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ABOUT US For over sixty years Yorkshire Precision Gauges has specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality precision gauges – a vital element and a secure basis for inspection procedures. With a proud history and a great team of people YPG continue to be the “Go To” name in precision inspection gauges.

Today, as accuracy standards become

Service is paramount at YPG

increasingly important, we offer a

and we support customers ranging

range of standard, made to-order Go

from small workshops to some of

& No-Go Gauges, Indicating Precision

the world’s largest multi-nationals.

Bore Gauges, B2 Digital Gap & Step


Gauges and Thread Measuring Systems.

Express Manufacture Service.

Quality is assured. Our metrology

tight deadlines and cost constraints.

laboratory is UKAS approved and

On-time delivery is a watchword

our Quality Management System

at YPG, knowing a missed gauge

is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015

delivery promise can disproportionably

by BSI. Go & No-Go gauges comply

impact a customer’s production. For

with British Standards, although

that reason, YPG offers an EXPRESS

we produce to other national and

manufacturing service on our range

international standards as required

of Reversible Plug Gauges that will

by our customers and work to

cater for the last-minute customer

tolerances to less than 0.001mm.

realisation that a gauge is required.

Yorkshire Precision Gauges

Modern manufacturing is a matter of

Go & No-Go FIXED LIMIT GAUGES For many years Go & No-Go Fixed Limit Gauges have been a vital part of maintaining tolerances of the highest standard and have been at the core of quality control applications for a variety of end-user applications. Fixed Limit Gauges provide an accurate, quick, easy to use and economical solution of the inspection of work pieces, giving a pass (Go) or fail (No-Go) result.

Yorkshire Precision Gauges | 01302 840 303 | gauges@ypg.co.uk



Why Reversible? YPG Reversible Gauges can have up to twice the useful life compared to non-reversible types because most of the wear in use occurs as the gauge is presented to a hole. With reversible gauges, the gauging member can simply be removed from its handle, reversed and refitted presenting a fresh, unworn gauge end.


Yorkshire Precision Gauges

How to specify your plug gauge requirements. For plain plug gauge requirements (i.e. to check a single diameter) you only have to specify the hole size and work piece tolerance. From this information we calculate the required gauge tolerances according to a standard appropriate to you. In the UK, gauge tolerances are normally

For deep bores it may be necessary to specify also the protrusion required (i.e. the working length of gauge protruding from the handle). For gauge sizes up to 19.45mm (No Go end) Wire Type Reversible gauges will be provided. Larger sizes will be supplied as Trilock Reversible gauges, unless the Taperlock design is requested.

required in accordance with BS969: 1982. This British standard specifies the tolerances and limits for cylindrical plain plug, ring and gap gauges. Gauges can however be manufactured to any recognized national standard (DIN, NFE, AGD, TDS, ISO, JIS, ANSI/ASME).

Yorkshire Precision Gauges | 01302 840 303 | gauges@ypg.co.uk


Optional Pin & Plug Gauge Features. Pin, Tri-Lock and Taper-lock gauges have a number of features which can be added to suit a particular application. YPG’s experienced, specialist gauge makers have considerable experience in applying these features against the customer’s component drawing requirements.

• Extended length gauge members.

• Pilot Entry lead-in chamfers.

• Progressive (Stepped) gauge member, Go, No Go.

• Leading face on Go member relieved to clear a protrusion.

• Progressive (Stepped) gauge member for inspecting concentricity.

• Extended length handles.

• Segmented (Blade) No Go gauge member for checking out of roundness. • Hexagonal gauge members. • Air Release flat. • Depth steps.

Fine Tolerance Additions. If the work piece tolerance is a very tight manufacturing tolerance when standards such as BS 969:1982 are applied an additional charge will be incurred. If the work piece tolerance is tighter than 0.009mm, we would recommend an Indicating Bore gauge be used.


Yorkshire Precision Gauges

• Handles marked with customer specific information. • Chromium Plating. • Tungsten Carbide gauge members. • UKAS Certification. • Gauge Storage


• Master Setting Discs

• Barrel Depth Gauges

• Pin Gauge Sets

• Adjustable Snap Gauges

• Screw Plug Gauges

• Built Up Snap Gauges

• Slot & Feeler Gauges

• Flat Type Plug Gauges • Plate Gap Gauges

• Ring Gauges

• Rok-it Gauges

• Setting Ring Masters

• Screw Ring Gauges

Yorkshire Precision Gauges | 01302 840 303 | gauges@ypg.co.uk



Yorkshire Precision Gauges

B2 GAP & STEP GAUGES The B2 Gauges are a unique range

B-Squared gauges are designed

of digital rivet, gap & step gauges,

by experienced users of digital

for the inspection of assembly

measuring equipment resulting in an

criteria in finished products.

ergonomic, compact product giving

Widely used in the automotive,

consistent, long term, measuring

aerospace and railway industries.

accuracy and repeatability.

Yorkshire Precision Gauges | 01302 840 303 | gauges@ypg.co.uk



This Split Ball Bore Gauge from

With OSIMESS it is not only possible

SCHWENK is an internal two-point

to detect deviations from the nominal

precision bore gauge for the rapid and

diameter, but also deviations in shape

accurate measurement of small bores

within the bore to be measured,

ranging from 1mm to 20mm. Individual Probes are available throughout this range with measuring spans between 0.2 and 1.3mm depending on size.

A complete measuring instrument comprises a measuring probe, a tungsten carbide measuring needle and a handle which can accommodate the required output method. Setting rings and indicators are sold separately.


Yorkshire Precision Gauges


This, the original SCHWENK Cylinder

Each SUBITO gauge incorporates the

Bore Gauge is a universal and rugged

patented high-precision deviation

two-point contact comparator gauge

element called the “segment�. This is the

for the measurement of bores in the

core piece of the SUBITO and ensures

range of 4.5mm up to 800mm. The

a transmission free of backlash of the

SUBITO range is available in standard

contact pin travel to the connecting rod

(SU) and special designs to cater

in the tube of the gauge and therefore

for unusual requirements including

on the measuring value indication. This

extra deep bores (up to 12m), right

element allows an individual adjustment

angle measurement, internal gears

of each gauge, so that excellent values

and splines, spherical diameters,

for repeatability and the maximum

internal grooves and blind bores.

deviation can be ensured. A complete SUBITO set would compromise of a holder, with the corresponding measuring pins and increment washers as well as the necessary wrenches. Provided in a wooden box. Setting rings and indicators are sold separately.

Yorkshire Precision Gauges | 01302 840 303 | gauges@ypg.co.uk


SUBITO benefits: • High Precision, with the repeatability within 0.5 µm.

• Reliable determination of deviations in form.

• High measuring certainty.

• High service life/robustness.

• Easy setting and handling.

• Easy Setting.

• Extensive range of application.


Yorkshire Precision Gauges


Output resolution depends upon

is a robust, intelligent plug gauge

the choice of output which may be

with a mechanical two-point contact

mechanical dial or digital indicator.

comparator, where each gauge is

As with all comparative measuring

tailored to suit a specific application.

methods, a suitable setting ring

The measurement application range is

should be used. The standard

from 2.5mm to 800mm. The standard

design measuring sleeve is available

measuring range of an individual

to cover internal diameters up to

measuring sleeve is 0.2mm and hence

130mm. Above this size, and to

the actual size to be measured must be

minimize the weight of the gauge,

specified together with its tolerance.

a cross sleeve design is employed. This OD series provides the highest level of accuracy and repeatability but is diameter specific. For all variants, deep bore extensions, blind bore and hard chrome plated versions are available.

Yorkshire Precision Gauges | 01302 840 303 | gauges@ypg.co.uk


MEASURING TAPES & NOVOMETER Novometer is the easy to use measuring gauge for determining the average inside diameter of round, oval or constant polygonal bores. Digital version also available

Circometer CJU tapes are

IUB, Inside Cirumference Tapes, for

circumference tapes used to measure

measuring the inside circumference

the outside circumference and

and average diameter of round,

diameter of rotationally symmetrical

oval or constant polygonal bores.

or round parts. Available in steel or stainless steel covering the diameter range 20-3500mm with a Vernier scale reading of 0.1mm. C-Tapes for measuring the outside diameter of round parts. Available in stainless steel or black coated.


Yorkshire Precision Gauges

THREAD INSPECTION SYSTEMS Johnson Gage Thread Inspection Systems are available for both internal and external thread applications. By incorporating both Functional and Pitch Diameter Size measurements into its basic design, JGCO not only assure assembly and dimensional conformance, but also add a measure of confidence and integrity to both the inspection process and the final product.

System Versatility

simple extensions to the basic external and internal inspection systems.

Since many thread inspection

Both analog dial & digital and inch

applications are different, all JGCO

& metric indicators are available.

Thread Inspection Systems are designed with versatility in mind. From fixed-size systems for high volume inspection to range adjustable systems for maximum versatility, standard JGCO Inspection Systems are ideally suited to your application, UN, UNJ, Metric, NPT, Acme, Buttress as well as other thread profiles are easily incorporated into the basic design. Easy solutions to unique requirements regardless of feature and size runout and concentricity inspection relative to the thread are

Yorkshire Precision Gauges | 01302 840 303 | gauges@ypg.co.uk


For further purchasing, product or service information visit www.ypg.co.uk or contact our sales team via gauges@ypg.co.uk Yorkshire Precision Gauges Limited Cuckoo Lane, Hatfield, Doncaster, England. DN7 6QF.

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