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YO U R L E I S U R E Issue 1 August 2013




Dave Melmoth, winner Leisure employee & overall winner

Gina Vizer, winner Hospitality employee, cafĂŠ

Sylvie Brown, winner Serviced Accommodation employee

Nick MacAskill, winner Hopitality employee, restaurant

Have you encountered a friendly, helpful receptionist, waitress, bar person, taxi or coach driver? If so, nominate them for an award and you could win ÂŁ50 in gift vouchers. Just ask for a Pride in Thanet Tourism Award nomination postcard or vote online via our website

YO U R CO N T E N TS Reclaim Your Leisure 5 Ramsgate Leisure Centre 6 Young Gymnasts Scoop Gold Medals 9 Cool Off In Our Swimming Pools Swimming Can Save Lives


Joe Pasquale 10


Your A Winner 12 Deal Indoor Tennis Centre Kent Coastal Castles 13 Theatre Royal 14 Sands Hotel 16 Thanet Swimming Talent 19 Do You Have What It Takes? Your Summer 20 Beaches & Beach Huts Kids Activities The Get Happy Show

10 26

Family Fun At Turner Contemporary 22


Your Community 25 Your Wedding 26

Welcome to Your Leisure - The Magazine! Your window on an exciting new world of leisure opportunities in East Kent.

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Your Leisure provides access to a range of quality leisure facilities, activities and events across South East Kent, helping you make the most of your leisure time. Born on 1st April 2013 following the merger of two local leisure organisations, Thanet Leisureforce and Vista Leisure, Your Leisure now manages the regions entertainment venues, health and fitness facilities, water sports centre, spa retreats, historic theatres and much, much more..



So, whether you are looking to take the kids to a show, or relax in front of your own private beach hut, pamper yourself at a stress busting Spa or maybe get in shape for your summer holiday; our mission is the same. We aim to help you have fun and get the very best from your leisure time.

Working in partnership with

Just keep turning the pages… to discover your exciting leisure possibilities with Your Leisure and other key East Kent Leisure & Arts Organisations.

Contributors: Angela Simmons – Your Leisure, Pam Hardiman – Theatre Royal, Kyle Fisher – Your Leisure, Dave Harcourt – Your Community, David Yard – Turner Contemporary, Nik Barrie – English Heritage, Kiki Case - Sands Hotel, Chloe Stevens Academy FM, Mark Websper – AG Studio, Sam Johnson.

Dean Martin Publisher

Look out for the new Leisure Guide & Theatres Brochure August 2013


RECLAIMYOUR LEISURETIME On average people spend about 8 hours at work a further 2 hours getting ready and traveling to work, once you factor sleep in of around 8 hours – it only really leaves about 6 hours a day in which you have to squeeze in eating, chores and YOU time! It just highlights how scarce Your Leisure time actually is! We at Your Leisure understand this and it’s our mission to help you ‘Enjoy Life & Have Fun’ during your precious leisure time. But how can you increase the amount of leisure time you have? How about you tackle the biggest leisure time robber of all time – the TV! I am not saying throw the TV out, I quite enjoy a bit of TV now and then.’s our mission to help you ‘Enjoy Life & Have Fun’ during your precious leisure time. But what I am saying is, don’t spend your life watching someone else’s life, start participating in your own. So, for a bit of fun, let’s wage a war on the TV, go-on, turn it off, go and do something far more interesting instead and Your Leisure may well have a solution for you. We have everything from well known bands and groups to big name comedians starring at both the Winter Gardens and the Theatre Royal. To accompany that we also have some great new drama theatre and plays performed by national and local companies.

If you are a little more active – the choices are endless with four large leisure centres at your disposal; Dover LC, Hartsdown LC (Margate), Ramsgate LC and Tides LC (Deal), plus a water sports centre in Dover too. Some of our venues (Margate Winter Gardens, Northdown House, Dover Town Hall) also host some great parties and celebrations, if all you want to do is let your hair down. Welcome to Your Leisure – helping you ‘Enjoy Life & Have Fun’.




Ramsgate Leisure Centre has just opened it’s newly refurbished leisure facilities following a £4 million investment by Your Leisure. The transformation has created a first class centre for the community to participate in a range of sport, fitness and well-being activities. Customers will be able to enjoy a dip in the new 25 metre swimming pool or teaching their kids to swim in the smaller pool. Your experience starts when you first arrive being greeted in the new reception area before entering the modernised changing rooms. You can also relax in the new cafe area with family and friends.


The Centre also includes the Feelgood Factory toning suite which provides an all over body workout by spending just a few minutes on each of the 12 stations. The power assisted exercise machines allow members and guests to complete a resistance based workout while ensuring correct spinal alignment and providing enough support to make the exercise safe and effective. An alternative workout is also available in the refurbished fitness suite which has seen the introduction of the latest state of the art fitness equipment. Luxury and unrivalled relaxation arrives in East Kent as Ramsgate Leisure Centre now boasts ‘Your Spa’ with four beauty treatment

rooms, an array of heat experiences and a spa pool available at surprisingly affordable prices. The redevelopment project is thanks to a partnership between Your Leisure, private sector partner Alliance Leisure and Thanet District Council. Steve Davis, Managing Director at Your Leisure Kent Limited says: “Our aim is to encourage people of all ages to participate in an active and healthy lifestyle. The community will certainly have a leisure centre to be proud of, boasting facilities far beyond the quality of traditional local authority leisure provision at no additional cost to the Council.” Cabinet Member for Community Services, Cllr. Iris. Johnston said:

“We’re delighted to celebrate the opening of a brand new swimming pool in Ramsgate. Supporting the development of new swimming facilities in the town has been a priority for the council for some time and will be a great addition to Ramsgate. The scheme brings together two major sports facilities in one place, which was a clear mandate from local people. We’re committed to creating an active and healthier Thanet and hope that by continuing to support our local sports facilities we can inspire more residents in Thanet to keep fit and active.” For further information about membership options please contact reception 01843 585111 or visit: www.

Ollie’s Soft Play E E Loyalty Card FR

Register today and receive: Ÿ ½ price admissions

for your child today On-going benefit of using your Ollie’s Loyalty Card: Ÿ Discount admission price for

presenting the card on each visit Ÿ After every 10th visit receive the

11th visit free



YOUNG GYMNASTS SCOOP GOLD MEDALS Claire Parker from the Gymnastics Club at Hartsdown recently took a team of 19 of her young gymnasts along to a ‘Schools and Club’ competition at East Kent Acro Gymnastics club in Deal. This is an annual event and the first time Hartsdown Gymnastic Centre has ever competed in a competition.

mobility, motor skills and encourages a host of other new skills. There are a variety of classes available for all ages and abilities where children work through the British Gymnastics badge scheme. So at the end of each term your little gymnast will have a badge and certificate to show for all of their hard work.

The gymnasts competed in a Floor Routine, Body Management and Vault. There were 3 levels, with each level being split up into age groups. Hartsdown Gymnastics Club walked away with 3 gold and 3 silver medals! So a big well done goes to Claire and her amazing gymnasts for a fantastic result all round!

Want to introduce your little one to the wonders of Gymnastics, how about trying the Parents and Parakeet’s for parents and children aged from 18 months to 3 years. Classes are held on Tuesday’s 9:30-10am, Wednesday’s 9:30-10am and Thursday 1pm-13:30pm. £3.30 or £2.70 with a leisure card per session (payable as a 12 week course).

Gymnastics is a great sport, not only a lot of fun but also great at developing

Further details of all classes are available from reception 01843 226221


Swimming is a great all-round activity that can help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and don’t forget Leisure Card holders can swim for free at specific times.

We complain when it’s too cold and complain when it’s too hot – we are never happy us Brits! This year however has been lovely in terms of sunshine and temperatures. We had a shaky start but then true to fashion summer did arrive. What better way to cool off than in one of Your Leisure’s four swimming pools. These vary from a 6 lane 25m Pool at Dover and Hartsdown (Margate) Leisure Centre’s to a fantastic leisure pool featuring 150ft water-slide, wave machine, jacuzzi/bubbler pools and a small shallow water pool for toddlers. The newest addition to the swimming pool portfolio is the brand new swimming pool recently opened at Ramsgate Leisure Centre.

Please speak to a member of our customer services team for full details.


and water-safety skills to save yourself or others doesn’t come instinctively, it has to be taught. Astonishingly some recent research across over 3,000 schools, carried out by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), found that half (51%) of 7-11 year olds could not swim 25m, the length of a standard pool.

Living in a coastal area a skill like swimming could not only offer a lot of fun, but could also help save a life.

To support the national curriculum drive for better swimming provision, Your Leisure runs a comprehensive Swim School programme across the four swimming pools. Each class lasts 30 minutes and are based on the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).

David Walker, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa), said: “Having the swimming

Further details are available from Reception. A Skill learnt now: A lifetime of pleasure!

Isn’t it funny that when the sun comes out, we are drawn to the water. Whether it’s a family day on the beach or a pub visit by the side of the river, water is just so inviting.


SThetarring in the hilarious Ha Ha Holmes! And Hound of the Baskervilles, Joe Pasquale chats about the role, his newly found pursuit into acting and the timeless popularity of Sherlock Holmes. Taking a comical look into the classic tales of Sherlock Holmes, with Ha Ha Holmes!, reveals how highly the character is still regarded amongst the population. Rejuvenating the much loved stories of Sherlock Holmes is something that our country loves and Joe agrees, “He’s such a popular character. People are fascinated by him. They used to write to 221b Baker Street asking him to solve their problems. Up until 2002, they employed a full-time secretary to reply to all the letters.” He’s not wrong as Holmes continues to flourish across multiple platforms and mediums. Joe has noticed this resurging trend, “Guy Ritchie’s new steampunk version has meant a whole new generation has found Holmes. Those films have given the character a huge contemporary boost. But Holmes has always been incredibly popular. It’s funny because at one point Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became fed up with him. He wrote to his mother saying, “I’ve had enough of Holmes. I’m going to kill him off.” Image shown depicts wax figure created and owned by Madame Tussauds © Pete Mariner

His mother replied, “If you do that, there will be a public outcry.” Conan Doyle said, “I don’t care.” So he killed him off in The Final Problem, but his mother was right. There was so much outcry, that the author had to bring Holmes back again.” Pasquale, renowned for being a leading figure in comedy, has quite recently been exploring acting. He recently made his West End theatre debut as King Arthur in Spamalot and hasn’t stopped there. Why would a comedian of Pasquale’s stature make such a brave leap? He said, “I like the discipline of it. Stand-up is very different, as you can go wherever you like. In a play, you have to stick to the script more rigidly. What I like about Ha Ha Holmes! is that it incorporates both disciplines. You can go off on a tangent about tortoises, but you have to come back to the script eventually.”


“It’s something so different from me. All the roles I’ve played before have basically been me.” So, how do you explain wanting to play Sherlock Holmes then? Of all the people you’d expect to portray him, Joe Pasquale would be the last, right? “It’s something so different from me. All the roles I’ve played before have basically been me. The Nerd was very much me. The Producers was me with an American accent. Doctor in the House was me in a white coat. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead was a layabout version of me. But Sherlock Holmes is a real stretch for me. I’ve loved it. I’ve especially enjoyed working with Ben Langley, who wrote the play and co-stars as Doctor Watson.” We suppose anything is better than those bushtucker trials they had Joe doing in the I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! jungle. For the Sherlock Holmes fans amongst you, you must be wondering what the play is actually about. Who better to ask than the leading man himself? – “In theory, Holmes is trying to find The Hound of the Baskervilles on the moors. There is a very long, involved story about a curse on a family, but ultimately that is pointless. It’s all about the deduction. It’s a really innovative, really funny play about Holmes’s methods of solving crimes, and audiences will love getting wrapped up in it.” But if you’re thinking how Sherlock Holmes can work as a comedy at all, Joe has an answer for that too, “The stories lend themselves to comic treatment. The relationship between Holmes and Watson is funny. Holmes is the master criminal hunter and Watson is his apprentice – there is great scope for comedy there. Look at Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films – there is a lot of humour in them. Robert Downey Junior is a fantastic comic actor. We’re simply heightening what’s already there. It’s Monty Python meets Men Behaving Badly meets Sherlock Holmes.”

If that’s not a combination for a brilliant show then what is? It doesn’t stop there though and there is so much potential to further this ingenious venture. It looks like it’s already in talks according to Joe, “If this goes well, we’re talking about Ha Ha Hood!, Ha Ha Hitler!, Ha Ha Houdini!, Ha Ha Hamlet!, and Ha Ha Hobbit! Basically anything beginning with the letter H is fair game!” Happy to hear it!

Ha Ha Holmes! Wednesday 9th October Tickets: £20 Box Office: 01843 292795/296111



Huge congratulations go to our very own Andy Murray - Gavid Vickers, our Indoor Leisure Manager based at Ramsgate Leisure Centre. Who has just been crowned the Margate Lawn Tennis Association Mens Singles Champion. On the 14th July, Gavid won the match in three sets; 6-3 3-6 6-0. He didn’t stop there either and went on to win the mixed doubles in three sets; 6-4 2-6 6-4. Gavid has been playing tennis for over 20 years and trained through the Jump Start programme at Ramsgate Leisure Centre. Gavid commented “ Weeks of intense training in our state of the art facilities helped me to prepare for the arduous 5 hours of tennis endured in 30c temperatures, without that I am in no doubt the results would have been different”. Gavid has been coaching Thanet’s young tennis hopefuls for some time now at the Margate Lawn Tennis Club which welcomes new members of all ages and standards. For more details visit:

DEAL INDOOR TENNIS CENTRE At Your Leisure we’re keen to find Kent’s very own tennis superstar which is why the Deal Indoor Tennis Centre is the tennis destination in the Dover district. The new £1.3m permanent indoor tennis Centre in Deal was officially opened back in July 2011 by the Chairman of Dover District Council, Cllr Sue Nicholas, and Kent tennis star Naomi Cavaday. The project to build a brand new permanent facility was funded by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), Sport England & Dover District Council

(DDC), alongside monies from the insurance settlement following the destruction of the old ‘Tennis Bubble’ in early 2007. The tennis centre in Deal features four indoor acrylic courts and is built alongside the Tides Leisure Centre. The building includes spectator standing and seating areas and an office for the tennis coaching team. So come on, dust off those tennis rackets, get those sweatbands on and get playing! For more details call the Deal Indoor Tennis Centre on 01304 373 399.


Ithenf youthinkthinkagainyouasknow castles the Kent coast boasts three dramatically different but equally fascinating fortresses, cared for by English Heritage.

There’s plenty of space for little ones to run around and families can enjoy a game of croquet on the lawn. Just a mile away is Deal Castle, a coastal fort like Walmer and one of the finest Tudor artillery castles in England. It is among the earliest and most elaborate of this chain of defences which also includes Calshot, Camber and Pendennis Castles. Today you can explore the whole of the castle, from the storerooms to the first-floor captain’s residence. Take a walk around the defences and admire the squat, rounded bastions and canons. For details of opening times and ticket prices along with news of our packed events programme.

High on the iconic White Cliffs, Dover Castle is an imposing symbol of royal power and the country’s struggle to maintain independence. A visit takes you to the heart of over 2,000 years of England’s story and you can relive it through a series of exciting and innovative historical re-creations and state of the art interpretation. Step into the lavishly furnished Great Tower and meet characters from the royal court and times of King Henry II. Descend deep into the Secret Wartime Tunnels, and witness the story of Operation Dynamo: Rescue from Dunkirk and follow the drama as a wounded soldier is rushed to the World War II Underground Hospital. Explore the acres of castle grounds which include the Roman Lighthouse and Saxon Church or simply roam the ramparts and take in the stunning views across to France. The medieval tunnels, dark and winding are an atmospheric corner of the castle not to miss and there are plenty of options to recharge in the cafes and restaurant. At Walmer Castle and Gardens, you’ll find more of a country house than a castle. Originally designed as part of a chain of coastal artillery defences built by Henry VIII it evolved into the official residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. The Duke of Wellington held the post for 23 years and enjoyed his time spent at the castle. Queen Victoria was known to visit in the early years of her reign. Visit her bedroom and find the silhouettes of her and Albert in the floral print covering the armchair. In recent years Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother made regular visits to the castle, where a garden was created for her 95th birthday. The gardens are a stunning feature of the site, with the shelter belt planted by William Pitt creating a lush haven which belies its seaside location.


See how the tide turned in Dunkirk Discover the secret wartime tunnels of Dover Castle, and explore its medieval fortress.



THEATRE The oldest working theatre in Britain is Bristol Old Vic (built in 1766).

But hard on its heels and proud to uphold the claim to be Britain’s second oldest working theatre is, yes you’ve guessed it, our very own Theatre Royal Margate. Built for the massive sum of £4000 in 1787, the Theatre Royal was originally much squarer than it is now, and the Circle and Pit (or Stalls as we now call them) were accessed through doors leading directly from the street. But in a radical modernisation and expansion of the Theatre in 1874, the Victorians enlarged the auditorium both outwards and upwards to create a second gallery level, giving us the Theatre Royal we see today. There have been some lucky escapes over the years, such as when in 1918, a local department store applied to the Margate Borough Surveyor to remove the theatre interior and insert floors and windows to create a warehouse, but then never carried out the work. And some curious and welldocumented detours into the world of Bingo and Cinema. But essentially what we see today is an auditorium, proscenium arch and stage largely unaltered since Victorian times.

This is an astonishing survival, and due in no small part to the many dedicated people who have managed and cared for it over its 226 year history. One of the most famous, Sarah Thorne, the celebrated actress and manager from 1879 – 1899 is said to still haunt the theatre.

The Theatre Royal is undeniably a gem of a theatre. Its 465 seat capacity means it can welcome the biggest names in entertainment, and yet its shallow horseshoe design give it superb acoustics, with no audience member ever feeling far from the action on stage. And so now we enter the latest phase in this magnificent venue’s history. Under the management of Your Leisure and ownership of Thanet District Council, the Theatre Royal is planning a diverse programme of shows to appeal to a broad range of the local community as well as to seasonal visitors. New writing and ballet will be presented alongside family shows, comedy and folk music (look out for Pinocchio, The Nutcracker and Steeleye Span this autumn), in a season designed to complement shows presented at its sister venue The Winter Gardens. For the first time we will present our own show “A Right Royal Comedy Gala” on 21

November whilst on 9 November, Chris Packham brings us his “Wild Night Out”. Working with local companies on community projects remains an essential part of the season too. We’re proud to announce Bright Shadow’s “Experiencing Dementia” free installation here on 17 August, and the return of local company Scandalmongers on 31 October with a special show for Halloween. Our three youth theatres for young people between 7-18 will continue to present showcases and full scale productions here and we have a large programme of work with local schools, bringing children to the theatre to see professional productions and engaging with visiting companies. The best in new work, rising stars and festival hits will be brought to Margate along with the established stars of music and comedy, and classic works of drama and dance. Everything from Rich Hall to Shakespeare’s Globe, and Jethro to Dracula. And this autumn, as is fitting, our season ends with the return of that most traditional of pantomimes, Cinderella. The future is looking bright for this little gem. Here’s to the next 200 years!




The renaissance of Margate is well underway. With the opening of the worldclass Turner Contemporary gallery, the burgeoning Old Town and its quirky shops, galleries and great places to eat, open-air live music bringing big name Jazz musicians to the area, the Margate Winter Gardens’ eclectic entertainment programme, the promise of Dreamland, the original seaside resort is looking good. In fact, just an hour and a half by high-speed rail from London, Margate is the perfect place for a quick getaway. Now the attractions of the original seaside town have been boosted by the opening of the boutique Sands Hotel on Margate’s sea front. The Victorian building was snapped up by Nick Conington in an auction in 2011. Inspired by Margate’s renaissance, Nick has invested in the town’s bright future:

“I fell in love with Margate the instant I came to view the building pre-auction in September 2011. I was stunned by the glorious views across the Sands, the vibrancy of the nearby Old Town, and the magnificent new Turner gallery just along the bay. I’d originally planned to convert the building into luxury flats but discovered that it had been a hotel in Victorian times and was excited by the possibility of recreating a hotel and trying to capture some of the building’s original splendour. I brought Conrad Bigham, my co-director, into the picture to conduct a feasibility study and we moved forward from there. “I was encouraged by the enthusiastic response of everyone in the town, and it’s been supremely satisfying to contribute in some small way to the town’s undoubted renaissance.”


“I fell in love with Margate the instant I came to view the building...” Whilst the original Victorian façade has been restored, the interior has been completely remodelled to create 20 bedrooms, some of which have a balcony, with uninterrupted views of the wide golden bay, the sea and the skies that JMW Turner called, “the loveliest skies in all Europe”.

or goat’s curd, confit beetroot salad, hazelnut pesto (£5.50), followed by mains of sea bass, roasted red pepper, wilted spinach, saffron potatoes and parsley pesto (£18.25), or open lasagne of asparagus, plum tomato, spinach and red onions, parmesan cream (£11.50). For dessert, expect irresistible dishes, such as peanut butter and chocolate fondant, with brown bread ice cream (£5.50), passion fruit and coconut mille feuille, with exotic fruit salad (£5.50), or a selection of Kentish cheeses (from £2).There is also a great value Market Lunch at £15 for two courses and £18 for three. Sample menus can be viewed on the hotel’s website:

The hotel also features a restaurant – Bay at Sands, serving imaginative modern British cuisine in a sublime setting. Nick, with business partner Conrad Bigham and head chef, Ryan Tasker, has devised a menu that shows off the region and reflects the restaurant’s seaside location, with dishes inspired by the fresh, seasonal produce of the Garden of England.

Set on the first floor, the restaurant is beautifully designed, with an airy, bright,warm atmosphere, high ceilings and a stunning fireplace. Full-length glass doors lead to an outdoor terrace, commanding stunning views of the sea and Margate’s golden bay. From here you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets while you dine.

Sample dishes from the à la carte dinner menu include include starters of south coast crab cannelloni, samphire, shellfish bisque (£7),

On the ground floor, the ice cream parlour has a beautiful contemporary design, and produces homemade gelato and sorbets in a variety of flavours. Nick and his wife Karen worked with Margate-born designer Dawn Pirie, who interpreted their vision for the look and feel of the hotel and restaurant, incorporating her own ideas to balance the building’s original Victorian features, such as columns and cornices, with a contemporary interior. Elegant and serene, the entire hotel and restaurant can be hired for celebratory events, with widespread interest being displayed by couples planning wedding receptions, who need overnight accommodation for guests as well. Photography by AG Studio


AMAZING SWIMMING TALENT IN THANET Congratulations to Katie Latham on her success representing Team GB at the European Junior Championships held in Pozan, Poland. Katie not only qualified in many of the disciplines, she also went on to be part of the medal winning teams in the 400m Freestyle relay’s. She even beat her personal best times in the 50 and 100 metre freestyle and 50 backstroke. Katie is the first international swimmer that Thanet Swim Club has produced, however with the current crop of swimmers coming through we sincerely hope she won’t be the last. Katie’s success is based on natural skill, hard work and a great deal of dedication. As with all sports stars the thing that invariably distinguishes them from everyone else is the dedication and sacrifice that is needed to compete at a higher level, when Katie’s friends are going out and enjoying themselves or simply watching TV Katie will be either training or doing her homework.

The South East Regional swimming championships recently held at Crawley K2 offer the club and its swimmers the opportunity to compete against the best the south east has to offer, and this year, yet again, Thanet Swim Club rose to the occasion.


In a competition that attracted swimmers from around 40 clubs, no club won more gold medals than Thanet, who finished second overall in the medal table with 16 golds, 4 silvers and 6 bronzes. On top of the medals there were personal bests by the score, club records falling like nine-pins and National Qualifying times achieved like never before.

With the British Nationals in Sheffield and the Welsh Nationals in Swansea both in July & August along with the added inclusion of representatives at the European Juniors in Poland, we hope to continue to demonstrate the continued success of the club and repeat the achievements of last year when we returned with a handful of National Championship winners from these events. Thanet Swim Club is a successful competitive, friendly swimming club that trains throughout the year at Hartsdown and Ramsgate leisure centres. Further details can be found on


YOUR SUMMER By Angela Simmons

Beaches and beach huts With the highest concentration of pristine blue flag beaches anywhere in Europe, you can enjoy a fun filled day out with the family with fantastic facilities to keep everyone entertained while you kick back and relax in the sunshine. Across Thanet’s beaches, why not rent out a beach hut on either a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Get active and hire some bikes at the Minnis Bay Cycle Centre and cycle along the beautiful Viking Coastal trail. Tel 01843 296 111 for more details. Alternatively, you can swim from one of our beaches with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re being looked after under the eagle eyes of one of our highly trained and professional Bay Inspectors and the lifeguards provided by the RNLI.


Kids Activities If your visit to East Kent should be interupted by some classic British summer weather, don’t panic, there’s still plenty on offer to keep every body happy. Why not visit Ollie’s Soft play where kids can have limitless fun(AKA: kiddie carnage!) with Ollie the Lobster and his friends at the Hartsdown Leisure Centre in Margate. For further details on prices and opening times call the centre on 01843 226 221.

Holiday activities for the kids at Dover Leisure Centre and Tides include: trampolining, tennis camp, kidz club and swimming crash courses. If you decide to take a trip over to one of East Kent’s Cinque Ports, drop in to Tides Leisure Centre in Deal where you will find a fabulous leisure pool along with a children’s water slide and pool inflatables to keep those little ankle biters busy.

The leisure centre also has a café offering great hot and cold snacks all day and a gym to keep you entertained just in case the sun decides not to shine! Minutes from Tides, why not visit the Walmer Paddling pool, it’s free entry. Kids games and cafe on site. For further details and weekend summer holiday special offers, call 01304 373399 or visit

The Get Happy Show Margate Winter Gardens Looking for that traditional seaside summer show? This year, Kent’s renowned Margate Winter Gardens brings together the very best variety performers for a fun packed family show. The Get Happy Show features father and son act, Keith and Ben Simmons along with BBC Radio Kent’s presenter and comedian, Paul James. Guaranteed to have you rolling in the aisles, this show runs from the 17th July and will present a matinee and evening performance every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until the 16th August. So why don’t YOU roll out the barrel and contact the Winter Gardens Box Office on 01843 296 111 to grab those tickets. Tickets are £12 (concessions £11) and kids under 12 go free!

Image © copyright KM Group. Photography by Tony Flashman Thanet Extra


Bird Painting Wed 28 Aug & Thu 29 August 1-4pm, drop in £3 per child/free for adults, under 3s and families in CT9 Create your own watercolour of a bird with artist Andy Malone using taxidermied birds from the Powell-Cotton Museum in Birchington.

Craft Club 31 August 1 - 4pm, drop in, free Join our friendly group of craft enthusiasts and learn how to knit, crochet, weave, sew and more. Beginners and regular crafters welcome.

This summer, discover spectacular and bizarre art, objects and artefacts at Turner Contemporary’s exhibition ‘Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing’ (until 15 September, admission free), and then find your creative flair at their array of workshops and family activities, all of which are free for families living in the CT9 postcode

Animal Misfits

Wild Man Drawing

Wed 21 August & Thu 22 August, 1 - 4pm, drop in

Wed 14 Aug & Thu 15 August, 1-4pm, drop in

£3 per child/free for adults, under 3s and families in CT9

£3 per child/free for adults, under 3s and families in CT9

Inspired by Thomas Grünfeld’s hybrid taxidermy animals, make your own mythological creatures with artist Nicola McCarthy and merge together different animal anatomy taken from an array of stuffed animal toys.

An unusual life drawing class, led by artist Stephen Fowler: models dress up in beastly costumes and pose behind a white screen, ready for you to draw their silhouettes of the yeti’s and big foots aka ‘Wild Man’.

Spotlight Tours Fridays, 3pm Come on a unique tour of the exhibition, where our staff link objects and artworks in our Curiosity exhibition with their own personal stories.

Coming soon... Turner and Constable: Sketching from Nature 5 October 2013 - 5 January 2014 Admission free See over 70 oil sketches by British artists from mid-17th to mid-18th century, when ‘plein air’ landscape painting became a phenomenon, including works by artistic rivals Turner and Constable.


The Community Team at Your Leisure

has been at the forefront of community sport, leisure and culture in Dover, Deal and Sandwich over the last 8 years. The team comprises of a group of individuals with a multi-disciplinary skillset, and an ethos of wanting to make a difference to the lives of the children, young people and adults that they work with. Robust partnerships have been at the heart of the team’s success, and the ability to create and deliver innovative solutions to meet the needs of those partners. Ranging from sport, to health,

to education and to culture, the Community Team have become integral to many success stories in the district. Notably, after the cessation of government funding to support provision of both Extended Services to schools, and the School Sports Partnerships, the Community Team proved central to the continuation of service provision to all 52 schools in the district. This was through

the continued delivery of support programmes in schools, and the maintenance of an independent partnership, Dover Extended Schools (DES), in order to further facilitate the service. A key project was Pass the Passion, Kent County Councils chosen project to lead the bid for the London 2012 Olympic Torch to arrive in the UK via Dover. A children and young people led project, and part of the wider Kent Torch Campaign, it culminated in an evening stop and event for the Torch Relay on 18 July 2012. This was probably Dover’s largest ever public event and certainly the Community Teams finest hour. With the advent of Your Leisure, Your Community aims to continue to ‘Pass the Passion’ to Thanet and bring similar successes to the wider East Kent Area.


wedding YOUR

“Both venues provide a blank canvas with stunning features and are only limited by imagination”

Sometimes it’s difficult to envisage how venues

can be transformed into beautiful wedding venues. earlier this year both the Theatre Royal and Northdown House were transformed into a Wedding film set for a photo shoot – an idea devised by local photographer Rebecca Douglas. “The inspiration for the shoot came from the wonderful news that the Theatre Royal in Margate had been licensed for wedding ceremonies. I have a soft spot for the wonderfully unique and quirky venue having played there in the past in bands and wanted to capture the beauty of the historic venue. Working in a space like the Theatre Royal was so exciting”. Rebecca said. Weddings have become quite complex over the years with the coordination of many suppliers, friends and family, many would argue it’s a full time job to arrange a wedding.

offered the perfect setting with its sweeping driveway, grand hallway with traditional tiled floor and banqueting suite.

With this in mind, “the whole purpose of the shoot was for everyone to collaborate and create something truly original and beautiful, to help showcase and promote the work of local suppliers – but to also show just what can be done in these two great venues.” Rebecca continued.

“Both venues provide a blank canvas with stunning features and are only limited by imagination. All credit goes to Rebecca and her team, they did a fabulous job showcasing just what is achievable at these two great venues” says Dean Martin Your Leisure Marketing Manager.

Two theme scenes were created; one was a bedroom scene to capture the getting ready moments. The other was an afternoon tea with scummy tiered cupcakes and vintage furniture.

All the suppliers were all local to Kent and many from the Isle of Thanet, showcasing the passion and enthusiasm for their products, skills and creating something beautiful.

The Victorian Theatre Royal benefited from a huge stage space that could be transformed into literally anything. It was full of unique features such as royal boxes, exquisite moldings and mood lighting. Northdown House also offered an equally great location. The afternoon tea themed continued at the English Manor House which

To see more photographs from the photo shoot and suppliers who can also make this a reality for you visit: Further details on wedding venue hire can be found on the Your Leisure website or by calling 01843 296111.


“The whole purpose of the shoot was for everyone to collaborate and create something truly original and beautiful�



Looking for some ‘me time’, a special day out with friends or a romantic getaway? This month saw the launch of Your Spa, a public day spa boasting luxurious treatments at affordable prices in Ramsgate. At the heart of our new spa are the thermal experiences which have been based on the ritual of bathing to improve general mind and body wellbeing. We have carefully selected a combination of water, heat, cooling and relaxation experiences to introduce you to a true spa experience. The new facilities will transport you to another world, allowing you to take time away from the stresses of modern day living. The Wellness Spa will enhance your health and wellbeing, so what are you waiting for!


Immerse yourself in a haven of tranquillity that will nurture mind, body and spirit, features include: Spa hydro pool A warm water pool with high pressure jets to help relax your mind and body. Sauna A true Finnish sauna experience, where dry heat induces relaxation of the muscles whilst deeply cleansing your body. Steam Room This is a humid heat often enriched with essences such a lavender and menthol and helps clam the nervous system, relieve tension and soften the skin. Ice fountain Ice flakes rubbed into the body stimulates the circulation, lymphatic and immune systems; a great stress reliever. Spa footbaths Enjoy relaxing on heated seats whilst the bubbling water massages your feet and ankles. Salt room Inhale natural sea salt and clear your mind, whilst the salt steam helps soothe and heal your skin.

Bucket Shower Just as it sounds. The bucket is filled with cold water and is the ultimate cool down experience in the Spa. Plus... Let our excellent selection of treatments performed by our experienced Spa Therapists, soothe away stress and restore energy in our: t4 spa treatment rooms tRelaxation room tManicure bay With a range of spa day treatments starting at just £13.50 you can truly enjoy luxurious experiences at affordable prices. Thermal spa memberships are also on offer; we have something for everyone starting at £30 per month. Be the first to visit Your Spa at Ramsgate Leisure Centre, High Street, Ramsgate CT11 9TT or find out more at

Win A Spa Day Enjoy total wellbeing at the brand new Spa Experience at YOUR SPA Ramsgate. Win a 2 hour thermal spa session for you and a friend plus 50% off your first spa treatment, choose from: tDecleor facials tBody massage tWaxing tNails tTanning To enter visit: For all the latest offers, prices and events sign up now to our spa newsletter visit: T&C’s. All offers valid until 30th Sept 2013. Offers are subject to availability. Treatments and spa sessions should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. Management reserve the right to change these offers at any time without prior notice. You will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire prior to using the spa or having any treatments.



By Sam Johnson

You can get the whole X Factor experience here at the Winter Gardens this season as we welcome to our stage the hugely talented Lucy Spraggan and the dreamy foursome Union J. It’s not even been twelve months since we first saw these two acts burst onto our TV screens for the ninth series of The X Factor. The two acts have already begun sowing the seeds for a prosperous future in music and you can be there to see them live, here in Margate. Notorious for her ingenuity and her undeniable home-nurtured talent, Lucy Spraggan was a breath of fresh air for the show. Currently sporting a woolly-hat with a little yellow bobble, she’ll be gracing the stage of the Winter Gardens on her first solo headlining tour this October.

We bet that hat isn’t too comfortable to wear during these hot summer days. Spraggan released her debut single ‘Lighthouse’ last month and earned herself a top 40 hit. She co-wrote the track with Preston, the former frontman of The Ordinary Boys and contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006. ‘Lighthouse’ is a brilliant slice of acoustic-indie sunshine and is just a taste as to what to expect from her upcoming debut album. She won herself a place at X Factor boot camp after wowing the judges and the nation with her own brand of self-penned songs. She broke the mould for the format and has received great acclaim for her time on the show. Spraggan left the competition early due to illness but that certainly hasn’t gotten in the way of her budding musical career.


Union J narrowly missed out on a chance in the finals of X Factor coming fourth, but when has that ever mattered? They’ve been recording their debut album for a while now and it’s expected to be released this October - just enough time for you to learn all the lyrics in time for their show. Union J have amassed over one million Twitter followers and are well on their way to battle it out for a place amongst the most popular boybands of the moment. 1D and The Wanted watch your step. Both Spraggan and Union J will surely bring a touch of the X factor magic with them this coming season at the Winter Gardens. We can’t wait to see these two acts shine bright on the stage. Lucy Spraggan: Tickets: £15 Box Office: 01843 292795/296111 Union J: Tickets: £29.50/27.50/23.50 Box Office: 01843 292795/296111

The classic combination of brilliant voices, incredible pop songs and bundles of personality... If that wasn’t enough, fresh-faced boyband Union J will be rocking up to the Winter Gardens in December, bringing with them flocks of screaming girls in their trail. These four lads are cute as buttons. The classic combination of brilliant voices, incredible pop songs and bundles of personality is working wonders for the lads. Having a pretty face doesn’t hurt too. Their debut single ‘Carry You’ made it to number six in the official UK chart;

an amazing achievement for a band from such humble beginnings. With favourable comparison to other X Factor alumni - namely One Direction - Jaymi, Josh, George and JJ are in the perfect position to begin their journey in music. Their show at the Winter Gardens is an exclusive warm-up gig before they commence with their first ever headlining tour, the Magazines and TV Screens Tour.

Stay updated with all the latest announcements at: Facebook: Margate Winter Gardens Twitter: @margatewg Text ‘Join’ to 80012 (standard text rate applies) Or sign up online at:


Killacam Presents KFN 6 Mercenaries Sunday 25th August

The John Smith’s Margate Darts Open Sunday 25th August

Psychic & Science Thursday 5th September

French Cancan Saturday 7th September

Mr Wonderful Dancing Saturday 14th September

Tom Stade and Steve Hughes Friday 20th September

La Boheme: Opera Up Close Saturday 21st September

The Royal Marines Association Concert Band Sunday 22nd September

Twilight Song 27th - 29th September

Postman Pat Sunday 29th September

Winston on the Run Wednesday 2nd October

Snow White Vienna Festival Ballet Sunday 6th October

Mess Friday 11th October

Dreamboys Friday 11th October


The Lumberjacks Monday 7th October

Ha Ha Holmes Wednesday 9th October

T H E AT R E R O YA L M A R G AT E . C O M M A R G AT E W I N T E R G A R D E N S . C O . U K


AcademyFM acts as the voice of Thanet itself, on a 24 hour basis.

A cademy FM Thanet is a local, community based radio which revolves around highlighting every way in which Thanet excels. By Chloe Stevens Being a completely non-commercial station, our priorities are set up to completely serve our community of Thanet. Whether it be broadcasting the local shows, promoting fetes and local fairs, or even announcing the local news and weather updates, AcademyFM acts as the voice of Thanet itself, on a 24 hour basis. The station’s main intentions lie with demonstrating all the exciting, new events that members of our community get up to, regardless whether they’re big or small. We broadcast the talent that we withhold in the community and make sure people get credited for their achievements. In recently

supporting the Make Me a Star competition from day one, and also broadcasting live performances and promoting local bands and artists regularly, we feel as though this is an imperative part of our station which captures the community as a whole. AcademyFM also has the unique feature in that it incorporates members of the younger generation into it. It provides the opportunity for students to take part in this learning platform, encouraging them to gain many skills and work experience through the medium of radio. This incredible opportunity within our local community, whereby many experienced radio presenters

share their knowledge of radio with students, has enabled us to grasp an introduction to the world of media, leading to a student-run request show from 6pm-9pm every week day. In addition, and arguably the most dominating feature of our radio is the fact we bring you Thanet’s better music mix, every single day of the week. With a playlist of 9000 songs, ranging from 1958 to current day, we ensure that there is music which will comply to every member of your family’s musical preferences. So why not tune into AcademyFM Thanet on 107.8, or visit us online at, and be a part of our community.

Tune into AcademyFM 107.9 for the latest news and a chance to win tickets for your favourite shows and events. Also listen online:



The Ambrette Restaurant

Freshly cooked authentic Thai food.

Multi Award Winning Fine Dining Restaurant.

Free desert with any main course upon production of a Margate Theatres ticket with that day’s date. Open: Mon to Sat 8am–3pm & 5pm–10pm 121 High Street, Margate CT9 1JT Tel: 01843 229899 Great British Pizza Company GB Pizza Co serves delicious wood-fired pizza on Margate’s historic seafront using local, seasonal ingredients. Free garlic bread upon production of a Margate Theatres ticket with that day’s date. Open: Tues to Sat 10am-10pm; Sunday 10am-3pm 14a Marine Drive CT9 1DH Tel: 01843 297700

Free glass of sparkling wine on production of a Margate Theatres ticket with that day’s date. Open: Tues to Thurs 6pm to last orders 9.30pm. Fri to Sun 5.30pm to last orders 10pm. 44 King Street, Margate CT9 1QE Tel: 01843 231504 Mullins Brasserie Modern European restaurant with Caribbean influences. Based in Margate Old Town. 10% discount on production of a Margate Theatres ticket with that day’s date. Open: Mon to Sat 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 9pm 6 Market Place, Margate CT9 1EN Tel: 01843 295603

Bow’s Kitchen The award-winning Thai restaurant in the heart of Margate’s Old Town. 10% discount on production of a Margate Theatres ticket with that day’s date. Open: Mon, Thurs, Fri & Sat from 6pm (earlier if required and pre-booked). 10 Market Place, Margate CT9 1EN (directly above The Wig & Pen) Tel: 07796 958949 Fort’s Café Enjoy proper, home cooked food and beer and wine in our relaxed, seafront café. Please check our website for opening hours. 8 Cliff Terrace, Margate CT9 1RU Tel: 01843 449786

Masala Gate Indian Restaurant & Takeaway The finest Indian Restaurant in Margate and the only one with a 5 star food hygiene rating. 25% off our A La Carte menu Starter & Main Course on production of a Margate Theatres ticket with that day’s date*. Open: 7 days a week, Mon-Thurs 12pm - 2pm, Mon - Sun 5pm-11pm 10 Duke Street, Margate CT9 1EP Tel: 01843 228877 *not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

Just show your tickets to claim their special offers for margate theatres customers.


Hythe Bay Seafood Restaurant and Bar Set in a truly stunning spot with panoramic views of the English Channel and the White Cliffs, the Hythe Bay Seafood Restaurant and Bar serves a wide variety of fresh local fish and shellfish dishes, together with meat, vegetarian and children’s dishes. The menu depends on the local fisherman’s catch and includes all the popular dishes you would expect to find including their highly acclaimed fish and chips. The restaurant also boasts its own private dining room with the same breath-taking views and can cater for parties of up to 50. The restaurant also has live music on Saturday evenings and serves morning coffee and afternoon teas. A wonderfully civilised venue for a night out. For more information or to make a reservation, please call 01304 207 740 or visit

Whether you are a corporate client looking to entertain guests or if you’re just looking for a great night out for your office or even just with your friends, the Winter Wonderland is guaranteed to tick all the boxes. The Queens Hall in the theatre will be transformed into a magical world of snow and ice and as guests arrive they will be personally escorted to our themed Iced Cocktail reception. Then once seated you will receive a sumptuous three course meal followed by live entertainment and a disco in to the wee small hours! So if you’re looking for a party venue this Christmas, look no further and call our friendly Box Office team on 01843 296 111. We will be holding party nights from 16th - 22nd December. Please note that guests should be 18 years of over. Christmas Panto

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party – Winter Gardens, Margate I know that the summer is not even over yet - but christmas will soon be here. Planning a party can be stressful at the best of times. Constant worry about how many people will turn up, concerns about whether there will be enough booze for your beer guzzling, cocktail swigging friends. But it doesn’t have to be like this… Instead of having to deal with all this hassle, why not book a table at the Winter Wonderland Party at the Margate Winter Gardens!

Yes, believe it or not it really is time to start thinking about this years’ family Christmas panto “oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is”. The Theatre Royal Margate is proud to present Cinderella by Polka Dot Pantomimes in association with the Theatre Royal, Margate. This Christmas panto classic is guaranteed to make all your wishes come true. Performances from the 14th to the 29th December and tickets are on sale now - please call 01843 296 11 to book tickets for you and all the family.

Enjoy Life - Have Fun!

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