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GREETINGS EVERYONE! TAKE A LOOK INSIDE ISSUE 10 OF YOUNG CELEBRITY NEWS AND REMEMBER THE MISSION THAT WE ARE STRIVING FOR EACH AND EVERY ISSUE: Our mission and focus is to always leave you with something positive to read each in every issue. We hope that our outlet always inspires you and that you continue to dream and believe in yourself. Inside This Issue: Top Tweets from the Olympians pg 3 1 Rebel Nation pg 4-5 Alex Arzu 6 JC Caylen pg 7-9 18 Song and Movies to See Before You Turn 30 pg 9 Adam Whittington pg 10-12 Brock Zanrosso pg 13-14 Katsuo 15-17 Miguel: Simplicity Meets Passion pg 18 Levi Mitchell pg 19-20 Match the Lyrics pg 21 Taylor Marie 22-23

MEET THE TEAM Editor-In-Chief Lisa Wilson Writing Squad Michelle Tuyub, Brittany Gonzales, Hugo Justice Photographer Anthony Desangles Sales Tony Wilson


TOP TWEETS FROM THE OLYMPIANS! Kayla Harrison “Trying to thank all of you personally but twitter told me Im tweeting 2 much! So THANK YOU EVERY1!! I am overwhelmed w/ ur love and support!” Jordyn Wieber. “Can't believe I just met Princess Kate Middleton! She was in the crowd at the competition and she stood up to talk to us!” #honored Gabrielle Douglas WOW!!! What an Olympics don't ya think!!? I cant believe its already over!! I am soo proud of my girls we rocked the house!!! I couldn't be happier to share and cherish these great moments with these girls right here!!! I ❤you guys!! TRAVIS STEVENS “Man I could use a grilled cheese sandwich right now” "Success is not a goal, It's a by product" Kyle Vashkulat Spending the day in London with my family. This is what its all about. Big shout out to Beats by Dr. Dre for hooking up all the Olympians with a sweet pair of USA Headphones!!!!

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1 Rebel Nation Inspire The Masses By Michelle Tuyub

For someone to follow their dreams is always an inspiration but with 1 Rebel Nation they truly outfit the mold of stardom. At the age nine and ten, 1 Rebel Nation began their journey. This group consists of Dakota Love and Dejon LaQuake, two siblings with a passion for music. They not only write their own music but they also produce and act, truly all-star talents. Some inspirations for the pre-teens are Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj and Adele for Dakota while for Dejon it’s Usher, Chris Brown and Kanye West. 1 Rebel Nation has opened up for YG in the Inland Empire where they delivered a memorable performance. The duo love to perform and be able to share their songs with their audience. Their last performance was held at the OC Fair at the Hangar State, this past August 9th. Along with the theme of YCN, what 1 Rebel Nation wants people to get out of their music is to inspire people to follow their dreams. Check out their interview below!

When did you guys get into music? When we were about 9 and 10 years old Who's older? Dejon is one year older than Dakota Not only do you guys sing but write your own songs as well. Tell us about your writing process. Does one get an idea and tell the other? Do you write songs together? Separately?

1 rebel nation fWe hear the melody in our heads and we record the music and write the lyrics. Both, sometimes we write the songs together and occasionally we might write separate songs.

Minaj, Adele, Kanye West, Usher, Michael Jackson (Dejon): Usher, Chris Brown, Black Eyed Peas (Will I am, producer), Kanye West, Alicia Keyes, Michael Jackson

Besides music and acting, what do you guys like to do for fun? We like to go to the movies and hang with friends, go to the amusement parks and we like riding our bikes by the beach.

1. What's your favorite TV show? (Dejon): Teen Wolf, (Dakota): Awkward, Bun Heads

What's your favorite thing about performing? Being able to perform in front of a live audience and share our songs with the people and feel the energy from the crowd. Who are some of your inspirations today? (Dakota): Alicia Keys, Nicki

Inside 1 Rebel Nation

2. Favorite thing about the summer? Having BBQ ‘s, hanging out at the beach, making music and staying up late because we don’t have school next morning 3. Favorite artist? Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Adele, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Kidd Cudi, Usher, Michael Jackson Continued On Next Page…


Are you guys working on any upcoming projects or albums? Yes. We have a single that will be on Itune soon titled, “Walking Through the City� that we wrote and produced, you can check it out now on nation We are also working on other songs that will be released soon.

What do you want people to get out of listening to your music? Have fun, to be inspired and follow their dreams.

Do you get nervous when you hit the stage? A little bit sometimes, but when we get into the groove it goes away. As a matter of fact, we will be performing at the OC Fair (Hangar Stage) on August 9th, 2012 at 1:30pm, hope you guys come check us out. For any upcoming shows, you can join our facebook page at n

Make Sure you guys get their new single on Itunes and follow them on their social networks!

If you are looking to advertise in Young Celebrity News magazine send us an email: itsyoungcelebrityne

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with Queen Latifah because of her humor. Yet like many 7 year olds, Alex enjoys doing other things besides acting like playing video games, especially dance games. He loves going to different places with his family Alex Arzu

and playing apps in his iPod. Along with

Leaving An Imprint In Acting

that, Alex has many other

By Michelle Tuyub

and being able to do acrobats

Featuring this month in YCN

that he taught himself. Keep

is a young actor wanting to leave an imprint in acting. Alex Arzu started acting at the age of 4 when his aunt helped get his first agent. Alex Arzu comments that he enjoys acting because he likes meeting new friends and working with people along with pretending to be someone else. Alex favorite actor is Will Smith and he hopes to one day work

talents like having a musical ear

your eye open for this up and coming artist who is just getting started. 1. When did you get into acting? When I was 4 years old. 2. Who is your favorite actor/actress today? My favorite actress is Victoria Justice and favorite actor is Will Smith

3. What has been your favorite role you've played in a movie, television show, or anything you've acted in? My favorite was when I played Sadiki in Children of Bad Memories because everyone was really fun to work with and it was fun pretending to be in Africa. 4. Other than acting what do you enjoy doing? I like to play video games, especially the dance games on my Xbox and Wii. I like to go to a lot of different places with my family, like to the park and when we go to Las Vegas, Miami and Bahamas. I also like playing apps on my ipod and to watch TV. 5. Favorite Song? Favorite Movie? Favorite Book? • My favorite song is by Prince – “I Would Die 4 You” • Avatar is favorite movie • The Gingerbread Man is my favorite book because it’s so funny. 6. What's the hardest thing about acting? Trying to cry on demand, it’s hard! 7. If you can be in a movie with any actor or actress who would you choose and why? Queen Latifah because I think she would be fun to work with and she would probably make me laugh. 8. Why do you enjoy acting? It’s fun! I like meeting new friends, working with people, going to auditions, and pretending to be someone else.



We know what you guys were thinking, that his triple threat was his great fashion sense, cute smile and piercing eyes. And although this young man has captured the hearts of many young ladies, he has also captured the views from many YouTube viewers. With over


2,000,000 views on his "LifeWithJC," channel, this young superstar is getting noticed from

T ell u s w ha t life w ith J C s ee

I used to watch YouTube videos

people all over including one of the

is like. W ha t i s the firs t

all the time, my favorite

world's biggest teen artists, Justin

thi ng you do w h en you w ake

YouTubers were Mitchell Davis to

Bieber. After JC and his friends

u p? W h at’s yo ur favorite

Shane Dawson and I thought to

made a dance video to "Call Me

cereal? A nd wh o is us ua lly

myself...I can do this too!

Maybe," by Carly Rae Jepsen,

the firs t p erso n you text?

Eventually I made my own

Justin Bieber took notice and tweeted it to his millions of fans.

The first thing I do when I wake up is go downstairs and see if my

Yet what we were thinking when talking about this triple threat was how flexible the star is as an

mom made food. I gotta have my breakfast. My favorite cereal is

channel, "Jcwithjelly". I didn't start off with a lot views at first until I made my current channel now known as "lifewithJc".

cookie crisp. I usually text

W h ere d oes yo ur ins pira ti on

see him rapping on some of his

whoever texted me over night, but

com e from to ma ke su ch

videos. And of course everything

aside from the phone I tweet my

creativ e v ideos ?

mentioned above about his style,

followers first thing!

entertainer. In fact you can even

and smile also hold truth for the

My inspiration really comes from

So tell us ho w m aki ng

anything and everything around

video s on Y ou Tu be cam e

me! For example, I got my

abo ut and w h en did you

inspiration from my 'Avicii' video

were able to ask the young star a

start getting lots of vi ews on

just by walking to class with my

few questions about the every day

you r cha nnel?

headphones in looking down at

young JC. When not making great videos, we were curious what a typical day of JC looks like. We

life of JC. Check out his interview!

my shoes.

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Do you h av e a fav orite v ideo

I've gotten a couple of different reactions. Some girls will follow me

tha t yo u’v e pu t o n You T ube?

around for a while and be shy to say hi while others scream my name as

My favorite video would have to be

soon as they see me.

my Call Me Maybe Video, mainly

W h at’s next for JC C aylen? A re you worki ng on any

because a lot my friends were involved

u pcom ing projects?

in it. Not only was being with friends a great factor but the success the video brought with Justin Bieber tweeting it was a great experience with 400,000+ video views. Yo u d o mu si c, ma ke vi deos and

Just sticking to YouTube and embracing every opportunity that comes my way. As for projects, I have a few coming up. I amstarting a new collab channel with 5 of my YouTube friends called "Our2ndLife", which will launch August 13, 2012. Another exciting project I am going to be starring in is a short film called "Press Prey" that will be released mid-September.

can act as w ell. Wh at is you r m ain g oal as an entertainer? My goal is to definitely keep making videos for my viewers as long as I can

F av orite pai r of sh oes yo u like to w ear? Va ns! I wea r th em everyw here.

on YouTube! F av orite Can dy? W h at wa s you r rea ction w hen you found ou t J us ti n Bieber

M y fa vo rite candy i sn' t w ell kn own , bu t th ey are called T ro lli Eggs . Th ey are so good , you h av e no i dea.

tweeted you r “Ca ll M e M aybe,”

F av orite Son g on you r iPo d?

video ?

Cu rrently m y fav orite song on m y iPod is "Ti me o f Y ou r Li fe" by Kid Ink (C ontinu ed on nex t pag e)

At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me when I saw "Justin tweeted your video" in the video comments...when I went to his twitter though, my jaw instantly dropped. My twitter blew up like never before, it was insane! W h at do peo ple do w h en th ey recog nize you wh en you ’re out?


1 . W elcom e To The 1.Ferris Bu eller's D ay O ff



2. K ara te kid

2 . Figh t For Your R ig ht

3. N apoleon D ynam ite

3 . I W ant It That Wa y

4. E T

4 . Jum p

5. A C hristm as Story

5 . R un It

Contact Info Jennifer Kristin

6. B ack To The F uture

6 . C alifornia Lov e

7. Gh ostb usters

7 . M aria M aria

8. B ig

8 . Since You B een Gone

9. Sta nd By Me

9 . W hy You S o Obsessed


10. W ho Fram ed Roger

W ith M e

Ra bb it

1 0. H ow To L ove

11. Littl e Merm a id

1 1. Pokerface

12. Fo rest Gu mp

1 2. H olla Bac k Girl

13. C hicago

1 3. W annab e

14. Toy Story

1 4. M y Hea rt W ill Go O n

15. Jaws

1 5. Tearing Up My H eart

16. The Six th Sense

1 6. B ea t It

17. M ean Girls

1 7. Sa y My N am e

18. The Notebook

1 8. M y Na m e Is

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So often in life we have many dreams that we never see get passed our notebooks or minds. We anticipate an idea taking

of his style and can't wait to show his fans his new music that will feature mostly dance songs. Adam Whittington isn't just

full effect but somehow the

an artist that leaves you with

hard work or busyness of

catchy songs, but leaves you

life get in between, which

with a message that tells his

ultimately stops us. Adam

fans it's more than music.

Whittington's new single,

With songs such as "Dare to

"Dare to Dream," gives us

Dream," and "Make the

that inspiration that many

World Love Again," Adam

may need at a time like

continues to impact not only

this in our world. This

his fans but also the world.

single leaves you with a

He even participated in an

message that inspires

anti bullying tour that took

everyone to dream today.

place across the

This artist does indeed

Western. Along with that,

enjoy giving his fans a

his single, "Make the World


Love Again," is featured in the new upcoming

movie London Bridge which features the King of Pop's daughter Paris Jackson. We are more than excited for what the future holds for this rising star. We were able to catch up with him and ask him a few questions of his music. Check it out on the next page!


The experience I had performing at 95.9 Kiss Fm Summer Slam is one I’ll always remember. The hospitality by the workers that put on this event is one I have yet to see anywhere else. The crowd was amazing and I had such an incredible time meeting with my wonderful fans and putting on a show for em. The performances put on by Sammy Adams, Colby O’Donis, and Stefano Langone were killer. They did such a great job! My dancers worked so hard getting ready for this event and I’m so proud of them as well. It was just an all around great time and was so glad I was able to perform there. Tell us about your new single, “D are to dream ,” and th e ov erall m essage in the song? My latest single “Dare to Dream” is a song that I’m very excited to have released. I started writing it in a hotel room when I was having a discouraging day and was really happy with how it was coming along so I brought it to my producer Sean Alexander and we finished it up. The song talks about what I’m all about and that’s following you’re dreams and never giving up. It’s a fun, upbeat, danceable song with lyrics that will hopefully leave you feeling inspired. W ha t do you want your listeners to get ou t of fro m listening to your m usic? My goal with my music is having songs that are fun to listen to while in the car jamming out or lyrics you can turn to when you’re having a down day and need something to pick you up. I think music can greatly affect people and that’s why I’m so picky about my lyrics. In the near future I’ll be releasing some strictly pop-dance songs and I’m excited about moving in the direction as well. I want to have a nice mix of inspirational and fun danceable tracks.

H ow wa s it b eing part of the ‘No Bul ly Tour’ for you last year a nd why are you passionate ab out tha t su bj ect? I had an amazing time on the tour! It was awesome being able to travel around with other talented artists promoting a cause that means a lot to me. Meeting with fans and getting to see new locations was a great experience. When I was younger I was bullied for my passion of music. Kids, teens, and even adults can be really cruel and don’t realize the impact that words and actions can have on someone. When I was asked to be a part of this great cause it was a no brainer because I wanted to raise awareness of what an epidemic bullying has become and bring hope to people who are dealing with bullying. To show people that they are valuable and people care about them is an experience I wouldn’t exchange for anything. Tell us about perform ing for the 9 5 .9 K iss Sum m er S lam with C olby O’D onis and Sa mm y A dam s and other talented a rtists?

H ow wa s it m eeting Paris Jackson whose fa th er ha s left such a huge im pa ct to the m u sic worl d? It was such an honor to meet the King of Pop’s daughter. Paris and her Grandmother were such kind, down to earth people. I was very excited to have my music placed on the promotional trailer for her upcoming movie. W ha t’s a c hall eng e that you’ve faced while pursuing a career in m usic? One of the challenges I’ve had especially when I first starting pursuing my career was learning patience. I’m the kind of personality that likes to constantly be doing things so it was difficult for me to learn to take things one step at a time. Now that I’ve gotten a little bit further into music I definitely enjoy when I get a break to see my family and friends. Continued on next page…

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I would definitely take my iPhone, Steaz (my favorite green tea), and my guitar. C an we ex pect a n album from you soon? Yes! I’m working on one right now and can’t wait to release it. I can’t give an exact release date yet, but make sure you’re watching for it soon.

B esides m usic wh at a re so me of your hob bies that yo u enjoy doing? I love photo and video editing, taking hikes in the woods, and playing baseball. W ha t adv ice can you give to other aspiring artists toda y? You got to start on the bottom of the mountain before you can climb to the top. So work hard, never give up and Dare to Dream.


Do you know anyone that would liked to be featured in our Magazine? Send us an email:

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When did you get into music and why? I've always been "into music". Ever side I was young I have been singing, singing since I could speak. But, professionally, I didn't get into music until I was 15. You do a lot of dancing on stage, are you naturally a good dancer or did you have to work extremely hard to get really

Brock zanrosso Not Afraid of the Challenge By Lisa Wilson

Hahahahah! It is very hard work! I've had to do a lot of training (as I've never had any previously). Also, the choreographers I work

In an industry where playing it

with are some of my best friends, so they help me out ALOT!

safe seems like the best way to go, Brock is not afraid of the challenge

What is one of your most

in bringing something new in his music. After being a finalist in


With his new EP coming out

embarrassing stories that you’ve experienced as an artist?

Canada's hit reality show, "The

soon, "Love Kills," Brock's

Next Star," Brock was able to grow

excitement can't be contained as he

as an artist and since then, has

hopes soon for all to hear. With a

worked hard every day. His future

love for music that could not be

goals as an artist include getting

separated with any other future,

were there‌but, all they wanted

involved into different markets to

Brock hopes to make this his life for

was a hug!

really showcase his craft. With a

the long run. Besides a supporting

pool of other great Canadian talents

cast of his many fans, Brock thanks

that we've seen such as Justin

his mom for always supporting him

Because I love IT!!! People have

Bieber, hip hop artist Drake and

in his endeavors and sticking by his

always told me to do something

Carly Rae Jepsen, it's safe to say

side in his decision to be an artist.

that I love, and what I love is

that Brock Zanrosso will soon join

Check out the interview from

their bracket.


Oh my. Well once, a few girls waited outside a restaurant while I ate with my friends‌ For 2 hours!!! I didn't even know they

Why a music career and not something else?

performing. If I can make this my life, I'll be the happiest person in the world. (Continued on next pg)

Lorem Ipsum

What are some of your future goals as artist? I'd love to break into different markets, and really showcase who I am, and what I'm trying to do with my craft. I don't think I've

"Go to school. Become a

If the stylist wants to put me

doctor". My mom believes in

in a shoulder padded, studded,

me :)

and spiked piece… I say "I'm

What did you learn from being part of “The Next Star” and how was that experience for you?

showcased that enough in the past, and am definitely looking to in the future. What is the most memorable thing a fan has said, made or did for you? Someone made me sign their forehead… :I

It was a wonderful experience. The show generally just puts you in a place where you feel more comfortable in the industry, and you get your foot in the door; which was exactly what I needed. How do you set yourself apart from other artists today? Many of the male artists in

Tell us about your new EP coming

today's industry I feel are

out, ‘Love Kills,’ and how the

afraid to take risks. With the

process is going?

new EP and the new music video for the next single

The process is done! Which I couldn't be happier about. It's a five song EP and it is HYPE! I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. It is a definite step in the direction that I'm looking to go as an artist. Who is that person for you that have always believed in your dreams that you feel has helped you a lot in career? My mother. She still puts so much of her own time and effort into organizing things for me etc. when a lot of parents would say…

"Drowning" you'll see that I'm

all about it". The next music video is going to be stylistically, artistically, and verrrryyyy visually appealing and I can't wait to shoot/release it! CHECK OUT BROCK On His Social Networks and Website!


Surrency, who toured with artists such as Nickelback, Limp Bizkit, Evanescence and more! When Katsuo is not working hard making music for others, he takes time aside to be the artist that he is today. With his new EP, "Silver Tongue," which can be purchased through iTunes and other distributors, was written and produced himself. The sky's the limit for this talented artist who has the ability to write, sing, produce, direct and edit his own videos! As an independent artist, Katsuo has learned many things and advises others that want a career in music to, "don't wait around but learn the skills and do it yourself." We got a chance to catch up with the UK artist and ask him about his music!

Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your favorite day of the week? Favorite Holiday? And favorite song right now?


Well, I'm 22 and I live in the UK. I'm tall. My favorite

The Sky's the Limit

day of the week right now is Monday, because the music

By Lisa Wilson

industry wakes up again after being asleep all weekend

What do you get when you combine music sounds from pop, dance, dubstep and rock? The answer is Katsuo! With an infinite amount of skills added to an impressive musical resume, this young UK musician is setting the bar when it comes to

and replies to all my emails. My favorite holiday? Uhh... I've never really thought about that. My favorite song right now is probably something by Sleigh Bells, or Conor Maynard's latest track. Where does your inspiration come from to write songs and produce music?

producing music. Katsuo blends different

That's a big question. Musically, when I was really young,

sounds to create music not only for himself

I was into Michael Jackson, then as a teenager I got really

as an artist but also for the ones he

into rock like Green Day, Lostprophets, Incubus etc. At

produces for. He has produced for many

University, I discovered Justin Timberlake and eventually

talented artists including Zoe Ann, the

got back into Michael Jackson - in the last few couple

Texas native who is managed by Richie

(Continued on next page)

Lorem Ipsum

of years I've discovered Skrillex and dubstep. So, those three influences together creates my sound - I describe it as electrorock/popstep. I think music is incredibly powerful. I take a lot of influence from video games and films though, too, and Japanese and Asian culture. ^_^ See? How do you like producing music for other artists? And what is your process when you produce for them? I think it's great to work with other people I mean obviously it depends who I'm working with! But, I always learn a lot from those experiences, about production, songwriting and performance. Often the artist will come to me with a song idea and I'll get to work producing it and we kind of craft the track together from there sometimes, if an artist comes to me online, the production is more in my hands and I just send them clips of what I've been working on to update them. Tell us about your EP that just recently came out Silver Tongue? What’s your favorite song from it? Silver Tongue is, in my eyes, a perfect debut record for me because the sound on the tracks is a sound that I want to be known for, in the future. As a first record, it is, of course, a somewhat primitive interpretation of a sound that will inevitably change and shift and develop over the course of my career but it feels like I've set off in the right direction. I love all of the tracks on Silver Tongue, but the title track is probably my favorite - it was actually the first track I produced for Katsuo and it just set the bar for everything else on the record. It's cocky, it's fat and dirty, it's poppy, it has all the electro glitchy sounds on the vocal and it has a healthy dose of dubstep undertone to it. And of course, I'm very proud of the robotic video for it!

What are you doing when you’re not working on music? Talking to people about my music & networking mostly. But when I'm not doing that, you'll probably either find me playing video games (adventure games mostly, something I can get my teeth into), practicing Kung Fu (assistant instructor!), cooking or talking to strangers. I find people fascinating. I studied social interaction for quite a while, because I wanted to really understand humans. ^_^ What are some of your goals as an artist? I want to really take music to new places and I want to blend different forms of media to create a really compelling experience. For my next album, I want to make a feature film to be released alongside it. I've been talking to my manager at Tuned-1n about it, we're looking at how we can do it. I also want to cross over into video games - my plans are to turn Katsuo into a multifaceted brand that covers several forms of modern media! How important are your fans to you? Well, fans make or break an artist. Nothing I did would have any real meaning if there wasn't someone there to listen to it and appreciate it. I don't like the word 'fan' because it carries an implication of a sort of crazed, faceless individual who worships this higher, godlike entity. If there's anything I learned as an independent artist, it's that the line between 'fan' and 'friend' is pretty thin! Who is someone you would love to collab with in the future? Skrillex, oh my stars. (continued on next page)


I've been wanting to make an album with Skrillex for a long time. I think we could make something incredibly powerful together! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Making records, playing shows all over the world, making films and video games. I wanna build a city in space one day... but that's maybe, ten years. ; ) What advice do you have for other artists today looking to start a career in music? Before I started Katsuo, I was in several projects and my plan was always to get signed and get backing. When it came to Katsuo, I decided to ditch that plan altogether and do everything myself releases, promotion, all of it. I started Katsuo in April - 3 months of hard work later and I'm already signed to a great management company and I have record labels interested. ^_^So, my advice would be: Don't wait around for something to come and sweep you away. Learn all the skills you need to make it yourself - I produce, write, sing, play several instruments, direct & edit videos, do all my own web design and my own promotion & untill now, I've done all my own networking, too. The modern world is a brutal place to try to make it as an artist, so arm yourself will the skills you need to cut through. Now stop reading this and go get to work! ; D

To hear Katsuo’s music visit him at:

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it was my own dysfunctional relationship at the time, maybe it was all of it, but something about that song struck a chord with me. I decided to keep an open ear. Being only a casual fan of R&B, it wouldn’t be for another year that I heard his name again, this time on rapper Wale’s 2011 smash-single “Lotus Flower Bomb.” With all due respect to Wale, if there was one song this writer could point out to highlight what Miguel brings to the game, it would be this one. Pouring his heart out to the imaginary woman of his dreams, Miguel belts out, “We’re living in a fantasy/I feel it when you dance with me/It’s feeling like you need to be/ My lady, my baby.” Every man has felt this feeling, and the emotion in his voice is what captures it. I’m not afraid to admit I’ve screamed this chorus at the top of my lungs while in traffic. Hailing from Los Angeles, Miguel is now on his way to become an international superstar with the release of his second studio album, Kaleidoscope Dreams. As a different twist, the album is being released in three parts. The first was just released on July 31. The next installment will be released in September, culminating with the album release in October. Each installment comes with 3 songs, with the final album having a total of 11 tracks. Miguel has previously used this marketing technique with his EP Art Dealer Chic.

MIGUEL Simplicity meets passion By Hugo Justice It has been a little over two years since I first heard the name Miguel Jontel Pimentel, or as he is more commonly known by his stage name, simply Miguel. It was a track titled, “All I Want Is You,” featuring J.Cole. The song became an anthem for any man or woman who had ever gone through a breakup, and then questioned their decision. The chorus features a melancholy Miguel, slowly crooning for his lost love, repeating the words, “All I Want is You.” He goes on to describe his thoughts, regrets and other musings in his now famous falsetto tone. Maybe it was the rawness in Cole’s opening verse, “Cold World/I never thought I’d see the day that you’re my old girl,“ maybe it was Miguel’s haunting chorus, maybe

“Adorn,” which is his current single heating up the airwaves, is the epitome of “baby-making,” music. Evoking a young Prince, Miguel deliberately describes his admiration for a beautiful young lady, “You just got to let my love, let my love, let my love adorn you.” This is where Miguel shines, simplicity fused with passion. With simple but poignant lyrics and a distinctly gripping voice, Miguel’s star is shining bright and he is one of the bonafide up and coming stars to look out for in 2012 and beyond.


LEVI MITCHELL Living A Life Worth Imitating By Lisa Wilson

Levi Mitchell wrote his first song at the age of five and since then, has not stopped. After continuously getting stopped by strangers saying he resembled Justin Bieber, Levi started getting invited to perform at different charities and events impersonating the teen. From there, Levi started "The Just Like Justin Show," where he would lead shows singing Justin

Your original song “Written all Over,” was that song written with someone in mind?

music of his own and when the

The song was written about Jesus and he lives in my heart and if all was taken away and all was gone and my life was torn apart you would still see Jesus in me.

talented rising star gets asked to

How did your show, “The Just Like Justin Show,” start?

Bieber songs. Yet now, Levi has

perform today, it's as Levi Mitchell not Justin Bieber. Besides launching his career as an artist, this teen spends a good amount of time being involved at his church. In fact, he sings every week with the youth praise team and puts Jesus and his faith first in his life. Something that he also has in common with Justin Bieber, who thanked Jesus after receiving an award last year. For himself, he continues to lead by example and lives a life worth imitating.

When I would go to public places a few years ago people would say "oh, you look like Justin Bieber" then they would ask me to come and perform at their events, charity's and parties. It was natural for me to do that since I already sang and was comfortable performing. This gig helped me learn allot about different venues and has given me an opportunity to perform in front of large crowds. You have pictures with Isreal Houghton and doing street ministry? Do you have a faith background? And how important is it in your life? The picture with Isreal Houghton was taken at my church as our praise team did an album with him. My parents raised me in church and I sing every week with the youth praise team and have hopes of being a pastor someday. I would say I have a Christian faith background and that Jesus is first in my life. That is why it is important to lead by example, live a life worth imitating.

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How do you want to grow as an artist? Well, I am already almost 6 feet tall... but I get what you mean. I want to grow in my piano skills and pick up other instruments. I am also looking at having more people to perform with on a regular. Who is someone you would love to collab with in the future? Jimmy Needham, The Fray, One Republic, Maroon 5, The Script, Switchfoot When did you start writing songs?

“If you really want music as a career it takes heart, When I was 5 years old I wrote my first song remember it too.... Do you have a favorite quote or saying when things get tough in your life? Don't Cry .... Blue Skies. At least that is what I tell my mom when she is sad. But I usually lean on Psalms 23. Can we expect an album from you soon? Actually, my album "Life as I know it" is done!! It should be available on iTunes and with local distribution by the end of August 2012. "Written all over" is on this album as well as "The Way" which is on iTunes now.

dedication and sacrifices.”

WHAT LEVI LIKES! 1. Cookies and Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip: Cookies and Cream 2. Basketball or Football: (Footbasket) as I can not choose 3. Xbox 360 or Playstation: Xbox 360 Check Out Levi on his social networks: For Bookings contact Levi’s label, Rainman Entertainment: Jennifer Kristin


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Taylor Marie Love and Music By Michelle Tuyub

Taylor Marie’s path as a musical artist started a little different from the rest. Having gotten into modeling before pursuing her dreams as an artist, Taylor Marie decided to do music just a year after she started pursuing dreams to walk the runway. Changing gears at the age of 14, Taylor attended the School of Rock Frisco. From there, she her talents extended to being able to play the drums, bass, guitar and piano. Yet it wasn’t until she was asked to sing in a song where she realized how much she loved singing! With influences like Adele and Sarah Jaffe; Taylor Marie writes her own music with the help of her co-writer. Some of Taylor's favorite places to write are in her room. With goals already in the horizon Taylor Marie's new album Breaking Points and Sleepless Nights is a depiction of her connection with her audience and the situations that many can go through. Taylor Marie wants people to know that they are not alone even in pursuing your dreams. Tell us how you got your start in music? I was about 14 and I enrolled in School Of Rock Frisco. What made you get into singing after playing so many instruments for so long?

TAYLOR MARIE I enrolled in School Of Rock and they put me on a song to sing and that’s when I realized I love singing and wanted to do something with it. Who are some of your influences today? Sarah Jaffe and Adele are my main influences. Tell us about your writing process? Do you have a favorite place you write songs? Do you start with the lyrics first then music? Usually I come up with the music and the melody first, and then I begin writing lyrics.

My favorite place to write my songs is in my room. Taylor Marie’s Top Favorites. 1. Cereal: Honey bunches of oats 2. Movie: Titanic 3. Clothing Store: Urban outfitters Tell us about your new album Breaking Points and Sleepless Nights? And what you wanted your viewers to get from listening to that album? Breaking points and sleepless nights is mainly about heartbreak and broken homes. Continued on next pg…


I want my listeners to be able to relate to the situations I write about and know that they aren't alone. What are some of your goals that you hope to obtain in the future with your music?

love you for who you are and what you have to offer and that's all that will ever matter.

To write more music, play more venues, meet more artists, record another album :)

Finish this sentence for us! It is now five years later 2017, Taylor Marie just‌?

Do you have a certain routine that you do before you perform live?


I usually practice certain warm ups and I drink hot tea. What's the best advice you've gotten so far in pursuing your dreams as an artist? To never give up. Because no matter what there will always be people that don't like you and that will try to bring you down, but then you remember the people that

...Headlined and sold out American Airlines center.

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