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Dear friends, You all must be excited! Exams finished and the non-stop fun begins. Keep reading Young Nation as we will keep you guiding about how to enjoy and be wise as well. Moreover to know how to deal with the negative thinking that comes into our minds read our advice section and don’t forget to send us your feedback. Take care, edi

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Hey kids, kindly send us letters, stories, poems and events detail on the following address: Or Editor Young Nation 4- Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore.


lish all my stuff. Your


Pakistan. Anyhow I wanted to tell you that I read what I


just read in YN in my space

Sumaira Imran

time after my official preoc-


cupations. The pieces that



I read are three, if I lay out


the sequence it would be something like that at first

Dear edi,

Hello Edi,

I read letters then go to po-

I’ve read your last

ems and then go to some ar-

issue and I found

ticle if attracted.

How are you? I hope that

it very interesting. Your mag

This Saturday I read the let-

you are fine by the Grace of

is doing a great job. I want

ter of Hassan Arif. It was

Almighty Allah. YN magazine

to suggest that you start a

quite good. He seemed to

is always very informative. I

section related to internet

me good at letter writing.

study the article of SMS. This

content. I want to write for

Secondly Mahnoor Naseer

article really focuses a bad

your magazine.

is not only our regular con-

language for all kids. And I

I also want to know if you re-

tributor but she is also a

agree that this short mes-

ply personally to the mails.

good contributor. We really

saging method is being ap-


need good contributors like

plied by all kids as well as in


Hassan Arif and Mahnoor Naseer.

their examination .I recommended all my friends to go

Dear edi,

Your fan,

through this worthwhile ar-

First of all thanks in bulk for

Ali Kamran

ticle. This magazine always

republishing my poem in

gives knowledge. Mother’s

full because last time it was

Dear edi,

D ay magazine was also very

published in half. It gives me

I am really liking your maga-

interesting .Keep doing a

much pleasure when I talk

zine. Please add sport’s cor-

great job as always. Please

to you on phone from Riya-

ner into.

publish my poem and story.

dh, I will pay a visit to Young

Your reader,

I will be very glad if you pub-

Nation team on when I visit

Afnan Asim

Young Nation-June 4, 2011



Top ten things that put pretty girls off By Rabia Siddiqi

Pretty girls have a superfluous amount of attitude for the fact that they are- only pretty. They have higher standards than the average or not so pretty girls. For this reason there are several things that can put things that can put them off. They are most pissed off by the leery gazes they often get where ever they go. But it is not fair just to blame the gazers; after all they are just appreciating the beauty created by God. When some is not up to their standard, he is blessed by a cold shoulder from their highnesses. Pretty girls since being the more sensitive beings are delicate and easily put off and put down. It is next to impossible to please them. Every itty bitty, petty thing puts them off while a major one makes them sui-

Young Nation-June 4, 2011

cidal. Apparently they huff and puff when stared, but some where deep down in their heart they heave a sigh of satisfaction that they still stand the secondglance teat. It is even more tormenting if their beauty goes unnoticed and they resort to nearest mirror if not the parlor for their denting and painting. Even more irksome is the gummy smile that follows after a successful one on one eye contact. The ones with guts, w h o


move ahead further by becoming vocal and expressing their delight by “Mashallah” are loathed the most by these pretty queens. Talking about guys, there is a limitless list that puts girls off. Men in tight clothes showing off their body, men who stink, men with bad breadth, men showing bravado and the counterfeit courtesy they give to girls to show how just civilized and well-mannered they aare with the ulterior motive of “wanna frandship” behind eve“w ry such act. Grr! PPretty girls do not like to wait. Wait for any thing or anyone. If their patience is put to test, which usually they don’t have, they just don’t give the test… well they never give a chance to be tested as they zoom by in their car or walk away sullenly in their stilettos. After all they need to show their lofty attitude some how. So, waiting is just not their style. Even the girls who do not follow the latest fads are looked down upon by them. They are unable to fathom the reason why can not girls wear matching accessories and clothes, wear proper make-up or can not carry themselves well! To sign off, watch out brave knights!! It’s ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci.’ -

pads, water playgrounds, lazy rivers, or other recreational bathing, swimming, and bare footing environments. These are mostly summer attractions that open right around Memorial weekend. With water slides, wave pools, and water fun places, water parks are great summer fun. Hiking Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments. This activity can be done in other parts of the year, but is great during the summer as people can camp out over night, go for longer hikes during the day with more sun, and not have to lug around as much heavy clothes. Pakistan is a dreamland for trekkers and hikers. Most of the trekking routes situated in the Mountain Ranges of Karakoram, Western Himalayas, and Hindukush. It is a popular activity but sometimes dangerous. It can also be great exercise and burn lots of calories. Most importantly, it’s loads of fun and can be a great way to spend some quality time with family. Boating Boating is the leisurely activity of travelling by boat, or the recreational use of a boat whether powerboats, sailboats, or man-powered vessels. Many lakes and boating places get into full swing for the summer as the winds die down and make for lake boating. Boating can be a fun time with lots of things to do including fishing, skiing, and other water activities. Computer games If it is raining or no one wants to go outside

Cover Story By Fayeza Anum Summer is always an exciting part of the year where there is a lot of free time to relax and spend quality time. With the long school holidays stretching - endlessly - before you, and approximately 48 hours before the first ‘Mum, I’m bored!’ It’s time to put on your holiday ideas hat. From day trips to fun in the garden, and from picnics to travel tips, check out our guide to a successful summer with the kids.

Water Parks

A water park is an amusement park that features water play areas, such as water slides, splash

Young Nation-June 4,2011


with you, go to the computer and there are some great online games. The computer games are great for everyone Library or bookstore Go to your local library or bookstore and buy a new book series. Reading is a great activity for summer, and it will help you brush up on skills needed for the upcoming school year. Adventure Camps If you are adventure lover and want to do something off the beaten path then go for camping this year. Kids can climb rocks or spend time in the wilderness at a general camp Rock climbing, and outdoor activities don’t become a couple of hours of fun, they become an entire camp experience. There are different types of adventure camps but the most familiar with kids are: * Biking * Fishing * Rock Climbing

tistic talents. Children may attend workshops, practice for a performance. Types of arts camps include:

* Dance * Music * Theatre * Writing

* Acting * Art

Try gardening

Gardening is the practice of growing plants. Dedicate your time to a garden, full of beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables and fruits. Use your creativity and make your garden an attractive place

Arts Camps

The budding artist in your family may be interested in a camp that teaches fine or performing arts. Art camps focus on developing a child’s certain ar-

Young Nation-June 4,2011





By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar How would the world act without money, which is an entity, having millions of devotees around the world? I think there wouldn’t have been any world without money. Money plays diverse roles in everyone’s life. For some, it’s a healing matter by providing them the sense of pleasure, for others, money acts as a tool of security; they think no matter what happens their money will protect them in times of threat. Some people even go to the extent of making money their best friend, or perhaps, more than a best friend by trying to accumulate as much of this new found friendship as they can, even if it means working late shifts and not spending time with their family or children for a week or two. They too have a valid counter argument – if I don’t earn then how will I support my family! Well said. But my friend, there’s more to life than just money. What exactly is money? And why do people have such huge cravings for it? The only answer could be that money is important only t o those w h o

Young Nation-June 4, 2011

don’t have a purpose in life. All they wish is to earn loads of money to satisfy themselves and not doing what they love. Just think about it, do you think about a financial reward if you’re doing something you love? I guess not. Does a mother think in financial terms when she’s sending her child to school, that one day he would earn money? Does a midfielder of Chelsea, the most expensive football club in the world, when scores a goal thinks about his paycheck? Absolutely not! I fail to understand why people don’t have a goal in life. All they ever want is a good job, a big house and a happy life. In short, all they ever want is money and all their efforts are directed towards it. This world has grown into a hub of materialistic procedures seen in every walk of life. Money, money and money; the magic keeps going. Money is always a huge factor of motivation when there’s lack of passion and enthusiasm. People who identify a goal in life, they never think in monetary terms. Visionaries and dreamers are the ones whose actions aren’t directed nor motivated by money, for money or towards ‘making’ money. When Thomas Edison made the world’s first light bulb, he didn’t think o f a brand name for a higher price. When the Wright Brothers flew their airplane for the



Point of View

first time, they weren’t thinking about a marketing tagline. When Wasim Akram’s two backto-back wickets led Pakistan to win the 1992 World Cup, he wasn’t thinking of brand endorsements. Money is a matter of concern only for those who don’t seek inner satisfaction by living a life they want. Money is, most certainly, a huge matter of concern for those who live only to earn money. If I ask you one question that “What is money?” then what would be your answer? I think you may not give a specific reply. Some may think money is everything or it’s the thing that keeps work running. In my opinion, “money is nothing.” I may sound rude and some may

think I’ve lost my mind to say such a thing for money – a commodity that has high esteem around the world. But isn’t it true that people are only remembered by their work, passion and vision and not by the wealth they own!. In the end, I would give a word of advice to all the readers. Never make ‘earning money’ your goal in life. Do what you love with passion, dignity and determination and money will come to you as a byproduct. Find a purpose of your life and go after it without thinking of the financial rewards, only keeping in mind what you need to be doYoung Nation-June 4, 2011

ing in life. Money is a crazy thing; the more you run after it, the farther it will go away from you. Use money not as an objective of


your life but as a tool to achieve your goals. Have a happy journey through life

Young Nation-April 30, 2011


Young Nation-April 30, 2011



thinking– Kill it before

it kills


ADVICE By Hafsa Jawaid “It is more important to understood a negative attitude rather than to condemn it blindly.” Today, while thinking of writing on emotions, I just happened to come across different impressions. As I cast a glance around me, surprisingly I felt that most of us, consciously

or unconsciously, suffer from negative thinking. This makes the prospects of life bleak and gloomy for us. Even before writing about it I got a discouraging response that does it really make any difference if I write or I don’t write? But, I thought of making a difference by writing

Young Nation-June 4, 2011


about this vicious but common attitude. There are indeed different kinds of negative influences prevailing around us in the form of social, political and economical ills. In such conditions negative attitude in people are generally observed and consequently general contempt

for everything and feelings of hopelessness. It would not be wrong to say that negativity is plaguing our personalities and our world as well. According to the law of inertia in physics, anything moving in one direction will continue to do so unless acted upon by an opposing force. Similarly if we don’t give shut up calls to our negative thoughts at the very initial stage, they will just keep on increas-

sharing their negative thinking, they keep on complaining to each other, shutting the doors of every possibility leading to hope and success. Thirdly, it is important to realize the power of negative thoughts. It may determine the outcome of your life. By perceiving the flow of events and circumstances in a negative way it may lead you to utter defeat. Fourthly, negative thinking may rob you of your self esteem and confidence. By focusing on the bleak side of the picture all time, you can really get my-

responds to what you have fed into it. If you feed negative thoughts into it, it will give you negative signals outside. Thus, before feeding something into your mind, think about the output because the output will not only affect your potential but your actual physical health as well and your b o d y will begin responding in that way. Thus, it would be really beneficial to you if you start realizing the dangers of negative thinking and believe in the strength of positive thinking.

Ways to avoid negative thinking.

ing, giving way to a more negative attitude which brings more negativity under its ambit. In effect, a person thinking negatively defeats himself before events or other factors can try to defeat him. Thus, one thing is certain that negative thinking is just like a virus which enters into our system and wrecks havoc. Secondly, people with negativity attract the same people and by Young Nation-June 4, 2011

opic in your vision and can go after your dreams. It does not necessarily mean reckless pursuit of a struggle for your ambitions without gauging the pros and cons of the object of pursuit, but over-cautiousness may stop you from taking initiative for which positive thinking is the pre-requisite. Fifthly, Negative thinking leads to many diseases not only psychological but physical as well, beginning from depression the list goes on to the cardiac diseases. A research shows that people with high anger rate are more susceptible to cardiac diseases and anger is a form of negativity. The mind


1. Have strong faith in Allah 2. Look at the brighter part of the picture 3. Don’t let negative thought tarnish your vision 4. Focus on the positive outcome instead of negative one 5. The moment you feel weak and negative, start doing something practical 6. Believe in yourself before believing others 7. Do talk to your best friend when you feel like indulging in negative thought 8. Try to practice meditation

By Kiren Tahir

Charismatic mill

Story Time

Young Nation-June 4, 2011


Once upon a time a beautiful girl lived in a poor house situated somewhere in the Indian sub-continent. Her mother died, and her father remarried. Her stepmother abused her, and she didn’t want to see her. She made her do all the housework. The girl’s father was a small businessman and he had to go to different cities for business dealing. One day his father was out of city. Meanwhile, her stepmother decided to get rid of her. She gave her a stale piece of meat and ordered her “sell it to the people living behind the mountain and make money for yourself and get out from my house, understand” no need to come back. The girl came out of her house. She was weeping and questioned everyone about the mountain. An old man saw her weeping and asked what was wrong; she told the story of her misfortune. Finally, the old man directed her to the mountain, but he advised her that she should not take the money from these people rather she had to demand an old grain mill that is kept aside the mountain since many years. The girl thanked the old man and remembered the advice. Though, she was continuously going towards the mountain but

Young Nation-June 4, 2011

it was difficult to climb over rock. Finally, she reached the destination. There was a big wooden house, she knocked the gate, a giant came out of the house and asked harshly “what do you want”, the girl showed him the piece of meet quickly. The horrible giant was happy to see the meet piece. He asked the girl “how much money she needs”, but the girl demanded old grain mill. The giant refused to give her mill and asked her to demand something else. But the girl requested him. Finally the giant agreed to give her mill. She came back with a heavy mill. She saw the same old man on her way the old man asked her about mill. The girl told him that she got the mill but she had nothing to grain. The old man laughed at her answer and advised her to take care of her mill. If you need something then you have to order the mill you will get the thing. The old man also told her the secret word to stop the mill. He also advised her not to tell anyone about this charismatic mill. The old man disappeared after that. The girl produced many things from it. She constructed a beautiful palace from it. Now she became a rich lady. Her step mother was jealous to see her life style. She wanted to know the secret behind her wealth. The girl told her about the mill. The stepmother forced her to give her charismatic


mill. The girl said “why not”. The mother took the mill to her house. She was very happy. She ordered mill to grind barley. The mill produced barley in a huge quantity. All the pots of her house were filled with barley but mill was producing barley continuously She was afraid. She shouted to stop mill. She threw the mill out of her house. The girl came to her. She laughed at the situation. She whispered the secret word. The mill stopped. Her mother looked all the matter with suspect. She called the police. The police arrested the girl. In the next morning, a prince was passing through the way. People told him all the matter. He heard the opinion of different people. He found the girl innocent. He handled the matter very carefully. He ordered the police to release the girl. The girl liked the generosity of the prince. On the other hand the prince liked the honesty of the girl. The prince married the girl and took her home. The prince ordered his subordinates to keep the mill in his treasure. After a few days, some dacoit stole the mill from the palace. The dacoits were sailor. They went through their ship. During their voyage they felt the need of salt. They ordered the mill to produce salt. The mill produced salt in a huge quantity. The boat was doomed because of the weight of salt. But the mill was continuously producing salt in the surface of water. It is said that, this charismatic mill is also present somewhere in the surface of water that’s way the water of sea is salty.

Young Nation-June 4, 2011


Young Nation-June 4,2011


Tania Afzal

Namra Shahid

NOTE: Kindly send us your drawings on white paper.

M. Ali

Artist’s Corner

Krona Emmanvel

Maria Asad

Young Nation-June 4,2011


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