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The Truth “Exposed” About Car Buying This is the first of a series of seven articles on exposing the truth about car buying. First, I feel it’s important to give you some background on who I am and my purpose for publishing this series of articles. To begin, my name is Rick Bowman. I am a car deal negotiation expert and an automotive consumer advocate. I have spent over 20 years in the automotive industry. I have held positions in the automotive field including Top Sales Person, (generating over 250 unit sales per year), Finance Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Dept. Director and General Sales Manager. During my career, I have had the opportunity to watch customers just blow it when it comes to negotiating a car deal. I have also observed and utilized the tactics the dealerships employ when attempting to sell customers cars. So why am I taking the time to expose and publish these truths? It’s quite simple actually. For years I’ve sat by and watched these so called, “online car buying experts,” freely give bad advice, with absolutely no credentials whatsoever. Most of them are disgruntled ex-car dealership employees who weren’t very good at what they did, got fired or quit, and decided to “get even” with the dealerships by “exposing the hidden secrets” of car buying. Hell, some of these so called “experts” have never even worked in the automobile industry! They simply learned how to get to the top of the search engines by sensationalizing and exposing all the scams out there. I think you’ll agree when I say “dirt sells.” They make their money from the ads they place on their websites. I’ve taken the time to visit hundreds of these websites and they all have one big thing in common. They all just seem to regurgitate the same old negative garbage over and over again, and the result is still the same. Consumers still have no idea how to successfully negotiate a car deal.

This is not the fault of the consumer. I like to use an analogy of playing Baseball. If you were invited to play and the rules weren’t explained to you, how good would you be playing the game? You wouldn’t! The issue here is the dealerships have employed selling systems that have been existence for decades. The selling process has been fined tuned over the years and these selling systems are not going away. Consumers have never been shown how these selling systems work. This is why we are forming yourcarguyadvisors. In the next seven articles over the next 2 weeks, I will attempt to expose the truth about buying a car. Some people will not like what I’m about to publish, because it is the truth. This means consumers, the dealerships, and especially the so called “online car buying guru experts.” In the upcoming articles, I will dispel the “urban car buying myths” that most consumers attempt to use to negotiate a car deal. The truth behind the car dot com companies and their real agenda. The fact that, if you haven’t “done it” you can’t “teach it,” being careful on where you get you advice from, and many more subjects on car buying. Look for these articles to be published in the next few days. If you are in the market to purchase a new or used vehicle in the near future, there is a great ebook out there that is very comprehensive on this subject and covers an “A to Z” process of how to successfully negotiate your own car deal. Click on the link and read the review. .The book is about 130 pages and covers more than you would think you would need to know when it comes to negotiating a car deal. I look forward to visiting with you in the next article, exposing the truth and dispelling the myths.

The Truth Exposed About Car Buying  

This is the introduction to a series of seven articles on car buying The Truth Exposed. Take time to read these articles and watch the contr...

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