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Architectural practice is built through the persona of the architect. The feelings, emotions, and personality that is put into a building is completely reliant on the message that the architect wants to convey. Philosophy of architecture can spread beyond just buildings and rooms. Architecture can be described in many forms from furniture to the architectural composition of electronics, to the architectural aspect of a piece of artwork is made. Architecture is the concept of a derived form following a function. The form of all the planetary bodies that preform the function of orbiting our sun. The form of a building preforming a function of aiding to the necessary needs of the general public. From electronics such as daily smartphones having the form that is small enough to fit into a common pocket but a screen large enough to carry our necessary tasks henceforth that aspect of function. And lastly through works of art forms that create a beautiful intricate form, such as on a canvas the angles that take form creating the function of guiding your eyes through the piece of work and the piece of art, creating the function of finally making the person experience and evocative emotion. All the works of my portfolio are all intricate forms. All these forms take the aspect of an architectural project from personal, to school related, to commercial such as internships. These works of architecture through it’s form carry out a specific type of function. These functions are related to the general concept of the building or inherently the overall scheme. You can describe these forms as linear, organic, entropic, or just simply calling it art.

is a project that was conducted in my first semester in my graduate program working to my Masters in Architecture and Planning. The concept had followed creating more options for affordable housing in Buffalo, NY. This project consisted of multiple family housing from traditional 2 story homes to more 2 floor apartments, to even studio-esque apartment complexes. The form of this project was to create an organically circulated community where it resembles almost a miniature city within a currently existing neighborhood in Buffalo.

Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park Waterfront/Emerson Young Park Carolina St Carolina St Nursing Home Neighborhood Health Center Virginia St Virginia St N 50’ 100’ 200’ 0 300’ 500’ Bedroom Housing Bedroom Housing Bedroom Housing Public Building

is a joint project that during my graduate program, we had cordinated with Gowanus Mutual aid to create a better concept of what already exists in Brooklyn. The sharing corner is a space where people are allowed to donate as much as they want as well as take back as much as they want. Through this concept I was able to add iterations within this project to have user specific sharing corners and spreading them throughout Gowanus brooklyn to create nodes where people convene to for donations or necessities they might need.

Maintence Pods Gowanus Mutual Aid Easy to Assemble roof Fire Extinguisher for Emergencies Easy Store supplies Maintence Pods Gowanus Mutual Aid Glass for easy refilling of cleaning supplies This Maintence pod sure was easy to put up and its so helpful Maintence Pods Ability to store cleahning supplies Seemingly fits by the grocery corner Maintence Pods Gowanus Mutual Aid Cleaning supplies on shelves Extra towels to wipe down dirt and grime Glass to easy see through Maintence Pods Small footprint on current sharing corner Easy to assemble door Maintence Pods Gowanus Mutual Aid Tool box for emergency fixes for the corner Glass to see through to check storage Easily openable and user friendly door Maintence Pods Gowanus Mutual Aid Wood facade wrapping around Easy Assembly Door Sitting on a slab of wood Maintence Pods Gowanus Mutual Aid Seamless corrugated roof transition Optionns to store different items in pod Ability to easily be placed amongst Self care corner Maintence Pods Gowanus Mutual Aid Easy storage for cleaning supplies Glass to make sure all items are upto stock Easily falls seamlessly into the sharing corner

Stands at the very bottom of the sharing corner which elevates the sharing corner off of the ground

Metal rodding that runs through this portion for clothing that can be hung such as shirts, coats, jeans, etc

Gowanus Mutual Aid

was a project that had took place during my undergraduate years in my Bachelors of Science in Architecture and Planning. This project took a very abstract approach to architecture where throughout this semester there was a curation of artistic elements based off of Atelier Van Lieshout, as well as direct narration and summaries from the several undergaduate architecture students.The focus on these narrations were represented through diagrams as well as sectional drawings of the final project deliverable which was a Museum based off these elements.

was a group project which had slowly developed into a bouyant pavillion. This project started off as a bouyant object to which our group had won the best design award. This bouyant object had took place in a race against other bouyant objects created by students in architecture department. Our leg of the race in particular was in charge of being the most bouyant for our respective team. We had to make sure cocoon was able to transport the driver of the boat as well as a sandbag onto shore.

was the first ever full scale build that I had ever participated in. This was a group project with everyone in the group given their respective roles in what they should create and add to the group. For example I was mainly in charge of model making as well as part of the main group of 3 in the overall group that was in charge of the full scale build. This project was based off a more abstract form of bathing where it is seen as a mental clense as you are experiencing the space and walking through it. This entire project was created with complete japanese joinery hence the japanese name. Shin-rinyoku also means a form of forest bathing which this project is located near the forest and endorses a mental clense.

This project was a bicycle center/resilience hub that was meant to better the community to create more opportunities for the neighborhood. This resillience hub had to take advantage of the currently existing bike path to create easy access into the entire site. There was aditionally a construnction document study that was done to study existing buildings and how they have their connections to include that into the project and recreate those construnction document joints at an axon, section, plan, and elevation all in Autocad.

rigid insulation inch air space 8 x CMU outer wythe Ground Floor Compact Earth Fill inch Sand Layer Vapor Barrier inch Site Cast Concrete On Grade with Mesh Reinforcement

First Floor 10 Joists at 16 inches O.C. 2 Bridging at 16 inches O.C. at mid span 3/4 inch Plywood Subfloor Nailing 70"O.C. 3/4 inch Strip Floor Finish Kitchen Floor 5/8 inches plywood subfloor nailing inches O.C. 3/4 inch mortar backer board with ceramic tile on top

First Floor Ceiling 4 Joist Next to External Wall at 16 inches O.C. 3/4 inch Gypsum Board Ceiling screwed to the bottom of joist at 12 inches O.C.

Second Floor Window vertically spaced 5/8 inch window panes at 2 feet 4 feet Cast Concrete Sill inch Rigid insulation damp proofing Horizontal Joint 16 inch O.C. Weeps 32 inch O.C. l0 flushed to Sill 4 attached to 10 12 inch Bond Beam 2#5 beyond grout 12 inch Lintel 8 inch Lintel 2-#5 grout solid extended inch

Roof 8 Rafters at 16 inches O.C. inch thick rigid insulation between rafters 5/8 inch plywood sheathing Built up roofing 3 blocking at edge with continuous flashing Second Floor Ceiling 4 Joist Next to External Wall at 16 inches O.C. 3/4 inch Gypsum Board Ceiling screwed to the bottom of joist at 12 inches O.C. 10 Parapet 16 8 CMU inner wythe with 3#5 vertical reinforcement bars at corner and 1#5 reinforcement bars at 48 inches O.C. Grout solid and horizontal reinforcement alternating courses inch thick rigid insulation inch air space 8 x inch CMU outer wythe with horizontal reinforcement 16 inches O.C. Flashing Window Sill Detail Scale: 1” 1’ 0”

33 AXON DE AI C AXON DETAI C AXON DE AXON DE AI THIRD FLOOR PLAN AXON DE AXON DE AI Scale: Scale: Scale: 1/2” Scale: 1/2” 10 WES ELE TION Scale: 1/2” Zakaria Siddiqui Kitsap County Administration Building 1. Foundation 1. Cistern wall slab on exterior 8” site cast concrete with reinforcement bars inch oc each way External
3. 3.
4.Roofs 4. -Corrugated
5. External Envelope 5. -Precast
x 48-in concrete beams w/ 4-in ledge and #8 steel reinforcement bars -Manufactured aluminum storefront system with aligned vertical 6. Ceilings 6. -Exposed 8in hollowcore precast prestressed at 4in OC Acoustic tile ceiling w/ hangar clip compression strut -12 gauge lateral bracing wires withing 2in of cross tee -12 gauge vertical wire and cross tee, all at 10ft OC 7. Roof 7. -Steel I-Beam structure, sloped to drain -1/8” thick metal decking Tapered R-21 insulation w/ crickets w/staggered joints -Fully adhered ¾” perlite Water tight overlapping bitumen layer 8. Parapet 8. ParapetPrefinished sheet metal coping type 1Elasto meric watertight reinforcement on corners 1/8 inch thick CONSTRUNCTION DOCUMENT STUDY 2 28 1 2 4 5 6 8 9 10 C B A Croffead House Clark & Menefee John Henning Brianna Mancini Melanie Morales Zakaria Siddiqui Specification Notes Foundation 36 inch wide 12 inch thick site cast concretestrip footing with 3-#5 reinforcement bars. External Wall at Ground Level 16 8 CMU inner wythe with 3-#5 vertical reinforcement grouted solid at corners, openings and 48 inches o.c. and horizontal joint reinforcement at 16 inches o.c. Vapor barrier through wall flashing at base of cavity with weep holes 32 inches O.C. inches rigid insulation inch air space 8 x CMU outer wythe with weep holes 32 inches O.C. External Wall at Upper Floors 16 8 CMU inner wythe with 3-#5 vertical reinforcement grouted solid at corners, openings and 48 inches o.c. and horizontal joint reinforcement at 16 inches o.c. vapor barrier inches
face: -Protection board
mat Water pro fing -Overflow scupper -4 inch drain tile
Ground Floor
-4”crushed stone Vapor barrier -8”thk site cast conc wslab on grade with wiremesh reinforcement -Perimeter with rigid insulation & Vapor Barrier -Ground Floor -4in gravel 4in cast place concrete slab with wire mesh reinforcement at 6-in OC 24in x24in x15in raised floor panel system
Upper Floor -8in hollowcore pre-cast pre-stressed at 4in OC2.5in thick concrete topping with wiremesh reinforcement at 6in OC24in x24in x15in -Raised floor panel system -8”thk pre cast conc hollow-core plankings
Steel decking -Protection board -Root barrier R-21 -Rigid insulation -Bitumen
Wall Section Scale:
Window Sill Detail Scale:
Window Sill Detail Scale:
1’ 0”
1” 1’ 0”
0 10 50 Basement 0 10 50 Ground Leve 0 10 50 2nd, 4th 6th Level Floor Plans
Floor Plans 0 10 50 3rd 5th 7th Level 0 10 50 8th Level 0 10 50 Roof

East Elevation

West Elevation

0 10 50' 0 10 50'
West Wall Section East Wall Section Wall Sections

is a firm located in Istanbul, Turkey. During the height of the pandemic of Covid-19, everything had shifted online allowing the opportunity of this internship available to me. Murat Soygenis an Univeristy at Buffalo Alumni was my mentor during this internship, coordinating different design schemes through zoom calls. Through these meetings our focus was to create a conceptual High-Rise concept through specficially renderings. We did not focus on construnction documents or many partie diagrams, but instead curated this concept through sketches and different rendering techniques.

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