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Volume 4 ♥ Fall 2015

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Hot Diggity Dog, It’s Your Birthday



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Fall 2015

Say Cheese

Letter from the Editor

Score big time

Photo by: Camela Brennand

Many years ago, my great uncle Charlie was a sports writer for the local newspaper in Mobile, Alabama. As a journalist, he had countless opportunities to meet star athletes. Two in particular were Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. Although he had great things to say about Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb was his all-time favorite. He even personalized his license plate with Ty Cobb’s batting average. A number we’ll all remember. Numbers matter, especially when it comes to birthdays. However, some would rather see the candles disappear from the birthday cake altogether. So we got rid of the cake and the candles and served cake pops at our – a baseball themed birthday party that’s sure to score a home run. We even included hot dog topping ideas that are popular at some

Major League ballparks. By serving plain hot dogs with various toppings on the side, you’re sure to please the big and little ones at your gathering. Speaking of little ones, every kid loves dressing up for Halloween. Some never grow out of it. Even as adults, many go to great lengths to put together the perfect costume. With the help of masks, wigs, hats, and intricate makeup, they can create a costume that looks like something straight from a movie set. In our In the Spotlight, , a company well known by professional makeup artists and well respected in we’ve showcased the entertainment industry. They specialize in the world of makeup, but Cinema Secrets also created their own Halloween line of makeup and prosthetics called Woochie. You can visit their store or website to view their sought after products, which are like gold. Gold! That’s right, we’ve got gold at this year’s Halloween Party, so ! They’ve been given a treasure map and are searching for the hidden gold. But for those of you, who must show up at the office to receive your payroll loot, check out our …where it’s fun to go to work. You’ll enjoy a fun-filled week of dressing up, connecting with your co-workers, playing games, and decorating the office to make it SPOOKtacular. When you’re ready to take down the Halloween cobwebs and decorate for autumn, you will fall in love with our , brought to you by Krafty Lizard Creations. This simple craft can be done for different seasons, just by changing the letters, the fabric, and the floral decor. So why not make one…or two and give one as a gift to someone special.

Sheri Sheri Lamas


Meet Your Hostesses

Left to right: Linda, Kathleen, Cindy, and Sheri Photo by: Camela Brennand

Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Creative Director / Writer

Co-Founder / Publisher / Writer

Independent Food Editor / Writer

Independent Copy Editor / Writer

You’re Invited Magazine is published quarterly. All content is produced and presented in good faith, based on information we’ve researched from different sources. No liability for their use or misuse exists. All rights reserved. © 2015


Fall 2015

Our Favorite Things Sheri Lamas W hat w as y our favorite subjec t in sc hool? Biology (second semester) when we studied the human anatomy. I loved it! W hat is y our favorite c andy ? Snickers. W hat do y ou like about Hallow een? Halloween is my least favorite holiday. Yes, I grew up like most kids dressing up, going out trick or tricking, eating way too much candy, attending parties and dancing to great tunes like the Monster Mash. What I don’t like about the holiday is that it glorifies evil! If y ou c ould have one super pow er, w hat w ould it be and w hy ? To be able to snap my fingers and travel anywhere in the world. That would be so cool. The possibilities would be endless.

Linda Yonan W hat w as y our favorite subjec t in sc hool? U.S. history and European history. W hat is y our favorite c andy ? Snickers. W hat do y ou like about Hallow een? Everything! From dressing up, handing out candy, and decorating my home. If y ou c ould have one super pow er, w hat w ould it be and w hy ? I would love to be able to travel back in time. I would first travel back to the 1500’s during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, move on to the roaring 20’s and then to the 50’s. The clothes were so exquisite during those times.

Cindy M. Lloyd

Kathleen R. McKissick

W hat w as y our favorite subjec t in sc hool? Choir and Speech tie for first. I’ve been singing in choirs

W hat w as y our favorite subjec t in sc hool? Music and Math (Elementary); English and Glee (Junior High); Gymnastics, Drama and Government (High School); and Technical Theater (College). W hat is y our favorite c andy ? Baby Ruth and Peanut M&Ms. W hat do y ou like about Hallow een? I love all the spookiness of Halloween! But my favorite part is creating a costume and the character make-up! One year at work, I went as an old woman. No one could tell it was me...not even my boss! If y ou c ould have one super pow er, w hat w ould it be and w hy ? It’s a toss-up between reading people’s minds and flying. Why? The first one is for obvious reasons, but I might not like what I hear! If I could fly, I would visit people I don’t get to see too often and places that I have never seen. Plus, it would save on airfare and lost luggage.

since 2nd grade and continue to sing at weddings and funerals. I also loved giving speeches, debating and competing. W hat is y our favorite c andy ? Soft caramels. W hat do y ou like about Hallow een? I love seeing the little ones in their costumes when I open the door to trick or treaters. If y ou c ould have one super pow er, w hat w ould it be and w hy ? Is a fast metabolism a super power? If not, it should be! Okay my real answer is the power to heal people, especially emotionally. I guess it’s because I think the world would be a happier place.

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / boule




Fall 2015

Š Can Stock Photo Inc. / leighannef

In the Vineyard By Barbara Allard

I’m sure you’ve all seen those beautiful picturesque vineyards with rows of perfectly lined vines. They are so attractive and charming to look at you can’t help but find yourself mesmerized by the stunning landscape. You know what grows on those vines – grapes. Grapes that when harvested will be used for consumption, whether as a food or beverage. However, did you know much consideration is placed on the structure of the vine depending on the type of grape one is growing? Table grapes, the ones you pop into your mouth and burst open with juicy flavor when you bite into them, are grown on vines that are different than grapes that are used in the wine making process or dried as raisins. I learned this after moving to the central region of California where agriculture thrives. Living in the Los Angeles area for forty years, my husband and I were able to raise a family and lay down roots. However, as my husband approached retirement age, we felt it was important for our family to move out of the city. After considering many areas, we chose the Tulare County, which is approximately 200 miles north of Los Angeles. As we began to settle in and explore the city we now call home, we were continually amazed by the various crops that grew in the surrounding area. Tulare County produces an abundance of agricultural products due to its rich, fertile soil and is ranked second in the nation in agriculture production. Since we knew absolutely nothing about farming, we would ask friends and fellow farmers about the crops. This

gave us a wonderful opportunity to become better acquainted with the landscape and the various growing methods that are used in our country’s food supply. The grapevines always intrigued us. As we drove around town, we could see that some vines used a vertical trellis allowing the grapes to grow in tight clusters, while others used a wooden attachment allowing the grapes to hang down individually. We could see a visual difference, but couldn’t figure out why. We wondered what the purpose was in the different vines. While attending church, we met a couple who were in the farm management business. They knew we were new to the area and wouldn’t find it unusual for us to ask about the local crops and farming in general. They explained to us the difference between the vines used for table grapes and wine grapes. Wine grapes are much smaller in size and grow in clusters on a vertical trellis. They contain a higher sugar content which helps in the fermentation process. The goal of wine grapes is to concentrate the flavor of the grapes in production. It is wine grapes that are dried as raisins. Table grapes are larger in size than wine grapes and much more physically appealing in appearance. They are grown in a way to reduce the clusters of grapes from rubbing against one another or rubbing against the stems and leaves. This is achieved by attaching a wooden device to the top portion of the trellis allowing the vine to grow up and out creating an umbrella or canopy type appearance. The grapes hang under the


© Can Stock Photo Inc. / pongmanat

vines with minimal sun exposure. This means they are less acidic than wine grapes and contain less sugar. Moving to the central region of California has given us many opportunities to expand our horizons. One of the

a Allard ents of Barbar Photo complim


Fall 2015

most memorable moments came when my husband and I were invited to “Dine in the Vineyard.” We were given a detailed map to a vineyard out in the country. Being new to the area, we assumed it meant having dinner while enjoying views of the vineyard outside. Never in a million years did we think we’d be having dinner the vineyard. When we arrived, we made our way to a table covered with a white linen tablecloth located within the vineyard and an individual meal at each place setting. A generator was used to provide background music and lights for when the sun set. There under the canopy of a grape vineyard we dined together. It was truly lovely!¨

Seasonal Entertaining

Photography by Gruen Photography


Menu with Lasagna h c a in p ▪ S el Sauce B cham

wers alad Ske S e s re p a ▪ C me Cake re C n a li ▪ Ita


Fall 2015


Béchamel sauce, also known as white sauce, is made from a roux (see below) and milk. It is one of the mother sauces of French cuisine. It is used as the base for other sauces. In our sauce we added parmesan cheese. A roux is a thickening agent made from equal parts butter and flour, and then combined with milk or stock to create a sauce. There are basically two


Fall 2015

kinds of roux. White (or blond) roux is cooked just until the flour taste vanishes, but before the butter begins to turn the roux brown. This becomes béchamel sauce when blended with milk. Combined with stock, it becomes velouté. Brown roux is cooked until it turns a nutty brown color. It is used as a thickener for French demi-glace sauce. It can be made with butter or meat drippings (like pork or beef).

Spinach Lasagna with BĂŠchamel Sauce Makes 8 servings Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 medium onion, finely chopped 3 1/2 teaspoons salt 4 pounds spinach 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 1/4 cup all purpose flour 4 cups milk 2 cups (packed) grated parmesan cheese 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg (or freshly grated) 1 tablespoon & 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 32 ounce ricotta cheese 1 egg 3 cups mozzarella, shredded (divided) 8 ounces no-boil lasagna noodles

Preheat oven to 375°F. Heat oil in large pot over medium-high heat. When oil shimmers, add onions and 1/2 teaspoon salt and stir until translucent, about 3 minutes. Add spinach, a few handfuls at a time, and cook, stirring frequently, until all spinach is wilted, 3-5 minutes. Transfer to a mesh strainer and press against spinach to remove as much liquid as possible. In a medium saucepan, melt butter over high heat. Add flour and cook, whisking constantly, until roux is golden brown, 1 minute. Add milk and continue whisking until milk begins to boil and thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. Remove from heat and stir in 1 cup parmesan cheese, nutmeg, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper. Cover surface with plastic wrap. In mixing bowl combine ricotta cheese, remaining 2 teaspoons salt, 1


tablespoon black pepper, egg, remaining parmesan and 2 cups mozzarella. Spread 1 cup béchamel along the bottom of a 9- by 13-inch baking dish. Place one-third of noodles over béchamel in a single, overlapping layer. Top with 1 cup béchamel and half of spinach and half of cheese mixture. Repeat with a second layer of noodles, béchamel, spinach and cheese mixture. Top with remaining noodles, remaining béchamel, and remaining mozzarella. Cover with foil and bake 45 minutes. Remove foil and continue baking until cheese is golden and lasagna is bubbling along the edges, about 15 minutes. Remove lasagna from oven and let stand 20 minutes before serving.


Fall 2015

Caprese Salad Skewers Makes 8 servings Ingredients Small cherry or grape tomatoes Mini mozzarella cheese balls Fresh basil leaves, fold in half if large Balsamic vinegar glaze 5 inch skewers Thread tomatoes, a mini mozzarella cheese ball and basil leaf (fold in half if large) onto skewer. Repeat with remaining ingredients and then drizzle with balsamic vinegar glaze.


Italian Cream Cake Makes 8 servings Ingredients 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, plus more for greasing 2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 cup vegetable shortening 2 cups sugar 5 large eggs, separated 1 cup buttermilk 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 cup chopped pecans 1 cup sweetened shredded coconut Non-stick cooking spray Icing 8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter at room temperature 4 cups confectioners' sugar 2 tablespoons light whipping cream 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup chopped pecans


Fall 2015

Preheat oven to 375°F. Grease and lightly flour two 9-inch cake pans. Sift flour and baking soda together, set aside. With electric mixer, cream butter and shortening with sugar until fluffy, about 5 minutes. Add egg yolks one at a time, beating well after each. With mixer on medium, add flour and buttermilk slowly. Add vanilla, coconut and nuts, blend together thoroughly. In a separate bowl with clean beaters, whip the egg whites to stiff peaks. Gently fold the beaten egg whites into the batter, just until blended. Pour the batter into the prepared pans and bake for 25 minutes. Test for doneness by touching the top of the cake with your finger. The cake is done if it bounces back up. Cool the layers on wire racks sprayed with cooking spray to prevent sticking. For the frosting: With electric mixer, beat cream cheese and butter on high speed until fluffy. Reduce speed to medium and blend in the sugar and vanilla. Beat well until the frosting is smooth. When the cake is completely cool, spread the frosting between the layers and on the sides and top of the cake. Press pecans up sides of cake.


d r 3 t s u g u A

National Best Friends Forever Day 18

Š Can Stock Photo Inc. / kotin

Fall 2015

Seasonal Entertaining

Friends: Your Best Accessory

Photography by Gruen Photography


Beautiful luggage tags were placed at each setting along with the guest’s name.

Accessorize your Red Velvet Cupcakes with Chocolate Stiletto Heels.

Arugula Salad Baby arugula Roasted candied walnuts Shredded parmesan Caramelized onions Cucumbers Balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Chicken Sausage Flatbread Pizza Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza Pear & Gorgonzola Flatbread Pizza Purchased from zPizzaÂŽ.

Red Velvet Cupcakes Purchased from Kupcake Kitchen.

For a casual look, glue a strand of imitation pearls around the napkin ring.

Homemade Napkins and Napkin Rings Napkins: Using fabric with a fashion Napkin Rings: Cut toilet paper rolls theme (we found one with sunglasses, (1 inch in width) and glue red ribbon purses, and shoes), cut into squares (14 around them. Create a casual or dressy inches height and width). Using fabric look depending on how you accessorize it. tape, follow the directions on the package, and iron the hem.

For a dressy look, clip on a beautiful jeweled flower around the napkin ring.

In the Spotlight The Wizard of Oz has been my favorite movie since I was a kid. Besides the story itself, I was fascinated that some actors who appeared in the sepia-toned Kansas also appeared in the Technicolor Land of Oz! Just by changing their wardrobe and applying makeup/prosthetics they became a different character. In fact, one person played five parts, but you had to look closely at his face to see it was the same person. By Kathleen R. McKissick How many of you have dressed up for Halloween? Were you pretty or pretty scary? Whether it was when you were young or maybe it was at last year’s office party, most of you probably made up your face with makeup instead of wearing a cumbersome mask. Which brings me to a marvelous makeup company called Cinema Secrets. Since the day it opened its doors 30 years ago, it has been at the center of the makeup community. Word has it, professional makeup artists, and those just looking for makeup to make them look fabulous, find Cinema Secrets to be the perfect place to go to as it has the professionalism combined with an at-home feeling. But no matter who you are, everyone who enters the world of Cinema Secrets feels welcomed…at least that’s the way I felt when I paid them a visit! Cinema Secrets was created by makeup master Maurice Stein, along with his wife Barbara, and is a family owned business with its main office located in Burbank, California. Maurice wanted to combine his passion for makeup and education, so he created a company that catered to industry professionals as well as the general public. One of the most sought-after products is their Ultra Foundation. It has the ability to cover the most troublesome acne scarring, discolorations, and tattoos, plus it's sweat-proof and water resistant, which makes it recognized by makeup artists here and internationally! Because it is silicone-based, it can be used by most skin-types as it is not an irritant to the skin as most oil-based products. Their fabulous employees will also take the time to match your skin-tone to the correct


Fall 2015

color of foundation! The other iconic product is their professional brush cleanser, which is safe for natural or synthetic hair brushes. It not only dissolves all traces of wax, liquid, and powder residue, it's the only makeup brush cleanser to remove 99.9% of all bacteria and extend the life of your brushes. Maurice always stresses the avoidance of cross-contamination when applying makeup, even if it’s your own makeup! Use sponges, brushes and, when mixing foundation colors, try using Cinema Secrets’ Original Stainless Steel Palette and Spatula. I was also pleased to find out Cinema Secrets’ products are not tested on animals and they proudly display PETA’s cruelty-free bunny logo on their website. While many of you might not know his name, Maurice Stein is well known and respected by those in the entertainment industry. Due to his talent in both hair and makeup, Maurice was asked to join Columbia Studios in 1962. Out of more than 200 movie and television credits, and over 4,000 commercials, Maurice has worked his makeup artistry on such theatrical and television hits as (the original TV series) and (TV series). With an exceptional list of filmography credits to his name, Maurice won the academy award (Oscar) for his outstanding makeup work on the movie (1969). It was during , that Maurice realized he loved teaching makeup techniques to his team, which would later open up yet another passion in his life. Not only has Maurice touched the faces of some of the brightest stars of film, television, and commercials, even three U.S.A. presidents, he has also provided an array of

“The best foundation is education.” Maurice Stein

revolutionary makeup techniques that helped establish a new caliber of standards among makeup industry professionals. Maurice has the unique distinction of being the first makeup artist to be enlisted in the California Cosmetology Association Hall of Fame as well as the National Cosmetology Association Hall of Renown. Now that's an impressive resume! Although Maurice retired from the entertainment industry, he is often called in by a studio/production company as a “fixer,” giving his expert advice to makeup artists/teams on how to cut their time in half, which saves the production company time and money. Maurice has also been the instructor in some of Cinema Secrets’ makeup educational classes. As a matter of fact, Maurice will be instructing his FINAL two makeup classes this year. The first of the two classes was held on July 17-19, 2015 in Dallas/Addison, Texas, but the dates/location of the second class are still in the planning stages. I’m sure there was a big turn-out for both of these classes, because those in the entertainment industry know that Maurice Stein is the man with the makeup know-how…the master of makeup glamour and illusion!

Cinema Secrets not only caters to the entertainment industry, but because of their makeup educational classes, it has set the standard for clinical applications in the medical community as well. When Maurice ventured into one of his other great passions, humanitarianism, he gladly lent his talents to various hospitals, charities and clinics to assist people suffering from skin conditions, burns and scarring, as well as those being treated for cancer. Maurice volunteers to educate cancer patients and burn survivors in the use of corrective makeup techniques to minimize the appearance of scars and discoloration. Along with this education, the Cinema Secrets products have helped the patients to look and feel their best under terrible circumstances and thereby boosting the patient’s self-esteem, too. Maurice’s makeup techniques for medical applications are well known at these highly acclaimed hospitals, clinics and charities: American Cancer Society, Look Good Feel Better, City of Hope, Phoenix Society, John Hopkins Burn Center, the Grossman Burn Center, and five children's burn units in Shriners’ hospitals. For a spectacular or spooky costume for this year’s Halloween festivities, be sure to check out Cinema Secrets’ Woochie line of props, wigs, prosthetics, costumes and other Halloween accessories. I’m sure you will be frightfully delighted to scare your co-workers, family and friends with any of the Woochie-looks this Halloween! No matter what you do to celebrate this Halloween, we hope it is “Boo-tiful!” wishes Cinema Secrets, Maurice Stein, the entire Stein family, and their marvelous employees a Happy 30th Anniversary! Here’s to many more magnificent years of makeup magic, generous giving and enlightened education!¨

Photo by Kathleen R. McKissick


Parties and Celebrations

Photography by Sandy Vogel

Hot Diggity Dog,


Fall 2015

It’s Your Birthday


Score a Home Run with this baseball themed birthday party.


Fall 2015

Place a small baseball bat at each place setting.

A pitching mound, made from brown rocks and glass containers filled with plastic baseballs, makes for a perfect centerpiece.

Make sure to serve shelled peanuts and boxes of Cracker JackÂŽ.



Fall 2015

Written by Cindy M. Lloyd and Kathleen R. McKissick.


Charlie Happy birthday to _____________________ NAME OF BIRTHDAY PERSON

89 He’s __________ years old AGE

We’ll buy him some presents and birthday cake Let’s all sing and celebrate Charlie For its root, root, root for _____________________ NAME OF BIRTHDAY PERSON

He’s our all-star today For it’s one, two, three cheers for you Happy birthday, hooray!


Ty Cobb Salad Makes 8 servings Ingredients 4 cups shredded lettuce 1 avocado, cubed 1 medium tomato, chopped 1/2 cup sliced green onions 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 2 cooked chicken breasts, cubed 6 slices crisply cooked bacon, crumbled 2 hard-boiled eggs, chopped Directions Mix first four ingredients in serving bowl. Arrange final four ingredients on top. Serve with your favorite salad dressing.

Chicago Cubs Dog Yellow mustard, bright “neon� green sweet pickle relish*, chopped onions, tomato wedges, dill pickle spear, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt on a poppy seed bun. Cleveland Indians Dog Brown mustard, French fries, a layer of coleslaw and sweet barbeque sauce. Kansas City Royals Dog Brown mustard, sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese. Los Angeles Dodgers Dog Extra long hot dog with mustard and sweet pickle relish. New York Yankees Dog Chili & shredded cheddar cheese.

Home Run Hot Dogs Have fun and name your hot dogs after your favorite baseball teams. These hot dog toppings are popular in the following major league cities.

Seattle Mariners Dog Cream cheese and grilled onions top of a bacon wrapped hot dog. *Sweet pickle relish with a drop of neon green food coloring.


Fall 2015

Pop Fly Cake Pops We purchased ready-made cake pops and dipped them in melted white chocolate. Once cooled in the refrigerator, we used red candy marker pens to mark the baseball stitches.


home of the

President Roosevelt declared, giving baseball the green light during WWII.




The year the first World Series played. Boston won Pittsburgh.

Aug. 26, 1939 1ST TELEVISED GAME

250 calories

YANKEES have won


AT&T Park, San Francisco Bosse Field, Evansville Fenway Park, Boston New Busch Stadium, St. Louis Wrigley Field, Chicago Yankee Stadium, New York

World Series

makes approximately 1.6 million bats yearly

Fastest pitch ever recorded in MLB



Aroldis Chapman

while playing for the Cincinnati Reds



Babe Ruth Willie Mays Barry Bonds Ted Williams Hank Aaron

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Ty Cobb Roger Clemens Stan Musial Mickey Mantle Honus Wagner © Can Stock Photo Inc. / yvdavyd

Fall 2015

Parties and Celebrations

Photography by Sandy Vogel


per C a P a Got


Mummy Monday Wear White

ion: t c e n n r Co (either real or e k r o w Co mum flowers to each

se ne Purcha d give o n a ) l a i ee. artific employ

Mums the Word Game (1) Choose a certain word and anyone caught saying that word has to give up their mum to the person who caught them saying it. - OR (2) Write several Halloween words on slips of paper and toss into a basket. A player pulls a slip of paper and has to act out the word (charades) or draw the word on a whiteboard (Pictionary®).

Décoorur boss’ office.

pee) y e e t ( ify Mumm

Twix® or Treat Bags Drizzle melted white chocolate over Twix® bars creating a Mummy effect. While chocolate is still warm, place edible eye balls towards the top of the bar. Place in the refrigerator to cool. Place in bags and hand out to coworkers.


Fall 2015

Digging Your Own Grave Crush Oreo® cookies and place in a treat bag. Attach a miniature shovel and tombstone sign. Hand out to your coworkers.

Not Feel ing Wel l

Coworker Connection: Wear Black

Be grateful, give your coworkers a compliment or let them know how they’ve helped you out in regards to your work.

Find a Décor spot in t h e offic Ask em e p l o yees to to create a g cardbo raveya ard tom d rd. bstone ecorate their . Awa o w the mo n rd t st crea tive to he person wi mbston th e.

Graveyard Greats Turn to page 44 and match the correct legend to the description.

Tombstone Tuesday


ing k r a P yee o l p m E

Witchy Wednesday Wear a Witch’s Hat tion c e n n r Co for walkin’, so r e k r o Cow ots are made lock with you

eb bo These lk around th . wa kers take a cowor

Which Witch is Which Game Match the witch to the correct TV show, movie, book, etc. (See page 45).


ng r o cleani k, c r o é f D e ur des they’r

ut yo ebs. ing… o d i r g n r i o n f a bw ’t just hour to cle cessary co n e r a s e e Broom edicate on all the unn f D files o well. r o , rs drawe

Sweep Out Those Cobwebs Buy computer wipes (or wet wipes). Place a cute tag on top and hand out to those who need to clean up.


Fall 2015

For When You’re Running Low Purchase miniature cans of tomato juice and place in a clear bag. Adhere a straw and tag for when your coworkers need to replenish their juices.

Wear Red

Coworker Connection Have lunch or drinks with your coworkers.


me Th Cut u p diffe at Can rent c have dy Ba and y r then g our cowork y bars. W ers sa uess h i l e b th lindfo mple lded, each candy e name of c andy it. Ch , to m a oose ake it Note: a vari nd m Be su o r e et re to challe check nging y of with c . oworke rs

for an y f oo d aller gies.

Décorar with colorfoutl

b rr i juice le juice, ca e, n i m p uic ea Creat such as ap , tomato j e , ice. drinks nberry juic e, grape ju cra achin m juice, n e ® gre Naked

Blood Thirsty Thursday

eak On Br


ay D l a u Cas

Frankenstein Friday me u t s o C n e e w Wear Hallo Musi

cal Chai Play mu rs sical cha irs or ho t potato Hallowee to n music .

tion: c e n n o C r e k r Cowo a Secret aled (similar to

ster reve tein Friday, s n Mystery Mon e k n ra F to eek prior . Santa). The w ther employee o n a f o s e m a wn n employees dra e small gifts o v a le y tl re c e s e week, rawn. At the d e Throughout th m a n s r’ e e cowork me the desk of th veal whose na re l il w e n o ry e ek, ev end of the we they drew.

Create Your Own Little Monster Buy green pails. Using a Sharpie® marker, draw stitches on the forehead and a smile. Place eyeballs onto pail and draw eyebrows above the eyes. Fill with nuts and chocolate bolts (use a candy mold, pour melted chocolate into mold and freeze until hard). Top with curling ribbon.


© Can Stock Photo Inc. / rodsavely

Fall 2015

Melt white chocolate and brush onto “wavy” potato chips. Place in refrigerator to dry. Melt dark chocolate and paint* a squiggly line down the center. Place in refrigerator to dry. Serve in cupcake liners for individual servings. *Use a food paint brush (may be purchased at Michael’s® or most cake decorating stores).

Bride of Frankenstein Chips

Fun Foods to Bring to Your Potluck Coffin Up the Dead Purchase skeleton chocolate mold and coffin baking pan (found online or in stores during Halloween), chocolate cake mix and chocolate icing. Make cake according to the directions on the package and pour into coffin baking pan. Bake and place aside to cool. Melt white chocolate and pour into skeleton mold. Freeze until hard. Remove cake coffins from the pan. Spread chocolate icing and place a white chocolate skeleton on top of the icing.


Layer bean dip mixed with a ½ package of taco seasoning mix, sour cream and guacamole. Sprinkle shredded cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes around the edge. Top guacamole with a spider web of sour cream. Place sour cream into a small plastic sandwich bag and snip a tiny hole in the corner to pipe the sour cream onto the dip.

A Spider’s Web

Mummy Milkshakes Blend milk and vanilla ice cream together and top with whip cream. To look like mummies, place eyes on the exterior of the glass. Turn them into Monster Milkshakes by changing the flavors/colors and adding additional eyes to the glassware.


Fall 2015

Halloween Tunes This is Halloween

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

By The Citizens of Halloween

By Barbara Streisand & Harold Arlen

Mummy By Graveyard Train



By Michael Jackson

By Ray Parker, Jr.

Monster Mash

Werewolves of London

By Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers

By Warren Zevon

Somebody’s Watching Me


By Rockwell

By The Oak Ridge Boys

Witchy Woman

The Devil went down to Georgia

By Eagles

By Charlie Daniel Band

Psycho Killer


Addams Family

By Cranberries

By TV Themes

By Talking Heads

Dead Man’s Party By Oingo Boingo

Purple People Eater By Sheb Wooley

The Munsters By Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra

Time Warp By Little Nell, Patricia Quinn & Richard O’Brien

Halloween By Krispy Kreme


Graveyard Greats By Cindy M. Lloyd and Kathleen R. McKissick

1. Winston Churchill

A. He lived at Graceland with his blue suede shoes and loved tenderly.

2. Shirley Temple

B. She had a baseball player for a husband, sang “Happy Birthday” to a president, and gentlemen preferred her hair color.

3. Michelangelo 4. Liberace 5. Bob Hope 6. Grace Kelly 7. James Dean 8. John Belushi 9. Abraham Lincoln

C. He was a Giant, who at one time lived to the East of Eden and as Rebel Stark he was without a cause, though he did receive an Oscar too late. D. Son of Nancy Hanks, he was a tall soft spoken man who changed the states and should have never gone to the theater. E. Was the piano man before Billy Joel and was bejeweled before Elton John. F. Was in a boy band years before Justin Timberlake and drove a brightly colored submarine, but was never in the Royal Navy. G. Born in Germany, his 5th symphony became a disco hit in the 1970’s.

10. Judy Garland

H. Known as a sculptor and architect, he never wanted to be a painter, yet he is mostly remembered for painting a ceiling, which took 4 years to complete.

11. William Shakespeare

I. Though a funny man, he was often blue and at one time lived in an animal house.

12. Elvis

J. An aristocrat and politician, he rallied the allies to victory. Cheerio to him!

13. Johnny Carson 14. Marilyn Monroe

K. Married to Anne Hathaway, his friends included a shrew, young teenager lovers, a Moorish general. He was a great writer “Bard” none.

15. Ludwig van Beethoven

L. The last 20 years he worked making people laugh and his parking spot was in beautiful downtown Burbank. Now here’s…

16. Gene Kelly


17. John Lennon


A very funny man whom the troops loved and we will always be thankful for the memories.

N. She won the hearts of Americans as a child with her dimples and curls, but won the hearts of the world as a U.S. Ambassador.


O. He sang in the rain and danced thru the heather outside of Brigadoon.

1J, 2N, 3H, 4E, 5M, 6Q, 7C, 8I, 9D, 10P, 11K, 12A, 13L, 14B, 15G, 16O, 17F

P. She was friends with many little people including Mickey Rooney and Kermit would be proud of her rainbow connection.

Fall 2015

Q. A young beautiful actress who really did find her prince.

Which Witch is Which? Match the witch to the correct TV show, movie, book, etc. By Cindy M. Lloyd and Kathleen R. McKissick

1. Winnie Sanderson

A. Once Upon a Time (TV)

2. Elphaba

B. Game of Thrones (TV)

3. Miss Price

C. Sleeping Beauty (Movie)

4. Sabrina Spellman

D. Bewitched (TV))

5. Ursula, the Sea Witch

E. Excalibur (Movie)

6. Melisandre

F. Hocus Pocus (Movie)

7. Wendy, the Good Little Witch

G. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Books & Movie)

8. Witchiepoo

H. Wicked, The Musical

9. Hermoine Granger

I. The Teenage Witch (TV)

10. Zelena

J. Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Movie)

11. Glinda

K. The Little Mermaid (Movie)

12. Morgana

L. H.R. Pufnstuf (TV)

13. Samantha Stevens

M. Casper the Friendly Ghost (Comic Book


& TV)

14. Jadis of Charn/The White Witch

N. Harry Potter (Books & Movies)

15. Maleficent

O. The Wizard of Oz


Answers: 1F, 2H, 3J, 4I, 5K, 6B, 7M, 8L, 9N, 10A, 11O, 12E, 13D, 14G, 15C


Photography by Sandy Vogel

Parties and Celebrations

Beware of Pirates 46

Fall 2015


Grab a treasure map and find some hidden gold.


Fall 2015




Fall 2015



After searching for gold‌you did find the gold, right? Replenish your thirst with jugs of Sea Water and enjoy some tasty grub.


Fall 2015

Pierce bite size fruit with plastic swords. Be sure to use blackberries for Black Beard’s Swords.

Cut vegetables lengthwise to create Veggie Planks. Serve with your favorite dip.

Stuff tuna salad into spinach tortillas for Seaweed Wraps.



r o c é D l l Fa

By Krafty Lizard Creations

MATERIALS: ● Paper Mache Letters (any size, I used 8 1\2 inches) ● Floral (flowers, leaves, pinecones, baby’s breath, etc.) ● Glue (Mod Podge® works best for the letters) ● Fabric ● Fabric Scissors ● Other Materials (yarn, glitter, old jewelry or bling). Be creative, as it’s yours to personalize. ● Cardboard - one piece for each letter (this is the base for the letters and décor materials). ● Hot Glue Gun

INSTRUCTIONS: Prep your letters. Cut fabric around the letter leaving an inch on each side. I covered my letters with fabric, but you can use any medium to cover them. After cutting the fabric for each letter, iron it to remove the wrinkles.

Cover the back side of each letter with Mod Podge® glue (Tip: You can also use white glue, but you will need to thin it down with water 60% glue-40% water ratio). Place your


Fall 2015

fabric on top and smooth down (I use an old plastic card to do this). Only do one side of the letter at a time, so they can dry, preferably overnight. Do the other side when the glue is dry. After attaching the fabric, add one more coat of Mod Podge® to even out the look. Let them dry completely before attaching them to the base. When working with glue, be sure to work in a well ventilated area!

Cut diagonally in the corners of the fabric, so the material lays smoothly.

Prep the base. Using square pieces, cut the fabric to cover the base and glue down. You can use hot glue for this, as it is a time saver.

Gather your décor. Attach the letter to the base using hot glue. Start adding your floral, rocks, bling, etc. You can also use yarn and wrap your letters, as this will give them more texture.¨

Check out Krafty Lizard Creations at or on Instagram at or


Around the World

Say Cheese By Cindy M. Lloyd

oto In tock Ph S n a C ©

_cz c . / Jag

Many have heard the nursery rhyme line that says “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey…” but do you know what curds and whey are?

Curds and whey are the beginnings of cheese, that’s right Little Miss Muffet was eating her cheese! Curds and whey are produced when milk thickens and separates. The curds are the solid substance and the whey is the liquid which is discarded. To make cheese, curds are pressed into shapes and either left unripened for fresh, soft cheeses or processed and ripened/aged for your hard or semi-soft varieties. Cheese dates back thousands of years. No one knows exactly when it was discovered, but legend claims it was made accidentally. There are hundreds of varieties of cheese from literally hundreds of countries. It is a nutritious, portable food packed with protein and calcium which is why it was rationed to soldiers in WWII. Made from milk, mostly cows, goats, and sheep, but there are some made from buffalo, reindeer, and other mammals. The texture and flavors of each cheese depends on which animal’s milk is used as well as the diet of the animal. Also, flavors may be added during the processing, such as herbs, spices, peppers, wood smoke or acids. Some cheeses have mold such as the blue varieties adding to their strong flavors. Cheese is best stored in the coldest part of your refrigerator (usually labeled as a “cheese drawer”) and wrapped in wax paper. Although it’s easier to grate cold cheese, all cheese tastes better when brought to room temperature before serving or adding to your recipes. Also, cheese is one food that can grow mold and you need not throw it away. It is perfectly safe to cut off the mold and continue using the rest.


Fall 2015

Americans consume on average 23 pounds of cheese a year. Every year, more than two billion pounds are produced throughout the world with Italian cheeses being the most popular. Many specialty stores are popping up focusing on just cheese. Several hold pairing events where participants learn which variety of cheese goes well with which wine or chocolate or fruit. They often invite cheese mongers, an expert in all things cheese, to speak and educate or dairy farmers who explain the process of making cheese in great detail. There are also cheese festivals in many countries. The United States has at least one in practically every state. The biggest is the Festival of Cheese put on by the American Cheese Society which changes location annually. Like wine with your cheese? Why not attend the California Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma right in the heart of wine country. The great cheese state of Wisconsin holds the family friendly 3-day Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival which includes a carnival with rides and cheese curd eating contests. The Amish Country Cheese Festival in Illinois is held every Labor Day weekend and has a parade, a tractor pull, and the Cheese Curling Championships (similar to the Olympic event, only using a 4 lb. cheese stone). Oregon and Seattle Cheese Festivals have a “farmer’s market” atmosphere about them while Vermont, which is America’s top cheese making state, holds their Vermont Cheesemaker’s Festival on the shores of Lake Champlain highlighting regional foods.

Up north the Great Canadian Cheese Festival is held in Prince Edward County, Ontario with a celebrity chef gala featuring pairings with Ontario wines and craft beers. The United Kingdom also joins in with the Great British Cheese Festival held in late September. It’s called “Britain’s Biggest Cheese Market.” The locations vary and aside from wine and beer they also serve cider and perry (a fermented pear beverage). England also boasts the infamous Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucestershire the last Monday in May, where at noon a 7 lb. wheel of cheese is rolled downhill and is chased by eager participants from all over the UK who attempt to be the first one down the hill to win the coveted prize of…of course, the wheel of cheese! The most romantic festival is the Bra Cheese Festival outside of Turin in Piedmont, Italy. Held every other September, this festival attracts cheese lovers and professionals from all over the world. All of these festivals have artisan cheesemakers eager to share samples of their products, cooking demonstrations, educational seminars, and stunning displays of fun items every cheese enthusiast should not be without. Look for the cheese festival nearest you and enjoy their wonderful and amazing food!¨

United States Cream Cheese – A soft, mild tasting fresh cheese made from unskimmed cow’s milk and cream. Monterey Jack – A mild and buttery white cheese made in Monterey County, California. Colby – A semi hard cheese with a mild yet creamy flavor; similar to American cheddar as it is dyed orange.


t call “Swiss name of what mos due to the e tru e th is is Th Emmental – that is distinct edium hard cheese eese typically sold Cheese.” It is a m se. The Swiss ch ee ch e vory th ut ho ug ock-off of this sa holes thro mental, but a kn Em t no is S. U. in the se with a cheese. d slightly salty chee an t ee sw w llo ye Gruyere –A hard ndues. typically used in fo distinctive flavor;


Feta – The biggest export out of Greece is Feta cheese. This soft, salty cheese easily crumbles and can be used in everything from salads to desserts. Galotiri – Made from sheep’s or goat ’s milk, it is a soft cheese with a tart, refreshing taste. Usu ally spread on bread. Kefalotiri – Made from sheep’s or goat ’s milk, it is one of the most popular cheeses in Greece. It’s shar p and tangy flavor is slightly salty and can be grated, fried , creamed in pastries or eaten alone.


creamy delicate soft and . It is Camembert – A ce an Fr , Normandy in ed uc od pr se chee . cheese in France the most popular eetness. sw of nt hi se with a ee ch ft so A – ie Br cheese. ild of soft ripened It is the poster ch sed blue sheep’s milk ba Roquefort – A t slightly a mild creamy ye cheese. This is e and is ur a crumbly text salty cheese with running d ol m dark green known for the through it. this cheese from goat’s milk, e ad M – re ev Ch t as it ages y when young, bu is mild and cream r flavor. and has a sharpe becomes dry, firm

Spain Manchego – A firm hard cheese that is made from sheep’s milk. It has a creamy buttery texture that develops a salty flavor over time.


lly se traditiona mi-soft chee se y w e ch , mild so. Asadero – A llenos and chile con que re ” this crumbly s se e ile e ch ch sh re “f used in d in te co – Transla of beans, salads and Queso Fres p to rated on cheese is g d cheese, rong flavore st , quesadillas. rd a h im dry, se Cotija – A esan. rm a P similar to



Gouda – A semi-hard mild cheese from Holland. It crumbles nicely over salads and casseroles.

Mozzarella – Authentic Mozzarella is made from buffalo milk but most varieties sold use cow’s milk. Its taste is mild and the texture is soft and chewy. It is a key ingredient in Italian cooking. Gorgonzola – A creamy blue cheese from Lombardy, Italy. Gorgonzola has two varieties one sweet and the other has a stronger, sharper taste. Provolone – A sharp semi-hard cheese, mildly sweet and often smoked. A popular cheese used in sandwiches and in many Italian recipes. Mascarpone – A rich, mild, soft creamy cheese that’s often used in desserts, as a substitute for whipped cream. Parmigiano Reggiano – or Parmesan cheese, is often called the “King of Cheese.” A hard, full flavored cheese, it is usually grated, slivered, or shaved and is considered the most popular cheese. Ricotta – Technically not a cheese, since it is made from whey (the liquid that runs off during the curdling process of making cheese). It is usually made from sheep’s milk and is creamy and slightly sweet.

England Stichelton – Also known as Blue Stilton, it’s one of the most popular cheeses in the UK. This blue cheese is made from unpasteurized organic cow’s milk. It is a creamy, strong flavored cheese. Cheddar –Also known as Keen’s Cheddar, it is the other most popular cheese and outsells any other cheese in the UK. Also made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, it is aged for up to a year.


Resources A Family Gathering Centerpiece – Décor Store (flowers) Chargers – Party City Dinner Plates – Crown Victoria Collection Salad Plates – Classic Home Dining (Platinum Banded) Glasses – Home Goods Napkins – Party City Napkin Rings – owners Doilies – Michael’s Silverware – owners Candles – Home Goods

Friends: Your Best Accessory Centerpiece – Pier One (rhinestones added) Boa – Party City Placemats – Bed, Bath & Beyond Chargers – Dollar Store Plates – Dollar Store Napkins – Jo-Ann (fabric) Napkin Rings – Walmart (flowers) Glasses – Dollar Store (hand painted with glass paint) Luggage Tags – Party City Silverware – owners

Hot Diggity Dog, It’s Your Birthday Tablecloth – Bed, Bath & Beyond Astroturf – Home Depot Canisters – Dollar Store Baseballs – Dollar Store Rocks – Dollar Store Plates – Walmart


Fall 2015

Napkins – Kohl’s Base Signs – Dollar Store Silverware – Dollar Store Baseball Bat Key Chains – Party City Shelled Nuts – Dollar Store Cracker Jack – Dollar Store Gum – Dollar Store and Party City

A Whimsical Wicked Week Witch Hat – owners Green Tights – Party City Socks – Dollar Store Witch Shoes – owners

Beware of Pirates Crate – Jo-Ann Skull Fabric – Jo-Ann Gold Skull – Home Goods Pirate Hat – Party City Treasure Chest – Michael’s Plates and Napkins – Amazon Netting – Party City Loot Bag – Party City Pirate Telescope – Party City Water Bottles – Walmart Beads – Dollar Store Antique Platters – owners Ship – Hobby Lobby Small Skull – Amazon Candy – Dollar Store, Walmart, Rocket Fizz, The Candy Station

Capturing Memories

I’ll do some


. . .for some

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You're Invited Magazine - Fall 2015  

Creative ideas for seasonal entertaining, parties, and celebrations.

You're Invited Magazine - Fall 2015  

Creative ideas for seasonal entertaining, parties, and celebrations.