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21 May 2013 Hi all, Following another successful A&P Show and Warkworth Rodeo (excluding the brief power scare) in 2013 the Warkworth Showgrounds developments are continuing as planned. While we have had a number of meetings with various Warkworth Showgrounds user groups upon request, we felt that it was timely to send a wider update on where the works are at and the ongoing focus for 2013/14. Physical works Many of you will have noticed Wharehine on site and the physical works for 2013 are well underway, if slightly dampened by the recent downpours. Over the next eight months the following will be undertaken.

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Commence completion of Hockey #1 platform Commence the formation of the North Western carpark extension Commence earthworks for No.4 Training field (possible future Hockey #2) The commencement of the of the Northern entrance pending discussions with NZTA Construction of the replacement toilet block

Updated Development Plan Following all the feedback from late last years individual stakeholder meetings some minor revisions were undertaken to the Development plan, namely the reorientation of the Multipurpose building and the shifting of the netball courts to ensure they were not isolated and surrounded by the carpark. We have attached these recommended changes and will be seeking formal confirmation of this development plan from the Local Board in July. If you are one of the sports user groups immediately impacted upon by these minor changes (Rugby, Hockey, Football, Netball) please confirm by the 4th June that these have captured your suggestions. Leases While the Council lease team is very busy confirming leases across Rodney the Warkworth Showgrounds remain a priority. For a number of the user groups with buildings on the Showgrounds leases will be required and they will contacted in due course. The Rugby lease was recently confirmed and negotiations are underway with respect to the Hockey Lease. Multipurpose Building It is expected that this project should gain significant traction in 2013/14 with planning for this facility. Council have had preliminary discussions with the Mahurangi Sport and Recreation Collective and it is anticipated these will be ongoing throughout 2013. If you have any queries or questions regarding the Warkworth Showgrounds development please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind Regards Andrew

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Warkworth Showgrounds Update  

It's been a long time coming, but at last all the stakeholder groups have been consulted and the Sport & Recreation Team at Auckland Council...