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英文片語克漏字 慣用語整理

<第一單元> 1. above all 尤其是;最重要的是 He is hardworking, considerate, and above all, honest. 他勤奮,善解人意,尤其是,誠實。 2. above 不屑於;超出....的理解範圍 He is not above asking questions. 他不以問問題為恥。. This book is above / beyond me. 這本書我看不懂。 3. abandon oneself to + O 放棄;放縱 Don’t abandon yourself to despair. 別自暴自棄。 4. by accident 無意中 cf. on purpose 故意地 I discovered the secret by accident. 我無意中發現那秘密。 5. all walks of life = every walk of life 各行各業 I know people from all walks of life. 我認識各行各業的人。 6. automatically = by itself 自動地 The light went off/out by itself. 那燈自動熄滅了。 7. account for 解釋;說明;引起 Stage fright accounted for her bad performance.

怯場解釋了為什麼她的演出不理想。 There is no accounting for tastes. 人各有所好。 8. take + O + into account = take + O + into consideration 將~列入考慮 We should take the traffic condition into consideration. 我們應將交通情況列入考慮. 9. of no account = of no importance 不重要 It is of no account whether (or not) he is rich. 他是否富有並不重要. 10. have access to + O 有接近、使用~的權利或方法 Students have access to all the books in the library. 學生有使用圖書館內書籍的權利。

<第二單元> 1. according to + O 根據 According to the Bible, God created the world in six days. 根據聖經所載,上帝在六天之內創造了世界。 2. be accused of 被控訴 He was accused of taking bribes. 他被控受賄。 3. be/get/become accustomed to + O 習慣於;適應

= be/get/become used to + O He is still not accustomed to so much homework and so many tests. 他仍然不習慣這麼多的功課與考試。 4. acquaint oneself with 熟悉;通曉 A lawyer should acquaint himself with the facts of every case he handles. 一位律師應對每一件他所處理的案件的實際情況熟悉。 5. be/get acquainted with + O 熟悉 ~ ;認識 ~ make the acquaintance of sb. 與 ~ 認識 = make sb.’s acquaintance When did you get acquainted with her ? = When did you make the acquaintance of her ? = When did you make her acquaintance ? 你什麼時候認識她的? 6. put + O + into action = put + O + into practice = put + O + into force 使付諸實行;使生效 The government put the law into force last month. 上個月政府宣佈這法律生效。 7. adapt oneself to +O 使自己適應於 ~ = adjust oneself to +O = accommodate oneself to + O You should learn to adapt yourself to the new environment. 你應學習使自己適應新的環境。 8. be adapted for 被改編以適合 ~ Shakespeare’s plays have been adapted for most audience.

莎士比亞的戲劇已被改編以適合多數觀眾。 9. be addicted to + O 沉溺於;對~上癮 = addict oneself to + O = be hooked on + O He is addicted to drugs. = He is hooked on drugs. 他沉溺於毒品。 10. avail oneself of = make use of 利用 You should avail yourself of every chance to practice speaking English. 你應該利用每個機會練習說英文。

<第三單元> 1. ahead of 優於;在~之前 He is ahead of his classmates in English. 他在英文方面優於其他班上同學。 2. in advance = beforehand 事先;預先 He seemed to know the secret in advance. 他似乎事先已知道那秘密。

3. take advantage of = make use of 利用 He took advantage of the good weather to do some gardening. 他趁著好天氣做了些園藝工作。 4. after all 畢竟;到底 You can’t work all day long. After all, it is bad for your health to work around the clock. 你不能整天工作。 畢竟日夜不停地工作對你的健康不好。 5. one after another 相繼;陸續 They moved out of the apartment one after another. 他們相繼搬出那幢公寓。 6. against one’s will 勉強;違背意願 He never did anything against his will. 他從不違背自己的意願去做任何事。 7. after dark 天黑之後 Don’t stay in the woods after dark. 天黑後,別待在樹林裡。 8. after you 你先請 After you, sir.


9. agree + to/on + 事項 同意 ~ I agree to your proposal. 我同意你的提案。 We all agree on this. 我們皆同意此事。

10. agree with + 人/行為 同意~(的看法/行為) I agree with the way he handles things. 我同意他的處理方式。 cf. disagree with + 人/行為 不同意~ (的看法/行為); 不適合某人的體質 That kind of medicine disagrees with me. 那種藥不適合我的體質。

<第四單元> 1. go ahead 請便;繼續 “May I use your phone?” “Go ahead.” “我可以借用你的電話嗎?” “請便。” 2. aim at 瞄準;定目標 The hunter aimed at the deer, but didn’t shoot. 那獵人瞄準那隻鹿, 但並未射擊。 John aims at becoming an astronaut. 約翰的目標是成為一位太空人。 3. in the air 在謠傳中;不確定;在空中 These plans are still in the air. 這些計劃尚未定案。 The fireworks exploded high in the air. 那些煙火在高空中爆炸。

4. on the air 在廣播中;在播出中 The English program is on the air. 那英語節目正在播出。 5. put on airs = give oneself airs 擺架子;裝腔作勢 I hate to see him put on airs. 我不喜歡看到他擺架子。 He likes to put on an air of superiority. 他喜歡擺出優越的架子。 6. all in all = considering everything 就整體而言 All in all, she is a good student. 就整體而言, 她是一位好學生。 7. all in all 所最關心的 ; 一切 She is all in all to him. 對他來說,她就是一切。 8. at will 隨心所欲地;任意地 It is very dangerous to change lanes at will without giving a signal. 任意變換車道而不打方向燈是非常危險的。 9. be all eyes 全神貫注的看 be all ears 全神貫注的聽 be all rags 衣衫襤褸的 be all smiles 笑容滿面的 be all tears 淚流滿面的

be all thumbs 笨拙的 be all nerves 緊張的 It seems that I just cannot do anything right. I am all thumbs! 似乎我就是無法做對一件事。我真是笨拙啊! The beggar is all rags. 那乞丐衣衫襤褸。 When seeing her fiance, she was all smiles. 當見到她的未婚夫時,她笑容滿面。 10. at a loss 徬徨;虧本 He is at a loss and doesn’t know what to do. 他很徬徨不知該怎麼辦。

<第五單元> 1. all Greek to sb. = beyond sb. 某人無法了解 Marketing is all Greek to her. 她完全不懂市場行銷學。 2. once (and) for all 僅此一次;斷然地 He came to see me once and for all. 他只來看過我一次,不會再來了。 3. answer for = be responsible for 對 ~ 負責任

Who do you think should answer for this accident? 你認為誰該對這件意外負責? 4. answer one’s purpose = serve one’s purpose 符合目的;適合需要 This second-hand car will answer our purpose until we can afford to buy a new one. 在我們負擔得起去買部新車之前,這部二手車可符合我們 的需求。 5. in answer to = in reply to 應~要求而~ The doctor came at once in answer to our request. 那醫生應我們的要求而立刻趕到。 6. aside from = in addition to 除了~之外 ... 還有 ... = except for 除了~之外 Aside from a very attractive salary, we also offer you an excellent working environment. 除了非常優渥的薪水之外,我們也提供你優良的工作環 境。 Aside from the foggy weather, the trip was good. 除了天氣多霧外,那趟旅行很好。 7. with open arms 竭誠地 They welcomed us with open arms. 他們竭誠地歡迎我們。 8. appeal to sb. 對~有吸引力 This movie does not appeal to me.

這部電影不投合我意。 9. appeal to + O 向~懇求;訴諸於 The accused appealed to the judge for mercy. 被告懇求法官開恩。 The rioters appealed to violence. 那些暴民訴諸暴力。 10. watch with folded arms 袖手旁觀 We had a violent argument, but they watched with folded arms. 我們發生激烈的爭吵,但他們卻袖手旁觀。

<第六單元> 1. in appearance 外表上 The twin brothers look very much alike in appearance. 那對攣生兄弟長的很相像。 2. apply for 申請 I am applying for admission to Stanford University. 我正在申請史丹佛大學的入學許可。 3. apply + sth. + to + O 應用;適用 You can’t apply the principles to all cases. 你不能將這些原則應用到所有的案例上去。 4. apologize to sb. (for sth.) 為~向~道歉 He apologized to me for being so rude. 他因他的粗魯而向我道歉。 5. approve of 贊同;同意 cf. disapprove of 不贊同 He doesn’t approve of my studying abroad. 他不同意我出國讀書。 6. under arrest 被捕 Freeze! You are now under arrest.

不要動! 你現在被捕了。 7. be particular about + O 對~很講究;對~很挑剔 = be choosy about + O = be picky about + O She is particular about what she eats. 她對飲食很講究。 8. so-called = so to speak 所謂的 I can’t believe that this rascal is the so-called Prince Charming to you. 我無法相信這流氓是你的所謂的白馬王子。 9. be/feel ashamed of 以~為恥 Aren’t you ashamed of your own behavior? 你難道不以自己的行為為恥嗎? 10. put aside = set aside = put away 擱置;停止;保留 This project will have to be put aside. 這計劃將必須被擱置下來 。 We should put aside some money for a rainy day. 我們應存些錢以備不時之需。(未雨綢繆。)

<第七單元> 1. attend + O 參加 ~ attend school 上學 Did you attend the meeting yesterday afternoon? 你有無參加昨天下午的會? Children attend elementary school when they are six.

孩子們六歲時就讀小學。 2. attend sb. 服侍;照料 The nurse is attending the patient. 那位護士正在照料那病人。 3. attend to + O 用心;注意;招呼 He never attends to his work. 他對工作從不用心。 Many customers are waiting to be attended to at that restaurant. 那家餐廳裏許多顧客等著被招呼。 4. draw one’s attention 吸引~的注意 That beautiful water-color painting draws many people’s attention. 那幅美麗的水彩畫吸引許多人的注意。 5. focus on 強調;重視 It is important to focus on character building. 重視品格的培育是很重要的。 6. do away with 廢除;除去 We should do away with the outdated rules . 我們應廢除那些不合時宜的規定。 7. turn one’s back on 不理采 He never turned his back on me when I needed help. 當我需要幫助時,他從未不理采我。 8. back up = support = stand by 支持;援助

We back up those people’s struggling for freedom and democracy. 我們支持那些人的爭取自由與民主。 9. look back on 回顧 Study harder, or else you will be regretful when you look back on your school life. 用功點, 否則當你回顧學校生活時會後悔。 10. be based on/upon 依據;本於 The above-mentioned is based on facts. 以上所述皆根據事實。

<第八單元> 1. bear in mind = keep in mind = remember 牢記在心 Always bear in mind that honesty is the best policy.

永遠記得誠實為最上策。 2. beat around/about the bush 拐彎抹角;聲東擊西 Just tell me what you want. Don’t beat around/about the bush. 告訴我你到底要什麼;不要拐彎抹角。 3. become of +人= happen to +人 發生;遭遇 What will become of the pro-democracy students and civilians? 那些擁護民主的學生及平民會有什麼樣的遭遇呢? 4. be becoming to + O 適合~;與~相稱 = be suitable for + O This hair style is very becoming to you. 這髮型很適合你。 5. get out of bed on the wrong side 心情不好;不對勁 = be in a bad mood What’s wrong with you? Did you get out of bed on the wrong side today? 你怎麼了? 今天心情不好嗎? 6. on behalf of sb.= on sb.’s behalf 代表 I wrote this letter on behalf of my father. 我代表我父親寫這封信。 7. behind schedule 落後;遲到 The train arrived behind schedule. 那火車遲到了。 8. leave behind 遺忘;忘記帶走

Have we left anything behind? 我們有否遺忘什麼? 9. lag behind = fall behind 落後 Nancy was tired and lagged behind. Nancy 因疲倦而落後了。 10. leave out 遺漏;缺漏;冷落 Sorry, I left out the most important point. 抱歉,我遺漏了最重要的一點。

<第九單元> 1. make believe = pretend 假裝 He made believe that he was innocent. 他假裝自己是清白的。 2. believe it or not 信不信由你 Believe it not, I saw a UFO last night. 信不信由你,我昨晚見到幽浮。 3. to (the best of) my knowledge 據我所知 To the best of my knowledge, he wants to start all over again. 據我所知,他想重新開始。 4. between you and me = between ourselves 你我之間;守秘 Don’t let on. It’s between you and me. 不要洩密。你我之間知道就好了。

5. a/the black sheep 害群之馬;敗家子 Harry is the black sheep of the family. Harry 是家裡的敗家子。 6. beyond description 無法描述(筆墨難以形容) beyond compare 無與倫比 beyond doubt 無庸置疑 beyond repair 無法修復 beyond remedy 無藥可救 The scenery is beyond description. 風景美的筆墨難以形容。 The damage caused by super typhoon Wayne was beyond measure. 超級颱風韋恩所造成的傷害是無法衡量的。 7. black and blue 瘀青的 He was beaten black and blue. 他被打得青一塊、紫一塊。 8. a wet blanket 掃興的人 Don’t be such a wet blanket! 不要做一個如此掃興的人。 9. bit by bit = little by little = gradually = by degrees 漸漸地 The ruling party is losing ground bit by bit. 執政黨漸漸地失勢。 10. a blessing in disguise 塞翁失馬

Don’t you understand that it turned out to be a blessing in disguise? 你難道不懂這是塞翁失馬?

<第十單元> 1. blow up 爆炸;發脾氣;打氣 The bomb blew up and killed 2 people. 炸彈爆炸並有兩人喪生。 2. blow one’s nose 擤鼻涕 Sorry, I have to blow my nose. 抱歉,我必須擤鼻涕。 3. keep body and soul together = live from hand to mouth 僅能糊口 He earns a low salary and can merely keep body and soul together. 他所得微薄並僅能糊口。

4. get to the bottom of 追根究底 He always gets to the bottom of things. 他總是追根究底。 5. break up (with +人) 與~分手;道別 Mary broke up with her ex-boyfriend two weeks ago. 瑪麗兩星期前與她的前任男友分手。 6. break down 崩潰;出毛病;鎮壓 The car broke down all of a sudden. 車子突然出了毛病。 His health broke down. 他身體垮掉了。 The government broke down all resistance ruthlessly. 政府無情地鎮壓所有的抵抗。 7. break in 馴服;打斷別人的話 Wild animals are hard to break in. 野生動物很難馴服。 Please don’t break in on our conversation. 請不要打斷我們的談話。 8. break out 爆發 A fire broke out in the neighborhood last night. 昨晚附近發生了一場火災。 9. catch one’s breath 喘口氣 hold one’s breath 屏氣

save one’s breath 省口氣 waste one’s breath 白費口舌 be out of breath 喘不過氣 breathe one’s last (breath) 嚥下最後一口氣 Don’t waste your breath trying to reason with such a stubborn person. 別白費口舌和如此頑固的人理論。 I held my breath and sank my body into the water. 我屏著氣將身體沉入水中。 10. bring oneself to VR 使自己去~ I can’t bring myself to kill animals. 我無法使自己去殘殺動物。

<第十一單元> 1. bring about 使發生;引起 The war brought about the destruction of the city. 戰爭帶來了整個城市的摧毀。 2. bring up 提出;養大 The plan was brought up at the meeting. 這計畫在會議中被提出。 He was brought up by his adoptive parents. 他由他的養父母撫養長大。 3. bump into = come across = run into = run across 不期而遇 I bumped into James on my way here. 我在來這兒的路上碰到James. 4. on business 出差;洽公 cf. for pleasure 遊玩 Are you here on business? 你來這兒出差嗎? 5. call for 請求;需要;呼籲 cf. call upon/on + sb. + to + VR/for + sth. 呼籲 The occasion calls for a cool head. 這種場合需要冷靜的頭腦。 I would like to call for your cooperation to solve this problem. 我想請求你的合作來解決這問題。

The government called upon the public to fight with crimes. 政府呼籲民眾打擊犯罪。 6. call off = cancel 取消 The game was called off because of the rain. 比賽因下雨而被取消。 7. be carried away 入迷 The audiences were carried away by his touching speech. 聽眾們都沉醉在他感人的演說裏。 8. carry on = continue 繼續 We will carry on the discussion shortly. 我們很快地將再繼續這個討論。 9. carry out 實現;完成 We are supposed to carry out this task at any cost. 無論如何,我們皆應完成這項任務. 10. in case of + O;in case (that) + 子句 如果 You may call me in case of any emergency. 如果有任何緊急事件你可以打電話給我。

<第十二單元> 1. catch fire 點燃;著火 Since the wood is wet, it won’t catch fire easily. 由於這木材是濕的,它不容易著火。 2. catch on ( to ) = make out 了解;聽懂 I didn’t catch on ( to) the joke.

我聽不懂那個笑話。 3. catch up ( with sb. ) 趕上( 某人) Go on in front. I’ll soon catch you up. 你在前面走。我很快就趕上你。 4. take a/one’s chance(s) = run a risk(s) = take a risk(s) 冒險;碰運氣 In order to succeed, we need to take chances from time to time. 為了要成功,我們有時候須要冒險。 5. It chanced/happened that + S + V 剛好;正巧 It chanced that I was out when you called. 你打電話來時正巧我出去了。 6. take charge of = be in charge of 負責;掌管 Bill took charge of all the arrangements for the wedding (ceremony) . Bill 負責婚禮的一切安排。 Mr. Wang is in charge of this law firm. 王先生負責掌管這家法律事務所。 7. check up on + sth. 檢查;核對 The security guard checked up on our papers. 安全警衛檢查我們的證件。 8. crack down on/upon + O 取締;掃蕩;鎮壓 Our government is determined to crack down on drugs. 我們的政府下決心掃毒。

9. check in 投宿(旅館);(機場)報到;寄存 check out 結帳離開(旅館);機場通關;取回寄存物 When did you check in (at) the Ritz? 你何時住進麗池(the Ritz)飯店的? Travelers on international flights are requested to check in two hours before the departure time. 搭乘國際班機的旅客必須在飛機起飛前兩小時報到。 Do we have to check in our cameras? 我們須要寄放我們的照相機 (不能攜入照相機) 嗎? 10. free of charge = free 免費 This meal is free of charge. It’s on the house. 這一餐免費。店東請客。

<第十三單元> 1. cheer up 振奮;高興 Cheer up! Everything will be all right. 高興一點!一切都會順利的。 2. throw/pour/dash cold water on sb. 對某人澆冷水 Every time he tries to do something decisive, his wife throws cold water on him. 每次他想做點果決的事,他太太就潑他冷水。 3. have/get cold feet 膽怯 When the beautiful girl was introduced to him, he got cold feet and didn’t know what to say.

當那位美麗的女孩被介紹給他時,他變得很膽怯(害羞), 不知道該說些什麼才好。 4. how come ( + S + V )......? 為什麼;怎麼會 How come you are always late? 為什麼你總是遲到? You are late again!How come? 你又遲到了!為什麼呢? 5. come down with = become ill with = fall ill with 生病 I am coming down with a cold. 我感冒了。 6. come up with 想出 Scientists have come up with a method to detect earthquakes. 科學家們已經想出一個新的方法來偵測地震。 7. keep company with +人= keep +人+ company 與~做伴;與~交往 I’ve brought you a dog to keep you company. 我帶了一隻狗來和你做伴。 A man is known by the company he keeps. 觀其友,知其人。 8. clear up 澄清;放晴 The misunderstanding will soon be cleared up. 誤會很快就會澄清。

According to the weather forecast, it will clear up tomorrow . 根據氣象預測 ,天氣明天會放晴。 9. a close call = a narrow escape 千鈞一髮 It was a close call ; he was almost hit by the car. 真是驚險萬分,他差點被車撞了。 10. (close) at hand 即將來臨;就在眼前 = ( near ) at hand = around the corner Christmas is close at hand. 耶誕節即將來臨。

<第十四單元> 1. leave sb. cold 不能引起別人的興趣 Your arguments left us cold. 你的論點引不起我們的興趣。 2. in one’s true colors;show one’s true colors 如其本來面目 Don’t pretend that you are so indifferent. Show your true colors! 不要假裝你是如此的冷漠。還你本來的面目! 3. have a good command of +語言 精通 It’s advantageous to have a good command of English. 精通英語是有利的。 4. in command of 指揮 Who is in command of this troop?

這部隊是由誰指揮? 5. in common 共同 We have nothing in common with each other. 我們彼此之間沒有共同的地方。 6. be compared to 被比喻為;與~比較 Life is often compared to a candle. 人生經常被比喻為蠟燭。 7. compared with = in comparison with 與~比較 Compared with my loss, yours is nothing. 和我的損失相比,你的是微不足道。 8. beyond compare 無與倫比的 Her talent is beyond compare. 她的才華是無與倫比的。 9. compensate for = make up for 補償 Diligence compensates for lack of experience. 勤勉能彌補經驗的不足。 10. compete with +人 與~競爭 compete in + 方面 在 ~ 方面競爭 compete for + O 為 ~ 而競爭 No one can compete with him in chasing a girl. 在追求女孩子這方面沒有人能跟他競爭。 Many contestants compete in this speech contest. 許多競賽者在這演講比賽中競爭。

Many applicants competed for this teaching job. 許多應徵者為這份教職而競爭。

<第十五單元> 1. be composed of = be made up of = contain = consist of 由~組成;包含 The band is composed of five members. 這樂團是由五位成員所組成。 2. be concerned about/over/for = be anxious about 擔心;關切 We are concerned about your safety. 我們很擔心你的安全。 3. have a weakness for 特別喜歡;無法抗拒 I have a weakness for ice cream and sweets. 我特別喜歡冰淇淋和甜食。 4. as far as ~ be concerned 就~而言;對~來說 As far as I am concerned, school life is enjoyable. 就我而言,學校生活很有趣。 5. be considerate toward sb. 為人著想的;體貼的 He is always considerate toward others. 他總是對人很體貼。 6. be considerate of sb. ( not ) to + VR 為人著想的;體貼的;週到的 It was considerate of you to give your seat to me. 你讓座給我真是非常週到。

7. to one’s heart’s content 盡情地 You may eat to your heart’s content. 你可以盡情地吃。 8. out of control = out of hand 失去控制 under control 在控制下 The situation is out of control now. 情況現在失去控制了。 9. on the contrary 相反地 He is not stupid; on the contrary, he is very smart. 他並不笨,相反的,他很精明。 10. consist in = lie in 在於 True happiness consists in contentment. 真正的快樂在於滿足。 (知足常樂。)

<第十六單元> 1. consist of = include 包含 The jury consists of twelve persons. 這陪審團包含12 個人。 2. correspond to +O = be in agreement with 與~一致 His actions did not correspond to his words. 他言行並不一致。 3. be convinced of 相信;確信 convince 人 of 事 使 ~ 相信

Are you convinced of the so-called truth? 你相信這所謂的事實嗎? 4. cope with = deal with 應付;解決 Nations all over the world today are trying hard to cope with the energy crisis. 今天全世界各個國家都在努力試著去應付能源危機。 5. around/round the corner = ( near ) at hand 近了;即將來臨 At twenty-one they feel they have lost their childhood, at thirty their youth, at forty they worry about middle age, at fifty they see old age around the corner. 二十一歲時,他們覺得已失去童年時光,三十歲時,青春 時光,四十歲時他們擔心中年的來臨,五十歲時他們覺得 老年已近了。 6. crocodile tears 鱷魚的眼淚 ( 假慈悲 ) Their shedding crocodile tears only made me feel disgusted. 他們的假慈悲只使得我覺得噁心。 7. give sb. the creeps 令人毛骨悚然 That horror movie really gave me the creeps. = That horror movie really made my flesh creep. 那部恐怖電影真令我毛骨悚然。 8. be cut out for 天生適合 He is not cut out for a doctor. 他不是塊做醫生的料。 9. short cut 捷徑

There is no short cut to success. 成功無捷徑。 10. in the dark 在暗處;被隱瞞 Most children are afraid of being left alone in the dark. 多數小孩害怕被單獨留在暗處。

<第十七單元> 1. out of date 過時的;陳舊的 The documents are already out of date. 這些文件已經過時了。 2. to date = until now 到目前為止 To date, I haven’t heard from him yet. 到目前為止,我尚未得到他的信息。 3. up to date 最新的 The news is not up to date at all. 這消息已經過時了。 4. on the decrease 在減少中 on the increase/rise 在增加中 The population of this city is on the decrease. 這城市的人口在減少中。 5. devote oneself/sth. to + O = be devoted to + O = dedicate oneself/sth. to + O = be dedicated to + O 獻身於;致力於 He devoted/dedicated his whole life to the development of democracy.

他一生獻身於民生政治的發展。 6. to a ( certain ) degree = somewhat = to some extent 有點;有幾分 John is to a degree difficult to get along with. John 有點難相處。 7. deprive 人 of 權利 剝奪~的權利 The Communist government deprives the people of their rights. 這共產政府剝奪人們的權利。 8. in detail 詳細地 This matter will be discussed in detail later. 這件事稍後會被詳細地討論。 9. drive at 意指;用意何在 I can’t make out what you are driving at. 我不了解你的用意。 10. drop sb. a line/note 捎封短信 Be sure to drop me a line/note as soon as you get there. 你到達那兒後馬上捎封短信給我。

<第十八單元> 1. on duty 值班;上班 off duty 下班;不用值班 Don’t call me when I am on duty; call me when I am off duty. 上班時不要打電話給我;下班時再打給我。

2. have an ear for ~ 對 ~ 有鑑賞力 (用聽的) have an eye for ~ 對 ~ 有鑑賞力 (用看的) She has an ear for classical music. 她對古典音樂有鑑賞力。 She has an eye for beautiful paintings. 她對美麗的畫作有鑑賞力。 3. turn a deaf ear to ~ 充耳不聞 turn a blind eye to ~ 視而不見 The manager turned a deaf ear to the secretary’s complaints. 那經理對那秘書的抱怨充耳不聞 。 I can’t turn a blind eye to your sufferings. 我無法對你受的苦視而不見。 4. leave much/nothing to be desired 有許多/(沒有)有待改善之處 Your performance still leaves much to be desired. 你的表現仍有許多地方有待改進。 5. on a diet 節食 She plans to go on a diet. 她打算節食。 6. dispose of + O 處置 How are you going to dispose of the property? 你要如何處置這些財產? 7. in dispute 在爭論中

The issue is still in dispute. 這個問題仍然在爭論中。 8. drop by/in = stop by/in 順道看看 drop in on + 人 順道拜訪 ~ 人 He drops by to see us once in a while. 他偶而順道來訪。 Drop in on us at your convenience. 方便時,順道來看我們。 9. to the effect that 大意是說 He wrote a letter to the effect that he would not come over for dinner next Saturday. 他寫了一封信,大意是說他下星期六不會過來吃晚飯。 10. make an effort = make efforts = take pains 努力 To learn English well, we have to make great efforts. 要學好英文,我們必須要努力。

<第十九單元> 1. make every effort = do one’s best = do one’s utmost 盡一切力量 Please make every effort to save him. 請盡全力救他。 2. at the eleventh hour = at the last possible moment 最後一刻 He never studies until the eleventh hour. 除非到了最後一刻,他從不讀書。

3. be equal to = equal 等於 Six divided by two equals / makes / is three. 六被除以二等於三。 4. lay/put/place + emphasis/stress + on + O 強調 = stress + O = emphasize + O = focus on + O Schools should put more emphasis on moral values and character-building. 學校應多強調道德價值觀及人格的培育。 5. out of employment = out of work = out of a/one’s job 失 業 He is out of work again. 他又失業了。 6. make (both) ends meet 使收支平衡;量入為出 They can hardly make (both) ends meet. 他們幾乎無法使收支平衡。 7. be engaged in = engage ( oneself ) in 從事於 He is engaged in foreign trade. 他從事外貿行業。 8. be engaged 有事;忙著 The line is engaged. (英式用法) 電話忙線。 The line is busy. (美式用法) 電話忙線。

The line is free. 電話未佔線。 9. be engaged to = engage oneself to 和~訂婚 Jane is engaged to a famous actor. Jane 和一位有名的男演員訂婚了。 10. be equal to = be competent for 能勝任;與~相等 He is not competent for his job. 他無法勝任他的工作。

<第二十單元> 1. be entitled to 具有~資格;應得 You are entitled to the reward. 你應得到這份報酬。 2. be envious/jealous of + O 嫉妒;羨慕 envy +人 + sth. I am envious of your luck. 我羨慕你的運氣。 I envy you your luck. 我羨慕你的運氣。 3. set/give a good example 做好榜樣 Older brothers are often expected to set good examples to their younger brothers. 做哥哥的通常都被期望做弟弟的好榜樣。 4. see eye to eye with sb. 與~有同感;與~看法一致

I rarely see eye to eye with him . 我很少與他看法一致。 5. go to extremes 走極端;太過分 We should not go to extremes in doing anything. 我們做任何事都不能走極端。 6. catch one’s eye = attract sb. 吸引;引起注意 That picture catches my eye. 那幅畫吸引著我。 7. keep an eye on = watch ( over ) carefully 密切注意 Please keep an eye on my purse. 請代為看一下我的皮包。 8. face to face 面對面 I would like to talk face to face with you. 我想當面和你談。 9. keep a straight face 板起面孔;保持嚴肅 How come you always keep a straight face? 你為什麼總是板著臉? 10. to one’s face 當面 Such as praise you to your face but stab you in the back are not real friends. 當面讚美你背後卻中傷你的人不是真正的朋友。

<第二十一單元> 1. make/pull/wear a long face 拉長臉;不高興 When told that they must get ready for bed, the children pulled a long face. 當被告知必須上床睡覺了,那小孩們滿臉不高興。 2. without fail 必定;無誤 I’ll get there on time without fail. 我必定會準時到達那兒。 3. fall on one’s knees = get down on one’s knees 下跪 Suddenly, he fell on his knees. 突然間,他跪下了。 4. fall/come apart = fall/come into pieces 瓦解;破裂;淪亡 The Communist tyranny will fall apart eventually. 共產暴政終究會滅亡。 5. be/fall short of 缺乏 We are short of food and water supplies. 我們食物和和水的供應短缺。 6. fall in love with 愛上 cf. have a crush on sb. 暗戀 ~ 人 I’ve heard that Bill has fallen in love with Jan. 我聽說Bill 愛上Jan 了。 Rumor has it that Jack has a crush on Debbie. 有謠言說Jack 暗戀Debbie。

7. 人+ be familiar with +事物/人 對 ~ 熟悉 = 事物/人+ be familiar to +人 I am familiar with this song. = This song sounds familiar to me. 我對這首歌熟悉。(這首歌聽起來很熟悉。) 8. out of fashion 不流行 cf. in fashion 流行中 This hair style is out of fashion now. 這種髮型現在已經不流行了。 9. go too far 過分 Don’t go too far or play with fire.. 別太過分或玩火自焚。 10. find fault with + O = criticize + O 對~挑剔 Stop finding fault with my friends. 停止挑剔我的朋友。

<第二十二單元> 1. to the full(est) 充分地 Education helps us exert our potential to the full(est). 教育幫助我們充分發揮潛力。 2. in favor of 支持;贊成 We are in favor of the government’s new law. 我們支持政府的新法律。 3. for fear ( that ) + 子句 害怕;惟恐

He is working very hard for fear that he should fail. 他非常努力惟恐萬一會失敗。 4. for fear of + 受詞 害怕;惟恐 He ran away for fear of being caught. 他跑開了,惟恐被捉到。 5. be fed up with 受夠了 ; 感到厭煩 I am fed up with your lies. 我受夠你的謊言了。 6. feel like + Ving / N. 想要 I feel like going to a movie. 我想要去看場電影。 I feel like a cup of coffee. 我想喝杯咖啡。 7. figure out 想出;理解 Can you figure out what he meant? 你能了解他是什麼意思嗎? 8. fill in 填寫入 ( 名字、電話號碼、地址等資料 ) fill out 填寫 ( 表格 ) Fill in your name please. 請填入你的名字。 Please fill out this form. 請填寫這份表格。 9. fill up 加滿

Fill it up please. 請加滿油。 10. hold/split one’s sides with laughter 捧腹大笑 I couldn’t help holding my sides with laughter when I heard the joke. 我聽到那笑話時忍不住捧腹大笑。

<第二十三單元> 1. set fire to ~ = set ~ on fire 放火 The civilians set the tanks on fire. 那些平民放火燒坦克。 2. flunk/fail + 科目;考試 不及格;當了 How come you failed the final exams? 為何你期末考未通過? 3. (as) fit as a fiddle = perfectly healthy 非常健康;神采奕奕 I am (as) fit as a fiddle. 我身體狀況極佳。 4. be in for it 一定要受罰 You will be in for it when mother finds out. 當媽媽發現後你一定會受罰。 5. vote for 投票支持 vote against 投票反對 I voted for this proposal. 我投票贊成這項提案。

They voted against the construction of a nuclear power plant in their neighborhood. 他們投票反對在住家附近興建核電廠。 6. fall victim/prey to + O 成為~的受害者 I hate to see you fall victim to vanity. 我痛恨見到你成為虛榮心的受害者。 7. be foreign to 非~原有的;與~無關的 Cruelty is foreign to his nature. 殘酷並非他的天性。 8. far from 差得遠;離得遠 He is far from ( being ) generous. 他一點都不慷慨大方。 9. take French leave 不告而別;不假外出 You should not have taken French leave. 你不該不告而別。 10. make fun of = poke fun at 嘲弄 Stop making fun of this poor little girl. 請不要嘲弄這可憐的小女孩。

<第二十四單元> 1. make a fuss 大驚小怪 Don’t make such a fuss about this small thing. 這件瑣事不要大驚小怪。 2. gain ground 佔優勢

Due to his experience and better skills , the defending champion is starting to gain ground. 由於經驗和較佳的技巧,衛冕者開始佔優勢了。 3. hold up 搶劫;延誤 On our way to the airport , we were held up in a traffic jam. 在去機場途中,我們因塞車而延誤了。 4. get sth. across to sb. 使 ~ 了解 I was unable to get across to him what I meant. 我無法使他了解我的意思。 5. get on one’s nerves 使緊張;使心神不寧 Stop crying. You are getting on my nerves. 不要哭了。你使得我心神不寧。 6. get over = recover from 由~恢復 He just got over the flu. 他流行性感冒剛好。 7. get nowhere 徒勞無功;一事無成 You will get nowhere unless you are determined to work hard. 除非你下決心努力,否則你將一事無成。 8. go over = brush up on = review 複習 To prepare for the exam , I must go over all the lessons. 為了準備考試,我必須複習所有的課程。 9. lose ground 讓步;撤退 Mini-skirts never lose ground. 迷你裙從不褪流行。

10. meet sb. half-way 妥協 We have no choice but to meet him half-way. 我們別無選擇必須與他妥協。

<第二十五單元> 1. talk big = talk through one’s hat 說大話 A person who likes to talk big is not reliable.. 愛說大話的人不可靠。 2. keep cool = keep calm = keep one’s head 保持冷靜 In the presence of danger , we must keep calm. 在面對危險時,我們必須保持冷靜。 3. lose one’s head = lose one’s mind 失去理智 He must have lost his head. 他必定是已經失去理智了。 4. keep early hours 早睡早起 keep late hours 晚睡晚起 keep good hours 早睡早起;作息規律 keep bad hours 作息不定 The Johnsons always keep good hours. Johnson 一家人總是早睡早起。 5. speak ill of 說壞話 speak well of 說好話 It is unkind of you to speak ill of him.

你說他的壞話真不厚道。 6. be immune to + 病 免疫 be immune from + O 免於 We are immune to cholera as the result of vaccination. 由於預防注射,我們不會得霍亂。 Only few people in this country are immune from poverty. 這個國家只有少數人免於窮困。 7. impose on/upon 加諸於 The government imposes taxes on imported goods. 政府對進口商品課稅。 8. be indifferent to sb./sth. 對~漠不關心 I can’t stand his being so indifferent to this matter. 我無法忍受他對此事如此的漠不關心。 9. look into = investigate = examine 調查 The police are looking into the case. 警方正在調查此事。 10. blow sb. a kiss 給~一個飛吻 I blew my sweetheart a kiss. 我給我的甜心一個飛吻。

<第二十六單元> 1. lay hands on 獲得;逮捕 He reads whatever he can lay his hands on. 他讀所有他能獲得的。

2. leave room for 有~餘地 Your English composition leaves little room for improvement. 你的英文作文寫得非常好。(沒有多少需要改進的餘地。) 3. pull one’s leg 愚弄;欺騙 cf. drag one’s feet 扯後腿 Don’t pull his leg. 不要愚弄他。 Your constant dragging my feet is unbearable. 你老是扯我後腿真令人無法忍受。 4. at leisure = in one’s free/spare time 空閒時 At leisure, I enjoy watching TV. 空閒時,我喜歡看電視。 5. let on 洩漏;透漏 She went through a lot of hardships but never let on. 她經歷了很多辛酸;然而她從不透漏。 6. give sb. a lift = give sb. a ride 載~一程 Could you give me a lift? 可以讓我搭便車嗎? 7. throw/shed light on 幫助說明;使明朗化 His testimony shed light on the case. 他的證詞使得案情明朗化。 8. read between the lines 體會弦外之音

He is bright enough to read between the lines. 他很聰明,足以體會弦外之音。 9. live up to 實行;遵守 Will you live up to your word? 你會遵守諾言嗎? 10. in the long run = in the end = at last 結果 It doesn’t pay, in the long run, to cheat on exams. 考試作弊結果是划不來的。

<第二十七單元> 1. long - sighted = far - sighted 有遠見的;遠視眼的 short - sighted = near - sighted 短視的;近視眼的 A far - sighted manufacturer will not try to gain quick profits by producing goods of inferior quality. 一個有遠見的廠商不會藉著生產低劣的貨品以獲取暴利。 2. look forward to + O 期盼 I am looking forward to this year’s summer break. 我期盼今年暑假的到來。 3. look one’s age 和年齡相當 You don’t look your age. 你看起來比實際年齡年輕。 4. look out ( for ) = watch out ( for ) 小心 Look out for the traffic. 小心交通 ( 車子 ) 。

5. look over 檢查 Before you hand in your paper , you’d better look it over again. 在你交報告之前,最好再檢查一遍。 6. let sb. down 令~ 失望 Don’t let me down. 別令我失望。 7. a white lie 善意的謊言 Don’t get mad; it’s just a white lie. 別生氣;這只不過是善意的謊言。 8. at a loss 若有所失;不知所措;損失 He was at a loss on hearing the sudden news. 聽到那突然的消息後,他慌得不知所措。 9. make the most of 做最好的利用 I am going to make the most of this summer vacation by taking a trip to Europe. 我將去歐洲旅行以善加利用這個暑假。 10. make out 領悟;了解 I can’t make out what is in his mind. 我無法了解他心裡在想什麼。

<第二十八單元> 1. drive sb. crazy/mad/nuts/bananas 逼使人發狂 That stomachache almost drove me nuts. 那場胃痛幾乎使我發狂。

2. be mad about/for = be crazy about/for 著迷;癡狂 She is crazy about Hello Kitty. 她對Hello Kitty 很著迷。 3. be mad at/with + 人 生氣 be mad at + 事 He was mad at/with me. 他生我的氣。 He was mad at this. 他對這事很生氣。 4. make up 虛構;補償;化粧;構成;合好如初 Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. 水是由氫和氧所構成的。 He has missed several classes, so he is working hard to make up for the time lost. 他已錯過幾堂課了,所以必需努力彌補失去的時間。 I don’t buy his story. He made it up. 我才不信他說的話。他捏造事實。 True ladies are not supposed to make up in public. 真正的淑女不應該當眾化粧。 I apologize for what I said and want to make up (with you). 我對我所說的話道歉並且想和你和好如初。 5. make sense 有道理;合理 You are not making sense. 你說的沒道理。

6. match sb. in sth. 在某方面與某人相比 = compete with sb. in sth. No one can match him in playing chess. 在下西洋棋方面無人能和他相比。 7. at the mercy of = at the disposal of 在~掌握之中 Some people believe that their fate is at the mercy of God. 有些人相信他們的命運是在上帝的掌握之中。 8. in a mess = in disorder = messy 亂七八糟 Your room is always in a mess. 你的房間總是亂七八糟。 9. mind one’s own business 勿管閒事 Will you kindly mind your own business? 你行行好別管閒事好嗎? 10. take sides with 袒護 He tends to take sides with the weaker party. 他傾向袒護較弱的一方。

<第二十九單元> 1. by no means 絕非;絕不 He is by no means an absent-minded professor. 他絕不是一個心不在焉的教授。 2. in no time 很快;立刻 The job was finished in no time. 那工作很快就被完成了。

3. none of sb. business 不關某人的事 My age is none of your business. 我的年紀不關你的事。 4. be noted for = be famous for = be well-known for 以~聞 名 France is noted for wine and cosmetics. 法國以葡萄酒和化粧品聞名。 5. have nothing/something to do with 與~無關/有關 I have nothing to do with that scandal. 我與那醜聞無關。 6. ( every ) now and then = sometimes = from time to time = at times 偶而;有時 ( Every ) now and then we visit our aunts. 我們偶而拜訪我們的阿姨。 7. take/make an oath 發誓 He took an oath that he did not steal the money. 他發誓沒偷那筆錢。 8. object to = be opposed to = oppose = be against 反對 I strongly object to this proposal. 我強烈反對這提案。 9. out of order = broken 故障 cf. in ( good ) order 情況良好;有次序 My radio is out of order again.

我的收音機又壞了。 10. one after another 陸續的;輪流 The children came forward one after another to be given a present from their teachers. 那些小孩陸續走向他們的老師以領取禮物。

<第三十單元> 1. on one’s own 自立;獨立自主 You have to be on your own. 你必須要自立。 2. keep pace with = keep up with 齊頭並進;跟上 Their incomes failed to keep pace with inflation. 他們的收入跟不上通貨膨脹。 3. take pains = make efforts 辛苦;辛勞 To learn English well , we have to take pains. 要學好英文我們必需下功夫。 4. play a part/role 扮演一個角色 TV has been playing an important part in our daily lives ever since it was invented. 自從被發明以後,電視一直在我們的日常生活中扮演著重 要的角色。 5. in particular = particularly 特別地 At leisure, I enjoy listening to classical music in particular. 閒暇時,我特別喜歡聽古典音樂。

6. pass away 逝世 The late president passed away years ago. 先總統幾年前過世了。 7. pass for 通過;幾乎與~一樣 Speaking the language the way you do , you can pass for a native. 聽你講話,別人會以為你是當地人。 8. cast pearls before swine 對牛彈琴 He tried to explain the beauty of the music to his students , but it was just like casting pearls before swine. 他試著對他的學生解釋那音樂的美妙,但是只不過是對牛 彈琴。 9. pick (out)= select 挑選 I carefully picked (out) this gift for you. 我很仔細地為你挑選這份禮物。 10. take/have pity on = feel sorry/pity for = sympathize with 同情;可憐 He always takes great pity on stray dogs. 他總是非常同情流浪狗。

<第三十一單元> 1. take pleasure in 樂意;感到愉快 She takes great pleasure in teaching her students. 她很樂意教導她的學生。 2. to the point 切題;掌握要點 Speak to the point. 講話要把握要點。 3. ( as ) poor as a church mouse 一文不名 That alcoholic is (as) poor as a church mouse. 那位酗酒者一文不名。 4. in practice 實際上;在執業中;在練習中 It sounds good in theory , but will it be any good in practice? 理論上聽起來不錯,但是實際上行得通嗎? The doctor is in practice. 那醫生執業中。 5. put ~ into practice = carry out ~ 實行;實現 You had better weigh your new idea before you put it into practice. 你最好在實行你的新主意之前斟酌一下。 6. pride oneself on = be proud of = take pride in 以~為榮;因~而驕傲 He took pride in his success. 他以他的成功為榮。

7. in public 公開地 Don’t wash your dirty laundry/linen in public. 家醜不可外揚。 8. put up with = stand = bear = tolerate 忍受 I can’t put up with him any longer. 我再也無法忍受他。 9. rain or shine 不論晴雨;無論如何 Rain or shine, you can always find him in the park every Saturday morning. 不論晴雨,每星期六上午你都可以發現他在公園裡。 10. at random 隨意 I picked up a few items at random at that store. 我在那商店裡隨意挑選了幾項貨品。

<第三十二單元> 1. regardless of 不管;不顧 Regardless of danger, the life guard tried to save the drowning boy. 不顧危險,那救生員試著救起那溺水的男孩。 2. with/in regard to = regarding = concerning 關於 With regard to your request for admission, we will take it into consideration. 至於你的要求入學(入會),我們會考慮的。 3. remind sb. of 使某人想起 What you just said reminded me of my high school life.

你剛才說的話,使我想起我的高中生活。 4. in return (for+ O) 報答 I bought her a painting in return for her help. 我送了她一幅畫,以報答她的幫忙。 He bought me a photo album, and I bought him a book in return. 他買了一本相簿送我,而我買了一本書送他作為回報。 5. get rid of 擺脫;除去 You should get rid of your laziness. 你應該除去懶惰。 6. get even with 向~報復 = revenge oneself on = be revenged on I will get even with him for his insult. 我將為他的侮辱向他討回公道。 7. make reservations 預約 I have made reservations for you at the Grand Hotel. 我已經替你在圓山飯店預約(房間或餐位)了。 8. serve sb. right 活該 It serves you right. = You deserve it. 你活該。 9. give rise to = lead to = result in = bring about = contribute to = cause 導致;造成 Racial discrimination may give rise to violence. 種族歧視可能導至暴力。

10. keep in touch with 與~保持聯絡 lose touch with 與~失去聯絡 I still keep in touch with many of my high school classmates. 我仍與許多中學同學保持聯絡。

<第三十三單元> 1. run out of 用盡 I am running out of gas. 我的汽油用光了。 Our money is running out. 我們的錢用光了。 2. rule out 排除;刪除 We can’t rule out that possibility. 我們不能排除那個可能性。 3. safe and sound 安然無恙 They finally returned home safe and sound. 他們終於安然無恙地回家了。 4. at the scene = on the spot 當場 The thief was caught on the spot. 小偷當場被抓。 5. succeed + at/in + Ving / N 成功 succeed + 人 繼承 ~ 人(的職位或地位) succeed to + O 繼承頭銜、財產......等

You can’t just dream to succeed. 你不能光靠做夢就成功了。 It is not difficult to succeed at jogging. 在慢跑方面成功並不困難。 The prince succeeded the king. 王子繼承了國王。 The heir succeeded to the huge property. 那名繼承人繼承了龐大的產業。 6. be in search of = look for 尋找 The birds are flying south in search of warm sunshine. 那些烏往南飛在尋找溫暖的陽光。 7. set up + O 建立;裝設;設圈套陷害 set + 代名詞 + up They just set up a new computer system. 他們剛建立好新的電腦系統。 It was a setup. I believe they tried to set me up. 那是個圈套。我相信他們曾試著陷害我。 8. second to none 不亞於任何人;最好的 He is second to none in physical strength. 在體力方面他不亞於任何人。 9. be sworn in ; swear sb. in 使某人宣誓就職 The President elect will be sworn in tomorrow. 總統當選人明天宣誓就職。 10. see sb. off 送行

We went to the airport to see him off. 我們去機場替他送行。

<第三十四單元> 1. send for 延請 He is very ill; you must send for a doctor at once. 他病得很重;你必需立刻請醫生。 2. the last ~ 最不可能 He is the last person to tell a lie. 他是最不可能說謊的人。 3. be sentenced to + N 被判決 He was sentenced to life imprisonment. 他被判決無期徒刑。 4. set/put aside 保留;儲蓄 I set aside 1000 dollars each month. 我每個月儲蓄1000 元。 5. settle down 安頓;定居 We plan to settle down in Taipei. 我們打算在台北定居。 6. keep in shape = keep healthy = keep fit 保持健康 Plenty of physical exercise will help keep you in shape. 充分的運動會幫助你保持健康。 7. be sold out 賣光 All the tickets are sold out.

所有票都賣完了。 8. look on / look at / see + the bright side of 樂觀 Try to look on the bright side of things. 試著樂觀些。 9. show up 出席 He failed to show up at the meeting. 他沒有出席那會議。 10. be sick of = be tired of = be disgusted with 厭惡 I am sick of snobs. 我很厭惡勢利的人。

<第三十五單元> 1. be sick for = be eager for = long for = hunger for = thirst for = crave for 渴望 He is sick for home. 他渴望回家。 2. stay up = sit up = burn the mid-night oil 熬夜 I stayed up late last night reading novels. 我昨晚熬夜讀小說。 3. at/in one sitting 一口氣 I finished the book at one sitting. 我一口氣讀完這本書。 4. judging from 依~來判斷 Judging from her accent, she must be a Japanese.

依她的口音判斷,她必定是日本人。 5. at stake = in danger 有危險 His reputation is now at stake. 他的名聲陷於險境。 6. step by step 漸漸地;一步一步地 Follow the instructions step by step. 依照指示一步一步地做。 7. slow down 減速 Slow down before you reach the intersection. 到達十字路口前要減速。 8. stay put 待在原處 I was told to stay put. 他們叫我待在原處別動。 9. specialize in 專攻 He specializes in medicine. 他專攻醫學。 10. in high spirits = in good spirits 興高采烈 I am in high spirits because I came in first (place). 我因為得到第一名很興高采烈。

<第三十六單元> 1. stand for 代表 What does that symbol stand for? 那符號代表什麼?

2. stick to 堅持;繼續 You must stick to your promise. 你必需堅守你的諾言。 3. on strike 罷工 The train drivers are all on strike. 火車司機都在罷工。 4. take steps/measures 採取措施 The government has been taking steps to improve Taipei’s traffic condition. 政府已經採取措施來改善台北的交通。 5. be subject to+ N 易罹患;隨時會;受~約束 Prices are subject to changes without further notice. 價格隨時會調整而不經進一步的通知。 6. suffer ( from ) 為~所苦;遭受 ( 苦難 ) I often suffer from stomachaches. 我經常胃痛(肚子痛)。 7. take after = resemble 相像 He takes after his father in appearance. = He looks like his father. 他長得像他的父親。 8. take sb. / sth. + for 認為;當作 Do you take me for a fool? 你把我當傻瓜嗎? 9. take up 佔用;專攻;研習

This small box won’t take up too much room. 這小盒子佔不了多少空間。 I want to take up painting next semester. 我下學期想修繪畫。 10. talk sb. into 說服某人去做 ~ He talked me into investing in that company. 他說服我投資那家公司。

<第三十七單元> 1. talk sb. out of 說服某人不要去做 ~ He talked me out of buying a new car. 他說服我不要買新車。 2. tell/distinguish A from B 區分A 與B = tell/distinguish between A and B = tell A and B apart Can you distinguish between the twin brothers? 你能區分這兩位孿生兄弟嗎? 3. in terms of 從~觀點;就~而言 Your proposal is not feasible in terms of our budget. 就我們的預算而言,你的提案並不可行。 4. be through with 不再;與~絕交 She said she was through with singing. 她說她不再唱歌了。 John is so stuck-up and self-inflated that I want to be through with him. 約翰是如此的跩而且自我膨脹以至於我想和他絕交。

5. through thick and thin 共患難 I’ll be with you through thick and thin. 我會和你共患難。 6. tune in to 收聽(電台的)節目 I always tune in to ICRT at 12:00 p.m. to hear the news. 我總是在中午十二點時轉到ICRT 以收聽新聞節目。 7. as a rule of thumb 根據經驗 As a rule of thumb, you should plant the seeds in spring. 根據經驗你應該在春天播種。 8. for the time being 暫時 For the time being you will have to stay here. 你暫時必須待在這裡。 9. touch off 觸發 His speech touched off a political debate in Congress. 他的演說在國會觸發了一場政治辯論。 10. take turns 輪流 We took turns driving the car. 我們輪流開車。

<第三十八單元> 1. play truant = play hooky = skip class/school 逃學;蹺課 You must not skip class. 你絕不可蹺課。 2. turn down 拒絕;調低音量

cf. turn up 調高音量;出現/席 They turned me down. 他們拒絕我了。 Please turn down the radio. 請將收音機關小聲一點。 3. turn in = hand in = submit 繳交 You must turn in your paper before the deadline. 你(們)必須在期限之前交上報告。 4. turn off 關掉 cf. turn on 打開 Turn off the lights before you go to bed. 上床之前關掉燈。 5. under way 在進行中 Preparations for a big celebration are under way. 一個盛大慶祝活動的準備工作正在進行中。 6. ups and downs = rise and fall 興衰 I have experienced the ups and downs of life. 我已經歷了人生的酸甜苦辣。 7. up to sb. 由某人決定 It’s (all) up to you. 全由你決定。 8. with one voice = to a man 異口同聲;全體一致 We exclaimed with one voice.

我們異口同聲地高呼起來。 9. be versed in = be good/skilled at = be at home in 精通 She is good at watercolor painting. 她精通水彩畫 。 10. with a view to + O 為了要 We moved to Taipei with a view to receiving a better education. 我們搬到台北為了要接受更好的教育。

<第三十九單元> 1. be vital to + O = be essential to/for + O 對~極重要 Air, food and water are vital to man’s survival. 空氣、食物和水對人類的生存極為重要。 2. pose a threat to + O 對~構成威脅 Polluted air poses a threat to our health. 污染的空氣對我們的健康構成威脅。 3. on one’s way to + N 在去~的途中 on one’s way + adv. I’m on my way to the airport. 我在去機場的途中。 He is on his way home. 他在回家的途中。 4. stand in one’s/the way 阻礙 You are standing in my way. 你擋著我的路了。

5. by the way 順便提及;喔!對了 By the way, do you want a cup of coffee? 喔!對了,你要喝杯咖啡嗎? 6. by way of = via 經由 He flew to New York by way of Tokyo. 他經由東京飛往紐約。 7. under the weather 不舒服 I feel a little bit under the weather today. 我今天覺得不太舒服。 8. contract + 病 = be infected with + 病 He is infected with malaria. 他感染了瘧疾。 9. eat/swallow one’s words 取消前言;承認口誤 He said that no one could beat him at tennis , but he had to eat his words after losing several games. 他說沒有人網球贏的過他,但是在輸了幾場之後,他必 須承認自己說錯話了。 10. in other words 換句話說 You can’t stay here; in other words, you have to leave now. 你不能待在這兒;換句話說,你現在必須離開。

<第四十單元> 1. work out 解決;完成;運動 The situation worked out quite well.

情況到最後相當不錯。 2. make one’s mouth water 使人垂涎 The dessert makes my mouth water. 那點心引人垂涎三尺。 3. walk out on 遺棄 Her husband walked out on her and the kids. 她的丈夫遺棄了她和孩子。 4. be up to sth. 圖謀不軌 I suspect that he is up to something. 我懷疑他圖謀不軌。 5. be present in 存在於 Calcium is present in many kinds of food, such as milk and cheese. 鈣存在於多種食物,例如牛奶和起士。 6. be burdened with (沉重地)負荷著 I am burdened with heavy studies and endless tests. 我被繁重的課業及無止盡的考試壓得喘不過氣來。 7. turn one’s stomach = turn sb. off 倒~的胃口 That lousy movie really turned my stomach. 這部差勁的電影倒足了我的胃口。 8. come to one’s senses = come to (oneself ) 甦醒 He finally came to his senses and found himself in the hospital. 他終於甦醒過來並發覺自己待在醫院裏。

9. in (one’s/the) pursuit of 追求 He is lost in his pursuit of wealth and fame. 他迷失在追求名利中。 10. have a preference for + O 偏好 I have a preference for French cuisine. 我偏好法國菜。

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