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April/6 Post-Modernism ( Interdisciplinarity)

Site- specificity took the physical, institutional and ideological characteristics of the site of installation as being fundamental to define the work.

Ideological site, functional or Discursive Field: it is the late development of site- specificity and, in particular, institutional critique. The artists of this trend are still concerned with the questioning of political powers of the day, but their problems are vaster that those placed within the art- world. Example, Fred Wilson’s Mining the Museum( 1992), discuss not only the Institution Maryland Historical Society- revealing its hidden collectionBut also the plight of the African- American population in general, gaining an ideological overtone, which aligns the experiment with social activism.

This artistic proposition is also a curatorial work, meaning that the figure Of the artist and the curator got confounded in the same practice.

Interdisciplinarity was until that moment a mixing of different artistic categories to construct the work, but now it is the mixing of social functions, so that the work of the artist ended up by loosing all its traditional specificity. It began in the early 1990s with the work of Andren Fraser, Fred Wilson, Renee Green, and Mark Dion, among others, and their experiments are different from the visual and institutional approaches to the site in that they reflect the mixing of art with other sphere of human life directly, and the direct discussion of an ideological question (political, environmental,

Postmodernism : it was a general trend in architecture, painting, sculpture and music that was characterized by the belief that the experience of modern art ( and abstractionism) was over. It resulted from the crisis of representation and gained a public overtone in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, producing a debate between a conservative trend ( for example, neo-historicism in architecture) and an experimental trend, which tried to take advantage of this crisis to foster a critique of authorship and the specificity of the medium. Continuation of the debate around the notion of “ simulacrum�

Neoconservative Postmodernism X Poststructuralist Postmodernism ( Deconstructivism- Jacques Derrida) Architects: Charles Moore, Philip Johnson, Robert Venturi, Michel Graves (neo-historicism) Painters: Julian Schnabel, Francesco Clemente, David Salle, Sandro Chia, Anselm Kiefer, etc. Neoexpressionism: authorship, pictorial emphasis, quotation ( pastiche), and figurativism.

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