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Welcome to Give it a Go Term 2 Just because Freshers is over, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved with any the masses of opportunities that are available to you as a student at York. Whether you get involved with a sports club, society, volunteering group or any of the other opportunities in this booklet, we can guarantee that your experiences will pave the way to your dream job after graduation. We’ve teamed up with YUSU Bars, Careers, York Alumni Association and a whole host of other bodies in the university to make sure that you have the very best of what’s around at York. This is the only place you’ll be able to get access to some of the opportunities that are being offered to you, so make sure you take advantage of the chances you’re given here and use them to help you get ahead post-graduation. Let us know what you want to see, too. Share your thoughts with us by emailing You can find us on Facebook by searching ‘YUSU Give It A Go’ or you can find us on Twitter @GIAGYork. Here’s to 2016 being the most exciting and adventurous year of your life. Remember, Give It A Go is #NotJustForFreshers


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4. Careers 5. YAA

York Alumni Association

6. Centre for Global Programmes 7. YUSU Bars 8. Societies 11. RAG & Volunteering

12. Campaigning & Democracy 13. Activators 14. Sport 16. Trips 17. Teach First 18. Calendar


York Award Apply for the York Award to help you get involved, develop new skills, be rewarded for extracurricular achievement and impress employers. Final Year Students The York Award application form is now available to download. Don’t miss your chance to apply and impress employers with all you have done! The deadline is Friday of Week 3. First Year Students Have you done enough to earn the York Award? There is still time to get involved in University life! Get to grips with the key skills you need to demonstrate and have a sneak preview of the application form before it goes live in Week 8.


Key Dates Risky Business Lifting the lid on the range of exciting careers in insurance Weds 20th Jan, 5.30pm-7pm Physics Exhibition Centre Assessment Centre Day Top employers sharing insight on how to succeed Weds 27th Jan, 1.30pm-4.30pm, Ron Cooke Hub Summer Internships and Work Experience Fair Get your Summer ‘16 sorted! Tues 2nd Feb, 12pm-3pm, James Hall Working In Marketing, PR and Advertising; Health; and Criminal Justice Tues 23rd Feb, 6.30pm-9pm, Physics Exhibition​Centre See the Careers website for details of what’s on and more. Don’t forget you can book appointments for careers advice, applications support and practice interviews

The One­-Stop Fundraising Shop Run by Giving to York Fri 29th Jan, YourSpace 6pm-7.30pm The clue is in the title, we want to let you know everything about fundraising for a project whilst you’re at York. Giving to York will talk you through everything, from where you can get your money right the way through to writing the best application you can, submitting it and writing up reports and follow­ ups after you’ve got your funding. This session is an absolute must if you’ve got a passion project that you want to pursue at uni!


LinkedIn for Life Run by York Alumni Association Tues 23rd Feb, D/114 6.15pm-8pm LinkedIn is a massively growing website that aims to get you as many professional connections as you can to boost your employability after you leave uni. It’s increasingly becoming a place that employers look when they receive applications or when they want to advertise a job. This session will let you know everything you need to know with some refreshments and this is a must book event too, so get ahead of the game, get down to this session and get LinkedIn! You can book to attend the ‘LinkedIn for Life’ session by emailing

The University of York has a thriving alumni community based around the world, but no matter how far away they live, their passion and involvement with York continues. Through York Alumni Association and Giving to York they give time and money to support scholarships, bursaries, clubs and societies as well as career support through mentoring, placements and internships. So how can you benefit from their help? These sessions will help you understand the funding options available through GIving to York and how you can use LinkedIn to get ahead of the game when it comes to your career.



Configuring Collective Difference Weds 10th Feb, 2.15pm-3.45pm What is culture? And how do cultures typically exhibit differences? In this session we introduce some classic orientations along which we can configure cultural differences and explore how these can help us avoid critical incidents. WWW .

The Centre for Global Programmes is the university’s department that deals with cultural exchanges. In a world that’s becoming more and more global, interacting with different cultures will only enhance your employment prospects - check out these stimulating sessions and see if one takes your fancy! Check our social media for room details. WWW .

Demystifying and Exploring Creativity Weds 3rd Feb, 2.15pm-3.45pm What is creativity? And how can it be taught? In this session we look at a simple model of innovation and workshop some practical techniques to improve our imaginations.


Introduction to Argument Mapping Weds 17th Feb, 2.15pm-3.45pm What is an argument and how can we go about systematically building and dismantling them? In this session we look at how argument mapping can help us better visualise complex arguments and indicate where these might be strengthened or attacked.


Dealing with Difference Weds 24th Feb, 2.15pm-3.45pm How does it feel to be immersed in an alien culture? How can I successfully negotiate cultural difference? In this session we perform a group role play used to prepare diplomats for overseas missions and explore techniques that can help us move beyond simplistic judgments.

Everybody knows that the YUSU bars and kitchens are massive social hubs on campus - York wouldn’t be the same without them. But did you also know that 95% of all YUSU Bars staff are also students at the University? These jobs are designed to fit around the student lifestyle while also making sure that people can afford to study at York. We’re putting on these sessions to help you land a job whilst you’re a student at York ... take advantage of them!

Week 2 WWW .

How to make the Perfect Coffee Sat 16th Jan, Kitchen@Alcuin 10am-11am/11.30am-12.30pm 1pm-2pm Go from coffee newbie to know it all in an hour! £3 per person Only 4 spaces per session.

Week 4 WWW .

Basic Bar Training Sat 30th Jan, Courtyard 9am-10am/10am-11am Fast training that’ll get you pulling the perfect pint. £3 per person Only 5 spaces per session.

Week 6 WWW .

Kitchen Practical Training Sat 13th Feb, Courtyard 9am-10am Useful, practical tips that will get you that kitchen job. £1.50 per person Only 3 spaces per session.

Week 8 WWW .

Bar and Cocktail Training Sat 27th Feb, The Lounge 6pm-8pm From pint pulling to pina coladas, learn everything you need to know about cocktail making. £5 per person Only 5 spaces.

Week 9 WWW .

How to make the Perfect Coffee Sat 5th Mar, Kitchen@Alcuin 10.30am-11.30am/1pm-2pm A repeat of the Week 2 session in case you missed it! £3 per person Only 4 spaces per session.


Week 2

Societies are a fundamental part of student life and give you the opportunity to try things that you may never try again. Societies are also a great way to secure your your post-graduation job - by getting involved you’ll become more confident and personable and by taking on committee positions, you’ll be demonstrating the management skills that employers dream of. There are 180 societies for you to try out at York, why not try one of these?

Week 1

Revelation Rock Gospel Thurs 7th Jan, D/L/116 7.30pm-9.30pm Fancy singing, soloing, arranging, signing, playing or conducting with the most welcoming, fun-loving choir on campus? This is your chance! Pop along to D/L/116 to meet Team Revelation, join one of their rehearsals and see how you can get involved.


Looking Glass Anthology Taster Editorial Meeting Tues 12th Jan, FR Leavis Room 6.30pm-7.30pm Love reading? Read and discuss creative writing submissions in this informal, friendly environment before giving the writers some feedback...biscuits will be provided!

Swing Dance Taster Session Weds 13th Jan, Hendrix Hall 8pm-9.30pm Back by popular demand, Swing Dance Soc will teach you the basic steps of Lindy Hop and have you swinging around the dancefloor in no time. No need to bring a partner (or even dance ability), just bring along £1 and you’ll be away.

Beginners Latin & Ballroom with Dancesport Thurs 14th Jan, James Dining Hall 1pm-4pm Dancesport’s session was such a big success last term that they’re back with more this term. Dancesport is an ideal way to try something new, make friends and exercise so Give It A Go!

Week 3

Quidditch with Harry Potter Muggle Society Weds 20th Jan, 22 Acres 1.30pm-4.30pm Yes, we have a Harry Potter Society and yes, they play Quidditch! Head over to 22 Acres for a workout like no other...get fit, get your teamwork skills going and Give It A Go!

SPiKL Taster Session Thurs 28th Jan, P/L/007 6.30pm-8.30pm Ever wanted to learn a language in another way to LFA? Why not become fluent more quickly by meeting and speaking with a native speaker from another country? Language skills are in massive demand from employers right now so head on down and Give It A Go!

Concert Band Taster Session Sat 23rd Jan, Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 5pm-7pm Got an instrument that you haven’t played in a while? Come along to try out some fun wind band music and enjoy free biscuits with a friendly bunch of musicians!

YSTV Filmmaking Challenge Sat 30th Jan, YSTV Studio (Oppoisite James G/020) 1pm-4pm In an increasingly multimedia age, basic camera and editing skills are a massive string to your bow for employers. Find out how to use this equipment in a chilled out, informal session that will teach you all the basics.

Week 4

Learn to DJ with Breakz ... Part 2 Weds 27th Jan, YourSpace 7pm-10pm DJing can open up a whole realm of employment opportunities. This session will show you where DJing can take you!

The Big FetSoc Quiz Sun 31st Jan, The Lounge 7pm-Late With the second ‘Fifty Shades’ film coming out, it’s time to test your knowledge of kink and sex. A great night out with friends kinky or curious!


Week 5

York Student Cinema: 50th Anniversary Film Screening Fri 5th Feb, P/X/001 7.30pm-Till Late York Student Cinema is 50 years old this term! To celebrate, they’re hosting a FREE screening of what you think is the best film of the past 50 years. Vote online, sit back and enjoy the film.

PokerSoc Taster Session Sat 6th Feb, D/L/037 6.15pm-7pm Always tried to play poker but given up after giving too much away? Learn from the professionals at PokerSoc how to master the craft of poker playing and stick around for the society’s poker tournament straight afterwards!


Week 6

ComedySoc Workshop Weds 10th Feb, V/045 3pm-6pm ComedySoc are hosting introductory comedy workshops which you are welcome to drop into at any point. With an hour of improvisation, stand up and writing, there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Palestinian Solidarity Introduction Thurs 11th Feb, P/L/007 6.30pm-8.30pm Head over to P/L/007 for an introduction to Palestinian solidarity featuring cultural activities and music. An ideal way to find out more about this issue in an informal and safe environment.

Grand Recycling Day Sat 9th Jan, Bishopthorpe Village Hall 9am-3pm Sometimes Christmas gifts go unwanted or unneeded. This event gives people a place to exchange gifts to find something else that they. Go along, help run the event and maybe pick a couple of things up for yourself.

Blood Drive Mon 11th Jan, James Dining Hall 9am-6pm Start 2016 in the right way - save somebody’s life! Giving blood is simple, easy to do and will go to help people who need it most.

MEG Weds 27th Jan, D/L/003 3pm-6pm MEG (Music Education Group) put on a huge number of sessions in local schools that you can get involved with, so why not do just that? This session is designed to show you what you can get involved with and how, so don’t miss out.

York Marrow Drop In Weds 20th Jan, Library Foyer 1pm-7pm York Marrow is set up to register people to donate bone marrow to those who desperately need it. Why not head down to the Library Foyer to help them get more recruits on board and if you haven’t signed up yet, why not do it now?

Harmony Cafe Sat 20th Feb, Meet at Market Square 1.30pm-4pm Make somebody’s day a little brighter and head along to the Harmony Cafe for an afternoon helping the elderly get out and about and socialise. Sound like something you’d be interested in doing? Email

As a student at York, you have so much power to make a real difference - why not harness that power? Volunteering even the smallest amount of your time can make a massive impact...employers also love someone who has been proactive and put the time aside to help others, so give these opportunities a go and see where they take you!


Week 6

Officer elections are a massive part of student life at York. The people who you vote in will be the ones who represent you in all aspects of university life. Standing for officership is also another fantastic experience offered to students at York. By standing, you’ll be developing the leadership, marketing and people skills that employers would kill for and if you win, you get a whole year to develop those further!

Full Time Officers’ Debates Sun 14th Feb, Roger Kirk Centre 7.30pm-Till Late You’ve had a week to hear from the candidates individually, and now the Full Time Officer candidates go head to head in an evening of hustings designed to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting from each of them. YSTV will be streaming the whole event live and voting will open at the end of the debates so stay tuned!

Week 7

Week 1-4 Nominate Yourself! This is your chance to put your name in the hat and enter the running for a student officer position. If you’re not sure what each role is about, talk to the current officers about what they do, see if it interests you and start thinking about what you can bring to the position.


Elections Results Night Sat 20th Feb, Roger Kirk Centre 8pm-Till Late This is it, the night where we find out who your new YUSU officers will be! Over the course of the night the winners of all positions will be out and the whole event will be covered by student media, but why not turn up to the event and watch the action unfold live?

Activators are weekly sports sessions designed entirely for beginners. Competition isn’t the aim - these sessions are all about getting involved and getting active. These sessions run every week between Weeks 3 and 10 so you’ve got plenty of opportunities to get involved!

No Strings Badminton Every Friday, Sports Centre Main Hall 3.30pm-5.30pm Get active with these sessions from the Badminton club. They’re fast paced, fun and informal with (literally) no strings attached! Head on down, take part and Give It A Go!

Women’s Football Every Monday, JLD Pitch 5.30pm-6.30pm Football isn’t just for men! After the England women’s football team’s success in the World Cup this year, why not go #Bold4Gold and give women’s football a go? Each session costs just £1.50 per person.

Touch Rugby Every Friday, JLD Pitch 6pm-7pm Touch rugby is a fantastic way to keep active. It’s fast-paced, high tempo and no contact! This is the perfect session to attend if you want to build your skills up before trying rugby league or rugby union.

Netball Every Thursday, The Tent, 5.30pm-6.30pm Netball is one of the university’s most established club - that doesn’t that they’re not looking for new ways for you to get involved, though! If you haven’t played netball since school and want to give it another go, then this is the session for you. Each session costs £1.50 to attend.

Men’s Football Every Saturday, Hes East 3G Pitches 7pm-8pm So many people think that you have to be a professional footballer to play football at don’t! UYAFC have set up these sessions for complete beginners to get an introduction to the Beautiful experience necessary! Each session costs £1.50 to attend.


Sport is an ideal way to enhance your employability skills. Communication, teamwork, strategic name it, you’ll learn it through playing sport and you’ll be able to transfer it into your career after university! Take a look at some ways that you can get involved with sport at York!

Week 2

Badminton Mon 11th Jan, Sports Centre Main Hall 7pm-10pm Come along to Hes West Sports Centre for some fast-paced fitness fun! It’s easy to pick up and a great laugh so what excuse do you have?

Jiu Jitsu Weds 13th Jan, Derwent Squash Courts 1pm-3pm Jiu jitsu is a Japanese martial art that focuses on defence in close-combat situations. It’s made up of a huge variety of different moves which can be used in different scenarios and this makes it stand out from different martial arts, so head down and Give it a Go!


Badminton Thurs 14th Jan, Sports Centre Main Hall 3pm-5pm Couldn’t make Monday’s Badminton session? Or do you just want more? Either way, this is the session for you.

Archery Sat 16th Jan, Sports Centre Main Hall 11am-1pm Following a massive Give It A Go session last term, the archery club are hosting another session to get you involved.

Badminton Sun 17th Jan, Sports Centre Main Hall 9am-11am Badminton are back with their third session this term - you’ve absolutely no excuses for not taking part now.

Week 3

Jiu Jitsu Weds 20th Jan, Derwent Squash Courts 1pm-3pm Want to give Jiu Jitsu another go? Why not? Head over and try it out.

Rugby League Thurs 21st Jan, 3G Pitches on Hes East 5pm-6pm If you want a high intensity workout then rugby league is the sport for you! A faster paced version of the game, this is sure to get pulses racing and muscles built so head over to the 3G pitches and Give it a Go!

Women’s Cricket Sun 24th Jan, Sports Centre Main Hall 2pm-4pm A fun filled session of cricket for beginners, It’s a brilliant social sport in a fun and inclusive environment.

Week 4

Rugby League Thurs 28th Jan, 3G Pitches on Hes East 5pm-6pm If you missed last week and still want to try out rugby league, come along to this session to have a go!

Week 8

Tai Chi Weds 24th Feb, Derwent Squash Courts 8pm-10pm As term starts to get a little crazy, unwind a little with this session that’s designed to promote wellbeing and mindfulness - the perfect way to relax and de-stress.

Skiing Date To Be Confirmed Castleford Ski Centre 1pm-6pm Didn’t manage to make it to the Alps over Christmas? YuSnow are hosting another session but spaces are limited! Tickets cost £25 each and can be bought from Keep an eye on our social media pages to find out when tickets go live.




Newcastle Sat 23rd Jan, 8.45am-6pm Newcastle is a thriving city with plenty to see and do. With some fantastic museums and galleries, some stunning buildings and bars and restaurants to rival that of any other major UK city, you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to things to do! Tickets cost £10 each and can be bought from

Liverpool Sat 30th Jan, 8.45am-6pm Liverpool is one of the North’s biggest and most lively cities and we’re giving you the chance to experience it! Head to the Cavern Club, shop at the Liverpool One shopping centre and take a ride on a Yellow Submarine! Tickets cost £12 and can be bought from the YUSU website.




Oxford Sat 13th Feb, 7.15am-7pm Oxford is perhaps the UK’s most beautiful cities with some of the most stunning architecture in the country, as well as some excellent shops and some incredible restaurants. Buy your tickets for this exclusive trip at the YUSU website now - they only cost £17. WWW .




Getting out and exploring the world around you is a big part of becoming a well-rounded person that employers want to snap up straight after graduation. Why not check out these trips to see if you fancy exploring any of these big UK cities? Prices are ridiculously low and we’re expecting them to sell quickly so book now to avoid disappointment.

Edinburgh Sat 27th-Sun 28th, Feb 8am-6pm In a first for Give It A Go, we’re going overnight! Check out the incredible city of Edinburgh; its theatres and streets, the Royal Mile and the Castle are all yours to discover over two days, with a range of accommodation to suit all budgets. Shared, mixed dormitory: £46 Twin room: £49 per person

so you have Apply now for our Leadership Development Programme

Charity No. 1098294

a great degree

what’s next? business, industry

or the city? maybe you’re set on changing society?

wherever you’re heading, become

a leader inspire young people

teach first

leaders for life

Toib Olomowewe Teaches: Business Studies


Week Commencing:




4th January


11th January

Blood Drive Badminton

18th January

Women’s Football

Risky Business Quidditch Marrow Jiu Jitsu

25th January

Women’s Football

Assessment Centre Day Learn to DJ MEG

1st February

Women’s Football

8th February

Women’s Football

Configuring Collective Difference ComedySoc

15th February

Women’s Football

Introduction to Argument Mapping

22nd February

Women’s Football

Looking Glass Anthology

Summer Internships Fair

Working In... LinkedIn For Life

Swing Dance Jiu Jitsu

Tai Chi Demystifying and Exploring Creativity

Introduction to Conceptual Metaphor





Revelation Rock Gospel

Grand Recycling Day

Badminton Beginners Latin and Ballroom

Archery How to Make the Perfect Coffee



No Strings Badminton Touch Rugby

Concert Band Newcastle Trip Men’s Football

Women’s Cricket

Rugby League SPiKL Netball

One-Stop Fundraising Shop No Strings Badminton Touch Rugby

Basic Bar Training YSTV Filmmaking Challenge Men’s Football

Big FetSoc Quiz


York Student Cinema No Strings Badminton Touch Rugby

Liverpool Trip PokerSoc Men’s Football

Palestinian Solidarity Netball

No Strings Badminton Touch Rugby

Kitchen Practical Training Men’s Football


No Strings Badminton Touch Rugby

Oxford Trip, Harmony Cafe, Elections Results Night Men’s Football


No Strings Badminton Touch Rugby

Bar and Cocktail Training Edinburgh Trip Men’s Football

Full Time Officers’ Debates

Edinburgh Trip


FIND OUT MORE Think this is everything? You’re wrong! You’ll be able to find more sessions appearing throughout term by going to: Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @GIAGYork Online: Email us on: Call us: 01904 323724 Visit us: Activities Office, The Student Centre, James College

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