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a christian education curriculum for children aged 5 to 7 years.

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Contents For the teacher What you will find in each lesson Music and drama CD and CD-ROM Curriculum stance Training and support Five circles of learning Connect icons

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Introduction—God keeps his promises Lesson 1 Wanted: rescuer Lesson 2 Saviour to the rescue! Lesson 3 Rescue resisted Lesson 4 Rescue complete Lesson 5 God teaches his people Lesson 6 God lives with his people Lesson 7 God’s people rebel Lesson 8 Remember the rescue Lesson 9 Into the Promised Land! Lesson 10 Jesus the rescuer

Exodus 1:1—2:10 Exodus 3:1—4:17 Exodus 7:1—10:29 Exodus 11–14 Exodus 19–20 Exodus 25–40 Numbers 13–14 Deuteronomy 4–11; 28–29; 30:11–20 Joshua 1–6 Various

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Introduction—God’s promise for the world Lesson 11 The gospel: then and now Lesson 12 The good news about the gospel! Lesson 13 The response to the gospel Lesson 14 Gospel obedience Lesson 15 The Spirit of the gospel Lesson 16 The hope of the gospel Lesson 17 Children of the gospel have a job to do Lesson 18 The gospel is our strength Lesson 19 Christmas: God’s promise fulfilled in Jesus Lesson 20 The Lovell family in Spain

Genesis 12:1–9; Romans 1:1–17 Romans 1:18—3:31 Romans 4:1–15 Romans 6–7 Romans 8:1–17 Romans 8:18–39 Romans 10:1, 9–15; 12:1–8 Romans 16:25a Matthew 1; Luke 1; 2 Corinthians 1:20 Various

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Christmas assembly

Matthew 1; Luke 1:68–79


Special lesson—The environment

Genesis 1–2; 2 Peter 3:13


Teaching ideas Help with classroom management Helpful teaching techniques Teaching Memory verses Is your class different? Bible icon The special needs of indigenous students Understanding the student: the learning theory undergirding Connect Activity Books icon in the (S)RE class Using appropriate language When a student wants to make a response Christian Education outcomes Visual Aid icon

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For information about what is included CDyour iconMusic and drama CD and CD-ROM, refer to page 6. on

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B2 infant


L e ss O n


saviour to the rescue!

LESSON AIM ■ To help students to understand that everything that happens is according to God’s plan and that he works for the good of his people.

LESSON OUTCOMES Students will learn about: ■ how God heard his people’s cry for help ■ how everything that happens is according to God’s plan. Students will learn to: ■ begin to see how God worked through his people to fulfil his plan ■ state how God speaks to us today.

MEMORY VERSE I will prove to you that I will keep my promise. Isaiah 38:7 (CEV)

» Bible background At this point in the narrative, Moses had grown up in the palace of the pharaoh but his heart ached because of the oppression of his people. We see in this Bible passage how Moses took matters into his own hands and killed an Egyptian slave driver. This event caused him to flee Egypt for fear of losing his life (Exodus 2:11–15). He ended up settling in Midian and became a shepherd of his new father-in-law’s flocks (Exodus 2:16–22). Meanwhile, back in Egypt (Exodus 2:23–25), Pharaoh died but God’s people were still groaning under their oppression and cried out to God.

Exodus 3:1—4:17 God heard their cry and remembered his promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The time had come for God to act (Genesis 15:13–16) and so he called the one through whom he would deliver his people: Moses! Moses was tending his father-in-law’s flocks as usual, and decided to take the flocks to the far side of the desert, to a place near Horeb. It was at Horeb, the mountain of God, that Moses encountered God. This encounter is usually called ‘Moses and the burning bush’. However, the interesting thing is that this bush didn't burn away; it was never consumed. This was the strange sight that Moses decided to investigate (Exodus 3:2). It was from within this bush that God called Moses. God told Moses that he had heard the cries of his people and had come down to rescue them. God would take them from their land of oppression to a land flowing with milk and honey (Exodus 3:7–9). What’s more, God was going to use Moses to bring his people out of Egypt (Exodus 3:10). God asked Moses to remove his shoes, because he was standing on ground made holy by God’s presence. Here we see a perfect and holy God willing to meet with imperfect humanity. Because of God’s love and divine purposes, Moses was not consumed by the fire. Rather, he was befriended by God. From all we know about Moses in the Bible, there’s a part of us that expects to see a bold and confident man, ready and willing to serve God at every turn. This is not the case. Moses was reluctant, fearful and lacking confidence, questioning God at every turn. He lacked faith in the God of his forefathers and attempted to pass the job to someone else. But God chose Moses and Moses he would use!

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» You will need

■ If you intend to use an interactive whiteboard, review the PowerPoint slide(s) for this lesson on the CD-ROM that comes with this manual.

✔ Visual aids on pages 30–33 of Israelite slaves working in Egypt, Moses in the desert, People praying and Cut-outs (see Before you start) ✔ Blu-Tack ✔ ‘The Big Rescue Adventure’ scrapbook ✔ Glue stick ✔ A CEV Bible marked at Exodus 2:23–25; 3:7–10, 12 ✔ Activity books ✔ Lesson 2 end play (track 13) on CEP's Infants CD ✔ Good or bad (track 11) on Johnny Burns’ Unreal banana peel CD (see Introduction to Lessons 1–10) ✔ CD player or MP3 player and portable speakers ✔ Materials for Taking it further (optional) ✔ Israelite slaves working in Egypt, The burning bush, Moses and Aaron from the Coloured Visual aid pack ✔ The CD-ROM from this manual if you intend to use an interactive whiteboard to display the PowerPoints of either the lessons, song words or prayers.

■ Photocopy and colour the Visual aids from pages 30–33 of Israelite slaves working in Egypt, Moses in the desert, People praying and Cut-outs.

›› infants lESSon 2


■ When using the CEP's Infants CD, make sure the dramas or songs are ready to play. Adjust the volume of your CD player before the lesson. ■ In this lesson we do not give full details about the reason why Moses fled into the desert. It is enough to say that Moses was afraid of the king.

» teacher’s prayer Pray that the students will understand that God has acted in his mercy to save people. Pray that the students will come to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Thank God for each student in your class.

OTHER RESOURCES If your lessons are longer than the standard, you may find the following resources useful. ■ Made by God 4 God alone (track 21) on Colin Buchanan’s Follow the Saviour CD.



C t

■ God loves his people (track 5) on CEP's Infants CD.


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» Way in ■ Can you think of some important people in our country? (Allow a few responses. You may need to prompt: prime minister, community leaders, well-known government officials, sportspeople and so on.) Those people are all very important, and I’m sure they’re very busy! Imagine if, one day, you were asked to be a messenger and take one of these very important people a very special message. Now wouldn’t that be an adventure! ■ How would you feel about doing that? (Accept responses.) ■ Would you do anything special to get ready to be the messenger? (Accept responses.)

›› infants lESSon 2


■ What might you wear? (Accept responses.) ■ What would you like to say to this person? (Accept responses.) Today we’ll hear about someone who was chosen in a very surprising way to give a special message to an important person! It really was quite an adventure!

» Bible focus Bible icon

Activity Booksabout icon a baby. Last lesson we heard Display the Visual aid on page 21 of Baby Visual Aid icon Moses in your ‘Big Rescue Adventure’ scrapbook.

CD icon

■ What was the baby’s name? (Accept responses. Moses)

Music icon

When Moses’ mother put him in the basket and then into the river, she didn’t know what Word icon would happen to her baby. When theMaths king’s& daughter Logic iconcame down to bathe in the river, she didn’t know that she would find a baby. Body icon

But someone knew all along what would happen. ■ Who knows everything that is going to happen? (God.) God knew his people, the Hebrews, were in danger from the King of Egypt. He knew how he was going to help them. Let’s find out more about how God kept his promise to give Abraham’s family a land of their own. God kept Moses safe. He was even looked after by his own mother until he was old enough to live with the king’s daughter in the palace. But even though Moses lived like a prince in the palace he never forgot that he was a member of the family of Abraham, one of God’s people. Bible icon Meanwhile, God’s special people, the Hebrews, Books icon were stillActivity being treated very badly by the king. Display the Visual aid on page 30 or the Visual Aid icon Coloured Visual aid of the Israelite slaves working in Egypt.

CD icon

They had to work hard making bricks. The bricks were used to build palaces, houses Music icon and sheds for storing food. Every day the Egyptians were cruel to the Hebrew people. Word icon They wouldn’t let them rest. It was very hard working in the hot sun but they had to keep on working or they would Maths & Logic icon be hit with sticks and whips.

icon working Working,Body working, In the hot sun. & Vision icon Nothing Space more than working, No rest or play or fun. Interpersonal Bricks, bricks, bricks, icon This job is pretty rough. Can somebody please help us? Self icon We’ve really had enough! Nature ■ How do you icon think the Hebrew people felt? (Accept responses. Tired, angry, sad, helpless.) Bible Exploration icon

The Hebrew people longed to live under God’s rule in the land he had promised Abraham so long ago. Things would be much better in the Promised Land.

Miriam, Moses’ sister, didn’t know that the Space &would Vision icon king’s daughter adopt the baby.

Interpersonal icon Self icon 26 • connect – teacher’s manual

Nature icon Bible Exploration icon

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Maths & Logic icon

Ask a student to come out and display the Visual Aid icon Visual aid on page 32 of People praying.

Body icon Listen to what the Bible tells us. CD icon Space & Vision icon from ‘They cried Read Exodus 2:23–25 Bible icon out …’ up to the end of verse 25 from a Music icon Interpersonal icon CEV Bible. Activity Books icon Word icon volunteers and ask them to sit Thank your student Self icon down again. Visual Aid icon Logic icon I wonderMaths what & God will do to show he will Nature icon keep his Bible promise to his people? icon CD icon Body icon One day Bible Moses was out in the desert looking Exploration icon Activity Books icon after some sheep. Music icon Space & Vision icon Blu-Tack the sheep Cut-out on page 33 to Visual Aid icon Word icon the Moses in the desert Visual aid. Interpersonal icon Bible icon

Suddenly Moses saw a very strange thing. He CD icon&Books Maths Logic icon icon saw a fireActivity in icon a bush. Self Blu-Tack the burning bush Cut-out on Music icon Body icon Visual Aid icon Nature icon page 33 to the Moses in the desert Visual aid.

Word icon Space & Vision icon Bible Exploration icon CD icon

But Moses took a closer look, because there Interpersonal icon was something Maths &very Logicstrange icon about that fire. Music icon Even though the fire was blazing away, the Bibleburning! icon bush wasn’t It wasn’t going black at Body icon Self icon Word icon believe his eyes! ‘What’s all! Moses couldn’t Activity Books icon going on?’ he wondered.

Space Vision icon Nature&icon Maths & Logic icon Display the Coloured Visual aid of The Visual Aid icon Interpersonal iconicon burning bush if you have it. Bible Exploration Body icon CD icon Self icon Space & Vision icon Music icon Nature icon icon Interpersonal Word icon Bible Exploration icon Self icon Maths & Logic icon Nature icon

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He covered his face with his hands and listened to what God said. Action: Remove your hands from your face. Listen to what the Bible says happened next. Read Exodus 3:7–10 from a CEV Bible.

Bible icon

Moses was still scared and wondered if he would be able to go to Egypt and help Activity Books icon God’s people. He thought of lots of excuses to explain why he couldn’t go.

Visual Aid icon

God knew how he felt, and spoke to Moses.

CD icon Read Exodus 3:12 from a CEV Bible. Bible icon

God told Moses all the things that Music icon would happen went back to Egypt. Activitywhen Booksheicon Moses had been specially chosen by God to Word icon Visual Aid icon be his messenger. God wanted Moses to go to the king and tell him to let the Hebrew people Maths & Logic icon go so they CDcould icon live in the land that God had promised to Abraham many years before.

Body icon

But Moses wasicon still nervous about being God’s Music messenger and he thought up more excuses.

Space & Vision icon

Word icon said Moses. ‘I can’t! I’m scared!’ Bible icon another?' Interpersonal icon 'Can’t you choose God wasMaths kind, & Logic icon Activity Bookshis icon And so he also chose brother. Self icon

Body icon Display the Coloured Visual aids of Moses Visual Aid icon and Aaronicon if you have them. Nature Space & Vision icon

God sent his brother Aaron with him to CD icon help him.Bible Exploration icon

Interpersonal icon

Moses knew Musicthat iconGod was with him and he knew that he should obey God. It was time Self icon for him to leave the desert and go back to Word icon the palace.

Nature icon

I wonderMaths if, when he gets & Logic iconthere, the people will listen to Bible God’sExploration message? icon

Body icon Space & Vision icon Interpersonal icon Self icon

C t

CD icon

The Hebrew people were still working hard and being hurt by the Egyptians. They were Music icon frightened of the king and the men who icon whippedBible them. But they were slaves and Wordtoicon weren’t able leave Egypt, so they cried out to God. Activity Books icon

Action: Place your hands over your face.


Ask a student to come out and display the Visual Aid icon Visual aid on page 31 of Moses in the desert.

‘Oh wow!’ thought Moses. He started to shake and tremble. He knew that God was right there with him.

Nature icon


The king soon found out and he became very icon to harm Moses, so Moses angry. HeBible wanted ran for his life! He escaped to the desert where Books icon he knew Activity he could live in safety.


Then Moses heard a voice. Someone called his name. ‘Moses, Moses, listen to me. I am the God of your people.’

›› infants lESSon 2

One day, when he was grown up, Moses went outside to where his own people, the Hebrews, were hard at work. He saw something terrible. An Egyptian was hurting one of his people. This made Moses so angry that he had a terrible fight with the Egyptian.




Bible Exploration icon 21/03/12 9:57 PM

Bible icon Bible icon

» Connections Moses’ life is certainly full of adventure! It’s like a big rescue adventure! Hold up the scrapbook, showing the front cover. God used Moses to keep his promises to Abraham. ■ What do you think you might do if God spoke to you from a burning bush? (Accept responses.) ■ How does God speak to us today? (Accept responses. Through his word, the Bible.) God’s plan for his people was that they would leave Egypt to go to the country he had given them in order to live as his people under his rule.

Bible icon The big rescue adventure continues in our next lesson. I wonder what God will have in store Activity for Moses then! Books icon

›› infants lESSon 2


Glue the Visual aids on pages 30–33 of Visual Aid icon Israelite slaves working in Egypt, Moses in the desert (with Cut-outs), and People CDthe iconscrapbook or invite students to praying into Bible icon help with this task.

Music icon Distribute the Activity books and direct the Activity Books icon students to Lesson 2. Ask them to Word icon complete the activities. Give assistance Visual Aid icon with reading if necessary. Maths & Logic icon

Play the Lesson 2 end play (track 13) on CD icon CEP's Infants CD. In this play, Joshua and Body remind icon the students that God Naomi iconthrough his word, the Bible. speaks toMusic us today

Space & Vision icon

Ask students to open their Activity books to Word page 26 so theyicon can follow along with the lyrics Interpersonal icon while you play Good or bad (track 11) on Johnny Maths & Logic icon Burns’ Unreal banana peel CD.

Self icon Body icon Nature icon Space & Vision icon Bible Exploration icon Dear God, thank youicon that you know what Interpersonal

» Concluding prayer

we need. Thank you that you protected Moses so that he could help your people. Self icon Help us to learn more about your love and to cooperate with you in your plan for Nature icon our lives. Amen.

Bible Exploration icon

Activity Books icon Activity Books icon Visual Aid icon Visual Aid icon

» taking it further CD icon CD icon

Music icon SINGING Music icon Word icon Word icon

Welcome song (track 3) on CEP's Infants CD. Supplementary also included in Other Maths songs & Logicare icon resourcesMaths at the start of the Bible icon & Logic icon lesson.

Body icon Activity Books icon Body icon


Space & Vision icon Visual Aid icon icon Space & Vision Ask the students to draw a picture of Moses living Interpersonal icon in the palace, then a picture Interpersonal icon of Moses living in CD icon the desert.

Self icon Music icon Self icon Nature icon BARE BONES Bible icon Nature icon Word icon ACTIVITY

Bible Exploration icon

Give the students the ‘bare bones’ of the lesson Activity Books icon Bible icon MathsExploration & Logic icon and ask them retell the story, giving further Bibleto icon details. This mayAid beicon done as a verbal or written Visual Body icon activity. The ‘bare bones’ could be:

Activity Books icon

The Hebrew people weren’t CD icon Space & Vision iconhappy.

Visual Moses went outAid to icon live in the desert. Music icon icon Interpersonal

Moses saw a bush on fire.

CD icon Self icon Music icon Maths Logic icon Nature&icon

God wanted Moses Word icon to be his messenger.


Body icon Bible Exploration icon

Bible icon Ask the students to write down three questions Maths & Logic icon they would like to ask Moses. Space & Vision icon Invite volunteers to share their questions with the rest of the class. Activity Books icon Body icon Interpersonal icon Visual Aid icon Space & Vision... icon IMAGINE Self icon CD icon Interpersonal icon Invite theNature students to imagine they are a Hebrew icon slave being badly treated. Discuss what they Music icon iconthey prayed to God. would saySelf when Bible Exploration icon Word Natureicon icon

SIMILAR AND Maths & Logic icon DIFFERENT Bible Exploration icon

Ask the students to write down the things that Body icon would have been similar and different about Moses’ life in the palace and his life in the desert.

Space & Vision icon Interpersonal icon

28 • connect – teacher’s manual

Self icon Nature icon

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■ Did the students listen attentively during the lesson? ■ Can they remember details from one lesson to the next?


» For next lesson

›› infants lESSon 2

» teacher reflections

■ You will need a clear plastic tumbler, a table-tennis ball, a bowl, a plastic bottle filled with water and paper towel. ■ There are Visual aids to prepare.



C t

» notes


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Connect B2 Infants Teachers Manual  

Teachers Manual for Connect Lower Primary curriculum for Christian Religious Education

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