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We would like to warmly welcome you to West London YMCA Supported Lodgings and trust that you will have a pleasant stay. This handbook contains lots of useful information so please take time to read it. More information is also available on our website.

Contents 01 Who We Are 02 A. About Supported Lodgings 03 B. Supported Lodging Placement 05 C. Benefit Advice 06 D. Involvement 07 E. Your Rights & Responsibilities 10 F. Other YMCA Services 12 G. Directory 17 Notes West London YMCA Booklet.indd 2

Hillingdon Police/Fire/Ambulance


Police – non urgent enquiries

0208 246 1501

Hillingdon Civic Centre Main number

01895 250111

Hillingdon Council Contact Centre

01895 556000

Hillingdon Children’s Social Services

01895 250053

Hillingdon Hospital

01895 259578

Housing Benefit

01895 556666

Housing Options

01895 250147

Help with Locata bids

01895 250147

National Debt Line

0800 808 4000

Police Station – Uxbridge

01895 251212

Racial Harassment

0800 694 0240


01895 253355

Adult Education

01895 676690

Hillingdon Drugs & Alcohol Service

01895 207777

Alcoholics Anonymous

0845 769 7555

Careers Advice

0800 100 900

Uxbridge College

01895 853333

Fountains Mill Young People’s Centre

01895 231192

Hayes One Stop Advice

01895 556004

Hillingdon Sports & Leisure

0845 1307324

Odeon Cinema Uxbridge

0871 2244007

Jobseeker Direct

0845 606 0234

Citizens Advice Bureau

0844 848 7903

Sexwise advice under 18’s

0800 282 930

Brook Sexual Advice over 18

0808 802 1234

03/06/2011 12:51:09

West Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust

020 8560 2121

Community Mental Health Team

020 8583 3496

Child & Adolsecent Mental Health Service

020 8630 3237


Hands on Music (qualifications into music)

020 8577 8572

Electric power failures

0800 111 999

Three Valleys Water

0800 7838 838

Council house repairs (via Civic Centre)

0845 7823 333 020 8863 5611

Refuge 24-hour crisis line

0870 599 5443

National Drugs Helpline

020 8863 7004

National Domestic Violence helpline

0808 2000 247

Child line

0800 11 11

Alcoholics Anonymous

020 7833 0022

If you would like further information on any of the services listed or on other services please speak to your support worker. Supported Lodgings contacts details: Supported Lodgings Programme West London YMCA Roxeth Hill,

Who we are West London YMCA is an inclusive and diverse Christian movement, which welcomes people of all faiths and of none. We place a special emphasis on young people and children, particularly at times when we can make a difference. We work throughout West London to show Christian faith in action in local communities.

Our Vision Our vision is that young people and communities are involved in creating and improving places and programmes where all feel welcomed, valued, respected and secure and can develop in body, mind and spirit.

Our Values • Putting people and relationships first • Working in partnership with churches, communities and other groups • Affirming the equal value of all persons and welcoming diversity • Relationships characterised by mutual respect, tolerance, openness, integrity and trust • Striving for the best we can achieve and always improving • Being creative and forward thinking

Harrow HA2 0JN Tel: 02088321551 / 3; Mob: 07773047546 or 07817109535 E-mail: Website:

Our Housing Department’s Purpose is … To support young people into independent living by providing quality, safe, temporary accommodation with one to one support for young people. To encourage young people to become involved in decision making and benefit from the services of key statutory and voluntary agencies.

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A. About Supported Lodgings Introduction

A supported lodging is a home belonging to a supported lodgings host. The host will give you somewhere safe and secure to live. You will be living in a home with at least one adult who has been through a process of assessment and considered suitable to become host. Everyone in the home who is over 16 years old will have had a police check. West London YMCA has approved hosts available across West London. We have put together this guide for you to understand what the scheme is all about. If anything here is not clear or there is more you would like to know about the scheme which is not covered here, just ask!

Accessing Supported Lodgings

The London Boroughs of Harrow Children’s services, Hounslow Housing Team, Ealing Social services and Hillingdon Social Services have referral rights to the 23 supported lodgings units. When a place becomes available a Support Worker will notify the appropriate referring agency by telephone and email. All applicants will be required to attend an interview and risk assessment at the YMCA premise located at Roxeth Hill, Harrow HA2 0JN or at the civic centre of the referring local authority as appropriate. Where necessary a request for background information will be made over the telephone from the referring agency prior to matching and or offer of placement with host being made. Applicants will be given the opportunity to meet the host and view the property up to 3 times prior to accepting an offer. Referrals will only be accepted between 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

The Staff Team and their roles

Clare Scott Booth Reginald Parkinson Lanre Sanni Henry Simon


Chief Executive of West London YMCA Director of Housing Supported Lodgings Programmes Manager Supported Lodgings Support Worker

The office is your first point of contact for any queries and is staffed Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. At placement you will be handed copies of the House Rules, Licence Agreement, Emergency and Placement Breakdown Procedure, Health and Safety Procedure, Move-on plan and Complaint Policy. Young people are advised to read all policies provided at placement. All other policies and procedures are available on request from the office. Staff are always happy to assist with any queries or problems during office hours. West London YMCA Booklet.indd 4

Hounslow Police/Fire/Ambulance Hounslow Civic Centre Main Switchboard Social Services Isleworth, Heston, Hounslow, Brentford, Chiswick Bedfont, Cranford, Feltham, Hanworth Emergency Out of Hours Council Service Housing Benefit

999/112 020 8583 2000 0208 583 3400 0208 583 3200 0208 583 2222 0208 583 4242

Benefits Contact Centre 0845 603 6347 New claims Enquiry 0800 055 6688 Hounslow Job Centre Plus 020 8607 1600 DWP (Belfast Benefits Centre) Existing claims 0845 377 100 Crisis Loan 0800 032 7952 Housing Needs Duty Line 020 8 583 3842 Shelter Line Free ~Housing Advice Helpline 0808 800 4444 Shelter London Advice Service 020 7014 1540 EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) 0808 101 6219 London Borough of Hounslow Locata Scheme 020 8583 4422 Telephone bidding 0906 294 2012 Bid by text 07781 472 726 Connexions Hounslow 020 8577 5478 Citizens Advice Bureau 0844 4994 113 Hounslow Sexual Health Advisory Clinic 020 8630 3295 Local Police Service 0300 123 1212 Young Hounslow Directory Youth Offending Team 0208 583 6363 NHS Direct 0845 4647 Hounslow fire service 0208 555 1200 ext 38230 Hounslow Youth Counseling 0208 568 1818 Anti-terrorism hotline - 0800 789 321 0800 789 321 Da Spot, Young People Resource Centre (Drugs & Alcohol Issues) 020 8583 2349 03/06/2011 12:51:11

Healthy Start vouchers Child Benefit NHS Direct Ealing Hospital Sexual Health Clinic Citizens Advice Bureau Citizens Advice Bureau Recorded Service Ealing Voluntary Service Council Ealing Drug Advisory Service Bedford Centre (alcohol) Alcoholics Anonymous Gatehouse (drugs) Connexions EYCIS Counselling Advice Service Police Station Uxbridge Road

0845 607 6823 0845 302 4444 0845 4647 020 8967 5000 020 8967 5555 020 8758 0688 0870 126 4100 020 8577 4683 020 8579 5585 020 8567 1215 020 7833 0022 020 8967 5192 020 8579 1633 / 020 8992 0303 020 8992 8182 020 8810 1212

Eligibility criteria

Applicants with low support needs including: • Single homeless aged 16-18 • Teenage mothers with a child up to 3 years old • Care leavers aged 16-18 • Referral from the appropriate local authority housing team • Willingness to engage in support

How much choice will I have?

Where possible we will try to find you a home in an area of your choice. We will discuss with you the kind of household you would like to live in.

Why do people have police checks?

We carry out police checks to ensure that the health and safety of no one is put at risk. The police will check their records and let us know if they have any concerns. This process also helps us develop the appropriate support plan package for a young person accepted onto the scheme.

B. Supported Lodgings Placement How long will I stay in Supported Lodgings?

Placements can last for up to 24 months. However, this time is not fixed. When you feel ready to move on, we can help you.

Supporting People

If you were referred London Borough of Harrow and placed in Supported Lodgings and are receiving support services from us, the support services you receive are paid for by Supporting People, a government initiative which aims to make sure that the services you receive are of a high standard and offer the type and level of support you need. For more information please visit the Supporting People website

Who else will live in my Supported Lodgings placement?

This is different in each home. Some of our hosts are single people and others are couples or families. The most important thing is that you will be in a safe and friendly home.

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Support Plans

While you are in Supported Lodgings West London YMCA will develop a support plan for you towards achieving your goals. You will receive day-to-day support from your host. Your support worker will meet with you and your host from time to time to review your progress and discuss any concern you may have. You can also arrange to meet with your support worker for a review or to raise any concerns as you require. Support from your social worker will continue if you already have one.

What can I expect from Supported Lodgings?

• You will have your own room • Shared use of amenities such lounge, kitchen, washing machine and garden where applicable • You will be given one meal each day • You will have a safe and secure place to live • You will get support from the person or people you live with and from your support worker

Way of life – what’s Supported Lodgings like?

When you move in you should talk about how you and the host can live together happily. You should talk about things such as: • Friends visiting and staying over. • Food - what you like and don’t like. • Going out - when you can and what time you should be back. • Staying out - you may want to stay a few nights with family or friends. You will have to behave responsibly and treat the people you live with as you would like them to treat you. You will discuss house rules with the person you are going to live with and agree them between yourselves.

Health and Safety

The health and safety policy provides useful information that relates to your security, health and safety and that of all persons involved in the delivery of the service. The staff will always be available to help you with any problems and make sure that you are happy and safe and your needs are fully met. They may need to tell the people who you live with any important information about you and your family background.

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Gas emergencies Electric power failures Three Valleys Water Council house repairs (via Civic Centre) Refuge 24-hour crisis line Thomas Clinic Family Planning National Drugs Helpline Harrow Victim Support National Domestic Violence helpline Domestic Violence helpline Child line Alcoholics Anonymous

0800 111 999 0800 7838 838 0845 782 3333 020 8863 5611 0870 599 5443 020 8863 7004 0800 776 600 020 8863 9583 0808 2000 247 0870 599 5443 0800 11 11 020 7833 0022

Ealing Police/Fire/Ambulance Ealing Civic Centre Main Switchboard Gateway Services (housing support) Housing Applications (new enquiries) Homeless Persons Unit (housing officers) Housing Options and Solutions Temporary Accomodation Social Services – Customer Contact Centre Centre for People with Learning Disabilities MIND – Mental Health Advice Community Mental Health Resource Centre Ealing Leaving Care duty line Family information service Sure-Start Northolt YWCA, Dormers Well (Young mums) Housing Benefits Office Job Centre Plus Income Support New Claims Benefit Enquiries Tax Credits

999/112 020 8825 5000 020 8825 7626 020 8825 8800 020 8825 8866 020 8825 8888 020 8825 6079 020 8825 8000 020 8566 2360 020 8832 7337 020 8841 5271 020 8825 7007 020 8825 5588 020 8842 0220 020 8574 5116 020 8825 7000 020 8258 3000 / 3143 0845 600 2773 0800 055 6688 0845 600 2773 0845 300 3900

03/06/2011 12:51:21

G. Directory of Local Services Harrow Police/Fire/Ambulance Harrow Civic Centre Main Switchboard Social Services Harrow Switchboard General enquiries Emergencies-after Hours Housing Benefit Benefits Contact Centre Harrow Job Centre Plus

999/112 020 8863 5611 020 8424 1694 020 8863 5611 020 84241 352 020 8424 0999 020 8901 2610 0845 601 8871 020 8426 3000

DWP (Belfast Benefits Centre) Income Support Tax credit helpline Existing claims Crisis Loan Harrow Homeless Person’s Unit Shelter Line Free ~Housing Advice Helpline Shelter London Advice Service Harrow Winter Shelter London Borough of Harrow Locata scheme Connexions Harrow

0845 377 100 0845 603 6347 0845 300 3900 0845 608 8770 0800 032 7952 020 8424 1543 0808 800 4444 020 7014 1540 020 8863 5147 020 8424 1543

Citizens Advice Bureau Harrow Police Youth Offending Team NHS Direct Harrow fire service Stanmore fire service Anti-terrorism hotline Bowden House Clinic Northwick Park Hospital NHS Trust Clementine Churchill Hospital St. Marks Hospital Community Mental Health Team Mind in Harrow Tasha Foundation West London YMCA Booklet.indd 7

020 8424 1812 020 8861 1531 0870 126 4460 020 8423 1212 020 8901 4455 0845 4647 020 7587 4721 020 7584 4722 0800 789 321 020 8966 7000 020 8864 3232 020 8872 3872 020 8235 4000 020 8422 9443 020 8426 0929

Moving On

An important aspect of your support plan is to help you work towards becoming more independent. The West London YMCA supported lodgings placement is temporary, offering the support you need to be able to successfully move on. It is your responsibility to find your own move on accommodation, however, we are here to offer advice, support and point you in the right direction. The move-on plan provided at placement will provide valuable guide towards finding move-on accommodation best suited for you.

Warnings and evictions

Young people on placement are expected to engage in support with their support worker towards achieving the aims set in their support plans. Where a young person persistently breaches the house rules, a total of 3 grade warnings are issued followed by an eviction notice from the service. This action is necessary so as to free up the slot and offer it to another young person who may be more in need of support. Please note that a license agreement could also be terminated using the standard process of terminating a license agreement as provided for in the license agreement signed with your host.

C. Benefit Advice Housing Benefit

You will be able to claim Housing Benefit if you are claiming other state benefits and/or on low earnings. If you are eligible for maximum Housing Benefit you will still be expected to contribute towards your accommodation charge. Your Support Worker will be able to tell you more about this.

Making a Housing Benefit Claim

To claim housing benefit you will have to complete a housing benefit form and provide relevant documentation to the HB Office. You must always ensure you are given a receipt so that you have proof of the documents you have handed in. A Housing Benefit claim must be made within the first week of your placement.

Other Benefits

You may well be entitled to a range of other state benefits. Your Support Worker will be able to assist you in making the relevant claims.

020 8571 9981 020 8571 9981 03/06/2011 12:51:22

Change of circumstance

If there is any change in your circumstances during your stay, for example hours worked, earnings, benefits, becoming a full time student, going on holiday etc, you must inform the local Housing Benefit office (if applicable) and your Support Worker immediately. This is because it could affect your Housing Benefit entitlement. If in doubt, always ask! We will provide you with support when needed to claim your benefit claims, and help you to provide all the information the benefits office need, but you are responsible for your claim, not us. Contact information on Benefit Agencies can be found in the General Information section of this handbook.

D. Involvement West London YMCA actively encourages young people to get involved in all aspects of West London YMCA life. Our Involvement Co-Ordinator works across all the services to help service users to engage in a variety of activities.

Resident consultation

The YMCA values your opinion and therefore an important aspect of our work is young people consultation. Why do we consult young people on placements? • We want to hear your views on particular issues • We want to involve you in the decision making process • We want your ideas and suggestions for improving our services How do we carry out consultations? Young people’s meetings: These are held from time to time and are a good opportunity for you to make friends, find out more about what is going on in West London YMCA and make decisions about the services you receive. Resident Questionnaires: These are given to all young people annually so that we can assess how we are performing and make improvements. Suggestion Boxes: Young people are encouraged to make suggestions that help improve our service delivery to them. You can write down any comments as and when you wish and hand it over to your support worker.

St. Mary’s road training and development room

25 St. Mary’s Road Training and Development Room is open to all West London YMCA service users. As a Foyer, it provides a friendly team of support staff and the very latest computer technology, colour printers, photocopier and resource materials. Staff are available to provide basic skills tuition, computer courses, employment skills including interview techniques, CV building and job search, ESOL and practical living sessions. For more information on opening hours or to arrange an appointment speak to a Housing Officer or call 0300 1111 525.

Children’s activity classes

During your stay in supported lodgings, you will see children at many of the West London YMCA sites if you happen to visit them. This is because we do lots of different children’s work. At St. Mary’s Road there is a Nursery, which offers care, every day from Monday to Friday to children aged from 3 months to 5 years. There are activity classes for children, including dance classes and gymnastics, for children from 8 months old to 16 years. We have a Youth Access Project for children aged 8 to 16 after school, and holiday playschemes.

Hayes YMCA young people’s centre (Ventura House)

The Hayes YMCA Young People’s Centre is found in Hayes on the ground floor of Ventura House. Anyone between 11 – 25 years can become a member. It runs a varied programme of activities that changes each term. These include drama workshops; music workshops including open mic nights; a health drop-in advice service; a connexions personal advisor; Youth Achievement awards; IT training and much more. Facilities available include a café selling drinks and snacks; various games; and an internet café. If you want more information or you want to get involved call 020 8832 1510 or just drop in at 74 Station’s Road, Hayes UB3 4DQ

Volunteering opportunities

The YMCA offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities in the following areas: •Health and fitness •Children’s work •Marketing

•Catering •Charity shop •Gardening

Please speak to your Support Worker for more information on how you can get involved. West London YMCA Booklet.indd 8

03/06/2011 12:51:22

F. Other YMCA Services Our Roxeth Gate hostel training and computer room: The training and computer room houses 10 computers and printing facilities for use by residents at Roxeth Gate. This facility is open to all young people placed in West London YMCA supported lodgings. Roxeth Gate address: WLYMCA, Roxeth Hill, Harrow HA2 0JN

Roxeth Gate Lounge and games room

A dedicated service users’ lounge and games room facility is provided at Roxeth Gate. Facilities such as snooker tables, television sets, games etc are provide for service users’ relaxation and enjoyment. All young people in supported lodgings placements have free access to use the facilities as and when needed. Young people wishing to access any facility provided at Roxeth Gate will need to identify themselves to staff at reception as a young person in supported lodgings. The staff on duty will then validate their access by checking on the list of young people in supported lodgings placements provided at reception. Roxeth Gate has 24 hour staff cover.

Youth Board: The youth board is a representative forum for users of all services delivered by West London YMCA. Membership of the youth board is free and open to all young people. Please speak to your support worker who will be happy to help you, all the way through the process of joining.

Being a Part of the Wider Community

We not only provide you with opportunities within West London YMCA but also encourage you to be involved in the wider community. This could be by attending a social club, leisure centres, training courses etc. Your Support Worker will discuss all the options with you as part of your support plan. For information on services in the local area see the General Information section of this handbook. You can also get in touch with the Involvement Coordinator on 07810556816 if you want to find out more about other involvement activities.

E. Your rights and Responsibilities Health and Fitness

From time to time we provide free health and fitness classes for service users across various West London YMCA sites. These classes are also open to all young people in supported lodgings placements. Young people will have a choice of various locations of health and fitness classes taking place at West London YMCA projects. Please speak to your Support Worker for more details.

Y two five Restaurant

Our 25 St. Mary’s Road hostel houses a restaurant with a garden area open to members of the public between the hours of 9.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Hot and cold drinks, snacks and lunches can be purchased at very reasonable prices.


We have a full time Chaplain who is available to give advice and support to young people of all faiths and of none. This is a confidential service. Please contact the Chaplain on 0300 1111 500 ext 6530.

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As a service user at West London YMCA you have certain rights and responsibilities.

To live in a safe environment

Our Health and Safety Policy covers our procedures in relation to emergencies. We aim to create an environment that is safe for all who use our service. You will therefore appreciate that if you irresponsibly cause yourself or others to be placed in danger, it will be treated seriously and action will be taken.

To live free from abuse, harassment and bullying

Our Protection from Abuse Policy covers physical, sexual, emotional and organised abuse, bullying and racism, none of which will be tolerated by West London YMCA. If you have been abused, harassed or bullied, or suspect abuse is taking place please contact your support worker or contact one of the support groups detailed in the General Information section of this handbook.

03/06/2011 12:51:22

To be treated equally

Our Equality and Diversity Policy seeks to ensure that all service users are treated fairly and without discrimination and that services are accessible to all. If you believe you have been discriminated against, you have the right to appeal by following our Complaints Procedure detailed in the ‘Are you satisfied?’ leaflet provided at placement inception.

To have your privacy and confidentiality respected

Our Confidentiality Policy explains that information is held about young people so that staff can provide them with the best possible support. Information normally remains within the office but our policy obliges us to comply with any requests from the emergency services. You have the right to access information on your file at all times unless it is supplied by a third party. You also have the right to receive all mail unopened which is addressed to you in your placement. You do not have the right to open mails addressed to other person(s) in your placements.

To be consulted and express your views

Our Consultation Policy clearly states that we seek to inform you about things which affect you and obtain your views wherever possible. For more information on how we consult young people see the Involvement section in this handbook.

House Rules

What should I do if I am unhappy about something?

If you are unhappy, you can talk to: • The people who you live with • Your Support Worker • Your Social Worker if you have one.

We will contact you to find out more about your complaint and how it can be sorted out.


If you don’t want to talk to us yourself you can ask an advocate to do this for you.

Who is an Advocate?

An advocate is someone who does not work for West London YMCA and can help you speak up so that your concerns, views and wishes are heard. Advocates can help you explain to us things that you want to be changed. An advocate can help you sort things out or support you if you want to make a complaint.

How do I contact an advocate?

You can contact the National Youth Advocacy Services (NYAS). Freephone: 0800 616 101 E-mail:

All young people have the right to peaceful enjoyment whilst living at West London YMCA supported lodgings. House Rules are therefore implemented to ensure that everyone is able to live comfortably and be respected by one another. A copy of the House Rules is given to all young people at placement inception as part of their Licence Agreement.

Equal opportunities

West London YMCA is committed to give equal access to all. Every staff will be expected to: • do all that they can to promote equality; and • make sure that no one is discriminated against or treated unfairly for any reason. All allegations of unfair treatment will be investigated.

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