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What genre would you say the advert is aimed at? This question helps to see how the advert is being perceived and are the right codes and conventions in place to show the right genre. This can be compared to my proposal and target audience board.

Most of the responses

came back positive out of the 7 that answered the survey.

71.43% of the people who answered said


which is the songs genre.

However 2 others choice a different genre to look into why they choose this I made the next question.

Indie dubstep


Why did you choose this genre? They answered the above question, but I wanted to know why they thought this, what aspects of the advert showed this and how? Gathering this data would help me identify what codes were/weren’t working as well as others. All the applicants answered this question, I’ve highlighted the genre picked to the reasons why.

5 of the applicants who answered the question above mentioned the text and font as being a reason for their choice There was also repetitive

mentions of similarities to other magazine which were the same genre.

But, there was conflicting applicant answering the

views with the

2 other people who chose alternative genres. With one

font had made them choose indie Dubstep, this can be seen as good news because

the intended genre is fairly

similar to indie dubstep.

Finally both response mentioned the

colour scheme in their choices, this is significant

as that’s the key

convention that I’ve been trying to maintain throughout this project showing genre. I feel, though, that this

a true representative as the there was such a low feedback level.


Does it look professional? This question just helped me understand whether the audience could see it being mass produced and whether it had the quality of professional designs

85.71% of the responses said yes, this gave me confidences it had quality, therefore lived up to its purpose.

Although you shouldn’t

in comparison, my

discount responses, the one that said no, I discounted as it was small amount

error was I didn’t include a why? Box for people who said no.

If yes, why does it look professional? This helped me understand why my magazine advert looked professional, which things worked well and what to maintain in other products of mine. Also showed me things to improve if they weren’t mentioned.

There was

repetitive mentions of the words, clean and layout this is good, as it shows that my

convention and code are consistent

with that of professionals.

Mentioning things like colour scheme, refined, tried to keep throughout

modern and sleek, is really

good as this is the style I’ve

What works well with the advert? Asking this question alongside the professionally one, helps me see more key parts of the advert that appeal atheistically to the target audience, is a hope to appeal to people who aren’t a fan of the genre.

The response were

fairly broad they didn’t have much media value, responses like the sky, all of

it and everything, while complementary don’t help to pin point certain aspects. However there were 4

responses that gave me a lot of confidence in the adverts purpose, things like

contrast in colours was mention twice. Also colours and colour scheme was mentioned, this shows that my choice of colour attracted people, the contract helped it

colour scheme really shows uniform with all products.

stand out and maintaining the

Where could there be area of improvement? This was the key area of the survey, to identify was major changes need to take place in order to get the audience to fully understand, relate and recognise the product. However my responses weren’t very helpful, I personally don’t think something can’t be prefect, it can be continuously improved on.

The applicants mentioned that there was nothing

to change or they were fairly broad for example

more natural. This is doesn’t give me guidance of how I could improve the magazine advert, or what is meant by more natural?

However the responses that mentioned the final response of confusing being that you

brightness and image lighting shows relation to the

image. The lighting on the advert is meant to show his silhouette, the idea

have to watch the video to find out who it is, this leads to a misunderstanding of

the message. But it’s something I don’t want to change, as the people taking the survey didn’t know there was a music video.

Using Survey Monkey to gather primary feedback had many pros and cons. The issues are the response are broad, as people don’t want to fill in essay boxes, they haven’t explained their answers fully. I also couldn’t really control the responses I got, therefore it was hard to target my intended audience. The survey was posted on my Facebook where I have a 600+ friend of varying ages. A way I could have tackled this issue was to have a question asking age, then discount those who weren’t in my targeted age range. It also took a long time to gather 7 responses, to gather a wider range would take too long. However Survey Monkey is fast to make and if used correctly, by being distributed to my intended audience, I could have gather some really good data to improve my magazine advert upon.