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A breath of fresh air

Cycling City has already vastly improved the cycling provisions in York, and now i-Travel York will cast the net wider to provide practical and useful information on how to get around the city in other eco-friendly ways.

enhancements so that the residents of York have a wider choice of travel choices. “The main focus of changes will be in the north of the city, where there are high numbers of short car trips to employment and retail destinations,” says Graham. “We want to inspire the people of York to help look after our city by considering their travel options before making a journey.”

iTravel York will continue to build on the success of Cycling City York, a community-led partnership that was awarded government funding to encourage more people to cycle, and to develop York’s facilities for cyclists. This month, i-Travel York will launch a website providing information on how to get around the city using a range of sustainable methods, including car sharing, using the bus, cycling, walking or riding a scooter, moped or motorcycle. The aim is to reduce congestion and keep everyone moving, which will have the knock on effect of helping to reduce CO2 levels and improve air quality in the city. “All these modes of travel, when used for daily short journeys of just a few miles, can contribute to the reduction of congestion,” explains Graham Titchener, Programme Manager at i-Travel York. “Our vision is that the i-Travel York programme will reduce congestion and emissions so as to


reduce the impact of transport on the environment and enhance York’s prosperity and growth potential.” The website will be full of both useful advice and practical information on how to get to various destinations in York via a range of sustainable travel options. For example, if you’re cycling to a York 800 event the website will explain which route to take and where to securely park your bike. If you want to car share there will be

information about providing lifts or finding someone who’s offering a lift to where you want to go, and bus routes will be described in more detail so website users can see which service will get them to a particular destination for shopping, leisure or business purposes. The programme will deliver an integrated programme of personal, business and school travel planning combined with targeted infrastructure

Cycling will still be big on the agenda too – the Festival of Cycling is set to go ahead in September at Rowntree Park, and i-Travel York will be taking part in the national Summer of Cycling initiative, which encourages cyclists to get a ‘saddle-shy’ friend to get on a bike – visit www.summerofcycling. net for details on prizes and how to pledge! There’ll be plenty of changes taking place over the next three years to make York a more sustainable and pleasant city, so to keep updated visit

Your Local Link Magazine July 2012  
Your Local Link Magazine July 2012