewlutlonmode The characters have also been redesigned (no more net·curtain clolhing as opposed to PlayStatlon transparencres) tolooklessembarrassrng But gett,ng back tothe gameplay, Toshlnden's lack of moves and strategies mil~es this iI poor substitute for the Irkes of Flghtrng Vipers and especially VlrtuilFlghter, And w,th Flshters MegilMlx en route to UK shops, ToshrndenURAbecomesa.eleasespectacularly Without point



Just about the only reason to own an Atall JilgUilr (rn add,tlon to gettrng a better verSion of Doom thiln the Silturn) IS JeffMlnter'sawesome playilbllrty feshvill, Tempest 2000 Sowhatlftheorrginalcoln·op's around 15 years oldl With theM,nter iludlo,vlsualtreatment. Tempest 1000


£4"'1 .£4'-99



.£39.91 £44.19














44.911 £39.99 £44,911 44.911 .£2t." £49.99 .£39.99 .£39.911 .£39.99 41.19 .£3'.99 .£3Ug .£3Ug .£3U9 .£29.19 £41..


£44.911 .£39.99 .£39,99 .£39.99 £44.19 £44.99 .£39,911 Ut,. £44." m ,911 m ,911 m.9I £44.R

IMi ... ~

84" ~

%5" ~

7nt ~

mt 56% "'''


........... "










66" 7nt




61% ~

mt t4'~










"""" ........ ''''''W




ISJUst as fresh as ever Itwas,remarn, Ingoneofthe best gamesofall,tlme And this Saturn vefsion is almost identreal Thethingis,-almost" isn't really soodenoushSmallportlonsofplaya. bllrty aren't as they should be. small bits have been changed and even the muSIC Isn-t as good as the Jilguar ver Slon(odd,srncetheJagverSlonwason cilrtrrdge as opposed to the Salurn's CD power!) Dont get us wrong. Tempest 2000 IS stili a great game and at thiS prrce It'S very Impressive rndeed II"s Just not as close a conversion aswe hoped It would be. It's also doubly irritatlngtoseethePlayStatlonversion berns markedly supeflor



~ . ' 1 . _ __ - v -.


;-~ ~


...... . " .... ........76""" .... "" ..... .... "' ... "'... "" """ "'.. ."" . " ..... "" "" "'.. "" "'.... "" "' """ """ "". ."" , """'FFlGItTU .,,,.""""" ..,.. """' lGItTU,


£J9.9!1 £44,99 £39.99 £JUg £39." £3U9 39.19


£44,99 £39.99



.£3U9 .£3,."






...... IIOITU ....



.£3Ug .£39,99 149.99 £4'." .£39.911 £44.99 149.99 "'.99 .£39,99 .£39.99 .£39,99


m. ""

"" ....''""'" ...."" ...... "'... "" ""








~~; '.~: - - ~

I(lnd ofcreeprng Into the shops before any revra>fcopy awving, Batmiln Forever Tht Afcilde Game is actually iI COIlVersron

8T-...sTIllUI1lVEa: £44..R

OIYII""""" """''''''''''

ofAcclalm'sveryownl,ttlekr\CMIncoln· op,And it"SJustnotverygood really Taking cont rol ofthecaped crusader and Robin, the boy hostage, one or two·playertake part In this game whreh is best described as being like Final Fight With more power-ups And lessplayabllrty_ Acclalm'smuchvauntedmotlCn capture system only looks Impressive on the character select screen. In Ihegame propef,thevlsualsarehofflblyblocky andunconvrnClngThesamedigltised look as in Mortal Kombat appears to be the order of the day, b .. t these sprr t es jus t don'ttakekindlytosprrte-sca llng The visuals are matched by the poor qualrtygameplay The power-ups are dull,themeanlesyoyfightunlmpres. Slve. and the backgroul'lds repetitIVe With Guardian Heroes alreildy on the shelves and DIe Hard AICade out ilny day now, there's very Irttle reawn to even contemplate Batman Forever So don't


£J9.99 £39.99 .£39.99 £39.99


_.. ..........."" "'..

"" ...."" "' .£3,."

,...., "'"'...... "'... "' "'..... ...... £39.99


.... "" .... "" .... "" ..'"""" ....

_ ""



..... ..."" ....... -" ...."""" ..... .... . ..."" ..... .""""" "" ...... "" .....""""""" £39."




.£39.911 .£39,99 149.99 .£3Ug

149." .£39.19 !.Ut

~ 5:=:':;.4 SATURN



Introducin ...


. , 'n tbl.llIlit . lrt, our h'l1HIl Irt takl" I bit or. rlSt ln t b. cbu ~h . .uYO'WI".



ul••ISblnlnl l lmllnt.rfl",.",aluprlIll1 III~C.tllewn • .



ii .ljU or ~ ~ Jikii !.


~~- ,


~~i?- ;:-ti\

, .. ~ , I

... . ..;. - ', ,





': -..!.


Mm)'Or eal ... tM.we dttallH 3D art.. lutSItlIll.. tk Ht/J Alt cl)lltaJ... TlIII It II)'It.. (nIdI lt!lk-

DlltlidaaIliMt_"'. . ).•

IIdIl~ "WlIJ. Tk

placet. lloet.plsltt"",~ ·'III1Jt.


wIIkII a&aJI" "",m III _ It. .., 30. VIP, tllll PIIM 11 cool IR rlPI .



.'pa, b, 0.. ....... l.1li.0_11 of l,ttu. I . ' ,llo •• talla tll. ".pl...

IIGA 'ATUD MAGAzn. . .taU ...... It..ct to '.'1U'1 bOIll ,lad" IUlu,tnh, 1t woalel ,pplU tllat SItI_la, Wheto.. it Olll of 'Olll! mott 1...oRdt, of lUll", Now SSM is pr01l. to r.'...... tI... all •• I • •Iqllll rlllI.tlauloatb.bp",1 So what's old and what's new? Definitely fitting Inlo the former cate· gory Is the control system, The excellent icons system employed since the

original Megadrive game, Shining and the Darkness. remains in full effect and makes Shining the Holy Ark just u euy to get Into u the other clu· sics in t he field. Wha t's new should be clear to see from the myriad screenshots dotted around the pages. Just about everything Is now in three dimensions. mak· ing this adventure look a whole lot more special than previous Shining epics, Although not quite In the same lugue u sa y, a drivIng game like Sega Rally. Shining the Holy Ark does look very nice indeed. In fact , the rendered 3D villages and mountalnsldes look grut. Definition is lost when you enter a caves system or a forest , but overall, the effect Is of one grut tooklng adventure. SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE has just taken delivery of a final Japanese version of the game and has spent a few hours buvering away at it, despite the Japanese text (hey, It dldn', stop up finishi ng Dalk Savlorl). The emphasi$ of the game remains on combat, which Is no bad thing. Shining games have always been grut fighting festivals and Shining the Holy Ark Is no exception. Overall then, this is definitely one game to look out for. And it [5 get· tlng a UK release. More details in a forthcoming Issue,

1nm)'view,SEGASATlIIIIJlUGAZllE ls thelf'llteltmonthly p&Mci.tionilthlworldltldl want)'OU ' ~ you . toputltulde rormeonamonthlybull,lncuethey'N .. , toIIII.OrbolCht.




stli.lq tk NIIIJ Art Is "rJ sI.ltlt Ill _pt aid wettiol 10 IINI p!"ftioIII stll.l., .......

._k:_Is""'_ lIII... N_, lb~dlfftr­ IKI COKtnI Ib Jt'lP'k:I, . _,,_.rt _ .lIllsl., lu t~rtdpolypll.lttlll&k:I1'UI.

ptOl'Wlft.'~lHltylllperioc'roI·- ptttt ..

ppeli.IICf. lIIlrnIlOll •.



, •


• 5.0.



/ .


IIIrt'lll ... ..r-.......rr.rIq.Htr. f .... . N.t. N.IIIIII• . .t.cllllty, I_m'. Iou of cot! ~""'1 1t S~t.l.. lk HoIJ Art. jIIIt ~.. i. tk ".m- .....

.f'fl" "JII

~S~!t~!~i~th~n:;t~sSUe!WehaVethefirstfull If'~: ),': ~t~

,I ',

\:\ review of this potentially ace biking game along with a brilliant f, ' showcase! Expect the best! Also we should be getting the . first Resident Evil Saturn shots! The much vaunted Touring ', , ' Car Championship interview might actually happen in time for the next issueand RPG fans should get a big kick out of our brilliant Dark , Savior guide! Come on.. it's SSM, Vou know the next issue will be ACE! •



IF yw Ir~ 1~lovf'-r INr; (Jl..Iit-/(HEAPf, AN'p Y"v Q /(A1HEfl. f/qr ~, Hie-/: olff NE/III '1 bJiL.:r'. 6Ll't-Krl!~/)J? fJk,rdTt 'elf' 1""7...


IF yw Ir~ 1~lovf'-r INr; (Jl..Iit-/(HEAPf, AN'p Y"v Q /(A1HEfl. f/qr ~, Hie-/: olff NE/III '1 bJiL.:r'. 6Ll't-Krl!~/)J? fJk,rdTt 'elf' 1""7...