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Crusader 2009-10

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Amanda Kline welcomes Allison Hagen & her mom to Thomas Hall.

Sarah, Elizabeth, Amanda, and Tara make the cantelope look good.

Trevor Goodie and Jamel Wheatley check in at the admissions station during move-in day. The freshmen made the trip from Lafayette, LA and were seeing the YC campus for the first time. (above) Lupe Campa, Emily Clement, Jordan Veness, and Alexis Coss make the most of the snazy new cafeteria.(right) Students enter to win community prizes at the community fair. (far right)


Opening Days

Ryan Brooks enjoys some good grub at the tailgate party.

Kait & Cynthia grin through the seriousness of opening convocation.

Angel Gray picks up an arm full as she unloads her car.

President Eckman delivers a warm welcome to students in chapel.

Checking it all out, new students gather in the Prayer Chapel.

Cailin Carroll, Erin Davidson, and Courtney Graff sport school pride.

Welcome Home Opening Days


ew students arrived on campus Wednesday morning, bringing with them their hopes and dreams for the future, as well as parents’ cars piled high with clothes, computers, and other dorm-life necessities. A picnic on the campus courtyard officially welcomed the students and their families to campus. Before the day’s end, everyone had the opportunity to worship in a devotional setting as a part of the YC family. New students had a busy orientation schedule Thursday and Friday that included academic advising, campus

tours, photo scavenger hunts, iPod touch demonstrations, and get-to-know-you sessions with SA, club reps, and YC Campus Ministries. Friday featured a visit to the aquatic center and YC’s Night at the Movies. On Saturday there was a service project, then a tailgate party in the evening before the Blue-White soccer scrimmage. At the Opening Convocation ceremony President Steve Eckman pronounced the 119th academic year at York College officially open. Tuesday night, the community gave their welcome to town with a Community Fair. Paige Bolm, Ashley Bolm and Jessi Pope catch a ride with their luggage to move-in. (above) Elicia Hebrink flashes a smile as she helps Austin Bentonmove into his room in McCloud Hall. (top) One of the first lessons incoming freshmen learned was that of service and giving back to a community that gives so much to them. They helped by painting and fixing up some local homes. (left)

Opening Days


Kenny Fuller throws his weight around against Mitch Clay.

Wrestling teammates flash friendly smiles and wave at the parade.

Basketball players enjoy giving away candy to kids at the Yorkfest parade.

Aleesha Torneten and Elicia Hebrink share a giggle.

Bethany Fields and Shaylee Carlock tumble in for a pose after bouncing around in the inflatable boxing ring. (above)

Marissa Petrilli goes all out in a dive on the bungee run.

Meghan Shruck, Nathana Faddis, Clarissa Krekel, and Abbie Goodner still friends after a good fight. (right) Dave Young welcomes new students with a few songs at the block party. (far right)


Opening Days

Kickin’ Off the Year

Block Party and Parade


fter everyone settled into their new rooms and reconnected with friends, they were given the opportunity to enjoy a funfilled block party, hosted by the college. Kiplinger’s brick street was transformed into a bustling center with carnival inspired food, a stage for students to showcase their talent, and many fun games and activities spread about. The games and activities included an inflatable boxing arena, massive sumo wrestler suits and wrestling mat, and the popular inflatable bungee cord race.

It was a perfect evening as students enjoyed the festivities and reconnected with friends. During the entertainment, performers sang and played guitar, there were various soloists, a rap by Patrick Clark, and even comedy. As far as new year kick-offs go, this one hit the mark. In September, the annual Yorkfest Parade downtown featured the the athletic teams, Concert Choir, and even the Beta social club. It offered a great opportunity for the YC students to show their appreciation to the community.

Ian McEnerney, Garrett Brown, and Adam Wohlwend grab some grub as they take in the festivities. (above)

The Concert Choir blazes the way for York College in the Yorkfest parade, sporting flags that illustrate all the countries and states YC students come from. (top) AJ Wharton gives chase to Matt Ward’s undeniable speed. (above) Kiplinger Avenue is transformed into a college carnival complete with popcorn, cotton candy, barbeque, games, and tons of laughter. (left)

Opening Days


Dakota Beck, Sarah Lord, and Ashley Crowe fire up their Kingsmen.

Matt Carlson, Thomas Lichty, and Kyle Renz enjoy a practical joke.

Heidy Estrada gets her face painted by Kaylee Danielson.

The men of AXE make it clear that they would defend each other.

Finding a Place Club Week


ynchronized swimming, faith walks, gallop dates, kiss and tackle, obstacle courses, flour and egg fights, the list could go on with all the activities involved in the madness that is Club Week. Some of the exercises are unique to the clubs joined, such as Theta Psi/Sig Tau’s Fox and Hound or Kingsmen/Omega Phi’s Fugitive game; other events involve all of the clubs, such as the football games for the guys accompanied by their Kelisa Rush, Jessi Pope, Emily Bogue, and Marissa Petrilli show their spelling skills as they encourage their brother club with signs and cheers during the Club Week football games. (above) Delta and Kyodai gather around for a club picture before the big game. (right) Royce Grimes makes a great diving grab to get Mike McZeal’s flag in the traditional AXE/ Kyodai matchup. (top)


Club Week

sister clubs cheering them on from the sidelines. However, more important than the games and activities are the deep friendships that spring up and the bonding that occurs within each club. Brotherhood and sisterhood within the clubs builds not only comradeship but a unity that helps nurture spiritual growth and service. Many students can trace some of their fondest memories and longest friendships back to this very week.

Mindy Witt and Bree Moore make Delta purple look good.

Amber Garcia, Martha Slater and Alice Hackett become Beta babes.

Theta girls are all smiles after their evening bout with flour tag.

Dave Young and Landon Roseberry pretend to learn sign language.

Taking a break from their cheers, Beta circles up and smiles for YC photographer Steddon Sikes. (above) Sig Tau takes over the Spiritual Life Center for some good ole man time. (far left) Ashley Crowe applies a heavy coat of lipstick so Tomme Lichty can squire kiss her club week collection book. (left)

Club Week


Step Up Coronation


oronation moved to the Community Center this year to provide a larger venue for the evening event. All eight clubs filed in to take the stage and showoff their new freshmen talent via spunky song and dance. Some stuck to traditional ballads, such as the Kingsmen’s serenade of their sweetheart, while other clubs such as Theta Psi and Sigma Tau spiced it up with Sondra McCord, Chasta Bonifas, Ashley Crowe, Chelsi Reichwaldt, and Nathana Faddis belt it out for Matt Carlson. (top) Scott Spruill and Kaylee Danielson stepped up to host the club Coronation. (above) The men of AXE go over some of their stage plans one more time before the show. (middle) Mitch Roush grins as he relishes the postion of being beau for his Beta girls. (right)



funky outfits. Scott Spruill and Kaylee Danielson served well as hosts, as they eagerly introduced each group and their honored beau and sweetheart. Club Sweethearts: Beta - Tonya Walton Delta - Kayde Kemp Omega Phi - Jamie Van Gieson Theta Psi - Emily Bogue Club Beaus: AXE - Mitchell Roush Kingsmen - Matt Carlson Kyodai - Landon Bailey Sigma TauCaleb Rush Dave Young Mark Smesrud Jake Owens

Theta Psi moves all around for their four beaus.

Carson Tuttle and Austin Benton give Emily more than enough attention.

Tonya Walton laughs as the guys of AXE do their best to flatter her.

Landon Bailey had a front row seat for Delta’s Wannabe tribute.

Emily Bogue enjoys being Sig Tau’s object of affection. (above)

Always classy, Kingsmen serenade Jamie Van Gieson with style. Shaun Hess goes for the good ole sprinkler move to impress Kayde while the other men of Kyodai use a little more suave. (above and right)



Professor of History and author of more than 100 books, Tim McNeese shares the Alumnus of the Year spotlight with his wife Bev.

Friday morning chapel was packed with alumni and students as Homecoming and High School Days got underway.

Sean Algaier, former YC student and participant on The Biggest Loser, spoke in chapel about the challenges he faced on the show. Homecoming Court: (1st row) Renee Willard, Mark Smesrud, Sarah Stoutzenberger, Mason Lee, Amber Soderholm, Caleb Rush, Sonia Rohda, Langston Frison, Lea Childress, Bo Blackman; (2nd row) Aubrey Sanchez, Heath Schmalzried, Carrie Berger, Saul Perez, Hailey Siebold, Jeremy Burgener.



The baseball team came decked out in pink Friday night to show their support for the volleyball players and the fight against breast cancer. (right)

Reuniting Homecoming


amily, friends, and visitors of all varieties traveled to York in the fall to share in the Homecoming/High School Days festivities. Alumni reconnected with old friends; parents came to watch their children in sporting events and campus performances; and teens flocked by the droves to YC to experience a taste of college life. Among the activities on campus were the performances of the fall comedy The Imaginary Invalid, which was well-attended and brought side-splitting laughs to the audience. Homecoming chapel on Saturday featured the concert choir, who put on a splendid performance. Dozens of other events such as Friday night’s volleyball match and Homecoming soccer

Ready to rock, the volleyball girls lineup and prepare to play.

Stephan Johnston blocks out his opponent as he executes some fancy footwork.

games offered visitors a taste of York College culture. Homecoming Court, voted on by the student body, represented all the classes on campus. King and Queen candidates were seniors Bo Blackman, Lea Childress, Langston Frison, Mason Lee, Sonia Rhoda, Caleb Rush, Mark Smesrud, Amber Soderholm, Sarah Stoutzenberger, and Renee Willard. Junior reps were Aubrey Sanchez and Heath Schmalzried; sophomores were Carrie Berger and Saul Perez; and freshmen were Hailey Siebold and Jeremy Burgener. Soderholm, a History/ English major, received the honors as YC Queen and Caleb Rush, senior Business Communication major, was dubbed King.

Kaylee Danielson blew the crowd away with her solo at the choir concert.

Nick Parsons passes on the glory as he crowns Caleb Rush Homecoming King.




Halloween & Sketchyness


festive week on campus, Halloween is welcomed in by a host of events. The first to occur was that of the Edgar Allan Poe-try slam where students shared creepy and crawly stories and poems by candlelight in the spiritual life center. Then there was the Kingsmen / Omega Phi campus-wide Halloween party held in the Underground, complete with food, bobbing for apples, a costume contest, chubby b u n n y, t h e Monster

Mash, and much more. Finally, on the day of Halloween, Thomas Hall and the Kiplinger apartments were opened up to the community for trick or treating. Due to all of the activities, the week of Halloween is full of creative and creepy costumes, meaning one never knows what they will run into! Earlier in the year, many students participated in the annual Sketchy Tuesday event, a day dedicated to dressing as awkward and sketchy as possible in honor of a men’s home soccer game. A large number of students, and even a few of the faculty and staff, take this as an opportunity to bring back the 80s or experiment with a hairstyle they would otherwise never try. The results were, well... sketchy.

Ryan Nelson took his hair to extreme levels for Sketchy Tuesday. (above) Alexis Paspalof, Jacee Page, Elizabeth Eklund and Bryan Irsik support the basketball team in full costume. (right)

Lexi puts Bryan in his place with a strong right uppercut to the chin.



Renee Willard and Kayla Lawrence imitated the creepy twin sisters from The Shining a little too well.

Judy Rinard was a dead ringer for Flo and could sell insurance to a gekko.

Sarah Elmore and Jason Lloyd made a very odd and sketchy backwoods couple.

Bethany Saylor welcomes children of York into the dorms with a full bowl of candy. (above)

Dr. Roush and Coach Luther go all out with their spirited duds and represent both the cool and the humble side of Sketchy Tuesday. (above)

Sketchy Tuesday drew out many interesting and creative looks, some funny, some creepy, and some just plain awkward. (above)



Kaylee Danielson and Jamie Mix share a first cousins’ moment.



Sarah VanDeusen, Sarah Elmore, & Rachel Johnson enjoy the party.

Amasa Maine and Martha Kinyon have fun performing Santa Baby.

Kingsmen/Omega Phi enjoy some games and hangout-time.

Chelsea Mayer and Mason Lee let their Christmas spirit show.

Dave Young takes the festivites to a whole new level.

Secret Santa, always a favorite Delta/Kyodai game full of suspense.

The prayer chapel was the perfect venue for Sarah Firm’s recital.

Just for Fun

Holidays, Recitals, and Such


s the fall colors fade and the winter season creeps its way in, students get very busy with all the hustle and bustle surrounding the year-end events. Finals loom in the all-too-near distance, seasonal performances come due for many, Christmas parties are frequented, and service opportunities abound. This time of year brings the campus together frequently to remember what is truly important: friends, family, and God’s gift to the world. Club parties and banquets, Omega Phi’s collection of gifts for the Operation Christmas Child organization, senior voice recitals, and the always popular Cocoa and Carols performed by the Celebration Singers are all part of the holiday mix. Lady in Red, Sara Firm looked and sang beautiful at her senior vocal recital in the Prayer Chapel. (top left) The men of Kyodai know how to deck out for Christmas and spread their holiday cheer. (middle) Axe and Beta didn’t let their formal Christmas attire for their banquet keep them from cutting loose and having fun. (left) Zach Rush wowed his recital audience with his selections and versatility. A crowd favorite was his rendition of I Am Adolpho. (far left & inset)



Josh Stewart finds an outlet for his pre-finals jitters.

Heath Schmalzried gives Royce Grimes an earful over dessert.

Iron Chef host Jacob Redfearn interviews Tim McNeese about their dish.

Sarah, Kayla, and Renee forget their upcoming exams for awhile.

Tod Martin and Justin Carver serve up the breakfast grub in style. (right) The new digs at The Caf’ make everyone feel more at home. (below)



Elicia Hebrink, Meghan Shruck, and Austin Benton work quickly under the time limit, but not without samples. (above)

You Are What You Eat Fellowship of Food


ork College watched as self-proclaimed chefs emerged from all corners of campus for the Chopped and Iron Chef events. Each chef was donned in an authentic chef jacket that they got to keep as a memento of the evening. The teams had 35 minutes for course preparation before presenting the meal to a panel of three judges. Judging the YC Iron Chef competition were Jared Stark, Sue Roush, and Tim Lewis. The grand prize

went to Simple Flare—Andrew Miller, Kayla Lawrence, and Sonia Rohda. The four students chosen for Chopped were Gingerlynn Lanza, Katie Kynion, Jamel Wheatley, and Bryan Williams. The event had three rounds, and though all the participants made great creations of the mystery ingredients, Katie Kynion emerged as the victor. The pre-finals breakfast in the fall and ice cream in the spring were a special treat that students were able to partake in during the long hours of studying for finals. It gave a nice chance for refueling as well as a much needed breather.

Matt Roush helps to host the Chopped competition in the spring. (top) Sonia (Rohda) Miller, Andrew Miller, and Kayla Lawrence, otherwise known as SImple Flare, dished up some serious competition and delicious food as they won the Iron Chef competition. (above) Austin Benton, Devyn Pearl, Allison Hagen, Rachel Johnson, and Taylor Ladd huddle together to enjoy a late night breakfast and ward off the chill of winter finals. (left)

Food & Fellowship

19 19

Mark Smesrud assists Drew Geiger in his talent show performance.

Royce Grimes shares his paintball expertise as he goes over the rules.

Martha Kinyon attempts to hide her blush of embarrassment.

Leaving Campus Shine Retreat


midwinter retreat always sounds good to students beginning to feel the stress of the spring semester. Hosted at the Timberlake Ranch northwest of York, the annual getaway put on by Campus Ministries allows students to escape the busyness of life, focus on God and relax for a weekend. This year’s theme was “On Your Mark.” Paul Dudrey led worship and the keynote speaker was Rusty Tugman from Norman, OK. Tugman spoke on the importance of being prepared in the race for God and getting rid of the hindrances of excuses and any weight that pulls you down. In addition to the worship sessions and midnight comTimberlake Ranch was transformed into a winter wonderland escape for students. (above & right)


Shine Retreat

munion, there were mentoring groups led by some favorite YC faculty and staff, the always fun Talent show, a shooting range, and paintball. Free time was also spent in various relaxing activities of the student’s choice, including campfires, board and card games, and snacking on delicious food, such as Charla Stark’s famous sopapilla cheesecake. Those that went enjoyed a chance to hang out with friends as well as become spiritually recharged.

Amy Springer entertains Kristin and Hailey with a song.

Armed and dangerous, the volleyball team is ready to play some hardcore paintball.

Jordan Mestas, Erin Davidson, Stephanie Wilson, Kristine Evangelista, and Danielle Bowlby relished a chance to leave school at school and enjoy a rejuvenating weekend getaway. (above)

Shine Retreat


Service With A Smile Spring Missions


ervice clubs took the lead in spring mission efforts, logging over 4,000 miles during the break. Omega Phi and Kingsmen traveled to Denver, CO, to volunteer at a food bank. Much of the work involved packaging food and distributing it to those who arrived; however, praying and extending the love of Christ to all who came in to receive food was also a part of their mission. This local food bank, His Hands Ministries, serves 300 families per week. Beta and AXE made the long trek south to Camp Eagle in Rock Springs, TX, to help

prepare for future youth group visits and retreats. The 1400 acre facility gave them plenty to do from removing rocks and debris from trails to cleaning and prepping cabins. The ladies of Theta Psi and Delta teamed up for a 12-hour trip east to Nashville, TN. Together they hosted a VBS for inner city ministry kids that included puppet shows, joy bus rides, and lots of laughter. Sigma Tau followed up with their previous work in Denver with the Dry Bones organization. They reached out to homeless and neglected kids on the street to show them love and value.

James Tidei, Caleb Clark, Ashley Crowe, Josh Scheffler, Luke Case, Dr. Mike Case, Kyle Renz, Sarah Stoutzenberger, and Nick DiToro spent a lot of their time at a local food bank. (top) Delta and Theta Psi spent some quality time on joy bus rides through the streets of Nashville. (above) Josh Stewart, Mark Smesrud, Saul Perez, Ben Wingfield, Michael Miller and Austin Benton hang out in Denver under the watchful eye of their sponsor Mr. DeHart. (right)


Spring Break

The inner city mission kids in Nashville loved being around the college girls as Bethany Saylor, Chelsea Mayer, and Kimberlee DeGroot enjoy the moment. (above)

Beta and AXE got in a little rock climbing with their work.

Kingsmen scale the rocks in Colorado on their day of sightseeing.

Watch the road! Mark Smesrud steals a look as they head back home.

Yee Haw! Delta and Theta girls experience some Nashville culture.

Cory, Josh, and Mark make sponsor Bobby DeHart a little leary of what goes on behind his back. (above) Quin Johnson, Casey Kinnison, John Baker, Marisa Maher, Kaylee Danielson, Greg Smith, Patrick Clark, Paige Bolm, and Scott Spruill put their muscles to the test cleaning Camp Eagle. (left)

Kaylee Danielson has some fun while cleaning up the camp grounds.

Spring Break


Songfest hosts and hostesses bring the funk with a song by the Black Eye Peas.

Cory Clark, Saul Perez, and Seth Southard flaunt their style and strike a pose.

Axe and Beta stole the show with their creative costumes and jungle boogie, ending on an intense and imposing pose in their final number. (above and below)

Delta and Kyodai proudly declare that it’s a pirate’s life for them!



Nathan, Matt, and Erich rocked the male vocals in a variety of styles with their trio Fireflies. (left)

In the Spotlight Songfest


ongfest was the buzz of campus during Spring High School Days. Every night the auditorium was filled with an anxious crowd of college peers, families, friends, community members, and prospective students. With over a fourth of the student body involved in the production, it was a very busy week. The pinnacle came on Saturday night when all the clubs anxiously awaited to hear the judges’ tally of their three-night production. Delta and Kyodai’s Rocking the Sea tied with Beta and AXE’s Where the Wild Things Are for Best Music award. Best Costumes and Best Choreography were won by Beta and AXE as well as the overall President’s Award for best

club show. When their names were announced, Beta and AXE piled on stage, electric with the excitement of their hard work and creativity paying off. The success of this year’s show was also attributed in large part to the talented voices of six hosts and hostesses: Martha Kinyon, Erich Loper, Bri Rush, Nathan Towell, Matt Ward, and Renee Willard. They worked on perfecting their performances since the campus-wide auditions in December and brought it all together for an amazing weekend.

Renee, Brienna, and Martha harmonize beautifully in their trio Holding Out for a Hero. (left) Matt Ward pulled off a great look and backed it up with his impressive vocals on his country solo Austin. (above)

Megan Salfrank shows AJ Wharton who’s boss during the Kingsmen and Omega Phi show.

Yo Ho! The things Mason Lee and Landon Bailey will do to be pirates.

Scott Schwarting and Cailin Carroll take the crowd back a couple of decades.

James Tidei lets loose in his Twisted Sister cameo.



Director Dr. Clark Roush Assistant Director Sue Roush Producer Dr. Shane Mountjoy Technical Director John I Baker III Committee Member Justin Carver Committee Member Jared Stark ICC President Mitchell Roush

Technical Crew: Matthew Carlson– Stage Manager, Kayla Lawrence– Light Operator, Darren Best– Spotlight, Ben Krekel–Spotlight, Kathey Stewart–Stage Crew, John W. Baker–Tech. Consultant, Bradley Brunson–Sound



I Gotta Feeling — Hosts and Hostesses

Turn the Beat Around — Hosts and Hostesses



Theta Psi & Sigma Tau

Delta Chi Alpha & Kyodai

Can’t Buy Me Love — Nathan Towell I Will Be — Renee Willard Austin — Matt Ward

These Words — Bri Rush Apologize — Erich Loper Cowboy Casanova — Martha Kinyon



Omega Phi & Kingsmen

Beta Beta Sigma & Alpha Chi Epsilon

Holding Out for a Hero — Martha, Bri, Renee Fireflies — Erich, Nathan, Matt

Once Upon a Time — Hosts and Hostesses Don’t Stop Believin’ — Finale Cast

THETA PSI/SIGMA TAU: Intergalactic, What is Love, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Vogue, Pump Up the Jam, Boom Boom Boom, Nothing Compares, Rhythm is Gonna Get You, Be My Brother, Supermodel, This is How We Do It, The Sign OMEGA PHI/KINGSMEN: Old Time Rock and Roll, Rock Around the Clock, Rock This Town, Rock and Roll Music, Saturday Night, We Will Rock You, I Love Rock ‘n Roll, I Wanna Rock DELTA/KYODAI: Gilligan’s Island Theme, Rock the Boat, Love Boat, Fathoms Below, YO HO (A Pirate’s Life for Me), In the Navy, Anchors Aweigh, Come Sail Away BETA/AXE: Welcome to the Jungle, Wild Thing, Jungle Boogie, Hungry Like the Wolf, Crocodile Rock, Hound Dog, Rockin’ Robin, Joy to the World, Born to be Wild



A Night Out All-College Banquet


favorite night among many, the All-College Banquet was an opportunity to dress up, find a date, or simply some friends and enjoy some delicious food. The event was held once again at McCool Junction’s Stone Creek Event Center. The buffet menu offered a wide array of choices from steamed buttery veggies, rolls, cheesy hash browns and chicken to smoked brisket. The feast continued with fanciful decorative cheesecakes, tea, and Starbucks coffee.

Mitch Roush congratulates John I. Baker III as the student-voted Teacher of the Year.


All-College Banquet

As guests finished their dessert, a slide show recap of the 2009-10 year was presented by SA treasurer Kait Loney. That was followed by the awards ceremony honoring clubs, faculty, staff, and students. To the delight of students, SA president Amber Soderholm presented Leo Miller as Staff Member of the Year, and then vp Mitch Roush awarded John Baker with the student-chosen Teacher of the Year. President Eckman then made an emotional presentation to Greg Smith as the 2nd Miler Award recipient. The faculty and staff took their turn to honor all of the Mr. and Ms. YC candidates before presenting Mason Lee and Sara Firm as Mr. and Ms. York College.

The food was delicious, including chicken, brisket, vegatables, and of course cheese cake.

With everyone looking their best, banquet brings out the paparazzi.

Kaylee Danielson, Sarah Elmore, Taylor Ladd, and Jamie Mix enjoy some coffee while waiting to get in line for food.

Staff Member of the Year, Leo Miller, made going to the library a treat.

Kingsmen and Omega Phi huddle together for a quick club pic. (above)

For their work and example in and out of the classroom, faculty and staff selected Sara Firm and Mason Lee as Mr. and Ms. York College. (above)

"Banquet creates a stress-free time of food, fun, and fellowship." Mr. and Ms. YC Candidates: Amber Soderholm, Kristin Wiedemann, Amasa Maine, Martha Kinyon, Sara Firm, Mason Lee, Mark Smesrud, Zach Rush, Nick Parsons, and Caleb Rush.

Mr. & Ms. YC


Graduates bow their heads during the opening prayer.

Jamie Van Gieson graduates Magna Cum Laude with a biology degree.

Seth Southard and Amasa Maine pause for a quick picture.

Kristi Briggs gives a big smile as she recieves her diploma in education.

Just as they began their YC experience, Caleb Rush celebrates in the arms of Mark Smesrud along with Matt Cimmino. (above) Seniors in the Concert Choir sing one last time during the ceremony..



Surrounded by her family and friends, Kait Loney enjoys her time in the spotlight. (right)

Class of 2010 Graduation


amily and friends gathered at the city auditorium Saturday morning to witness the York College class of 2010, some 63 in all, receive their bachelor’s degrees. Addressing this year’s graduates was Mrs. Kristie Holoch. Holoch, a Senior Vice President of Retail Banking at Cornerstone Bank in York, challenged graduates to go beyond expectations in their careers and in service to their community if they wanted to make a difference in their work and in their lives. Dr. Ray Miller presented the Dean’s Award to outAmber Soderholm, winner of the 2010 Dean’s Award, shares the moment with her sister Crystal. (above) Chelsey Franklin celebrates with her family. (top)

standing senior, Amber Soderholm. Graduating Summa Cum Laude in history, Soderholm served as the 200910 student body president. Miller then presented the Dale R. Larsen Teacher of Achievement Award to Dr. Frank Wheeler. Dr. Wheeler completed his 22 year at YC and chairs the Division of Biblical Studies.

President Eckman surprised commencement speaker Kristie Holoch with an Honorary Doctorate. (right)


class of 2010

Jake, Janae, Nick, and Kathleen leave the auditorium as proud York Collge alumni. Dashon and Shantall Jones are all smiles after the ceremony. Jessica Sharp beams as she grabs hold of that diploma representing all of her hard work. (insets)

CLASS OF 2010: Kim Baird, Gary Bandy, Darren Best, Bo Blackman*, Kristi Briggs, Lea Childress, Laura Crowson, Kaylee Danielson, Jared Davis, Sarah Elmore, Taylor Ettwein**, Sara Firm**, Chelsey Franklin, Langston Frison, Monica Gibson*, Megan Grimes, Katie Halstead, Benny Hanaphy***, Jacob Harlow, Kalyn Harlow, Heather Hultgrien*, Ashley Sanchez Janky, Brent Johnson, Dashon Jones, Jacintta Kemp, Kayde Kemp, Dustin Kinnison**, Martha Kinyon*, Brittany Kretz**, Taylor Ladd, Mason Lee*, Kaitlin Loney**, Amasa Maine, Keith Manley, Michelle McAlevy, Sonia Miller***, Wendell Moore, Lee Moses, Chelsea Mullinix, Casey Newcomer, Elise Owens, Jake Owens, Janae Parsons, Nick Parsons, Kathleen Pearson**, Michelle Peck, Charity Regennitter***, Kyle Renz, Mitchell Roush*, Matthew Runquist, Caleb Rush***, Zachary Rush*, Erin Sams***, Jessica Sharp, Sara Slovacek, Mark Smesrud*, Amber Soderholm***, Seth Southard*, Ryan Stuckey, Megan Thomas*, Jamie Van Gieson**, Marcus Walberg, Kristin Wiedemann**



*Cum Laude - GPA of 3.40 or higher **Magna Cum Laude - GPA of 3.60 or higher ***Summa Cum Laude - GPA of 3.85 or higher




ampus life is always bustling with opportunities for student involvement. These opportunities come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for students to discover what they actually want to invest their time in and what really interests them. Among the many ways to get involved are social clubs, performing groups, student government, campus ministries, academic groups, athletic teams, and mission trips. Due to the variety of options, there is something for everyone. Every organization blesses the campus, each in their own way, whether through entertainment, fellowship, or service.

The cast of The Imaginary Invalid lets loose and takes a silly photo opp. (above) Bethany Saylor and Jason Hernandez help bring Christmas cheer to the campus and community in Celebration Singers’ Cocoa and Carols. (right) Delta girls line the field to cheer on Kyodai during the club week football game. (top) Members of YC’s chapter of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society were selected based on their academic success and high grade point average. (below)

ALPHA CHi: (1st row) Jamie Van Gieson, Charity Regennitter, Tammy Phan, London Hawley, Nathana Faddis, Maegan Simpson, Abbie Goodner, Renee Willard; (back row) Brent Stahl, Cailin Carroll, Caleb Rush, Matt Ward, Andrew Miller, and Kayla Lawrence — not pictured Kyle Reeves, Nathan Towell, Dr. Ray Miller (S), Dr. Mark Pearson (S)



Steady as you go! Beta builds their human pyramid as high as they dare before resuming cheering on their AXEmen. (above) Beta and AXE spend some quality bonding time as a brother and sister club. (right) Cody Tracy, Scott Spruill, Nathan Towell, and Taylor Ladd give Quin Johnson a lift at their Christmas Party. (below)

BETA BETA SIGMA: Beau—Mitch Roush (1st Row) Michelle Peck, Alice Hackett, Janae Parsons, Shaylee Carlock, Marisa Maher, Sarah VanDeusen, Rachel Johnson; (2nd Row) Kaitlin Spanel, McKayla Mabery, Charmaine Ross, Amanda Detlefs, Kameryn Brewster, Martha Slater, Kristi Barnes, Amber Garcia, Maggie Arlt, Jessica White, Sarah Elmore; (3rd Row) Caroline Gaudreault, Tonya Walton, Tammy Nooner, Kaylee Danielson, Amanda Couch, Estefany Estrada, Jessica Noren, Maegan Simpson, Heidy Estrada, Jamie Mix, Kelley Splattstoesser.— not pictured Paige Bolm, Julia Garcia, Kait Loney, Devyn Pearl, Michelle Tsinnie, Gail Miller (S), Judy Rinard (S), Jen Spickelmier (S)


Beta Beta Sigma

Beta Pres—M. Simpson, VP—K. Danielson, Sec—T. Walton, Tres—J. Garcia, SLD—S. VanDeusen, AD—M. Mabery & R. Johnson, Activities Dir—C. Gaudreault & K. Brewster, Service Dir— A. Hackett, Fundraising—J. Mix & A. Detlefs, Songfest Rep—J. Mix & J. White, Media Dir—M. Peck, PR—A. Detlefs, Theme Dir—J. Parsons, Runway Dir—K. Splattstoesser, Body Guard—S. Elmore, R. Johnson & K. Loney

Quin Johnson, Greg Smith, Patrick Clark, Paige Bolm, Kaylee Danielson, John Baker, Marisa Maher, and Casey Kinnison prepare to take on some hard core rock climbing. (left) Jamie Mix and Kaylee Danielson indulge in face paint for the club week football game. (right)


Beta & AXE

eta and Axe had an eventful 2009-2010 school year. Beginning with preparations for club week, to fun activities, service projects, and Songfest, the fun was never-ending. Beta aided the Girl Scouts with activities and volunteered time at the York Pet Shelter. They also hosted a pizza and movie party each month, inviting girls from other social clubs to come, hoping to gain a greater club-wide unity. During club week, the girls performed the song True to Your Heart by 98 Degrees and the guys did the classic Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Both AXE and Beta trekked down to Camp Eagle in Texas for a mission trip where they helped fix up the camp for summer sessions. AXE named Dr. Michael Case “Man of the Year” for his spiritual leadership and work on campus. The clubs reached the pinnacle of success with Songfest, winning the President’s Award. Where the Wild Things Are wowed the judges and audience with their music, choreography, costumes, and makeup. Patrick Clark and Alice Hackett show their wild side during Songfest. (middle) ALPHA CHI EPSILON: Sweetheart—Tonya Walton (1st Row) Mitch Roush, Patrick Clark, Marcus McArthur, Todd Johnston, Bryan Williams, Zephaniah McChriston, Michael McZeal, Jamel Wheatley; (Back rows) Bryan Irsik, Jason Lloyd, Andrew Simpson, Scott Spruill, Casey Kinnison, Trevor Goodie, Raymond Johnson, Taylor Ladd, David Carney, Ricky Creek, Anthony Bonnett, Cody Tracy, Jamol Wheatley, Shaun Howard, Quin Johnson, Danny Cunningham, Dracy Williams, Erich Loper — not pictured John Baker, Nathan Towell, Josh Witt, Tim Lewis (S), Greg Smith (S), Ben Hackett (S), Justin Carver (S) AXE: Pres—Q. Johnson, VP—J. Lloyd, Sec/Tres—C. Kinnison, SLD—N. Towell, AD—D. Carney, Songfest Rep—B. Irsik

Alpha Chi Epsilon


Mason Lee worked the pirate face during his last year of Songfest. (left) Chelsea Mayer and Monica Gibson try out some funky face wear during their spring break mission trip. (right) DK’s starship is loaded and headed for the skies. (middle)


Delta & Kyodai

lub week cookout and football game, service projects, Christmas party, Songfest. . . all part of the mix again as Delta and Kyodai had a memorable year. The clubs maintained some of their annual service work, such as assisting at the Children’s Museum on Saturdays. During club week, Delta went to the Mahoney House in York and played Bingo with the residents. Having enjoyed the experience, some girls even chose a resident that they continued to visit throughout the year. New Delta chicks got to sing and dance to Wannabe by the Spice Girls for coronation, while Kyodai broke out some moves with their songs, Stanky Leg and Circus Song. Their Songfest show Rockin’ the Sea tied for Best Costumes and featured all time favorites such as Come Sail Away and A Pirates Life for Me. A highlight of the year for Delta was teaming up with Theta Psi on a spring break trip to Nashville, TN. Together, they put on a VBS for inner city kids as well as enjoyed the sights and sounds of music city. It was an unforgettable time for those involved. DELTA CHI ALPHA: Beau—Landon Bailey (1st Row) Chelsea Mayer, Bethany Saylor, Joanna Overly, Gingerlynn Lanza, Lauren Childs, Bree Moore, Elizabeth Eklund, Lupe Campa, Katie Halstead, Clarissa Krekel, Kayde Kemp, Jacintta Kemp; (2nd Row) Kristin Toillion, Becca Duncan, Sarah Strahle, Paige Bolm, Monica Gibson, Cynthia Hunt, Angelene Gray, Becca Reynolds, Hailey Siebold, Kelci Scott, Megan Grimes — not pictured Danielle Bowlby, Isabel Camacho, Erin Davidson, Ana Moyers, Stephanie Wilson, Mindy Witt, Robin Lewis (S), Jaclyn Smith (S), Charla Stark (S), Jaclyn Walth (S), Jennifer Witt (S)


Delta Chi Alpha

Delta Pres—C. Mayer, VP—K. Scott, Sec/Tres—C. Hunt, SLD—C. Hunt, AD—M. Witt, Activities Dir—M. Gibson, Service Dir—K. Kemp, Songfest Rep—B. Moore, Historian—S. Strahle

Delta rolled out the big guns with face paint and signs to support Kyodai in their football game. (above) It’s a pirate’s life for me! (inset) Landon Bailey gets some air as he makes the catch in their club week game against AXE. (left) Chase Rose, Jonathan Reed, and Lucas Moyers show their Christmas spirit at the club party. (below)

KYODAI: Sweetheart—Kayde Kemp (1st Row) Austin Ford, Shaun Hess, Corey Standerfer, Jaid Taylor, Jeremiah Ahart; (Back Rows) Royce Grimes, Jonathan Reed, Matt Grimes, Lucas Moyers, Landon Bailey, Brent Johnson, Sean Carroll, DeAnthony Ellison, Desmond Strickland, Tree Burks, Chase Rose, Travis Clarke, Mason Lee, Victor Saenz — not pictured Josh Baerg, Garrett Brown, Ethan Owens, Dennis Leinen (S), Jared Stark (S), Brandon Tatum (S)

Kyodai Pres— L. Bailey, VP— M. Lee, Sec/Tres—J. Baerg, SLD—R. Grimes, AD—T. Clarke



Kingsmen and Omega Phi show off their fierce sides at the football game as they celebrate a win against Sigma Tau. (above) Jake Harlow, Kyle Renz, Matt Carlson, and Mitch Clay gather for a senior guys’ picture at the skate night. (inset) Omega Phi and Kingsmen brought out the glitz for Songfest. (right) The clubs traveled to Grand Island to help run a youth lockin in January. (below)

OMEGA PHI: Beau—Matt Carlson (1st Row) Allison Hagen, Chelsi Reichwaldt, Ashley Crowe, Nathana Faddis, Dakota Beck, Bethany Fields; (2nd Row) Jamie Van Gieson, Sarah Stoutzenberger, Emilie Alston, Kalyn Harlow, Chasta Bonifas, Kayla Lawrence, Sondra McCord, Vanessa Brown, Amanda Kline — not pictured Sarah Lord, Megan Salfrank, Sara Taverner, Linda Risinger, Cheri Clark (S), Meghan Salsbury (S)


Omega Phi

Omega Phi (Semester 1st/2nd) Pres—K. Lawrence/S. Stoutzenberger, VP—S. Stoutzenberger/N. Faddis, Sec—E. Alston/S. Lord, Tres—J. Van Gieson, SLD—K. Lawrence/M. Salfrank, AD—S. Taverner/C. Bonifas, Activities Dir—K. Harlow/L. Risinger, Service Dir—S. Stoutzenberger/N. Faddis, Songfest Rep—A. Kline, Historian—A. Kline/B. Fields, Clothing—A. Crowe

Sarah Stoutzenberger, Kyle Renz, Josh Scheffler, Caleb Clark, Luke Case, James Tidei, Ashley Crowe, and their sponsors,helped a Denver food bank over spring break. (left) Amanda Kline, Nathana Faddis and Ashley Crowe get messy while frosting cupcakes for the red cross. (right)

Omega Phi & Kingsmen


AJ Wharton, James Tidei, Choua Vue, Caleb Clark, and Tomme Lichty prove that even though they are doing Songfest, they are still quite manly. (above)

ingsmen and Omega Phi led an active year as they hit the ground running with their roller skating party and club week games like Kiss and Tackle. In October, they hosted a campus-wide Halloween party in the Underground. They adopted hearts of service as they orchestrated highway cleanups, planted flowers on campus, led the Grand Island lockin for area youth, gathered gifts for Operation Christmas Child, and assisted with the clothing exchange at East Hill. During spring break, several students went to Denver to help with His Hand’s ministry, a local food bank that feeds over 300 families per week. Throughout the year the men of Kingsmen partook in manly activities such as driving to Lincoln and eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. The women of Omega Phi relaxed with movie nights and baking, enjoying the “Year of the Hippo.” Both clubs also spent time together grilling out in the park and playing Frisbee. Most importantly, the clubs encouraged one another’s spiritual walks as they met for joint weekly bible studies over the book of James. For Songfest, they sang and danced through the decades in their show, Good Ole Rock and Roll. KINGSMEN: Sweetheart—Jamie Van Gieson (1st Row) Jaquar Lovett, James Tidei, Ryan Brooks, Choua Vue, Kyle Renz, Tomme Lichty, Mitch Clay, Jerome Taylor, Paul Helms, AJ Wharton; (2nd Row) Caleb Clark, Josh Scheffler, Nate Trumbo, Kenny Fuller, Ger Lao, Luke Case, Shawn Gronseth, Nathan Hawley, Isaiah Davis, Matt Carlson, Jake Harlow, Nick Parsons — not pictured Ryan Nelson, Zane Berner, Brian Keller, Tod Martin (S), Travis Stoltenberg (S), Michael Case (S).

Kingsmen: (Semester 1st/2nd) Pres—K. Renz/M. Carlson, VP—J. Harlow/M. Clay, Sec—M. Carlson/J. Tidei, Tres—AJ Wharton/J. Taylor, AD—P. Helms/I. Davis, SLD—M. Clay/Z. Berner, Activities/Service Dir—T. Lichty & N. Parson/C. Clark & R. Nelson, Songfest Rep—T. Lichty



Marissa Petrilli and Zach Rush sport the flour and egg mixture from club week. (left) Can you hear me now? Mark Smesrud broadcasts to Josh Stewart. (right) Heath Schmalzried and Kristin Tuttle belt out a number during Songfest. (middle)


Theta Psi & Sig Tau

heta Psi and Sigma Tau seemed to be joined at the hip as they enjoyed each others’ company throughout the year. Every week they met together for joint meetings—sometimes beginning with a short devotion before splitting up to discuss particulars. A service project they did this year as a brother/ sister club was help work at a dinner for special needs people in the York area. They kept their service going through the second semester when the clubs split and went opposite directions for Spring Break. Sig Tau worked with the organization Dry Bones, a group that reaches out to kids on the streets of Denver. Theta Psi teamed up with Delta and made the long trek to Nashville, TN where the two clubs put on a VBS for inner city kids. Both clubs reached people in dire need of being touched. For Songfest, they went retro with Kickin’ It Old School, complete with hits from the 80s and 90s, neon green caps, paint splattered tops, parachute pants, matching poofy skirts with leg warmers, fanny packs, and side ponytails. THETA PSI: Beau—Caleb Rush, Dave Young, Mark Smesrud, Jake Owens (1st Row) Nikki Moeder, Kelisa Rush, Katie Kynion, Elise Hart, Selena Emery, Brenda Perry; (2nd Row) Tammy Phan, Marissa Petrilli, Emily Pope, Rebekah Lewis, Stephanie Studebaker, Elicia Hebrink, Bri Avery, Carrie Berzins, Bri Rush, Martha Kinyon, Kristin Tuttle, Meghan Shruck; (3rd Row) Jessi Pope, Abbie Goodner, Kristen Sheppard, Sara Firm, Kayla Crowell, Toni Sabo, Aubrey Sanchez, Amasa Maine, Jessica Currier, Emily Bogue, Amber Soderholm, Sarah Pope — not pictured Cailin Carroll, Kelsey Hamik, Robin Hinton, Ashley Janky, LaRee Eckman (S), LaRae Melvin (S), Heidi Smith (S), Marti Soderholm (S)


Theta Psi

Theta Psi Pres—E. Hebrink, VP—M. Petrilli, Sec/Historian—A. Soderholm, Tres—M. Schruck, SLD—J. Currier, AD—S. Emery, Activities Dir—K. Rush/K. Tuttle, Service Dir—T. Phan, Songfest Rep—A. Sanchez

Michael Miller, Josh Stewart, Ben Wingfield, Saul Perez, Austin Benton, and Mark Smesrud pose by Denver’s World Trade Center memorial during their spring break mission trip. (above) Elicia Hebrink, Sarah Pope, and Emily Pope flash the official invitation to join Theta’s ranks. (inset) Theta Psi ladies squeeze in for a cute picture. (left) Songfest goes retro! (below)

SIGMA TAU: Sweetheart—Emily Bogue (1st Row) Austin Benton, Carson Tuttle, Austin Ford; (2nd Row) Josh Stewart, David Young, Cameron Quinton, Drew Geiger, Ben Wingfield, Ben Smail, Caleb Rush, Landon Roseberry; (3rd Row) Mark Smesrud, Aaron Beadle, Jacob Redfearn, Cory Clark — not pictured Bryan Armstrong, Julian Becker, Jeremy Burgener, Antwan Mask, Nick Mitchell, Sean Murfin, Saul Perez, Zach Rush, Heath Schmalzried, Scott Schwarting, Seth Southard, Bobby DeHart (S), Ken Gunselman (S), Rusty Ridley (S), Willie Sanchez (S), Jim Sprague (S)

Sigma Tau (Semester 1st/2nd) Pres—J. Stewart/S. Perez, VP—J. Redfearn/B. Wingfield, Sec—L. Roseberry/A. Beadle, Tres—H. Schmalzried, SLD—C. Clark, AD—B. Smail/D. Geiger, Service Director—M. Smesrud, Songfest Rep—C. Rush

Sigma Tau


There’s nothing quite like broom hockey in The Underground. (below)


s one of the most active groups on campus, Student Association kept the school year bustling with fun activities for students. In the fall, they began a facelift of The Underground to make it more usable, putting in time on Saturdays painting and cleaning the large area. With a new pool table and air hockey table donated, The Underground became a hangout place for students, a venue for concerts, and broom hockey tournaments.

SA coordinated with YC Athletics in sponsoring Midnight Madness, which brought attention to the men and women’s basketball teams. After the massive earthquake in Haiti, SA sponsored a “Dodgeball for Haiti” tournament, raising over $300. They Singled Out Mystery Dates and Winners: Katie Kynion & Lane Salsbury Josh Stewart & Kelisa Rush Mark Smesrud & Meghan Shruck Crystal Rush & Carson Tuttle


Student Association

also worked with YCM to fund a benefit concert given by YC alumnus Caleb Hawley. In February, SA sponsored Singled Out, hosted by the one-and-only Rusty Ridley. In the spring, the 2nd Annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt was again another favorite among students with the grand prize of $100 being found by Isaac Obermiller. At the end of the year they hosted the All-College Banquet and honored Leo Miller as the student-voted Staff Member of the Year and John Baker as Faculty Member of the Year. Throughout the year, SAB sponsored YC Night at the Movies. Their grand finale was a midnight showing of Iron Man II on its opening night just hours before graduation.

Carson Tuttle and Landon Bailey arm wrestle for the final date of Singled Out. (above) SA was integral in planning and running the All-College Banquet. (left)

The Caleb Hawley benefit concert for Haiti STUDENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE SENATORS: sponsored by COUNCIL membersAND of YCM raised (front) Kait Loney, Jasonmoney Lloyd, for Mitch (back) Amanda Detlefs, theRoush; relief efforts. Jessica Currier, Sarah Stoutzenberger, Sarabeth Robison, Brenda Perry, Josh Stewart, Amber Soderholm, Marissa Petrilli, Todd Johnston—not pictured: Katie Kynion and Saul Perez

JV baseball players assemble the air hockey table donated by Jeremiah and Sarah Eggar. (inset) Dave Young and Kait Loney strain as they race against one another in the bungee run at the block party. SA provided the funds for all the inflatable games. (left) 2010 Dodge Ball Champions: Andrew Matheny, Keaton Holland, Nick Caravelli, Justin Lunday, Sam Feiner, Chris Dempsey, Laura Crowson, and Tristian Birch (below)

Ian McEnerney and Jeffrey Johns go on the offensive at the Dodge Ball Tournament. (right and inset) Amber and Marissa smile through the late hours of helping to coordinate Midnight Madness. (below)

STUDENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: President: Amber Soderholm VP for Student Activities Board: Marissa Petrilli VP for ICC: Mitch Roush Secretary: Sarabeth Robison Treasurer: Kait Loney Chief Communications Officer: Jessica Currier CLASS SENATORS: Seniors—Brenda Perry/Sarah Stoutzenberger Juniors—Jason Lloyd/Josh Stewart Sophomores—Amanda Detlefs/Saul Perez Freshmen—Todd Johnston/Katie Kynion


The Caleb Hawley benefit concert for Haiti, sponsored by members of YCM, raised money for the relief efforts. Erich Loper, Caleb Hawley, and Rusty Ridley got the audience pumped as they jammed out to Lean on Me.

See You at the Pole takes a break from the chapel routine as the YC family participates in a national day of prayer. (above) Relief for Haiti quickly became a campus-wide goal second semester. Dr. Mark Pearson skipped about two weeks of classes to make an emergency trip there to help with the medical needs. (below)

Despite the look, Mark Smesrud really is enjoying the Shine Retreat. (top left) The Freeman Center became the new venue for daily chapel. YCM was in charge of organizing and leading much of the worship. (above)


Campus Ministries


eeding students spiritually was the focus of Campus Ministries. To accomplish this goal they planned many events throughout the year that demanded a ton of man-hours. From worship sessions for daily chapel, 9 o’clock Sunday communion services, and Wednesday evening devotionals to all the special events such as split devos, See You at the Pole, Student Lectures, and early morning devotionals for the girls. In addition, they organized the annual Shine Retreat and brainstormed many opportunities for students to help with Haiti relief including a candle light prayer vigil open to the campus and community,

Caleb Hawley concert, and sold “Hope For Haiti” shoelaces. They formed committees to focus on the areas of outreach, worship, encouragement, and mentoring; thus, dividing and conquering the tasks at hand. The group was led by Campus Minister Tim Lewis, with senior staff Mason Lee, Heath Schmalzried, Mark Smesrud, and Kristin Tuttle. YCM staff was Cailin Carroll, Brent Johnson, Amasa Maine, Jake Owens, Saul Perez, Jacob Redfearn, Mitch Roush, Kelci Scott, Aleesha Torneten, Sarah Va n D e u s e n , a n d D a v e Yo u n g . Support staff was Cory Clark, Rachel Johnson, Casey Kinnison, Jason Lloyd, and Kait Loney. Bri Rush seems to have something important to point out to Maggie Arlt at the Shine Retreat. (top) Charla and Jared Stark, and their dog Twiggy look at home at Fort Timberlake. (middle) Campus Minister Tim Lewis guided YCM and students to grow in their faith with challenging messages. (above)

Wednesday night devotionals served as a midweek spiritual refresher for students with singing, encouraging speakers, and fellowship. (above)

Campus Ministries


The choir made an impressive and moving entrance during their major works concert at the Presbyterian Church. (left)

A narrative song, The Reluctant Dragon, drew upon some theatrical elements with speaking roles. (right)


embers of the Concert Choir kept a rigid rehearsal schedule throughout the year to prepare for their many performances. Through their hard work and dedication they became a talented tight-knit group, representing the best of YC. The group trekked a phenomenal 3,000-4,000 miles during the year, most of which came from winter tour. Tour offered a unique opportunity for those involved to bond and enjoy some traveling over Christmas break. Moreover, it gave the group an opportunity to touch the lives of fellow Christians with their music. Meeting different host families and experiencing the love of congregations from around the Midwest was a highlight for students. In his 24th year as conductor of the Concert Choir, Dr. Roush selected a variety of compositions for their repertoire that ranged from spirituals and hymns to the more complex Slavonic piece Bogoroditse Devo. As always, his leadership produced a quality choir and an aesthetic experience for all who heard them perform.

Concert Choir This year’s theme for the Spring Works concert was “Music Through the Ages,” with pieces ranging from Renaissance to 20th century works. An audience favorite was John Rutter’s humorous piece The Reluctant Dragon, which featured Matt Ward, Jason Hernandez, Kayla Lawrence, and Mitchell Roush as the narrator.

Music Through the Ages April 26 Accompanist - Kay Magner

2010 CONCERT CHOIR AWARDS: Outstanding Vocalists: Martha Kinyon & Matt Carlson Outstanding Newcomers: Alice Hackett & Carson Tuttle “WOW” Award: Tomme Lichty


Concert Choir

When I Get to Heaven, with soloist Erich Loper, was a great spiritual that got the Choir moving with the music. (above)

Miserere mei, Deus Renee Willard, soprano 1 David Young, soprano 2 Erich Loper, alto Matt Carlson, bass Gloria Sopranos: Renee Willard & Kathey Stewart Mezzo: Dr. Adrienne Dickson V’amo di core Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen The Reluctant Dragon Narrator: Mitchell Roush Dragon: Jason Hernandez Boy: Kayla Lawrence St. George: Matt Ward Keyboard: Joe Mann Percussion: Matt Roush


ORK COLLEGE CONCERT CHOIR, DR. CLARK ROUSH, CONDUCTOR: (1st row) Stephanie Studebaker, Bree Moore, Paige Bolm, Elicia Hebrink (Vice-President), Amanda Kline, Tammy Phan, Sara Firm, Ellie Sams, Bethany Saylor, Jamie Mix, Emilie Alston, Kelisa Rush, Amber Garcia, Paul Helms; (2nd Row) Patrick Clark, Brian Keller, Sarah Lord, Bridget Ketcham, Alice Hackett, Kathey Stewart, Renee Willard (Section Leader), Zach Rush, Brenda Perry, Angelene Gray, Tomme Lichty, Royce Grimes, Kristin Tuttle, Ben Wingfield, Aleesha Torneten; (3rd Row) Andrew Miller, Austin Benton, Scott Spruill, Jake Harlow, Martha Kinyon, Dave Young, Jason Hernandez (Section Leader), Maegan Simpson (Section Leader), Kaylee Danielson, Mitch Roush, London Hawley, Nathan Towell, Lane Hoffmeister, Toni Sabo; (4th Row) Drew Geiger, Carson Tuttle, Cailin Carroll, Ryan Nelson, Matt Carlson (Section Leader), Emily Bogue, Matt Ward (Secretary), Kayla Lawrence, Brad Brunson (Treasurer), Erich Loper, Amasa Maine, Mark Smesrud (President), Sterling Lynn – not pictured Kameryn Brewster, Kimberlee DeGroot, Dusty Hall, Nikki Moeder, Bri Rush, Hailey Siebold, Sara Taverner

Emilie Alston, Maegan Simpson, Sara Firm, and Jamie Mix know you just have to laugh at LIFE. . . especially on tour. (left) The long hours on Winter Tour had some students like Nathan Towel getting creative with their naptime. (right) YC voice professor, Dr. Adrienne Dickson, was a featured soloist during Gloria in the Spring Works Concert. (below)

Matt Carlson was given the opportunity to direct the choir in the song Not One Sparrow. (below) Winter Tour January 4-10 January 4 Overland Pk CofC January 5 Central CofC January 6 Vaughn Hill CofC January 7 West Ark CofC January 8 Riverwalk CofC January 10 Littleton CofC

Overland Pk, KS Cedar Rapids, IA East Alton, IL Fort Smith, AR Wichita, KS Littleton, CO

You Are My King (Amazing Love) *Kaylee Danielson Sicut cervus When I Get to Heaven *Erich Loper Bogoroditse Devo Precious Lord, Take My Hand Ain’-a That Good News Sing Me to Heaven Peace I Leave With You Sweet Home *Renee Willard Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal Not One Sparrow *Matt Carlson When David Heard Jesus, I Adore Thee The Best of Rooms Rock My Soul Lord, Make Thine Instrument The Lord Bless You and Keep You *Soloist

Concert Choir


Bethany Saylor and Kaylee Danielson invite the audience to enjoy the show while the entire Celebration Singers cast finish off their tribute to The Beatles with a grand finale. (inset & above)

Brad Brunson accompanied Renee Willard on guitar in Blackbird. (above) Children packed onto Santa Carlson’s lap after the show. (left) Beatles Tribute April 24-26 Royce Roberts premiered as Frosty in the Cocoa and Carols production. (right)

Dave Young and Jason Hernandez ham it up . (above) Going back in time, Young and Martha Kinyon perform Let’s Go Caroling. (right)


Celebration Singers

Celebration Singer Medley Nowhere Man — Matt Ward The Long & Winding Road — Kathey Stewart Celebration Singer Medley I Saw Him Standing There — Bridget Ketcham Penny Lane — Maegan Simpson Good Day Sunshine — Celebration Singers And I Love Her — Celebration Singers It Won’t Be Long — Kaylee, Bethany, Jamie Eleanor Rigby — Jason Hernandez Celebration Singer Medley Blackbird — Renee Willard Yesterday — Erich Loper Let it Be — Celebration Singers Director: Dr. Clark Roush Assistant Director: David Young Choreographer: Martha Kinyon Set & Lighting Design: Jamie Mix Costumes: Landon Roseberry, Bethany Saylor Sound: John W. Baker Lights: Kathleen Pearson, Stephanie Studebaker Set Construction and Dressing: John W. Baker, Taylor Ladd, Jamie Mix, Landon Roseberry, Bethany Saylor, Renee Willard

The lighting and choreography got a bit cicadelic in this Beatles’ medley as the Singers really put themselves into Lucy in the Sky. (right)

Celebration Singers


elebration Singers’ Cocoa and Carols performance is one of the most anticipated community events of the holiday season. Directed by Dr. Clark Roush, this year’s show delivered on its promise to be one of the best ever. Audiences heard some of their favorites including, White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Do You Hear What I Hear, among others. Hot cocoa and cookies were made available by the York Chapter of Helping Hands. As a bonus to each performance, parents with small children were encouraged to stay after for a special picture with Santa (Matt Carlson) and his elf (Janae Parsons). Also making an appearance this year was Frosty the Snowman (Royce Roberts).

The spring show was Beatles’ themed and included famous favorites such as Good Day Sunshine, Penny Lane, Yesterday, and Let It Be. The show was a fun event for the campus and community, not to mention a much needed break from studying for finals. Everyone in Celebration Singers donated their time and talents to help their performances reach the caliber of excellence for which they are known.

Cocoa & Carols December 10-13 Happy Holiday – Celebration Singers Once Upon a Wintertime – Singers I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Erich & Maegan ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Bethany Let’s Go Caroling – Renee, Martha, Jason, David The Christmas Song – Matt Winter Wonderland – Kathey White Christmas – Singers You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Brad Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Renee Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Singers Home for the Holidays – David Santa Baby – Amasa & Martha Do You Hear What I Hear? – Singers Dr. Clark Roush, Director David Young, Assistant Director Kaylee Danielson, Choreography Jamie Mix, Set Design Bethany Saylor & Landon Roseberry, Costumes Kayla Lawrence, Lights Santa – Matt Carlson

Erich Loper and Maegan Simpson‘s beautiful voices resounded in their duet I’ll Be Home for Christmas. (above)

Come Together! The Celebration Singers reach toward the audience. (above)

2009-10 Celebration Singers: Brad Brunson, Kaylee Danielson, Jason Hernandez, Brian Keller, Bridget Ketcham, Martha Kinyon, Erich Loper, Amasa Maine, Jamie Mix, Landon Roseberry, Bethany Saylor, Maegan Simpson, Kathey Stewart, Matt Ward, Renee Willard, David Young

Celebration Singers


Can someone get this guy away from me? Angelica cringes at the advances of Dr. Thomas Diforus. (left)

Argan’s brother, Beralde, is not impressed with Argan’s claims about how sick he is and asks, “Can’t we be cured of quacks who so converge on You?” (right)


The Imaginary Invalid

ou know it is a good script when its popularity survives more than 300 years. In fact, The Imaginary Invalid’s style of humor is still found in movies and literature today. French playwright Moliere’s farce is set in France in 1673 and revolves around a hypochondriac, Monsieur Argan (Nick Parsons), who is constantly imagining that he is sick, but actually is not. He decides he wants his daughter, Angelica (Renee Willard), to marry a doctor so that he may forever have free medical care. She, however, is in love with another (Landon Roseberry). Argan’s personal doctor (Caleb Clark) is a “double-Latin talking numbskull” who milks his patient’s hypochondria for all it’s worth. In the end, it is the “inventive” maid (Sara Firm) who reveals everyone’s true identity, including Argan’s second wife (Elise Hart). Director John Baker selected the Moliere play due to its “fun characters, hilarious scenario, and quality literature.” The 12-member cast delivered a splendid performance by bringing their characters to life and keeping audiences laughing. Cleante and Angelica can’t fight the feelings they have for each other. (left) Louise loved to give her father grief and manipulate him when the opportunity arose. (right)


The Imaginary Invalid

Beline’s love was a fabrication of lies and deception; yet, focused on his own ailments, Monsieur Argan didn’t notice. (left)

Toinette never minded giving an honest earful. (right)

Dr, Diaforus drives a hard bargain for his services. (right)

Toinette worked with Angelica to help save her from an illfated marriage so she could be with her true love Cleante. (left)

The Apothecary yields a giant needle full of the medicine that Monsieur Argan believes he needs. (right)

Angelica beams at the thought of seeing Cleante, the man of her dreams. (below) Cast in order of appearance: Monsieur Argan ........................ Nick Parsons To i n e t t e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S a r a F i r m Angleica ............................. Renee Willard Beline ............................. Elise Hart Monsieur Bonnefoy ................ Royce Roberts Cleante ............................... Landon Roseberry Dr. Diaforus ............................ Matt Carlson Dr. Thomas Diaforus ............... Brian Keller Louise .................................... Kayla Lawrence Monsieur Beralde ........................ Matt Ward The Apothecary .............. Jason MacDonald D r. P u r g o n . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C a l e b C l a r k Assistant Director .................... Mitchell Roush Assistant Director ................. Nicholas Parsons Director ............................. John I. Baker III

Production Crew: Stage Mangager- Mitchell Roush; Stage Crew- Mitch Clay; Light Operator- Maegan Simpson; Sound Operator- Kathleen P e a r s o n ; S e t D e s i g n- J o h n I . B a k e r ; L i g h t i n g Design- Kayla Lawrence; Costume MistressSarabeth Robison; Backdrop PaintingLandon Roseberry; Makeup Design- Jason Hernandez; Makeup Crew- Elise Hart, Maegan Simpson; Set Construction- John I. Baker III, Sara S. Firm, Kayla Lawrence, Landon Roseberry, Mitchell Roush, Stephanie S t u d e b a k e r, M a t t C a r l s o n , M e g a n S a l f r a n k , Patrick Clark, Sarah Stoutzenberger, Aleesha Torneten, Natasha Hackett, Nicholas Parsons, J a m i e Va n G i e s o n , C a l e b C l a r k , R e n e e Willard, Dustin Campbell.

Fall Theatre


All I Really Needed to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play

ONE ACTS Narrator—Matthew Carlson; Director— Jason Hernandez;Terry—London Hawley; Romeo—Jason MacDonald; Juliet—Bethany Saylor; Flapjack—Brian Keller; Usher— Sarah Lord; Director’s Inner Voice—Sarah Stoutzenberger; Actor’s Inner Voice— Amanda Kline; Counselor—Renee Willard; Bill—Mitch Clay; Samantha—Martha Kinyon; Kelly—A.J. Wharton; Francis—Vanessa Brown; Warm-up Coach—Kathleen Pearson; Tybalt—Jerome Taylor; Kay—Jamie Van Gieson; Director—Sara Firm.

Hale is baffled about how such a woman could kill her husband; the women are not so shocked. (left)

All I Really Needed to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play presented in a comical light the anxiety and adventure that is always a part of a drama production. (above)

ONETrifles ACTS County Attorney .......... Caleb Clark Hale .............…...….. Mitchell Roush Mrs. Hale …… Stephanie Studebaker Sheriff ….......…..... Ryan Nelson Mrs. Peters ............... Kathey Stewart Director …....…….......... Elise N. Hart

Peter enjoys reading a book in the park before becoming disturbed by an interesting guest. (left)

Alice takes in her curious surroundings as the family’s new maid. (left)

While relaxing in the park, Peter meets Jerry who attaches himself physically to Peter and emotionally leaves his mark. (above) Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters discover a secret in the lifeless body of a bird. (left)

Andante ONE ACTS



David Lawrence .…. Royce J.Roberts Martha Lawrence …. Maegan Simpson Bruce Lawrence .… Landon Roseberry Alice ............................. Ashley Crowe Doctor Andrews ............. Austin Benton Director ....................... Kayla Lawrence

Terry’s frustration finally boils over at the narrator. (right) Martha Lawrence tries in vain to comfort her injured and depressed husband. Though the journey is emotional, the play ended on a note of hope. (below)



any say that variety is the spice of life, and that was certainly the case with the 2009 one-acts. The line-up included productions featuring a cast of two all the way up to a cast of 17, as well as genres from a slapstick comedy to a heart-wrenching drama. Junior theatre major, Kayla Lawrence directed Andante, a moving drama about a master violinist who experiences a horrible accident. He and his family learn to cope with the loss, despair, and grief surrounding the incident. For Lawrence, directing Andante was something she has wanted to do since high school. Senior music education and performance major and theatre minor Sara Firm brought her talent to the one-acts by directing All I Really Need to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play. The slapstick comedy exploits the stereotypes of theatre and the hilarity that ensues before characters even take the stage. Elise Hart, a senior communication major, directed Trifles with a cast of five. A classic in the tradition of great literature was set in an old farmhouse where the murder of Mr. John Wright occurred. The show is based on actual events that occurred in Iowa at the turn of the century. The final one-act, The Zoo Story, was chosen by Mitch Roush, a senior theatre major and biblical studies minor. The dynamic dialogue between Peter, a well-off man in Central Park who is living the “American Dream” but bored with his life, and Jerry, a very talented and deep thinking bum living off welfare, made the show eye-opening and challenging.

The Zoo Story ONE ACTS Peter ........................ Patrick Clark Jerry ……..................….. Matt Ward Director …....…….... Mitchell Roush

Directors of The Kitchen Sink One-Acts were Kayla Lawrence, Elise Hart, Sara Firm, and Mitch Roush. (above)



Billy warms up to his new friend Candy at a secret party. (left) A cold face-off between McMurphy and nurse Ratched kept the plot on edge. (right) Nurses had to make sure that Harding actually swallowed his medicine. (below)


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

he book turned play, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, was performed by the YC Theatre Department in the spring. A startling “dramady”, it made the audience hurt with laughter, but also reflect on how far mental health care has come and how society sometimes ostracizes people. The play follows the rambunctious Randle P. McMurphy (Mitchell Roush) as he finds his way into a mental hospital to escape the court assigned work farm. Once there, he soon becomes a hero to the men on the ward as he faces off with the coldly composed nurse Ratched (London Hawley). It was John Baker’s 75th production to direct. He commented, “It has been an incredible ride and I’m looking forward to the next 25 shows. I’ve loved all the casts that I’ve worked with – it has been great fun.” The cast went through some intense character development when they took a field trip to visit St. Joseph, Missouri’s Glore Psychiatric Museum. The museum chronicles the 130-year history of what was once known as the “State Lunatic Asylum No. 2”. Nurse Ratched stays close to her clipboard at all times. She is not one to deviate from her organized system. (inset) Under the watchful eyes of the ward, McMurphy played some very unwelcome pranks on nurse Ratched. (right)


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Production Crew: Stage Manager-Ben Krekel; Stage Crew-Stephanie Studebaker, Kathey Stewart; Light Operator-Renee Willard; Sound Operator-John W. Baker; Set Design-John I. Baker III; Lighting Design-Kayla Lawrence; Light Crew-John W. Baker; Costume Mistress-Sarabeth Robison; Costumes-Kathey Stewart, Bethany Saylor; Set Construction-John I. Baker III, Kayla Lawrence, Ben Krekel, Landon Roseberry, Mitchell Roush, Stephanie Studebaker, Matt Carlson, Megan Salfrank, John W. Baker, Natasha Hackett, Nicholas Parsons, Jamie Van Gieson, Dave Young, Sara S. Firm, Patrick Clark, Maegan Simpson, Brianna Avery, London Hawley, Darren Best, Dustin Campbell; Backdrop Painting-Renee Willard; Makeup Design-Maegan Simpson; TV Announcer-Bo Blackman; Clinical Consultants-Michael Becker, Michelle Lemke, Cara Kroeker, Lorisa Norton; Head Usher-A.J. Wharton; Box Office-Jamie Van Gieson, Megan Salfrank

2009-10 YC Theatre Awards Best Actor . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nick Parsons—The Imaginary Invalid Best Actress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . London Hawley—One Flew Over Best Supporting Actor . . . . . Landon Roseberry—One Flew Over Best Supporting Actress . . Renee Willard—The Imaginary Invalid Best Assistant Director . . Mitchell Roush—The Imaginary Invalid Best Actor in a One-Act . . . . . . . Matthew Ward—The Zoo Story Best Actress in a One-Act . . . . London Hawley—All I Really Need Best Technical Crew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kayla Lawrence Best Technical Crew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John W. Baker Most Improved Actor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Landon Roseberry Drama Department Appreciation Award . . . . . Jamie Van Gieson McMurphy teaches the others on the ward how to loosen up and have a little fun. (top left)

Harding pleads with Chief Bromden to get away while he still can. (left)

Scanlon tunes out the world to focus on the bomb he thinks he is building. (right)

McMurphy lays his head on the doctor’s shoulder, hoping for some sympathy or at least a laugh. (right)

Aide Warren teases Chief Bromden. (right)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: (1st row) Martini-Jason MacDonald; Candy Starr-Natasha Hackett; Billy Babbit-Landon Roseberry; Chief Bromden-Matt Carlson; Randle P. McMurphy-Mitchell Roush; Nurse Ratched-London Hawley; Nurse Flinn-Bethany Saylor (2nd row) Sandra-Katie Kynion; Dale Harding-Jason Hernandez; Scanlon-Erich Loper; Ruckley-Royce Roberts; Cheswick-Matt Ward; Aide Warren-Todd Johnston; Dr. Spivey-Kayla Lawrence; Aide Turkle-Dave Young; Aide Williams-Mitch Clay; Assistant Director-Ben Krekel; Director-John I. Baker III

Martini avoids eye contact with the doctor and squirms uncomfortably during the group session. (right)

Spring Theatre


2010 Traveling Children’s Theatre March 2 March 4 March 11 March 23 March 25 March 30 April 1 April 2 April 6 April 8 April 10 April 13 April 14 April 15 April 16 April 17 April 20 April 22 April 24 April 27 April 29 May 6

Emanuel Lutheran St. Paul’s Lutheran Humann Elementary, Lincoln Hampton Elementary York Elementary High Plains Exeter Elementary LTC, Kansas City McCool Junction Elementary Giltner Elementary Gurganus Hall – YC HSDays Rising City Chapel Performance St. Joseph Elementary Gurganus – York Community Seward Public Library Filmore Central Elementary Cross County Elementary Morton Library, Nebraska City Heartland Community Osceola Elementary Sutton Elementary

The tinsmith and blacksmith disturb the peace of the rich man in town. (above) Though seemingly unintelligent, the bandit strikes out to save the princess. (left) The dog is the only satisfied member of this family as the husband and wife bicker. Soon they will learn that they were not so bad off after all. (right) Reunited at last after searching for the strongest husband in the world, Lana realizes that the perfect one for her was always in her life. (left) Gustav was not the brightest crayon in the box, but nonetheless his mother’s pride and love for him never faltered. (left) Matt Carlson as the ogre gave chills to young audiences. (right)

Who can compete with the greatness of the sun? Matt Ward enters in all of his glory. (right)


In One Basket


The Rich Man, Marcel, Sun, King, Guitar Hombre, Oldest Jeweler . . . .. . . . . . . . Matt Ward Blacksmith, Pig, Wind, Young Man, Pirate, Hombre, Bandit . . . . . . . . . Mitchell Roush Tinsmith, Horseman, Stanley, Butcher Top, Hombre, Jeweler . . . . . . . Jason MacDonald Husband, Farmer, Brave Lad, Visitor, Joey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Landon Roseberry Wife, Pig Woman, Princess, Mother Kangaroo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . London Hawley Dog, Rooster Man, Courtier, Visitor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A.J. Wharton Fortunata, Jeanette, Lana, Tiny Little Woman, Baby Ostrich . . . . . . . . Natasha Hackett Madeleine, Bread Woman, Madwoman, Girl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathleen Pearson Thief, Neighbor, Wall, Brave Lad, Butcher Bottom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John W. Baker Gustav, Courtier, Hombre, Jewleer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Caleb Clark Mother, Grandmother, Ghost, Mother Ostrich . . . . . . . . . . Stephanie Studebaker Bagger, Cloud, Ogre, Voice, Hombre, King, Bandit . . . . . . . . . . . . . Matt Carlson Assistant Director/Stage Manager, Chicken . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kayla Lawrence Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John I. Baker III PRODUCTION CREW: Piano-Matt Carlson; Costumes Construction-Kayla Lawrence, Ruth Carlock, Sarabeth Robison, and Natasha Hackett; Set Painting, Logo Design-Landon Roseberry.

The four amigos: Jason MacDonald, Mitch Roush, Caleb Clark, and Matt Carlson are ready for a fiesta, or a chase scene. (right) Stephanie Studebaker acted as the unsure mother ostrich when her daughter (Natasha Hackett) meets a couple of joey kangaroos. (middle) Kathleen Pearson’s girl character easily manhandled the wouldbe robber, pirate Roush. (right)

In One



n One Basket encompassed a fascinating collection of 12 folk and fairy tales that entertained audiences around the state. Elementary students were captivated by the rare, but not forgotten tales of youthfulness, adventure, lessons to be learned, and of course the signature chase scene. At the end of each show, spectators were even invited to question the cast about whatever came to mind. The 14-member cast of Traveling Children’s Theater surrendered their Tuesday and Thursday mornings to practices and performances. Beginning the first of March, they packed up twice a week and performed 22 shows at various elementary schools in Nebraska and for special events, such as the boy scouts, High School Days, and Leadership Training for Christ. At the LTC conference in Kansas City, they served as the Friday night entertainment for an audience around 300, their biggest of the year. This provided a nice change of pace for the cast since most in the crowd were a little older in age. High School Days was also a special opportunity for them to showcase the drama department, as well as supplying the campus with an opportunity to enjoy their performance. This was John Baker’s 13th season directing Traveling Children’s Theatre. Assisting him this year was Kayla Lawrence. The princess, played by London Hawley, learned the hard way that you cannot be too picky. (above) John Baker as the sly stranger sneaks up and takes advantage of the naive traveler, Matt Ward. (above)

Traveling Children’s Theatre


Nebraska PBL State Leadership Conference: Julia Garcia—4th in International Business Tyler Brown—5th in Sports Mgt & Marketing Landon Bailey—6th in Accounting Analysis & Decision Making and 7th in Accounting for Professionals Dustin Campbell—8th in Sports Mgt & Marketing Josh Stewart—Who’s Who in Nebraska PBL YC PBL chapter—Gold Level Excellence Award

PBL-SIFE did very well at the Regional SIFE Conference held in Minneapolis, MN, placing first runner up. Those attending were (back row) Landon Bailey, Caleb Rush, Josh Stewart, Kaitlin Spanel, Jessica Currier, Stephanie Wilson, Julia Garcia, Amber Soderholm; (front row) Dustin Campbell, and Kyle Wichman. Taking the picture is sponsor Marti Soderholm. (above)

2009-10 PBL-SIFE OFFICERS: President: Landon Bailey Vice President: Josh Stewart Secretary: Josh Baerg Treasurer: Mike Lostroh Committee Chairs: Investment Group: Josh Stewart Eternal Threads: Landon Bailey Special Appreciation Day: Caleb Rush Environmental Awareness: Amber Soderholm

Participants in Dress Professional Day. (above) Five members attended the Denver SIFE conference. (left) Members gather for a meeting. (left center) Eternal Threads, an organization which helps women in Africa, is an annual project adopted by PBL-SIFE. (lower left) Several students took the opportunity to work on perfecting their resumes. (below) Landon Bailey announces the winners of the PBL-SIFE Ethics Essay Contest (28 entries): Matthew Lostroh (1st), Michael Lostroh (2nd), Kayde Kemp (3rd), and honorable mentions were Leah Atwell, Garrett Brown, Kimberlee DeGroot, and Kyle Reeves. (above)


Phi Beta Lambda

Brien Alley presents Julia Garcia with a $500 scholarship for her part in completing an online money managment course during financial literacy week. (below)

While at the conference in Denver, students and their sponsors made time for a Casa Bonita tradition. (right)


Y Ana Moyers won the green week recycled sculpture contest due to her artistic talents and humanitarian vision. The Recyclable Sculpture Contest allowed students to enter their own creative art made out of recyclable materials. (above)

ork College’s Phi Beta Lambda—Students In Free Enterprise (PBL-SIFE) group logged over 2,900 hours of work during the school year, touching over 8,000 people through 34 different projects around the community. In December, they hosted their Second Annual York College PBL-SIFE Ethics Essay Contest. In February, three members participated in the Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship’s 1st Annual Make it Happen—Student Quick Pitch Competition. This year, ten members traveled to Minneapolis, MN, for the Regional SIFE Conference, where they were awarded first runner up. The students

were given 24 minutes to present the year’s community projects to a panel of judges from various companies. Their competition was stiff and involved large universities with more available resources and bigger budgets, but the YC chapter held their own and came home with the hardware. Other events that the group supported were Financial Literacy Week, Dress Professional Day, a resume workshop, green week sculpture contest, the Eternal Threads organization, and more. Associate Professor of Business Marti Soderholm completed her 28th year as sponsor of PBL-SIFE.

Landon Bailey walked away with first place in the four-year college division and a check for $1,000. His pitch for drying and selling morel mushrooms sparked a lot of interest from listeners. (above) Stephanie Wilson, Caleb Rush, and Landon Bailey represented YC in the Student Quick Pitch Competition held at the University of Nebraska. (above)

Students In Free Enterprise


Panther Press


he YC campus stays in formed and connected through means of chapel announcements, campuswide emails, and their very own online newspaper—the Panther Press. The Panther Press staff reported on an assortment of topics from athletics, current news, campus happenings, to the occasional editorial. Put out once a week, it was emailed to students, faculty and staff to read, as well as linked to the college website for family and friends to view and stay informed. Summer Dickinson served as the Panther Press sponsor, advising the student writers and keeping them updated and organized. This was her third year efficiently managing the task on top of teaching freshman English courses. Dickinson offered a one credit news writing practicum class for communication majors and anyone interested in journalism. The students who took advantage of this opportunity gained a feel for the journalism field of writing and editing; they also learned how to chase down the information they needed by setting up interviews and attending and covering events.


Panther Press

STAFF WRITERS Nathana Faddis Andrea Rice Megan Salfrank

Meghan Shruck Bo Blackman Brendan Hanaphy

The Panther Press covered a variety of topics and campus events such as the Todd Green Concert. The concert was held in Gurganus Hall and was made possible by the Nebraska Arts Council. (right) Kirsten Clements takes a moment to reach out and touch the grave of Emerson while on the summer study/travel trip to New England. The various stages of this trip were covered in the Panther Press. (left)

Ashley Janky BryAnna McGrath Charity Regennitter Logan Siddall SPONSOR: Summer Dickinson

Sigma Tau Delta officers Sarah S t o u t z e n b e r g e r, N a t a s h a Hackett, Charity Regennitter, Amber Soderholm, and Kirsten Clements help run the induction ceremony. (left) Renee Willard reads at the Edgar Allan Poe-try Slam. (right)

Sigma Tau Delta

S Nathana Faddis presents her poetry at the International Sigma Tau Delta Conference. London Hawley and Kirsten Clements also presented. (above)

i g m a Ta u D e l t a p a c k e d their year with a wide array of activities. Inductions occurred in the fall, and this year they had as their special guest speaker, Dr. Bob Lawrence. The group diligently met on Monday evenings to plan and discuss upcoming activities. After inductions, they celebrated Halloween with their annual Edgar Allan Poe-try slam. It was open mic night where people, dressed in their spooky attire, read eerie poetry and other selections. In the spring, they held another open mic night for Valentine’s Day—Lovers’ Lyrical Lines. This event provided a stage for those pierced by Cupid’s arrow to sway hearts and the embittered to mourn their pain. Both events attracted ample audiences and

participants. In addition to open mic nights, Sigma Tau Delta published the annual journal Unvarnished Words. It featured student poetry, short stories, essays, and photography. It is a yearly undertaking that displays students’ work and talent. Three members—London Hawley, Kirsten Clements, and Nathana Faddis—submitted work and were selected to present at the International Sigma Tau Delta conference in St. Louis, MO over Spring Break. The experience nurtured their creativity and allowed them to exhibit the product of their hard work.

The Poe-try Slam allowed participants, such as London Hawley, Mrs. Ross, and Natasha Hackett, a chance to deck out in their Halloween gear. (above) Dr. Bob Lawrence spoke at the Induction Ceremony. (inset) S I G M A TA U D E LTA : ( 1 s t row) London Hawley, Sarah Stoutzenberger; (2nd row) Sarah Eggar, Natasha Hackett, Tammy Phan; (3rd row) Charity Regennitter, Kirsten Clements, Nathana Faddis — not pictured Amber Soderholm, Kristin Wiedemann, Summer Dickinson (S), Beverly McNeese (S), and Kent Ross (S). (right)

Sigma Tau Delta


Kristi Barnes runs carefree through a meadow in Germany. (left) Kameryn Brewster, Alice Hackett, and Michael McGee endured the heat of Africa to share the gospel of Christ. (right)

Summer Missions


Team Jimei, China: ummer Missions offer students Mitchell Roush a chance to put their faith into Tammy Phan action and do some world-wide Mitch Clay outreach. Under the guidance Julia Garcia of campus minister, Tim Lewis, five Team Kiev, Ukraine: student mission teams worked through Elicia Hebrink Let’s Start Talking (LST) to spread the David Young gospel. Before leaving the U.S., students Carson Tuttle were trained, researched the cultures into which they were stepping, and solicited Team Senegal, Africa: Mason Lee the needed funds. Kelci Scott Using the book of Luke as their text, the Chelsea Mayer environment and content of the reading sessions fostered conversations about Team Leipzig, Germany: Kristi Barnes the scripture. The encounters students Todd Johnston experienced changed their lives, altered Jeff Johns their perspectives, and challenged them to grow in their faith. Team Kenya, Africa Kameryn Brewster Michael McGee Alice Hackett

Carson Tuttle follows along with his reader. (top right) Mason Lee snaps a quick picture of Chelsea Mayer and Kelci Scott being swarmed by lively kids at the zoo. (above) Bonding over a dinner out, Mitch Clay, Mitch Roush, Julia Garcia and Tammy Phan spend some out of session time with their readers. (above)


Summer Missions

“The entire trip is something I will never forget. It was life-changing.”

Julia Garcia

Elicia Hebrink and her reader in the Ukraine. (above)



2010 Baseball Record Season

2010 was a dream season for the Panther baseball team under head coach Nick Harlan and associate head coach Brian Walth. A YC record 45-9 season, two First Team All-Americans (Bruce Amende and Justin Lunday), MCAC Season Champions and Tournament Championship, Opening Round Victory in the NAIA National Championship, eight AllConference players, 3 Gold Glove recipients, MCAC Pitcher of the Year, MCAC Player of the Year, MCAC Coach of the Year, and numerous record-setting stats were all part of an extraordinary year for the Panthers.

Date Opponent Score W/L Feb. 13 Oklahoma Christian (2) L 8-9, W 9-3 1-1 Feb. 15 Mid-America Christian L 4-8 1-2 Feb. 15 Southern Nazarene L 6-7 1-3 Feb. 19 Hillsdale Baptist (2) W 3-0, W 10-1 3-3 Feb. 20 Hillsdale Baptist (2) W 12-0, W 11-1 5-3 Feb. 27 Bacone College W 11-8 6-3 Feb. 27 Dakota Wesleyan W 11-5 7-3 Feb. 28 Dakota Wesleyan L 2-3 7-4 Feb. 28 Bacone College W 16-5 8-4 Mar. 2 Kansas Wesleyan (1) L 5-7 8-5 Mar. 6 Manhattan Christian (2) W 8-0, W 11-0 10-5 Mar. 7 Hastings College(2) W 12-4, W 15-5 12-5 Mar. 14 Bethany College (1) L 5-10 12-6 Mar. 14 Texas Wesleyan (1) W 7-0 13-6 Mar. 15 Texas Wesleyan (1) W 6-5 14-6 Mar. 16 Roger State (1) W 11-1 15-6 Mar. 21 *Peru State (2) W 5-4, W 1-0 17-6 Mar. 22 *Peru State (2) W 16-10, W 12-7 19-6 Mar. 23 Dana College (2) W 4-3, W 10-2 21-6 Mar. 26 *Oklahoma Wesleyan (2) W 18-2, W 10-6 23-6 Mar. 27 *Oklahoma Wesleyan (2) W 8-6, W 13-3 25-6 Mar. 30 Hastings (1) W 9-4 26-6 Apr. 6 Kansas Wesleyan W 20-3 27-6 Apr. 9 *College of Ozarks (2) W 13-0, L 1-6 28-7 Apr. 10 *College of Ozarks (2) W 5-3, W 9-5 30-7 Apr. 13 Hastings (1) W 12-8 31-7 Apr. 16 *Central Christian (2) W 5-3, W 7-6 33-7 Apr. 17 *Central Christian (2) W 13-3, W 12-2 35-7 Apr. 20 Concordia (2) W 13-0, W 7-1 37-7 Apr. 23 *Bellevue (2) W 3-2, Wf 39-7 Apr. 24 *Bellevue (2) Wf, Wf 41-7 May 10-11 MCAC Tournament — Bellevue, Nebraska May 10 *College of Ozarks W 2-1 42-7 May 10 *Oklahoma Wesleyan W 8-4 43-7 May 11 *Oklahoma Wesleyan W 18-8 44-7 May 18-20 NAIA National Championship — Lubbock, Texas May 18 Avila College W 11-1 45-7 May 19 Lubbock Christian Univ. L 8-15 45-8 May 20 Mount Marty College L 5-12 45-9 *MCAC (Home Games in bold)



After the ball clears the blocks of DeGroot and Witt, Marybeth Ester awaits the bump. (above) When the entire baseball team showed up for the Homecoming match, the noise level was a definite Panther advantage in the Freeman Center. (inset) All-MCAC Honorable Mention Chelsea Quigley, who led the team in kills on the season (188), puts one down during the homecoming match. (below)

The volleyball team reciprocated with their Panther spirit at baseball’s last home series against Bellevue. (above) All-MCAC Honorable Mention Kristine Evangelista gives a good set during the home match against Concordia. (right) Player







SA SE RE Dig Blk

Bowlby Carroll Davidson DeGroot Ester Evangelista Graff Moyers Quigley Rush Taylor Tsinnie Witt

48 9 91 88 93 93 88 31 92 91 19 22 78

1 0 13 116 134 55 3 13 188 94 0 1 31

0 0 23 42 77 56 8 18 107 66 0 3 34

2 0 77 383 464 284 61 87 752 441 3 8 211

0.500 0.000 -0.130 0.193 0.123 -0.004 -0.082 -0.057 0.108 0.063 0.000 -0.250 -0.014

93 0 6 0 5 428 6 3 6 0 4 0 17

6 0 37 0 12 27 5 0 22 0 0 1 9



9 5 29 0 36 34 14 0 24 0 0 2 15

0 2 69 0 7 9 80 3 33 9 15 28 21

63 9 352 3 58 159 201 5 247 49 25 26 60

2 0 0 71 60 38 0 8 35 6 0 0 11

Kimberlee DeGroot led the team with 71 blocks and was third in kills at 116. (below)

Everyone gives a thumbs up during the team photo shoot. (left) Emotions ran high during the Homecoming victory over Grace University. (middle) All-MCAC 2nd Team Erin Davidson led the team in digs with 352 on the season. (right)



here the 2009 volleyball squad fell short in wins, they made up for in hard work and determination… and in having fun. The team chemistry was undeniable both on and off the court and was sparked by the four returning members: Courtney Graff, Mindy Witt, Cailin Carroll, and Michelle Tsinnie. As one player commented, “We help each other out with our struggles on and off the court, whether it be with school or our spiritual walks.” Coach Farrell in her second year as head coach led the team to a 6-23 record, 3-11 in the MCAC. “We had fantastic fan support. We would really like to thank the students who came to our games. It really helps us to hear our fans cheering and to see so many people sitting in the stands. It makes us feel proud to be on the court playing for York College.” Chelsey Quigley led the team in kills with 188 on the season; Erin Davidson led in digs with 352 (4/set); Kimberlee DeGroot led in blocks with 71. Carroll and Witt were both named MCAC Scholar Athletes. 2009 Volleyball Team: (1st row) Courtney Graff, Chelsey Quigley; (2nd row) Cassie Taylor, Cailin Carroll, Stephanie Wilson, Kristine Evangelista, Erin Davidson, Mindy Witt; (3rd row) Student Asst. Coach Mark Smesrud, Assistant Coach Bevin Carroll, Michelle Tsinnie, Marybeth Ester, Kimberlee DeGroot, Ana Moyers, Crystal Rush, Danielle Bowlby, Head Coach Charla Farrell



Amanda Deal watches the ball after heading it down the field. (left) Homecoming conditions were slippery but First Team All-MCAC Bri Rush keeps her footing and control of the ball. (right) MCAC Newcomer of the Year, Carrie Berzins, co-led the team in goals (7) along with Rush. (middle)

Women’s Soccer


he Lady Panthers saved some their best soccer for last as they defeated conference opponent Oklahoma Wesleyan 2-0 on the road to qualify for the MCAC tournament for the first time in YC history. Despite losing to Bellevue University 0-6 in the regular season, Coach Hinton’s squad fought a close 0-2 decision and finished the season 6-11-1, a program record. A midseason highlight was the thrashing 6-0 road win over Dallas Christian where Bri Rush picked up a hat trick. Three weeks later, York dominated Central Christian 2-0 in wintry conditions during homecoming. Despite the slippery field, Rush and fellow freshman, Carrie Berzins, were able to get enough footing for individual scores. Although ranked last in the preseason, the Lady Panthers finished third in conference with four players garnishing All MCAC honors. Rush (F) and Berzins (MF) were named to the All MCAC First Team and Kait Loney (GK – 88 saves) and Amanda Deal (D) were named to the 2nd Team. Berzins was also named MCAC Newcomer of the Year and MCAC Scholar Athletes were Deal, Loney, and Robin Hinton. 2009 Women’s Soccer Team: (1st row) Sarah Elmore, Bri Avery, Robin Hinton, Katie Kynion, Kait Loney, Amanda Wiemer, Lizzie Rodriguez, Alysia Dahlberg; (2nd row) Lupe Campa, Isabel Camacho, Gingerlynn Lanza, Chelsea Mullinix, Alexis Coss, Tara New, Maggie Arlt, Bri Rush; (3rd row) Assistant Coach Shannon Leinen, Head Coach Trent Hinton, Becca Reynolds, Jordan Veness, Carrie Berzins, Assistant Coach Matt Coppinger


Women’s Soccer

Kait Loney led the team in saves with 88 on the season and finished her YC career with 284. (above) Jordan Veness also played goalie with 46 saves but added to that 4 goals of her own during the year including this exciting one against Dallas Christian. (inset) Sarah Elmore gets verticle to advance the ball. (below)

Sarah, Kait, Chelsea, and Robin smile through the cold on senior day. (above) Katie Kynion fights for position against a Briar Cliff opponent. (left)

Thanks once again to Lori Loney for all the awesome game photos.

Maggie Arlt and Bri Rush overpower the player from Dana. (below)



Alt Avery Berzins Camacho Campa Coss Dahlberg Elmore Hinton Kynion Loney Mullinix New Reynolds Rush Veness Wiemer

18 7 18 1 9 18 17 18 17 16 17 15 17 2 18 18 18

18 0 18 1 1 6 5 18 16 16 16 12 17 0 18 18 18

2 0 7 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 7 4 0

1 5 0 0 2 16 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 4 2 2 3 17 2 10 0 0

0.095 0 0.28 0 0 0 0.25 0 0 0 0 0 0.033 0 0.13 0.444 0

21 4 25 1 5 2 4 2 1 6 0 11 30 5 54 9 3

12 2 15 0 2 1 3 1 1 5 0 7 15 3 30 6 2

Women’s Soccer

0.571 0.5 0.6 0 0.4 0.5 0.75 0.5 1 0.833 0 0.636 0.5 0.6 0.556 0.667 0.667

2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0


Painful anticipation is written on the faces of YC defenders as the penalty kick careens toward them. (above) At full speed, Caleb Rush keeps possession of the ball down the left side of the field. (inset) 2nd Team All-MCAC Nathan Towell makes a throw in front of the bench and homecoming crowd. (below)

Sophomore goal keeper Linden Fisher recorded 116 saves on the season, 13th in the NAIA. (above) Player


Brown Derrick Fisher Johns Johnston Lewis McEnerney Munoz Olson Perez Rush Schmalzried Southard Stahl Towell Wingfield

17 17 17 5 17 12 17 16 17 17 17 16 17 14 17 8


15 2 15 0 15 10 15 13 14 10 15 4 7 12 15 1

1 1 0 0 1 0 7 0 3 0 3 1 1 1 0 0

3 5 0.067 15 0 2 0.333 3 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 1 0 2 0.167 6 1 1 0 3 2 16 0.304 23 1 1 0 2 0 6 0.1 30 0 0 0 5 1 7 0.083 36 0 2 0.5 2 0 2 0.083 12 0 2 0.2 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

Men’s Soccer

7 0 0 0 3 1 17 1 16 3 23 2 7 5 0 0

0.467 0 0 0 0.5 0.333 0.739 0.5 0.533 0.6 0.639 1 0.583 1 0 0

1 0 0 0 1 4 3 5 2 2 0 0 0 0 1 0

Stephan Johnston gets position on a Central Christian player during the Homecoming game. (right) Jared Munoz flips his defender at midfield. (below)

Randy Lewis gets his foot on the ball despite a little pull from behind. (left) Lone seniors on the team were MCAC Scholar Athlete of the Year Caleb Rush and First Team AllMCAC Ian McEnerney. (right) Garrett Brown goes verticle for head shot against the University of St. Mary. (middle)

Men’s Soccer


ith only two seniors on the 2009 roster, Coach Luther, in his return to the YC ranks, knew he had a rebuilding year. It was a season of perseverance as well as one to avoid sidelining injuries. A number of those injuries came early in the year, forcing the remaining players to step up and deliver for the team. Younger players improved with each game on the schedule and slowly started to mesh on the field. The Panthers were 2-14-1 on the season with wins against Dallas Christian and Grace University. Nine of the season losses were determined by two goals or less. Despite the record, the men’s soccer team made a positive impression on the campus through their work ethic both on the field and in the classroom, and through their positive attitudes and actions on the pitch and in their daily lives. Senior midfielder Ian McEnerney, who led the team in goals (7), was voted All-MCAC First Team while Garrett Brown (MF) and Nathan Towell (D) were named 2nd Team All-MCAC. Brown, Towell, Linden Fisher, Randy Lewis, Caleb Rush, Seth Southard, and Brent Stahl were named MCAC Scholar Athletes. 2009 Men’s Soccer Team: (1st row) Blake Derrick, Brent Stahl, Caleb Rush, Ben Wingfield, Stephan Johnston, Jeff Johns, Heath Schmalzried, Jared Munoz; (2nd row) Assistant Coach Ben Hackett, Student Asst. Joey Leinen, Randy Lewis, Saul Perez, Nathan Towell, Kris Olson, Jeremy Etisomba, Garrett Brown, Linden Fisher, Ian McEnerney, Student Asst. Benny Hanaphy, Head Coach Chris Luther – not pictured Mike McGee, Seth Southard, and Student Asst. Keith Manley

Men’s Soccer


Brazilian transfer JuJu Bassetto made an immediate impact on the team, scoring 24 points in the win over Bethany. (left) Marisa Maher gets the defender in the air before taking the shot. (right) All-MCAC Kristin Wiedemann always drew a crowd but managed to take shots above the defense. (middle)

Women’s Basketball


he 2009-10 season had its share of great moments for Coach Spickelmier’s Lady Panthers. With the infusion of a couple of junior transfers from Brazil, JuJu Bassetto and Lorena Medeiros, the team improved on their two wins in the previous year and went 11-20 in the regular season. They narrowly missed out on the MCAC tournament going 5-7 against conference opponents. Senior standout Kristin Wiedemann led the team with 363 points, averaging almost 12/game and shooting 50%. Defensively, she led in blocked shots with 45. Medeiros consistently was at the right place at the right time leading in rebounds per game (8.45), assists (3.07), and steals (1.58). The team as a whole shot 35% from beyond the arch which ranked them 18th in the NAIA Div. II. Wiedemann was selected to the AllMCAC Team and was also named a Scholar Athlete for the third year in a row. She finished her YC career 3rd in alltime scoring with 1307 points. AllMCAC Honorable Mention went to Bassetto, Ashley Calvin, and Medeiros who was also named MCAC Newcomer of the Year. 2009-10 Women’s Basketball Team: (1st row) Brittanie Shaw, Kelsea Schuerman, Ashley Calvin, Marisa Maher, Emily Basting; (2nd row) Student Asst. Coach Megan Thomas, Asst. Coach Misty Brestel, Carrie Berger, Sondra McCord, Kristin Wiedemann, JuJu Bassetto, Jordan Veness, Lorena Medeiros, Head Coach Jen Spickelmier – not pictured Chelsey Quigley


Women’s Basketball

MCAC Newcomer of the Year, Lorena Medeiros, could always find a way to get to the basket whether she took on four defenders or just went one on one. (above & inset) Jordan Veness scores the easy two against St. Mary. (left) Carrie Berger dribbles past a defender looking to score two of her 18 points against Univ. of Sioux Falls. (below)

Ashley Calvin, senior guard from Hays, KS, launches another three against College of St. Mary. Calvin was 7/12 from behind the arch and had a game high 28 points in the win. (lower left) Name

Chelsea Quigley puts up an outside jumper against Hastings. (below)









Wiedemann 31 159-314 0.506


0.250 43-60 0.717 21 363 11.71


27 147-317 0.464


0.400 51-81 0.630 30 349 12.93


31 117-322 0.363 38-105 0.362 74-98 0.755 21 346 11.16


31 72-204 0.353 31-103 0.301 29-42 0.690 19 204 6.58


17 63-202 0.312 33-96

0.344 34-50 0.680 28 193 11.35




0.440 23-53

0.434 22-31 0.710 21 125 13.89




0.342 19-46



0.750 11






0.309 10-28



0.889 15















































Women’s Basketball


Desmond Strickland takes the jumper in the home opener win against Concordia. (above) Leonard Epps tries to weave through the heavy traffic under the basket. (inset) Dee Ellison gets mauled during the waning minutes of the thriller against Briar Cliff. (right) Darren Best, a senior post player from Melbourne, Australia, goes up and over a defender. (far right) Name









Standerfer 28

161-362 0.445 46-121 0.380 85-106 0.802 29 453 16.18



160-368 0.435 52-152 0.342 41-63

0.651 28 413 14.75



125-227 0.551 0-2

0.000 65-93

0.699 23 315 12.60




0.381 25-99

0.253 30-47

0.638 21 215 8.27




0.394 53-149 0.356 26-37

0.703 17 227 8.11




0.474 11-28

0.393 49-66

0.742 18 168 6.00




0.393 12-39

0.308 34-51

0.667 22 142 5.92




0.523 1-2

0.500 13-19

0.684 10 82





0.290 5-23

0.217 2-3

0.667 13 25


Lambrecht 27


0.317 5-12

0.417 23-33

0.697 7






0.400 0-1

0.000 1-9

0.111 6






0.417 0-5

0.000 0-0

0.000 4






0.400 0-0

0.000 3-7

0.429 3






0.130 0-3

0.000 1-4

0.250 3



2009-10 JV Basketball: (1st row) Blake Casey, Justin Patterson, Andrew Steinhauser, Tree Burks, Marko Mircetic, Andre Vaughn; (2nd row) Coach Brandon Tatum, Jeremiah Ahart, Dracy Williams, Anthony Bonnet, Adam Wohlwend, Student Asst. Wendell Moore; (3rd row) Sean Carroll, Dustin Campbell, Drew Geiger, Landon Bailey, Darin Neb


Men’s Basketball

The baseball team came dressed in basketball gear in support of the guys. (left) Justice Nall, who led the team in rebounds and block shots, gets into position against a Briar Cliff opponent. (right) All MCAC Corey Standerfer elevates above the defender to score. (middle)

Men’s Basketball


t was one and done for young Head Coach Brandon Tatum as he took the men’s team from a three-win season last year to 10-18. The Texas native returned to his high school alma mater after the 2009-10 season, and his assistant Delton Deal took over the position and recruiting. Recruiting was definitely a strength of the new coaches as they brought in nearly 30 players for the varsity and jv programs. A defining moment for the team was their 71-61 victory over Wayne State during the Thanksgiving break. It was the first time York College had defeated the Wildcats since the 1946-47 season. 6’6” junior forward Corey Standerfer led the Panthers in points with 16/game, shooting 45% on the season. Senior transfer Justice Nall grabbed 216 rebounds (8.64/gm) and also led in blocked shots with 30. DeAnthony Ellison’s quick step and keen eye gave him the lead in assists (112) and steals (41). The team was ranked 25th in the NAIA Div. II in 3 pointers/game at 7.5, 210 on the season. All MCAC Team honors went to junior forward Standerfer, and 6’7” Australian post Darren Best garnered MCAC Honorable Mention. Best, John Bryan, Brent Smith, and Justin Ward were named MCAC Scholar Athletes. 2009-10 Men’s Basketball Team: (1st row) Desmond Strickland, Chris Lambrecht, Brent Smith, DeAnthony Ellison, Nick Youmans, Leonard Epps; (2nd row) Head Coach Brandon Tatum, Justin Ward, Xavier Trice, Aderius Fullylove, Jaid Taylor, Reggie Johnson, Jeramye Hobbs, John Bryan, Assistant Coach Delton Deal; (3rd row) Corey Standerfer, Antwan Mask, Cameron Quinton, Justice Nall, Darren Best, DJ Dickson

Men’s Basketball


Jamel Wheatley (20-20) signs the bout sheet after winning by a 6-4 decision at York’s Open where he placed 3rd. Wheatley was given the team Champion of Character award. (left) Jason Lloyd (16-13) scores the fall in the first period against his Dana College opponent. Lloyd went on to take 2nd place at the York College Open. (middle)



t was a successful season on the mats for head coach Greg Smith in which five YC wrestlers: Bryan Irsik, Jason Lloyd, Nick McGrew, Jamel Wheatley, and Bryan Williams qualified for the NAIA National Tournament in Oklahoma City. Lloyd, a junior from Florissant, MO had the best finish at nationals going 2-2 as a heavyweight. York hosted four events for the home crowd at the Freeman Center, including the York College Open in January. Leading the way for the Panthers in the 15-team national qualifier was Lloyd with a 2nd place finish, Wheatley and Williams—3rd, Marcus McArthur—4th, and Irsik—5th. After serving three years as head coach, Smith announced at the end of the season his decision to step down to an assistant position, naming as his successor Ramon Diaz. Diaz introduced himself to wrestlers in the spring and immediately began training for the 2010-11 season. 2009-10 Wrestling Team: (1st row) Ricky Creek, Tyler Brown, Lee Moses, Matt Banta, Andrew Simpson, Brandon Reich, Travis Clarke, Bryan Williams, Kyle Wichman; (2nd row) Jamel Wheatley, Nick McGrew, Jamol Wheatley, Trevor Goodie, Hunter Lanka, Cole Geisen, Tom Brown, Marcus McArthur; (3rd row) Shaun Howard, Ethan Timmerman, Todd Johnston, Ryan Brooks, Jason Lloyd, Nate Trumbo, Cody Tracy, Bryan Irsik – not pictured Raymond Johnson, Alex McCoy, Head Coach Greg Smith, Student Assistant Coach Jotham Andrews



The Freeman Center was a busy place in January hosting fifteen teams during the York College Open. Many volunteers were needed for the tournament’s success. (above & inset) Nick McGrew (13-13) gave York four points when he scored a major decision over his oppenent from Morningside. (left)

Bryan Irsik (8-12) makes quick work of his oppenent f r o m B a k e r U n i v e r s i t y, scoring the fall at the 1:33 mark. (left)

Bryan Williams (15-15) slams his competitor against the bleachers. Williams was the first wrestler to qualify for nationals. (above) Kyle Wichman scores the fall at 3:26 during the dual with Morningside. (left)



With Devyn Pearl at the mound, the Panther defense readies itself in a home game against Bellevue University. (above & inset) Tristian Birch recorded a homerun in each of the games against Haskell. (below)

From third base Jacee Page extends herself for the sacrificial catch with Devyn and Angel looking on. (above) Jessica stretches to make the tag at 2nd with Lexi backing up the play. (below)

Leaders At The Plate





Slg% AB R



Perry Paspalof Gray Hamik Pearl Birch Wilson Eklund Page Shaw Taylor Childs Schuerman

30 32 31 16 32 32 15 29 31 24 20 15 2

0.381 0.314 0.286 0.273 0.267 0.263 0.237 0.216 0.205 0.2 0.163 0.086 0.333

0.512 0.422 0.418 0.364 0.453 0.432 0.289 0.255 0.253 0.2 0.163 0.086 0.333

32 32 26 12 23 25 9 11 17 7 8 3 2

3 8 6 0 4 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 0


84 102 91 44 86 95 38 51 83 35 49 35 6

15 14 10 4 12 13 4 2 8 3 6 2 0

1 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

2 1 2 0 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

14 6 9 6 20 14 2 2 4 2 1 4 0

7 5 4 1 14 5 1 2 1 1 1 2 0

Elizabeth Eklund pitches in a home game against Concordia. (above)

It’s hard to beat team chemistry. (left) Brenda Perry is mobbed at the plate after parking one in a 4-3 win over Nebraska Wesleyan. (right) Lexi Paspalof hits one up the middle against Concordia University. (middle)



nder first year head coach Tori Means and assistant Niki Ploen, the Lady Panthers finished in style as they qualified at the end of the season for the conference tournament. Seeded #4 in the standings, York met #1 seed Bellevue University in the first round and lost a hard-fought 3-2 decision in the 7th inning. The loss didn’t seem to hamper the mood for the Panthers as they came back that same afternoon and eliminated Peru State from advancing in the tournament with a 5-4 victory. On day two of the MCAC tournament the bats were hot for York as they took out College of St. Mary 6-1, advancing to the championship game against Bellevue. The Panthers finished with a second place finish in the tournament with the final game going 7-0 in the Bruin’s favor. First Team All MCAC Devyn Pearl pitched in all four games of the tournament for a total of 27 innings. Named 2nd Team All MCAC were Brenda Perry - catcher, Alexis Paspalof - 2nd base, and Angel Gray - short stop. The Lady Panthers finished with a 9-23 record, 4-6 in conference play. Perry and Paspalof led the team in hits with 32 each and had the highest batting averages at .381 and .314 respectfully. Pearl led in RBIs with 20 and had 4 homeruns on the season along with Tristian Birch. MCAC Scholar Athletes were Paspalof, Perry, and Elizabeth Eklund. 2010 Softball Team: (1st row) Cassandra Taylor, Lauren Childs, Brittanie Shaw, Kelsea Schuerman, Jessica Wilson, Tristian Birch, Angel Gray; (2nd row) Assistant Coach Niki Ploen, Elizabeth Eklund, Kelsey Hamik, Jacee Page, Lexi Paspalof, Brenda Perry, Devyn Pearl, Head Coach Tori Means, Manager Kristi Barnes – not pictured Student Assist. Sara Slovacek



Sam Feiner watches as Nick Caravelli gets the final out of a home game. (left) Justin Lunday broke coach Walth’s season batting average record with his .448, including 17 homeruns and 18 doubles. (right) All-American Bruce Amende notches his 10th win against Bellevue. (middle)



ed by NAIA First Team All-Americans Justin Lunday and Bruce Amende, YC baseball’s 45-9 season eclipsed old records and gave coaches Harlan and Walth the program’s first MCAC regular season title (19-1) and conference tournament championship. The Panthers took care of business in the opening round of the NAIA National Championship in Lubbock, TX, defeating Avilla University 11-1 and finished their dream season with losses against LCU and Mount Marty. Throughout the year the team was led at the plate by Lunday with 17 homeruns and a YC record .448 batting average. His .896 slugging percentage was 4th in the NAIA. Amende was 3rd in the NAIA with an ERA of 1.67 and ranked 7th in wins with a spotless 12-0 record. Sam Feiner led in RBIs (68), and Kris Little and Josh Warren had 74 hits each. Warren’s 39 steals (.72/ game) was 8th in the NAIA. The team’s batting average of .358 was 6th in the NAIA. First Team All-MCAC: Lunday (Player of the Year), Amende (Pitcher of the Year), Feiner (3B), Little (OF), Eduardo Camarena (C), and Nick Caravelli (SS). 2nd Team: Warren (OF), Mike Becker (P), and C.T. Twisselman (DH). MCAC Gold Glove recipients: Caravelli, Feiner, and Nick Nguyen (1B). MCAC Scholar-Athletes: Alex Lowther and Bo Blackman. MCAC Coach of the Year: Nick Harlan. Lunday was voted captain of The World-Herald’s All-Nebraska NAIA baseball team and was joined by teammates Amende and Little. All-Nebraska Honorable Mention went to Matt Berru, Caravelli, Feiner, and Warren. 2010 Baseball Team: (1st row) Doug Tew, Josh Warren, Danny Costanza, Tanner Gurtner, Bo Blackman, Kris Little, Justin Schultz, C.T. Twisselman; (2nd row) Keaton Holland, Eduardo Camarena, Mike Becker, Matt Berru, Derek Harlow, Kyle Reeves, Chris Dempsey; (3rd row) Travis Gibson, Andrew Matheny, Assistant Coach Dylan Connolly, Assistant Coach Erik Gray, Head Coach Nick Harlan, Associate Head Coach Brian Walth, Assistant Coach Ryan Stuckey, Arvin Perez, Nick Caravelli; (4th row) Isaac Obermiller, Nick Nguyen, Bruce Amende, Justin Grieser, Joel Fleck, Justin Lunday, Alex Lowther, Kai Miller, Not pictured – Sam Feiner



In the championship game of the MCAC tournament, York defeated Oklahoma Wesleyan 18-8 to claim their first conference title. (above) The Panthers stand at attention as the National Tournament game against Avilla University gets underway in Lubbock, Texas. (inset) The home crowd was treated to a great game against Bellevue when the Panthers defeated the #8 team in the nation 3-2. (left) Leaders At The Plate

Leadoff hitter Josh Warren smacks a double during the MCAC tournament. (left) Mike Becker delivers the heat. (below)




Slg% AB




Lunday Little Warren Caravelli Feiner Berru Blackman Twisselman Costanza Camarena Nguyen Holland Gurtner Matheny Gibson Harlow Obermiller

54 54 54 54 54 31 15 53 52 35 46 35 13 22 47 7 5

0.448 0.407 0.385 0.372 0.371 0.338 0.333 0.333 0.327 0.322 0.299 0.291 0.25 0.222 0.219 0 0

0.896 0.698 0.578 0.546 0.697 0.525 0.333 0.418 0.451 0.522 0.564 0.4 0.25 0.222 0.344 0 0

50 62 68 41 65 6 4 58 18 8 24 21 5 7 27 4 0

69 74 74 68 66 27 3 55 50 29 35 16 3 2 7 0 0

18 23 19 16 24 9 0 9 11 9 7 3 0 0 1 0 0

154 182 192 183 178 80 9 165 153 90 117 55 12 9 32 2 3

0 0 0 2 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

17 10 6 4 10 2 0 1 2 3 8 1 0 0 1 0 0

58 54 37 53 68 21 0 32 32 14 30 11 3 2 1 0 0

20 29 26 21 30 8 1 28 9 11 8 6 2 6 3 1 0

13 9 19 3 8 1 3 6 7 5 4 0 1 2 1 1 2

25 27 21 37 35 16 1 30 22 20 31 12 3 2 14 1 3

3 4 4 6 8 1 0 3 6 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

Curtis Eubanks, MCAC Gold Glove recipient, makes a swipe at a runner. (above)

2010 JV Baseball: (1st row) Lane Hoffmeister, David Megarry, Jordan Leis, Bryan Armstrong, Alex Neely, Lane Salsbury, Dustin Wisener; (2nd row) Justin Schultz, Jarad Swanson, Caleb Connolly, Sean Murfin, Ger Lao, Robert Perez, Andrew Mitchell, Charlie Dick, James Didier; (3rd row) Michael Miller, Assist. Coach Dylan Connolly, Assoc. Head Coach Brian Walth, Head Coach Nick Harlan, Assist. Coach Ryan Stuckey, Assist. Coach Erik Gray, Shawn Bandy; (4th row) Dean Slattery, Jeremy Burgener, Reid VanWesten, Isaac Obermiller, Jordan Rapp, Brett Lane

Chris Furlong, Overland Park, Kansas senior, holds the runner at first. (left)



3 2 4 3 5 2 0 5 5 2 4 0 0 0 0 0 0

Danny Cunningham’s time of 7.41 in the 60 meter dash at UNK qualified him for Nationals. (above) Shaylee Carlock threw the shot put for York at the NCCAA Indoor and Outdoor Tournaments. (inset) The track team had no reservations about going crazy for the camera. (right) Kristin Tuttle, Elizabeth Eklund, and Kameryn Brewster in stride at the Dean White Invite. (below)

2009 Cross Country Team: (1st row) Kameryn Brewster, Alice Hackett, Elizabeth Eklund, Kristin Tuttle, Amanda Couch; (2nd row) Assistant Coach Justin Carver, Jerome Taylor, James Tidei, Brennan Jarvis, Bo Flora, Zane Berner, Head Coach Derek Kite


Cross Country / Track & Field

Jordan Mestas, Royce Grimes, and Dustin Campbell warm-up down 10th Street. (left) Bo Flora, James Tidei, and Jerome Tayler begin the race at Doane College. (right) Kameryn Brewster was named the conference Runner of the Year after winning the MCAC Championship in St. Louis. (middle)

Cross Country Track & Field


orld class distance runner Derek Kite brought his experience on the big stage to the YC coaching ranks as he helped to reestablish the cross country, track and field programs for Panther Athletics. Coach Kite gave high praise in the fall to the efforts of the young cross country team but was especially tickled with freshman sensation Kameryn Brewster and her winning performance at the MCAC championships in St. Louis, MO. “Any time you can have an individual or a team win a conference championship in an inaugural year, it’s good news for the future,” he said. “I feel this is the start of something very special for York College.” Brewster won the 5k conference race in a time of 20:41.39. At the NAIA National CC Championships in Vancouver, WA, Brewster finished 261/330. Kristin Tuttle was named an MCAC Scholar Athlete. The track program also made the most of its first year under Kite and assistant coach Justin Carver. Three student-athletes qualified for the NCCAA Indoor Tournament in Cedarville, Ohio, in February: Aaron Beadle—shot put, Shaylee Carlock—shot put, and Danny Cunningham—55m. In the spring, six athletes were taken to the NCCAA Outdoor Tournament in Upland, Indiana: Beadle—shot put and discus, Dustin Campbell— 800m, Carlock—shot put and discus, Cunningham—100m, Jordan Mestas— 800m, and Marisa Maher—100m, javelin, and long jump.

2010 Track & Field Team: (1st Row) Martha Slater, Alice Hackett, Kristin Tuttle, Kameryn Brewster, Jerome Taylor; (2nd Row) Royce Grimes, Marisa Maher, Shaylee Carlock, Jordan Mestas, Danny Cunningham, James Tidei; (3rd Row) Assistant Coach Justin Carver, Andrew Aragon, Dustin Campbell, Aaron Beadle, Brennan Jarvis, Marvin McChriston, Mike McZeal, Zane Berner, Head Coach Derek Kite – not pictured Bo Flora

Cross Country / Track & Field





Dr. Pearson traveled to Haiti after the earthquake to lend a hand and put his medical expertise to work. Though he was missed at YC, everyone was thankful that he was able to go and help. (right)

hat makes York College a place people call home and cannot wait to get back to? Few would say the campus, i-pods, or even anything physical. The ingredient that makes all the difference in The York Experience, is very simply the people. Students discover friendships that are molded to last the test of time and the distance of hundreds, even thousands of miles. They meet professors that genuinely care about their success and their spiritual walk. They quickly come to realize they are more than a number and are nourished to become the best person they can be.

Stephanie Wilson and Hailey Siebold relish some friend time at the Shine Retreat. (above) Theta Psi and Delta girls take a break on their spring break mission trip to check out the Honky Tonk spirit of Nashville, TN. (middle) Mr. Ross’s Creative Writing class celebrated on their last day of class with refreshments and and an opportunity to share readings from their chap books. (right)



Andrew Aragon and Danny Cunningham ponder the deep questions of life. (above) Julian Becker, Sarah Pope, Emily Pope, and Jessi Pope showed up to the Kingsmen/ Omega Halloween party decked out as the Cat in the Hat and friends. (right)

Alice Hackett gets engulfed in the club football game during club week. (below)

Mitch Clay, Mitch Roush, Tammy Phan, and Julia Garcia enjoy dessert in China during their summer mission trip. (right) Mark Smesrud, Mason Lee, Bryan Armstrong, Kelci Scott, Tori Means, Bobby DeHart, and Tim Lewis are proud of their fourth place finish in the Haiti benefit dodgeball tournament. (below)



Trustees Mr. H. Jarrell Gibbs Hot Springs Village, AR Mr. Patrick W. Hendricks Tulsa, OK Mr. Steven W. Belden Lucas, TX Dr. Michael Armour Dallas, TX Mr. Edward J. Bailey Houston, TX Mrs J. Ann Case Kearney, MO Dr. Wilbur D. Dabbs Neosho, MO Dr. Jeff W. Hannel Lubbock, TX Mr. Van R. Harrold Wichita, KS Dr. E. LaVerne Haselwood Omaha, NE Mr. Chester M. James Kingman, KS Mr. David Lynn York, NE Mr. Edward E. McLoud Leavenworth, KS Mr. Norman E. Morrow St. Francis, KS Mr. Mike V. Myers Littleton, CO Mr. Ed G. Nill Pierre, SD Mr. Perry Rubart Ulysses, KS Mr. G. Wayne Studebaker Norfolk, NE Mr. Paul Touchton Brentwood, TN Mr. Charlie J. Watts Eudora, KS Dr. R. Wayne White Carrollton, TX Dr. Gregory N. Woods York, NE Dr. Bryan G. Miller Milford, NE (not pictured)


Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board

Vice Chair


Administration Dr. Stephen W. Eckman President

Dr. R. Wayne Baker Chancellor

Brent N. Magner VP for Advancement


r. Steve Eckman completed his first full academic year at York College as the 20th president. The year began on a high note with 430 students under his watch, an 8% increase in enrollment. In the spring, the high retention numbers carried over, generating a 17% increase in the student body from the previous year. Joining the Executive Council this year is Willie Sanchez, completing his second year as director of admissions. With the combined tenure of fellow YC alumni Brent Magner and Todd Sheldon at ten years and Dr. Ray Miller’s impressive 26 years at YC, the future of the college was in good hands.

Dr. L. Ray Miller II VP for Academic Affairs

Steve and LaRee show their school spirit with the ladies of Delta on the fall cover of the Heritage magazine. (middle)

Willie Sanchez Director of Admissions

Todd L. Sheldon VP for Finance

The Board of Trustees convene in the Mackey Center for their February meeting. (above)



Faculty Dr. Alfred Arth Professor, Education

John I. Baker III


Associate Professor, Communication

Michael Becker


Associate Professor, Psychology

James Bruce Assistant Professor, Communication

Ruth Carlock Levitt Library Assistant Director/Instructor

Dr. Michael Case Associate Professor, Bible

Dr. Roger Collins


Associate Professor, Business *

Bob DeHart

Assistant Professor, Physical Education

Erin DeHart Assistant Professor, Education

Summer Dickinson Panther Press, English Instructor

Ken Gunselman Levitt Library Director/Assistant Professor

Ginger Hodson Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Physics

Dr. Joe Humphrey Visiting Professor, Business

Dr. Jackie Humphrey Visiting Professor, Education/Dir. Online Learning

Patricia Jensen Assistant Professor, Physical Education

Chad Karcher Assistant Professor, Physcial Education

Cara Kroeker Adjunct Professor of Psychology/Counselor

Sandy Kroeker Adjunct Professor, Family Studies/Social Work

Billy Lones, JD Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Chris Luther Assistant Professor, Education/Men’s Soccer

Tod Martin Registrar, Business Instructor

Bev McNeese


Assistant Professor, English



Tim McNeese


Associate Professor, History

Gail Miller Associate Professor, Biology

Mark Miller


Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Ray Miller II Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Shane Mountjoy Associate Professor, History/Dean of Students

Lorisa Norton Assistant Professor, Psychology/Social Work

Dr. Mark Pearson Associate Professor, Biology

Ramona Ratliff Levitt Library Circulation Assistant/Instructor

Kent Ross Assistant Professor, English

Dr. Clark Roush


Professor, Music

Marti Soderholm Associate Professor, Business

Harold Tandy Associate Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Frank Wheeler


Professor, Bible

Dr. Kathleen Wheeler


Associate Professor, Education

Dr. Alex Williams Associate Professor, Chemistry

Chair or Head of Department


Amber Soderholm and her sister Crystal Terrell accompanied Dr. Frank Wheeler on his annual summer Tel Beth-Shemesh archaeology dig. (above) Dr. Shane Mounjoy welcomes a picture with Janae and Nick Parsons at the All-College banquet. (above)




Brien Alley Director of Financial Aid

Jacob Bentley Admissions Counselor

PJ Bunyard Admissions Counselor

Justin Carver Intramurals/McCloud Hall Mgr/Assistant Track

Dan Cole Director of Student Accounts

Joel Coehoorn Director of Information Technology

Delton Deal Asst. Men’s Basketball Coach

Mark Dickinson Resident Life Coordinator

Nick DiToro Development Officer

Charla Ferrell Volleyball Coach, Instructor

Deb Friesen Administrative Assistant, Education

Bob Gaver Director of Facilities

Loretta Goben Custodial

Gayle Good Administrative Assistant, President’s Office

Cindy Gunselman Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

Ben Hackett Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach

Nick Harlan Baseball Coach/P.E. Instructor

Trent Hinton SID/Women’s Soccer Coach

Saprina Howard Women’s Apartment Manager

Nick Jones Admissions Counselor

Thessali Jones Administrative Asst., Academic Affairs

Derek Kite Track & Cross Country Coach

Dennis Leinen Buildings and Grounds

Shannon Leinen Admissions Counselor/Instructor



Tim Lewis Campus Minister

Larry Light Buildings and Grounds

Tori Means Head Softball Coach

Leo Miller Circulation Assistant, Library

Rose Miller Accounts Payable

Rusty Ridley Director of Information Services

Judy Rinard Administrative Assistant, Admissions

Sue Roush Director of Alumni & Community Relations

Carol Rowedder Computer Services

Janet Rush Assistant Bookstore Mgr./Mailroom

Meghan Salsbury Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid

Ron Shields Bookstore Manager

Steddon Sikes Director of Publications

Greg Smith Wrestling Coach

Jaclyn Smith Student Activities/Thomas Hall Mgr./Instructor

Jen Spickelmier Women’s Basketball Coach

Jared Stark Athletic Director, Instructor

Travis Stoltenberg Custodial

Brandon Tatum Men’s Basketball Coach

Eric Tremaine Buildings and Grounds

Alex Vogt Admissions Counselor

Brian Walth Associate Head Baseball Coach/P.E. Instructor

Sylvia Warren Custodial

Jenn Witt Admissions Counselor



Freshmen Maggie Arlt Bri Avery John Baker Cambria Banks Dakota Beck Julian Becker

Austin Benton Carrie Berzins Paige Bolm Chasta Bonifas

Danielle Bowlby Kyle Boyle Kameryn Brewster Ryan Brooks

Tyler Brown Cody Brumbaugh Jeremy Burgener Isabel Camacho

Dustin Campbell Shaylee Carlock Sean Carroll Blake Casey



Lauren Childs Caleb Clark Patrick Clark Caleb Connolly

Amanda Couch Ricky Creek Ashley Crowe Daniel Cunningham

Alysia Dahlberg Erin Davidson Charlie Dick Marybeth Ester

Estefany Estrada Jeremy Etisomba Bethany Fields Kenneth Fuller

Aderius Fullylove Amber Garcia Drew Geiger Cole Geisen

Trevor Goodie

As one of four student contestants in the Chopped competition, Gingerlynn Lanza begins work on the first challenge. (left)



Freshmen Angelene Gray Ricky Greene Talisha Grim Alice Hackett Allison Hagen Nathan Hawley

Shaun Hess Jay Hobbs Lane Hoffmeister Brennan Jarvis

Raymond Johnson Stephan Johnston Todd Johnston Katie Kynion

Brett Lane Hunter Lanka Gingerlynn Lanza Rebekah Lewis

Bri Avery dressed the part for St. Patrick’s Day. (right) The Dodgeball competition to raise money for Haiti was a huge hit and brought out everyone’s team spirit. (far right)



Tyson Lewis Vicki Lintt Sarah Lord Corey Loupin

Jaquar Lovett Jason MacDonald Antwan Mask Elissa Maynes

Marcus McArthur Zephaniah McChriston Sondra McCord Alex McCoy

Michael McGee David Megarry Jordan Mestas Michael Miller

Nick Mitchell Lucas Moyers Sean Murfin Darin Neb

Alexander Neely Ryan Nelson April Newcomb Tammy Nooner



Freshmen Kris Olson Ethan Owens Jacee Page Justin Patterson Roberto Perez Emily Pope

Cameron Quinton Jordan Rapp Jacob Redfearn Jonathan Reed

Brandon Reich Chelsi Reichwaldt Rebecca Reynolds Linda Risinger

Landon Roseberry Charmaine Ross Bri Rush Megan Salfrank

Lane Salsbury Ellie Sams Scott Schwarting Kristen Sheppard



Hailey Siebold Martha Slater Andrew Steinhauser Stephanie Studebaker

Cassie Taylor Jaid Taylor Ethan Timmerman Aleesha Torneten

Cody Tracy Nate Trumbo Carson Tuttle Reid VanWesten

Andre Vaughn Choua Vue Jamel Wheatley Kyle Wichman

Dracy Williams Stephanie Wilson

Ben Wingfield Ana Moyers and Marybeth Ester flex their muscles. (left) Sarah Lord gives her biggest smile as she starts out the school year. (left)



Sophomores Jeremiah Ahart Emilie Alston Andrew Aragon Josh Baerg Tristian Birch Ashley Bolm

Adam Brock Garrett Brown Thomas Brown John Bryan

Tree Burks Lupe Campa David Carney Luke Case

Travis Clarke Alexis Coss Colby Crawford Amanda Detlefs

DJ Dickson James Didier Ethan Owens, Landon Bailey, Josh Stewart, and Saul Perez goof off during Songfest dress rehearsal. (right)



Rebecca Duncan DeAnthony Ellison Linden Fisher Bo Flora

Caroline Gaudreault Justin Grieser Matt Grimes Kelsey Hamik

Paul Helms Shaun Howard Quin Johnson Rachel Johnson

Reginald Johnson Casey Kinnison Amanda Kline Frank Kouadio

Christopher Lambrecht Jordan Leis Randy Lewis Thomas Lichty

Matthew Lostroh Michael Lostroh Alex Lowther Sterling Lynn



Sophomores McKayla Mabery Marisa Maher BryAnna McGrath Nathan Melvin Marko Mircetic Andrew Mitchell

Nikki Moeder Breanna Moore Ana Moyers Jared Munoz

Tara New Jessica Noren Isaac Obermiller David Ohlin

Alexis Paspalof Devyn Pearl Saul Perez Luke Phillips

Crystal Ratliff Elizabeth Rodriguez Katiamari Roman Jordan Roseberry



Steve and Amanda Detlefs share a sibling moment during Halloween. (below)

Before heading out on a road trip to Ashfall Fossil Beds, Gail Miller’s zoology class wanted to let Tyson Lewis know they were thinking about him as he made his recovery. (left)

Crystal Rush Kelisa Rush

Victor Saenz Bethany Saylor Justin Schultz Logan Siddall

Andrew Simpson Brent Smith Scott Spruill Desmond Strickland

Sara Taverner Jerome Taylor Xavier Trice Michelle Tsinnie

Sarah VanDeusen AJ Wharton Dustin Wisener Adam Wohlwend



Juniors Bryan Armstrong Leah Atwell Landon Bailey Juliana Bassetto Aaron Beadle Carrie Berger

Zane Berner Emily Bogue Vanessa Brown Eduardo Camarena

Cailin Carroll Cory Clark Mitch Clay Kayla Crowell

Jessica Currier Isaiah Davis Kimberlee DeGroot Chris Dempsey

Blake Derrick Elizabeth Eklund Selena Emery Leonard Epps



Kristine Evangelista Sam Feiner Abbie Goodner Royce Grimes

Tanner Gurtner London Hawley Elicia Hebrink Jason Hernandez

Keaton Holland Bryan Irsik Jeffrey Johns Brian Keller

Clarissa Krekel Ger Lao Kayla Lawrence Jason Lloyd

Erich Loper Andrew Matheny

London Hawley, Amber Soderholm, Sarah Eggar, Sarah Stoutzenberger, Nathana Faddis, AJ Wharton, Caroline Gaudreault, Kirsten Clements, Sarabeth Robison, James Tidei, and Kathey Stewart gather for a picture in the ocean during their New England Trip. (far left) Sarah Stoutzenberger, Amber Soderholm, and Sarah Eggar pose for a picture outside the famous Shaker barn. (left)



Juniors Chelsea Mayer Lorena Medeiros Andrew Miller Jamie Mix Nick Nguyen Arvin Perez

Tammy Phan Jessi Pope Sarah Pope Chelsey Quigley

Royce Roberts Sarabeth Robison Chase Rose Marty Salsbury

Aubrey Sanchez Heath Schmalzried Brittanie Shaw Meghan Shruck

Maegan Simpson Ben Smail Several of the volleyball girls crowd in front of Missouri’s famous Lambert’s restaurant for a roadtrip photo. (right)



Heath Schmalzried models the chocolate syrup before pouring it on his ice cream. (far left) Carson Tuttle and Jason Lloyd hang out and destress before finals. (left)

Kaitlin Spanel Kelley Splattstoesser Brent Stahl Josh Stewart

Kathey Stewart Sarah Strahle Jarad Swanson James Tidei

Kristin Tuttle Carl Twisselman Jillyan Vance Jordan Veness

Matt Ward Amanda Wiemer Bryan Williams Nicholas Youmans



Seniors Jotham Andrews Kimberly Baird Gary Bandy Matthew Banta Michael Becker Matt Berru

Darren Best Jeremy Bjelland Bo Blackman Kristi Briggs

Brad Brunson Ashley Calvin Nick Caravelli Matt Carlson

Jordan Carney

Michael Carney Amasa Maine and Martha Kinyon perform in Martha’s senior recital. (right) Lea Childress gives a big smile as she receives her diploma. (inset)



Lea Childress Kirsten Clements Daniel Costanza Laura Crowson

Kaylee Danielson Jared Davis Sarah Eggar Sarah Elmore

Robert Enriquez Heidy Estrada Taylor Ettwein Curtis Eubanks

Nathana Faddis Sara Firm Chelsey Franklin Adam Friesen

Langston Frison Julia Garcia Jess Gaver Monica Gibson

Travis Gibson Elizabeth Goertzen Courtney Graff Megan Grimes



Seniors Shawn Gronseth Natasha Hackett Dusty Hall Christopher Halstead Katie Halstead Benny Hanaphy

Derek Harlow Jacob Harlow Kalyn Harlow Elise Hart

Robin Hinton Heather Hultgrien Cynthia Hunt Ashley Janky

Brent Johnson Dashon Jones Jacintta Kemp Kayde Kemp

Dustin Kinnison Martha Kinyon Brittany Kretz Taylor Ladd



Mason Lee Joey Leinen Kris Little Kait Loney

Justin Lunday Amasa Maine Keith Manley Michelle McAlevy

Ian McEnerney Nick McGrew Joshua Melvin Jonathan Mierau

Kai Miller Wendell Moore Lee Moses Chelsea Mullinix

Justice Nall Jake Owens Bo Blackman, Jared Davis, and Justin Ward gear up to face the competition in broom hockey. (left)

Janae Parsons Nicholas Parsons

With Carson Tuttle anxiously looking on, Jake Owens works as fast as he can during the Iron Chef competition. (left)



Seniors Kathleen Pearson Michelle Peck Brenda Perry Marissa Petrilli Kyle Reeves Charity Regennitter

Kyle Renz Sonia Rohda Jose Roman Mitchell Roush

Matt Runquist Caleb Rush Zach Rush Toni Sabo

Erin Sams Josh Scheffler Jennifer Schutt Kelci Scott

Jessica Sharp Sara Slovacek Mark Smesrud Amber Soderholm



Zach Rush, Dave Young, and Matt Carlson make a senior debut in Martha Kinyon’s recital. (left)

Fellow Kingsmen, Kyle Renz and Mitch Clay, share a touching graduation moment. (far left)

Seth Southard Corey Standerfer

Sarah Stoutzenberger Ryan Stuckey Doug Tew Megan Thomas

Nathan Towell Ryan Trotter Jamie Van Gieson Tonya Walton

Justin Ward Joshua Warren Jessica White Kristin Wiedemann

Renee Willard Jessica Wilson Mindy Witt David Young



stu dents

index A


Ahart, Jeremiah 11, 37, 72, 96 Alston, Emilie 38, 47, 96 Amende, Bruce 63, 78 Andrews, Jotham 74, 104 Aragon, Andrew 81, 83, 96 Arlt, Maggie 10, 34, 66, 90 Armstrong, Bryan 41, 79, 83, 100 Atwell, Leah 58, 100 Avery, Bri 1, 11, 40, 54, 66, 90, 92

Calvin, Ashley 70, 104 Camacho, Isabel 22, 26, 36, 66, 82, 90, 99 Camarena, Eduardo 78, 100 Campa, Lupe 4, 36, 66, 92, 96 Campbell, Dustin 51, 54, 58, 72, 81, 90 Caravelli, Nick 43, 63, 78, 104 Carlock, Shaylee 6, 10, 34, 81, 90 Carlson, Matt 8, 10, 26, 33, 39, 47, 48, 51, 52, 55, 56, 104, 109 Carney, David 35, 96 Carney, Jordan 104 Carney, Michael 104 Carroll, Cailin 5, 25, 33, 40, 45, 47, 65, 100 Carroll, Sean 5, 8, 11, 17, 37, 72, 90 Case, Luke 11, 16, 22, 39, 96 Casey, Blake 72, 90 Childress, Lea 12, 31, 104, 105 Childs, Lauren 11, 36, 77, 91 Clark, Caleb 5, 22, 26, 29, 33, 39, 51, 52, 56, 91 Clark, Cory 9, 24, 41, 45, 100 Clarke, Travis 37, 58, 74, 96 Clark, Patrick 5, 17, 23, 24, 35, 47, 51, 53, 54, 91 Clay, Mitch 1, 6, 11, 29, 39, 51, 52, 55, 62, 83, 100, 109 Clement, Emily 4 Clements, Kirsten 1, 60, 61, 82, 101, 105 Connolly, Caleb 79, 91 Coss, Alexis 4, 66, 96 Costanza, Daniel 63, 78, 105 Couch, Amanda 10, 34, 80, 91 Crawford, Colby 96 Creek, Ricky 35, 74, 91 Crowe, Ashley 8, 10, 22, 26, 38, 52, 91 Crowell, Kayla 40, 100 Crowson, Laura 31, 43, 105 Cunningham, Danny 10, 17, 24, 35, 81, 83, 91 Currier, Jessica 40, 43, 58, 100

B Baerg, Josh 8, 17, 37, 58, 96 Bailey, Landon 2, 8, 10, 17, 25, 37, 42, 58, 72, 96, 100 Baird, Kimberly 31, 104 Baker, John W. 23, 24, 26, 35, 48, 54, 56, 90 Bandy, Gary 31, 104 Bandy, Shawn 79 Banks, Cambria 82, 90 Banta, Matthew 74, 82, 104 Barnes, Kristi 1, 9, 10, 24, 34, 62, 77 Bassetto, JuJu 70, 100 Basting, Emily 70 Beadle, Aaron 11, 41, 81, 100 Beck, Dakota 8, 38, 90 Becker, Julian 5, 41, 83, 90 Becker, Michael 78, 104 Benton, Austin 5, 9, 11, 18, 19, 22, 41, 47, 52, 90 Berger, Carrie 12, 70, 100 Berner, Zane 29, 39, 80, 81, 82, 100 Berru, Matt 78, 104 Berzins, Carrie 1, 5, 9, 11, 40, 66, 90 Best, Darren 26, 31, 54, 73, 104 Birch, Tristian 43, 77, 96 Bjelland, Jeremy 104 Blackman, Bo 12, 31, 54, 60, 78, 104 Bogue, Emily 8, 10, 40, 47, 100 Bolm, Ashley 5, 96 Bolm, Paige 5, 8, 11, 23, 24, 34, 36, 47, 90 Bonifas, Chasta 1, 2, 10, 38, 90 Bonnet, Anthony 8, 10, 35, 72 Bowlby, Danielle 21, 33, 37, 65, 90, 102 Boyle, Kyle 8, 90 Brewster, Kameryn 9, 17, 24, 34, 47, 62, 80, 81, 90 Briggs, Kristi 31, 104 Brock, Adam 96 Brooks, Ryan 4, 39, 74, 90 Brown, Garrett 7, 37, 58, 69, 96 Brown, Thomas 74, 96 Brown, Tyler 5, 58, 74, 90 Brown, Vanessa 38, 52, 100 Brumbaugh, Cody 90 Brunson, Brad 26, 47, 49, 104 Bryan, John 73, 96 Burgener, Jeremy 5, 9, 12, 41, 79, 90 Burks, Tree 1, 8, 11, 37, 72, 96



D Dahlberg, Alysia 5, 66, 91 Danielson, Kaylee 8, 10, 13, 16, 23, 24, 31, 34, 47, 49, 105 Davidson, Erin 5, 8, 21, 26, 33, 37, 65, 91, 102 Davis, Isaiah 11, 39, 100 Davis, Jared 31, 105 DeGroot, Kimberlee 1, 2, 22, 47, 58, 65, 82, 100, 102 Dempsey, Chris 43, 78, 92, 100 Derrick, Blake 69, 100 Detlefs, Amanda 9, 24, 34, 43, 96, 99 Dick, Charlie 5, 79, 91 Dickson, DJ 73, 96 Didier, James 79, 96 Duncan, Becca 8, 17, 36, 97

E Eggar, Sarah 1, 61, 82, 101, 105 Eklund, Elizabeth 11, 14, 36, 77, 80, 100 Ellison, DeAnthony 6, 11, 37, 73, 97 Elmore, Sarah 4, 14, 16, 17, 31, 34, 66, 105 Emery, Selena 40, 82, 100 Enriquez, Robert 105 Epps, Leonard 73, 100 Ester, Marybeth 65, 91, 95, 102 Estrada, Estefany 9, 10, 17, 34, 91 Estrada, Heidy 8, 17, 34, 105 Etisomba, Jeremy 69, 91, 92 Ettwein, Taylor 31, 105 Eubanks, Curtis 105 Evangelista, Kristine 1, 5, 21, 65, 92, 99, 101

Harlow, Jacob 11, 31, 39, 47, 106 Harlow, Kalyn 31, 38, 106 Hart, Elise 31, 33, 40, 51, 53, 106 Hawley, London 1, 33, 47, 52, 55, 56, 61, 82, 101 Hawley, Nathan 16, 39, 92 Hebrink, Elicia 5, 6, 18, 22, 40, 47, 62, 82, 101 Helms, Paul 16, 29, 39, 47, 97, 99 Hernandez, Jason 33, 47, 49, 51, 52, 55, 101 Hess, Shaun 8, 11, 37, 92 Hinton, Robin 40, 66, 106 Hobbs, Jay 73, 92 Hoffmeister, Lane 47, 79, 92, 99 Holland, Keaton 43, 78, 101 Howard, Shaun 35, 74, 97 Hultgrien, Heather 31, 106 Hunt, Cynthia 4, 8, 22, 36, 82, 106



Faddis, Nathana 1, 6, 10, 29, 33, 38, 58, 60, 61, 82, 101, 105 Feiner, Sam 43, 78, 101 Fields, Bethany 6, 38, 91 Firm, Sara 17, 29, 31, 33, 40, 47, 51, 53, 54, 105 Fisher, Linden 69, 97 Fleck, Joel 78 Flora, Bo 80, 81, 97 Ford, Austin 37, 41 Franklin, Chelsey 29, 31, 58, 105 Friesen, Adam 105 Frison, Langston 12, 31, 105 Fuller, Kenneth 5, 6, 16, 29, 39, 91 Fullylove, Aderius 6, 73, 91

Irsik, Bryan 6, 10, 14, 17, 24, 35, 74, 101

G Garcia, Amber 9, 17, 24, 34, 47, 91 Garcia, Julia 17, 34, 58, 62, 83, 105 Gaudreault, Caroline 1, 34, 97, 101 Gaver, Jess 105 Geiger, Drew 1, 11, 20, 41, 47, 72, 91 Geisen, Cole 74, 91 Gibson, Monica 8, 22, 31, 33, 36, 82, 105 Gibson, Travis 78, 105 Goertzen, Elizabeth 105 Goodie, Trevor 4, 35, 74, 91 Goodner, Abbie 6, 33, 40, 82, 101 Graff, Courtney 5, 65, 102, 105 Gray, Angelene 5, 11, 36, 47, 77, 92 Greene, Ricky 9, 16, 92 Grieser, Justin 78, 97 Grimes, Matt 37, 58, 97 Grimes, Megan 8, 31, 33, 36, 105 Grimes, Royce 8, 17, 18, 20, 37, 47, 81, 101 Grim, Talisha 92 Gronseth, Shawn 39, 106 Gurtner, Tanner 78, 101

H Hackett, Alice 5, 9, 10, 17, 24, 34, 47, 62, 80, 81, 83, 92, 99 Hackett, Natasha 51, 55, 56, 61, 92, 106 Hagen, Allison 4, 19, 38, 92 Hall, Dusty 47, 106 Halstead, Christopher 106 Halstead, Katie 31, 33, 36, 106 Hamik, Kelsey 40, 77, 97 Hanaphy, Benny 31, 60, 69, 82, 106 Harlow, Derek 78, 106

J Janky, Ashley 31, 40, 60, 106 Jarvis, Brennan 80, 81, 92 Johns, Jeffrey 17, 43, 62, 69, 101 Johnson, Brent 5, 8, 31, 37, 45, 106 Johnson, Quin 17, 23, 24, 35, 97 Johnson, Rachel 16, 17, 19, 24, 34, 45, 58, 97 Johnson, Raymond 35, 74, 92 Johnson, Reginald 73, 97 Johnston, Stephan 13, 69, 92 Johnston, Todd 1, 5, 10, 24, 35, 43, 55, 58, 62, 74, 92 Jones, Dashon 31, 32, 106

K Keller, Brian 29, 33, 39, 47, 49, 51, 52, 101 Kemp, Jacintta 8, 10, 31, 36, 58, 106 Kemp, Kayde 8, 31, 36, 106 Ketcham, Bridget 47, 49 Kinnison, Casey 5, 23, 35, 45, 97 Kinnison, Dustin 31, 106 Kinyon, Martha 1, 16, 20, 24, 27, 29, 31, 40, 47, 49, 52, 104, 106 Kline, Amanda 4, 38, 47, 52, 97 Kouadio, Frank 97 Krekel, Ben 26, 55 Krekel, Clarissa 6, 8, 33, 36, 101 Kretz, Brittany 31, 106 Kynion, Katie 1, 5, 9, 11, 19, 40, 43, 55, 66, 91, 92

L Ladd, Taylor 17, 19, 24, 31, 35, 48, 106 Lambrecht, Christopher 73, 97 Lane, Brett 79, 92 Lanka, Hunter 74, 92 Lanza, Gingerlynn 11, 19, 36, 66, 91, 92 Lao, Ger 39, 79, 101 Lawrence, Kayla 14, 18, 19, 26, 33, 38, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 56, 101 Lee, Mason 5, 8, 12, 17, 25, 26, 29, 31, 37, 45, 62, 83, 107 Leinen, Joey 69, 107 Leis, Jordan 2, 79, 97 Lewis, Randy 69, 97

Lewis, Rebekah 11, 40, 92 Lewis, Tyson 93 Lichty, Thomas 8, 11, 16, 29, 39, 47, 82, 97 Lintt, Vicki 93 Little, Kris 78, 107 Lloyd, Jason 1, 6, 10, 14, 17, 35, 43, 45, 74, 101, 103 Loney, Kait 1, 4, 24, 31, 34, 43, 45, 66, 107 Loper, Erich 1, 24, 27, 35, 44, 47, 49, 55, 101 Lord, Sarah 8, 29, 38, 47, 52, 93, 95 Lostroh, Matthew 58, 97 Lostroh, Michael 58, 97 Loupin, Corey 93 Lovett, Jaquar 39, 93, 99 Lowther, Alex 78, 97 Lunday, Justin 43, 63, 78, 107 Lynn, Sterling 47, 97

M Mabery, McKayla 9, 34, 98 MacDonald, Jason 5, 33, 51, 55, 56, 93 Maher, Marisa 2, 5, 10, 23, 34, 70, 81, 98 Maine, Amasa 5, 16, 29, 31, 40, 45, 47, 49, 104, 107 Manley, Keith 31, 69, 107 Mask, Antwan 9, 41, 73, 93 Matheny, Andrew 2, 43, 78, 101 Mayer, Chelsea 8, 17, 22, 26, 33, 36, 62, 82, 102 Maynes, Elissa 22, 82, 93 McAlevy, Michelle 31, 107 McArthur, Marcus 11, 35, 74, 93 McChriston, Zephaniah 8, 10, 35, 81, 93 McCord, Sondra 10, 38, 70, 93 McCoy, Alex 74, 93 McEnerney, Ian 7, 43, 69, 107 McGee, Michael 62, 69, 93 McGrath, BryAnna 60, 98 McGrew, Nick 74, 107 McZeal, Mike 8, 10, 35, 81 Medeiros, Lorena 70, 102 Megarry, David 79, 93 Melvin, Joshua 107 Melvin, Nathan 98 Mestas, Jordan 21, 81, 93 Mierau, Jonathan 107 Miller, Andrew 1, 19, 29, 33, 47, 102 Miller, Kai 78, 107 Miller, Michael 9, 22, 79, 93 Mircetic, Marko 72, 98 Mitchell, Andrew 79, 98 Mitchell, Nick 41, 93 Mix, Jamie 1, 9, 16, 24, 34, 47, 49, 102 Moeder, Nikki 40, 47, 98 Moore, Breanna 8, 9, 17, 36, 47, 98 Moore, Wendell 6, 31, 72, 107 Moses, Lee 31, 74, 107 Moyers, Ana 22, 33, 37, 59, 65, 82, 95, 98, 102 Moyers, Lucas 8, 37, 93 Mullinix, Chelsea 31, 66, 107 Munoz, Jared 69, 92, 98 Murfin, Sean 1, 41, 79, 93

N Nall, Justice 17, 73, 107 Neb, Darin 72, 93 Neely, Alexander 79, 93 Nelson, Ryan 5, 14, 16, 29, 39, 47, 52, 93

Newcomb, April 93 Newcomer, Casey 31 New, Tara 4, 66, 98 Nguyen, Nick 63, 78, 99, 102 Nooner, Tammy 9, 10, 34, 93 Noren, Jessica 10, 24, 34, 98

O Obermiller, Isaac 42, 78, 79, 98 Ohlin, David 98 Olson, Kris 69, 92, 94 Overly, Joanna 4, 8, 11, 33, 36 Owens, Ethan 4, 37, 94, 96 Owens, Jake 10, 31, 32, 45, 107

P Page, Jacee 14, 77, 94 Parsons, Janae 24, 31, 32, 34, 87, 107 Parsons, Nicholas 13, 29, 31, 32, 33, 39, 51, 55, 87, 107 Paspalof, Alexis 14, 77, 98 Patterson, Justin 72, 94 Pearl, Devyn 9, 19, 34, 58, 77, 98 Pearson, Kathleen 31, 32, 51, 52, 56, 108 Peck, Michelle 17, 24, 31, 34, 58, 108 Perez, Arvin 78, 102 Perez, Roberto 1, 5, 79, 94 Perez, Saul 12, 22, 24, 26, 41, 43, 45, 69, 96, 98 Perry, Brenda 13, 40, 43, 47, 77, 108 Petrilli, Marissa 6, 8, 40, 43, 108 Phan, Tammy 2, 33, 40, 47, 61, 62, 82, 83, 102 Phillips, Luke 98 Pierce, Kathleen 99 Pope, Emily 40, 83, 94 Pope, Jessi 5, 8, 40, 83, 102 Pope, Sarah 40, 83, 102

Q Quigley, Chelsey 65, 70, 102 Quinton, Cameron 9, 11, 41, 73, 94

R Rapp, Jordan 79, 94 Ratliff, Crystal 98 Redfearn, Jacob 9, 11, 18, 41, 45, 58, 94 Reed, Jonathan 8, 17, 37, 94 Reeves, Kyle 33, 58, 78, 108 Regennitter, Charity 31, 33, 60, 61, 108 Reich, Brandon 74, 94 Reichwaldt, Chelsi 10, 38, 94 Renz, Kyle 8, 11, 22, 29, 31, 39, 99, 108, 109 Reynolds, Rebecca 11, 36, 66, 94 Rice, Andrea 60 Risinger, Linda 38, 94 Roberts, Royce 33, 48, 51, 53, 55, 102 Robison, Sarabeth 1, 43, 51, 54, 56, 58, 101, 102 Rodriguez, Elizabeth 4, 66, 98 Rohda, Sonia 12, 19, 31, 108 Roman, Jose 108 Roman, Katiamari 98 Roseberry, Jordan 98 Roseberry, Landon 1, 2, 9, 33, 41, 49, 51, 52, 55, 56, 94

Rose, Chase 8, 17, 37, 82, 102 Ross, Charmaine 34, 94 Roush, Mitchell 10, 13, 28, 31, 35, 43, 45, 47, 51, 53, 55, 56, 62, 83, 108 Runquist, Matt 31, 108 Rush, Bri 9, 11, 24, 27, 40, 45, 47, 66, 94 Rush, Caleb 10, 12, 29, 31, 33, 41, 58, 69, 108 Rush, Crystal 42, 65, 99 Rush, Kelisa 9, 40, 42, 47, 99 Rush, Zach 16, 29, 31, 40, 47, 108, 109


T Taverner, Sara 38, 47, 99 Taylor, Cassie 65, 77, 95 Taylor, Jaid 11, 37, 73, 95 Taylor, Jerome 11, 29, 39, 52, 80, 81, 99 Tew, Doug 58, 78, 109 Thomas, Megan 31, 70, 109 Tidei, James 22, 25, 26, 29, 39, 80, 81, 101, 103 Timmerman, Ethan 5, 74, 95 Torneten, Aleesha 6, 45, 47, 51, 95 Towell, Nathan 1, 2, 24, 27, 33, 35, 47, 69, 109 Tracy, Cody 5, 10, 35, 74, 95 Trice, Xavier 73, 99 Trotter, Ryan 109 Trumbo, Nate 29, 39, 74, 95 Tsinnie, Michelle 24, 34, 65, 99, 102 Tuttle, Carson 4, 9, 11, 41, 42, 47, 62, 95, 103 Tuttle, Kristin 20, 40, 45, 47, 80, 81, 103 Twisselman, Carl 78, 103



Sabo, Toni 40, 47, 108 Saenz, Victor 37, 99 Salfrank, Megan 5, 25, 29, 38, 51, 54, 60, 94 Salsbury, Lane 5, 17, 42, 79, 94 Salsbury, Marty 102 Sams, Ellie 47, 94 Sams, Erin 31, 58, 108 Sanchez, Aubrey 12, 40, 102 Saylor, Bethany 1, 2, 8, 15, 22, 26, 33, 36, 47, 49, 52, 55, 82, 99 Scheffler, Josh 16, 22, 39, 108 Schmalzried, Heath 12, 18, 26, 41, 45, 69, 102, 103 Schuerman, Kelsea 1, 70, 77 Schultz, Justin 78, 79, 99 Schutt, Jennifer 108 Schwarting, Scott 9, 25, 41, 94 Scott, Kelci 8, 22, 26, 33, 36, 45, 62, 82, 83, 108 Sharp, Jessica 31, 32, 108 Shaw, Brittanie 1, 70, 77, 102 Sheppard, Kristen 40, 94 Shruck, Meghan 6, 18, 40, 42, 60, 102 Siddall, Logan 60, 82, 99 Siebold, Hailey 4, 8, 11, 12, 17, 20, 26, 33, 36, 47, 82, 95 Sikes, Garett 99 Simpson, Andrew 35, 74, 99 Simpson, Maegan 17, 33, 34, 47, 49, 51, 53, 54, 102 Slater, Martha 9, 17, 34, 81, 95 Slattery, Dean 79 Slovacek, Sara 31, 77, 108 Smail, Ben 11, 41, 102 Smesrud, Mark 10, 11, 12, 20, 22, 29, 31, 41, 42, 45, 47, 65, 83, 108 Smith, Brent 73, 99 Soderholm, Amber 1, 12, 29, 31, 40, 43, 58, 61, 87, 101, 108 Southard, Seth 24, 31, 41, 69, 109 Spanel, Kaitlin 24, 34, 58, 103 Splattstoesser, Kelley 24, 34, 103 Spruill, Scott 10, 17, 23, 24, 35, 47, 99 Stahl, Brent 1, 33, 69, 103 Standerfer, Corey 8, 11, 37, 73, 109 Steinhauser, Andrew 72, 95 Stewart, Josh 9, 11, 18, 22, 41, 43, 58, 96, 103 Stewart, Kathey 1, 26, 47, 49, 52, 54, 101, 103 Stoutzenberger, Sarah 1, 12, 18, 22, 29, 38, 43, 51, 52, 61, 82, 101, 109 Strahle, Sarah 8, 22, 36, 103 Strickland, Desmond 11, 37, 73, 99 Stuckey, Ryan 31, 78, 109 Studebaker, Stephanie 2, 5, 11, 40, 47, 48, 51, 52, 54, 56, 95 Swanson, Jarad 79, 103

V Vance, Jillyan 103 VanDeusen, Sarah 16, 17, 24, 34, 45, 99 Van Gieson, Jamie 10, 29, 31, 33, 38, 51, 52, 55, 99, 109 VanWesten, Reid 79, 95 Vaughn, Andre 72, 95 Veness, Jordan 1, 4, 66, 70, 103 Vue, Choua 5, 39, 95

W Walberg, Marcus 31 Walton, Tonya 9, 10, 34, 109 Ward, Justin 73, 109 Ward, Matt 7, 24, 27, 33, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 56, 103 Warren, Joshua 78, 109 Wharton, AJ 1, 7, 25, 39, 52, 54, 56, 99, 101 Wheatley, Jamel 4, 6, 10, 19, 35, 74, 91, 95 Wheatley, Jamol 35, 74 White, Jessica 24, 34, 109 Wichman, Kyle 1, 5, 58, 74, 95 Wiedemann, Kristin 29, 31, 61, 70, 109 Wiemer, Amanda 4, 66, 103 Willard, Renee 12, 14, 18, 24, 27, 33, 47, 49, 51, 52, 55, 58, 61, 109 Williams, Bryan 19, 35, 74, 91, 103 Williams, Dracy 8, 10, 35, 72, 95 Wilson, Jessica 77, 109 Wilson, Stephanie 8, 17, 21, 26, 33, 37, 58, 65, 82, 92, 95 Wingfield, Ben 1, 11, 20, 22, 26, 41, 47, 69, 95 Wisener, Dustin 79, 99 Witt, Josh 24, 35 Witt, Mindy 8, 9, 17, 33, 37, 58, 65, 109 Wohlwend, Adam 7, 72, 99

Y Youmans, Nicholas 73, 103 Young, Dave 1, 6, 9, 10, 17, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 55, 62, 109



The CRUSADER is a publication of York College under the supervision of Steddon Sikes, Director of Publications and Yearbook Editor. Nathana Faddis was the Assistant Editor for this volume. Photography was contributed by John Baker, Matt Carlson, Mitch Clay, Amanda Couch, Bob DeHart, Cynthia Hunt, Mark Jensen, Quin Johnson, Kayde Kemp, Taylor Ladd, Lori Loney, Chelsea Mayer, Jamie Mix, Tim McNeese, Michelle Peck, Marissa Petrilli, Jose Roman, Landon Roseberry, Kent Ross, Steddon Sikes, Amber Soderholm, Marti Soderholm, Sarah Stoutzenberger, Judy Tuttle, Stephanie Wilson and the York NewsTimes Staff (Kate Burke, Eric Eckert, Ken Kush, Steve Moseley, and SJ Munoz). YORK COLLEGE EMPLOYEES HONORED FOR YEARS OF SERVICE: 25 Years—Dr. L. Ray Miller and Gail Miller 20 Years—Ruth Carlock, Dr. Shane Mountjoy, Eric Tremaine, and Dr. Kathleen Wheeler 15 Years—Michael Becker, Beverly McNeese, and Sue Roush 10 Years—Bob DeHart, Bob Gaver, Sheila Hubbard, Chad Karcher, Isolde Olmstead, and Gary Pinney 5 Years—Dr. Adrienne Dickson, Nick Harlan, Trent Hinton, Patti Jensen, Larry Light, Dr. Billy Lones, Travis Stoltenberg, Brian Walth, and Sylvia Warren


A special thanks to Summer Dickinson and the staff of the Panther Press for their coverage of the 2009-10 academic year. This yearbook was printed by the Walsworth Publishing Company of Marceline, MO. Greg Adams served as the annual representative.

2010 Crusader  

York College 2009-10 Yearbook

2010 Crusader  

York College 2009-10 Yearbook