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connect Lower Primary B2

A Christian Education curriculum for children aged 7–9 years.

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Introduction—God keeps his promises Lesson 1 Wanted: rescuer Lesson 2 Saviour to the rescue! Lesson 3 Rescue resisted Lesson 4 Rescue complete Lesson 5 God teaches his people Lesson 6 God lives with his people Lesson 7 God’s people rebel Lesson 8 Remember the rescue Lesson 9 Into the Promised Land! Lesson 10 Jesus the rescuer

Exodus 1:1—2:10 Exodus 3:1—4:17 Exodus 7:1—10:29 Exodus 11–14 Exodus 19–20 Exodus 25–40 Numbers 13–14 Deuteronomy 4–11; 28–29; 30:11–20 Joshua 1–6 Various

Introduction—God’s promise for the world Lesson 11 The gospel: then and now Lesson 12 The good news about the gospel! Lesson 13 Responses to the gospel Lesson 14 Gospel obedience Lesson 15 The Spirit of the gospel Lesson 16 The hope of the gospel Lesson 17 Gifts of the gospel Lesson 18 The gospel is our strength Lesson 19 Christmas: God’s promises fulfilled in Jesus Lesson 20 Jeane

Romans 1:1–17; Genesis 12:1–9 Romans 1:18—3:31; Luke 15:3–7 Romans 4:1–15; Matthew 13:3–23 Romans 6–7; Matthew 7:24–27 Romans 8:1–17 Romans 8:18–39 Romans 10:9–15; 12:1–8 Romans 16:25a; Ephesians 6:10–17 Luke 1; 2 Corinthians 1:20 Joshua 1:9

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Christmas assembly

Matthew 1


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Genesis 1–2; 2 Peter 3:13



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LESSON AIM Q To help students to understand that while being a Christian doesn’t mean that life will be perfect now, God’s people can take comfort knowing it will be when Jesus returns.

LESSON OUTCOMES Students will learn about: Q instances when life is not easy Q how nothing can separate people from the love of God in Jesus Christ our Lord. Students will learn to: Q understand what the Bible means when it says that troubles people face in this life are incomparable with the glory that will be shown to them.

MEMORY VERSE God raised Jesus to life! God’s Spirit now lives in you, and he will raise you to life by his Spirit. Romans 8:11 (CEV)

» Bible background The previous lesson focused on the Holy Spirit’s role in enabling Christians to live in obedience to God. But this life is far from easy. The path to glory is through suffering. Just as Christ’s glory was preceded by suffering, so it will be with the children of God. But these sufferings can be endured, especially when compared to the glory that will be revealed in us when our bodies are renewed. This is what we eagerly, but patiently, wait for. And as we wait, we wait in hope—our sure and secure hope. For the God who has promised to deliver is faithful. As we wait, we need to wait patiently, equipped by God with his


The hope of the gospel Romans 8:18–39 Spirit, who dwells in us. The wait won’t always be easy (8:24–27), but God’s Spirit will enable us to persevere. Moreover, the gospel is about God who steadfastly loves his chosen people. It is this love that sustains our confidence in the hope for our future. In this world we will suffer many hardships, persecutions and trials due to the hostility of the world against God, the sinfulness of our own corrupted nature and Satan’s attacks on God’s people. Yet in all of this, God is in control. Paul reminds us that in all things God is working for the good of those who love him, for they are called according to his good purposes. In God’s amazing sovereignty, he is able to use our weaknesses, our strengths, the good times and the hard times, to bring about his will and purposes in our lives. And as he does this we can be certain that everything that happens is for our good. The writer of the book of Hebrews reminds us that God disciplines those he considers children in order that they may produce a harvest of righteousness (Hebrews 12:4–13). In every situation in which we find ourselves, God is working for the good of his children—to make us more like Jesus. For this reason, we are more than conquerors! The God who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us will also graciously give us all things! We stand before God free from accusation and blame, because Jesus died in our place. Nothing in this world or outside of it can separate us from the love that God has for us and which he graciously demonstrated in sending his only Son. No matter what we go through in this life we can be sure that God loves us. This is the God we serve and love. This is the God we trust! Jesus will graciously give us all things. I am sure that nothing can separate us from God’s love—not life or death, not angels or spirits, not the present or the future and not powers above or powers below. Nothing in all creation can separate us from God’s love for us in our Christ Jesus our Lord! Romans 8:38–39 (CEV)

» You will need ✔ A CEV Bible marked at Romans 8:18, 35, 38–39 ✔ Visual aids on pages 149–151 of Heart paper craft and Sketch starters (see Before you start) ✔ Large jug of water with lid ✔ Activity books ✔ Coloured pencils and/or textas ✔ Whiteboard or butcher’s paper, and marker ✔ Shoe box for each student ✔ A promise is forever (track 1) on CEP’s Connect B2 Lower Primary album ✔ Materials for Taking it further (optional)

Q If you intend to use an interactive whiteboard, review the PowerPoint slides for this lesson (see page 6 for details on how to download these).




Q Practise the Sketch starters before the lesson. You may like to draw them on the board before class or have them pre-drawn on butcher’s paper. You may also prefer to have the missing part of the sketch drawn very lightly in pencil so that you can draw over the outline in the lesson. Q Photocopy the Visual aid on page 149 of the Heart paper craft so there is one for each student.

» Teacher’s prayer OTHER RESOURCES If your lessons are longer than the standard, you may find the following resources useful. Q God united (track 9) on Colin Buchanan’s God Rock album.

Think about any specific trials or challenges you are currently facing and commit them to our great God who is always in control. Thank God that when Jesus returns there will no longer be sickness, suffering and death.




Q Jesus is the King (track 29) on Emu Music’s Meet the King album.




» Way in We’re starting today’s lesson with an experiment. But first we need to learn some science. I’m going to tell you about water.

When people decide to love, trust and follow Jesus, life doesn’t suddenly become perfect from then on. For instance, this boy loves and trusts Jesus and hurt his leg while playing soccer. Complete the first box of a boy with a sore leg and encourage students to copy.

Display your large jug of water. Water is made up of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen. You may have heard of water being known as H2O. The H stands for hydrogen and the O stands for oxygen. Every little O has two tiny little Hs stuck to it. So in this jug are billions of tiny groups of H2O swimming and bouncing off each other. That’s our science lesson over. I’m going to ask for a volunteer who thinks they can separate this water into hydrogen and oxygen. Q Who would like to have a try? (Accept hands. Choose a volunteer.) Great try! It’s not even possible to separate hydrogen and oxygen with heat. You see, even steam is still H2O. Only something really extraordinary could separate these two elements!



Ensure the lid on the jug is on and place the jug under the desk out of sight so students aren’t distracted.

» Bible focus Distribute the Activity books. Q Who remembers what we talked about last week? You can look in your Activity books if you want. (Accept responses. The lesson was about how Jesus has given God’s people his Holy Spirit to help them when they find it difficult to obey God. The Holy Spirit lives in Christians.) Display the Visual aid on pages 150–151 of the Sketch starters (only the incomplete sketches, see Before you start). I’m going to tell you a story and during the story we are going to be completing these sketches. Watch and listen carefully so you know what to do.


And this girl studied hard for her exam but didn’t get a good mark. Complete the second box of a girl with a bad test mark and encourage students to copy. These children are arguing in the playground. Complete the third box of school friends fighting and encourage students to copy. Life can still be tough but the Bible teaches us this: Read Romans 8:18 from your CEV Bible. Q What do you think this verse means? (Accept responses. It means that even when there are challenges and difficult situations now people can still be happy and look forward to the glory that will be shown to them.) Q What is that glory that will be shown? (Accept responses. It is when all of Jesus’ followers live in heaven with God forever. Heaven is where there will be no pain, disappointments, or fights; instead there will be eternal joy and perfection.) Complete the fourth box of Jesus speaking (saying ‘I love you’) and encourage students to copy. Wow, that’s amazing. Even when people face hard things they can be sure of God’s love for them; the Bible says that Jesus will return so God’s people can live forever in heaven with him! God really does love his people a lot. Read Romans 8:35, 38–39 from your CEV Bible. Complete the fifth box of a heart to represent love and encourage students to copy.



» Connections Q How does it make you feel to know that God loves us so much? (Accept responses.) Bring out the jug of water again from the Way in section. Remember how it was impossible to separate the elements of hydrogen and oxygen in this jug right now in this classroom. Well, that is how God’s love is. Nothing can pull someone apart or separate them from God’s love for them in Jesus! Q How does it make you feel when you hear that the Bible teaches that nothing can separate God’s people from his love? (Accept responses.) Complete the sixth box of two hands holding a heart and encourage students to copy. Remember that God loves all his followers and nothing can stop him from loving them! Distribute the Visual aid on page 149 of the Heart paper craft to each student. Provide different coloured pencils and/or textas so that the boys are involved and don’t consider this craft too feminine. It’s important for all your students to appreciate what the Bible says about God’s powerful love. Ask students to open their Activity books to Lesson 16. You may need to give out scrap paper so students can write out the code before solving the Memory verse. Students can listen to A promise is forever (track 1) on CEP’s Connect B2 Lower Primary album while they complete their activities. I’m going to pray now. If you would like to pray too, please join me. If you would rather not, that’s OK. Please just sit quietly so we don’t get distracted.

» Concluding prayer




Dear God, help us to appreciate what we learned today about nothing being able to separate your people from your love in Jesus. Amen.




» Taking it further

GOD’S LOVE Students read John 3:16 from a CEV Bible and answer the following questions:

PAINT Students examine pieces of abstract art on the internet (you might like to look up current Australian abstract artists using a search engine). Students then use coloured paints to construct a piece of abstract art to represent God’s love as described in the Bible; how nothing can separate God’s people from his love.


Who does God love? Who did God give? Who will not perish/die? What will happen to those people instead?

God’s love is awesome!

ACROSTIC Students write an acrostic poem about God’s love. The letters GOD’S LOVE run down the left-hand side of the page and begin each line.




Students conduct an experiment whereby they mix cordial and water. They then attempt to separate the cordial and water into two liquids again. It is not possible and they can then compare this to God’s love, shown in Jesus.

» Teacher reflections Q Are you aware of any non-verbal communication you may be exhibiting during your teaching? Q Are the students excited about learning about God’s great love from the Bible?

» For next lesson

INTERVIEW Q You will need to prepare some Visual aids. Students form pairs with one student playing the interviewer and the other playing the role of a Christian who trusts and follows Jesus. They need to construct questions and answers focusing on how it feels to be loved so much by God. If there is time, each pair can act out their interview in front of the class.

SELF-PORTRAIT Students draw or paint a self-portrait. They then use this image to consider and appreciate how much God loves every single person personally.


Q You will need to buy a small gift for each student (see Before you start).

Š 2012 The purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.


© 2012 The purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.


Š 2012 The purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.


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Connect B2 Lower Primary Teacher's Manual  

A sample from the Revised 2018 Connect B2 Lower Primary Teacher's Manual.

Connect B2 Lower Primary Teacher's Manual  

A sample from the Revised 2018 Connect B2 Lower Primary Teacher's Manual.