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YPT Members and Friends Major growth across the country at the chapter level defined the 2011-2012 year for Young Professionals in Transportation. New chapters officially launched in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. Additional chapters began the formation process, and will be joining the YPT family from other areas. This unprecedented growth is a significant step in our mission of providing professional development, networking and fellowship to young professionals in our field. YPT held National Board of Directors’ elections electronically for the first time, boosting member participation. Chapter growth meant chapter-level elections in several new locations, which also took advantage of the new electronic format. In other news, the National Board of Directors authorized the purchase of a new, fully integrated membership management platform, CiviCRM, to replace our current piecemeal systems. Once this new system is operational, for the first time, members will have direct access to their membership accounts, email and event preferences, and more; at the national level, the new system will help relieve many growing pains and allow for one reliable, easy-to-use platform for all chapters new and old. Look for the rollout of this new system sometime in spring or summer 2013. The National Board also took initial steps to develop a local chapter specifically for our Washington, DC area members, in a plan called “Vision 2013”. Vision 2013 will allow the National Board, made up of leadership from across the country, to focus on YPT as a national organization (administrative duties, and events and programs with national reach) while a new YPT - Washington Chapter board will work to provide leadership, professional development, and networking opportunities specifically to our large base in and around the National Capital Region. Both Vision 2013 and the new CRM system will have a major impact on the way YPT does business - both of which will improve benefits to you, our members and friends. Thank you for your support over the past year. Sincerely,

2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation

Nick Perfili 2011-2012 Chair











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YPT provides professional development, fellowship, and networking opportunities for young professionals in the transportation field across the country and around the world. Professional Development. A regular series of seminars, technical tours, and other opportunities from leading individuals or teams in transportation. Fellowship. An ongoing forum for mutual support and interaction among young transportation professionals, especially for those starting their careers. Networking. Networking events to help young professionals advance their careers and share innovative ideas. YPT is based nationally in Washington, DC with chapters opening around the country. Membership is open to all transportation professionals around the world. YPT does not have an age-restricted definition of ‘young.’ Anyone is welcome to take advantage of our activities.


2012 Annual Report

YPT is expanding to cities around the country. Join the national chapter, and contact us to start a chapter where you are!

young professionals in transportation

No chapter in your area?


p i h s r embe


YPT is proud of the diverse membership - both in age and in range of transportation careers - that our organization represents. Our members work for state Departments of Transportation, on Capitol Hill, in the nonprofit sector, as consultants, and more. Their work spans policy, implementation, engineering, communication, finance - any profession within the transportation industry, both in the United States and around the world. Interested individuals may affiliate with YPT in two ways: in keeping with our goal of providing fellowship, friends may affiliate for free, and receive YPT publications and attend many (but not all) YPT events. Friends are encouraged to become members, who pay a nominal $20 annual

membership fee to support YPT’s activities and receive additional membership benefits, including members-only events, mentorship opportunities, and more. Interest in YPT surged in 2012, with total affiliates (friends and members) nearly doubling from 2818 in December 2011 to 4725 in December 2012. Members increased by 60 percent, from 350 in December 2011 to 558 in December 2012. To become a friend or member of YPT, visit yptransportation.org/join.

Growth in Members & Friends


676 members & friends


690 members & friends

2818 members & friends 2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation



4725 members & friends


2012 Members & Friends (Established & Emerging Chapters) Members



































Los Angeles




Minneapolis - St. Paul




New York City




Orange County












Portland - Eugene




San Francisco




No chapter








Minneapolis - St. Paul

Portland - Eugene Boston

San Francisco Albany


Pittsburgh New York City



Washington, DC

Los Angeles



Established chapters for the 2011-2012 year are shown in full color. Emerging chapters are shown as faded.

2012 Annual Report

Orange County

young professionals in transportation



Events are a cornerstone of the YPT experience, providing professional development, fellowship, and networking opportunities to our membership throughout the year. Several national events held in conjunction with large industry events provide members the opportunity to expand their networks throughout the year. At the chapter level, regular leadership seminars, networking events, community service opportunities, and social activities allow YPTers to build their connections and increase their expertise closer to home.

2012 Marquee Events Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Our largest and most popular event continues to be the YPT Reception at the annual Transportation Research Board meeting in January. Attendance at the January 2012 event - cohosted with TRB’s own Young Members Council - far surpassed all expectations and, to this day, remains one of the most widely-attended YPT events. The reception at TRB provides the unique opportunity for members across the nation to interact with each other and with members of the National Board, Chapter Boards, and the YPT Board of Advisors. Distinguished Speaker Series: Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. YPT Boston held its premier event in May 2012, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association, the New England Institute of Transportation Engineers, and the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section. As second-in-command to the Governor of Massachusetts, the Lt. Governor deals with many aspects of governance, but has a significant background and interest in transportation and infrastructure, as he discussed with the crowd. The highlight of the night was his discussion about the current and future state of transportation in the Commonwealth. This event was well attended, with over 100 people from around the state joining the Lt. Governor, YPT Boston, and the co-hosting organizations. Technical Tour: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. YPT Austin started out its fiscal year with this keynote event in November 2011. ABIA was built in the 1990s after Austin outgrew its previous airport; the city bought the former Bergstrom Air Force Base and opened the new airport in 1999. Members were given a tour of the airport’s general operations, engineering/planning departments, and TSA efforts. Airport personnel also provided a tour of the Signature Flight Support (located in the south terminal) which ended as two F-18s landed on the tarmac just in front of the group, providing a memorable ending to the event.


2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation








January February









DC Networking Social with YCDC NYC Leadership Series with Kate Ascher AUSTIN Roundtable: “Austin’s Highway Enforcement” ATLANTA Chapter Launch Party with Dr. Bev Scott and Doug Hooker DC Leadership Seminar with Dr. Irvin Varkonyi BOSTON Distinguished Speaker Series: Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts Timothy Murray AUSTIN Great Streets Technical Tour SAN FRANCISCO Bike to Work Day NYC Leadership Series with Martin Robins DC Capitol Hill Social hosted by the Majority Group SAN FRANCISCO Caltrans Traffic Management Center and Traveler Information Center Tour NYC Leadership Series with Sam Schwartz MINNEAPOLIS Chapter Launch Party NYC Summer Tour Series: NYCDOT Street Improvement Projects AUSTIN Roundtable: “Entrepreneuring, Cliches, and Stories” DC Transportation Trivia Night with Eno Transportation Foundation SAN FRANCISCO Beers with Peers Series: Clipper Card NYC Summer Tour Series: Moynihan Station AUSTIN Baseball Networking @ Round Rock Express NYC Summer Tour Series: Brooklyn Marine Terminal ATLANTA Networking @ Taco Mac AUSTIN Networking Happy Hour @ Whip Inn PITTSBURGH Chapter Launch Party NYC Summer Tour Series: GWB NYC Summer Tour Series: LaGuardia Airport NYC Summer Tour Series: DOT Traffic Management Center SAN FRANCISCO It’s Electric! (EV Happy Hour) ATLANTA Distinguished Speaker Series with Ryan Gavel in conjunction with ITE Annual Meeting NYC Summer Tour Series: GWB NYC Summer Tour Series: Croton Harmon Shop NYC Summer Tour Series: East River Ferry NYC End of Summer Happy Hour DC CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Site Visit CHICAGO Blue Line Pub Crawl Social SAN FRANCISCO Beers with Peers: Meet the Board and Candidates AUSTIN Networking @ Unplugged at the Grove DC Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center site visit ATLANTA Distinguished Speaker Series with Dr. Michael Meyer at AECOM NATIONAL YPT @ Rail~Volution in Los Angeles BOSTON Transportation Trivia Night SAN FRANCISCO Halloween Transportation Costume Contest PITTSBURGH YPT @ AASHTO Fair Trade Reception AUSTIN Roundtable with Patrick Hayes, PE, Associate Vice President, AECOM DC Community Service: Roadway Safety Assessment with TeenRSA DC Holiday Party @ Zaytinya

2012 Annual Report


DC Transportation Trivia Night with Eno Transportation Foundation AUSTIN Roundtable: “Connection Between Development, Redevelopment, Economic Growth, and Transportation” SAN FRANCISCO Carsharing and Ridesharing Panel NYC Transportation Trivia Night with WTS and APA

young professionals in transportation


NATIONAL YPT-Young Members Council reception at TRB Annual Meeting SAN FRANCISCO Chapter Launch Party AUSTIN Bowling Networking @ The Highball NYC East Side Access Tour AUSTIN Roundtable: “TxDOT’s Modernization Efforts and Projects in the Austin District” DC Leadership Seminar with Jarrett Walker in partnership with APA, Greater Greater Washington, and WTS NYC Freight Panel LOS ANGELES Chapter Launch Party


YPT is on fire! From tours of large-scale engineering projects, to networking happy hours, to talks by prominent leaders, YPT across the nation has been offering diverse events to its friends and members. YPT saw remarkable national expansion in 2012: four more cities established chapters in 2012, four others were close to becoming chapters by the end of the fiscal year in October, and four more demonstrated significant interest in forming a chapter.

s r e t Chap Portland-Eugene San Francisco

Minneapolis Denver

Albany Boston Chicago Pittsburgh New York City

2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation

Los Angeles Orange County Phoenix Emerging Chapter Established Chapter

National (DC) Atlanta

Austin Houston


YPT Atlanta Founded 2012

In just eight months, YPT Atlanta has grown to over 100 friends and the attendance at YPThosted events has begun to attract a series of regular names and faces. YPT Atlanta has successfully hosted four events in this time, including two networking events and two distinguished speaker series, with three more events in the works! The upcoming events include freight presentations, and transit and airport technical tours, all of which should provide opportunities for members of YPT Atlanta to learn, network, and engage. The major goal for 2013 is to continue to develop a paid membership base. Secondary goals include reaching out to other networking groups and professional organizations that have expressed interest in co-hosting events and continuing to develop the board with committed young professionals in Atlanta. The chapter plans to hold at least 10 events next year, partially by building on the Distinguished Speaker Series, which have been the chapter’s most successful events thus far.

YPT Austin

Founded 2010 YPT Austin had a busy year filled with networking events, volunteer opportunities, a technical tour, and roundtable events with regional transportation leaders. Roundtables and technical tours provide opportunities for Austin members and friends to develop technically, improve leadership skills, and network with regional leaders in various sectors of transportation in the Austin area. YPT Austin was able to offer a diverse group of speakers from the government, the consulting world, as well as academics in topics such as design management, TxDOT’s modernization efforts and projects in Austin area, and Austin’s highway enforcement. Roundtable and networking events will continue to be the two primary events conducted by YPT Austin. It is expected that this chapter will hold approximately six roundtable and networking events the upcoming year, alternating event types every other month. Further, YPT Austin hopes to continue hosting joint activities with other professional organizations in central Texas – ASCE Younger Member Forum and WTS-Heart of Texas Chapter.

YPT Boston Founded 2010

young professionals in transportation

2012 Annual Report

In its second year, YPT Boston Board met its yearly goals for growing membership and providing exciting events to friends and members. The total friend and member count increased to 684 by the end of the 2011-2012 fiscal year, and paid membership increased over two times, to 74 members. YPT Boston also expanded its event offerings while launching new partnerships with organizations. The highlight of the year was the May 2012 Distinguished Speaker event featuring Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts Timothy Murray. Over 100 people from around the state attended this event. Additionally, a Brown Bag Lunch series was initiated that featured presentations from young professionals working on exciting transportation projects at the Massachusetts DOT, Massachusetts Area Planning Council, Massachusetts Bay Transportation


Authority, and MassChallenge start-up competition. YPT Boston also significantly expanded its Technical Tour series this summer, which included members-only tours of the Big Dig Project, the MBTA Operations Control Center, and the Chelsea Street Bridge in East Boston. Finally, YPT Boston successfully held its first Trivia Night in October and continued offering its popular networking happy hours at various locations in the Boston area.

YPT Chicago Founded 2012

YPT Chicago held its inaugural event, a Speaker Series with a Happy Hour, on March 27, 2012, with guest speaker John Norquist, former Mayor of Milwaukee and current President of the Congress for the New Urbanism. John talked about his experience in office and his national role in promoting sustainable transportation policy. Following his brief presentation, attendees gathered for an informal cocktail hour, allowing young professionals to chat in a casual environment with a leader in the field. YPT Chicago continued this format with speaker Gabe Klein, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Transportation, on July 24. More than 40 people attended each event. Additional casual happy hours without speakers were hosted in May and December.

YPT Minneapolis Founded 2012

YPT Minneapolis was officially established in May 2012. Shortly thereafter in June, it held its first event, the YPT Minneapolis Chapter Kickoff, which included 2 presentations related to bicycling and a happy hour. The chapter held its second major event, a Transportation Trivia Night, in collaboration with Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) - Minnesota. The events have attracted over 30 people: a good mix of planners and engineers, students and professionals, and varying ages. To further attract members, the monthly board meetings have been held as informal happy hours. Currently, about a dozen individuals regularly attend the monthly meetings. Our goals for the next year include expanding the chapter and increasing our membership numbers, reaching out to professionals in all areas of transportation, planning a larger event every 3 months while in the interim hosting smaller, informal events, and lastly, engaging additional volunteers to participate in chapter leadership.

Founded 2011

2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation

YPT New York City 2012 was a year of growth for YPT NYC. Being the first full year of operation for the chapter, the YPT NYC Board’s mission was to establish the YPT NYC brand in the region by putting on a diverse set of events on a shoestring budget. Highlights of the past year included the second annual YPT NYC Summer Tour Series (expanded to 10 sites), a panel on urban freight rail in NYC, numerous distinguished speakers, happy hours, and breakfast talks. As a result of all the great programming offered, membership increased from under 20 at the beginning of the year


to 105 by the end of the year. The number of Friends increased from about 350 to 677. In the coming year, YPT NYC plans to grow its Membership and friend base by continuing its diverse event programming (kicking off with a movie screening of the Taking of Pelham 123), expanding its scope in reaching out to local colleges, starting a mentoring program, and expanding its operational resources by reaching out to corporate sponsors.

YPT San Francisco Bay Area Founded 2012

The inaugural year of the San Francisco YPT was filled with accomplishments. Establishing itself in only 4 months, YPT SF launched its first event, a Speaker Series, in January 2012. Over the course of the next 10 months, the chapter held 7 more events, ranging from networking happy hours with speakers to a Bike-to-Work Day and a technical tour of Caltrans Traffic Management Center. Furthermore, YPT SF grew to 105 Members and 423 Friends. One of YPT San Francisco’s main goals is to create an organization that could not only unite the “traditional” transportation professionals in the fields of engineering and planning but also bring in the “trans-curious” (a YPT SF Bay-coined term referring to anyone who is interested in transportation) from the technology and political fields as well as local entrepreneurs. Overall, this was a big success. For the coming year, however, the chapter aims to expand its reach to other non-“traditional” transportation fields through specifically themed events and tours. The chapter is also aiming to solidify its internal organization procedures so that more time can be spent on planning future events.

YPT Washington (National) Founding Chapter (2009)

YPT National has functioned as the organization’s founding, Washington D.C.-based chapter since 2009. Currently governed by the YPT National Board of Directors, our Washington membership base is YPT’s largest. With at least one event per month, YPT D.C. had a busy events calendar this year! Highlights include site visits to the CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel and the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, Transportation Trivia Nights, leadership seminars, a Capitol Hill Social (attended by YPT members and congressional staffers), and a community service event. Additionally, YPT National hosted the YPT/Young Members Council reception at the TRB meeting, attended by over 400 young professionals from across the nation. young professionals in transportation

2012 Annual Report

In 2013, YPT Washington will officially separate from YPT National to become an independent, locally-governed chapter with its own Chapter Board of Directors - allowing a division of responsibilities, with separate leadership teams to manage both the DC membership’s interests and needs, as well as YPT’s growth and governance nationally.


& Plan


With incredible growth over the last year, YPT is prepared to become even stronger in 2013. Vision 2013


Because YPT began in Washington, DC, that chapter has been serving as both a local DC chapter (planning local events, etc.) and also as the national arm of the organization (implementing membership systems, developing new chapters, etc.). This will change in 2013. With the October 2013 elections (one for a DC local chapter and a National election open to members nationwide), we will separate these into two distinct boards with their respective roles.


Seperation of YPT National and Local D.C. Chapter

YPT National will be composed of individuals nationwide to ensure that all chapters and regions have a voice on the national level; it will work to build YPT’s brand and as a partner to other national organizations, including WTS, ITE, ASCE, and TRB. The local DC chapter will focus on providing DC-area members the programs and events they expect.

Sponsorship YPT will continue to reach out to organizations in industry, academia, and government to provide sponsorships that allow us to continue to grow at a tremendous rate. With the development of a National board, we will seek out sponsors on a national level, in addition to those preferring to work with specific local chapters.

Leadership seminars and networking events will continue to be the primary means for YPT to serve members. YPT typically holds a mix of leadership seminars and networking events each year, alternating event types monthly. One of our annual highlights will again be a Young Professionals Reception at the TRB Annual Meeting.

2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation

Professional Development Programs

YPT National and regional chapters will continue to engage a diversity of speakers and industry practitioners at leadership seminars. Networking events will be held in both the Washington, DC region and in areas served by our local and regional chapters.


YPT also offers members the opportunity to participate in occasional site tours – ranging from airport tours to subway expansion projects – providing a better understanding of projects in the field and a unique and fun experience outside of the office. The YPT National Board of Directors continues to meet monthly on the second Monday of each month. All members are encouraged to attend Board of Directors meetings and to interact with the National Board and members of each chapter Board. A complete directory for the National Board of Directors is provided at the end of this report. YPT plans to continue its partnerships with other organizations going forward, including the Women’s Transportation Seminar and the Eno Foundation, among others.

Membership YPT continues to grow its number of paid members. Access to some of our more popular events is limited to dues-paying members, which encourages those who are interested to become members and have priority access. Those who are not duespaying members but still choose to be part of our communication channels are YPT “friends”.

young professionals in transportation

2012 Annual Report

In response to growing information technology demands spurred by YPT’s growth and expansion into a chapterbased organization, the Board of Directors has begun the implementation of a new, integrated membership database and management system. This system is a significant investment, but once fully operational later this year, will allow YPT to begin its first large-scale membership campaign.


Community Service YPT continues to support local community service events, in both Washington, DC and across our chapters, to provide an opportunity for members to “give back.” While most of YPT’s events focus on professional development and fellowship, local community development is important to our communities, members, and friends. In addition to providing service, these types of events help members get to know each other outside of a work setting, have fun, and demonstrate to others the caring provided by members of the transportation profession.

Communications YPT will continue consolidating and growing its communication campaign in 2012. Our website at yptransportation.org serves as a hub for all YPT communications activities, and is integrated with both the organization’s social media platforms as well as its more traditional blog and magazine publications. As new YPT chapters open across the country, the national website will serve as a central hub for locating information on chapters, growth opportunities, and more. YPT’s flagship magazine, Mobility Matters, continues to grow under the ongoing leadership of the 2012-2013 Editor, Bryce McNitt. As YPT’s communications platforms and outlets continue to diversify and mature, we are committed to publishing Mobility Matters as a long-form periodical showcasing the voices of YPT members nationwide on contemporary transportation issues. All issues of Mobility Matters are available online at yptransportation.org/mobility-matters. YPT Voice, the blog of Young Professionals in Transportation, continues to grow as well. Hosted online at yptransportation.org/ypt-voice, YPT Voice offers weekly and even daily short-form news and views, job opportunities, event recaps, and more. As we grow and expand our YPT Voice contributor network, expect a diversity of content from chapters around the country.

2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation

We recognize that many of our members are moving away from email as a day-to-day platform for sourcing their news and information. Accordingly, while YPT is still committed to YPT Alert email notices for upcoming events and important deadlines, we continue to integrate and strengthen our social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at both the National and chapter level.


young professionals in transportation

2012 Annual Report


As a new and rapidly-growing national organization aimed at providing professional development guidance, fellowship, and networking opportunities for young professionals in the transportation field, your generous financial support of YPT will ensure that we can play a critical role in developing and shaping young leaders for generations to come. In 2013, YPT will continue to reach out to existing sponsors and carry out a formal capital campaign to secure the resources and funding necessary to continue to grow and sustain YPT. YPT offers a wide range of exciting and business-supporting and friendly opportunities. Reaching YPT’s members can have value to any agency or company looking to grow staff or tap the expertise and drive of young professionals in the field.

2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation



Alek Pochowski, National Director at Large Sponsorship (703) 885-8970 sponsorship@yptransportation.org



Sp For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:


Thank you to our sponors for all that you make possible:

young professionals in transportation

2012 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

young professionals in transportation 17


2013 National Board of Directors

s r e c fi f

O 3 1 0 2 12 &


2012 National Board of Directors Nick Perfili, YPT Chair

Fairfax County Department of Transportation

Brittney Kohler, Deputy Chair

Katherine Kortum, YPT Chair Transportation Research Board chair@yptransportation.org

Brittney Kohler, Deputy Chair American Society of Civil Engineers deputy@yptransportation.org

Stephanie Dock Vice Chair for Administration District of Columbia DOT admin@yptransportation.org

Alexandra Malikova Vice Chair for Communication

American Society of Civil Engineers

MTA New York City Transit comms@yptransportation.org

Aaron Zimmerman, Vice Chair for Administration

Bud McDonald, Vice Chair for Finance

Loudoun County Office of Transportation Services

Aimee Custis, Vice Chair for Communication Coalition for Smarter Growth

AASHTO finance@yptransportation.org

Aimee Custis, Vice Chair for Membership

Bud McDonald, Vice Chair for Finance AASHTO

Coalition for Smarter Growth membership@yptransportation.org

Michael Rodriguez, Vice Chair for Membership

Sophie Guiny, Vice Chair for Programs

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Sophie Guiny, Vice Chair for Programs Booz Allen Hamilton

Eduardo Maeyama Director at Large - Chapter Development Parsons Brinkerhoff

Alek Pochowski Director at Large - Sponsorship Kittelson & Associates

Booz Allen Hamilton programs@yptransportation.org

Candace Brakewood Director at Large - Chapter Development PhD Candidate, Georgia Tech chapters@yptransportation.org

Alek Pochowski Director at Large - Sponsorship Kittelson & Associates sponsorship@yptransportation.org

2011-2012 Board of Advisors Jack Basso

Tony Kane

Mortimer Downey

Janet F. Kavinoky

Chief Operating Officer, AASHTO Chairman, Parsons Brinckerhoff

Emil Frankel

Bipartisan Policy Center

Jane Garvey

North American Chairman, Meridian Infrastructure

Director of Transportation Infrastructure, US Chamber of Commerce

Emeka Moneme Managing Director, Pillar Solutions, LLC

Mary Peters

Former US Secretary of Transportation

Associate Dean for Research and Director, Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics, Master’s Program, George Mason School of Public Policy

Gloria Shepherd

Art Guzzetti

Bob Skinner

John Horsley

Executive Director, AASHTO

Executive Director, Transportation Research Board

Stephen Van Beek

Chief of Policy and Strategy, LeighFisher

2012 Annual Report

Vice President for Policy, APTA

Associate Administrator for Planning, Environment and Realty, FHWA

young professionals in transportation

Jonathan Gifford

Director of Engineering and Technical Services, AASHTO


/yp http:/



tatio nspor

Profile for YP Transportation

YPT 2012 Annual Report  

YPT 2012 Annual Report

YPT 2012 Annual Report  

YPT 2012 Annual Report