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Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Volume 17, Number 15

– See our special salute to the Yorkton Terriers inside!

Film Fest. wraps for another year – Jingle Bell Rocks take top honors

Another successful Yorkton Film Festival has wrapped up after the city played host to film buffs from near an far, culminating with the Golden Sheaf Awards Gala on Saturday evening. “Each year Yorkton becomes the hotspot for highlighting the best of Canadian short cinema and this year was no exception,” says the festival’s director Randy Goulden. “The calibre of this year’s submissions was truly astonishing and we’re glad we were able to recognize not just the winners, but all of the nominees as well. There is an amazing amount of talent in our country. We’re anxiously looking forward to great films for next year’s festival.” Taking top honours at this year’s event was a film called Jingle Bell Rocks, which went home with the Best of the Festival Award. The film explores the emerging world of alternative based Christmas music and the people who produce and enjoy it. Director Mitchell Kezin, who was on hand to accept the award, also won the Emerging Film Maker Award and was nominated for the Research and Director (Non-Fiction) Award. “I had no idea I was even eligible for this award (Best of Festival) said Kezin following the ceremony. “So I’m flabbergasted and kind of overwhelmed. It’s such a shock. This is one of the most important festivals in North America, definitely in Canada, so I’m deeply honoured.” Also the recipient of the emerging film maker award, Kezin says he’s actually not that new to the business, rather this was his first feature length film. It’s just taken awhile to get here. Continued on Page 3.

Chamber talks TFWP By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer

A MILE IN THESE HOOVES is the story of two men in a donkey suit making a journey. As a part of this year’s Yorkton Film Festival event, filmmaker Justin Brylowski was in the city. Above he meets with Mayor Bob Maloney and councillor Randy Goulden – also Executive Director of the Film Festival – when he arrived in the suit to kick off the festival. See more on Page 2.


The Yorkton Chamber of Commerce is concerned about what is happening with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and hopes that it can quickly be reinstated. They recently drafted a letter to Gary Breitkreuz to advocate for getting the program reinstated. Juanita Polegi, Executive Director of the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce says that businesses in the area are seeing the impact of the program being suspended. She says that there are jobs that need to be filled, but not enough people to

fill them. “There just isn’t a steady supply of Canadian labor available to fill these positions.” Polegi says that due to the program’s suspension, some businesses have had to put expansion plans on hold or have to limit their operating hours due to a lack of staff. There has been some controversy surrounding the program, Polegi says that in many cases people are not well informed. She notes that it is expensive and time consuming to even apply, making it a last resort for the majority of businesses which take part. Continued on Page 8.

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Yorkton 306-783-9461

Page 2A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

YRHS BAND file photo

Two-person costumes – who knew?


The Yorkton Film Festival kicked off with the arrival of James Brylowski, director of A Mile in these Hooves, a short comedy about a pair of brothers travelling to California in a two-person donkey suit. To celebrate the film’s premiere in Yorkton, Brylowski travelled with the suit from Toronto, his arrival officially marking the beginning of the festival. Brylowski says that he wanted to raise awareness for people in two-person costumes, stopping in different towns along the way to raise awareness and meet people, including meeting Prince Charles

in Winnipeg. The film itself might be fiction, but in order to get it on film they had to make the same journey, putting about 13,000 kms on the van in the process, Brylowski explains. “It sounds like a goofy story, and it is goofy, but it’s not as goofy as you think. It’s actually really dramatic and intense, about these brothers and their relationship is falling apart... But they just so happen to be in a two-person donkey suit.” The idea for the film came from a combination of a love of landscape photography and a desire to set forth challenges involving twoperson costumes. “I wanted to make a road trip

movie, but I wanted to make it ridiculous, so I really liked the idea of having this two-person donkey suit running across these majestic, beautiful landscapes.” The suit itself has seen better days, and Brylowski says filming has not been kind to the burlap creation, and the donkey itself is sun bleached and torn, but still in one piece. “It’s been in the Pacific Ocean, dragged through the streets of LA, constantly coming in and out of the van. It’s a testament to Jamie Shannon, the donkey designer, that it’s still standing after the hell we put this through.” Brylowski takes a Golden Sheaf Award for Best Comedy back with him to Toronto.

YRHS bands take top awards

A group of Yorkton Regional High School students recently travelled to Chicago to attend a music competition and they returned with great success! Eighty-eight band students attended the “Music in the Parks” competition and took home the top awards which included the following: • 1st Place – Marching Band with Superior Rating (the top award handed out at the festival). • 1st Place – Senior Concert Band with Excellent Rating. • 1st Place – Junior Concert Band with Excellent Rating • 1st Place – Overall Concert Band Rating – YRHS Senior Band • Esprit De Corps Award – YRHS Band The Esprit De Corps Award is presented to students from a school who demonstrate proper social behaviour as well as musical behaviour and encouragement. Winners must possess the qualities of highly successful people who are sensitive to the feelings of others and applaud accomplishments no matter if by one’s own school or another. Evaluation begins upon arrival at the festival site and continues until the award presentations. All schools are eligible for the award, but only one group has the honour of taking the trophy home. There were a total of 75 groups competing at the event. While there, students also had the opportunity to attend the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Field Museum, the Science and Industry Museum, the Alder Planetarium, Blue Man Group, Mamma Mia the Musical, a Chicago Cubs baseball game and also some time to explore the downtown area. Teacher Mark Zawerucha says the school is particularly proud of the Esprit De Corps Award and of the excellent student behaviour!

Yorkton, SK

DETHATCHING • AERATING SOD & PAVING STONES • SPRINKLER INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE PROUD CITY – Just before a fare well banquet Friday, Yorkton’s Terriers took part in a special parade event held in honor of their season success. The parade gave local residents the opportunity to see all three cups up close as well as the chance to congratulate the team. See more in this week’s sports section.




THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 3A

Jingle Bell Rocks takes Best of the Festival Con’t from Page 1.

“It’s kind of an odd pairing – emerging film maker and best of fest. but it doesn’t get any better than that.” An avid record collector himself, with a collection of more than 5,000, Kezin says Jingle Bell Rocks is about alternative underground Christmas music. “We released in Canada last Christmas, in theatres across Canada and it’s opening in the US this Christmas.” He adds, the boost in Yorkton should help get the film re-released in Canada this December also. He says the Yorkton Film Festival is a big boon for anyone receiving an award. “First of all it’s because of the longevity of it (the festival)... that’s an incredible achievement. They honour the best of our country and I think the competition is fierce, so for me to win is amazing.” Not your ordinary film topic Kezin says he was inspired for the idea as a collector who has amassed a quirky combination of albums over the past 25 years. “I know every year people complain ad nauseam hearing the standard, same Christmas songs so every year I make a mix called Mitchell’s mix that I give out as Christmas gifts... this was sort of a natural extension... there’s a lot of really cool stuff out there. This film celebrates that community and a lot

of amazing artists who are relatively almost completely unknown.” Following is a list of additional award winners: Best of Saskatchewan Ruth Shaw Award Her Father’s Land: Producer(s) Tiffany Cassidy; Director(s) Derek Cornet; Production Company University of Regina School of Journalism Best Aboriginal Award Timuti: Producer(s) Kat Baulu; Director(s) Jobie Weetaluktuk; Production Company National Film Board of Canada Category Awards Animation – Gloria Victoria: Producer(s) Marc Bertrand; Director(s) Theodore Ushev; Production Company National Film Board of Canada. Children’s and Youth Production – Le rideau: Producer(s) Christine Falco; Director(s) Frédéric Desager; Production Company Les Films Camera Oscura. Comedy – A Mile In These Hooves: Producer(s) James Brylowski; Director(s) James Brylowski; Production Company Solid Porcupine Inc.. CommunityTelevision Production – Neville in my Backyard: Producer(s) Sarah Martin, Sean Liliani; Director(s) Sarah

Mitchell Kezin Martin, Sean Liliani; Production Company. Digital Media Documentary Arts & Culture – Mugshot: Producer(s) Dennis Mohr, Charlotte Engel; Director(s) Dennis Mohr; Production Company Public Pictures, Rock Yenta Productions. Documentary History & Biography - Once Were Enemies: Producer(s) Eva Wunderman, Patti Poskitt; Director(s) Eva Wunderman; Production Company Wunderman Film. Documentary POV (Point of View) – Living Dolls: Producer(s) Maureen Judge; Director(s) Maureen Judge; Production Company Makin’ Movies Inc..

Documentary Science/Nature/Technology – Oil Sands Karaoke: Producer(s) Charles Wilkinson, Tina Schliessler, Kevin Eastwood (Executive), Murray Battle (Executive); Director(s) Charles Wilkinson; Production Company Shore Films. Documentary Series – The Medicine Line: Producer(s) Dave Gaudet, Scott R. Leary, Kyle Bornais; Director(s) John Barnard; Production Company Farpoint Films. Documentary Social/ Political – Tales From The Organ Trade: Producer(s) Ric Esther Bienstock, Simcha Jacobovici, Felix Golubev; Director(s) Ric Esther Bienstock; Produc-


tion Company Associated Producers. Drama – Thomas: Producer(s) Lynda Beaulieu, Johanne Bergeron; Director(s) Pedro Pires, Robert Lepage; Production Company Les Productions du 8e Art in co-production with National Film Board of Canada. Experimental – y2o: Producer(s) dominique t skoltz; Director(s) dominique t skoltz; Production Company SKOLTZ INC. Lifestyle – Episode 12 - Never Ever Do This At Home: Producer(s) Lindsay Cox, Chris Chilco, Sarah Pyne, John Brunton (Executive), Barbara Bowlby (Executive); Director(s) Chris Chilco, Reuben A Denty (Dir Photog); Production Company Insight Production Company Ltd. Multicultural Performing Arts & Entertainment – LIVE FROM THE HUNDRED YEARS CAFÉ – Episode One, Jazz: Producer(s) Gregory Coyes, Ken Malestyn; Director(s) Gregory Coyes; Production Company THE MIX 3 PRODUCTIONS LTD. Short Subject – Mémorable moi: Producer(s) Jean-François Asselin; Director(s) Jean-François Asselin; Production Company Les Productions Jean-François Asselin inc.. Student Production – A Grand Canal: Producer(s) Sarah Stallard, Jie Chen; Director(s) Johnny Ma; Production Company Columbia University.

Craft Awards

Best Director (Fiction) – Thomas: Producer(s) Lynda Beaulieu, Johanne Bergeron; Director(s) Pedro Pires, Robert Lepage; Production Company Les Productions du 8e Art in co-production with National Film Board of Canada Best Director (NonFiction) – Oil Sands Karaoke: Producer(s) Charles Wilkinson, Tina Schliessler, Kevin Eastwood (Executive), Murray Battle (Executive); Director(s) Charles Wilkinson; Production Company Shore Films Best Research – CBC News: the fifth estate: Made in Bangladesh: Producer(s) Lysanne Louter; Director(s) Lysanne Louter; Production Company CBC Special Awards

SCIC Global Issues Award Emerging Filmmaker Award – Jingle Bell Rocks!: Producer(s) Mitchell Kezin, Mila Aung-Thwin, Bob Moore; Director(s) Mitchell Kezin; Production Company mabooshi film company & EyeSteelFilm Inc.. Founder’s Award – 28 HEROES: Producer(s) Maragret O’Brian, Michael Kot, Pim van der Toorn, Paul Kilback; Director(s) Paul Kilback; Production Company Entertainment One Television For more details visit: www.goldensheafawards. com.

Page 4A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 OFFICE MANAGER: Diane St. Marie

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Fish fairly or prepare to pay If you’re playing the system be prepared to get caught and fined. The Government of Saskatchewan has announced it has made significant changes to the fine structure for unlawful hunting and fishing activities. “Hunting, fishing and trapping are an integral part of Saskatchewan’s heritage, and these changes send a clear message that these resources are valued and will be protected,” says Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff. “In some instances fines for serious resource infractions have been doubled. We hope these increased penalties will serve as a deterrent to those who consider abusing our resources in the future.” The idea behind the changes is to both protect our natural resources and ensure ethical behaviour. New fines will run as high as $2,000 depending on the infraction. Illegal activities, says the province, not only rob law-abiding hunters and anglers of game and fish, they waste business and taxpayer revenue, and deny others the opportunity to see and experience all of the natural resources that Saskatchewan has to offer. We have a vast and varied wildlife selection so if these changes help ensure that continues then this is a good thing. Anyone witnessing wrong doing is asked to get involved by calling Saskatchewan’s toll-free Turn In Poachers line at 1-800-667-7561.

It was just a gentle slap, ya right... I tend to complain a lot about Canada’s justice system, and maybe it gets redundant, but WHY oh WHY does this system repeatedly give us so many reasons to pick it apart? A thirteen year old Quebec girl had her innocent life taken – by her own father I might add – and while she will never have the chance to experience adulthood, he got a mere 60 days in jail, of which he will serve just two days a week over 30 weeks behind bars (or in a condo, who knows?). What?!? Seventy-four year old Moussa Sidime (the father and the accused) is being portrayed as a gentle man who showed plenty of emotion during sentencing as he plead guilty to manslaughter. But I ask, what kind of gentle father loses his temper to the point he beats his own daughter to death? Apparently Sidime didn’t like the way his daughter completed a household chore, he also says she was disrespectful and that he didn’t mean to do her the harm that he did. While I’m pretty sure he didn’t intend the outcome that came to be, it happened plain and simple. “It was one of those freak accidents,” says his other supportive daughter, “if he could take it back, he would...” The family says

they are “extremely happy” about the sentencing. Angered by his now deceased daughter’s actions, or lack thereof, from his account, Sidime walked over to her and slapped her – twice across face and also on the Shannon Deveau the bottom. The force was enough to jar her head in such a motion that it ruptured an artery in her head, cutting off oxygen to her brain. She died in the hospital two days later. How very sad and tragic... In court Sidime told the judge he had slapped his son in the past but said it “wasn’t in his nature to strike his children.” Hmmm... I beg to differ. He claims he is not violent and that what happened “was the will of God.” Really??? While I realize this man will live with his guilt forever (or he should) and that a jail sentence won’t likely make a difference, what kind of precedence are we setting? What kind of message are we sending? That it’s okay to fly off the handle and roughly beat your child? Especially if you’re typically “gentle.” Like the judge says, this may be an “exceptional case” but it just doesn’t sit well that a person can walk away scott free after a terrible ending like this, not with me anyway.

The way I see it... Column

I cannot escape the rush of mobile technology I hate my stupid phone. I hate how it loses charge for no reason. I hate how the bluetooth connection sometimes decides to ignore my car, as though the car said something rude and it wants to teach it a lesson. I hate how easily confused the GPS is, since it is slow to update and frequently just puts me in Saskatoon. Most of all, I hate that I am actually complaining about all those things. I have deliberately stayed behind the curve on phone technology, being a reluctant adopter to pretty much every new advance. Only this, the most recent phone I’ve owned, has even had the most basic smart phone technology installed, although most of that does not actually work most of the time anyway. I only bought this one because my old, not very smart phone decided to die spectacularly while I was sending a text to my sister. I have taken steps to consciously avoid the latest and greatest in phone technology. Why have I done this? Well, I am kind of afraid of it, to be honest. I’m not literally afraid of the phone, that would be absurd, but I’m afraid of relying on it. The rather roundabout way I have managed this is to ensure I do not actually own a phone I can rely on to do more than the simplest tasks. I can contact people with the phone, they can contact me, but otherwise it

Things I do with words... Column Devin Wilger is not an object I can really use to do everything. The operating system does not support a wide spectrum of applications, it cannot actually do too much at all really, so if I leave it at home, at work or at the bottom of the sea, I’m never lost without it. There are many people for whom a phone has become an essential lifeline, and the idea of that is somewhat scary to me, the idea that I can’t live without technology. This aggressive and bone-headed streak of luddism is no longer compatible with the world we live in. Phones have become ubiquitous, and because of that many places are making them integral to services and new technology. The logic is that as the more complex

devices become more ubiquitous, it makes sense to just embrace the technology everyone already owns. The phone is not quite required for simply living, but it is creeping towards that point, whether I want to embrace it or not. I think I’ve tried to avoid it just because I know how much time I spend tethered to a screen, and would like to pretend that there is one part of my life which is not heavily reliant on some kind of technology. I know this is pretty much just a lie, I rely heavily on text to keep in touch with people. I would like to pretend I am not lost without it, but in an unfamiliar part of the city I was lost with it, given that the GPS does not work properly, and as much as I want to believe I am a brilliant navigator I can still miss a street or get on the wrong crescent. As much as I would like to claim I want to keep the phone from invading my life, I look at things phones can do now, and the way the technology is being integrated, and realize that I’m just clinging to a world that no longer exists. I do not think I’ll embrace it whole hog, of course, mostly because data plans are expensive and I am cheap, but it’s about time to admit that the world has moved on, phones are a big part of it now, and trying to ignore that fact is little more than a fool’s errand. I guess it’s time to go shopping.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 5A

to the editor


Your letter of the Week

Drugging seniors not a solution

Epidemic needs to end

To the Editor: Those living in a regulated nursing home are likely in frail condition, are approaching the end of their lives, and suffer from chronic conditions which impair their capacity to live on their own. Residents rely heavily on the nursing home to ensure their protection and well-being. So it is paradoxical – some would say tragic – that nursing home residents are too often put on drugs they don’t need, which can be dangerous, and may even kill them. There is accumulating evidence that antipsychotic medication is used excessively in some nursing homes. A recent Toronto Star investigation revealed that many provincially-regulated nursing homes in Ontario are routinely drugging their residents to calm and restrain them when they are agitated, have a tendency to wander or display aggressive behaviours. It also revealed that 33 per cent of Ontario’s nursing home residents are on an antipsychotic drug. While Ontario is currently in the spotlight, similar headlines appear on a recurrent basis across Canada. A recent report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information found that the odds that a senior person living in a Canadian nursing home will be given antipsychotics are nine times higher than for the elderly living in the community. The report showed that about 41 per cent of nursing home residents in Canada received at least one antipsychotic in 2012. How long will the elderly in nursing homes be served unnecessary and potentially dangerous drugs when what they actually need are better provisions for long-term care? Warnings on drugs labels are

unequivocal: for those who suffer from dementia, antipsychotics are dangerous. These drugs, when inappropriately prescribed in this manner, may increase the risk of death by 60 per cent. Health Canada does not approve them for the elderly with dementia, yet large numbers of nursing home residents on these drugs suffer from this condition. Residents may also receive other drugs that may be unnecessary and risky for them, such as the

“Ensuring seniors remain calm and easy to manage is not what residents suffering from dementia personally need the most from nursing homes.” anti-anxiety medication lorazepam or the antidepressant amitriptyline. Ensuring seniors remain calm and easy to manage is not what residents suffering from dementia personally need the most from nursing homes. This may, however, be what nursing homes need from them. The evidence suggests that in several cases these facilities are using prescription drugs as a cost-effective way to deal with their residents’ unwanted behaviours. Provinces typically express concern when such issues are raised. Policymakers establish

new guidelines, promise to better educate doctors and stakeholders and may even make data about drug use in nursing homes publicly accessible. Sadly, this has not been enough, as is evidenced by the large numbers of seniors in these institutions who continue to take unnecessary medications. More – and different – action is needed to ensure an efficient response. The evidence suggests that behavioural interventions and improved management of dementia can significantly reduce the need for antipsychotic medication. Such solutions require betterdesigned, better-equipped and better-staffed nursing homes. How well prepared are we to provide these conditions? The core problem lies in the largely insufficient funding levels for nursing homes at the same time that this sector is facing a rapidly growing demand for services. Significant investments will be needed for nursing homes even if the goal is limited to maintaining the status quo. Strong determination is needed from politicians and policy makers if they seek to improve the current conditions. But who will take the lead? Provinces can certainly do better. But some of the tools needed – including better funding and national standards for long-term care – require a meaningful involvement from the federal government. Effective leadership from the federal government is the essential first step. There’s one thing we know for certain: Using prescription drugs as a response to nursing home struggles with staffing shortages and insufficient resources is not a solution. Nicole F. Bernier, Troy Media Corp.

Holding government accountable

To the Editor:

This spring session, the Saskatchewan NDP’s focus was on the government’s neglect of the basics in health care, seniors care and education. I believe people should be benefitting more from our province’s strong economy, but the reality for far too many hardworking families right now is that extra costs just keep piling up while the services we should all be able to count on are getting worse because of this government’s dismissive approach. The government’s own statistics show that health care is getting worse under its

watch. With more and more concerns being raised about the quality of seniors care, the NDP pushed the government to fix the basics in health care and seniors care, instead of investing well over $100 million into its Lean pet project. As a positive step toward fixing the seniors care crisis, the NDP introduced legislation that would have required the government to establish minimum quality of care standards and a residentsin-care bill of rights. The government voted unanimously against the NDP’s bill, despite its own Law Reform Commission recommending such legisla-

tion. The NDP also pushed the government to fix the basics in our education system, like overcrowded classrooms, schools that desperately need repairs and students that are not getting the one-on-one attention they need. The NDP called on the government to reverse the “Lean initiative claw back” – the government’s new plan to rip education funding out of classrooms to force teachers and students to do more with their already stretched budgets. The government’s growing sense of entitlement was also on display during the spring session. The

NDP exposed inappropriate travel expenses of Deputy Premier Ken Krawetz and Social Services Minister June Draude. Throughout the spring session, we worked hard to bring forward the important issues we’ve been hearing about from Saskatchewan families. Over the coming months, we will continue reaching out across the province, listening to concerns and ideas, and holding the government to account, not only for what it does but also for what it neglects to do. Cam Broten, Leader of the Official Opposition, Sask. NDP.

Shame on you Justin for not being equal

To the Editor:

On May 8, I was watching CTV news when I heard Justin Trudeau declare that the Liberal Party will not accept candidates who harbour pro life views. This view point did not surprise me. He supports abortion, same sex marriage, contraception, legalized marijuana, euthanasia, assisted suicide and the use of swear words. Justin Trudeau, the so called “Catholic” politician, and other “so called” Christian political

officials, continue to oppose the church’s most important teaching on the sanctity of human life and sexuality. Justin Trudeau is a disgrace to the Catholic Church and Canadians. His personal beliefs and his actions to not support pro life candidates in the Liberal party are not in alignment with the party itself of the Catholic Church. Canada is a democratic country and individuals, pro life or pro choice, should be allowed to run, be elected and serve in par-

liament. It is unconstitutional and not democratic to disavow someone from being a part of a political party simply because they have an opposing opinion about a highly controversial topic. I would recommend that people, both in and outside of the Liberal Party, not support Justin Trudeau’s stance on not allowing people with different view points to be part of this political party. Ted Deneschuk, Yorkton, Sk.

To the Editor: Indigenous women and girls are dramatically more likely to be victims of homicides and to go missing in Canada. In fact, while only four per cent of women in Canada are Indigenous, this demographic accounted for a staggering twenty-three percent of female homicide victims in 2012. That means almost one-in-four female murder victims in Canada are Indigenous. This ongoing tragedy was already a crisis when the Native Women’s Association of Canada identified almost 600 cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in recent decades in a 2009 study. Now, a new RCMP report has identified almost 1200 victims since 1984, doubling the previous estimate. This epidemic of violence must end and the Conservative government – which claims to be tough on crime and to stand up for victims of crime – cannot continue to ignore this national disgrace. Prime Minister Harper’s stubborn refusal to call a national public inquiry into the ongoing tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls is in stark contrast to the overwhelming consensus in Canada. Grieving families, Indigenous leaders, opposition parties, victims’ advocates, civil society and every provincial and territorial premier have all urged the government to call a national inquiry. Only a national inquiry would have the scope and resources necessary to identify the root causes of the violence and outline concrete measures to turn this appalling situation around. It is the only way to provide justice for the victims, healing for their families and to put an end to the violence. The Prime Minister’s opposition is ill-considered and shortsighted. We can and must rise to this challenge, and call a national inquiry now. Carolyn Bennett, MP, Liberal Party of Canada Aboriginal Affairs Critic.

Letters welcomed The News Review accepts Letters to the Editor. Any information or ideas discussed in the articles do not reflect the opinion or policies of our paper in any way. Authors of Letters to the Editor must be identified by including their full name, address and phone number where they can be reached during business hours. Letters to the Editor should be brief (under 350 words) and may be edited for length, grammar and spelling. The News Review reserves the right not to publish Letters to the Editor.

Page 6A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Success and challenges of aboriginal filmmaking By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer There is a new wave of aboriginal filmmaking both in North America and the world. A panel at the Yorkton Film Festival brought together filmmakers Lisa Jackson and Michelle Latimer spoke about their experience being aboriginal filmmakers and about what is going on in the movement. Jackson says that there is an indigenous scene that is growing, and she says that there is a sensibility and style growing in the movement. In particular, she cites the ImagineNATIVE film festival as example of how the community is coming together, with strong work and a great deal of effort put into finding and encouraging talent. She says the festival is great because of a combination of the quality of work, but also the community it is building, which has been

A NEW WAVE of aboriginal filmmaking is taking hold, and a panel at the Yorkton Film Festival discussed what is going on within that scene. Charlotte Engel (l) moderated the discussion with (l-r) Lisa Jackson and Michelle Latimer. instrumental in keeping filmmakers going and developing talent. Jackson says that she believes some of the most creative and groundbreaking work is coming from the indigenous community, and that she says she has been blown away by many of the films she

has seen through different festivals and programs. Latimer agrees, saying that she believes it’s a cultural difference, as the way stories are passed down through culture changes how people see the world, how people visualize narrative and

even simply how stories are structured. She says that magical realism, for example, is an essential part of the stories of their culture, which changes how stories are told. For that reason, Latimer says that there need to be more aboriginal trained story editors,

so they understand the cultural differences. Jackson points to New Zealand as a place where their aboriginal filmmaking has had great success because there are Maori people on all levels of the funding chain. Jackson says she is appreciative of the support given, but that it is still not perfect. Latimer says that technology has also been instrumental in engaging a new wave of aboriginal filmmaking. She notes that the ubiquity of cameras makes it possible for people in remote areas to make films where they otherwise would be unable to have access to tools to make films and tell stories. “You’re getting a generation now that is feeling empowered to make changes and get their work out there,” Latimer says. There are still challenges, and both admit that they have to push harder to be recognized

as on the same level as their peers and not just products of programs designed to engage the community. Latimer says that her perspective as an indigenous person is always going to be a vital part of her films, whatever the subject is, and she wants to be seen as someone whose perspective is valuable. “I don’t want to just be seen as an aboriginal filmmaker, I want to be seen as a filmmaker.” Latimer says. Making the leap to features is a challenge, the women agree, and both have known people who have been discouraged by being unable to push into features from success in short films. Latimer says that she is one of those people who wants to make that move into features, and she says she still feels excited when she sees a film in the theatre, and that is why she makes films.

SaskTel/YRHS partner for opportunity By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer Yorkton Regional High School’s electronics program has gained a major partner, with SaskTel and the school signing a Memorandum of Understanding to partner with the program. Mike Haczkewicz, principal of YHRS, says that the big advantage for the school is real life experience with the trades right in the classroom. “You always ask the teacher, ‘why are we doing this?’ Well here is the answer, because you do this in the real world with SaskTel. This leads to a career down the road, it’s huge for the students.” The electronics program has grown substantially over the last

few years, Haczkewicz notes, and this takes it to the next level, given that it is connected to an eventual career. For SaskTel, the partnership has a clear goal at the end, they want to see students from the class join their workforce. Leanne Woodhouse with Sasktel says that they want students to know about the options they have with the company, and prepare them for the workforce. Recruiting is a challenge given the booming economy, Woodhouse says, and that makes programs like these important to reach the next generation of employees. “We’re always looking for new, young people to join our organization, particularly in rural and district locations. This helps us develop that talent pool.”

YRHS is the fourth partner school, the first outside of Saskatoon and Regina. The school was selected because SaskTel knew about the success YRHS had in the robotics program, Woodhouse says, and they thought it would be a good fit for the corporation. For Haczkewicz’s part, he sees this as something that YRHS would like to see more of into the future, for the sake of the school’s students. “I’m hoping that this opens the door to other partnerships in the future. Obviously they want that commodity that we’re putting out the door each June, those Grade 12 graduates. Not everyone’s suited for the University world, some are suited for the trades or joining the work world, and this is perfect.”

SASKTEL and the Yorkton Regional High School have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to partner on the school’s electronics program. Pictured above, Leanne Woodhouse with SaskTel and Richard Haacke of the Good Spirit School Division sign the document.


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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 7A

WolfCop brings Saskatchewan to the big screen By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer It’s Dirty Harry, only hairier, and it’s a Saskatchewan-made film coming to the big screen. The team behind WolfCop was at the Yorkton Film Festival to discuss the experience of bringing the project to the big screen. Director Lowell Dean admits that the idea was deceptively simple, but one that took hold and one that the filmmakers believed in. They were determined to get it made even if they had to finance it themselves. The horror-comedy is a bit of a throwback to the Roger Corman productions of the ‘70s and ‘80s, and Dean says it was a deliberate choice on his end to make a film which had the charm and appeal of low-budget B-movies. “I’m just sick of digital effects, I’m sick of movies where there are a thousand armies fighting a thousand armies. I just want to see people, and I want to see practical effects. Even with their mistakes, the mistakes

WOLFCOP is a Saskatchewan-born feature film, and the people behind the project were at the Yorkton Film Festival to discuss how it came to life. Pictured above are (l-r) director Lowell Dean and J. Joly of CineCoup. are charming. For me it’s just a throwback... I just want movies that are a good, ridiculous time,” Dean says. Even before it’s premiere a sequel has been greenlit, and Dean says that he’s excited to start work on the next part of the franchise. He says that he’s not going to take his good fortune for grant-

ed, and is hard at work developing the next film. “This is the dream, to keep making movies, especially movies that are my babies.” J. Joly and Brian Wideen are the CEOs and co-founders of CineCoup, which financed the project. WolfCop is the first feature from the company, which took a new

model for selecting projects. They decided to take a competition-focused approach, getting films into a competition for $1 million in funding and a theatrical release in Cineplex. While a new approach from the audience end, Joly says that competition has always been a major part of the studio system, it has just

been behind closed doors until now. “I believe competition has always been with us, we just have gone a more transparent way than a more hidden way.” Wideen says that they also wanted to go with crowdsourcing because they believed it was the best way to build an audience and get the people who would eventually go see the films on board. He says that from the beginning the audience picked winning projects. Dean says that the experience of CineCoup was relentless, and like a full-time job to get the content out there. While WolfCop itself is a high concept cult film, Wideen says that finalists ran the gamut from comedy, action, and coming of age dramas. The goal is to make a movie people want to see. “The audience is king, and that’s the way it should be, that’s where all the money is.” Part of the goal was to go to the filmmakers and make the movies where they live. All three say it

was a challenge to shoot in the province, especially as the film came after the end of the film tax credit but before Creative Saskatchewan. Wideen says while it could have been cheaper to film elsewhere, by keeping it at home they are getting a province on board that wants to see local content. “There’s more than how many dollars you are getting from tax credits and comparing the two.” Dean agrees, and says that having a film that was entirely Saskatchewan made, apart from some post-production work, is something he’s proud to produce. “I can’t wait to sit in a theatre in Saskatchewan, and see Saskatchewan on the big screen. It’s not what you expect, it’s raunchy, it’s weird, it’s crazy, and I think it’s got a great story. It’s so rare, you never see Saskatchewan on the big screen, and this will show the world how crazy we are,” Dean says. WolfCop opens June 6 in western Canada in Cineplex theatres.

Film fest offers local students the chance to learn By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer Every year, students from the region get a rare opportunity to work with acclaimed filmmakers as part of the Yorkton Film Festival. Students learn the process of making a movie, from shooting to editing, and see how it’s done. Crystal Van Pelt, part of the student day committee, spoke to The News Review about the event. Van Pelt says that the day has been steadily growing since beginning several years ago. Students are broken off into different roles in the production, including director, editor, actor and so on, and each goes through their task in various scenes, learning from experts in the field. “It’s about getting them really good training with experts we have in the

field.” The day is a big opportunity, Van Pelt says, and a rare one for students. The event attracts a high caliber of instructor in different fields, which is good not only for getting experience with different tasks in film production, but also making contacts and building relationships if film is a career they want to pursue. “It’s a great opportunity for us as well to do what we all love to do, which is to teach and grow and share.” While Van Pelt notes that like any high school age students the group is shy, she says that as they get comfortable they begin to produce great work and are excited about what they can accomplish. “You can tell right off the bat, they’re very confident in what job they came to learn about... We have had

great students, they get immersed in it... The pieces that are coming out are great, whether it’s the acting or the way they’re shooting or contributing their views to how they want the style done.” The goal overall is to close the gap between the dream job and reality, Van Pelt says, giving students a guide into the industry and towards jobs in the film industry. “There is a way to do what you want to do... There’s hard work behind it, but it’s also fun.” Van Pelt says that there are big plans for the event in the future, looking to gain sponsorship and start expanding the event to a bigger group of students. While the event has been limited to 60 students in STUDENTS in the Yorkton area get to connect with filmmaking profesthe past, the goal is to be sionals every year with an annual workshop, hosted by the Yorkton Film able to get larger numbers Festival. Pictured above, Jay Meyer (left) teaches Janelle Berndsron from involved. YRHS how to edit.


Page 8A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gov’t launches new Seniors Program Each year, numerous organizations in the federal constituency of Yorkton-Melville benefit from the Government of Canada’s popular New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). NHSP community-based projects help empower seniors to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with others and support communities by increasing their capacity to address local issues. The NHSP’s 2014-2015 call for proposals is now underway and eligible organizations have until July 4, 2014, to apply for federal contributions. This funding is specifically for organizations that are actively involved in assisting seniors to make a difference in the lives of others and their communities. Many such organizations who applied for grants through last year’s program have already put their funding to good use. I’m happy to note that those communities and organizations include many throughout the constituency. Since 2006, the New Horizons for Seniors Program has funded more than 13,000 projects in hundreds of communities across Canada. The 2013-2014 call for proposals resulted in over 1,770 communitybased projects throughout the country getting much needed funding worth more than $33.4 million. Economic Action Plan 2014 proposes a significant increase in the funding totals for the NHSP to support even more projects. That’s good news for those

Parliamentary Report Op-Ed Column by Garry Breitkreuz who have helped build our country and continue to contribute their skills and experience to those around them. To be eligible for funding, projects must be led or inspired by seniors and address one or more of the following five program objectives: • promoting volunteerism among seniors and other generations • engaging seniors in the community through the mentoring of others • expanding awareness of elder abuse, including financial abuse • supporting the social participation and inclusion of seniors • providing capital assistance for new and exist-

ing community projects and/or programs for seniors To determine whether or not your organization and project may qualify for NHSP funding, I encourage you to visit: New Horizons for Seniors Program funding reaches out to almost any organization that has a strong seniors element built into its programming. Some of those (but not all) are: • not-for-profit organizations • for-profit enterprises • coalitions and networks • municipal governments • band/tribal councils and other Aboriginal organizations Organizations may apply annually, and people are encouraged to be creative in their applications and intent to use this funding. As an example, one of the projects funded in Yorkton-Melville in previous years was the creation of a computer skills workshop that incorporated the skills of local high school students to teach computer skills to seniors. Don’t let the paperwork stop you from taking advantage of this valuable opportunity to enhance the lives of some of our most generous citizens. Forms and submission dates are available at: www. You may also call 1-800-277-9914 or (306) 564-5419 and ask for information about the New Horizons Program.

HELP makes a difference for area families By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer The Home Energy Legacy Program helps low incomes replace big ticket items such as furnaces, hot water heaters and attic insulation to save energy and keep homes viable for years to come. This year, three Yorkton homes and one Canora home are going to receive the benefits of the HELP program. Tracy Meadows is one of those homeowners, receiving a new furnace through the program, as well as new attic insulation, a new thermostat and a more efficient toilet. Meadows says that she has had a rough couple of years in her personal life, and being selected for HELP is a “mini lottery” at the end. She also says that it was very much needed, as her old furnace was at the end of its life, not only being inefficient, but unreliable and it was becoming difficult to find replacement filters. Shannon Doka says the program is in place because

people need to think about being energy efficient, by ripping out inefficient furnaces and appliances and putting new ones in place, it highlights the difference it can make in everyone’s life if they step up and upgrade their homes. Participants had to attend an information meeting back in January to apply. Doka says that people must have an income of under $52,000, as well as have a story. She says that the process is long and involved, and finally four people within the Yorkton area were selected. Another important part of the program, outside of replacing big-ticket items, is cost. Stephen and Ann Poole were participants last year, and say that the new furnace has caused their bills to decrease significantly, even after the recent long winter. Apart from being more efficient, the new setup was also warmer, as the combination of a new furnace and insulation was better able to heat the home effectively.

A NEW FURNACE is on the way for Tracy Meadows, who was one of four area homes receiving the new equipment through the HELP program.

TFWP concerns Con’t from Page 1.

While some have abused the program, Polegi stresses that there should not be a knee-jerk reaction against it, and that the many fair and equitable employers should not be punished due to the actions of a slim minority. The Chamber of Commerce would like to see the moratorium lifted immediately, and allow places like Yorkton which are facing a labor shortage to bring in people who are interested in working, Polegi says. “Before you completely change this program, look at disciplining those businesses that have abused the program, but don’t create a disservice to all of those employers who have been following those rules and regulations.”


In the story Infrastructure Frustrates, in the May 15, 2014 edition of the News Review, Mayor Bob Maloney made an error about the amount of increase in asphalt and paving costs. He said these costs had gone up 30 per cent year over year, but the actual number was 30 per cent over three years. He apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 9A

The farmer is trained, moves on and settles in Submitted by Kaare Askildt, former Preeceville area farmer in training. This one of a series on getting settled in Hazel Dell. My wife is babysitting our granddaughter Casey in Wilkie this week, and has left me here alone to my own devices. I’m not so sure how smart that was, because I was sitting here reminiscing about my childhood. I remember my dad reading bed time stories for us. If we had been good, he would read some nice Norwegian fairy tales where everybody lived happily ever after, but when we had misbehaved, he would read stories from The Brothers Grimm about bad trolls that would eat humans, then he would quickly turn off the light and disappear while we were lying there in the dark with our eyes wide open barely daring to breathe. Our tiny voiced pleas for help would summon our mother who would settle us down. In any event, I decided to start writing some fairy tales of my own for Casey to enjoy later. Here is my first attempt: KINGDOM OF CHORTLECHUK Many, many years ago there was a Kingdom far, far away called Chortlechuk, so named because all the happy souls that resided there were called Lampoons and always upchucked when they were laughing. King Snigger a handsome statuesque man, and Queen Titter a woman of extraordinary beauty, were the rulers and they were very merry and easy going. Their beautiful daughter had fair skin and long golden hair, and her mother’s beauty had been passed on to her. Her name was Charise, but they always called her Chucklee because she always laughed when she

spoke. All the Lampoons enjoyed the nice happy atmosphere and worked very hard in the gold mine while singing and laughing so that they would all be comfortable. The Kingdom of Chortlechuk prospered and grew and all the Lampoons were very happy! The neighbouring Kingdom was called Derangeville, and was ruled by King Frantico a short and rather rotund man; and Queen Pot-oCrack with her rather big bosom and matching rear end. Their son Luny was a cross eyed, swarthy looking pigeon toed young man, who spoke with a lisp and had his eyes firmly affixed on Chucklee, well one eye at a time actually. The inhabitants were called Frenzioulars and they were not happy and never laughed. They dragged their sorry bums to work, and only gave a half effort labouring in the coal mine. The King and Queen were noticing how preposterously prosperous the Kingdom of Chortlechuk had become, and decided to attack and conquer their neighbour in order to obtain all the wealth, but more importantly to make all Frenzioulars happy, because they would ensure that the Lampoons would be enslaved and work for the Frenzioulars! King Frantico appointed the infamous Knight Sir Psychodude to lead their frantic army. Words of the impending invasion got to King Snigger, and he quickly realized that happy or not, they had to defend their Kingdom! He summoned the famous Knight Sir Laughs-a-Lot and his merry men to meet him in the round table room. However, so much merriment had happened in that room that the round table had collapsed and was replaced with a square table. “Fear not!”

said Sir Laughs-a-Lot, as he removed his famous sword “Exaltibur” from the scabbard, and neatly chopped the four corners off. The room was then renamed “Hexagonia!” When they were all seated around the hexagon table, King Snigger made them pledge that whatever happens in Hexagonia, stays in Hexagonia! Then one of the Knights named Farcicalious told an off colour (black actually) joke, and all the Knights laughed and upchucked. King Snigger then alerted his Knights about the impending attack. As all the King’s men were laughers not fighters, they had to devise a non-laughable defence, which would

have to include a trap. King Frantico told his men that conquering Chortlechuk would be easy peasy, they just had to go through the front gate, raise their outstretched right arms and declare supremacy! But Sir Laughs-a-Lot and his Knights had come up with the perfect defence. When Sir Psychodude and his frantic men arrived at the square, the town crier started to cry with real tears running down his cheeks all the while spilling his milk! This confused the frantics, as they all knew that nobody cries over spilled milk! And while King Frantico’s army just stood there in frantic confusion, Sir Laughs-a-Lot and his

merry Knights surrounded and laughingly disarmed them. King Snigger then annexed the Kingdom of Derangeville. King Frantico and Queen Poto-Crack surrendered and to stay out of the famous Laughville Clinckycooler, they had to tell funny stories in public about their Knights and how they had cheated on their expense claims, and double dipped on their living allowances. Their son Luny reformed himself under the tutelage of Sir Laughs-a-Lot, and changed his name to Hilario. He had also received a Hollywood makeover, corrective eye surgery, got his feet realigned, and speech therapy to get rid of his

lisp. Upon completion of his makeover, Sir Laughs-aLot presented him to the Princess and amid their joint guffaws Hilario proposed to Chucklee who accepted. King Snigger and Queen Titter arranged for a grand wedding which of course included a number of laugh maids. The wedding ceremony was conducted in the square by the famous friar Brother Mirthious, who was able to stop laughing long enough to pronounce them man and wife for life. Hilario kissed his bride Chucklee and they all laughed happily ever after. The moral of the story is: “Have a good time and laugh until you upchuck”!

LOOKING GOOD! –Team Sask went to the Canadian Chess Challenge 2014 held in Winnipeg on May18-19 and represented the Green & White Province with pride. While the team was shutout of the trophies, they did have a 4th place finisher and won the best uniform prize with some stunning and extremely creative green shirts as an homage to the Roughriders. Of the 12 players, four are from Yorkton. Sofia Lortie Grade 1, Joseph Van Der Loo Grade 2, Benjamin Lortie Grade 6 and Kaeden Hanishewsky Grade 9. Special thanks are sent out to Coach Narom Sing for providing this opportunity for the children.


Page 10A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Community Events

Veterans D-Day Parade June 6, 6:30 p.m. Parade lines up at 6:30 p.m. on King Street, at the Good Spirit School Division office, marching to the city cemetery for a service. Refreshments to follow at the Royal Canadian Legion. Come and support your local veterans! All are welcome! 17th Annual Brayden Ottenbreit Close Cuts for Cancer Head-Shaving Event Saturday, May 31 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Parkland Mall in Yorkton. For further information, please phone 306-783-2637 or email closecuts@sasktel. net New at pARTners! Saturday, May 31, at 2 p.m. at community pARTners gallery . – Celebrate the artistry of Laureen Johnson – nostalgic pastel portraits of children and animals amid a world full of wonders are now featured. Laureen is new to Yorkton, creating commissioned work as well as the pieces displayed at the Yorkton Public Library, during regular hours, until the end of June. Aglow International Breakfast Meeting Parkland Greenhouse May 31, 9:30 a.m. to noon Guest Speaker: Author Suzanne Harris Join in for an inspiring, enjoyable time! All are welcome! $12 at the door, includes brunch! Call Alice at 306-783-4844.

Alzheimer/Dementia Support Meeting Yorkton & District Nursing Home June 11, 2 p.m. All are welcome! Call 306-786-0722 for info. Country Jammers Ya all come to hear the Country Jammers playing in the Chicken Coop @ Chicken Little Kelvington 1:30 – 3 p.m. Sunday June 1/14 Everyone welcome – please bring your own lawn chairs. Cindy’s Sunday Market Yorkton Legion April every Sunday until July 5. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free admission, over 30 vendors. Call (306)748-2269 to book your table or learn more. Art in the Country at Cherrydale Golf Course. Artists reception June 7 at 7 p.m. All are welcome! 2014/15 Stars For Saskatchewan Concert Series Line Up • Globe Theatre: A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline; Connie Kaldor; Angele Dubeau & La Pieta; Prairie Debut: Fung-Chui Piano Duo; Eclipse; Prairie Debut: Ensemble Caprice Baroque Quintet; Royal Wood; Ballet Jorgen presenting Cinderella; The Barra MacNeils; and Lone Tree Road with JJ Guy and Scott Cornelius. New pricing! For details call the Yorkton Arts Council at (306)783-8722. Tickets online at Ticketpro.

Painted Hand Casino PowWow June 7 & 8 Farrell Agencies Arena Grand Entry @ noon on both days Call 306-786-6777 for details. The Gift of Life Fun Run & Walk June 8, registration @ 9 a.m. at Sacred Heart High School. Walk/run begins at 10:30 a.m. Proceeds to support the Kidney Foundation. Call Audrey at 306-783-5259 for info. Learn to Run Clinics Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:45 p.m. There are 3 types of clinics: 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. The clinics take place at the Yorkton Regional School Parking Lot. There is no cost for the clinic, but participants pay registration for the Charity Road Race at the clinic. The Annual Charity Road Race and Community Walk will take place Sunday August 17 Visit our website at to print off registration form.

New Horizons Senior Center Bingo 78 First Ave. North Yorkton, Sk. Bingo will be played every third Sunday of each month. Bingo starts at 2:00 p.m. Eight games will be played at 25 cents a game. Extra cards will be available Everyone is welcome. Lunch included Admission $3/person. Parkland Right to Life Meetings Meets every third Wednesday of the month @ St. Gerard’s Hall basement @ 7.30 p.m. For info. call 306-783-6240. Community Choir Come join the fun! Yorkton Community Concert Choir. Please call Laurene at 306-782-0460 or Anna at 306-744-2729 for more information. St. John Ambulance First Aid Classes OHS Standard First Aid/ CPR classes. Personalized courses and online training also available.

LOOKING FOR HOME – Hey there, my name’s Rizzo. I’m a two year-old spayed female shepherd cross. I’m looking for a new home and a new loving, responsible family to join, and I think someone out there would be the perfect match for me. To learn more come visit the SPCA or call 306-783-4080.

Good Spirit Car Show Sponsored by the Yorkton Antique Auto Association July 6 at Good Spirit Provincial Park Call Merve at 306-7837494 for details. Storytime Yorkton Public Library Preschool Time: Until June 5 Mon. or Thur. 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. for ages 3-5 Toddler Time: Thursdays, 10:30 to 11 a.m. for ages 6-36 months Apr. 17 – June 5 Call (306) 783-3523 to register. The Yorkton Legion Track Club To register or learn more contact Club Manager, Marcel Porte at marcel. or call Cell: 306-621-7716.


THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 11A

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers! Offices in … AGENCIES LTD.

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Winners of the RBC CUP!

2013 – 14


THE NEWS REVIEW Thursday, May 29, 2014

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WE RENT: Concrete Equipment, Hilti Power Tools, Scaffolding, Flooring Equipment, and all the Lawn Care Equipment you need to get the job done right.


Way to go Yorkton Terriers!!!!

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Congratulations to the Yorkton Terriers

MAY 1 - JUNE 2, 2014


14 Betts Ave. – Yorkton – Phone 786-7676

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

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WAY TO GO TERRIERS! – Hundreds of proud and happy fans turned out to greet the Terriers upon their return from Vernon, bringing with them the coveted RBC Cup. After a hard fought battle against the Carleton Place Canadians and much to the fans delight, the Terriers clinched the win in overtime.

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

Linden Square Mall Yorkton, SK

49 Broadway St. E. Yorkton




YORKTON 85 Broadway St. E. (306) 782-5545 or 1-800-667-5545

Proud Home of the YORKTON TERRIERS! 306-786-1740

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 13A

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers


Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

191 York Road W. Yorkton, SK


Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

C.J. Audio and Truck Accessories P.O. Box 20030, Yorkton Phone: 306-783-9243 Cellular 306-621-3227 Email: website:

4 - 76 7th Ave. S. Yorkton


Congratulations Yorkton Terriers



Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

ASPHALT SERVICES 516 Broadway St. E., Yorkton SK


2013/14 award recipients • Three Star Award: Brett Boehm; Tayler Thompson; Kale Thomson • Scholastic Award Winner: Devon McMullen • Dedicated & Serves Community (Ed Ruf Memorial): Dylan Johnson • Mr. Personality (Jamie Standish Award): Kailum Gervais • Most Gentlemanly: Tyler Giebel • Unsung Hero (Donated by Park’s Jewelery): Josh Ellis • Most Popular Player (Amos Border Memorial): Tayler Thompson • Mr. Hustle (Donated by Yorkton Co-op): Brady Norrish • Rookie Of the Year (Donated by Dr. Roodt): Jordan Ross & Tyson Enzie • Most Improved (Schoenroth, Schoenroth & Wolfe Memorial):

Dallas Rossiter • Top Scorer for the Regular Season: Brett Boehm - 31 Goals, 35 Assists = 66 points • Playoff Boehm




• Playoff MVPs – Notre Dame Series- Derek Falloon – Humboldt Series- Chase Norrish – Melville Series - Kale Thomson – Western Canada Cup - Brett Boehm – RBC Cup - Derek Falloon • Coaches Award: (Josh Campbell Memorial Trophy) - Tyler Giebel • Most Valuable Defenceman: Chase Norrish • Most Valuable Player (Guy Lamb Memorial Trophy): Kale Thomson and Chase Norrish • President’s Trophy (Donated by Gene Krepakevich): Devon McMullen

Way to Go Yorkton Terriers for making the city of Yorkton Proud to have you as our Home Team!

Proud vehicle sponsor for the Yorkton Terriers’ coach, Trent Cassan Supporting the Yorkton Terriers since 1976!




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Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

The Chalet

Linden Square Mall Yorkton


Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

Congratulations Yorkton Terriers



4 Palliser Way Yorkton, SK

75 Broadway E. Yorkton



Congratulations Yorkton Terriers

270 Hamilton Road, Yorkton


93 Myrtle Ave. Yorkton, SK

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Terrier win – a moment in history that will live on By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer

One of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League’s elite franchises, the Yorkton Terriers, and their fan base are quite used to winning, but there has always been one prize that has eluded them: The Junior “A” National Championship. Whether it was called the “Centennial Cup” or the “Royal Bank Cup” or today’s more modern name under the same sponsor “RBC Cup” there wasn’t much luck for Yorkton after clinching SJHL and Anavet Cup titles to qualify for the National Championships as representatives of Western Canada. As hosts in the late 90’s the Terriers would be upset by the eventual champions in overtime before they would get another chance in the mid 00’s, eventually running into a future NHL star named Kyle Turris and the Burnaby Express in the final to fall short again. That would be as close as the Terriers would get to the National Championship in the modern era of the team until this recent run by the Yorkton team who started to rekindle the city’s obsession with a first ever RBC Cup last season with a magical run to the 2012/13 SJHL title that put the team in the first ever Western Canada Cup where they would face Western Canada’s best teams for two sports in the RBC. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out for the Terriers last season as sports’ cruel fate didn’t have Yorkton in mind when it penned the script of the Western Canada and RBC Cups last season, instead giving the Brooks Bandits the glory when the eventual National Champions from Alberta eliminated the Terriers 1-0 and ending Yorkton’s season one game short of the RBC Cup. Losing starting playoff goaltender Dawson MacAuley to the WHL’s Regina Pats and clutch goalscorer Jeremy Johnson as one of six overage players moving on before de-

fending the SJHL title, a returning Yorkton Terriers team with 15 players coming back found themselves as heavy favorites to repeat as SJHL champions. They also had an unspoken goal from Day One, earn a spot in the RBC Cup and make a run at becoming National Champions. Things didn’t start out like many may remember as the Terriers lost in Opening Night in a 3-0 shocker to the Weyburn Red Wings, but after some shrewd additions blended with a strong supporting cast the expected dominance of the defending champions

began to emerge. With in season additions of Brett Boehm and Riley Hunt giving Yorkton some more high end talent in their arsenal, the Terriers eventually outlasted a surprisingly strong season from the Melville Millionaires to atop both the Viterra Division and the SJHL regular season standings, finishing with the season pennant after a second place regular season finish the year before. In the SJHL Playoffs as the number one seed, things appeared easy for a Terriers team that made quick work of the Notre Dame Hounds and Humboldt Broncos in five games apiece to earn their spot in the Canalta Cup Finals, but they would be taken out of their comfort zones in both series to give the team preparation for the

road ahead. First physically by some mind games from the underdog Notre Dame Hounds who toed the line between tough and dirty in their first round matchup, then mentally thanks to three overtime wins in their semifinal series with Humboldt in what was a rematch of their 2013 Finals meeting. A dream final was set up as for the first time in history the Yorkton Terriers and Melville Millionaires would play in a historic Canalta Cup final thanks to the SJHL’s new

Terriers earned sweet bragging rights by sweeping their local rivals in their own new arena, continuing Melville’s streak without their first ever league championship and a spot in the Western Canada Cup for a second straight season. Yorkton born goaltender Kale Thomson was the star of the series for the Terriers, making up for losing out on the number one job to MacAuley the year before by allowing just three Melville goals in the sweep to cement his SJHL Top Goaltender Award in style.

“Small moments may be forgotten over time, the reality of sports is that there will always be a more recent memory to cloud an old one no matter how successful the memory may be, but the historic run of the 2013/14 Yorkton Terriers is something that will likely be remembered forever. It is deserved...” – Chase Ruttig

three division format. Despite a strong regular season performance by the Millionaires and a hot goaltender in Isaiah Plett, the Terriers would quickly show Melville that they were just a cut above the league competition in a four game sweep. The series was not without memorable moments as the Millionaires made Yorkton fight for every inch in Game One and Game Two, requiring a late game tying goal from Brett Boehm in Game One to sneak out an overtime win before Devon McMullen secured a goal in double overtime in Melville to take a 2-0 series lead and the wind out of Melville’s Cinderella sails. Less nervy wins followed in the final two games as the

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After losing just twice in the SJHL Playoffs and sweeping the Mils, Yorkton would finally face adversity at the worst possible time in the round robin of the Western Canada Cup in Dauphin as their star goaltender got hit with the flu bug before the tournament, missing the first game against the Winnipeg Blues. With backup Riley Medves playing his first game in well over a month, the Terriers were upset by the Blues in the first game before losing to Spruce Grove in overtime in their third game with a still fatigued Thomson still slightly off form in the second loss after giving up six goals in their win against the Dauphin Kings. Needing a win against the Coquitlam Express to stay

alive in the Western Canada Cup the Terriers dug deep and found the quality of play and effort they showed in must win games all season, holding the BCHL champions to just one goal in a 4-1 win to earn a spot in the WCC final. Facing the host Dauphin Kings in the final with a spot in the RBC Cup on the line in addition to a second title of the season the Terriers would get a heavy boost from a strong travelling contingent of Yorkton fans who made the short two and a half hour drive to Manitoba to watch their team play for the Western Canada Cup. With very close to half of the crowd in Dauphin cheering on Yorkton, a masterful performance from their in-season acquisition in Boehm would give the Terriers the Western Canada Cup as a four goal game from the former Flin Flon Bomber earned them a thrilling regulation time win over the Kings and their first RBC Cup appearance since 2006. Looking to finally get over the National Championship hump, the Terriers would yet again find a way to make things difficult for themselves in Vernon in the early stages of the round robin. Suffering an upset to the Toronto-Lakeshore Patriots in the opening game, the Terriers would then fall behind 5-1 to the Vernon Vipers in the second game of their round robin schedule. Having to pull Thomson from goal the Terriers would get the score to 5-4 in a furious comeback, but eventually would fall to 0-2 and into a must win situation for their final two games. Playing the Carleton Place Canadians in their first of two must win contests, the Terriers would fall down 1-0 in the first period and give the fans watching on television at home and those who travelled to Vernon one more scare before making the type of comeback that has became their trademark over the past two seasons. Continued on Page 20.

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“It’s been an honor” – Trent Cassan, head coach

Yorkton Terriers head coach Trent Cassan knew all about the team and their history of searching for their first ever RBC Cup when he took over as head coach a few short seasons ago. After all, Cassan was a former player in his Junior days before stepping up the coaching ladder in Yorkton as an assistant coach and then taking over the reigns as the team’s bench boss. What Cassan wasn’t able to accomplish as a player in making a run to the RBC Cup the now longtime fixture in Yorkton hockey has found the greatest success of any coach in the Terriers organization history as in just four seasons of coaching Cassan has a long list of accomplishments in guiding the team to some of their greatest heights. In his full seasons as head coach Cassan has guided the Terriers to three berths in the SJHL Finals, taking experiences from a loss to the La Ronge Ice Wolves in 2011 and a first round exit to the Melville Millionaires in 2012 to help mold and coach a team that became the best team in Canada over the past two sea-

sons. After back to back league championships and this season’s RBC Cup run Cassan’s accomplishments include: Three SJHL Finals appearances Two SJHL Championships, the Western Canada Cup, SJHL Coach of the Year (2012/13 season), asst. coach of Team Canada West at the World Junior A Championships, and the Terriers first ever National Championship to put the cherry on top of the “Cassan Era.” Of course the humble head coach would never tell you his long resume is the product of solely his doing, always quick to credit his coworkers in his staff in addition to having a coachable group of hard working players for much of his now quickly growing accolades as a young coach. Giving scout Gerry Carson and general manager Don Chesney in addition to assistants Casey O’Brien, Gord Pritchard and John Odgers high praise for assisting him

in helping to build and lead a National champion. “I am lucky to have a staff that not only are all great hockey minds, but also make it fun to come to the rink everyday,” says Cassan. “I know without the contributions of all of the fellow coaches and staff members this would not have been possible.”

Cassan also thanked the team for allowing him to take time off in-season to help coach Canada West, a first ever honor for the young coach in working with Hockey Canada. “It was an honor to be able to represent the organization in helping coach for Hockey Canada this winter and without the great support behind me from the team as well as from our staff to be able to step in it would not have been possible to help me grow as a coach so for that I am thankful.” A coach that has been able to rally around a familiar cast over the past two seasons, it was natural that Cassan heaped a ton of praise for both his players as well as his captain in Devon McMullen for their efforts and attitudes they brought to the team concept. “What more can you say about a group of young men who wanted to be coached as well as were willing to do whatever was asked of them by either myself or by our assistants in addition to

also being quality young men off of the ice,” says Cassan. “It is hard not to be extremely proud of these guys even if they didn’t win the RBC Cup because they are all winners.” “When you look at a player like Devon McMullen who was always willing to put the team first, to do whatever we asked of him you can see why this group was special and to see him go out as the most decorated captain in Yorkton Terriers history shows the type of players we have.” Lastly Cassan closed by praising the Terriers organization in allowing him his first opportunity as a head coach after spending his Junior career here as a player, reflecting on his journey that has seen him help guide Yorkton to their first RBC Cup. “It truly has been an honor to represent the Yorkton Terriers,” says Cassan. “From top to bottom everyone in this organization is great to work for and I appreciate everything they have done for me and to be able to not only coach here but to be able to win an RBC Cup has been an unbelievable thrill.”


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MISSING FROM THE PHOTOS: Steven Phillips; Corwin Stevely; Matthew Perkins; Carson Bogdan; Levi Morin; Turner Ottenbreit; Brandon Awery; Carson Cayer.

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Terriers a special team: GM Don Chesney

Yorkton Terriers general manager Don Chesney has seen it all in his long run through Saskatchewan’s hockey scene, most of it spent in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. A former SJHL All-Star as a player and a Coach of the Year with both the Lebret Eagles and Yorkton Terriers, Chesney’s few unachieved accomplishments when he took over the reigns as GM in Yorkton were the SJHL title as well as an RBC Cup. In 2012/13 Chesney achieved one of those goals, winning the SJHL title with the Terriers but after a heartbreaking 1-0 loss to the Brooks Bandits at the Western Canada Cup Chesney would have to wait for both his first RBC Cup title as well as his first appearance in the National Junior A Championships. Building a talented roster of veterans for the 2013/14 season before winning the SJHL title a year ahead of schedule, Chesney and the Terriers front office were rewarded for smart roster building by the way of the team’s most successful season in history. Chesney didn’t just oversee from above as general manager, he also stepped into a helping role behind the bench during a tough November road swing where the Terriers were without both head coach Trent

“I have been with a lot of hockey teams in my career in Saskatchewan hockey, but this one has been special... Every player has been willing to fill any role we have asked them to...” – Don Chesney

Cassan and assistant coach Casey O’Brien, joining assistant Gord Pritchard behind the bench for a week stretch. Loved by many around the area for his charisma as well as his proven track record to assemble both successful and entertaining Junior hockey teams, Chesney’s ability to bring a team together with his many stories in addition to a keen eye for building a team has been credited by head coach Trent Cassan as instru-

mental in the team’s success. Helping to bring in key players in-season in Brett Boehm and Riley Hunt, Chesney’s reign as general manager has been a successful one, but he credits a great group of players and staff for their successes. “I have been with a lot of hockey teams in my career in Saskatchewan hockey, but this one has been special,” says Chesney. “Every player has been willing to fill any role we have asked them to, and the coaching staff has been

equally as great to work with and when you have that type of teamwork it is easier to succeed than it is to fail.” Chesney also credited captain Devon McMullen and a veteran laden team for their ability to lead the team in addition to the coaching staff. “We have been lucky to have a good captain in Devon and players who all wanted to win for each other, which combined with the work of the coaching staff and front office has helped us to achieve what we have this past season.” The long serving Chesney has enjoyed the ride with Yorkton after wild years as a head coach in both Junior A and Junior B, seeing him coach teams to varying degrees of successes and failures, winning Coach of the Year with the Lebret Eagles before the team went bankrupt, getting fired from various teams, and taking several teams on memorable runs before his highest successes coming in his new general manager role with the Terriers. After a long career, Chesney is still living the dream in hockey. “After all these years, I am still a hockey guy” Chesney closed during his speech at the Terriers banquet. With a first ever National Championship to his name, it is hard to argue the local legend.

Success is a team effort: Dave Baron, Terriers president

Replacing Lyle Walsh as Yorkton Terriers team President, Dave Baron entered his run as the face behind the scenes of the defending SJHL champions with the expectations that 2013/14 could be a potentially historic season for the hockey club. Little did Baron know that his first year serving as the team president would be the best season in the history of the community owned club who lifted their first ever National Championship this year. Beyond winning the National Championship for the first time at the 2014 RBC Cup in Vernon, the Terriers enjoyed sellout crowds in the SJHL Semifinals against the Humboldt Broncos before selling out both of their home games in a two game sweep over their rival Melville Millionaires in

“We truly have some of the best fans in the country... From purchasing season tickets to filling the rink... our fans are the reason we have worked so hard to accomplish this goal.” – Dave Baron the first ever series between the two Highway 10 rivals in the league championship. Making the city proud with a season to remember, Baron was also proud of the way the team represented themselves on a national stage. “Communities need identities that they can be proud of,” said Baron during his speech at the Terriers year end banquet. “I feel that as an organization our team represented an identity that they all can be proud of, whether it be in our community in Yorkton or in their own individual communities, our team represent-

ed themselves in a way that we can all be proud of and not just in winning the National Championship.” In addition to praising the Terriers players for winning three championships this spring, Baron credited the staff of Trent Cassan, Casey O’Brien, Gord Pritchard, Gerry Carson, Don Chesney and John Odgers for their work whether it was on the bench or behind the scenes in the front office. Mentioning that without their leadership, the long journey to lifting the RBC Cup may not have been possible. “Our wonderful staff of

coaches, general managers and scouts prepared the team in a way that our team had whatever could be controlled in control thanks to great coaching and leadership along with hard work in preparing the players for whatever came their way” praised Baron. Baron also thanked the community of Yorkton for rallying behind the team, thanking them for the countless support during a historic year for the team. “We truly have some of the best fans in the country,” said Baron. “From purchasing season tickets to filling the rink

for the playoffs before travelling to the Western Canada Cup and then all the way to Vernon our fans are the reason we have worked so hard to accomplish this goal.” Lastly Baron thanked the volunteers and behind the scenes individuals who make the Terriers operations run so smoothly each season. “Our office staff and board members also deserve to be credited in addition to the volunteers who make each Terriers home game a possibility,” said Baron. “From 50/50 sales to billets housing players for nearly nine months of the year and more that goes into the operations of a Junior hockey team that you realize we get a lot of help from volunteers that needs to be recognized and thanked.”

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It’s been a great ride: McMullen After being a part of the Terriers team that lost to the La Ronge Ice Wolves in Game Seven of the SJHL Finals in his beginnings with the Terriers, captain Devon McMullen got over the hump in 2012/13 as captain of the Terriers lifting the Canalta Cup in what was a strong season despite the Terriers falling one goal short of the RBC Cup in a heartbreaking loss to the Brooks Bandits. Heading into his final season as Terriers captain in 2013/14, McMullen made it his mission as captain to go out with a redemption season with the goal of a berth in the RBC Cup in mind for the already accomplished defenseman. That goal was realized as McMullen helped guide the Terriers to their first ever National Championship, qualifying for the RBC Cup and winning it after already securing a second SJHL title along with the Western Canada Cup. Allowing McMullen to go out as Terriers captain as one the most decorated captain of all time according to his head coach Trent Cassan along with general manager Don Chesney who both heaped a ton of praise towards a player who played his entire Junior Career with the orange, white and black. McMullen registered 74 regular season points in four seasons as a Yorkton Terrier, but what was most impressive about the long serving captain was his ability to help guide Yorkton to deep playoff runs in three of his four seasons with the Terriers where McMullen would play in league finals. Losing to La Ronge in the SJHL Finals in his first season before a rare first round exit to the Melville Millionaires in his second season, McMullen would become captain and guide the Terriers to their two longest playoff runs in recent memory. Ultimately playing in 51 SJHL Playoff games as a Yorkton Terrier and many more in postseason tournament play over the past two years, McMullen more than deserved his praise from Cassan and Chesney as being the most ac-

complished Terriers captain to don the “C” on his sweater. The native of Moosomin, McMullen’s status of a fan favorite and success in Yorkton ties in for his love of a city that he feels was the best possible place he could of spent his Junior career. “Winning for the city of Yorkton was always important to me,” says McMullen. “Especially this season when you see all of the fan support and the way the Terriers travelled to Dauphin and Vernon after we won the SJHL title it was special to be able to give the city their first ever RBC Cup in history.” A team first player who led by example as captain, McMullen naturally credited teammates who have helped him along the way for his success as well as for the memories he has made as a Terrier. “We had a great team of players that got along with each other and all wanted to play for one another for the goal of winning another league title and to potentially go to the RBC Cup which really helped in the end.” Ending his Junior career on a high note, McMullen is currently planning his options before deciding what the next step in both his career as a hockey player as well as in life will be. Winning the Scholastic Award and pursuing a future career in dentistry as a post-Junior hockey goal, McMullen’s final words as a Terriers captain were of how proud he was to represent a team that allowed him the opportunity to make the most of a long and successful four years of Junior hockey in the city. “It has been a great ride playing for an organization that has always been there for whatever I have needed and has helped me develop for such a long time,” says McMullen. “From the coaching staff, to teammates, to people in the front office and working for the team to the great fans it has been an honor to be a Yorkton Terrier for my Junior hockey career.”

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A proud moment in Yorkton sports history Con’t from Page 14. Three unanswered goals would give Yorkton a massive 3-1 regulation win and send the Terriers into a round robin finale with the Dauphin Kings between them and a berth in the RBC Cup semifinals. Against the Kings the Terriers would need overtime after Tyler Giebel’s lone goal allowed Yorkton to level with Dauphin in a 1-1 game through regulation time. There Derek Falloon would become the hero, scoring an overtime winner and continuing the Terriers season after many had written them off following their losses in the opening two games. Never saying die, the Terriers players fought back to get to where they wanted to be since the beginning of the season and were just two games away from the team’s first ever RBC Cup. Still, the odds would be stacked against them yet again when they drew the hosts in the Vernon Vipers in the semifinal. For the first time all RBC Cup the Terriers would get out on the front foot against the hosts, making all of the momentum theirs in what was their best performance since heading out to Vernon. Taking a 2-1 lead in the first period, Yorkton would hold on thanks to third period insurance markers from Daylan Gatzke and Tayler Thompson to beat the host Vipers 6-3 and book their first spot in the RBC Cup Final since 2006. Getting to showcase their brand of hockey on national television on TSN as an added reward for qualifying for the National Championship Game, coming

up against a team they beat in the round robin in the Carleton Place Canadians. Things didn’t exactly go to the script of the coaching staff early on in the Final as the Terriers not only gave up the game’s first goal before Gatzke answered back to end the first period 1-1, but conceded two costly goals in the second period to Carleton Place that put the team down 3-1 going into the final 20 minutes of their season. Those 20 minutes dwindled down to less than 10 minutes to keep their National Championship hopes alive, hopes

that appeared all but gone when Dylan Johnson was assessed a late penalty to put Yorkton on the penalty kill and needing two goals just to force an overtime. Needing something special to happen, the Terriers never gave up and were rewarded. Kale Thomson made massive saves to kill the penalty before an unsung defenseman in Tanner Lischynsky scored the biggest goal of his life to bring Yorkton back within a goal with just under 3:00 left on the clock to find an equalizer. They would just need eight seconds to force

Congratulations Terriers! from

OT as a hometown hero in Dylan Johnson would help make history, finding a beautiful feed from captain Devon McMullen to tie the game suddenly and send the Yorkton fans in Vernon and watching back home into a frenzy. With the chips all on the table, the Terriers found one more turn of “luck” to keep their RBC Cup hopes going into a sudden death overtime for the entire country to witness on TSN. Johnson, a native of Yorkton, rallying the troops with a huge goal that felt like destiny as the sad story of the Terriers falling just short

of the RBC Cup Final as they did in 2006 being rewritten into one of the greatest comebacks in Junior hockey history in a matter of seconds. In overtime the Terriers naturally had all the momentum following the heroics of Johnson, but would need 15:01 of play to find history. Once again it would be Derek Falloon, a player who would be playing in his last Junior game after an injury plagued season, who would be the hero as the forward found a juicy rebound on his stick and slotted the puck past the Carelton Place goaltender for what will be forever remembered as the iconic moment that gave Yorkton its first RBC Cup. For a team that had a silent mission to reach the highest mountain in Junior A hockey from the beginning of the season, it was a long time coming. The City of Yorkton has long had a love for their Yorkton Terriers as well as the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, unsurprisingly going hand in hand with mostly consistent success for the team during their history. Numerous banners up in the rafters of the Farrell Agencies Arena will point to a long and proud history that had included many SJHL and Anavet Cup championships to show just how close many teams before came to achieving history. Even the team that came before them, the 2012/13 Terriers, showed just how easy it is to fall short in losing 1-0 to the eventual RBC Cup champions one game away from a spot in the tournament. The many outliers of a championship season

preventing all the teams before them from an accomplishment that one of only well over 150 Junior A teams gets to achieve this season. That is what makes the 2013/14 Yorkton Terriers so special. Entering the season with the knowledge of just how hard it is to achieve glory, a team with a tight bond worked everyday to accomplish something statistically improbable. Overcoming injuries, slumps, elimination games, sudden death overtimes, bad bounces, bad officiating, and even better opponents on some nights to do what no other team before them could. Lifting a National Championship that has taken the Yorkton Terriers organization countless decades to accomplish. Many memorable Terriers will leave the team and the city with a lasting memory that will ensure their place in history. Players in Devon McMullen, Kale Thomson, and Tayler Thompson nearly playing almost all of their Midget and Junior hockey games in the city to leave it with a banner that will likely hang in the rafters forever. Small moments may be forgotten over time, the reality of sports is that there will always be a more recent memory to cloud an old one no matter how successful the memory may be, but the historic run of the 2013/14 Yorkton Terriers is something that will likely be remembered forever. It is deserved, after all it took over 40 years to accomplish a feat that many have dreamed about. A first ever Junior A National Championship.

Congratulations to the Yorkton Terriers

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Terriers MVPs: Kale Thomson, Chase Norrish Given how instrumental both Kale Thomson and Chase Norrish were to their own individual successes as well as the Terriers RBC Cup run, it was no surprise when the blueline/goalie combo were named co-MVP’s for the 2013/14 Yorkton Terriers season. Norrish was a crucial factor in Kale Thomson’s CJHL Goaltender of the Year nomination as well as SJHL Top Goaltender of the Year honors, manning the Terriers blueline that was arguably the best in the country along with twin Brother Brady who was the 2012/13 Terriers MVP to allow the least goals in the league this season. In addition to being a stingy defender thanks to his fast skating, Norrish also scored nine goals and registered 45 points in the SJHL regular season before turning things up in the playoffs where he was Yorkton’s MVP. Scoring numerous overtime winners to help Yorkton win the SJHL title with just two losses, Norrish scored seven goals in total along with eight assists

Kale Thomson Millionaires to lift the Canalta Cup for the first time as a starter. His numbers dipped in the Westerns as well as the RBC Cup after battling with the flu, but Thomson stepped his game up when it mattered the most in a long string of elimination games to get the team to the National Championship. After spending his whole Junior career with Yorkton, Kale is also glad to go out on top, even more so considering his Yorkton roots. “Being from Yorkton it is always a dream to go and win the RBC Cup with the team never winning the big championship,” says Thomson. “We knew we would be expected to win the league so it was our big goal to go out and prove that we could win it and we did which is a great way to end our careers.” Norrish will be heading to the NCAA D-I’s RIT Tigers while Thomson is currently weighing out post-secondary options for hockey after a strong final season with the Terriers, both going out as a key fixtures in the team’s most memorable season.

Chase Norrish for 15 playoff points. In the WCC/RBC Norrish continued to show his scoring touch, putting the puck in the back of the net three more times to end his Terriers career as a National Champion. Norrish says that he is proud to end his Terriers season as a National Champion over any individual accolade. “It is nice to win the MVP, but I think I will enjoy the memories I made in winning the RBC Cup with so many great teammates.” Thomson enjoyed success in his only full year as the number one goalie for the Terriers, taking control of the full role of starter after splitting time with Dawson MacAuley to end his Junior career amongst the country’s best goaltenders at the Junior A level, even setting the SJHL record for career shutouts in the process while posting a 1.89 goals against average in the regular season. Thomson, a Yorkton native saved his best performance for the SJHL Finals, allowing just three goals total in a four game sweep over the rival Melville

Proud Supporter of the Yorkton Terriers featuring Player of the Month Award from Esquire Watch.

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Page 22A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Congratulations to the Yorkton Terriers

on a Great Showing @ the Western Canada Cup & Repeating as CANALTA CUP CHAMPIONS 1 - 275 Broadway Street East Adjacent to the Parkland Mall and York Station Shopping

1-800-DAYSINN 306-782-3112

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 23A

NEWS REVIEW SPORTS Sport notes Sports Bank Drop-in The Yorkton Sports Bank is collecting used sports equipment at the Kinsmen. Come out and check out the assortment of sports equipment, including hockey gear, or donate your old equipment. Appointments are required. Contact for more information by phone at 306828-2401. Help give back to the community by donating your used equipment to those who are in need.

Learn to Run The Annual Charity Road Race and Community Walk, Learn to Run clinics begin May 6th. The clinic sessions began May 6th and run Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:45. There are three types of clinics: 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. The clinics take place at the Yorkton Regional School Parking Lot. There is no cost for the clinic, but participants pay registration for the Charity Road Race at the clinic. The Annual Charity Road Race and Community Walk will take place Sunday August 17. Visit The Health Foundation website at to print off a registration form or for more information Have a story for Sport Notes/The News Review? Send your local sports tip to sports@yorktonnews. com and your local event could be in Sport Notes. Feedback and letters are also appreciated.

YORKTON CARDINALS LOOK TO END PLAYOFF DROUGHT - After missing out on the 2013 WMBL Playoffs despite a four game winning streak to end the season, the Yorkton Cardinals will be hoping that 2014 is finally the year where the team can get out of the cellar and play playoff baseball. File Photo.

Cards look to end WMBL drought in ‘14 By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer While their Highway 10 rivals enjoyed success in the 2013 Western Major Baseball League season as the Melville Millionaires lifted the title in glory at the end of last summer, the Yorkton Cardinals endured another season of losing baseball as the ballclub once again failed to make the playoffs. In fact the Cardinals have failed to make the playoffs for five straight seasons, a streak that is hard to believe is a reality based on the fact that in recent seasons only the last place team in the division misses out on postseason play. Meaning the Cardinals have spent a lot of time in the East Division cellar, understandable considering the

Regina Red Sox and Melville’s recent dominance in the league. Still a 16-30 record and being out of postseason contention before the final week of the season is far from a product that will drive fans to Jubilee Park every night and finishing second last in the league will be something that the Cardinals will be hoping is not a repeat as they look to conquer a streak of missing the playoffs that has been going on for far too long. Not everything was negative about the Cardinals 2013 campaign as the team showed some fight once eliminated from the playoffs, banding together and going on a four game win streak to end the year off on a positive note even if they fell two wins shy of the Weyburn Beavers for the third place playoff spot in the East.


1$7,21$/+($/7+ ),71(66'$< NHFD



That streak near the end of the season may have been enough to convince manager Bill Sobkow to bring back a handful of returning Cardinals players for the 2014 season, the second year of the Western league being a 100% summer league for college players from Canada, the United States and beyond. One of the positions that will be seeing the most returnees in 2014 will be the pitchers as the Cardinals are planning on bringing back several key arms from a staff that was hit or miss last year, allowing most of the standouts to return in the hope that they can perform well and mix with the new faces to put together a potent pitching staff this year. Cont. on Page 25.

Page 24A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yorkton Storm swimmers do well in May meet Submitted Article The Yorkton Storm Swim Club had thirteen swimmers attend the Saskatoon Lazers Septathlon Meet recently. The meet took place in the beautiful Shaw Centre, the site of the Canada Games swim venue. This was the second long course meet of the season for the Yorkton swimmers. With the closing of the Lawson Aquatic Centre in Regina for meets due to air quality issues there is a real shortage of long course meets for the club to attend this season. The absence of meets in Regina made the Lazer Septathlon extremely attractive to swimmers from across the province and into Manitoba. More swimmers meant more competition. The extra competition showed on the podium, only tow Yorkton swimmers cracked the top three at

the event. Jennifer Haczkewicz (14) medalled in all five of her events. She captured gold in the 100m Freestyle, and 100m Backstroke, she also added silver in the 50m Butterfly. She went on to finish the meet by adding three bronze medals to her collection in the 50m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, and the 200m Freestyle. Matlyn Bulych (8) came home with Yorkton’s only other hardware from the meet. She captured a silver medal in the 50m Butterfly and later added a bronze in the 50m Breaststroke. Bulych has come into her own this swim season and is proving to her competition that she is a force to be reckoned with when she steps up onto the starting blocks. The really neat thing about Matlyn’s top three finishes is that she is competing against girls that are two years older than

she is. Expect to hear much more from Bulych in future events. When it came to swimming “A” and “AA” standard times, the club picked right up where they left off in Brandon, the last meet they attended. The thirteen swimmers amassed an unprecedented twenty-two “A” times along with seven “AA” times. The story of the meet was easily the efforts and results turned in by Auston Roberts (13). This young man has been knocking on the door of an “A” qualifying time for several seasons. In Saskatoon, Roberts managed not one, but an awesome four “A” times to add his name to the list of Yorkton swimmers attending the “A” Provincial Long Course Meet in Swift Current. Coach Ashley Benko admitted to getting a little teary-eyed with Auston’s accomplishment. “I am so proud of Auston, and of all our

swimmers, they have been achieving great things this season,” she added, “Everyone in our Yorkton section knew how close Auston was, so when he did it the section erupted!” Along with Auston Roberts, Matlyn Bulych, Kaitlyn Burkell, Bryant Jones and Tea Rohatensky also added an “A” standard time to their swimming resumes at this meet. Their addition brings the total number of Yorkton swimmers that have qualified for provincials to eleven. Benko inserted,

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“We’ve never had this many swimmers qualify for a provincial meet, I’m completely ecstatic!” Competitive swimming is alive and well in the city of Yorkton. Next up for the club

its back to the pool to ramp up their training efforts. The next meet for the team will be the Provincial “A” Long Course Meet in Swift Current during the first weekend in June.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 25A

Cards 2014 season preview Cont. from Page 23. Jacksonville, Alabama’s Jeff Pool is one of those starters as the workhorse for the Cardinals who set the team record for innings pitched in a season last year with 59.1 innings of work will return to the team. Pool’s record and numbers were nothing eye popping as he held a 4.39 ERA and a 3-5 record on the mound, but his ability to provide durability and work high numbers of innings will be something that Sobkow should appreciate down the stretch this season. Local talent Kody Rock will also return to the Yorkton pitching staff as the Canora product was announced as one of the Cards 2014 returnees this offseason. Rock was young of the younger players on the Cardinals last season, but he still managed to do some steady work in relief from time to time and even finished fifth on the team in strikeouts. Entering his second season in the WMBL expect a more productive season from the lanky hurler from just outside of Yorkton. Another notable local talent that will be pitching for the Cardinals this season will be Yorkton’s Derek Marshall as the former Yorkton Minor Baseball product and Sacred Heart grad will be making his WMBL debut after a season playing college ball at Southeastern Illinois. The former Yorkton Yankees pitcher will be looking to prove his worth against players who should be much older than the young and barely removed

from high school Marshall, something that should help his development at the same time as allowing him to represent his hometown team this summer. Kameron Mizzell will also return to the fold for the Cardinals giving the Yorkton club a versatile player who had one of the best bats on the team in addition to being able to play both pitcher and catcher. If Sobkow can get production from Mizzell as he did last season the Yorkton lineup could also improve in 2014. With many new faces and returning ones coming to Yorkton for experience in one of the best summer baseball leagues in Canada the Yorkton Cardinals know that they will need to improve across the board should they make a run to having their first winning season in years. Balancing developing young college ballplayers skills while also finding ways to win as much as possible has been no easy task in recent years, but after a long stretch with no playoffs it is quite clear that the Cardinals will need a rejuvenation in the club soon to get a winning atmosphere back around Jubilee Park. To create a winning atmosphere you first need a good roster to build around, that is what the Cardinals fans and supporters will be hoping they have for the first time in a long while as they await Opening Day. Without playoff baseball for far too long, hopefully this will be the year where the summer magic of following a winning baseball team finds its way back to the city.

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CANORA’S KODY ROCK returns to the Yorkton Cardinals for the 2014 season after finishing fifth on the team in strikeouts during his rookie season. Yorkton’s Derek Marshall will also join the Cardinals pitching staff this year, giving the team some local ballplayers to root for in what should be an exciting year of baseball for the club that will be aiming to end a playoff drought this season.

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Page 26A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rapid Fire Rants: TSN’s NHL demise, Jays streak, CMNT Some end of May “rants” for your summer reading enjoyment..... Goodbye to NHL on TSN For those who have forgotten the days of the early 00’s and before that, the NHL on TSN has been the staple of Canadian cable coverage of the country’s biggest sport. For as long as many Canadians can remember, the country’s sports leader has had the best possible coverage for fans of the NHL. From the top insiders in the likes of Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger to the top fired coaches and recently retired players on their top notch panel (Even though this journalist would prefer if jobs went to those who actually need them rather than former players) and host James Duthie, the NHL on TSN has been a best friend to hockey fans. Always there every night to sit down and have a talk about whatever that night’s events may be. From the NHL Draft to “Free Agency Frenzy” to the NHL Trade Deadline to the Conference Finals, rarely did TSN not have their bases covered when it came to covering the sport the network wisely made its top priority for each year they have had broacaster’s rights. That was until Rogers came in and swooped exclusive national broadcasting rights to the NHL in Canada, squeezing out both CBC and TSN to take what is going to be a rather large

monopoly of hockey coverage away from what viewers have always felt was better coverage. Essentially taking TSN’s “National” feel and trying to convert it into Sportsnet’s umbrella, a channel that has made their way into competition with TSN by selling themselves with a regional feel. The real losers in this will be CBC as thanks to Conservative budget cuts and the guaranteed killing of ad sales revenue that is about to come thanks to their new policy to cut back on their budget by not bidding for sports fees, but besides for the killing of our free national broadcaster’s tradition in this the NHL’s new TV deal is also going to dramatically change the face of sports coverage in this country altogether. With TSN now only holding regional rights to the Montreal Canadiens and Winnipeg Jets for the distant future and CBC planning on eventually getting phased out of the marketplace down the road by Sportsnet, Canada’s top two broadcasters in terms of quality coverage and production as well as ratings have been bought out by the upstart Rogers. I don’t doubt that Rogers has a plan to up their game, and getting rid of regional blackouts will likely be the best way to extend the olive branch to many viewers who have treated the demise of the NHL on TSN as a funeral. One can only imagine what the reaction of CBC’s

Ruttig’s rants Column Chase Ruttig eventual exit from the NHL game will be, but for broadcasting nerds like myself as well as hockey fans across the country Rogers monopoly on hockey in this country poses a scary new future with just one option to go to for our NHL coverage fix. Blue Jays on Fire If you asked Toronto Blue Jays fans their expectations of the 2014 season on Opening Day they would have been drastically different than in 2013 when Vegas had the team listed as early World Series favorites after a splashy spending offseason. After everything went wrong last year and Ervin Santana went to Atlanta in free agency instead of Toronto you couldn’t be blamed for low expectations from a team that looked like it could potentially finish last in the ultra-tough AL East. Fast forward to late May and Toronto is on an eight game winning streak, including sweeps of the defending champion Red Sox as well as the best team in baseball in the Oakland A’s that has fans

believing that anything is possible. Jose Reyes is healthy, the bats are red hot and the pitching has been decent enough that the Jays hold a three game lead in the AL East heading into the third month of the season. It is still too early to start dreaming of the playoffs, as any Jays fan will tell you this week. But with the NHL Playoffs winding down and the summer months fast approaching, you are starting to get the feeling that there is a little bit of magic in the Blue Jays clubhouse this year. For the sake of long suffering fans in this country, hopefully the hot streak rides long enough that Toronto has a lead they can’t blow down the stretch to end their 20+ year playoff drought. CMNT Slowly


European opposition this week. Drawing Bulgaria was impressive and even if Moldova won’t be considered world beaters any time soon, it was nice to see the National Team give the country some hope for the future while 32 countries get ready for the World Cup. If Canada is ever to get to that stage it will start by gaining confidence, results like these are a good start.

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Thanks Coach! Coaches Week in Saskatchewan May 24 to 31, 2014

With the World Cup two weeks away on Thursday, Canada has began their push to build the National Team for 2018 World Cup Qualifications after falling well short on the Road to Rio. With a new manager and a much younger team sheet with rebuilding on the mind and not wins in meaningless international friendlies, Canada finally showed some life after disaster over the past year with two 1-1 draws against

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 27A

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FOR SALE - MISC See Anything, Anywhere, Anytime from The Best Seats in the house CHER + CYNDI LAUPER June 21st in Saskatoon FRONT ROW Tickets SHANIA TWAIN July 9th or 10th in Calgary BLAKE SHELTON July 22nd in Saskatoon BRUNO MARS August 3rd in Saskatoon KATY PERRY August 25th in Saskatoon RIDERS vs. BOMBERS Labour Day Classic or Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg Get a Private Limousine from your city, town or farm! Call Dash Tours at 1-800-265-0000 One Call & You’re There

EVERGREENS FOR sale: $10 each, planting available. Also buying unwanted cars, trucks (running or not) and scrap farm machinery. 306-641-6785. HOT TUB (spa) covers. Best price, best quality. All shapes & colors available. Call 1-866-6526837. MASSIVE TREE SALE. Hardy tree, shrub, and berry seedlings. Perfect for shelterbelts or landscaping. Full boxes as low as $1/tree. Bundles of 10 as low as $1.29/tree. Free shipping. Replacement guarantee. 1-866-8733846 or OILMEN? CAR COLLECTOR? THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU! 3300 sq. ft 6 year old two storey on 50 acre estate. Complete with attached 50x50x20 heated shop w/200amp service. Dirt bike track. Seeded to grass. Fenced and Cross fenced w/rail fencing. Paved road all the way to door. $2100/month in surface revenue. Located just west of Medicine Hat Alberta. $845,000 For Sale by owner (403)548-1985 PROVINCE-WIDE CLASSIFIEDS. Reach over 550,000 readers weekly. Call this newspaper NOW or 306-649.1400 for details. RURAL WATER TREATMENT. Patented iron filters, softeners, distillers, "Kontinuous Shock" Chlorinator, IronEater. Patented whole house reverse osmosis. Payment plan. 1-800-BIG-IRON (244-4766); View our 29 patented & patent pending inventions. Since 1957. When was the last time you bought from Regal? Since 1928. 100's of unique products. View all Regal products at: Great fundraising ideas too.

the news review - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 29A SHARED FEED & SEED ACCOMMODATION


GARAGE SALES Garage Sale. 42 Harbour Avenue on May 29 & 30 from 9 to 4 p.m. Multi-Family Garage Sale 142 Wellington Ave. Friday May 30, 2014 from 9-9 p.m. Saturday May 31, 2014 from 9-4 p.m. Furniture, Movies, Chalkboard, Shoes, Popcorn maker, Treadmill, Trampoline, and Misc items. Items for all ages.

1ST & 2ND MORTGAGES AVAILABLE! Money for Farmland or Residential Property Available Now! Call Toll Free 1-866-4051228 or Email Website



FIREARMS. All types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed Dealer. 1.866.960.0045

Live year round on Mission Lake! Beautiful lake front property. Open concept bungalow, 1224 sq. ft., built in 1996. Double car garage, guest house, sheds, loads of upgrades. MLS #493927



CANCEL YOUR timeshare. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call us NOW. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248.


Joan Johnston, Realtor Realty One 306-536-3636


CRIMINAL RECORD Canadian Record Suspension (Criminal pardon) seals record. American waiver allows legal entry. Why risk employment, business, travel, licensing, deportation, peace of mind? Free consultation: 1-800-347-2540

278 Third Ave. North. 3 Bedrooms, 1000 sq. ft. Aluminum siding. New Shingles. Main floor laundry. $96,000 OBO. 306-7831328.

CRIMINAL RECORD? Pardon Services Canada. Established 1989. Confidential, Fast & Affordable. A+BBB Rating. RCMP Accredited. Employment & Travel Freedom. Free Consultation 1-8NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)


Sat., May 31 – 1 to 4 p.m.


Canadian built by Moduline


1520 sq. ft. Temora $99,900 1216 sq. ft. Oasis/Villa $79,900 960 sq. ft. Tuscan $69,900

GET FREE VENDING MACHINES Can Earn $100,000.00 + Per Year. All Cash-Retire in Just 3 Years. Protected Territories. Full Details CALL NOW 1-866-668-6629 Website WWW.TCVEND.COM

Call Stan 306-496-7538 1-888-699-9280 www. Yorkton


Autobody & Painting Ltd.

Don’t Just Get “R” Done! Get “R” Done Rite!

391 Ball Road


RTM SHOW HOMES. 1594 ft.; feature front, shake and stone, rear veranda, high LR vault, fireplace. $185,000. Swanson Builders, Saskatoon area. Plan 133 at 306493-3089

RETIREMENT APARTMENTS, ALL INCLUSIVE Meals, transportation, activities daily. Short Leases. Monthly Specials! Call 877210-4130.

ADULT PERSONAL MESSAGES FIND YOUR Favourite CALL NOW 1-866-732-0070. 1-888-5440199. 18+. *HOT LOCAL CHAT. 1-877-2900553. Mobile: #5015. LOCAL HOOKUPS BROWSE4FREE 1-888-628-6790 or #7878 Mobile Make a Connection. Real People, Flirty Chat. Meet singles right now! Call LiveLinks. Try it FREE 1-800-590-8215 18+ MEET SINGLES right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now: 1-800590-8215.


Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM

Western Commodities

SUITES FOR RENT 2 bdrm available immed. Building 65+. Clean & quiet building. Fr/st, a/c, laundry hook-ups, non-smoking, no pets. Includes water, heat, parking with outlet. $675. Coin laundry available. 306-921-7044.

WANTED Carrier Forest Products Builder *** 24 lines ***

LOOKING FOR ROOMMATE to share full house. Power, Energy, & Water included. Students welcome. $500/month. $200 deposit required. Please call 306-5211987.

877-695-6461 Visit our website @

PRODUCTS Independent Associates

Phil & Adele Kurenoff


Ask about Sale Pricing! Forage seed for sale: Organic and conventional: Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, Red Clover, Smooth Brome, Meadow Brome, Crested Wheatgrass, Timothy, etc. Free Delivery! Birch Rose Acres Ltd. 306-863-2900

STEEL BUILDINGS / GRANARIES STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS UP TO 60% OFF! 30x40, 40x60, 50x80, 60x100, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call: 1-800-457-2206

PARTS & ACCESSORIES Wrecking auto-trucks: Parts to fit over 500 trucks. Lots of Dodge, GMC, Ford, imports... We ship anywhere. Lots of Dodge, diesel, 4x4 stuff... Trucks up to 3 tons. North-East Recyclers 780-8750270 (Lloydminster).

RVS/CAMPERS/ TRAILERS 2003 25.5' cabin-style camper, rear kitchen, forced heat, A/C, slide-out, radio, full bath, queen bed, sleeps 6, oven, microwave, $10,000. Phone 306-782-4200 8:00- 5:00 p.m.

Classified Ad Order Form Use this convenient order form to place your ad.


Classified Ads - The News Review

18 1st Avenue N., Yorkton, SK. S3N 1J4 Phone 783-7355 - Fax 782-9138



Classified Ad Rates

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Page 30A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Full Line of Plumbing, Heating, Electrical • Residential and Commercial Wiring • Renovations • Fixture and Faucet Installation and Repair • Oil, Gas and Propane Systems


Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Service Ltd. 225 - 4th Ave. N. Yorkton, Sask. S3N 1A9 Phone: (306) 783-4020 Fax: (306) 782-5354

Ron Skinner 306-621-7700




10:00-11:00 PM SALTCOATS

310 Glasgow St MLS® 491624

1:00-2:00 PM #1-52 Fenson Crescent





The Best in Custom Blinds and Window Coverings

44 - 2nd Ave. N. 306-783-1699 Budget Blinds of East Central Saskatchewan

MLS® 497302

Serving Postal Codes: S0A, S3N, S0E

NEW LOCATION: 27 1st Avenue N. Yorkton, SK As of May 1st, 2014

2:00-3:00 PM 22 Erichsen Place

MLS® 486915

Long Service Award

Spring Features

(306)782-9680 ▪ ▪

Vange Vallaster 621-7272

Feature Property ting

121 Meadow Brook Road $




Blue Chip Realty



163 Duncan St. W.

68 Fenson Crescent

3 bedroom, 1 bath.

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom.

MLS® 499504



Blue Chip Realty

269A Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306-783-6666 (Office) or email

269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306 783-6666 Email: or



Each office independently owned & operated.



Yorkton MLS® 497489



A generous 2 storey with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This is comfort at its best. A grand large entry into a living room with original wood doors. The kitchen is eat-in with ample cupboards and pantry with fridge and stove included. On the west side of the house is a back entry with storage. Many updates have been completed. Enjoy that front veranda in the summer time!! Also enjoy that fully fenced back yard. And remember there is a single car attached garage for your convenience. Ask Vange at 621-7272 for a viewing. $ Price MLS® 493761

14 Westshore Greens

Good Spirit Acres MLS® 498870

Helping you is what we do.™

22 Wallace Avenue


t New Lis

New Lis

PREMIER REALTY 45C Palliser Way, Yorkton

The Award of Excellence


MLS® 499505

Pat Pugh Cell: 621-1119 Home: 783-7629 Fax: 786-7918

Michelle Bailey AMP






101-289 Fietz St.

79 Agricultural Ave.

Recently renovated. Ground floor, 3 bedroom condo, 1 bathroom, patio, behind Parkland Mall.

4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1728 sq. ft., balcony.


Deb Schmidt C.Dir



MLS® 489171


242 MAPLE AVENUE 489482

$359,900 MLS

220 SECOND AVE., EBENEZER, SK $314,000 MLS 484764



MLS® 482501

274 FOURTH AVE. N. MLS 491894




MLS 485630

Win Big



MLS 497128


We'll come to you! Request a free, no obligation measurement for your next flooring project!

124 LAKE AVE., CANORA BEACH $254,900 MLS 494677

23 KING ST., YORKTON 489104

$239,900 MLS



$469,000 MLS



MLS 483937

For a free room measure visit

The ONE store for your perfect floor.™ Linden Square Shopping Centre, Yorkton, SK Phone: 306-782-6556 Toll Free: 1-888-782-6556


$198,000 MLS


238 MAPLE AVENUE 476347

$189,000 MLS


$440,000 MLS

©2011 Century 21 Real Estate LLC. All rights reserved. CENTURY 21® is a registered trademark owned by Century 21 Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each office is independently owned and operated.


THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 31A

E TREME VALUES Whole Room Solutions

999 799

no interest and no payments for 12 months on a wide selection of Furniture & Mattresses**

SAVE $400


Sofa S ofa also so oa avail available vail a ab able e in iin:

Includes 3 piece sectional, table, $ 2 cocktail tables & 2 lamps




Shown in Dune

Also available in reverse configuration.

Accent Pillows ows included



10 Healthy Sleep tips 1




3 4 5 6


7 8



SAVE $400


Twin Set $499 Double Set $549 King Set $1099





999 599

SAVE $500 QUILT tw4UBZ5SVF'JCSF tÂ&#x203A;w;POFE130#"$,Â&#x2122; Quilting Foam tÂ&#x17E;w4VQFS4PGU4UBZ5SVF'PBN

Twin Set $699 Double Set $749 King Set $1299







Tw Twin T w Set $899 D Double Set $949 K King Set $1499


Better deals on better water, ASK pure and simple. OUT OUR AB RENTAL ! PROGRAM


when you purchase a CulliganÂŽ water conditioner or drinking water system*

SAVE ON A TOTAL HOMEâ&#x201E;˘ SYSTEM! Purchase a High Efficiency Water Softener and Aqua-CleerÂŽ Drinking Water System and receive

$200 OFF your purchase e price* *Special limited time offer. Certain restrictions apply. OAC. See participating dealer for details.





Call your local CulliganÂŽ dealer today

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Over 65 Years of Sales & Serviceâ&#x20AC;?

60 Myrtle Avenue Yorkton, SK S3N 1P7 306-782-2274

Culligan of Yorkton 306-782-2644 800-756-5545 #1-76 7th Avenue South


SPRING SAVINGS ALCO RAILING SYSTEM Features a unique non-welded design which allows the railings to be custom fitted during installation. Tough powder coated finish with durable polyurethane. â&#x20AC;˘ In-stock - white only





Armadillo From Rhino Deck Composite has never looked better. Armadilloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;hardshellâ&#x20AC;? is permanently fused to its composite core. The unique composition of the outer layer provides better control over pigmentation, resulting in a denser, richer color, more variation and a more realistic look. ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S FULLY ARMORED: Armadilloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s super hard exterior shrug off scuffs, stains & boasts superior resistance to fading. OUT OF SIGHT: Armadilloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grooved planks enable the use of the Rhino Deck hidden fastener system. It provides a clean, uninterrupted look and quick installation. â&#x20AC;˘ 20 year manufacturerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s warranty including 2 year defective parts replacement warranty â&#x20AC;˘ 5/4â&#x20AC;? x 6â&#x20AC;? - 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 16â&#x20AC;&#x2122; & 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;˘ 3 colors


10% OFF




SERVICES DOOR SHOP you 'll need to install your new We've got everything door stops etc. At door . . . Lock sets, shims, door shop services, e plet com r offe we r, dso Win and mortising for including prehanging, drilling alling glass. inst and bs kno hinges and No Problem!

Black cast aluminum inserts

Prices in effect until June 14, 2014, or while quantities last! â&#x20AC;˘ Visit us on the net:

HWY 10 EAST â&#x20AC;˘ YORKTON â&#x20AC;˘ 1-800-458-9663

PHONE: 306-782-2937 â&#x20AC;˘ FAX 306-783-8487

The you need to know!

and check out the deals

STORE HOURS: Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:30pm Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm â&#x20AC;˘ Closed Sundays & holidays for family time

Windsor Plywood

Page 32A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, May 29, 2014

G Gavin Konkel Specializing in Farm, Acreage and Ag 306.641.9123 Corey Werner Owner/Broker 306.621.9680 416 41 6 LILY PRISCILLA ST., CANORA CANOR

ng N e w L is ti

$40,999 VACANT LOT MLS® 497532


ng N e w L is ti

Brooke Niezgoda Residential Sales 306.621.2586

306. 782. 9680

70 RAE ST. ng N e w L is ti

$379,900 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3


Size: 2,512 sq. ft. Year Built: 1974 Taxes: $2652 MLS® 497906

61 STEWART CRES. w L is ti n g

$295,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2


Size: 1,112 sq. ft. Year Built: 1976 Taxes: $2101 MLS® 498120



$450,000 51 acres Size: 1,040 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1982 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1814 (2013) MLS® 498208


114 GLADSTONE AVE. S. ng N e w L is ti

$265,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Size: 1,040 sq. ft. Year Built: 1959 Taxes: $1804 (2013) MLS® 498893


ng N e w L is ti ®

S O LD by M L S


$29,900 VACANT LOT MLS® 498961


$279,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

Size: 1,144 sq. ft. Year Built: 1971 Taxes: $2074 (2013)

MLS® 484206 Text: CORE to 33344

#1 - 52 FENSON CRES.

$285,000 Size: 1,079 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 2003 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $2151 (2013) MLS® 497302 Text: CORE18 to 33344


$131,900 Size: 948 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1931 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1236 (2012) MLS® 494294


$329,900 Size: 1,145 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1997 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 496197


$349,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Size: 1,350 sq. ft. Year Built: 2009 Taxes: $1940

MLS® 485543 Text: CORE14 to 33344


$189,000 Year Built: 1976 Bedrooms: 5 Taxes: $1600 (2013) Bathrooms: 1 MLS® 491624


Year Built: 1957 $7.25 MLS® 495371

MLS® 497543


$179,000 Size: 1,296 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1912 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1430 (2013) MLS® 487064


$186,900 Size: 1,202 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1932 Taxes: $1377 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 492808 Text: CORE28 to 33344


$269,900 Size: 1,070 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 2013 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $0 (2013) MLS® 492274 Text: CORE25 to 33344


$108,000 Size: 1,136 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1966 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1300 (2013) MLS® 477864 Text: CORE15 to 33344


$129,000 Size: 1,040 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1968 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1000 (2013) MLS® 494106



$335,000 Size: 1,293 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1986 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $2574 (2013) MLS® 490431 Text: CORE5 to 33344


$445,000 Size: 1,809 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1995 Bathrooms: 4 Taxes: $2803 (2013) MLS® 491920 Text: CORE10 to 33344


$188,000 Size: 816 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1954 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1557 (2013) MLS® 491489 Text: CORE9 to 33344


$150,000 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Size: 672 sq. ft. Year Built: 1985 Taxes: $1117 (2013)

MLS® 487951 Text: CORE19 to 33344


$251,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Size:1,645 sq. ft. Year Built: 1953 Taxes: $1887 (2013)


Year Built: 1930 Taxes: $1093

MLS® 483644

$99,900 Size: 981.88 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1912 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1115 MLS® 469424

$159,900 Size: 1,011 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1981 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1267 (2013) MLS® 492721



$147,000 Size: 720 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1949 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1262 (2013) MLS® 494385


$199,900 Size: 1,180 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 2011 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1200 (2013) MLS® 490594


$115,000 Size: 1,573 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 6 Year Built: 1953 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $1 (2013) MLS® 490278 Text: CORE29 to 33344



12 Acres

5 Acres

Text: CORE22 to 33344

Year Built: 1974

MLS® 495204



8 Acres

27 Acres

$179,000 Size: 1,056 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1959 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $897 MLS® 476867 Text: CORE26 to 33344

#104-289 FIETZ ST.

$35,000 Size: 572 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1950 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1 (2013) MLS® 490276 Text: CORE16 to 33344

$330,000 Size: 1,120 sq. ft.



2 - 23 Anderson Trail MLS® 488309 $ 39,900 Each

Size: 1,736 sq. ft. Year Built: 1988 Taxes: $2891 (2013)

MLS® 486915 Text: CORE33 to 33344

MLS® 484953 Text: CORE11 to 33344

$50,000 Size: 616 sq. ft.

$349,900 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 3

$609,000 Size: 2,180 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 5 Year Built: 2011 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $5000 (2013) MLS® 493102


$284,900 Size: 1,250 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1961 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $1272 (2013) MLS® 488999 Text: CORE31 to 33344


$155,000 Size: 1,334 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 6 Year Built: 1967 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1424 MLS® 477123 Text: CORE27 to 33344


$49,900 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Size: 776 sq. ft. Year Built: 1953 Taxes: $823 (2013) MLS® 486859


$474,000 160 Acres Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Size: 1,118 sq. ft. Year Built: 1979 MLS® 488645


$79,900 Size: 880 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1945 Bathrooms: 1 MLS® 493169 Text: CORE1 to 33344

$175,000 Size: 988 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1952 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: 0.00 (2013) MLS® 484466 Text: CORE4 to 33344

$289,000 Size: 1,131 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1950 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $0.00 (2013) MLS® 484532 Text: CORE12 to 33344

$55,000 Acreage 20 acres MLS® 495363

$369,000 40 Acres Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Size: 1118 sq. ft. Year Built: 1979 Taxes: $1852 (2013) MLS® 488611

7 Acres



MLS® 488959

MLS® 488957

SACRED HEART GRAD SPECIAL EDITION - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 1

Congratulations Class of 2014!

Dream Weddings

For the dress of your dreams!

Bridal & Formal Wear


Sacred Heart High School

91 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, SK

Grad Class 2014

Photos provided by:

Special Edition of


Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014! Begin your studies at U of R, U of S and SIAST close to home.

1.866.783.6766 |

Page 2 - SACRED HEART GRAD SPECIAL EDITION - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Grad 2014

Congratulations from



Congratulations Class of 2014!

Blue Chip Realty


Congratulation to the

GRADS! Committed to Guest Service Excellence.

49 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, Sask.

Phone 306-783-5183

386 Broadway St. E. Yorkton

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

269A Hamilton Road Yorkton Phone


Contact our Events Team at

(1976) Ltd.


75 Broadway St. E., Yorkton, Sask.


Phone 306-782-3456



Mr. Trent Senger

Ms. Donna Malinowski

Michaela Adam

Trevor Adams

Montana Balysky

Garrett Betker

Larissa Bratkoski

Lauren Burkholder

Jared Buzinski

Austin Byczynski

Colton Dudar

Corrigan Fafard

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014



Congratulations from

Vice Principal

Congratulations from

Congratulations from

Your Insurance Broker Understands

Auto Centre

ASPHALT SERVICES 516 Broadway St. E., Yorkton SK

Yorkton Tire & Auto Centre Inc. 131 Palliser Way Yorkton


Congratulations from

Parkland Mall Yorkton

“Committed to You and Your Community” 41 West Broadway, Yorkton

Congratulations from

C.J. Audio & Truck Accessories #4 - 76 7th Ave. S. Yorkton

Ph: 306-783-3037





Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Congratulations from

Congratulations from

Congratulations from

Joey Children's Apparel

Autobody & Painting Ltd.

Don't just get "R" done. Get "R" done right!

Congratulations from

4 Palliser Way, Yorkton, SK

391 Ball Road Yorkton



27-2nd Ave. N. Yorkton,


Class of 2014!

® ® Corner of Laurier and Broadway and Walmart

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

30 Argyle St.

Collins Barrow P.O. Box 20030, Yorkton Phone: 306-783-9243 Cellular 306-621-3227 Email: website:




306-783-3601 305 Broadway St.

306-783-5603 110 Palliser Way

306-783-1910 Hamilton Rd.


Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

SACRED HEART GRAD SPECIAL EDITION - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 3

Grad 2014 Congratulations from

Grad 2014 Congratulations from

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Flowers All About

270 Hamilton Road, Yorkton (next to Walmart)

6 - 146 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, SK

39 Smith St. W. Yorkton




Rita Fetsch

Kaylee Ford

Aaron Fulawka

Brendan Griffith

Garrett Gross

Justin Guy

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

• Nursery • Garden Centre • Grocery Store Hwy. #9 North

Yorkton, SK


Congratulations from

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Grad 2014 Congratulations from

ALL-STAT 306-782-6969 27 - 2nd Ave. N., Yorkton, SK Mon. to Fri. 8:30 am. to 5:30 p.m.


306-782-9863 Yorkton, SK Serving Yorkton & Area since 1987

385 Broadway St. Yorkton, SK

Jesslyn Geddes

Gordon Gleason

Kathryn Goulden-Maddin

Hanna Hansen

Landon Hickie

Carter Hume

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Authorized Dealer POST OFFICE


Congratulations from

Congratulations from


Hancock Plumbing 2011 Ltd.

Congratulations from Carol & Staff @

(306) 783-0321 email: leadingedgeaviation

(across from the hospital)

Yorkton, Sask.

Ph: 306-783-4331 or 306-783-3988

71 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, SK



Congratulations from

brennan business interiors Inc.

Innovation never felt so good.™

265 Bradbrooke Dr.

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

366 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, SK


Jim Elliott


Have a Safe Grad - From All of Us at 45 Fifth Avenue North Yorkton, SK S3N 0Y9 Telephone 306-783-7552 Email:

Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

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Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

John Paulo Javier

Mathew Jendrasheske

Kristen Jonassen

Brett Kitchen

Christine Koroluk

Giovani Krisher

Allison Kruger

Sierra Kyliuk

Cara Maleschuk

Jenika McArthur

Savanna Medvid

Shanelle Melnyk

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014



Congratulations from

Congratulations from


Board of Directors and Staff Members at

(Dentists) 130 - 41 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, SK

501 York Road. W. Yorkton, SK


Congratulations from the


Grad 2014 Congratulations to all the Graduates

50 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, SK


Congratulations to all the Graduates from

Barristers & Solicitors


Grad 2014

36 - 4th Ave. N. Yorkton, SK


Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Congratulations from


CHERRYDALE Golf & Campground

14 - 1st Avenue North

Yorkton, SK


Congratulations and Drive Safely from


At Cherrydale We Let You Entertain Yourself

Grad 2014 Congratulations Graduates from

Congratulations from Norm, Bruce & Staff at

Hwy. #10 East

Yorkton, SK


Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Greg Ottenbreit LOVE WHAT YOU EAT

249 Hamilton Road (across from Walmart)


MLA Yorkton Constituency @gregottenbreit

Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

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Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

Wynter Mucha

Tristen Mundt

Hannah Nagy

Cassandra Nerbas

Tyrell Newcombe

Dalton Pachal

Hillary Pachal

Jaedon Pellatt

Maykala Penner

Jacob Perpeluk

Emily Plews

Justin Poirier

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Congratulations to all the Graduates from

You’re Among Friends

Alexander’s Men’s Wear

226 Broadway St.E. Yorkton, Sask.

41 Broadway St. E., Yorkton



Congratulations from

Congratulations from

277 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, SK S3N 3G7


Congratulations to all the Graduates

Congratulations to all the Graduates

6-385 Broadway Street East Yorkton, SK

5 Assiniboia Ave. Yorkton, SK

162 Ball Road Yorkton, SK





Congratulations Graduating Class of 2014! Go forward in faith, hope, love, and promise for the future to fulfill the potential that God has placed in you.

May God Bless You Always! From the board and staff of Christ the Teacher Catholic Schools

“Believe . . . Belong . . .Become”

Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

Page 6 - SACRED HEART GRAD SPECIAL EDITION - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

Amy Prybylski

Calic Raya Tolentino

Chantel Rehaluk

Taylor Rieger

Josie Roden

Carter Ruff

Taran Schmidt

Madisson Shearer

Patricia Shingoose-Sembhi

Morgan Shymanski

Brett Skaluba

Riana Skikewich

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations to all the Graduates

#16 West Yorkton

306-782-7423 Congratulations from

Gaylene Skinner

Congratulations to all the Graduates

416 BALL ROAD YORKTON, SK Clearance Prices on all Inventory


24 Hour Emergency Service

Grad 2014 Congratulations to all the Graduates

Congratulations to all the Graduates



Grad 2014

Congratulations from

Dr. Garth R. Bode

Congratulations to all the Graduates



Congratulations to all the Graduates


130 Livingstone St. Yorkton, SK

464 Broadway St. E.

Yorkton, SK

Ph: 306-786-7055


Cell: 306-621-2236

Hwy. 10 E. Yorkton

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations from from

Dr. Dennis G. Fuchs "Grad 1980"

PREMIER REALTY 45C Palliser Way, Yorkton, SK

Dr. Lindsay Yoworsky White's Ag Sales & Service Ltd. Hwy. #10 East, Yorkton


B.Sc DMD 130 - 41 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, SK


Grad 2014

Congratulations from



Congratulations to all the Graduates

PREMIER REALTY Helping you is what we do.™

45C Palliser Way Yorkton, SK


in Parkland Mall

HECTOR’S AUTO BODY LTD. 150 York Rd. E. - Yorkton


Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

SACRED HEART GRAD SPECIAL EDITION - Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Page 7

Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

Shania Smuk

Reid Stranaghan

Courtney Stroud

Dalton Reierson-Swain

Kara Taphorn

Martina Turta

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations from

The Chalet

Congratulations from


carpet & upholstery

CLEANERS Relax We Can Do It!

Linden Square Mall Yorkton

107 Myrtle Ave. Yorkton, SK


Austin Varga

Petro Vivchar

Chanel Webb

Kelsey Woloschuk


Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Grad 2014

Congratulations to all the Graduates



Congratulations from

Tonkin Millwork & Construction Hwy. 10 E. Tonkin, SK Darren Fookes Bus.: 306-621-7417 Res.: 306-782-5105 Fax: 306-782-3203

Congratulations to all the Graduates

34 - 2nd Avenue North Yorkton, SK


Congratulations to all the Graduates

Congratulations from

Congratulations from

Jackie & Brenda at:

Excellence. Innovation. Quality.



Scientific Beauty Salon

362 Dracup Ave. Yorkton

115-41 Broadway W.


6 - 1st Ave. N. Yorkton, SK




Helping you is what we do.™ Congratulations 45 C Palliser Way •

Yorkton, Sask. S3N 4C5


PREMIER REALTY Terry Chaikowsky Broker

Vange Vallaster

Lawrence Doll







Trina Stechyshyn

Yvette Syrota

Murray Arnold

Sandi Brenner









“HOW YOU FIND A GREAT REAL ESTATE AGENT” • Call the Home Team for all your Real Estate Needs!

Congratulations SHHS Graduating Class of 2014

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Congratulations Grads

Delivering What You Want . . . Every Week R T N Auto Centre

We’re Your MUFFLER Specialists

ur to You and Yo “Committed Since 1974” Community ay

41 West Broadw Yorkton

ST TIME — THE FIR 782-6050 WE DO IT Sask. Phone W., Yorkton, 39 Smith St.



18-1st Avenue

, SK S3N 1J4

North, Yorkton


31 PHONE 782-24





er 13

lume 17, Numb

y 15, 2014 - Vo

Thursday, Ma

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DARE TO e OMPARE ov C L Fall wiinth

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– Sask. mayo

LGER By DEVIN WI N-R Writer ly met s Caucus recentt domitha wan City Mayor The Saskatche, and there was one topicprovince are s ter thi ins of s ydm mayor in Llo impending tructure. The nated – infras ut infrastructure and the the goal of frustrated aboe and repair much of it, and levels of govneed to replac s to organize and lobby allan municipalithe caucus wa h for the priorities ofineurb East Indian Cuis ernment to pus all theTcities are raBUsFFE lon ties. NCeyHsay inf Bob ILYMaLU yorDA t’s crumbling th the Yorkton’s Ma pro 2 pm am -tha blem,11and e uilt. Wi reb pm or 9:30 ed lac am 11 facing the sam rep cture Daily: ton be Ope needs m infrastruneeds .cojor t ma laskton structure that g and the loveyor vious, work difs pre33 cities growinoften being 6-7 decade re -43 mo 82 are do it improvement the fun30 ds to actually to be done, but and reduced in number. provincia31 and the MBER l role tha,t NU ficult to accessm we’re facME ing is22 LU much bigger es, ble a VO pro y “The tax used to pla cut nts to me e ern y are abl federal gov now. While the in that situathan they arem credit for that, we’re not of work that and I give the crumbling roads and a lot . The cost of ney got mo ’ve of We lot . a tion e and it costs per cent year needs to be don mple is going up thirty t increases are asphalt for exaand two and three per cenall in the same over year, one for that. The cities are oon and Prince not going to pay re are bridges in Saskat ething we all boat, I know theds in Regina, and it’s som roads that are Albert, and roas.” For Yorkton, it’s the r project to need to addresissue, with the multi-yea ng planned. bei tly ren cur the primary is mulas and ay that ut funding for nada fund rebuild Broadw Ca uncertainty abo Maloney says programs like the Buildjust to make it how to access t some work has begun have meant tha Page 3. usable. Continued on

Save door to

LGER By DEVIN WI N-R Writer In December


ced a five a Post announ of 2013, Canadbility. That plan includ to profita l cing i d

THE NEWS REVIEW Delivering the best and most up to date local news and sports coverage.


NEW Broadway St.



Yorkton, SK S3 Avenue North,


134 72m 1-87 w.capitalkiayorkto



Saturday, May

17, 2014

ded r a w a e s i r n Su ty of service

Health The Sunriseently recRegion was recrts to make effo for d ize ogn better for health care residents. Saskatchewan Excellence sed by the “I am impres adv an ceed The Pursuing sented at h the improv pre tre me nd ous by the menAwards were emony held and wit time to service. de ma se nts cer l pon me cia res a spe addiction ment of the fourth The depart rovement tal health and as part of e Health m and the Pharmacy imp a “Better services tea team, and annual Inspir it, mm eived acy y Su Care Qualit katchewan’s team recaward for their pharm of the recognition e hosted by Sas y Council Value” reduce inventory proud region has onc Health Qualitse Health work to all medication that ourreceived in this in nri (HQC). Su ed two of the levels areas while main- again Pursuing Excellence Region receiv given out in storage an adequate sup- year’s s,” com me nts taining ent d Aw ard eight awards Laurent, Presid dication on-han the province. l Health and ply of mepatient needs in Suann O. “To have our CE et nta to me The Me nagenal and ma gio sis n Re Cri lea es on in vic s rkt Addictions Ser m (CAT) the Yo Centre. Work succes and these teams ment by Assessment Teaard in the Health com par ing acknowledged received an aw” category inc lud ed levels from the being rs is truly a nod to ms ory pee Tea ent “Better gath- our to ongos inv rs, nt ent me yea em mit rov two for making imp vices with previous dication order our comnt centred care.” resulting in ser providing ering me and reviewing ing clierise Health Region Sun histories no wait list and mo nth -to - representatives also had re clients in slied service to mo way to meet var ian ces ortunity to pre The team app a more timely – whether month. thodology to all the oppeducate attendees client needs t mental lean meon rooms, includ- ent andvariety of topics the outpatien Yorkton medicati storage area. on a ing: health clinic, h Centre, ing the this initiative, includ ild and family cen• Ch Regional Healt in the cli- Through been a savings e; rural clinics ores. The tar- there has 0 in inventory tred car n improvements • Lea ents own homgy allowed of $76,00and stocked by d ,; ate ere and str ord ed get towards ieve their care units, and an 84 perd • Working gical site ire the team to ach ting sur uction in exp s than two goals in les clients voic- cent red in an affiliate elimina infections. months with satisfaction inventory facility. ing their n quickly Grade three about being see safety, as 250 The event e bik learning about d this week. kton schools arets and the rules of the roa get a helmet and bike Yor – O DE RO me BIKE ortance of hel hment will see each child Tire through a colorin t learn the imp d tac di

– Quali d acknowledge

Delivering the best value for your advertising dollar. We distribute to where advertisers want their message to go.


18 First Avenue North Yorkton, Saskatchewan S3N 1J4 Phone: 306-783-7355 Fax: 306-782-9138

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