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a christian education curriculum for children aged 7 to 9 years.

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Contents For the teacher What you will find in each lesson Music and drama CD and CD-ROM Curriculum stance Training and support Five circles of learning Connect icons

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Introduction—God keeps his promises Lesson 1 Wanted: rescuer Lesson 2 Saviour to the rescue! Lesson 3 Rescue resisted Lesson 4 Rescue complete Lesson 5 God teaches his people Lesson 6 God lives with his people Lesson 7 God’s people rebel Lesson 8 Remember the rescue Lesson 9 Into the Promised Land! Lesson 10 Jesus the rescuer

Exodus 1:1—2:10 Exodus 3:1—4:17 Exodus 7:1—10:29 Exodus 11–14 Exodus 19–20 Exodus 25–40 Numbers 13–14 Deuteronomy 4–11; 28–29; 30:11–20 Joshua 1–6 Various

Introduction—God’s promise for the world Lesson 11 The gospel: then and now Lesson 12 The good news about the gospel! Lesson 13 The response to the gospel Lesson 14 Gospel obedience Lesson 15 The Spirit of the gospel Lesson 16 The hope of the gospel Lesson 17 Children of the gospel have a job to do Lesson 18 The gospel is our strength Lesson 19 Christmas: God’s promises fulfilled in Jesus Lesson 20 Jeane

Genesis 12:1–9; Romans 1:1–17 Romans 1:18—3:31 Romans 4:1–15 Romans 6–7 Romans 8:1–17 Romans 8:18–39 Romans 10:9–15; 12:1–8 Romans 16:25a; Ephesians 6:10–17 Luke 1; 2 Corinthians 1:20 Joshua 1:9

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Christmas assembly

Matthew 1


Special lesson—The environment

Genesis 1—2; 2 Peter 3:13


Teaching ideas Help with classroom management Helpful teaching techniques Teaching Memory verses Is your class different? Bible icon The special needs of indigenous students Understanding the student: the learning theory undergirding Connect Activity Books icon in the (S)RE class Using appropriate language When a student wants to make a response Christian Education outcomes Visual Aid icon

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God’s people rebel

LESSON AIM ■ To help students to understand that even when his people are disobedient, God is trustworthy and still keeps his promises.

LESSON OUTCOMES Students will learn about: ■ the 12 spies who were sent to explore the land that God had promised to give Israel ■ how Israel was disobedient to God. Students will learn to: ■ state which promise to Abraham God was going to fulfil ■ recognise God’s faithfulness to his people, even when they are disobedient.

MEMORY VERSE Christ died only once to take away the sins of many people. But when he comes again, it will not be to take away sin. He will come to save everyone who is waiting for him. Hebrews 9:28 (CEV)

» Bible background Lessons 1–6 showed that God rescued his people from Egypt with a mighty hand. He made a covenant with Israel and brought them through the desert to the edge of the Promised Land. While God’s people did show some faithful obedience to the instruction of their good and powerful God, Israel’s complaints against God and their disobedience to his word (Numbers 11–21) were clear. Their most blatant rejection of God is recorded in Numbers 13–14.

Numbers 13–14

Chapter 13 shows how the people obeyed God’s command to explore the land. Twelve spies were selected, one from each tribe of Israel, to explore the land and bring back a report to Israel. The spies reported that the land was good, ‘rich with milk and honey’ (Numbers 13:27), the people were strong and the cities large and fortified (Numbers 13:28). Things took a downturn when 10 of the spies spread a bad report among the people (Numbers 13:31–33). To take the land would be difficult! They would have to fight these huge people in their strong cities. How quickly the spies had forgotten the mighty God who brought them out of Egypt and would go before them, driving out the nations to give them the land. Only Caleb and Joshua trusted God (Numbers 13:30; 14:6–9). The rest of the people, however, grumbled against God. They rejected Joshua and Caleb and attempted to stone them. As a result, God’s anger burned against his people. Their faithlessness and disobedience was abominable, especially since God was just about to fulfil his promises to them. Initially, God was preparing to wipe out Israel completely and start again with Moses and his family (Numbers 14:11–12). However, Moses was quick to defend God’s honour and reputation and to intercede for Israel (Numbers 14:13–19). God relented, forgiving the people and keeping his promise—but to the next generation. God declared on oath that the grumbling generation would not enter into the Promised Land but would die in the desert as they had asked to do (Numbers 14:20–25). So Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years until everyone over 20 years of age died and their children had grown. This account reveals God to be faithful, gracious and just and able to fulfil his promises, despite the disobedience and faithlessness of his people.

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» You will need

■ If you intend to use an interactive whiteboard, review the PowerPoint slide(s) for this lesson on the CD-ROM that comes with this manual.

✔ A CEV Bible marked at Numbers 13:17–20 ✔ Visual aid on page 17 or the colour print-out from the CD-ROM of the Journey to the Promised Land map and stickers (see Introduction to Lessons 1–10) ✔ Visual aid on page 18 of God’s big promises to Abraham from Lesson 1 ✔ Visual aids on pages 72–73 of Beekeeper and 12 spies craft (see Before you start) ✔ Scissors and pencils ✔ Activity books ✔ God is faithful (track 9), Lesson 7 drama part 1 (track 14) and Lesson 7 drama part 2 (track 15) on CEP’s Lower Primary CD ✔ CD player or MP3 player and portable speakers ✔ Materials for Taking it further (optional) ✔ Moses, The 12 spies, Promised Land and 40 years of wandering from the Coloured Visual aid pack ✔ The CD-ROM from this manual if you intend to use an interactive whiteboard to display the PowerPoints of either the lessons, song words or prayers.

■ You will need to photocopy and enlarge the Visual aid on page 72 of the Beekeeper.

›› Lower primary lESSon 7


■ You will need to provide enough ‘spies’ for each student. Follow the directions from the Visual aid on page 73 of the 12 spies craft. Depending on the skill level of your students and the time you have in class you may prefer to have the ‘spies’ already cut out. Otherwise the students can cut them out in class. Ensure you have folded the paper correctly, and drawn the figure on the front fold, and then demonstrate where to cut so your students can copy.

» teacher’s prayer Pray that your students continue to learn about God’s promises and how they have been fulfilled. Thank God for his faithfulness, even when his people are faithless.

OTHER RESOURCES If your lessons are longer than the standard, you may find the following resources useful. ■ Remember the Lord (track 2) on Colin Buchanan’s Colin’s favourites CD.




■ God is in control (track 3) on CEP’s Lower Primary CD.


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Bible icon Activity Books icon

» Way in I want you to imagine that you are sitting next to your very best friend! He or she tells you that just outside the classroom door, there is some delicious honey to eat. You jump up and are just about to run over to open the door to grab some when some of your classmates shout to warn you. They say not to go outside because there are lots of bees and you could get stung and hurt. ■ Would you go outside or stay inside? Why? (Accept responses.) Now, youBible trusticon your best friend—they’ve never lied to you before, but you’re having doubts Activity Books icon and feeling scared. What do you do? Display the Visual aid on page 72 of the Visual Aid icon Beekeeper.

›› Lower primary lESSon 7


Well, what you don’t know is that your best CD icon friend has a beekeeper suit in your size and has it ready for you to put on. The suit will protect Music icon you and will ensure you don’t get stung by any bees. You can now easily open the door and go Word icon outside without fear of getting stung! In our lesson today we are going to hear about Maths & Logic icon Israel and how some of the people were scared of doing what God asked and how others trusted God and Body knewicon that he would protect them.

Space & Vision icon

» Bible focus Interpersonal icon

Selfwe icon Last lesson heard about how God gave Moses instructions so Israel could build a special Nature iconmeet with God in person. tent so they could It was now more than a year since God had Bible Exploration icon used Moses to rescue Israel from being slaves in Egypt. And all this time the Israelites had been living in the desert. Remember how we have been looking at our map each week to find out where the Israelites had moved to? Well, now they were at a place called Kadesh-Barnea.

Display the Visual aid on page 17 or the Visual Aid icon colour print-out from the CD-ROM of the Journey to the Promised Land map. Ask a iconand point to Kadesh-Barnea. student toCD come They were at the edge of the land God had Music icon promised to Abraham.

Bibletell icon ■ Who can us the promises God made to Word icon Abraham so long ago? Activity Books icon (Accept responses.) Maths & Logic icon

Display the Visual aid on page 18 of God’s Visual Aid icon big promises Body icon to Abraham from Lesson 1 and ask a student to read it out.

CD icon

Spacekept & Vision icon God certainly his promise that Abraham would have a very large family. The whole Music icon icon nation ofInterpersonal Israel had come from his son Isaac. Another promise was that God said he would Word icon give his people land. Self icon

There in Kadesh-Barnea, the people of Israel Maths & Logic icon were excited. They Nature iconcouldn’t wait to go into the land that God had promised them. But before Bible icon God told Moses to Body icon they could enter the land, Bible Exploration icon send 12 men to go into the land and bring back Books icon Space &Activity Vision a report of what it wasicon like. Display the Coloured Visual aid of Interpersonal Visual icon Aid icon Bible icon

The 12 spies if you have it and read Numbers 13:17–20 from your

Activity Books Self iconCD iconicon CEV Bible.

■ What things were they trying to find out Visual iconicon NatureAid icon Music about the land? (Accept responses. How many people were Bible Exploration icon icon CD icon Word living there and howicon strong they were. They were to see how good the soil was and what Activity Books Music icon kinds of trees grew there.) Maths &icon Logic icon Hand out the Visual aid on page 73 of the Visualicon Aid icon Body icon 12Word spies craft so that each student has a copy. Demonstrate how to cut out the Vision Maths &Space Logic icon figure so CD thaticon when the &paper is icon unfolded there are 12 characters holding hands. Distribute pencils and Interpersonal icon scissors to eachicon student. Music icon Body The 12 spies set off. They explored the whole Spaceicon &Self Vision Word iconicon them. Meanwhile land as Moses had instructed the people waited. And waited. And waited. Interpersonal icon icon captured? Why What if the spies had been Maths &Nature Logic icon were they taking so long?

Bible Exploration icon

Body iconspies returned. They were Self icon After 40 days the carrying an enormous bunch of grapes. It was Space &icon Vision Nature so big it took two menicon to carry it on a large pole. The people were excited and crowded Interpersonal iconicon Bible Exploration around the spies, waiting to hear what they had to say. Self icon

68 • connect – teacher’s manual

Nature icon Bible Exploration icon

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Bible icon Bible icon Activity Books icon ActivityVisual BooksAid iconicon

Space & Vision Body icon Play Lesson 7 drama particon 2 (track 15) on CD icon CEP’s Lower Primary CD. Space &Interpersonal Vision icon icon

God suddenly appeared in a cloud. His people Music icon had been disobedient.

Interpersonal icon Self icon ■ How had the Israelites been disobedient? Word icon (Accept responses. They didn’t trust God Self iconNature icon and his promises and didn’t believe that he Maths & Logic icon could protect them when they went into the Bible Exploration icon Nature icon Promised Land. They actually wanted to return Body icon to Egypt to be slaves again.) Bible Exploration icon Then God told & them that no adult would be Space Vision icon able to enter the Promised Land. All those Bible who hadInterpersonal beenicon disobedient icon would have to wander in the desert until all their children Books iconthemselves. grew up Activity and were adults

Self icon

Display the Coloured Visual aid of 40 years Visual Aid icon ofNature wandering icon if you have it. Then their children would be allowed to live in CD icon Bible Land. Exploration icon the Promised ■ Who can remember the names of the two Music icon spies who believed and trusted God? (Accept responses. Caleb and Joshua.)

Word icon

Caleb and Joshua were already adults, but Bibletrusted icon God, they were also allowed because they Maths & Logic icon to enter the Promised Land with all the grown-up Books icon children. Activity But this Body iconwould be in 40 years time! Show students how to break off Caleb and Visual Aid icon Spacefrom & Vision Joshua the icon chain of the 12 spies craft and write the names ‘Caleb’ and ‘Joshua’ CD iconhave broken Interpersonal icon off. on the two they

Music icon Self icon Word Natureicon icon Maths & Logic icon Bible Exploration icon

■ How did Israel show they didn’t trust God in today’s lesson? (Accept responses. They didn’t believe that God would protect them when they entered the Promised Land and wanted to return to Egypt and be slaves again—even after witnessing so many of God’s powerful events as he led them out of Egypt and through the desert.) ■ How might we show that we don’t trust God sometimes? (Accept responses. We might not believe God’s promises to us, that if we love and follow Jesus then our sins are forgiven and we will live forever with God in heaven. We might not obey God’s words in the Bible because we don’t trust that God knows what is best for us.) None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes but we can be happy because we see that these mistakes don’t stop God’s good promises to us. ■ Was God still going to keep his promise, even after the Israelites grumbled against him? (Accept responses. Yes, once the Israelite children grew into adults, God was going to take them into the Promised Land so that his promise to Abraham would still come true.) Have a think about whether God will still keep his promises to us, even when we grumble or when we are not thankful for the things he has given us. Yes! God is faithful to his promises! That Bible icon his promises. God promises means God keeps that when we trust and follow Jesus, he brings Activity Books icon forgiveness of sins.

Bible iconaid on page 17 or the Display the Visual Visual Aid icon colour print-out from the CD-ROM of the Journey to the Promised Land map. Activity Books icon CD icon

Ask a student to come and place a sticker on Visual Aid icon Bible icon Kadesh-Barnea on the map.

Music icon

Ask students to open their Activity

ActivityCD Books iconicon Word books icon to Lesson 7. Students can

listen to God is faithful (track 9) on Visual Aid icon Music icon CEP’s Lower Primary CD while they complete their Maths & Logic icon activities. Fast finishers can colour in their 12 spies craft. CD iconWord icon

Body icon

Music icon Maths & Logic icon Space & Vision icon

Space & Vision icon

Body icon Word icon Interpersonal icon

Interpersonal icon

Vision icon Maths &Space Logic&icon Self icon

Self icon

Interpersonal icon Body icon Nature icon

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Body icon


Let’s look at our 12 spies craft and draw Music icon icon worried, scared Word faces on our characters. Bible icon But only draw those worried, scared face Word Maths & Logic expressions onicon 10 of our spiesicon because there Books icon differently. On were twoActivity spies who thought the end two characters, let’s draw confident Maths &Body Logicicon icon Visualnames Aid icon smiles. Their were Caleb and Joshua.

» Connections

›› Lower primary lESSon 7

Display the Coloured Visual aid of the Promised Land and play Lesson 7 drama part 1 (track 14) on MusicCD. icon CD icon CEP’s Lower Primary

Visual Aid CDicon icon




21/03/12 10:12 PM

The solution to the Activity book is below:

» Concluding prayer

›› Lower primary lESSon 7


Heavenly Father, thank you for showing us how you were fulfilling your promise of land to Abraham through Moses and your people Israel. Thank you that we can trust your promises and always rely on you. Amen.

Bible icon

Bible icon CD icon Bible icon Activity Books icon Music icon Activity Books icon Visual Aid icon Bible icon Word icon Visual Aid icon MEASURE CD iconActivity Books icon Maths & Logic icon CD icon Visual Aid icon icon Measure Music the distance from the foot of Mount Body icon Sinai to Kadesh-Barnea Music icon on the Journey to the PromisedWord Landicon map. This is the distance the CD icon Space & Vision icon Israelite people walked from last lesson to this Word icon lesson. Maths Bible icon &Music Logicicon icon Interpersonal icon Maths & Logic icon Body icon Activity Booksicon icon Word DRAMA Self icon Body icon Visual icon&icon Space Aid &Maths Vision Logic icon icon to the Lesson 7 drama Students Nature could listen Space & Vision icon Parts 1 and 2 (tracks and 15) on CEP’s Interpersonal icon Body14 icon CD icon Bible Exploration icon Lower Primary CD and act Interpersonal iconout what they hear. Space & Vision icon Self icon Music icon Self icon RESEARCH Interpersonal icon Nature icon Word icon Nature icon The spiesBible brought back huge grapes to show the icon icon MathsExploration &Self Logic icon people what grew in the land God had promised Bible Exploration icon them. Students could split into small groups of Nature icon Body icon three or four and find out about the different varieties of grapes available. It may be helpful icon Space &Bible Vision icon to find a webpage withExploration information (such as the following, Interpersonal icon February, 2012) and tp/typesgrapes.htm, viewed give out one type of grape to each group, who then report back Self iconto the class with two facts about the particular grape.

Nature icon Activity Books icon

» taking it further Visual Aid icon CD icon

SINGING Music icon

God loves his people (track 4) on CEP’s Word icon Lower Primary CD. Supplementary also suggested in Other Maths songs & Logicare icon resources at the start of the lesson.

Body icon

LISTEN TO GOD Bible Exploration icon

Explain that the people of Israel were very sad when they heard that because they had been disobedient, God would not let them go into the land. This is what happened next. Students read Exodus 14:39–45 together as a class and answer the following questions. ■ What did the Israelites decide to do? ■ What did Moses say about their plan? ■ Were the Israelites successful or were they defeated? ■ Why were they defeated?

THE SPIES’ NAMES Space & Vision icon

Students Interpersonal use the 12 spies iconcraft from the lesson and copy the teacher as they write the spies’ names on the fold-out characters. They were Self icon Igal, Palti, Gaddiel, Gaddi, Shammua, Shaphat, Ammiel, Sethur, Nahbi, Geuel, Caleb and Joshua.

Nature icon

Bible Exploration icon 70 • connect – teacher’s manual

Connect-B2 LP-MANUAL_S.indb 70

21/03/12 10:12 PM

■ Are you using the Activity books successfully? Do your students enjoy them?


» For next lesson

›› Lower primary lESSon 7

» teacher reflections

■ You will need to practise drawing the Visual aid on pages 80–81 of the Sketch starters.

■ Did students have time to make their spies during the lesson?




» notes


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© 2012 the purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.

72 • connect – teacher’s manual

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Trace and cut out.

Fold a4 paper four times.

Join hands with Blu-Tack.

Š 2012 the purchaser of this manual is entitled to photocopy this page for classroom purposes.


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Connect B2 LP Teachers Manual  

Teachers Manual for Connect Lower Primary curriculum for Christian Religious Education

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