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5th Zermatt Summit - June 26-28, 2014

The Courage to Dare


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THE ZERMATT SUMMIT The Zermatt Summit provided a great opportunity to re-engage and re-inspire for the challenges ahead. Rob CAMERON

Created in 2010 as a primary international platform, the Zermatt Summit promotes a constructive, action oriented dialogue between key stakeholders from different universes who share the same purpose.


The Zermatt Summit is a world recognized platform that is helping to make our planet more sustainable, economically, socially and environmentally by developing a practical consensus among a wide range of influential decision makers. Mohan MUNASINGE Nobel Peace Prize co winner

The Zermatt Summit was a spark for the Blueprint for Better Business initiative.

Its role is to inspire, connect and empower high profile entrepreneurs, economists, political and spiritual leaders and NGO representatives who strive to be catalysts of a more inclusive and human globalization. Through a uniquely designed program, the Zermatt Summit team takes participants on an intense three-day journey to share a vision for a better society, develop models for a more human and sustainable world and change their hearts and minds in the process.

Charles WOOKEY

Blueprint for Better Business




The Zermatt Summit Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation of public interest recognized by the Swiss Government. It is committed to changing the hearts and minds of leaders for a more human and sustainable world. Since 2010, it has empowered, inspired and connected over 800 leaders who want to put meaning in their actions and “humanize globalization�.

The Convener Christopher Wasserman is President and co-founder of the Zerma tt Summit, the Swiss registered Foundation wh ose respect of the human per credo is that the son is not incompatible with success in business enterprises. Mr. Wasserman is also fou nder and president of the TeroLab Surface Gro up, based in Lausanne (Switzerland), one of the leading European companies in the field of surface engineering by thermal spraying. Chr istopher Wasserman has a MBA from New Yor k Un United States. He has bee iversity in the n sen and shareholder of the Eut ior executive ectic Castolin Group. Christopher Wasserman is the founder of the Fondation Ecophilos.

The Zermatt Summit Foundation engages its community and promotes values such as the dignity and value of people, reciprocity, integrity, solidarity & fairness, sustainability, accountability and courage. It fosters responsible participation of all of society’s stakeholders and engages them to serve the common good and the human person.

PREVIEW 2014 Dare to care, dare to innovate, dare to serve, dare to en

With the drastic changes created by globalization in the economic, social and political fabrics of our societies, some issues appear to be so complex to address that it can be difficult to have the courage to dare to start changing the world we live in. The 2014 edition of the Zermatt Summit will focus on success stories of people who had a dream and made a significant impact in their environment by daring to implement a project that had meaning. Through a uniquely designed program combining inspirational keynote interventions, well structured brainstorming sessions, practical workshops and genuine interactions, the Zermatt Summit team will create the context to inspire and empower the participants to have the courage to dare. WHY PARTICIPATE? You are a leader and innovative achiever of wideranging intellectual interests who share the values underlined in the Zermatt Summit Declaration and Manifesto. The Zermatt Summit will help you to: – establish genuine dialogue built on substantive content – be part of an inspiring journey with people having decided to engage in actions in favor of the human person and for the Common Good – engage in networking and building new relationships with a range of business, civil society and thought leaders – unite with the leaders of today and tomorrow through an alpine event designed to forge lifelong friendships, spawn innovative ideas and make our world a better place – change hearts and minds

HIGHLIGHTS 2014 BLUEPRINT FOR BETTER BUSINESS With the goal to unite corporate purpose and personal values to serve society, Blueprint for Better Business comes with an expertise to guide leaders in their decision making process and will make it available at one of the Zermatt Summit workshops. ASHOKA EUROPEAN SOCIAL & BUSINESS CO-CREATION COMPETITION A partnership between Ashoka, Dynamic Parcel Distribution, Guilé Foundation and the Zermatt Summit Foundation, the competition will source the best cases of social and business co-creation in Europe. The awards ceremony for the competition will be held before the Zermatt Summit Gala Dinner. IMPACT JOURNALISM AT THE SUMMIT Sparknews is known for having put together the “2013 Impact Journalism Day” that engaged 22 world’s leading newspapers from 20 countries to share stories of hope, change and innovation with their 50 million readers. The founder of Sparknews will ensure that the stories shared at the summit reach a larger audience and have the best impact. MATTERHORN LEADERSHIP EXCURSION The Zermatt Summit will be concluded by the Matterhorn Leadership Excursion lead by the charismatic Rodrigo Jordan. The first South American to reach the Mount Everest peak, Mr. Jordan is internationally known for his work in leadership, innovation and social development. SWISS NIGHT DINNER The SWISS NIGHT DINNER, held at the panoramic Sunnegga, will be a unique opportunity for participants and speakers to share their ideas and the perfect venue for genuine networking.



CEO, Spiritual Capital Foundation

Consultant, Private Equity



CEO, Armor Group

Professor, INSEAD and CEIBS

Nicolas BUTTET


Founder, Eucharistein Fraternity

Head of Market Risk Advisory for the Americas, Interest & Forex Derivatives Sales, Societe Generale

Francesca-Immacolata CHAOUQUI

Hernando DE SOTO

Member of the Economic Commission to reform the Holy See

Hannah CHUNG Chief Creative Officer, Sproutel

President, Institute for Liberty & Democracy

Shirin EBADI 2003 Winner, Nobel Peace Prize


Jean Luc FAVRE

Chairwoman, Erste Stiftung

CEO, ABB Sécheron

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ

Rodrigo JORDAN

Economist / President, French Academy of Management

Executive Vice President, Vertical Inversiones S.A.



Executive Director Skoll Center, Said Business School, Oxford / Cofounder, Volans Ventures

Vice President Sustainability Partnerships, Firmenich / Chair, Global Compact



CEO BRCK / Ushaidi founder / Ted fellow

Rodrigo JORDAN

Mountaineer / President, National Foundation for Overcoming Poverty

Chairman, Ashoka France, Belgium and Switzerland

Gonzalo MUNOZ Founder & CEO, Tricolos / Vice-President, Aconcagua Summit

Antonio MELOTO

Chandran NAIR

Founder, Gawad Kalinga

CEO, Global Institute for Tomorrow

Melchior de MURALT

Managing Partner, Pury Pictet Turrettini / Vice Chairman, Blue Orchard Finance

Marcello PALAZZI Cofounder, B Lab, Europe



Explorer/ Broadcaster/ Vice President, Royal Geographical Society

Managing Director, Edmond de Rothschild Corporate, Finance Treasurer, International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Hisham el SHERIF


Chairman, IT Investments Group / Founder, Nile Online

Director, Darpana Academy


Andreas WIDMER

Managing Partner, Mediafin

CEO, Seven Fund

Laurent WAUQUIEZ Mayor of Puy-en-Velay, France / Member of French Parliament / former Minister of State

Jochen ZEITZ Cofounder & co-chair, The B-Team / Director, Kering / Founder, Zeitz Foundation

ZermattSummit Zermattsummit Zermatt-summit-foundation TheZermattsummit Zermatt Summit Foundation

HEAD OFFICE Zermatt Summit World Trade Center Av. Gratta-Paille 2 CH-1018 Lausanne • Switzerland Tel. +41 (0)21 644 20 54 For enquiries on sponsorship For enquiries on press Online registration required Join us! We look forward to your participation. Past editions of the Zermatt Summit featured speakers from the following entities:

The Courgae to Dare - 5th Zermatt Summit June 26 -28 2014  
The Courgae to Dare - 5th Zermatt Summit June 26 -28 2014  

preview 2014 Dare to care, dare to innovate, dare to serve, dare to engage. With the drastic changes created by globalization in the economi...