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Between January 21 and February 1 The New Moon on January 30 marks a chapter where teams and groups will feature in the news. Jupiter and Pluto repeat a recovery aspect they made last summer, bringing further progress to on-going official matters and many a kindhearted moment, too.


If it’s your birthday this fortnight…

… you are Aquarius, like Oprah Winfrey, born January 29, 1954. Aquarians are essentially humanitarians and usually good at standing back from a problem to get a cool, detached overview. They may seem less emotional, but the truth is they feel it matters to do more than just show their feelings. They often do a lot for others, very quietly. Oprah’s chart shows that despite her early traumas, the one place she’s always felt free is in her mind. She’s about to learn to do some new things and fulfil an old promise to herself.




Jan 21-Feb 18 Mars is urging you to see the wider world. Beyond January 30 there’s fresh vitality and perhaps a whole new experience awaiting you. Thought for the fortnight: You could enjoy something you’ve been wary of. B For a weekly update call 09044 705710

May 22-June 21 What you want to do right now looks achievable, but you might need to re-organise things to fit everything into your schedule. Thought for the fortnight: An official process could be tied up in April. B For a weekly update call 09044 705702

Sept 23-Oct 23 That new Moon at the end of January heralds a new beginning in your personal world. This is a great year for you and yours – you can make it happen! Thought for the fortnight: Tickets could be booked. B For a weekly update call 09044 705706




Feb 19-Mar 20 This is a great time for Pisceans to holiday or even hibernate, although it looks as though January will close on a livelier note than it began. Thought for the fortnight: Something is sorted by early February. B For a weekly update call 09044 705711

June 22-July 22 A pleasure plan goes ahead and you’ll fulfil a special wish as January gives way to February, when someone gives you a green light. Thought for the fortnight: A woman you’re close to is about to do well. B For a weekly update call 09044 705703

Oct 24-Nov 22 At the very core of your life, there’s a sense of liberation thanks to what you’ve shed of late, enabling the start of a whole new phase. Thought for the fortnight: Relatives at a distance could be in touch. B For a weekly update call 09044 705707




Mar 21-Apr 20 A new Moon shines over your house of friendship, tugging you towards a group of like-minded others or into a rekindled project. Thought for the fortnight: Try not to fret about a matter of timing. B For a weekly update call 09044 705700

July 23-Aug 23 At this time of year you need sunshine, even if it’s nipping outside the minute the Sun appears! The more you circulate the better you’ll feel. Thought for the fortnight: You could meet someone rather intriguing! B For a weekly update call 09044 705704

Nov 23-Dec 21 A new routine can be more successful when begun with the new Moon from the 30th. Get ready to point yourself at a project and be a winner! Thought for the fortnight: There could be some encouraging money news. B For a weekly update call 09044 705708




Apr 21-May 21 As Venus moves forward right after a rather important new Moon, this could be a turning point for you, a ‘make it better’ time linked to your current ambitions. Thought for the fortnight: A youngster has independence in mind. B For a weekly update call 09044 705701

Aug 24-Sept 22 As January merges into February, there’s progress on several different levels for you and yours, as everyone starts getting back in touch, probably all at once! Thought for the fortnight: There’s relief over a work or wellbeing issue. B For a weekly update call 09044 705705

December 22-Jan 20 Look out for a surprise offer or option that presents itself between January 28 and February 2, as this could be the answer you’ve been seeking since last summer. Thought for the fortnight: Money matters could perk up when least expected. B For a weekly update call 09044 705709

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