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Caring for Local People St Leonard’s Hospice in York has been caring for local people with life-threatening illnesses, and for their families, for more than 27 years. The Hospice never makes a charge for its services, and relies on the generosity of the local community for 70 per cent of its £3.4 million annual running costs. Volunteers – in the Hospice itself and in its eight shops, as well as

people running one-off and regular fundraising events - are vital to St Leonard’s. And volunteers say they find friendships, gain extra skills and know they are making a real difference.

Hospice, and read how the last days of Diane’s mother were peaceful, contented and happy there. And if you’re inspired to help, too, there are plenty of opportunities – not least the ‘It’s a Knockout’ fundraising event in September, which should not be missed!

Patients and their families have plenty of praise for the work of St Leonard’s. Read on to see how Joe’s life has been transformed by Daycare at the

Lots of people are apprehensive about visiting a hospice, but Joe’s story shows how vibrant a place the Hospice is, and how the staff and volunteers make the experience of all the patients as positive and comfortable as possible. Six months after a two-week stay in the InPatient Unit when he needed specialised care, Joe Cowan’s Macmillan Nurse suggested he attend Daycare at the hospice once a week, and he settled in immediately. “You don’t want for anything,” says Joe. “The staff understand you and are so patient – whoever picks them knows what they are doing. The volunteers are fantastic too.” Joe now really looks forward to his weekly visits. “No two days are the same - sometimes I enjoy a game of domino’s, other days a spruce up by the Hairdresser or a massage from the Complementary Therapist, and then there are days when I just sit and chat with the other patients. We don’t often talk about our problems




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you know, just whatever the topic of conversation is.” Joe loves working with his hands and Adi, the Artist-in-Residence, noticed Joe’s flair with a paintbrush and encouraged him to begin using acrylics. “I haven’t painted since school,” Joe says, “But I have taken to it like a duck to water! I especially like painting ships and now I even have a small collection that takes pride of place at home.” “It’s a very enjoyable and relaxing day, and it gives my wife a break too,” Joe adds. “She loves gardening when the weather is good and she reads an awful lot, so she gets the chance to do these things and have some time to herself while I’m at St Leonard’s.” The Hospice’s Daycare welcomes up to 14 patients each weekday. They come from their homes to the Hospice to enjoy companionship, support and care, as well as activities of all sorts.

since 1984

Your Local Link Magazine July 2012  
Your Local Link Magazine July 2012