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About Gulet Cruises from Marmaris by YNG Yachting

Why Not Gulet Ketch Built in 2006, and a length of 24 metres, this opens your journey you with blue sailing gulet kecht. 2 Master,1 twin , 1 double cabin is air conditioned, with bathroom, dressing room and bathroom and household type. The most expensive wood furniture and floors with a highdesign luxury decorated and gulet. Experienced warm friendly offers you the best service with 4 crew. Blue is the most popular place open deck, comfortable sofa for your trip, Sun and great tastes delicious presentations. Bodrum port that you'll get a chance to see most of the city with the beauties of the gulet. 15. century St. peter historic bodrum Castle, built by the ruins of a place worth visiting. Dodecanese Islands frequented by private yacht charters Bodrum is located has a port, which has become the most. Famous historical Caria, is one of the world's 7 Wonders, known as Halicarnassus Famous historical , is one of the world's 7 Wonders, known as Halicarnassus.

Vongole Gulet 24 ft ultra Deluxe are equipped with the best designs. 6-person special group or family can easily spend 4 star classy Gullet. All cabins have been designed with the most stylish bathroom dĂŠcor, air conditioned, Tv is the best lighting equipment is systematic. You could have a holiday, spending every minute of your trip fun and quality time in blue. Special designs with large desks and spacious, furnished with sofas, nice food to eat. To offer you the best service the 3 crew experienced blue cruise vacation. Every hour of the day in separate events and holiday option with asmosferde what do you think of the wonderful blue journey. Bodrum gulet ports are preferred to be vacationers. Many of the ancient history of this town that yachtsman many tourist attractions and the crew they have been looking forward to the fun places you will find it all in one place. The most beautiful places in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean private yacht hire, knowing that a wonderful holiday are waiting for you.

Sway Gulet Length 24,5 meters 2 master, 2 double cabins with comfortable dĂŠcor that is designed to provide you with the best luxury vacation option. Private 8-person guest host offering the perfect wood craftsmanship with blue will make your journey comfortable yacht. Fun water toys with the most comfortable dining atmosphere your holiday will become also traditional cuisine taste delicious with presentations. You can check this link for more private gulet cruises from Marmaris Turkey

Gulet cruises list from marmaris  
Gulet cruises list from marmaris  

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