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Goddess Women - How many of you hide away? Cover up? Dim your shine? Forget to love yourself? How many of you lack self-belief and confidence? Shrink behind the views of others? How many of you have lost yourself? Forgotten your purpose? Live your life confined within perceptions that society puts on you? How many of you do yourselves injustices every day by belittling yourself? Hating your body? Not honouring your radiance? And… how many of you actually remember how truly magnificent you are? We sadly live in a world where airbrushing is considered standard in order to achieve beauty, and filters are the norm. But behind closed doors, we live with “reality”. We see glossy magazines with “the perfect woman” who has it all and looks a million dollars, whilst we stand in front of the mirror and see the truth – often leaving us swimming in feelings of inadequacy. And in amongst the alienation, we lose ourselves. Lose our love for our bodies and walk in skin that we detest due to its lack of apparent perfection. 48

But, the time has come for you to break free. To start realising your beauty again. And Following the power of The Divine Feminine, and Goddess energy will help you to do that! Multiple prehistoric Goddess carvings have beendiscovered all over the world – the most famous being Venus of Willendorf, discovered in Austria in 1908. These ancient carvings represent the epitome of feminine beauty, flaunting the abundance of the fully figured Goddess – naked, unhidden and proud. They have been discovered everywhere that humanity has settled and thrived, clearly showing that there was a time when the power of womanhood was sacred and revered in all of her glory, regardless of her body shape. Today our patriarchal society determines conformity in women - a demand so high that thecontinuous strive to achieve and maintain a body that is unrealistic often results in never