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Fashion Graphics A Statement from the course leader The BA (Hons) Fashion Graphics course we offer here at Southampton Solent University is unique within the UK and is designed to train and prepare students for work within the creative arts and, in particular, the fashion and graphic design industries. Students are encouraged to question and challenge the design process and to find their own creative identity and focus. Fashion Graphics is a course that is very closely linked to industry practice, with work placements and live projects a major feature of the degree programme. Companies such as GAP, Heat Magazine, John-Paul Gaultier, John Lewis, Urban Outfitters, Ted Baker, Alberta Ferretti, Company Magzine, Mudpie, ILOVEDUST, Good Fibres, Illamasqua and Lulu Guinness have all provided either work experience placements for students or contributed knowledge and expertise to the teaching schedule. The students have access to the very latest technology and equipment, including digital and fabric printers, photography equipment and studios and well-equipped design suites and workshops. Career choices after graduation are wide and varied. Recent graduates have found work opportunities in the fields of graphic design, advertising, publishing, branding, digital design, styling, print and illustration. Rachel Lamb Course Leader BA (Hons) Fashion Graphics


The best thing I think about this course is that its entirely unique so I have learnt new skills that no other university offers. Through my time at university I have developed to communicate to a large amount of people in an effective way. This course has taught me a lot about myself and my work, I’ve developed as a creative person aswell as a individual.

Helen Hennessy, Level 5


Londons’ Calling

Jasmine Webber-James, Level 4

Design Process




What I love about this course is the freedom you have. You are free to express your ideas through any media. Coming from an art background this is perfect for me! Although still being able to experiment with things I already know I am constantly learning new things and encouraged to step outside my comfort zone. All the projects are not just about fashion which makes it more interesting and gives you a wider range of skills in different areas such as typography and re-branding.

Alumni Elle cobb

Mark Small

The course for me was a major learning curve. It allowed me to be completely creative and free with no boundaries as to what can be created and achieved with many different pathways I could follow. We explored a wide range of mediums from illustration, graphics, print design, branding, typography, editorial to photography, most of which are transferable to many other industries too. During my third year at Solent, I participated in a Creative Entrepreneurial Business Course and won a grant for my business idea. My eco-friendly brand/business is based around digital print design and will be selling festival accessories to a female market, inspired by nature and texture. I am now in the process of having my products manufactured and with two festivals confirmed, am hoping to start selling in the not too distant future. I am also Freelancing in Print Design and have had a few paid and unpaid project briefs to build up my portfolio and recommendations, as well as working part time. None of this would have been possible without my course and the tutors, so for this I am truly thankful.

Making the decision to study fashion graphics at Southampton Solent was one of the best decisions I could have made as it has allowed me to reach where I am now. The course allowed me to mould the curriculum around my leaning objectives in a reap what you sow way. With this ethos I made a conscious effort in my learnings to prepare myself later in life, such as building a fully rounded portfolio. Fashion graphics allowed me to experiment with design and photography without limits in ways that wouldn't have been possible in other fashion related courses. Fashion graphics let me run with an idea from start to finish and that process has really helped my creative learning. It's a process I keep with me now and I will often draft my ideas out on paper first with notes. The only change is the notes are for me now and not for someone who is marking my work. One of the main benefits of the course is that people are unaware of what fashion graphics is about. I used to think this was a negative, yet I find myself explaining the course in detail every time someone has asked me what I study and this isn't something that many people have to do. Currently I am working for a catwalk photographer supplying ELLE UK and ELLE COLLECTIONS and I have been doing this for 4 seasons now. I am currently working on AW14 collections and with every season I get to travel to New York, Milan and Paris, along with working in London during show time. It's a job that has allowed me to travel the fashion capitals of the world and see shows such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen and DianeVon Furstenberg. Of course it's not all glamorous but occasionally you do feel like your in a scene out of The Devil Wears Prada. My career within the fashion industry is still only in it's beginning stages and my ethos is always be optimistic as you never know what maybe around the next corner.


Fashion Photography A Statement from the course leader On this exciting degree course you’ll develop your practical and creative photography skills with a focus on fashion. We help you to build industry skills that will equip you for a variety of roles including photographer, stylist, art director and aspects of multimedia, which is increasingly in demand within the industry. You’ll study fashion and photography theory, and explore the social, political and historical factors that have informed innovative fashion image-making. Our Solent Creatives agency and the university-organised local fashion week give you the opportunity to build hands-on experience and develop your contacts in the fashion world. You’ll also hone your IT, layout and design skills, using the industry standard InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Premiere and Photoshop software, and learn about the industry with units in fashion marketing, design theory and communications. Sarah Hand Course Leader BA (Hons) Fashion Photography


fashion portraiture



I love the Fashion Photography course due to being able to express my creativity through both live briefs and self set briefs. The support and facilities available are extensive and have enabled my skills in photography and my passion for fashion to grow into a desired career path of mine. The course allows me to not only study photography but allows me to gain experience in all aspects of the fashion industry, all of which have enabled me to already be recognised through work opportunities in the industry.

Jade Phillips, Level 5


Contemporary Fashion



I have enjoyed being part of the Fashion Photography course at Southampton Solent University. Being on this course has given me an opportunuity to study in Milan for half a year as a an exchange student.I like that course is not only academic, there is a strong emphasis on photography practive alongside the theory.

Anait Grigoryan, Level 5


Alumni Sarah Darley

Georgia DEvey Smith

Pictures Intern - Grazia Magazine

Studio Freelance Assistant - Blue Sky Studios

I really enjoyed studying Fashion with Photography at Southampton Solent University, it taught me to express myself in different ways, challenge myself, work with a variety of people and explore new ways of creating imagery. I think studying other modules as well as photography, such as management and marketing, fashion in context and fashion communication has also helped me in jobs I have had since leaving university. These units have given me a greater understanding of the various sectors within the fashion industry, as well as teaching me skills that I have been able to apply in my different roles.

The fashion photography course at Southampton Solent infused together the two things I knew I wanted to pursue, but wasn’t sure how to do so. There aren’t many courses that succeed in combining two independent subjects, and even fewer that do it successfully. The course gave me the chance to try out lots of different things within that one creative sector. From technical photo sessions to post production tutorials to marketing lectures; it gives you full creative control over each project from start to finish, enabling you to understand each part of the process. All of my tutors came from backgrounds in the creative industry, which is one of the most important factors when choosing a course as they teach you from real and relevant experiences.

I graduated from Solent with a first class honours and initially freelanced in London through work I had received from showing at graduate fashion week. I then began working for a design agency as their photographer and stylist , which I loved as I was responsible for the studio and assisted on various clients shoots and campaigns. This led me to begin working for a photographer, Anthea Simms for clients such as Elle UK. This was amazing and I got to travel to various cities to work there throughout the fashion weeks. I was very fortunate that I gained experience as well as learning a on the job. I now currently work at Grazia Magazine on the photo desk, I have only recently started this role but I love it already! Working in the fashion industry is a great chance to meet lots of people and see and do different things every day, so it never gets boring as fashion is always changing. It is a fast paced environment but it’s fun and never feels like work.

I now work as a freelance street style photographer and photo assistant. I started working for a catwalk photographer called Anthea Simms, whose main client is ELLE UK.This began as an internship, set up by my technical photography tutor, Chris Overend. After my first season of London Fashion Week, I was then offered a seasonal but on going position in Anthea’s post production team. I have travelled to New York, Milan and Paris and seen the most amazing things, my favourite to date is Chanel’s AW14 show. I now shoot street style for Anthea and other clients including international companies like The Cut., NY magazine. I was also a studio assistant at Big Sky Studios where I can expand my technical knowledge and meet some of the best photographers and assistants in the industry. I have made many fantastic contacts at Big Sky which has enabled me to assist photographers on a freelance basis.

In any job that you do, you will always find parts of the job that tire and stress you out. I think the Fashion Photography course at Solent is great, it allows you to learn more Having said that, there’s no point in doing something that doesn’t ultimately make about photography and fashion on a whole. It encourages you to explore your own you happy! I love that every single day my job is different. I love that it challenges my signature style and discover what you enjoy doing and creating. You are also able creative mind and also my personal style. I have made beautiful friendships with people to build your portfolio up by working with other students across different courses. from all over the world and it is my job that has enabled me to do so. It has made me learn a lot about myself and what my limit is, whilst teaching me about how to deal with difficult scenarios and personalities. I’m still very early in my career, but I love what I do because it is constantly helping me grow into an independent and successful creative and enabling me improve my photographic skills every day that I pick up my camera! PAGE 10

Fashion Promotionand & Communication A Statement from the course leader The most wonderful thing about working with our fashion promotion and communication students is their capacity to be creative and innovative. Being creative is key to solve problems and to stand out in the real world. Fashion is an industry that needs a wide range of people with specialist skills. The BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion and Communication course aims to answer these needs and prepare students for specialist careers within branding, fashion media and PR, styling, marketing, photography or fashion writing. Understanding how fashion moves from concept to consumer is essential to a career in fashion promotion. Our course provides students with the skills and expertise needed to succeed in the competitive world of international fashion. The BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion and Communication syllabus is designed to generate critical understanding in: business and customer awareness for the fashion industries; application of information technology; innovative decision making and problem solving. Over the years the Solent Fashion School has developed strong relationships with a number of industry partners. Students constantly work on live projects in conjunction with companies such as Top Man, Fat Face, Addict, All Walks Beyond the Catwalk and Good Fibres. Maria Sargaco Course Leader BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion and Communication

Fashion media X-HIBIT

By studying the Fashion Promotion and Communication course at Solent I have been able to experiment with many types of media throughout each of the units. The course is very broad and we are encouraged to learn a variety of skills in different fashion disciplines, this allows us to really grow as a creative during our time at Solent and it enables us to explore

Tori Weller, Level 5





Exclusive trends of Summer 2014 Bobbie Godsell in Ice Cool Photographed by Tori Weller

Trend Forecasting



The Fashion Promotion and Communication course allows me to develop my skills in all areas of the fashion industry. The course will inspire you to explore a variety of unique avenues withint the creative industry.

Lindsey Martel, Level 5


Alumni Lucianne Soley

Digital Designer - Ecommerce at La Perla The Fashion Promotion and communication course was enlightening for me as it provided an insight into all the areas of the fashion industry, modules are taken in many different disciplines e.g. marketing, buying & merchandising, and PR. Learning to work in the photographic studio and on Industry grade software was also vital to my learning and growth. The projects that I completed were key to my development into Industry, particularly my in final year and briefing my own project. The tutors at Solent always went out of their way to assist me in getting into Industry. I made it clear that I was passionate and hard-working by attending all seminars, one to ones and guest lectures as well as normal lectures. This meant I got to know the tutors and hear about their experiences in Industry, as well as some contacts to help with my FMP and ultimately an internship. To get my job I contacted the press team at Topman via one of the tutors and secured an internship starting a month after my hand in date. I networked at every available opportunity, making sure to explain what I was interested in doing as well as generally making friends with the staff I worked with. I was very lucky to get talking to the creative manager whilst I was exhibiting my work at Graduate Fashion Week, this secured me an interview with the e-commerce team for a Junior Digital Designer role. I worked at Topman for 2 and a half years where the team grew from 11 to nearly 40 as e-commerce expanded. The design team grew from 3 to 4 while I was there, with me looking after two Junior Designers and reporting into our lead designer.

Jenny Wilsher

Junior Visual Merchandising Specialist - Monsoon Accessorize There were many aspects that I enjoyed about the Southampton Solent Fashion Promotion course. I felt the mixture of projects into different fashion areas such as fashion research, buying and photography helped me gain an overall understanding about how these all work together in industry. Also working on group projects is a beneficial task as in the retail head office environment it is all about working as a team. The course helped me in many ways to get into the fashion industry. We learnt all about the retail and buying circle, attended trade shows and we were taught how to use important IT programmes such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. A lot of the time the work is fun and creative, however you have to be dedicated and driven as there is a lot of work. When I finished University I gained a work experience placement within the Monsoon/ Accessorize head office which was an exciting time. I was lucky enough to get a job as an E-commerce product assistant which entailed working with a photography studio to produce the website product shots. Even through I enjoyed the work I wished to progress into the world of visual merchandising. I applied for a head office visual merchandising role, which I got. Now I work with the visual merchandising team in which we set up a mock shop and provide guidelines to the stores. I love working within fashion, its always fun to be around beautiful clothes. One of my favourite parts to my job is seeing the new collections and working with the buyers to come up with new ideas on how to display the stock. Comp shopping and keeping up to date with retail changes on the market is great fun.

After working for Topman I moved to La Perla after being head-hunted by a recruiter, and now work with one other designer who is based in Italy, where I get to travel every so often. I work with the team in London reporting into the Trading manager and have much more say in what happens on the sites and am focusing on getting consistency of assets and design style as well as my normal duties. My new role is exciting for me and means I am currently in a learning curve again, although I am having to teach myself things as there are no designers above me to advise and guide. This is scary but exciting and keeps me motivated everyday to make sure that La Perla continues to be the front runner in the luxury lingerie industry. PAGE 14

Fashion Design A Statement from the course leader The BA (Hons) Fashion Course aims to enable students to develop a solid grounding in creative design, practical skills, theory and business related issues relevant to the fashion industry. Emphasis is given to preparation for professional employment through a broad range of ‘live’ projects. Students develop a critical understanding of the fashion industry through the principles of creative design, research, analysis and the development of fashion ideas through 2D and 3D experimentation. Students explore the creative realisation of fashion garments within industrial constraints and present their work professionally. The development of practical and creative skills is underpinned with study of fashion theory, encouraging students to explore the social, political and historical factors that have informed innovative fashion design. The teaching team have all worked in industry and have a wealth of experience in their fields. During your three years of study, students develop a close working relationship with both peers and lecturing staff in a warm and friendly environment. Many cross collaborations take place with other students, both within the Fashion Programme and the Media and Fashion Styling courses. Students are encouraged to network and build an individual work ready portfolio. Kathryn Sanders BA (Hons) Fashion course Leader


Throughout my three years studying at Southampton Solent I have learnt beneficial skills and attributes along with progressing my creative handwriting. From the university collaborating with brands through ‘Live Projects’ I was fortunate to complete and win a live project with Ted Baker, this consisted of winning two weeks work experience and £200 in vouchers to spend in store. On top of this my print design created for the project was taken into production and sold in Ted Baker stores and also online platforms such as Ted Baker, John Lewis and House of Fraser. This incredible opportunity has been a huge stepping-stone to my future career aspirations of being a print and design specialist.

Lucy-Jayne Hogan, Level 6




Whilst studying Fashion design, I have been pushed conceptually to create a research and design process based on my experiences growing up. I have learnt to emotionally connect with my final collection as the garments are based on my own story. Gerogie Clarke, Level 6





Southampton Solent university helped me improve my creativity by exploring my own work and my conceptual thinking, as well as improving my pattern and cutting skills, which is also very important in this industry. Pedro George, Level 5

Alumni Christina Stone President of Solent University

I was elected President of Solent Students’ Union in my final year and then reelected again this year! I’ve also set up my own business Stina Stone, which sells home accessories, stationery and some jewelry too.


I learnt alot more about the process from start to finish, including how to use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, which are skills I didn’t have before but will now have forever! I also discovered more about my own style and how different fabrics look and act. I learned that I love making everything in silk! Getting to work with the amazing technician Kelly to create my designs, I became alot more confident sewing garments and I loved being in the sewing room, it was always a great atmosphere even when we were under pressure!

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Twitter: @FashionSolent Instagram: @SolentFashion


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