Zac Vickers

Parsippany, NJ, US

My name is Zac Vickers. I am 29 years old. My life is filled with optimism. I am a lover of animals. When I was young I wanted an animal, but my mom wouldn't let me have one. It didn't work, no regardless of how hard my dad and I tried to convince her. Mom said it was a huge responsibility. Our dacha neighbors eventually moved away and the dog was abandoned. We observed the dog in pain when we went to the dacha. The dog's suffering wasn't even because of the lack of food, because she was being fed by passersby and other neighbors. She was just homesick and felt she was a part of the family her family. Unfortunately, they didn't think so. We were very sorry for her and took her to the hospital. My joy was never-ending! Naturally, she was loyal to her former owners and she didn't accept our offer right away. As we became friends over time, she was always present for us and provided us many wonderful times. Even our strict mother was thrilled to discover that Nayda returned her slippers after a long day at work.